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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  June 14, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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where mike real phelps is going to be swimming. i took on the block. we're going to have that for you over the next couple weeks, but michael phelps could become -- and he already is -- the all-time gold medal winner. what do you think about that? >> i think that's awesome. >> reporter: are we excited about the olympics for on nbc? [ cheering ] >> reporter: more excited about the olympics or hamburgers? [ yelling "hamburgers." >> thanks, do you. a popular deli owner robbed and killed as she opened for business. >> a coach connected to many young athletes is busted for trying to sell steroids. president obama and republican challenger mitt romney head to head on jobs in a critical background state. in the jerry sandusky trial, details a mother confronted the
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former coach about showering with her son. good evening, i'm eun yang. and i'm jim vance. june lin was her name, opening up shop about 6:00 this morning. somebody shot and killed her. lim was murdered just one year before she planned to retire. pat collins is in northeast with more. >> reporter: jim, he took her money, but did she have to take her life, too? a vicious crime has people here on eighth street shaking their heads. in the last five years, tremendous signs of development on eighth street northeast. new restaurants, new buildings, the promise of a new way around. and then -- then something like this happens, and it's a painful flashback to an ugly, more violent time.
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for family andy friends of june lim, this day brought a great sense of sorrow. >> the victim died from a gunshot wound to the neck. >> reporter: killed this morning as she was opening her deli here at 7th and h. she was three weeks shy of her 65th birthday. >> she works really hard. she deserved better. >> reporter: that's peter li miismt, the victim's son. he says his mother has run this deli since 2004. she planned to retire next year. >> particularly hard for myself and my wife, because we were expecting our first grandchild for them this year. so she will miss the birth of her first grandchild. >> the motive here robbery. it appears whoever did this knew ms. lim's cummings and goings,
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when she opened the store, how she opened the store, when she would be alone in this store. now there are secure cameras inside, but it's unclear to whether or not they captured a picture of the killer. here on h street, june lim was well known, well liked. why, people have already planned a vigil in her memory. >> she was so sweet, not -- so nice she would give you credit. no one should have taken anything from her. she would give it to you. i can't talk no more. >> reporter: that's pat collins reporting -- again -- >> reporter: police have posted a $25,000 reward in this case. the search for the killer continues on. live in northeast, pat collins, news4. >> thanks, pat. an arrest in last weekend's
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murder in reston, abir ali was arrested following a search of his home. the victim, barat patel was found dead late saturday night following the report of a fight. police say the suspect was known to the victim and his family action and he helped him with the opening of the restaurant. today a former penn state police officer testified that jerry sandusky should have been charged 14 years ago. that's when a mother called police after discovering her son had been showering with the former football coach. sandusky is facing 52 counts of child sex abuse. brian moore was in the courtroom, he joins us live from bellefonte, pennsylvania, with the latest. brian? >> reporter: an investigator testified today that a search turned up an address list. on it, the names of some of the his accusers with stars next to them. one of those boyce, now 18, testified today in graphic disturbing detail about what he
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said happened to him repeatedly in the sandusky home. this was expected to be the very last prosecution witness. once again the prosecution uses the words of jerry san dulles kiss against him. yesterday it was the bob costas interview. today it was what sandusky said to an angry mother who confronted him after she found out her 11-year-old boy had showered with him. sandusky said i would apologize, but i can't. i wish i were dead. the prosecution is expected to wrap up the case officially on mondays. then we are expected to hear from the defense and jerry san dulles kiss himself. i'm brian moore, news4. >> besize jerry sandusky, any other defense witnesses, do you expect? >> reporter: that's the big question. do any of them matter other than sandusky. he's already spoken for the prosecution a couple times here. there have been written
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correspondence from him. we heard what he said in the enter view and what he didn't say, that long, awkward agonizing pause when he was asked whether he was sexually attracted to young boys. it comes down to what he can say. itches brian moore live, thank you. some people today thought they saw a ufo being escorted by police along the beltway. today the military confirmed it actually was a drone, a large one. it was being shipped from garrett county, maryland to the pa tuxant testing area. twitter blew up with reports of sightings along with pictures of what looked like a flying saucer. now to new york where
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president obama and the first lady are expected at the world trade center site. they're getting an up date on the progress of the construction of one world trade center. so far steel has been erected to the 104th story. the last ten stories do not have concrete floors yet. that building will not be completed until early 2014. one of the last beams will bear president obama's signature. he is signing the beem, or will sign it today along with new york's mayor michael bloomberg, andrew cuomo, and governor chris christie. the president spent the day in a state that could decide the election -- ohio. romney also campaigned in ohio. they both tried out new ways to worn voters about the other guy. steve handelsman reports. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> we're all just trying to get a future. >> let's get folks to work right here at home. in an age where we know good jobs depend on high skills, now is not the time to scale back our commitment to education. >> the president in ohio today also mitt romney, the president talking about how the economy is growing and how his programs have helped it to do so. mr. romney, on the other hand, talking about how the economy is tanking and how the policies of the president have not been working. there will be a lot more of this in the next few months. >> ohio a critical state, both candidates trying to go off the rho either. on days like these, it's hard to keep the weather guy indoors. doug is live for the summer
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backyard weather series. i 2350i7b8ly come to do the 6:00 news and you're not even here. >> i know, i was thinking is that eun yang? a little high-five, so we can at least act like we're doing the same television. say hello, everybody. we are in the montgomery village area here. i've got to tell you, a great day weatherwise. we have a great community, too. obviously not everybody lives in this house behind me, but they live around the same areas. it's really great, all the kids here, what were we playing earlier? were you playing manhunt? i lost. let's show you the weather, show, because that's something i can do pretty good. temperature currently sitting at 82. that was the number last hour. into the upper 70s for the most part. at about 9 miles an hour, 75
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this gaithersburg, down towards the south in fredericksburg. now, what are we going to be seeing? we have seen some clouds today. you also notice that cool breeze. that cool breeze coming in from the ocean, a bit of east to northeasterly flow. that will help to cool things down. during the day tomorrow we will see cooler numbers closer down toward the ocean. we'll talk more about that as far as the forecast goes for the beaches in just a couple minutes. we'll talk about the entire weekend and talk about how most of these kids know each other, they get together all the time. they've got meets, and i'm not talking about hamburger meat. we'll talk about that in a minute. you folks have probably noticed that things are not as they usually after in our broadcast. we are having some serious technical difficulties. we are trying to correct them. in the meantime, we are going to bring you the news of the day.
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we invite you to stay with us while we get through these technical problems. it willal be well in a couple minuteses. we'll be right back. coming up tonight, the hyde park wildfire in colorado is still growing, but firefighters may finally be getting some help from the weather. attack helicopters launched more assaults on women and children? syria. the fight over who is supplying those weapons is heating up here in washington. a man arrested in a steroids bust has ties to a local high school football team. a 15-year-old driver will never forget his first weekend behind the wheel when a s.w.a.t. team was called in on him. >> it put the living fear of god in me.
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that massive wildfire is still spreading despite help
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from a cold front that came in overnight. the fire has burned 78 square miles. it has destroyed more than 100 structures, including 31 homes. hundreds of people have been forced to evacuate. more than 1,300 firefighters are working around the clock, trying to protect more buildings from getting burned. wildfire is only 10% contained, we're told. it's already cost $3 million in damage. that figure is indeed expected to go up. there's no sign the crisis in syria will end anytime soon. the violence escalated this week when syrian forces began using attack helicopters in populated areas. the u.s. accuses russia of supplying the gunships, russia denies that. there's a new report that suggests the truth may lie somewhere in the middle. >> reporter: activists say they are worried about the arrival of attack helicopters, which think
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claim the syrian government will very likely use to attack civilian areas and continue its crackdown, a crackdown that's killed, according to the oppositi opposition, around 14,000 people, 1,000 of them children. these helicopters have caused a diplomatic row between washington and moscow, with washington accusing russia of supplying weapons that the syrian government is using to carry out atrocities. >> providing all kind of military equipment to the syrian regi regime. this is not yesterday, this is not last year, this has been going on for years and year. >> reporter: moscow says it is only supplying weapons in accordance with international agreements. today there is a report in the "new york times" that says these helicopters may not be new. this might be old helicopters that syria sent to russia to be refurbished and are simply now being returned back to syria. activists on the ground tell us
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it doesn't really matter to them if these are new off the assembly line helicopters or refurbished ones, because they can equally be used to kill demonstrators richard engle nubs. doug is owl in montgomeryville. hi, doug. >> reporter: hey, guys jim, do you remember last night we were talking about the barbecue and the guy we're going to get as the champion? >> i remember well, yes. >> reporter: we're going to talk about that? just a second. he has a trophy, jim. come on in here. this is your family. i want you to introduce me to your daughters back here. >> that's abby, and there's hannah back there and her friend sarah and julianna. >> reporter: this is a big group as far as the community, but also the swim team. >> swim team is huge here. >> reporter: this was the number one cheerleader. >> i'm jim, the president of the
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booster club at the high school and do a lot of work with the swim team. love this place. >> reporter: how many kids are on the swim team? something like 190? >> reporter: over 190. not all of them showed up, but quite a few did. >> here you go, jim. what do you want right now? ven son saucen and lamb burgers. >> i told you and are you ready for this trophy, jim? >> how about that? how about that? >> i love it. >> 2011 barbecue throwdown winner right there. john, come on in real fast. tell me, this was a huge contest for you you and how many people? itches it was me, me and another
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guy. we smoked our butts all day, ten hours. i squeaked a win out. a win is a win. >> reporter: one thing that's great, he makes sure that is up on the mandle. >> my wife and i have been gotten into arguments over this. >> reporter: we saw it on the mant the. let's talk about the weather. the weather today obviously could not be any better that was the temperature we have seen. that was the high today with a low of 68. we still do need to see some rain, nearly 5 1/2 inches below average for the year. temperatures sitting into the upper 70s, with that 82 degree temperature coming in at the airport with the winds out of the east. around the time the rest of the region, upper 70s down to the south and off to the east. 78 right now a pair of 75s along
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the eastern shore. now, rainfall you know we're not going to see any rain tonight. tomorrow we're watching this storm system off the south. we're get going to be sees an east-northeasterly winds. look at the temperatures right now. 82 in washington, but only 69 in ocean city. if you're planning on heading down to the beaches, virginia beach only 71. just take a light jaxx, a sweater, you will need it once the sun starts to go down. showing breezy conditions in here, the nice weather for tomorrow, a fantastic friday with abundant sunshine, then on saturday, perfect weather with plenty of sun. now, your forecast for this evening, looking at temperatures 69 to 75 degrees under partly cloudy skies. a really nice evening.
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seasonably school, a few clouds to start off, but take a look at this. 81 on your saturday, 82 on sunday, month coming in at 84, and then we heat up a big near 90 degrees by tuesday, wednesday and thursday, i think we could got into the low, maybe mid 90s as we head into next week. we want to come out to your backyard. just send them to i don't know where you can get one of these, guys. i don't know how many people you have to fend off. for john? it was one. >> here's the deal. here's what we want to know. one, we want to know if the runner-up also got a trophy, and make a porkchop, something like that? secondly we want to know if the guy has any baggies, big ones. if he does, we want to judge his
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work. >> did the other guy get a trophy too? >> he did not. >> reporter: good. >> a t-shirt, two-time loser. >> reporter: do you have any baggies for jim and eun. >> i'll send mehmet. the ven son or -- >> both. >> reporter: everything you've got. >> everything on the platter. all right, guys. thanks, doug. there's a new effort to make the george washington parkway safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. >> and police are keeping a closer eye on those speeding vehicles as well. tom scherrwood reports. at the bicycle pro shop,
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clerks warned about riding the pop you lark parkway. >> i tell them to be cautious. bumping heads in terms of what they feel, who has the. >> reporter: on the road. >> reporter: now the u.s. park service and park police say they're beginning to shift trails and crosswalks, adding dozens of new signs to caution drivers and cyclists alike. >> our officers have handled many crashes related to this area, and we look for ways to improve the safety of the park's visitors and travelers. >> reporter: the park service recently completed a pedestrian cyclist tunnel at the nearby humpback bridge. >> and then you have the monumental corridor. it just needs to be safe. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4. it seems the list of victims
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is growing longer. >> changes have been made to make sure a dispatcher will never fall asleep on the job again.
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police believe he's responsible for ten assaults. >> darcy spencer tells us how dna evidence helped investigators connect the dots. >> reporter: this grainy video shot 16 years ago shows the area where a 5-year-old woman was sexually assaulted. it happened july 20th, 1996, in the 4900 block of mcarthur boulevard in northwest d.c. police announced that sexual assault has been livaned by dna to the so-called potomac river
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rapist, responsible for nearly a dozen sex assaults and a homicide in the 1990s. >> we're asking for the public's health in identifying and locating this violent offender who's responsible for several brutal attacks. >> reporter: police say he assaulted nine women in montgomery county and murdered christine marjong, as she walked home. >> some of the other nine women were in their homes, when this guy stalks and tracks women. he hunts them down, and rapes them and beats them. >> reporter: police say the attacker threw the victim down into a have a convene. she was able to crawl her way out. >> last december, they launched a media campaign to try to identify the rapist. to draw attention to the composite sketch of a possible
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suspect. >> the more cases that are identified, the closer it helps us to finding this guy. >> reporter: police say the two attacks were two years and two miles apart, leading them to believe he at one time had ties to the neighborhood. he either lived here, worked here, had family that lived or worked here, we believe he was in this area in '96 certainly. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. the d.c. police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a -- june lim was attacked about 6:00 this morning. she opened her shot at 7th and h. she planned to retire next year. george allen won the endorse of senator marco rubio today. he joined allen at a campaign appearance at afternoon arlington flower shop. he lost his senate seat to jim
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web in 2006 and previously served as virginia's governor. he faces tim kaine in the fall election. a man who was once a tycoon in texas was sentenced today to ten years in jail for bilk investors out of millions. allen stanford was convicted on 13 counts of fraud. today a judge in houston handed down the sentence. prosecutors say in about 20 years, the one-time billionaire ran one of the largest ponzi schemes in american history. about 30,000 people were ripped off worldwide. tonight a high school football coach is caught up in doping allegations. he's also a teacher, and he's accused of taking steroids and trying to sell them. richard jordan has the report. >> reporter: please say the investigation started about six months ago with an anonymous call, but investigators say the school employees and alleged dealer were caught in the
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action, busted in the middle of a transaction. >> a high school football coach arrested. police say he was illegally bulking up and planning to sell steroids. jeffrey reagan is a teacher at fairfax county's mountain view alternative learning center in centreville, but schools officials say after school he coached football. he was arrested wearing the south county secondary school shirt. >> if you're a teacher, you should be able to set an example, you're kind of their role model. >> but reagan recently started training players at west springfield high school in springfield, virginia. these students say they had seen him there a few times. >> that's really shocking. is the school i don't think has any problems with that kind of stuff. >> fairfax police say the coach was getting his fix from a friend, 35 years old jeremy hellbing, accused of supplies the steroids. his home was searched and police say several substances were recovered and sent to a lab for
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testing. police say they have not found any evidence of them trying to sell steroids, but it causes concern. >> this is an opportunity, when you see something like this, to talk to your student athlete, and to make sure that they know the dangers of steroid use. >> i don't expect any of our teachers to do any of that stuff. >> fairfax school officials say reagan is now suspended without pay. richard jordan, news 4. a group of parents say they're fighting a proposal to build a wall 345r9 in prince georges county. the planning board has approved a plan to build near oxen hill road, and parents are concerned about crime and traffic. they told the prince georges gas gazette they will appeal to the county council.
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walmart officials say they will work with community leaders to minimi minimize. a emergency dispatcher was caught sleeping on the job. as chris gordon reports, county leaders are trying to make sure that doesn't happen again. >> when you so-callcall 911, se can save lives, but on april 4th, dispatcher working in the 17thth hour of thinks 4-hour shift was caught sleeping and snoring when an emergency call came in from a woman whose husband had a medical emergency. >> hold on one second, let me try to get them on the line again. >> okay. oh. >> the original report broadcast by 9 news4 i-team got an immediate response. >> it cannot happen again and now i stand before you and say it will not happen again.
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today the public safety committee held this hearing, to determine if the 24-hour shift for dispatchers needs to be changed. >> i think it makes sense to go to shorter shifts. i think it's also healthier and less likely to result in any potential problem with someone nodding off. >> but it could take a long time and collective bargaining to shorten the dispatcher shifts. so other changes have already been made to the emergency call center. there is no staffing, a recon figured floor that gives sprfors direct line of sight, and a quality assures over to oversee the operations. >> i asked the fire chief if he's satisfied that safeguards have been put in place to make sure that an emergency dispatcher never falls asleep on the job again. >> i can say very, very clearly that this would most likely never happen again. it would be a remote opportunity
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if it every did. >> reporter: the chief says there will be a prompt and professional response when residents mac an emergency call for monthry county fire and rescue service. chris gordon, news4 in rock vipville. coming up tonight they called a s.w.a.t. team on a 15-year-old. nasa gets a special delivery. doug is still out there in montgomery village. >> out here right now, jim, we have all eaton our food. that means for the kids it's time to play a game. ♪
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the number of cancer survivors is expected to increase by nearly one third over the next ten years. a report by the american cancer society and national cancer institutes, estimates the number
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of survivors aging population of those living with cancer and improved survival rates. >> the space x dragon capsule is back after visiting the international space station. more than 150 employees welcomed it home. nasa and space x officials said it weathered the voyage with just a few scorch marks. it brought back more than 1300 pounds of cargo. dan is out of town, so they brought in a serious professional to do sports now. >> really. >> i am glad to see you. welcome, dude. >> thank you. >> he's not being very serious. i'm not a serious professional. every year that dan goes on thinks annual botox retreat, i'm
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here. >> you blew his cover. every pitch is perfect for the san francisco giants. matt cain is unblemished last night. it's a dream grouping. only tiger
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hello, everybody. welcome back. it is thursday, that means it's backyard weather day. we've had great weather and we have a great community right here in montgomery village. with me is kathy. come on over here. there's a couple things you needed to say. >> first, thank you to big greek cafe for supplies all the great food today. >> reporter: it was good. >> thank you. also jim vance did the commencement speech at my high school in 1987, and he looks exactly the same. >> she looks even better. [ laughter ] >> don't you think? >> smart man. >> reporter: very nicely done,
6:44 pm
jim. i'm learning so much. >> yeah, you need a lot of work, doug. >> elderly are smart. >> reporter: exactly. a look at the rest of the night. we're looking at a good one. current temperatures into the 80s. we're sitting at 82 degrees, but right now across the rest of the region, mid to upper 70s. there's that 82 degrees. this evening, a cool night especially in some of the suburbs. temperature down to about 56 degrees overnight. tomorrow right back up into the 80s, going for a high of around 83 in the washington, d.c. area. if you want us to come to your backyard, do what kathy did and send in pictures at we'll be back in a minute, guys. >> thanks, doing. like i said, we decided to stop misting around, so he's in
6:45 pm
for dan, we're happy to have you. >> do you remember the commencement speech? >> i remember. i don't know if she does or not. >> probably not. >> man, what's going on out there? these guys are blowing up. >> let's talk about it. in the u.s. open, the main story line, tiger woods. is he back? would he be back if he wins another major. tiger hayes got 14 majors, but hasn't won one since the open in 2008. all healthy now. how is this threesome? tiger, phil mick, and bubba. so tiger played this course a lot at stanford. on the fourth hole, his 14th, gets the birdie to fall. shot 76 today. not a good day for lefty fans. very next hole, tiger with a bomb. got it to 2 understand.
6:46 pm
>> like a magnet. >> finished with a 1 under 69. at 14, i couldn't specifically "golf." this young man, the youngest ever to play in the open. he started triple and double, but came back. he is tied with bubba at 8 over. your leader is 27-year-old american michael thompson. the approach here on 18, this is what you call a nice, and then the short birdie putt. thompson right now is at minus 4. he leads five others by three with plenty still on the course. the full wrap-up tonight at 11:00. that took place in san fran today, but that's not the biggest story. the headline grabbed last night in baseball. hosting the astros, and houston you had a problem with matt cain. he was so good, he was perfect. here's what cain did for a warm up, hitting golf balls with golfer dustin johnson into
6:47 pm
mccoffey coffee. >> expert form. >> that would be kind of cool. >> on the mound he was even better. top of five, brian, have a seat. his site strikeout. top of seven, close call. jordan schafer with a drive, watch blanco, back to the track. full sukuhara, a little dirt sandwich, but it's huge, preserves the no-no. he gives a tip of the cap. still one better. come back toll dugout, give you a man hug. we all need that once in a while. top of the eighth, his wife, nobody is hugging her. cain facing wallace. that's a called strike three. wallace punched out quan's 14th strikeout of the night. top of nine, two outs, jason castro to joaquin, gets the out.
6:48 pm
matt cain, the first giant in franchise history to throw a perfect game. mr. perfect loves the catch by blanco. what's not to love? >> there's nothing like it. you get deep into the game like that, and then that was the -- you know, kind of defining play in the beginning of the seventh, and then still has to get two more outs. the place was going crazy. i was literally having to check myself. that was something that, i mean, obviously i'm never, ever going to forget, but it was -- it was -- it was unbelievable from the beginning. >> that's matt cain. the nationals are off tonight and they deserve a rest. n amount ts right now five games in front, thanks in large part to a road trip in which they were dead solid perfect. the red sox, blue jays, and get who they get beginling tomorrow night? the yankees. 9 nationals talk of the baseball world right now, and really since the season began.
6:49 pm
the pitching has been outstanding led by stephen strasburg. by the way they have a combined record of 16-3. add bryce harper, who's exploded on to the major league vane, 7 homers, 19 ribbies, .303 overall, even tyler moore, who stepped in yesterday, his two outs in placed of adam laroche. now they get the yankees who lead the a.l. east. >> it was awesome, to get going on the road especially. it's a good feeling. we'll get back to d.c. with the yankees and hopefully keep it rolling. >> you have to tip your hats to rizzo and all the guys that got these young players who are playing great. you know, these young guys are carrying us. so it's good to see. i love watching talent express itself. >> david johnson. >> i'll bet he does.
6:50 pm
>> you've got that right. to the redskins we won't see them until late july. the coach cut the mini camp off a day short as a gift. d'angelo hall and safety meriwether may be hard, they'll do it all, and why not? says the architect of this plan. >> that position should make a lot of plays, when you look at the charles wood many did sons, the guys that played in that scheme, 4 or 5 sacks, 4 or 5 interceptions every year and big plays. >> having the ability to teach both those guys that, you can get detail-specific about who you want to match up with whom. you don't worry about t. don't blink, you can rotate the guys? the safety. really we all have to be interchangeal parts. i think that's creates a complexity. >> that's ra mihm morris, the
6:51 pm
head coach of tampa the last three years. >> that makes sense. they're both extraordinary athletes and really smart guys. >> absolutely. >> thanks, chick. >> dan says you're buying dinner? >> he said that. >> that's what he said, a text. >> i'l
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capital city public charter school in the district graduated its first group of seniors today. all of the seniors took at least one advanced placement class, and every single student was accepted into college. for many, this day holds another special meaning. >> it feels great, because i know i'm the first one in my family to graduate. so i'm looking forward to college. >> it was really hard to get to this spot for me personally. it's hard to keep up with homework and school, but with my class, we're all a family, and we pushed each other so we can graduate together. >> in addition to a 100 percent acceptance rate, the capital city class of 2012 also earned more than $2 million in scholarships. a being congratulations to all the graduates. >> more than 8 on% are the first
6:55 pm
ones to ever go to college. incredible. doug, how are we looking out there? >> jim, we could not be better. by the way, jim, somebody else is here from that same commencement speech. they just wanted to say hey, too. there he is right there. he sell he remembers one thing. >> what? >> the one thing i remember is you advising you don't be a go-fer. >> reporter: he remembered the talk. a little trophiy earlier, john, the big winner, an there's the loser. it's unfortunate. there always has to be at least one loser. a look at the next seven days, guys, couldn't be better if you have a graduation that jim is going to be speaking at our whatever. temperatures into the low 80s. by next week, however, temperatures will get into the
6:56 pm
low to mid 90s. that's it for montgomery village. good-bye, everybody. thank you, guys, for having us here today. >> thanks, doug. thanks to all the grads. christopher anderson is 15 years old, lives near wilmington, north carolina. last weekend he went out driving for the first time with his brand-new lerner's permit and his moment. suddenly they were being tracked by a helicopter and followed by a whole bunch of cop cars. it all started when a police officer saw anderson behind the wheel and thought that an 8-year-old kid was driving the car. see, he's not even five feet tall yet, but don't ask if he can see over the steer while. >> oh, my god. why is that everybody's first question? >> because you're short for your age, buddy. it's okay. dispatching all those vehicles. >> a helicopter before a cop car? >> it just seemed to be overkill for all of it. >> i say mom, do i pull over?
6:57 pm
she doesn't know what to do. so i just keep going. >> it does seems excessive, doesn't it? christopher anderson did not stop until he got into the next county. sheriff's deputies caught up to him, verified that his lerner's permit is valid. he says it's going to take a while before he can drive without worrying about whether another squat team will come after him.
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