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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  June 15, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> portions of the beach were closed for about an hour but expected to be open this morning. saiftd a stranger who had fallen into the water. 17-year-old gonzales and girl frnd were kayaking on the chicago river when they saw a man unconscious and floating in the water facedown. they immediately pulled him out of the water, looked after him until police got there. that man is in serious condition at the hospital today. emergency crews believe he had some sort of a medical emergency. apparently he was sitting on a bench in a suit and tie and people saw him roll into the water. so likely had some sort of emergency there. sgra. >> great the two teens were there. >> able to hold on to him. >> stay with us. news4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. changing the commute. come monday your ride to and from work could get easier. what you need to know.
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>> could generate some serious excitement about bringing a casino to prince george's county. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm ooeun yang. 5:01. cooler than usual for this 15th of june. >> these are the longer days of the year now as -- >> people are coming. >> i love this time of the year. >> great weather to enjoy these long days. coming up, we have the summer salsta. and this year, 15th day of june, off to a clear start. we're going to have a few clouds. doesn't like to have form here in the central shenandoah valley. we've got it down to the mid 60s in washington. low 60s. right around the chesapeake bay. eastern shore. some locations away from the waters, down to the 50s.
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although right near the bay. upper 60s. farther west, 50s. low 50s to mountains across the maryland and west virginia. by noontime, a few clouds around. will have temperatures low to mid 70s. delightful, low humidity. by light afternoon, mostly sunny with that low humidity. near 80 degrees for 3:00, 4:00, 5:00. after that dropping back down to the mid 70s by sunset, which is at 8:35. you have plans for this friday we evening? well, stay tuned. we'll have your evening planner coming up in ten minutes. coming up right now with the latest on our traffic, here danella. >> still watching out accidents. all your lanes are still blocked by the crash there. traveling along i-95, things look good. had overnight road work. now gone. travel lanes are open. i'll give you a live look in prince william parkway. making your way northbound here again traveling is open. clear to the beltway. 13 minutes to get to the capital
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beltway. the rails are open with no reported delays. all are running on or close to schedule. if you're looking for a quicker, less crowded trip home from work, it could be on its way starting monday. the new rush hour program called rush plus comes to metro on monday. it's going to add more trains to some of the heaviest travel section on the orange line and yellow line. keep an eye on your destination. some orange line trains will now travel to largo town center. on blue line and yellow line trains will travel between greenbelt on the green line and franconia on the blue line. it will appear on metro maps as dashed line lines. keep a tight grip on your phone or ipod bhil riding metro. the transit system says thefts of the devices and pickpocketing has more than doubled in the first three months of this year compared to last year. aggravated assaultsnd bike
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thefts are also up so far for the year. the crimes s is in parking lot been cut in half. down 63% from 120 last year. metro says that's because they increased patrols in lots and garages. police in prince george's county needs your help in finding a man who sexuallysexua assaulted a teenager. he approached two sisters. they say he pointed a gun at 478 t. 15 and 26-year-old sisters and forced them into a wooded area where he sexual aassaulted the younger girl. the older sister was able to knock the suspect to the ground an both escaped. a maryland man is behind bars accuse of killing an owner of a owner of a dunkin' donuts. police say he killed him on saturday. officers found him dead near his apartment after a report of a
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fight. detectives say ali was a family friend and helped him open the dunkin' donuts in the hunter woods plaza. in fairfax county, a stove m malfunction caused a carbon monoxide leak. co detectors went off on blake lane. people reported symptoms. rescuers took each of them to the hospital. firefighters say they sealed the faulty gas line in that building to prevent another scare. d.c. police are trying to figure out what us aed a driver to cash into a georgetown home. it happened around 9:00 last night in the 1500 block of 28th street just a few blocks east of wisconsin avenue. police say the driver whose car has diplomatic plates stayed on the skraen after the crash. the house was split up into multiple apartments, although no one was hurt, one person living there will have to find temporary housing for a bit. fire crews determined part of the house was not structurally
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sound. five minutes after the hour now. this morning there are new changes inside to montgomery county 911 dispatch center. the changes come after a news4 i team report about a dispatcher caught sleeping on the job. >> old on a second, ma'am. let me try and get them on the line again. >> okay. >> the call came in april when a dispatcher was in the 17th hour of a 24-hour overtime shift. the montgomery county public safety committee held a hearing yesterday to determine whether the 24-hour shifts for dispatchers should be changed. >> i think it makes sense to go to shorter shifts p i think it's also healthier and less likely to result in any potential problems of someone nodding off. >> i can say very, very clearly that this would most likely never happen again. it would be remote opportunity if it ever did. >> the montgomery county fire chief says the 24-hour shift does not need to be changed. he says he's adding more
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staffing, reconfiguring the dispatch center to allow supervisors a direct line of site to dispatchers and he now has a quality assurance officer. this morning a fairfax county football coach and supplier face doping charges. jeffrey reagan tried to buy steroids from jeremy. police arrested the two after a six-month sting that ended in a shopping center ailier this yeek. he coached at west springfield and taught at mountain view alternative learning center. he tried to sell steroids to students. fairfax county schools say that reagan is now suspended without pay. 5:507 is your time. coming up, vegas, baby. the expected announcement that could make casino fans here very happy. what to expect for the weekend. and next, a baby, a chimp, and a video camera. can you say viral video?
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here's proof that there is profit to the expression monkey see, monkey do. a chimp at a kansas zoo looks like he has a a new best friend. having a great time during a recent visit. at one point the mother took the baby away from the glass and the 2-year-old chimp became so sad that he came back to play more with his new friend. how cute is that? yes, we know that chimps are not monkey or primates. >> good thing that glass is there to protect. >> yes. >> aaron likes to remind us that they are wild animals. 5:11 is our time. let's look at our forecast this morning. as we look outside roit now, you can see just the first rays of the sun start come over the or rye soon. we're going to have a nice weekend. >> peaches and cream sun rise,
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good morning. on this friday morning, off to a full start under a clear sky. in the 60s around region from ft. hunt to oakton, foggy bottom, hillcrest heights. a beautiful morning under way. hometown forecast, waldorf, charles county, by mid morning, 70. noontime, mid 70s. by mid afternoon, hit near 80 degrees. and then during the evening for your friday emping we'll have a clarp evening back down in the 70s though by late evening. by this time tomorrow morning, off to another cool start, near 60 degrees starting off saturday morning. a look at the weekend on next week your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. how is traffic? >> busy morning. first, a cell caller called in and said if you're taking the outer loop of the beltway at university boulevard, two lanes are blocked. car off of the road in that area. let's head over to howard county. all your westbound lanes still blocked eastbound. only one right lane gets by the crash there.
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you're going to be forced off to 32. heeding over to i-270. nice and clear this time. looking good. in fact, here's a live lack at shea difficult drove. travel lanes are open as you continue southbound towards the beltway. no issues to report. from the beltway from the inner loop. 58 miles per hour. not bad at all. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> 5:13 is your time right now. a view from above. the daredevil who will be making a long slow walk across niagara falls. >> and a story that all parents should hear. the remarkable cost of all those
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new this morning. penn state football coach jo paterno is now public, his will. left all property to his wife sue and established a trust for the remainder of his estate. no word on how much he was worth but he has a state pension of more than $13 million and received a salary of $1 million a year from the school last season his family plans to donate more than a million dollars to penn state related charities. paterno died last november at the age of 85. the trial of the jerry sandusky is off until monday the the prosecution expected to rest its case after calling most of the alleged victims of sandusky's. the last of the eight accusers took the stand yesterday. the victim number 9 told the jurors that sandusky abused him multiple times starting around the age of 11. he didn't tell anyone because he was afraid no one would believe him. investigators found his name along with other victims in s
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sandus sandusky's address book at 40e78 with stars next to them. this made things very difficult for sandusky's defense team. >> ten victims is as close as you get to a videotape of a crime. this is a nondefense i believe case in my opinion. >> the defense is expected to call the first witness next week. sandusky pled not guilty to all of the charges. a nationwide manhunt is under way for a trauma surgeon whom police are calling a person of interest in the deadly hospital shooting. police in buffalo, new york, want to question dr. timothy jordan in the shooting death of his exgirlfriend. she was shot and killed wednesday at a hospital where they both worked. police searched the area near his home. police say the former army weapons expert may be armed and should be considered dangerous. lawyers want a lawsuit against george huguely moved out of charlottesville. attorneys are seeking a change of venue. they found the former university lacrosse layer guilty in the death of his exgirlfriend.
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love's mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit saying he was responsible. lawyers argue he can't get a fair trial in charlottesville because of all the publicity. next month the prosecutor will become the state's openly gay goenlg. appointed tracy thorne-begland. last month they blocked the appointment. some administrators felt he acted in defiance when he publicly disclosed his sexual orientation while acting as a navy pilot. lawmakers will have to vote on approving his appointment. this is is gay pride month and the pentagon is working on plans to salute gay and lesbian service members. the celebrations come after last year's repeal of don't ask, don't tell. advance service members from being openly gay. the defense department wants to recognize the contributions of gay service members. alert for parents this morning. more than 30,000 strollers are
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being recalled because of they could cause amputations. kolcraft is recalling 36,000 strollers. the company says a child's finger can get caught in a hinge opening when you're trying to adjust the handlebars. there have been five reports of injuries, including three children whose fingertips were cut off. parents can contact a company for free repair kit. having children will bring you nothing but joy. that joy though does not come cheap. according to a new government survey it costs about $235,000 to raise a child born last year until he or she is 17. and that does not include college tuition. back in 1960 the only cost about $25,000 to raise a kid. researchers say housing is the single biggest expense that parents face, followed by child care and education, food, transportation, and health care. this is why i have no money.
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p., because i sam raising three children. >> and explains why i don't have any children. can't afford it. too expensive. 5:21. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. tom, tell us about a lovely day ahead. >> i visit the schools and see the children with those million dollar smiles. literally. this morning starting off call. 65 at reagan national. much of prince george's county, 60. montgomery county, upper 50s. fairfax county, near 60 degrees. loudon county, mid 60s. prince william down to here, much of southern maryland just near 60 degrees now. look at that gorgeous pink sky. sun rise is at 5:42. here's your day planner. mid 70s by then. and brace yourself for a
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delightful weekend. looking beautiful. cool to the beaches. afternoon highs reaching near 80. saturday and sunday. great weather for father's day sunday. cool in the mornings, in the 50s. as we get into next week, monday looks mostly cloudy. high near 80s. getting hot sand humid. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, each day a slight chance of an afternoon thunder shower with highs near 90. i'm back in ten minutes. we now have a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. following breaking news. university boulevard, had a crash there. it was blocking two of your right lanes. it's now been moved to your right shoulder lane. in this area you can still see authorities are on the scene. quite a delay on the outer loop of the beltway this morning as you make your way from new hampshire avenue slowly passing university boulevard. the good news here is that accident is out of the roadway. let's head over to fredericksburg, virginia. salem church road. still have all of your lanes blocked in this area. traveling a i long i-66, not so bad. i can tell you your volume is
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increasing. no accidents to report right now. pretty clear past fairfax county parkway, 61 miles per hour heading to the beltway. on over to you. >> thanks so much. bringing a vegas style casino to potomac could soon a reali reality. news4's megan mcgrath is live there with what we can expect. >> good morning. on a flurry of high level meetings and word that national har bon will make a big announcement today. looks like las vegas style gambling is one step closer to coming to prince george's county. later today the governor will meet with the folks from mgm, the largest casino operator in has ray vegas. michael bush already had a similar meeting. it's not a done deal. the governor would have to call a special session. maryland lawmakers would have to pass legislation. and ultimately maryland voters would have to approve the deal. if it does go forward though,
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this would be the sixth casino site approved in maryland. three have already been built. maryland live open just a week ago. this would be a very different type of casino. we're uk tag table games, not just slots machines. and analysts say it could bring in $161 million in revenue to the state of maryland. again, a lot of movement here in the last 24 to 48 hours. and we're expecting this big announcement later on today. of course we're going to continue to follow this story and bring you very latest. reporting live from national har bon, megan mcgrath, news fo4. >> thank you. the nba finals are all tied up. miami evened the series at one game apiece with 196 win last night. lebron james scored 42 points and had 8 rebounds. oklahoma city's kevin durant had 32 points as well. in the losing effort. now the series shifts to south florida. game three is sunday night. second round of the u.s. open kicks off in a couple of
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hours and it seems like tiger woods is back to his old self. woods finished the first round at 1 under par. only three strokes back of the leader, michael thompson, looking for his fourth u.s. open championship here. the real story though, 14-year-old andy zang, the youngest player ever to compete in a major golf tournament. he shot 8 over par. the same score as master's champ bubba watson second round coverage of the u.s. open continues today right her on nbc 4 starting at 3:00 p.m. millions visit niagara falls every year taking it in sites of one of the most beautiful places on earth. >> there's one daredevil who is going to do it to get a very different look at the falls. nick will be walking over the water there. seventh generation daredevil of the flying family will try to tightrope walk across the falls. that's an 1800 foot trip. he says he's feeling good about this stunt despite being 200 feet up in the air. >> more anticipation and
5:26 am
excitement than anything. but, you know, it's coming down to the wire, no pun intended. it's hard for people to understand i've walked a wire since i was 2-year-old old is it's very natural to me. >> there is a bit of a precaution in this death-defying stunt. nick will be wearing a safety harness in case he slips off that wire. >> good move on his part with that one. >> i'm betting someone is making him do that. it's probably not something he wants to do because it's takes the risk out of that. >> good luck though. >> yeah. everybody will be watching. >> i'm not watching. time right now is 5:26. coming up, a news anchor's run-in with d.c. live on the air. plus, the new developments in the hunt for a notorious criminal who has preyed on local women for decades. ♪
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making headlines right now, 5:29. investigators link a new victim to a notorious criminal. why this time they might help crack the case. confusing traffic spot in our area that could be more clear and safer beginning today. and a news anchor learns the d.c. traffic laws the hard way.
5:30 am
and live on the air. we'll have much more on those stories throughout the newscast right here on "news4 today." but first, good morning to you. >> welcome to "news4 today" on this friday, june 15th. this morning we're learn ing there may be more supposed ufo sitings in our area this summer. the military says it will be flying an unmanned drone in the naval air station and along the way in the coming months. a lot of people thought it was aurks fo when they saw maryland state police escorting the unmanned aircraft from garrett county to the military facility wednesday night. there are pictures of the drone people tweeted that night. rest assured though, it is not a ufo. >> if it happens again, there will be more tweets and more questions wondering where near going. >> if you see some green men, though, take that picture. >> exactly. it is lovely outside. 64 degrees. cool start.
5:31 am
enjoying the streak of lovely pretty weather. >> i can get behind this, too. it can continue through the holiday weekend. earliest sun rises of the year occurring right now. sun is coming up in about ten minutes. it will rising in a clear sky. there is the view from space. new clouds. southwest of washington. right around the culpepper and towards shall lortsville and southern shenandoah valley. a few clouds here. hylands in west virginia. elsewhere, a beautiful day around the bay. around the eastern shore, under way now around the atlantic beaches. temperature there's are just in the low 60s. the water temperatures in the atlantic are low to mid 60s. a breeze off the ocean coming inland. 65 at reagan national. nearby suburbs. by 9:00, day planner with upper 60s.
5:32 am
lots of shun and a beautiful day coming up. a few day popping up. highs reaching near 80 and low humidity. friday evening planner in ten minutes. we have a look at the friday traffic. good morning. >> following breaking news in howard county. you are going to be forced on to 32. eastbound only the right lane gets by. this should be going on until about 7:00 a.m. let's head over to the beltway. still seeing delays on the outer loop. there you have a crash. it was blocking two of your right lanes. now it's just in your right shoulder lane. seeing volume as you make your way past university boulevard. but it's clear after you pass this incident here. and heading over to route 50 making your way inbound at the beltway, from the beltway to now work, avenue. nice and clear no, accidents. no delays.
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after linking the so-called potomac rapist in yet another attack. dna evidence helped them link a rapist in a sexual assault in 1996. a 58-year-old woman was attacked and then pushed into a ditch along mcarthur boulevard in northwest. all of the attacks came between 1991 and 1998 in montgomery county. the district including the murder of 29-year-old christine murzeon. >> some of the other nine women were in their home where's this guy stalks and tracks women. he hunts them down, breaks in their homes and rapes them and beats them. >> last year the fbi launched a renewed campaign to find the potomac river rapist using billboards, website and social meetia. later today, friends and family of murdered d.c. store owner will hold a candlelight vigil in her owner. he was killed in grace deli in northeast d.c.
5:34 am
he she had run that popular store since 2,000 h and was planning to retire next year. investigators are still looking for a suspect in that shooting. two 17-year-olds are among four people arrested in a rash of car break-ins in chevy chase. the group is accused of stealing 45 cars this month alone. mostly south of river road tweenl goelds borrow road and little falls parkway. many of the cars were unlocked. two cars were stolen when the owners left the keys inside. police arrested the group after undercover officers spotted a suspicious driver. detectives say there could be more arrests connected to the thefts. a fox news channel host knows firsthand d.c. police are cracking down on cell phone drivers or drivers who are using their cell phones while driving. officer pulled over chris wallace while talking on the phone without a hands-free device and driving. fox news sunday host was doing a live phone interview yesterday morning when he suddenly was interrupted and then interrupted the radio host. >> this is supposedly --
5:35 am
>> i'm going to have a problem here. >> what's that, buddy? >> i'm talking to you an cell phone and there's a policeman here. and i probably shouldn't have been talking on the cell phone. so i'm about to get arrested. good-bye. >> a fox news spokesperson says the officer did not arrest wallace. it's unclear though whether the officer ticketed him. new york police are trying to figure out who started a bottle throwing brawl, possibly between hip-hop stars chris brown and drake. five people were hurt when their entourages got in a fight in a club early thursday morning. brown tweeted a picture of a gash on his wynn chin. representatives from drake say the rapper was outside when the brawl began and brown told police the fight started when drake's entourage tried to block him from leaving the club. his are talking to witnesses and surveillance video to determine if charges should be filed shark scare in south carolina may keep some beachgoers out of the water today. four swimmers in myrtle beach were treated for some sort of animal bites. it's not 100% clear if the bites came from an actual shark, but
5:36 am
based on the tooth pattern of one of those bites, one doctor does believe a shark is, in fact, the culprit here. >> we're out there for a while. a couple of guys fishing. then next thing i know my buddy comes walking up, i got bit. then i looked down the beach, another guy got bit and couple of there people got bit. >> portions of the beach were closed for about an hour but they are expected to be open this morning. that's one way to clear a beach. this man found another. what he did when officers arrested him. also, which crime is up on metro and which is down. 5:36. now 64 degrees. the morning is off to a lovely start. the best is yet to come.
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at it is 64 degrees out there. a cool comfortable start to your friday morning. low humidity. sunshine. couldn't ask for a better week. it's mid june. >> i know. this like aprilish or something like that. >> real pretty. we love it. >> tom is in the weather center for us. tom, this is going to continue for a little bit, yeah? >> yeah, the sun is coming up. a clear sky all around region. we've got low humidity in place. it is a delightful morning.
5:40 am
reagan national from capitol hill to district heights. into fairfax county, around tyson's corner, montgomery county, potomac, sandy spring, low to mid 60s. the mountains region, western maryland around western virginia, some of the hylands in the mid 50s. stafford, virginia, by 9:00 should be near 70 with bright sunshine. and then by noontime, should be into the mid 70s with lots of sunshine. by mid afternoon, 80 degrees. low humidity, just a delightful day. if you're going to spend much time out though, it's deceptive because it feels so comfortable you can get a quick burn. you will definitely need sun block. low 60s. a look at the weekend and coming into next week, too, with your seven-day outlook. that's in ten minutes. how is our traffic? >> right now, following breaking news on the beltway. this time the outer loop as you
5:41 am
approach route 50. crash there blocking three of your left lanes. look at 202. if you're traveling on the outer loop of the beltway, jammed. in fact, at a stand still in this area. big delays this morning as you're traveling the outer loop. now looping a around the beltway. approaching university boulevard. have another crash that's moved to the shoulder lane, right shoulder lane. you are seeing just a bit of volume hitting the brake past university boulevard. once you pass university you look much better. still checking the rails as well with no reported delays along the metro, marc, or the vre. now ahead, one of the most confusing traffic spots in our area could become a little more clear today. also, how a teenager trying to learn how to kayak for the first time ended up saving a stranger's life chlts and next, what you need to know about the ♪
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welcome back. going to work on monday could be a little bit quicker and less crowded on members tro. a new rush hour program called rush plus starts next week. it will add more trains to some of the heaviest traveled sections of the orange and yellow lines. keep an eye on your destination. some orange line trains will now travel to largo town center on the blue line and some yellow line drains will travel between green belt on the green line and franconia-springfield on the blue line. those changes now appear on metro maps as dash lines. for more on rush plus visit metro's website. and keep a close eye on your phone,ipad, or ipod while riding metro. the transit system says thefts of the devices and pickpocketing has more than doubled in the first three months of this year. aggravated assaults and bike thefts were up so far for the year. crimes in parking lots on the
5:46 am
other hand have been cut in half, down to 63 from 120 last year. your commute may soon be a little less treacherous if you take the memorial circle into town. their miking major changes to what many drivers consider one of the most confusing and dangerous traffic circles in our area. news4's tracy wilkins is live along memorial circle now with more. >> yes, this is where it all comes together. you have your bikers, your drivers, and also your walkers. i've done it all. i was just driving through here the other day and missed my xilt. and i brought my bike around here and also has issues as well. you can take a look here and see how it can be a little confusing for some folks to walk and cross in this area. so, the national parks service has a plan. national parks service actually oversees this bridge and is commissioned to study reveal that a number of changes need to be made. so expect to see more and clearer signs explaining where
5:47 am
you are going and how fast you are allowed to go. there will be additional arrows painted on the roads to select proper lanes before reaching the opposite side of the memorial bridge. and additional signage along the mt. vernon trail. expect shifts in trails and sidewalks and addition of rumple strips installed to alert drivers to upcoming pest industry an walkways. officials explained yesterday why there's a need for all of these changes. >> our officers have handled many, many crashes related to this area. and we continue to look for ways to improve the safety of the park's visitors and travelers. these steps being taken should help decrease the crashes and educate the public of the surroundings and challenges they may face as they visit the park. >> this work starts today and is expected to continue through summer. reporting live in arlington, i'm tracee wilkins. this morning a fairfax
5:48 am
county football coach is suspended without pay after his arrest in a dopingization investigation. police arrested jeffrey reagan after a six-month sting. officers say he tried to buy steroids from jeremy earlier this week. reagan coached at both west springfield and south county high schools and taught at mountain view alternative learning center. they found no evidence either men tried to sell steroids to students. montgomery fire fire chief made several changes to the 911 dispatch center after a report about a dispatcher caught sleeping on the job. >> old on one second, ma'am, let me try and get them on the known again. >> okay. >> that call came back in april when a dispatcher was in the 17th hour of a 24-hour overtime shift. they held a hearing yesterday to determine whether the 24-hour shift for dispatch evers should be changed. >> i think it makes sense to go to shorter shifts and it's
5:49 am
healthier and less likely to result in my potential problem with someone nodding off. >> the problem is not a rask here. the matter of public safety is, if you will, of the highest regard. >> some changes already put in place include more staffing, reconfigured floors to allow supervis supervisors. a failed solar company that received big money from the obama administration is headed to bankruptcy court today. california based so lyndra received money from the government in 2009. it was the first renewable energy company to receive a chunk op stimulus money and they were praised by the president. but in 2011 solyndra filed for chapter 11, laid off 2,000 employees. congress sin veis investigating they were chosen for the loan. the president raked in $2 million during two high-profile fund-raisers last night in new
5:50 am
york city. actress sarah jessica parker hosted one of those in her home. earlier in the day, the president and mitt romney campaigned in ohio. political analysts will believe who will win in november. the president spoke in the cleveland area. romney made appearances in cincinnati. the economy dominated both men's speeches. >> this election is your chance to break that stalemate. if you want to give the policies of the last decade another try, then you should vote for mr. romney. >> this president has put together, he has put to the almost as much public debt as all the prior presidents combined. you want four more years of that? you call that forward? that's forward over a cliff. >> today mitt romney begins a five-day, six-state bus tour through battleground states. his first stop, new hampshire. the district is suing so of
5:51 am
its own employees who try to collect unemployment while holding government jobs. the lawsuit has tried to recover anywhere from 4,000 to $14,000 from 13 employees. the district uncovered the scheme earlier this year and more than 130 employees had been implicated. more than 60 have been fired. some of the cases could be handed over to the u.s. attorney's office which could then file criminal charges. one of the district's longest serving public officials will apparently keep his job for another five years. mayor written sent gray expected to offer gandhi another five-year term. the d.c. council would then have to approve gray's nomination but many political analysts say that will likely happen. gandhi has been in charge of the city's finances since he was appointed in 2000. okay. 5:51. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. tom is going to tell us about the gorgeous sunshine in the sky and the nice weather on tap. >>ing looking at that sun rise, for once i am speechless. >> really?
5:52 am
>> yes. >> you fill in your own superlative here. >> do you have one? >> supervis >> supercalifragilistic- expialidocious. >> yes, that is a pristine sun rise. and look at this pristine flower, gorgeous picture sent in from alexandria. thank you so much. sent to our facebook page and posted at weather at thanks, liz. that is a gorgeous flower. send your photos to us and post them to our facebook page. right now a clear sky all over the sree john expect a few low clouds here in parts of prince william county. you can barely see them. elsewhere, off to a clear start and temperatures around the region are just in the upper 50s. now, parts of montgomery county as well as a prnlg and southern
5:53 am
maryland. arlington and fairfax most locations in the low 60s. just near 60 around the blue ridge, shenandoah valley. sun rise was at 5:242. earliest sun rises of the year. that's going to be this week for the next week and it will be near 70 by qu9d. mid 70s by noon. mid afternoon near 80. delightful day coming up an delightful weekend coming up. afternoon high on saturday. and again on sunday, both days with lowell humidity up around 80 degrees and morning lows in the 50s. great father's day weather. monday, a little more cloudiness around and turning humidity as we get into mid week next week. hot. certainly going to be feeling like late june, typical weather here. good morning. how is our traffic now? >> good morning, tom. following breaking news on the roadway. first, let's start in howard county. in west friendship along i-70, chopper 4 is flying. westbound lanes of i-70 still
5:54 am
blocked at 32. you can see flatbed on the scene looking to tow this car out of the roadway. i can't tell you i've been watching the road and there was another flatbed with another car loaded. it looks like it's out of the roadway. hopefully this crash will be clearing soon. but you can still see -- there's the other flatbed i just mentioned to you. it's in the process of clearing but they're still working hoping to have this road clear by 7:00 a.m. let's head over to the outer loop of the beltway. blocking three of the left lanes. this is as you approach route 50. serious delays. live look at 202. i can tell you the delays for this accident on the outer loop start way past that. look arena drive. trying to make your way toward route 150. once you pass, things look better. it's a tough trip to get there. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. eun and aaron, back over to you. major track work this weekend. on the blue line, franconia will
5:55 am
be closed. blue line trains will run along the yellow line to the huntington station. dl will also be single tracking on the blue, orange, and red lines. fairfax county is putting the heat on aggressive drivers this summer. today they're kicking off operation summer h.e.a.t. police say they will be on the lookout for reckless driving, speeding, and improper passing. the campaign lasts through september. and a montgomery county man took a trip to ocean city and ended up in jail. ples say brendan o'hare was naked in the public beach area monday night chasing someone and waving his arms. officers confronted him and say that o'hare then attacked him. they eventually arrested him. o'hare was charged with indecent exposure and indecent conduct. the officer in the incident was okay. a second miss usa pageant contestant says the competition was rigged. the woman is remaining anonymous. she says she, too, heard miss
5:56 am
florida name the five finalists backstage. miss pennsylvania was the first contestant who came forward and said officials chose the five finalists before the live competition. the pageant denies those allegations. dad is the man of honor this weekend. chances are you are spend a little extra on your fatheriaer. the national retail federation say they expect father's day spending to rise 10 % this year. most will spend an average of $117 on dad after greeting cards, the most popular gift is expected to be some sort of outing with 44% of gift givers planning something like a family dinner or going to a sporting event. right now, justin bieber and his dancers are rehearsing their performance for later this morning on the kt today" show. live picture right now as thousands of fans are waking up already in the streets of new york city. they've been camped out since tuesday. a lot of them have, for the "today" show concert there on the plaza. the singer surprised fans yesterday, waved to them as he
5:57 am
drove by. and again, everybody is already out there. this is just the crowd waiting for -- >> five days. >> waiting for the sound check for the concert that's going to be happening later this morning. we see some dancers. bieber out there? >> no bieber yet. >> no bieber on the stage just yet. the "today" show starts at 7:00 right after our broadcast. >> pand home yum. chicago teenager has had a week to remember. graduated high school and saved a man's life the day before. 17-year-old gonzales and his girlfriend were kayaking in the river when they saw a man unconscious. they immediately pulled him out of the water and looked after him until police arrived. the man who was wearing a suit just rolled into the water. the man is in serious condition in a chicago hospital. emergency crews believe he had some sort of medical emergency. >> hope he's okay. >> exactly. coming up next at 6:00 a.m., surprising find for police in a walmart parking lot. also ahead at 6:00 a.m., the
5:58 am
wild scene late last night as a car crashes straight into a home in georgetown. plus, your weather and
5:59 am
the table. mgm shows his hand and is an


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