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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  June 16, 2012 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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late last night the storm hit the pacific coast of mexico as a category 1 hurricane. emergency officials are evacuating people in that area but many tourists are adamant and say they want to stay. they expect carlotta to weaken more to a tropical depression. >> not too much damage, just a few billboards. there could be effects. >> any time you have a land falling hurricane like that, the next threat after the storm surge becomes a flash flooding threat. you put heavy rain on top of the steep hillsides and they could have a mud slide or flash flood to worry about. if you have friends or relatives or you're traveling down there, call ahead to touch base, but we haven't heard reports of travel. back here at home, father's day weekend. >> it will be nice. >> i appreciate a nap as much as anybody, but dads all around the area are trying to figure out where can they carve out a little time this weekend for a
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little hammock time in the shade. good weather for both days. today and tomorrow will be fine days to be in it. mid-60s in the suburbs to around 70 to get your saturday morning started. what about the rest of the day? here's storm radar. nothing coming down. i'll widen this way out. a few showers south of cincinnati along i-75 in central kentucky, but they won't be bothering us. abundant sunshine this morning, just friendly fair weather clouds drifting by today. temperature in the low 80s for a time this afternoon. but a very nice day. enjoy these temperatures that are going to be a cool degrees cooler than average today and tomorrow because, oh, the summer humidity and heat are coming back, that's in the seven-day. >> thank. >> you're welcome. in the news, president obama's new immigration policy is still causing shock waves across the country. the president unveiled the policy yesterday in the rose
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garden. it will allow some undocumented immigrants to avoid deportation. residents who came to america before turning 16 and are younger than 30 with no criminal history can apply for a two-year work permit. this new initiative is sure to be a hot topic at the hispanic community summit in hot spring. derrick has more on the anountment. >> reporter: this is a systemer weekend but there's still a lot of learning going on inside here. this is the white house hispanic action summit. they've held this across the country. maryland is actually the 15th state in which one of these has been held. this brings federal officials together with state and local leaders and citizens. they sit down in groups surrounding various topics, health care, education, economics and immigration. this gives folks at the cabinet level a firsthand accounting of how their policies can be
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developed. they're hearing firsthand by those affected by the policies. among those here, is maryland's lieutenant governor. >> this summit is important because it helps us in that important dialogue around issues of job creation and education and health care. how do we not only tap into that talent but also to make sure that we are creating the particular needs of the community. i commend the white house. >> reporter: there are more than 30 senior obama administration officials here and lots of folks from the local government and state government as well. what they'll come away from this with is an action plan. they'll be doing some back and forth and checking up to see if these work. coming up in the next hour, we'll talk more specifically about the immigration issue and how that fits in with today. >> looking forward to it, derrick, thank you. some masked men ran into more than they bargained for
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when they tried to rob a pennsylvania congressman's home. the congressman's wife. debra brady was watching the news at their home when the tv went out. she then went to the window and spotted two men sitting on her lawn furniture. a third man tried to break into the house. that's when she took action. >> one of them was looking through the windows, and then they decided to open -- to try to open the screen door to the sliders. when they did that, i went right up to the screen door, to the slider and we were face-to-face and i started banging on the window. and they all looked at each other and they just took off. >> nothing was taken from the bradys' yard, police say they don't think the house was targeted because brady is a politician. a man is in the hospital in serious condition after a major fire in northeast d.c. crews responded to a call in the 400 block of 15th street around 8:00 last night. firefighters believe the fire started on the second floor.
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crews checked out a 5-year-old boy who may have been inside the home. he was at a neighbor's home and did not need medical treatment. officials are still looking into what caused that fire. a group of students might face charges for shooting two kid with a bb gun. a boy and a girl were walking to school in chantilly when they were hit. neither were seriously injured. they're still trying to figure out why the students shot the bb gun at the two kids. >> a stellar start to the season has made the nats the talk of the town. now an important series against the yankees is drawing nationwide attention. last night's game started what's expected to be a string of soldout games. even standing room only is going for 25 bucks. it is making it hard for some fans who have divided loyalties. >> i grew up a yankees fan, moved here 12 years ago and became a nationals fan.
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he's a nationals fan but he also likes jeter and a-rod. >> we'll have highlights from last night's game coming up in ten minutes. tonight's game starts at 1:05. we'll break it down for you. plus the 17-year-old who is giving old pro golfers or pro golfers a run for their money. >> old compared to his age. a maryland man being held prisoner in that country. call him wire walking wallenda. many of you watched as he inched along a tightlope last night. his plans to conquer another stunt.
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egyptians are headed to the polls this morning to vote for the country's first democratically elected
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president. the historic runoff has deeply polarized the nation. one of the candidates is former leader hosni mubarak's last prime minister while the other is a u.s.-trained engineer who belongs to the muslim brotherhood. even after the votes are counted it remains to be seen whether the current military leaders will relinquish power. just two days ago the military government instituted martial law. a maryland man jailed in cuba is ill. earlier this week allen gross' wife and lawyer said that the american contractor's health was failing, that he was having trouble walking and developed a mass on his shoulders. but they say gross' health is normal and he's being held in a military hospital rather than prison. he's accused of being a spy. more problems for the secret service. a list of allegations involving agents from the last 20 years is
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now public. news outlets offered this information, one of five agents who was partying with underaged girls during the olympics in salt lake city. multiple incident of drive while intoxicated. president obama welcomed members of the lbgt community to the white house. while progress has been made there's still plenty of work to do. it's one of many events to celebrate and commemorate gay pride month. in ten days the pentagon is holding its first ever salute to openly gay military members. thousands of protest arers are in mexico city ahead of the g-20 summit set to start monday. they are upset with the g-20 ast
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economic policies. this summit comes against the backdrop of major uncertainty as greece is holding its election on monday and spain the still waiting to receive it bailout. carlotta has reached mexico but has weakened to tropical storm conditions. carlotta hit the coast of mex ka as a category 1 hurricane last night. tourists are adamant they're planning to ride out the storm. meteorologists expect carlotta to weaken more into a tropical depression by tomorrow. >> that certainly will ruin any vacation. right now the acapulco area is a hot destination. >> absolutely it is. the good news is, if there's anything about this, is that surfers will like the coast. waves are up in ocean city, unrelated to carlotta, but the weekend forecast is next.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> welcome back. shredding documents is important but the process, it can be costly. >> not today, though. we're giving you free access to
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the service. the nbc washington pnc community shred is going on right now at the annandale campus of northern virginia community college at 8333 little river turnpike. >> joining us is executive vice president of pnc bike and john wyman of secure it, shred it for the washington, d.c. area. we know that we should hold on to the bank documents for a certain amount of time, but when is a good time to get those documents shredded? >> good morning. for typical documents like tax records, seven years, but a great idea is toed and make those documents electronic, then you can keep them in your own storage facility. >> get rid of all that paper. when you guys are done shredding, we know you shred boxes and boxes ef time we do these events. what happens to the leftovers?
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>> you can hear a pretty busy day out here. but we take all of the document back to our warehouse then those are baled and those are turned into paper plates or -- >> that's great. they actually recycle a lot of the material. >> hard to hear some of that. >> a big warehouse where it's nice, safe and secure. i know there are things that you say do not bring those in the box. >> we don't want any cds or hard drives, batteries, anything of that nature, anything that's metal, we discourage all of that. we just want the paper. and put that in. we'll take care of you in secure fashion. >> how is the crowd so far?
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>> you know what, it's a busy day but the line is moving briskly. i would say if you come out now, we say you won't have too much of a wait. >> you've been doing this for quite some time so you got it down pat. they'll get you in and get you out. they'll be coming in later. >> turning to the weather now. >> good day for just sitting in line waiting to have your stuff shredded. >> if there ever is weather good enough for sitting outside, teend tomorrow will be fine example of that. don't forget your spf, though, 30 or better. the sun angle as we get close are to the summer solstice, sun angle getting high in the sky. all this talk of sunshine. there's the picture of downtown washington, the kennedy center for the performs arts there in the distance, the pentagon park
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lot in the foreground. that is the national cathedral under a mostly blue sky. we do have a few fair weather clouds. 70 degrees now in washington, the winds are now out of o the northeast. they'll start to swing around to the east and eventually a southeasterly breeze. the only real impact on the weather, today and tomorrow, temperatures cooler than ever. there you go, 72 now in annapolis. 64 in germantown this morning. get out to front royal. on the whole, anything you want to do outside will be a good day for it. maybe your day to drive down to the beach. 73 degrees by 4:00 in the afternoon. the waves are up, 3 to 5 feet at the coastline today.
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people who like splashing the surf, a little bit of an enhanced rfb for rip current. be center careful for your day at the beach. go to nationals ballpark. the yankees got the nationals last night. but we can get this one in tomorrow as well and win the series. nothing on raid or for us. you got to widen the view way out to see the showers. northern kentucky. a couple of splirinkles down towards tils is a. but this high ridge of high pressure not a lot going on. high pressure is in charge now. there's the satellite picture, nary a cloud be found. that will persist through the rested of weekend. it will be nice today and tomorrow as well. eventually, as this area of high pressure moves away, a little weather front tries to sneak in from the west, that will bring
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our one lonesome chance for rain in here. even that doesn't look like a big rain threat. today sunny and delightful. highs in the upper 70s and low 80s. then tomorrow more of the same for father's day. sunshine, comfortable day for the outside. beach goers. it's warm in the ocean. 65 is the surf temp. on the sand in the low 70s. that's when you get your worst sunburn, when it's nice and cool and the sun is out, that's when you get cooked. mother nature plans on cooking us all of next week. 90 by tuesday and mid-90s for tuesdayish, wednesday, thursday time frame. we don't have a 6:00 news because of the u.s. open.
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@chuck bell 4. 18, 20,000 there. >> i just checked your tweet. you were talking about spain and sangria. one of our regular viewers said you should go to barcelona with him. and i said, we're on. >> did someone say sangria? if you haven't seen this, you have to check this out. an amazing sight. nik wallenda became the first man to ever walk across niagara falls on a tight rope last night. it took the daredevil 29 minutes to walk the cable into canada. they made wallenda wear a safety harness, but he never faltered. his next goal is to walk across the grand canyon. a little thing called the grand canyon. >> my question was was he not going to wear a harness? >> better safe than sorry, but at least it was there in case he
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needed it. the bronx bombers comes to the anyways's capital. >> amber theoharis has all that and more in this morning's sports minute. >> good morning, i'm amber theoharis with your sports minute. it begins with baseball. he strikes out nine over six innings. the yankees break it open in the seventh scoring four runs in the frame. new york wins 7-2. it snaps the nats' six-game winning streak. in atlanta simmons sixth inning two-run homer proves to be the difference as the braves win 4-2 handing baltimore its first loss in a week. second round of the u.s. open, tiger woods overcomes three consecutive bogeys and shoots an even par 70. tiger shares the lead with jim furyk and david toms.
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that's your sports minute. i'm amber theoharis. hope you have a great day. tiger woods isn't the only one turning heads at the u.s. open. a high schooler who is hanging with the big boys is also making headlines. beau hossler. his name ways atop the leader board for most of the day. he was even in sole possession of the lead for a short time. he now sits four shots back of the leaders at plus three. you can watch woods and hossler take on the third round of the u.s. open right here on nbc 4, coverage starts at 4:00 this afternoon and will run to about 10:00 tonight. the redskins might have rg-3 but the eagles have made the biggest off-season splash with five popular free agent signings, but the eagles have teamed up with the angry birds. the popular smartphone game signed a deal with the squad and will release an eagle-centric
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game later this year. the cartoon birds will attack the team's opponents. >> this might actually get my mom into football. >> she loves angry birds. >> a t-shirt, stuffed animal, keychain, you name it. heading to baltimore this weekend could mean traffic jams on 95 north. the mission ahead nfor this space crew as they lifted off just hours ago. i'm liz crenshaw. can't find a place to park in d.c.? how one local guy is trying to
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and that's our quarterly wrap-up. any thoughts? wow. yowza. terrific. incredible. no, i mean, really, this is so good. that's great, guys. thanks. off the charts. phenomenal. thank you, i'm just glad we're all on the same page. slam dunk. incredible. mmm. i agree. kick up the flavor with dunkin's new breakfast burritos, made with fire-roasted veggies, melted cheese, and delicious steak. grab one today. bring on the day. bring on the flavor. hurry in for dunkin's new breakfast burritos.
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and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 today. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 today. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. it is saturday june 16th, 2012.
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a big weekend, a lot going on, especially with father's day tomorrow. so we need to find out if the weather's going to cooperate for grilling. >> hard to tell whether there's more pressure for good weather on mother's day or father's day weekend. >> i think they're equally important. >> they're equally important, you can't deny the importance of both. easier to have good weather for father's day. june is a little bit more of a stable summer month, may can be a little transitional around here. this weekend mother nature taking it easy for us this time around. clear skies out there. the lincoln memorial there in the distance, channel 4 in the foreground. 71 right here at the friendly peacock in the northwest. nary a drop anywhere to be found on radar close to us. those showers out of cincinnati won't be bothering us at all. abundant sunshine sh friendly
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clouds. perfect weather for baseball, car washing, maybe the only day it wouldn't be good for is gutter cleaning. because you got to be on the roof, you're in the sun, plus it's gutter cleaning. how good can that be? no day good for that. no complaints. >> open window sleeping weather for just about three more days. >> it will feel nice. thank you. >> president obama's new immigration policy is the hot topic at the hispanic community action summit in silver spring. the new initiative will allow some undocumented immigrants to get work visas and avoid the threat of deportation. >> carlotta was downgraded to a tropical storm hours after it made landfall on the coast of mexico. two people are reported dead after the storm knocked down a house. >> history for china's space
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program, the first female astronaut blasted into space this morning. liu yang went into space with two other astronauts. family and friends are remembering a beloved business owner. a vigil was held for june lim at her convenience store. she was found murdered at grace's deli in an apparent robbery at the store. lim's son gave away food and drinks to loyal customers who stopped by to pay their respects. >> you got a smile when you came in, made you forget about whatever problems you had. >> her smile changed everything. >> i really had no idea that my mom had touched so many people in this way. >> paul l arks m wrote a letter on a poster board to his mom expressing his love as the community looked on. there was a security camera in the store but police won't say
9:32 am
if it caught anyone. they say whoever did it knew her morning routine. mgm says they aren't planning on turning national harbor into las vegas. the company wants to build a complex that includes slot machines, table games and a luxury hotel. it could mean 200 construction jobs and 4,000 permanent jobs. before any of that can happen, the general assembly would need a special session to approve the plan and voters would have to chime in in a referendum. new this morning, hundreds have taken to the streets in japan protesting the government's decision to bring it nuclear reactors back online. protesters say it's a dangerous risk and the country is doing just fine without nuclear energy. the country's 50 reactors were shut down after last year's devastating earthquake and tsunami. it damaged the fukushima plant enough that radiation leaked out forcing the government to
9:33 am
evacuate the area around the plant. it will take about three weeks to bring the first reactor back online. also new this morning, a historic moment for china's space program, the country's first woman astronaut is now in space. >> we watched that rocket blast off around 6:30 this morning. lui yang and two other are headed to china's first space station call eed tiangong 1. they'll test the station's ability to support life for extended periods. parking is one of the biggest headaches in d.c., but now finding a space is just a bit easier.
9:34 am
a d.c. man is turning the issue into a business opportunity and property owners are reaping some of the benefits. here' liz crenshaw. >> dealing with the traffic but then when you get to the location and you can't find a place to park, that's a whole other can of worms. >> reporter: that's why scott wexler decided to try panda parking. it is an online service with a cute name that hooks up your car with an empty space. >> there's a guaranteed spot there at the other end waiting for me. i know where it is. >> reporter: d.c. homeowners are reaping part of the profits. >> why not rent out our space. >> reporter: michael owns a home with a driveway. his parking space is less than two block from the national zoo where visitors can pay up to $22 to park. goldsteen charges $15 for the day. >> we have rented it. they have looked it up. we get the majority of that,
9:35 am
then parking panda takes a little piece. >> reporter: it launched a year ago in baltimore and recently in washington. >> we thought it was a good idea. we had some people give us great feedback, so we just went for it. >> reporter: nick miller is the ceo of parking panda. a georgetown graduate, this 20-something knows parking is a premium in this town. >> we know the experience of driving downtown, circling the block and paying $40 in a garage. >> reporter: you go to parking and find it on your mobile phone, enter city, zip code, destination, when you want to park and hit search. only available parking spots will pop up. you see how much the space costs and an address. a simple click reserves the space. and the owner gets an e-mail 24 hours in advance. parking panda is more than just
9:36 am
renting personal parking spots, garages are using it to rent out their spaces. >> especially when groups need to come together in one spot with finite numbers of spaces, you need to have a solution for it. >> reporter: so one last question, what do pandas have to do with parking? >> we really saw that we were taking something incredibly painful that people hate to do and making it easier. having a fun, recognizable lighthearted brand is perfect for that. >> liz crenshaw, news 4 today. >> parking panda takes about 20% of what the homeowner charges for a parking spot. the homeowner gets 80%. they have plans to expand to philadelphia and san francisco. >> good chunk of money if you have an open spot. >> you can make some money. i've not attended events because i couldn't find parking. it just isn't easy, easier after looking 20 minutes to go go home. >> you park in a garage and you
9:37 am
come out and it's 20 bucks anyway. might as well pay the price. why more women might pay more attention to professional sports in d.c. this weekend. the olympic hopeful hurt in a nightclub brawl concerning chris brown and drake. [ male announcer ] one taste of the new mccafé cherry berry chiller
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at mcdonald's, and you won't be able to pull yourself away. made with 100% fruit juice with natural flavors, blended with ice. the simple joy of keepin' it cool. new details are emerging in the brawl between hip-hop stars drake and chris brown. nba superstar tony parker was injured in that fight. the san antonio spurs guard suffered a scratched retina during friday night's fight at a new york nightclub. he said he's sitting out olympic basketball practice for a week but he'll be readied to play for france next month. drake and brown were reportedly fighting over pop singer rihanna. so far no one has filed charges. lindsay lohan is recovering this morning after her second
9:41 am
health scare in a week. paramedics were called to where loen was staying after she didn't come out of her room to shoot a scene. she was rested and did suffer dehydration but was not taken to the hospital. she'd been up all night shooting scenes for her movie about the life of elizabeth taylor. in this week's box office, there's a musical tribute to the '80s, a raunchy adam sandler comedy. we take a look at what's hitting theater this weekend in the box office preview. >> i told you 10,000 times girls drink free, dudes pay full price. >> they are dudes. >> the '08s are back and so is the hair in "rock of ages." a cast that includes one who is born during the decade of decadence and one who became its biggest star.
9:42 am
julianne hough follows her dreams to sunset strip while tom cruise plays a flamed-out front man all set to a retro sound track. >> you let me eat cake and lollipops for breakfast every day. >> that's what you asked for. >> you're supposed to say no! >> adam sandler played a down and out drunk who fathered a child as a teenager but son andy samberg left the nest and hasn't seen pops since until he turns up on the night of his wedding. >> that's the folk art. we took the record player and turned it into an instrument. >> "something from nothing: the art of rap." ice-t's journey to those who give insight into the minds and hearts of these poets. it is rated r.
9:43 am
that's the box office preview. >> good stuff. andy samberg and adam sandler. they almost look like they could be related. >> i wonder if coco will work her way into ice-t's documentary. >> no complaints at all for today. a little bit of a school start still left out there this morning. that won't last long. and there are discussions taking place in the
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laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] get the mileage card with special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret?
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[ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. a parade of sails in our region. more than 1 million people are expected in baltimore for sailabration. folks will gather to see ships
9:47 am
sail into the harbor at ft. mchenry this week. it commemorates the anniversary of 1812. it includes a blue angels air show. some incredible artwork is on display this weekend at the washington harbor. more than two dozen artists from this area and beyond have created a wall of art to surround the fountain in the center of the harbor out in georgetown. you may recall the washington harbor area flooded last year, several of the bars damaged by the water reopened last night. the businesses are looking forward to the nice weather. the artwork had be on display through sunday. you get to see them back in business after they rebound from that. >> that was a tough hit they took. >> no kidding. that's valuable real estate down there. this must have been some very expensive insurance claims. i remember they were towing all the cars out of the garage. one porsche out, one ferrari out. you knew they were going to open the door and a fish would flop
9:48 am
out. good top-down weather again. i thought last weekend was a little too hot. in the 90s both days last weekend. this weekend we won't be close to 90 either day. take a look outside on your saturday morning. the duck boats cruising the potomac. that's a fun way to see the city, drive off the ramp there. water skiing, sun splashing, anything you want to do. going to be good weather for it, no doubt about that. temperatures are on their way up. we're at 70 degrees in downtown washington. dew points are in the comfy 50s. that's where they'll stay. those dew points will start to climb once again. the breeze is protecting us from anything close. upper 60s and low 70s. if you are going to apap o lis to do sailing on the bay, good
9:49 am
sailing on the bay today. temperature up to 77 degrees by 7:00 p.m. this evening, then back to the 60s for the overnight hours. yankees first pitch 1: 05. first pitch temperature 80 degrees. no rain anywhere close to us. our next little chance for rain way out there in the upper midwest. monday often, monday evening, even then a limited chance for showers. one of two rain drops there in northern kentucky right now. but high pressure is in charge of our weather. there's that on shore easterly breeze that will keep us in the 80s for today. pretty nice all weekend for your father's day. fair skies overnight tonight. there's that little weather front i was talking about coming in from late sunday night as it inches in towards the mountains. it might generate sprinkles from the blue ridge westbound into the west virginia mountains but
9:50 am
can't rule out rain chances here for monday. doesn't look like a big deal. mostly sunny, no complaints. and your father's day looks nice, too. plenty of sunshine, a comfortable day for sure. headed down to the beach, 65 degrees and the surf is up, three to five-foot waves. good water for body surfing. the rip current threat higher. 80 for today. a blue ribbon for father's day tomorrow. slight chance for showers. the warmer air mass starts to move northbound. after that, ugh, summertime again, 95 wednesday, thursday. you know, i don't think -- i don't want to start scaring people with the word hundred yet but i don't think we can get by without one.
9:51 am
@chuckbell4. we have no evening news because of the u.s. open. >> you'll be napping. >> send a tweet, take a nap. you got it down. if you've got old documents and files sitting around your house, today would be the perfect day to get rid of them. >> the nbc washington pnc bank shred is going on at the annandale campus of northern virginia university. we understand that you're aiming to become a green campus. how does this sit in line with your mission? >> we're in the process of hiring a sustainability officer and making our campus more eco friendly and green. partnering with nbc 4 and pnc bank puts more value to our mission to go green. >> jessica, how are the students over there reacting to this?
9:52 am
are they taking part in we know when you're in college, you have financial aid documents, transcripts, all these papers with all this sensitive information. so are they taking part? >> yes, they're doing really great. our counselors are trying to move to an electronic base where everything is online. our students check their records through their my nova accounts. in that sense we're trying to save the environment little by little by not using as much paper. our students have been great about it. >> we know in college dorms things start to fill up fast and they might be bringing boxes to get rid of this morning. what are some of the things you're suggesting people not bring. >> we're asking people not to bring credit cards are cds, media devices such as tapes, dvds and things like that. so if you just stay away from those things, you'll be good to go. >> another thing i know nowadays
9:53 am
it is all text and e-mail but back in college, i had a few notes, i wouldn't mind shredding some of them because they just fill up in a box there. great opportunity. we'll be checking in in a little bit. >> no problem. thank you. derek jeter, a-rod, ladies, the entire new york yankees team, they're in town this weekend. >> but they're a little busy. they're here for a classic series against the nats. plus everyone is watching the u.s. open leaderboard today. >> the yankees have been the beasts of the a.l. east for years now. the nationals, however, are new to the role in the n.l. east. it was old school versus new school. and in game one, the yankees prove they still set the bar in baseball. bryce harper grew up a yankee fan, but he belongs to d.c. now. the fans want his digits. they're going to like this one.
9:54 am
bottom of the first, mark teixeira. harper is all over it. makes a diving catch to end the inning. nice start for the nats. yankees starter phil hughes overshadowed nats starter gio gonzalez. he struck out eight. but in the bottom of the sixth all hughes. his ninth punchout of the game. in the seventh, nats down one. brad lidge trying to work out of a bases loaded jam. derek jeter grounds one to short. the throw from ian desmond bounces past adam laroche. two runs go to score on the error. they snap the nets six-game winning streak. orioles takes on chipper jones. jones takes the pitch to right. but chris davis lays out and robs chipper. davis has never even played in the outfield before tonight.
9:55 am
but matis is cool with him being there. he couldn't save him from this. he hammers one to left. two-run shot. that puts the braves back on top. atlanta wins 4-2. they snap baltimore's five-game winning streak. round two of the u.s. open yesterday. there's no secret this major is a bear. and finishing at par alone is a solid feat, one under could wen you the whole tournament. it's a fact former open champ jim furyk knows very well as he was the story of the day. he jumped seven spots on the lead are board. let's go to the olympic club. who knew that course credentials could keep the kiddies occupied? jim furyk entered the round tied for seventh. he birdies number three there. that moves him to one under. that's where he stands right now. furyk in a three-day tie for the lead with david toms.
9:56 am
tiger woods had thee straight bogeys. here he is looking real good with a long birdie putt. tiger shoots an even par 70. he shares the 36-hole lead with furyk and david toms. how about some hoops? the mystics hosting the indian fever. big night for crystal lang horn. in the third quarter, the long jumper and she nails it. mystics up ten. six seconds to play now. fever down one with the ball. the three from tamika catching off the mark, the putback from katie douglas is no good and the mystics hold on to win 67-66. that's your morning sports. have a great day. >> road trip warnings for those with a l
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
and now, from washington's
10:00 am
leading news station, this is news 4 today. >> hi, everyone. good morning. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm angie goff. it is saturday, june 16th, 2012. we want to start with our news -- >> weather. >> weather. we want to start with weather. i thought we were going to go into our news segment -- >> i was going to shout, do weather, do weather. but i'm biased. >> nice weather to talk about. >> tough to be at work when it's so sunny and nice outside. 10:00 in the morning, here we all sit, you are all at home enjoying your weekend. what a great looking day outside. not much traffic on the old 14th street bridge complex there, and just enough sunshine to cast a shadow. fair weather clouds out, they won't be bothering us. 67 in rockville and bethesda, 70 in reston.
10:01 am
71 at dulles airport. 73 in warrenton and the plains. sun doesn't go down to 8:36 this evening. we have sunsets that are 8:30 or later. nothing showing up on radar, just a couple of showers down in kentucky. they will not be bothering us. saturday planner looks great. friendly clouds today, temperatures low 80s for today and for father's day. have a great weekend. president obama's new immigration policy is still causing shock waves across the country. the president unveiled the policy yesterday in the rose garden. it will allow some undocumented immigrants to avoid deportation. residents who came to america before turning 16 and are younger than 30 with no criminal history can apply for a two-year work permit. president obama's new initiative is certainly on the minds of those who support maryland's
10:02 am
dream act. >> derrick ward is live with reaction to the president's announcement. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, indeed, there's a lot going on here behind the doors of montgomery blair high school here. more than 30 cabinet level officials from the obama administration are gathered with dozens of people from the local, state and county level for this summit here today. now, this, as you said, is the white house's hispanic community summit, it's plenary sessions on issues like health care that affect everyone. the beauty of this summit is that there can be a frank and open discussion among those who carry out and make the policies and those at the local level who are most immediately affected by them. now, the topics include everything from the achievement gap in education to the particular needs of hispanic veterans and military families and, of course, immigration it was only yesterday that the
10:03 am
president outlined his policy on immigration. this session was planned well before that announcement was made. yesterday's announcement makes today's session all the more relevant. >> one of the issues on people's mind is the idea of a dream act. for kid who go to school and grow up in this community that they should not be penalized for the decisions their parents made, because these kids, in many cases, have been growing up in schools since the early grades, graduating and wanting to be able to go on to college like their classmates. that's why the president's action was so important. >> the 21st summit like this that's been going on since the administration started. it happened in 15 states. you might say we're in the white house's backyard here but often you're a world away from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. this is an effort to bring those worlds together, come out with
10:04 am
an action plan and make something happen. >> a bit of controversy during president obama's announcement of the new policy. a reporter tried to ask a question during the president's speech, but a reporter says it was all a big misunderstanding. >> it is the right thing to do. excuse me, sir. it's not time for questions, sir. not while i'm speaking. >> the man asking the question is neil munro, right there in the light colored jacket. he's a reporter for "the daily caller" a conservative website. he asked the president why do you favor foreigners over american workers. he later explained he thought president obama was finishing his speech and wanted to get a question in before obama walked back inside. "the daily caller"'s editor in chief commented, a reporter's job is to ask questions and get answers. our job is to find out what the
10:05 am
federal government is up to. a good report are gets the storer. we're proud of neil munro. mitt romney kicked off his every town in america counts tour yesterday in new hampshire. he's traveling through what's called the back roads of america because they're often overlooked by washington. romney also hammered president obama saying he has failed to give the middle class a fair shot at achieving the american dream. we are following breaking news stories right now. we begin in iraq. at least 25 people are dead in a wave of car bombings. it happened on the last day of a shiite pilgrimage. one bombing early this morning in baghdad killed 14, then another second car bombing an hour ago dilled 11 more. 72 people died wednesday in the worst attack since american troops left iraq. in the pacific carlotta has just been downgraded to a tropical storm hours after it made landfall in mexico. late last night the storm hit
10:06 am
the pacific coast of mexico as a category 1 hurricane. emergency officials are evacuating people in the area but many tourists are adamant they want to stay. meteorologists expect carlotta to weaken more into a tropical depression by tomorrow. a traffic alert for drivers in northern virginia, particularly i-66 going eastbound, the left exit ramp from the hov lane to the outer loop of the beltway are closed. signs are posted, exit number 64-a. v-dot is working on the project which should be finished later this year. with temperatures rising fairfax county police are looking to turn the heat up on aggressive drivers. it's a new initiative called summer heat. help eliminate aggressive traffic. police will be on the lookout for reckless traffic and speeding. police are taking part in the operation border to border. they hope to cut down on accidents up and down u.s. route
10:07 am
15 which runs much of the east coast corridor. >> your cab ride is about to get a little cheaper in the district. a $1 gas surcharge will expire wednesday on midnight. the fee went into effect last year as gas prices started to skyrocket. the taxicab commission has decided to drop the extra fee. the commission says that prices go up again, they are always willing to bring that charge back. >> here's an important reminder but hopefully you haven't forgot. father's day is tomorrow. >> we'll run down a few gift ideas that can save you money. we're talking free. >> what's better than free? plus the opportunity of a lifetime for the men's basketball team at
10:08 am
our cloud is not soft and fluffy. our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet.
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tomorrow is all about dad, and there are some fatherhood freebies you can take advantage of. you can kick off the day with a free breakfast courtesy of ikea.
10:11 am
the restaurant will serve a cup of coffee and a 99 cent breakfast for free or use your social skills for a free dessert at denny's. send your dad a wish through the facebook page and you'll get a free pancake puffy sundae. you might want to splurge a little bit here and there. small gift. it is that time of year again. ladies, grab your pink dress, guys get your ping ties and join me doreen gentzler and eun yang at the benefit for breast cancer. 17 newswomen from across the area host the event. this year all proceeds benefit the george washington university mammovan. it provides vital services to women in our community. >> -- the most cancer in the country. we want to make sure that every woman in the d.c. area in
10:12 am
virginia, maryland and d.c. has the opportunity to have a life saving mammogram regardless of any barrier. >> we really do great work. tickets are still available. you can go to are you laughing? >> all the pink dresses there. that's nice. >> one guy showed up in a pink blazer one time. which i thought was very bold. >> you don't get to wear the pink coat too often in the world, that's true. you won't need your blazers for anything outside today. a very nice t-shirt and shorts day to be outside today. the question is can we keep the
10:13 am
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10:16 am
shred is going on right now at the annandale campus of nova college. >> kate, we are hearing that there was one man who brought something a little unusual today? >> well, he came through the line i guess on his way to the lake. he had his boat with him. so then we also had a gentleman on a bicycle. people are coming out on their way to enjoy the weather. >> are they actually bringing their documents or just bringing their boats and their bikes? >> people are bringing their documents. this is a very popular service for people. >> kate, community shred is an important event, as we know, for fair t fairfax county as well, right? >> these are one of the events we do, they're already on the web for the whole year. something that people are concerned about, keeping all their data and information secure and also recycling the paper. >> and we always try to hit up a different location with each shred, so we're glad we were able to make it up fairfax
10:17 am
county. >> we're hearing from others who were inspired to stop by today. and i can assure you, they were very happy to get that load off their back. >> i'm sure. it's always busy. you have to be in line by 11:00 this morning. so if you have something to shred, you better grab your boxes and get out of there. only five boxes per person. but there's some things you can't bring. >> if you want to participate and you have only a little bit more than half an hour to bring these items. but don't bring batteries, flammables, combustibles, electronic equipment, hanging files, those binders, media materials, people start throwing everything into the box. and there are some thins they're actually going to turn you away with. >> you got to remember, this is going through a shredder, you don't want to break the shedder. it's a free service but if you break the shredder, you may be
10:18 am
held responsible. >> you don't want to put a can of butane lighter fluid in there. >> if you wonder where it all goes, they take tot a warehouse and cut it all up. >> it becomes paper plates and napkins. >> good way to reuse it. what a good looking day today. hopefully you have something fun to do on your weekend. if not, it's not too late to find something to do. what a great place than downtown washington, go to a museum or sit outside on the national mall. it will be a great day for outdoor activities. 73 in washington. that northeasterly and easterly wind will keep us below 90 for today, tomorrow and on into the early parts of next week, but 90 plus degree weather is not far away. all that 10:00 in the morning sunshine. nothing showing up on doppler. no rain chances for today. not much of a chance tomorrow.
10:19 am
it will be back into the mountains of west virginia. you can see on the satellite picture, high thin clouds racing on by. great weather out at the beaches as well. a little bit of an onshore breeze at the coastline. high pressure's in charge, a mild weekend for sure. certainly not hot by anything. last weekend both days were in the 90s. this weekend neither day will make it into the 90s. nice weather pretty much start to finish. then more sunshine for tomorrow. tomorrow late in the day, some clouds will start to increase, and by tomorrow night into monday, a little rain chance primarily out in the mountains of west virginia. but a little 30% just in case chance for rain coming up on your monday. today no complaints. plenty of sunshine and delightful. high today 78 to 84. you're going down to the beaches, the ocean's on a cold side but sitting in the sand a turned-up surf. be extra careful for rip
10:20 am
currents with the bigger waves. there's our extended forecast. we even put a little blue ribbon on father's day because the weather will be so nice. the heat comes back on tuesday and the humidity industrial strength version back wednesday, thursday highs mid-90s. heat index closing in on a hundred. >> that's days away. >> triple digits. >> all right, chuck, thanks. well, coming up, how a call off the bench during a big game off t[ male announcer ]big game u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
10:21 am
is going for aluminum. cullen jones is in it for water-resistant thermoplastic. and amanda mcgrory? she's competing for carbon fiber. they're not just going for gold, they're joining with citi to give back to the programs that helped them along the way with bikes, kickboards. and racing chairs. join the movement at and help citi help our u.s. athletes give back together, every step of the way.
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we're just weeks away from the opening ceremony se of the london summer olympics. some athlete are still qualifying in the individual sports, but there's one team that's ready to go. that's the two-time defending gold medalist usa women's soccer
10:24 am
team. >> it includes a former virginia cavalier and a current member of d. d.c. united's women's team. >> i'm a defender for the u.s. women's national soccer team. >> she's known for her leadership, but her work ethic is a close second. her life revolves around her craft and constantly refining it. this morning's like most other, she's in town and includes a one on one training session with her trainner mclean. >> you have to adapt to the game. you have to keep improving. nice to have good coach in this area that are aware of that and can teach it. >> the 26-year-old national team defender is preparing for her first olympics, but the story hardly starts there. >> it's been a long journey for me. i've had to play on a lot of teams and a lot of levels to get where i'm at. >> the st. louis native played
10:25 am
college ball at the university of virginia. >> i feel like it was really great. i had a great coach, and then really great teammates. the stul of soccer really suited me. very much keep the ball on the floor. that really suits my style. so i really thrive in that environment. >> sauerbrun's ability has been evident for years but her big break came when she was called off the bench at the world cup semifinals versus france. >> usa ahead! and are they heading to the world cup final with that one? >> oh, it's the highlight of my career, i would say. just being there, making the team itself is a big achievement. that's the top of my game is being able to play the semifinal. >> today the u.s. women's soccer program is no longer a secret.
10:26 am
and sauerbrun says she and her teammates are expecting nothing short of gold this summer. >> we're still kind of riding the high of the world cup but also the disappointment that we didn't win the tournament. we're hoping to win a gold medal. we feel like we have a lot of pressure on us, but i think this team really thrives on pressure. we'll looking forward to improving and showing the world. >> zachary kiesch, news 4 sports. >> good luck to them. i'm sure they'll do great. >> so heartbreaking when they lost to japan even though that's a story that really tugged at everyone's heartstrins considering what japan had gone through. they are expected to meet again if everythg plays out. >> time for redemption, payback. >> we do want to let you know top olympics moments. we have those available. you get to see the greatest olympic moment of all times.
10:27 am
>> it is quickly becoming a veterans day tradition in college basketball. this year a local team will we taking part in this one. >> georgetown will play in this year's career classic which will be played at naval station, jacksonville. north carolina/michigan state aboard the uss carl vinson. they face off against the florida gators. the first times the two teams have played since the sweet 16. florida won that. >> how neat. >> they can get redemption, too. >> we'll be back here tomorrow morning starting at 6:00. [ male announcer ] one taste of the new mccafé cherry berry chiller
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