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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  June 13, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> i'm real upset. shutout. this morning there are angry parents why they were not allowed inside to watch their loved ones. their kids graduate. a teen breaks down on the stand in the jerry sandusky trial and then the prosecution star witness finally tells his story. good morning, welcome to news 4 today. we have breaking news right now. the death toll is expected to rise from four coordinated bomb attacks in iraq. the attacks happened in baghdad and the city of hillah about 80 miles away. right now about 56 people are dead and dozens of others injured. officials say the bombings targeted religious processions for shia muslims. right now the top of the 6:00 hour. 68 degrees and the sun making an appearance today, which is a welcome sight after all the rain we had yesterday. >> look at that. big appearance, too. meteorologist tom kierein things
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warming up? >> the eastern sky flooded with brass and gold on this wednesday morning and this is what our satellite radar map looked like 12 hours ago late yesterday afternoon it was covered with scattered showers and thundershowers. it was welcome rain, we needed it and did come on through and didn't produce much damage other than tree damage with some of the gustier winds. right now clear over the mountains and areas in dark green in the 50s. closer to washington, though, much of virginia, much of maryland, it's in the 60s. very beautiful morning. we do have some lower humidity beginning to move in on a northernly wind and the wind will increase as the day progresses. here's a look at your day planner. by 9:00 in the low 70s and winds around 20 miles and they may gust higher than that midday. hold steady near 80 in the afternoon and lots of sunshine and the winds diminishing by this evening. sunset is at 8:34. by then, down to the mid-70s under a clear sky.
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back with our hometown forecast in ten minutes. >> good morning. chopper 4 flying over 66 and 50. not so bad, your volume is increasing but no major delays just yet. you look pretty good. as you're driving along route 50, that's where you'll see the volume increase as you get to 123. right now as you pass 123, not seeing any problems on i-66. let's head over right now to i-95 at prince william parkway. northbound starting to hit the brakes and your travel speed slowing down, as well. but not bad. 46 miles per hour. 17 minutes right now to get from prince william parkway to the beltway. not bad at all. now over to i-270 southbound slow past 109. delays start in frederick, no accidents to report at this time. richard, over to you. >> danella, thanks. the ceo of america's largest bank will apologize to congress for a trading blunder that cost them more than $2 billion. here's a live look at capitol
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hill and prepared remarks for today's testimony. jpmorgan chase jamie dimon the bank "let a lot of people down and we're sorry for it." jpmorgan was attempting to reduce risk company wide but back fired and brought renewed calls for oversight of wall street banks. the stage is now set for what is expected to be a hotly contested race for senate in virginia. george allen the republican nominee. he won the primary easily winning about 65% of the vote. allen will take on democrat tim kaine for a chance to win back the senate seat he held until 2006. his resounding victory yesterday is a sign that virginiaens are ready for a change in washington. >> we have been going all over virginia and we wanted to send a message to washington and we heard from the people of virginia today and the thousands and thousands who have voted and virginians are fired up and they're ready for america's
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comeback. >> kaine, virginia's former governor and dnc chairman. a victory for democrats out west. ron barber beat jesse kelly to fill gabrielle giffords' seat. she retired in january. barber was one of giffords' aides. he will have to hit the campaign trail, again, soon, because he will have to run for re-election in november. the ongoing middle east peace process and he'll meet with shimon perez at the white house. the president will later present the president with the medal of freedom at a white house dinner. secretary of state hillary clinton will be among the dignitaries on hand for the freedom of medal ceremony. speak to the business roundtable atilities quarterly meeting at the museum. the nominee will address more than 100 ceos.
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president obama spoke at the group's meeting in march. today d.c. council will vote on making phil pendalson the interim chairman. this comes after last week's resonatire resignation of kwame brown. he has the votes to become interim chairman and plans to run in a special election this year to serve the remainder of brown's term, but not exactly a done deal. council member vincent orange plans to install himself as interim chairman orange says he's a better fit for the job. one councilman wants to make sunday sales legal in the district. right now, you can only buy beer and wine on sundays. liquor stores are opposed to that change saying big box stores would be able to become a one-stop shop for food and alcohol. alcohol regulators say allowing liquor sales would bring in an extra $710,000 in tax revenue. 6:05 now. dozens of parents are still
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upset this morning for missing their child's high school graduation. because of the weather, school officials moved the ceremony to the temple of praise church in the southeast at the last minute. it was so crowded that the church opened up the basement for the overflow, but not everyone made it inside. >> i'm frustrated. i am trying to see my son. >> for those parents who may have missed this, i certainly regret that. >> school officials say they deeply regret the confusion and disruption. it is 68 degrees now at 6:08. ahead, the right sight in one of the world's most famous tourist destinations. plus, an unusual protest. sanitation workers dropping off trash ♪
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welcome back. take a look at this video from venice, italy. you're looking at a very rare tornado. it caused damage on several islands, uprooting trees and ripping off roofs. dozens of boats were smashed and just a few reports of injuries. lucky for us, though, the coast is clear around here. >> indeed. we had a beautiful morning so far. the sun is up, low humidity and couldn't ask for better weather in june. meteorologist tom kierein with the forecast. hi, tom. >> good morning, starting off this morning with pleasant temperatures under a partly cloudy sky now. we're in the 60s throughout most of the region and reagan national is at 69 and here's the hometown forecast for fairfax county, schools still in session, the last week and by mid-morning ought to be near 70 degrees and during the afternoon hours by early afternoon, upper 70s and hovering near 80 the rest of the afternoon and then this evening, under a partly
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cloudy, mostly clear sky down to the 60s by late evening. a look at the rest of the week and weekend. how long will this seven-day pattern last. danella, good morning, how is traffic? >> checking travel speeds in our area. some roads look nice like the dulles toll road. to the beltway. now, let's head from the beltway to the interchange. you're at 64 miles per hour, if that's your drive taking you 13 minutes. the slowest delays right now are along i-95 from the beltway, you're at about 39 miles per hour and let me show you where the bulk of your delays are that you're seeing this morning. hitting the brakes and you can see further up here pretty much coming to a stop but it is stop and go along i-95 and the good news, no accidents to report at this time. now, back over to you. >> thanks so much. 6:11 is your time. ahead, two supplements a lot of women take every day that some
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experts now say aren't worth the risk. emotional testimony in the trial of jerry sandusky. next, the sports rivalry that sparked fight
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tournament in warsaw, poland. police arrested more than 100 rioters during and after a match. polish supporters attacked russian fans who were marching through the stadium. the two countries have a tense history with each other. an alleged victim will take the stand in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. the comes after a day of emotional testimony from an 18-year-old. angie is live in the newsroom with a look at what's ahead. >> good morning to you. more emotional testimony is expected on day three of this trial. yesterday a sobbing second accuser broke down on the stand. sandusky is accused of abusing ten boys over a 15-year period and has always denied the claims. the second accuser told jurors he had several sexual experiences with sandusky, starting when he was just 11 or 12 years old. victim number one also described how innocent touching turned
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into repeated sexual contact. the courtroom centered testimony from the only independent witness to the alleged crimes, mike mcqueary the former football coach talked about seeing sandusky with a young boy alone in a locker room shower in 2001. >> the person who has nothing to gain from his testimony. so, again, today he comes forward as someone who saw something very unusual, very out of the ordinary and is able to cooperate the story of the other victims. >> prosecutors plan to call eight out of ten accusers to the stand during the trial. sandusky's defense team has tried to convince the jury, meanwhile, the accusers are motivated by money. richard? >> all right, angie, thanks. another twist in the case against george zimmerman. police arrested his wife for lying to a judge about the family's money situation. shellie zimmerman was booked into the same jail as her husband. the judge revoked george
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zimmerman's bond earlier this month after state officials saw the two lied about their finances. he faces second degree murder charges for shooting and killing trayvon martin back in february. he has a new bond hearing scheduled for later this month. the suspect accused of shooting and killing three people near auburn university is now in police custody. leonard turned himself into authorities last night. he faces three charges of capital murder after police say he killed three men saturday night over a woman. two of the victims were former auburn university football players and three other people were injured in the shooting. a group of los angeles sanitation workers delivered bags of trash to a bank. the workers say the bank of new york melon is ignoring a city ordinance requiring it to keep foreclosed properties clean. as you can see there, the protesters were met with some resistance from building
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security, but they were eventually able to drop the trash off in the lobby. the fate of future hall of fame pitcher roger clemens is now in the hands of a jury. they will resume deliberations in his perjury trial. the jurors deliberated for only 15 minutes yesterday after hearing closing arguments. they'll try to decide whether clemens lied to congress about using performance enhancing drugs during testimony in 2008. his first trial ended in a mistrial. the time is 6:18. soon website you vizzed will have unique dome names. today some 2,000 proposals will be unveiled instead of dotcom or dot org they could end in dot google or youtube or lol. it will take months to go through all the names and weed out the acceptable ones. potential sites had to pay $185,000 just to submit their potentially new domain names. there are supplements some
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women take every day and now a leading u.s. government advisory panel says there is insufficient evidence that post menopausal women taking calcium and vitamin d supplements prevent cancer and bone fracwhichtures. it could lead to side effects, including kidney stones. they may not be worth the risk. some doctors are disputing that research saying vitamin d and calcium are an essential part of a healthy diet. a win this afternoon would give the nationals a first 6-0 road trip in its history. bryce provided much of the power last night. watch this. >> there it goes. right center. see you later. it's off the sign, even with the restaurant. >> harper blasted that massive home run to help the nats beat the blue jays 4-2. the first-place nats won their first two games of their series
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with toronto. stephen strasburg will start for the nats today. they could do it, they could pull it off. >> we have strasbourg and harper and on a winning streak for first place. >> everything is looking good so far. see if things are looking good with the weather. meteorologist tom kierein is here with the forecast. >> up now on a partly cloudy sky and throughout most of the region we're in the comfort zone. this morning in the 60s across virginia and maryland and in the district of columbia and farther west, though, dipped down into the 50s and a cool morning in western maryland and much of west virginia near 70 in central virginia and on the eastern shore but away from the waters, many locations there are generally in the 60s. there's that son gleaming off the potomac river and plane just taking off there from reagan national. by 9:00, low 70s and by noontime near 80 and hold steady near 80 through the rest of the afternoon with low humidity in place and a bit of a blustery
6:21 am
wind in place dwgusting to 30 miles per hour. a clear start to thursday morning down to the 50s to near 60. and then during the day on thursday, beautiful weather. afternoon high near 80, although quite a bit of cloudiness around and might have a sprinkle around the bay and the eastern shore and low humidity in place the rest of the week into the weekend. friday, beautiful day. sunshine. upper 50s in the morning, afternoon highs near 80. here's your weekend, saturday and sunday looking terrific, too. highs near 80. dry into first part of next week. danella, good morning, how's traffic? >> chopper 4 live above 66 at the beltway. not bad at all as you're traveling eastbound. to the capital beltway, you're under speed, not by much. 36 miles per hour and 13 minutes to make that trip. now, let's head over to the beltway this time making your way past robinson terminal and heading to braddock road. your travel speed from the
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interchange to the dulles toll road, 16 miles per hour. and over to the rails, if you're taking the red line, expect delay in both directions due to a track problem at bethesda. metro single tracking between medical center and allow extra time if you're taking the red line this morning. richard and eun, over to you. after the break, where d.c. lands on the list of most expensive
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. welcome back at 6:25. a toddler is okay after being thrown from a police chase. check out this video. the 18-month-old girl was ejected through the back window when the suspect's suv crashed. if you watch closely, you see the little girl get up, stumble a bit and then run after the car. one of the suspect grabs the girl and runs. just moments before the crash, the four teenagers in the suv
6:26 am
allegedly robbed a woman in a nearby parking lot. the suspects were all arrested. the girl only ended up with some bumps and bruises. at how much you pay for rent and morgue nl and this probably won't surprise you. the d.c. area makes the list as one of the most expensive places to live. according to human resource company mercer. washington, d.c., is the fifth most expensive city in the u.s. new york city comes in at number one followed by los angeles, san francisco, white plains, new york. karachi, pakistan, ranked as the least expensive. >> the best cities are the top five. it comes at a cost. it is now 6:26. 69 degrees. coming up, the metro station that is getting a new name. why a prince george's county casino is one step closer to
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ahead, two crooks
6:29 am
toasted. a couple guys who thought they were being real slick caught on camera and now wanted by police.
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and breaking news. iraq under attack. bombs went off across the country. who the bombers targeted. >> i'm richard jordan. aaron gilchrist has the morning off. right about now you might be wishing you the the day off, too. it is someone's birthday, the sunshine cooperating for a happy birthday for eun. >> thanks, richard. it is gorgeous outside. tom kierein here with the forecast. >> yesterday it was all different, we were all cloudy. this is what the satellite radar map looked like and we had showers on the eastern shore and settled around the metro area and another ban of showers that came out of the mountains and the metro area overnight and now they completely cleared the area. a few high clouds drifting over us now and turning less humid and partly cloudy sky,
6:31 am
temperatures most regions are in the 60s. shenandoah valley, virginia and maryland and many locations there, as well as along the title potomac. and then by later this morning, we ought to be in the 70s by noontime up near 80 degrees and the wind will pick up, too. northwest winds gusting to around 30 miles per hour midday and during the early part of the afternoon. by late afternoon, the wind should diminish and peeking in the low 80s and back to the 70s by sunset, which, today, is at 8:34. i'm back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. danella is here with a look at our traffic. >> a track problem at the be, the thesda so you can expect delays in the red line in both directions. high above 395, you can see here traveling on 395 at the beltway as you make your way all the way up towards seminary road, that's where the bulk of your delays
6:32 am
are right now. i'll give you your travel speed. 43 miles per hour, you're under speed but taking 15 minutes to get to the 14th street bridge. let's look at the 14th street bridge and the sun is creating a dark shadow on my camera here, but the cars are coming to a stop as they cross over the bridge. no accidents. and once you cross over the 14th street bridge, things look a lot better for you. >> the time is now 6:32. the hunt is on this morning for two men who couldn't resist their thirst for some bubbly. check out this surveillance video. two men walked into mac market around 1:00 yesterday afternoon and they began shoving bottles of champagne in their jackets and pants. they came back three times and walked away with 11 bottles worth more than $500. during the last trip, the store owner stopped one of the men and called the police, but they got away. new this morning, police are currently investigating a shooting in southeast d.c. officers found a 17-year-old boy with a gunshot wound in his leg
6:33 am
and another that grazed his arm. it happened earlier this morning. right now police have no information on a possible suspect or motive in the shooting. this morning police are asking for your help to find a man who stabbed a woman in montgomery county. police say this man stabbed the woman last wednesday in gathersburg. they say she walked around to the driver's side and opened the door and tried to rob her. during that struggle, police say he stabbed her six times. this morning, a 74-year-old man attacked by dogs is waking up in the hospital in fair condition. witnesses watch in horror as two cane corsos, which are italian mastiffs. several neighbors including one man with an american bull dog helped to fend off the attacking dogs. the victim was taken to medstar
6:34 am
with bite wounds all over his body. they issued citations to the owners who run a nearby towing company. a maryland lawmaker could be forced out of office and face some jury time. guilty of stealing $800 in state funds to pay an employee to manage her private law practice. freshman delegate from prince george's county. she faces up to 18 months in prison. baker will announce a new education commission. the 12-member panel will help advise baker on ways to improve the county schools. he'll make the announcement at 10:00 this morning. this morning, even more support for a proposal to build a casino in prince george's county. they reported yesterday that maryland cusustain another casino and expand gambling to the state's casino. baker wants a casino built in his county, but the developers
6:35 am
near rundle mills mall say that could kill their business. he will call a special session next month if a group of lawmakers can come to an agreement on legislation. the time right now is 6:34. ahead, the metro station that is getting a new name today. plus, why some d.c. parents were shutout of their own children's graduation. not what you want to hear before you head out to sit in traffic. the dangers of breathing in all those fumes. >> a spectacular sunrise this morning and the best may be yet to come. when mitt romney says "planned parenthood we're gonna get rid of that." romney is saying he'll deny women the birth
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control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women.
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welcome back at 6:38. "today" show is coming up next at 7:00. let's check in now with ann curry to see what they're working on for "today." >> that's right, coming up on a wednesday morning here on "today." wrenching testimony of the testimony of jerry sandusky from the prosecution star witness. this that sandusky may take the stand in his own defense. we're live at the courthouse. also, a toddler lucky to be alive after she was ejected from an suv in a high-speed chase. remember the little boy that played a mini darth vader, he is set to undergo open heart surgery this morning and his parents will tell us how he's doing. the queen is still celebrating her jubilee and taking it on the road this morning with help from the duke and duchess of cambridge. we'll bring you up to date on
6:40 am
that. the best commercials of the year, which is usually pretty good for a few laughs this morning when we get started on a wednesday here on "today." back to you. >> we'll see you soon. >> you bet. and in less than three minutes, a healthy, genuine italian pizza is served. all right, sodas, chips, gum, candy, well, now, pita is the new revolution in vending machine technology. italian company a1 concepts hopes to bring the pizza vending machine to the u.s. this year. makes the entire pizza from start to finish, including the dough and the baking in under three minutes. the machine is already a hit in italy and rolled out in europe, as well. if and when the machine makes it here, a pie is expected to run about $6. let us know what you think about the machine on our facebook page. we have some pizza snobs in the
6:41 am
news 4 today crew and i don't know if you'd actually eat that pizza. what does it taste like? >> you can't make a good pizza in six minutes or in three minutes for $6. it's just not going to happen. >> you never know, might be better than going through the drive through. >> the machine looked kind of cheap, i don't know. 6:41 now. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. beautiful sky in the nation's capital. very comfortable start. looking for a nice day, tom. >> beautiful morning. i just stepped out and the air is filled with bird song this morning. they're hereledding the start of a beautiful day. all these areas in green are in the 60s and that includes just about the entire region, virginia, maryland, the district, eastern shore. right near the waters it is near 70. northern montgomery county it is in the upper 60s and a lot of sun near the afternoon and hovering near 80 through most of the afternoon and this evening
6:42 am
back down to the 60s by midnight and then by this time tomorrow morning, the 50s. a cool start to thursday morning. how much longer will this pleasant pattern last? your seven-day outlook is coming up at 6:51. danella, how is our traffic? >> it's not terrible. we're starting to slow it down, but as long as you're moving, i think it's a good day. let's check your travel speed. 16 minutes to get from i-95 to i-270. you have to look on the bright side, you're moving, at least. traveling route 50 inbound starting to slow it down as you pass landover road. that's where the bulk of your delays are. your travel speed in this area, 42 miles per hour and eight minutes to get from the beltway to 295. richard, over to you. >> all right, danella, thanks. one metro station is changing names this morning. the new york avenue/florida avenue on the red line is no more. it will now be called noma
6:43 am
galudetu. near union station and capitol hill. metro says new york avenue will still be shown on the signs around the system for a year until riders can get used to the change. breaking news now, we just learned more people died in a number of coordinated attacks in baghdad in hillah, iraq. at least 63 people are now dead. angie joins us with the latest details. >> good morning. the death toll is expected to rise after several car bombs tore through crowded gatherings across baghdad. the first bomb exploded around 5:00 this morning in baghdad with other bombs going off a few miles. two car bombs exploded minutes apart in the center of town. the bbc is reporting that bombs went off in ten locations across baghdad. it's the third time in a week religious processions for shiite muslims have been targeted in the capital.
6:44 am
this week is significant as it marks the annual pilgrimage commemorating the century's old debt of the shiite. this morning, the attacks follow an ongoing political crisis that some fear is fueling the push for more violence. >> thank you. american leaders are accusing russia of helping syria fight their rebel uprising. secretary of state hillary clinton says russia is shipping syria's al assad attack helicopters to attack rebels. united nations kofi annan has until mid-july to convince assad to step down. after that the u.n. might pull its observers from the country. a major honor for israeli president shimon perez. president obama will present the long-time leader with the medal of freedom this evening. they'll meet at the white house earlier in the day. secretary of state hillary
6:45 am
clinton, and former president bill clinton will be among the dignitaries on hand. president obama will also stump for votes today. he'll attend a campaign event here in the district. the president's opponent in november will also be in d.c. today. mitt romney will speak to the business round table at its quarterly meeting. the prezumpative nomthy will address more than 100 ceos. this morning george allen is another step closer to winning back his senate seat. the virginia republican won his party's primary yesterday winning about 65% of the vote. allen will face former virginia governor and dnc governor tim kaine in the general election. he already made it clear that he'll try to use kaine's ties to the president against him this november. >> our message is that virginians do not consider the government takeover of health care, "a great achievement," as tim kaine calls it. we want obama care repealed.
6:46 am
>> allen and kaine are now hoping to win the senate seat. webb defeated allen in 2006. turning now to alexandria where two incumbents won despite the ongoing controversy over the city's waterfront development plan. they will face republican candidates in november. two former council members also won two of the six democratic nominations. newcomers allison silverburg and john taylor chapman were the other winners. in just a few hours d.c. council will vote on an interim chairman. this comes after last week's nomination of kwame brown. melissa is live with more on today's vote. melissa, good morning. >> that's right, good morning. seems the council will have to decide between vincent orange for the top spot on the council. under council rules only the four at-large members who are elected by the entire city and
6:47 am
not just one board will take over as interim chair. and now, just yesterday mary cha, the acting council chair right now, actually circulated a resolution that would make mendelson chair. 11 votes from colleagues to take the top spot. orange plans to present amendments. now, middleson plans to run in a special election this fall to serve the remainder of brown's term. that person will not only run the d.c. council until the city holds the election for brown's seat, also next in line if something should happen to the current mayor. now, he will run today's meeting starts here at the wilson building at 10:00 a.m. back to you. >> melissa, thank you. an old debate is back, again, in the district. city councilman jim graham is planning to introduce new
6:48 am
legislation to allow stores to sell liquor on sunday. right now you can only buy beer and wine on sundays. big box stores would be able to become a one-stop shop for food and alcohol. alcohol regulators say allowing liquor sales would bring in an extra $710,000 in tax revenue. planning an official good-bye ceremony this weekend. the protesters recently left mcpherson square and freedom plaza after camping out there for eight months. "occupy leaders" are still working on social justice program but they couldn't maintain their presence at the parks. today a wall street bigwig will face big questions on capitol hill. jamie dimon will try to explain how his company lost $2 billion. cnbc's kayla tells us what's expected. good morning. >> good morning. jamie dimon does testify before a senate hearing about those trading losses, which analysts say could reach 5 billion.
6:49 am
in his prepared remarks dimon says he "feels terrible about the incident." traders made bad bets on currency transactions. dimon says the bank is reviewing what went wrong and we'll have to eto what he says today. honda is recalling 2006 to 212 civics. the drive shaft may not have been properly assembled and could separate. no accidents or injuries have been reported. honda will replace the drive shaft for free. >> kayla, thank you. a senator wants you to boycott certain rental car companies until they promise not to sell or rent cars that are under recall. barbara boxer is trying to get all rental companies to pledge that they will repair recall cars before putting them back on the road. hertz has signed that pledge. rental companies say that the bill should also include taxis
6:50 am
and used car dealers. as many as 800 firefighters are expected to fight a deadly wildfire in colorado. that fire destroyed more than 100 homes and buildings since lightning struck the blaze on saturday. they only have about 10% of the fire contained. that fire is only about 35% contained there. all right, we had some heavy rain yesterday at times. i had my umbrella ready. today, no need. >> just leave it in the trunk. who needs that today? right, tom? >> it was beneficial rain, we did need it. we have been running a deficit all this year and we're still running about five inches below average. this was helpful yesterday and now this morning, yes, we are drying out and the pavement was wet around dawn, but it's drying out now, too, with that sun that is now coming through the cloud cover. 69 at reagan national and the dew point gradually dropping and it is drying out. lower humidity moving in around 10 miles per hour.
6:51 am
look at this gorgeous hubiscus flower sent in from chris wills. send us your photos, post them to our facebook page and we will share them or you can send them to thanks, chris, great shot. a lot of the flowers benefiting from the rain we had overnight. here is the rainfall we had yesterday. wonderful, beneficial amounts. back parts of washington county got 1.3. and an 1.3 panhandle of west virginia and fell right along the blue ridge and all the way down to charletsville to 1 to 1.3. we only had a third and few locations there and eastern shore had about half an inch. right now, temperatures are in the 60s all around the region. a beautiful morning from the mountains all the way to the atlantic beaches. a little bit milder near the bay. and the rest of the day, afternoon highs reaching the low
6:52 am
80s and the other big story today is a blustery wind, that will be whipping your hair around. around noontime for your lunch hour. we'll have it into the low 80s for a brief time mid-afternoon but winds gusting to 30 miles per hour this afternoon. winds will diminish and by tomorrow, cool start, in the 50s. sunny in the morning but clouding up in the afternoon with highs around 80. a sprinkle around the bay in the eastern shore tomorrow. low humidity in place friday, saturday and sunday delightful pattern with highs in the 80s. danella, how is traffic now? >> first set of delays are out of frederick and then germantown looks good. slowing down just a bit and now making your way past falls road. you'll see your volume increase as you head towards the lane divide. no accidents and you're not jammed because look at i-66. this is what jammed looks like. right now, bumper to bumper and starting to slow down in the last minute here.
6:53 am
but i can tell you that your delays continue as you make your way all the way to the beltway, but it gets a little bit better. stop and go, but more stop at fairfax county parkway and along route 50. right now taking 18 minutes to get to the beltway from fairfax county parkway. on the red line, we had a delay on the metro, it's gone. metro not reporting delays at this time and same thing all running on or close to schedule. eun, over to you. >> 6:53 now. some of you think about the next time you're sitting in traffic. exhaust from diesel engines could raise your risk of lung cancer. a panel from the world health organization ruled the fumes are a carcinogen. a few claims they could cause bladder cancer, as well. they're more of a carcinogen than second-hand smoke. turned away from their child's high school graduation. that's what dozens of parents say happened last night. the high school should have been outside, but school officials
6:54 am
moved the ceremony to the temple of praise church in the southeast. the church opened up the basement for some of the overflow, but it wasn't enough to handle the crowds and many people were turned away at the door. >> i'm frustrated. i am trying to see my son. he only walk across the stage one time. >> for those parents who may have missed this, i certainly regret that. >> school officials deeply regret the dysfunction. a 17-year-old high school student graduated at the top of her class, but instead of packing she is packing to go back to the philippines. her mother brought her and her sister to this country four years ago as dependents under her work visa. she is an international special education teacher in prince george's county. the department of labor stopped the school system from hiring international teachers like her putting their family's legal stating in question. now, her daughter can't apply for basic financial aid.
6:55 am
>> not eligible because i'm not a citizen or a permanent resident. >> my green card, which was being processed by the school system was stopped because of my working permit. >> her work visa expired last year. the family is petitioning for legal status. you can read more about the story in the "maryland gazette" tomorrow. >> a sneak peek at the lineup for the july fourth celebration at the national mall. singers, u.s. olympic athletes will be among the headliners. josh turner, composure john williams and the performers will take the stage on the west lawn of the capital ahead of the fireworks display here in washington. the show will start at 8:00, the fireworks start at 9:10. last check of the forecast with tom. >> beautiful weather pattern setting up today. going to be in place into the
6:56 am
weekend. enjoy beautiful, situation setting up here. it's really going to be a long term thing all the way into the first part of next week. winds blustery gusting to 30 miles per hour. highs near 80 each day. danella, how are we doing at traffic? >> you are seeing delays northbound hitting the brakes at fairfax county parkway. about 31 miles per hour. >> all right, danella. thanks for starting your day with us or in some cases, your birthday. >> thank you, richard. and everyone else. "today" show is next. we'll be back in
6:57 am
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