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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  June 17, 2012 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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like it. medium, iced, with a turbo shot. french vanilla, hazelnut, caramel -- i love 'em all. they make it perfect every time. america runs on dunkin' coffee. busted. >> a constant complaints that led to this take down on a maryland road. hello, good morning. welcome to news4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> it's sunday, june 17th, father's day. we are so happy you could join us early this morning. in fact, we're so happy that we have decided to work up a really nice forecast. >> yeah, absolutely right. had you not gotten up early it would have been raining, but now that you're up we have ordered some sunshine for you. sunny side up on your saturday
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morning -- you know, sometimes saturday lasts longer than you thought. >> for you it does. >> welcome to sunday morning. a beautiful way to get the temperatures started. nice and cool this morning. that's a live picture of a golden sky. sun's already up. temperatures 63 at national airport, but we're one of the warm spots. get out into the western suburbs, out towards warrenton, 54. wind chester and martins burg, 66 in annapolis and zip showing up on the radar. a little rain showers out to the west, those may be an issue for tomorrow. for your father's day, nothing but sunshine. nice start. perfect for dad. perfect for barbecuing and perfect for anything you want to do. it's so much it will be perfect to do absolutely nothing. in the shade. doing nothing today. perfect day for it. >> all right.
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thanks, chuck. >> i think that. prince georges county police are cracking down on speeders. they call it operation road runner. it started on indian head highway, a police where illegal street races have ended in deadly crashes. darcy spencer has the news4 exclusive. >> reporter: dozens of motorcycle riders with a need for speed had to slam on the brakes and pull over. police were out in full force on indian head highway today. cracking down on so-called rocket bikes. >> we're getting a lot of complaints from the homeowners associations and the civics associations and with the racing of the vehicles down here. >> that was the reason behind operation road runner. prince georges, state police and the charles county sheriff's office targeted riders who can't just drive 55. >> they'll come in between the cars on the line. so they're doing like probably 100 down the road.
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>> reporter: many motorists support the enforcement. they say it's not just speed that's a problem. it's hotdogging. >> i watched a guy on indian highway from one stop light to the next. >> reporter: most of the motorcyclists seemed to be going at a safe speed. police say that's a good thing. speeders are attracted to indian head highway because of its straight stretches. in 2008, several people died as a result of a street race in this same area. how fast would you say some of the bikes are going? >> oh, probably and 90 to 100 probably. >> reporter: so it makes you feel like you're sitting still, right? >> yeah. yeah. >> reporter: during operation road runner police handed out 82 citations and 19 warnings. and there was one dui arrest. what's the ultimate goal behind doing an enforcement like this? >> to slow the motorcyclists down. >> reporter: cory bray was not
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pulled over, and he says he generally supports the enforcement. but says guys on harleys, hondas and kawasakis aren't the only ones to blame. >> you have the recklessness with the motorcycle and then you have the, you know, a lot of people in their cars on their cell phones, texting, driving. and i think it's a little build of both. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. this morning, police need your help finding a man who crashed into a person walking on the street and it happened in fairfax friday night just before 11:00. the driver was in a light colored suv. they say the suv should have front end damage including broken head lights. rescuers took the victim to the hospital in critical condition. four families are looking for a place to live after a fire damaged their apartment complex. d.c. firefighters rescued five people from the burning building. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. the flames broke out yesterday morning on orange street in southeast. the apartment owner described
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the hectic scene. >> some of the residents had to climb out of the window. one person jumped out of the window. others were assisted through fire personnel who did a great job in assisting the residents to come down a ladder. >> the owner believes embers from a barbecue may have sparked that fire. right now, greeks are going to the polls. the election today could determine their spot in the eurozone which would have an enormous impact on the global economy. greeks must choose between a radical left party and a more conservative one. they said they'll reject the deep spending cuts. this could force greece to leave the eurozone, throwing the entire region into financial chaos. polls close in a few hours with the results coming later tonight. the polls are back open in egypt where the country is voting for a democratically
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elected president. egypt is holding a two-day runoff election after former president hosni mubarak left office in february of 2011. voters are choosing between a candidate from the muslim brotherhood and a member of mubarak's old regime. so far, there's been moderate voter turnout, but it has been largely peaceful. preliminary results are expected tomorrow night. today the national city christian church will hold a benefit concert to raise money to repair earthquake damage at the church. the concert is happening this afternoon at 3:00 at the church on thomas circle. that's at the intersection of massachusetts avenue and 14th street north west. the orchestra will play selections from mozark and beethoven there was's a $20 suggested donation. the earthquake caused $150,000 in damages to the church and its organ. the time is 6:06. the morning commute is about to change. big time. >> that's right. we'll run down what will be
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different starting tomorrow. so you're not left confused. plus, the must watch round of the u.s. open. we'll check out the latest in that competition. will rain hold off for outdoor plans with dad?
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the celebration continues in baltimore. the legendary blue angel planes will show off their skills today as the city commemorates the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. more than 40 different historic ships are docked at ft. mchenry for this week-long event. the celebration wraps up on tuesday and the weather should be good for that, right, chuck? >> absolutely right. a beautiful day outside yesterday, today looks every bit as nice indeed.
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that's welcome news. but if you think it's going to stay this nice all week long, you have another thing coming. what a beautiful sunrise out there. on my way in to work this morning the crescent moon was just coming up in the eastern side. going to be harder and harder to find now that the sun is competing with it. you can see a hint of a thumbnail moon there. there's the sun. a few degrees up off the horizon. blazing out with a lot of bright light. first thing this morning. 63 degrees at national airport so it's a nice, crisp start first thing this morning. dew point temperatures which is what really measures the atmosphere, remains in the 50s. comfortable weather. not all that humid during the afternoon. morning humidity, 70%, but by mid afternoon, humidity values will be way down below 50%. current temperatures now 54 at gaithersburg. 56 in rockville. 52 in springfield, dale city.
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52 in monasses. ocean city, fair weather clocks. by 2:00, a hint of an on-shore breeze. temperatures will struggle to get over the 70 degree mark. then back down into the low 6 0s by 10:00. you know the yankees they stole it from us last night in 14 innings. the third game in the series, hopefully this one will be -- nats already won the first two. here's a storm 4 radar, no drops anywhere too terribly close to us. the closest drops are in southern ohio, northern kentucky. those are falling apart. these down here med to memphis. if you have flights that change and connect in memphis, you might have a flight delay there. for us, high, thin clouds drifting through. they won't be bothering anyone at all. our graduate east to northeasterly breeze will break
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down. nice, pleasant day. weather front inching our way. most of the showers will dry up before they have a chance to get over the mountains, but nonetheless, you folks late tonight, a little chance for a shower there. but the real story is going to be the return of intense summer heat by midweek. so today, sunshine for dad. highs upper 70s, low 8 0s. tomorrow, a chance of a shower mainly west of washington. if you're headed on down to the beach, 62 is the surf temperature now. those bigger waves make it awfully cold in the water. 81 with a blue ribbon for dad today. 80 tomorrow. turning hot on tuesday. and find the ac and a bag of ice. >> thanks, chuck. moving over to sports a
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heartbreaker for the nationals. in chuck's word they stole it us from those yankees and a mere no-hitter. >> here's our sports minute. >> good morning. we begin with baseball. game number 2 between the yankees and nationals. ian desmond has his tenth homer of the year. in the 14th inning it's mark teixeira doing the damage with a two-run double off of brad lidge. yankees win 5-3. they go for the sweep this afternoon. orioles in atlanta, seventh inning, jason hayward breaks up jason hammels' bid for a no hitter. that would not derail the orioles from a "w." hamels throws a complete game one-hit shutout. at the u.s. open, 2010 champ graeme mcdowell ties jim furyk
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for the 54-hole lead while tiger woods a co-leader shoots a five over 75 and falls to 14th place. he's five shots back of mcdowell and furyk entering this afternoon's final round. which you can see right here on nbc4 at 4:00. and one final note, d.c. united wins their fourth straight. a 1-0 victory over philadelphia. have a great day. >> thanks, amber. next up, a look at stories affecting our community. >> we'll be back in 15 minutes with the top stories. good morning. welcome to reporters notebook. let's start off in the district, a very busy week, a vote, we have in a new council chairman after kwame brown resigns and is convicted. a current member, 14 years he has been on the council. he received sweeping support from his colleagues.
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>> mild mannered phil mendelssohn. he doesn't get into the f-bomb things that the others do. he's quiet, hard working and one may not agree with his philosophies or his record, but we need a solid steady guy who can eat away or fight away at this horrible, horrible atmosphere that we've got. but the council doesn't look good with the two convictions. and the concerns about the mayor. because they have to look better and do things and they have to get rid of this bad image. >> well, he brings a lot of civility to the council. he has a pretty good track record. he was the chair of the judiciary committee who was one of the big committees besides the economic development committee or the financial development committee. he was the head of the judiciary committee and he had a lot of interplay with the community, with the police department. and with public safety. so that's his current position
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now that he's the chair. i talked to some people around the council who said that they favored him because as dave says he's mild mannered and right now that's what they need more than anything else. >> well, not only does he obviously have the characteristics you have just described, but he has a very interesting background in that he has worked his way up the ladder. >> exactly. >> days of dave clark. >> absolutely. he knows the system. here's where i disagree with both of you. i don't think it's going to make a bit of difference. he's -- first of all, he's only going to be there a very short period of time. secondly, nothing has really changed on the council. it's like herding cats. it's going to be very, very difficult. i think at best he's just going to give a new face to the
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council, a more public face as chair. and that might help to calm things down with the constituents. but if you start talking about herding this group of council members together, paced on what happened just to select phil, it was contentious. i mean, name calling. insults back and forth. i don't think he's got enough time to really make a difference. >> that's -- pardon me, jerry. there's name calling and all of the fiscal and the verbal bouts we talked about. you pointed out well the problems we have. you've got the scandal culture. you've got the concerns about the mayor. you've got so many things floating around. despite the fact that the city is running most people think fairly well. if these elements continue, then the council will continue as it is. >> joe, you mentioned a short amount of time. but he's going to be on the
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november ballot. he's won in all eight wards before. do you think he has a shot at winning it outright? >> oh, absolutely. he has -- not only does he have a shot at outright, but if i were advising any of these council members now, here's what i would tell him. i'll make it very simple. be cool because i'll tell you what -- >> be honest. i'll tell you that. >> but they better straighten up because they're opening the door to being replaced. there will be an attitude in this city, just get them all out and let's start over. >> you say opening the door. i say the door has already been opened. >> i think you're right. >> the door is already opened. i agree with you. it's not so much that in his tenure as the temporary chair that he's going to make changes. i agree with you wholeheartedly. but right now, you know for press reasons, headline reasons things need to quiet down a little bit. we still don't know what's going to happen to the mayor. and remember, if the mayor has to resign, phil mendelssohn
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steps in that seat as mayor. >> and on capitol hill, voices are being raised on the hill is this city really ready for primetime again? everybody is putting down rumors that started falsely, because there's no financial problem. but the fact that remains that darrell issa has already said, he's trying to get a budget deal for the city and our delegate speaks highly of him. the fact remains he's already said through a spokesman that some of the initiatives we're working of on the city with, it gives pause. so they're thinking about it on the hill. like you say, not only do they open themselves up to being replaced but being replaced big time by a move from the hill. >> the demographics have changed. see, that's the other thing that people don't want to talk about,
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although it came up. >> we said it last time we were on the show. >> the racial demographics have changed. the age demographics have changed. so that's why i make the point. it's not the old washington -- washington, d.c. i mean, say something does happen and the mayor has to step down, god forbid that happens to us. then phil would become the first white mayor in the history -- >> since home rule. >> since home rule, of washington, d.c. other than conversation, i don't know what difference that would make because quite candidly, he has a lot of support. i think across the -- >> before we move on to maryland and virginia, i want to get to one more thing on d.c. and the agency rating that's come out from the mayor's office. this i think is involving five agencies where they get a grade -- a letter grade of how they're doing. he wants feedback. >> well, it's interesting.
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you know, it's kind of interesting that it's come out now. it kind of alterns the headlines about vince gray's situation in the investigation. but it's a good thing. that the residents and voters of all can give a ranking of the five agencies such as public works, the department of human services, those large employment services and large agencies that play a major role. but as we were saying before we went on the air, the letter rating is one thing. but i would like to know and comment how people really feel about their government. >> well, a letter is pretty strong. i mean, if you get an "f" or "d" it has to be explained. it's a move for the mayor to get the topic to refocus on the achievements of the city which many people say there's great many. but the fact remains you can't just give grades. you have to have more than that. >> all right. we have to take a break. when we come back we'll talk
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about the senate race in virginia. and also, gambling in maryland, so stay with us on reporter's notebook.
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welcome back to reporter's notebook. moving on to virginia, some experts have said that you can support another casino in prince georges county. we saw what happened last week at the grand opening at arundel county. can we see another one? >> well, the study is saying which falls sort of in o'malley's hands -- governor o'malley's hands. the study is saying it will bring more revenue into the state. that's the purpose for the casinos. well, they're now saying that the sixth casino would help the revenues.
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it would bring $60 million on table games alone. and of course you have to admit that baker is pushing for this because it will help his county. so there's a great support for another casino. maryland can have six. they have two operating now and this would be the third one. but when you look at where delaware is and what they're doing with their casinos. when you look at west virginia and atlantic city, then maryland has a very good argument as to why they need five casinos. >> the argument of course is that you have the whole washington, d.c. base. you have the northern virginia base. >> right. >> so they don't have to travel beyond prince georges county to get to a casino. all of this is based again on
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demographics. >> although, it's -- >> quick note. when you talk of northern virginia there's a taxi service, alexandria to northern harbor. >> that boat is going to get bigger. the one in berlin, maryland, the guy said we're not doing that well, because there's a lot of seasonable help. so you have to worry about this, plus the economy if it really tanks will people have it. and then the opposition, the element that it draws, is it really squeaky clean, is it taking money away from poor people, a sin tax, people who shouldn't be doing it and things like that. and then the ministers and other religious people are still against it. they seem to be on the losing end of the moment. but we can't count them out. >> that's always the argument with that. and i in large part would agree that that's a legitimate argument. as you were talking i was thinking about when i was in detroit not too long ago. now, there's hardly a city in america that is as economically
6:27 am
depressed as detroit. the casinos are humming. >> right. >> i mean, i don't understand it. but -- >> there was a time when they all went across the bridge to canada. >> that's why they decided -- >> real quick, i want to move on. >> if you ride the train, who gets on the train? average, poor people get on the train to atlantic city. >> voters will decide whether to approve a law that would allow in-state tuition for some illegal immigrants. a lot of debate over this issue in the legislature. now, it's going to be in voters' hands. >> well, a debate there and nationally. so far it's not been able to get out of the senate. republicans have opposed it. and immigration people think this is a foot under the camel's nose -- or under the tent. it's a way to get illegals and to reward the illegals. people say they shouldn't be punished for what their parents did. they make great contributions, they join the service, or become
6:28 am
sterling in the areas of the science or whatever. give them a shot. this may be the state where perhaps my reporting indicates to me it will pass. >> i agree. >> on to virginia. former senator george allen won pretty easily in his primary to get his seat back, but he has the other former governor he's returning against, tim keane. are they running with the top of the ticket or away from them during this general election in november? >> it doesn't matter. the top of the ticket my reporting indicates to me and maybe you guys too, it's the top of the ticket that will make it. if obama prevails in virginia the thinking is keane will get through. if romney prevails it will be a good show for george allen. no matter what they're saying. we have to see how it plays out. >> but i still say that virginia is a split state. northern virginia and the southern part of the state. it depends on how that unfolds
6:29 am
too. >> well, that will tell whether it's romney or obama. >> it's the top of the ticket, not the other way around. it is the top of the ticket. >> so will tim keane be glad that the president is campaigning with him and for that matter will george allen like to be holding up the hands with mitt romney? >> that will depend on how the polls go. they'll be reading the tea leaves from now until november. as to whether or not he should come in. there will be a deal come in if keane can help obama -- or they can help mutually each other you'll see him. he has been in the state. he hasn't been with obama yet. >> very true. >> depends on which part of the state each candidate goes. i mean, romney is not popular in some areas, won't help allen. he will in others. same thing with obama. he'd be great in northern virginia. >> romney was in northern
6:30 am
virginia with a rising star, marco rubio. >> one way or the other, you know, the tea party and the conservatives i look at when it comes to -- what's his name, rubio. when it comes to marco rubio. it might help him with conservative voters, make him look a little more conservative. that's george allen. but i don't see where it's going to turn the latino vote around. >> it won't help him with the minority voters and particularly latino voters. i have -- george allen has a real problem when it comes to race. and has had a problem ever since he was in college. i mean, there are blogs and i don't mean blogs that are just people making things up that go way, way back with him. >> all of that is going to come out. >> it will all coming out. >> especially the name -- >> there's such an anti-latino attitude, particularly in prince -- >> that will all -- that all
6:31 am
came out in the last moment and have it behind him? >> will he have a macaca moment? >> and prince william county, that is -- i mean, remember, that's where the immigration argument almost started besides arizona. it was prince william county. >> people's memories aren't that short. >> we have to end it there. >> happy father's day. coming up on view point this morning we have the new chairman of the d.c. council for the full half hour. stay with us for that. now back to news4 today. enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody. metro riders get ready for one of the most drastic service changes ever. the new rush hour plan that
6:32 am
could affect your morning commute. good morning, everyone. welcome to news4 today. >> it's sunday, june 17, 2012. it was a pleasant night last people. people could open up the windows, maybe lower the air. >> a lot of 50s on the map out across the western suburb this morning. we have one more of these left before, oh, you know it's coming. >> the heat wave. >> you know what's coming, don't you? >> the suffocation. >> the suffocation of heat, haze and humidity will be back by midweek. go outside. >> take a deep breath. >> out there, clear skies. 63 in washington. 52 in manassas. even out to little washington in the mid 50s. over to annapolis 66. and nothing showing up on the storm 4 radar too terribly close to us. a few dying showers across
6:33 am
southern ohio. they won't be bothering us today. there's your father's day planner, off to a nice start. up to near 70 by 10:00 this morning. near 80 again for most of the afternoon, a perfect way to do as much or as little as you like. and good barbecuing weather for your sunday evening. nothing better than standing out by the barbecue and grilling burgers and dogs on a sunday night. we'll talk about the heat and humidity in a moment. starting tomorrow, metro is changing the way it does rush hour. it's called rush plus and metro hopes it will make the ride to work and back a whole lot faster and smoother. metro is putting the rush in the rush hour. the agency is adding stops at 21 stations and new trains to ease the congestion when most people are trying to get to work or back home. >> a little packed. >> the program runs monday through friday from 6:30 to 9:00
6:34 am
and from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. the dash lines on the metro map show the changes coming monday. the orange line is getting six additional trains at peak times between vienna and largo to replace the orange crush with the orange rush. but these trains will run along the blue line and won't reach new carrollton. >> between courthouse and rosalyn it's the most crowded place. that's where trains are the most packed. >> the trains are overcrowded. >> the green, yellow and blue lines will also see changes to boost comfort. >> extra trains would be a very positive thing. >> green and blue line trains will become yellow line trains. that means you can go from green belt all the way to fran cone owe springfield without a transfer. >> you can save up to 12 minutes because you don't have to change trains anymore. >> metro hopes it will improve service for the nearly 110,000 customers on the green, yellow, blue and orange lines. for more information on rush
6:35 am
plus, just search rush plus. >> meanwhile, track work continues on the blue line. riders can grab shuttle buses at the eisenhower avenue station, but the blue line will run along the yellow line to the huntington station. there will be single tracking on the orange and red lines. everything should reopen by tomorrow morning. a new plan is in place to bring a streetcar line to northern virginia. this weekend both alexandria and arlington agreed to split plans to build an electric rail line on route 1 into two different phases. arlington hopes to use local and state funding to pay for phase one. alexandria is applying for federal aid and doing an environmental study. this morning nearly 400 searchers are still trying to find four members of a japanese climbing team who were knocked off a hill by an avalanche on
6:36 am
mt. mckinley in alaska. the missing men are now presumed dead. national park officials say heavy snow and windy conditions are hampering the search efforts. the avalanche struck thursday morning. a fifth climber survived. a tragedy in toronto, as a stage collapsed before a concert killing one person and injuring three others. the band radiohead was set to perform yesterday when the stage gave way. officials say crews were setting up the stage for an outdoor music festival when it collapsed. witnesses described the scene as pure chaos. >> like a loud crash. bam. >> a corner of the scaffolding falling in. heard the banging of the metal on metal. >> the ticket company live nation promised full refunds for those who are going to the concert. around 40,000 people were expected as part of canada's north by northeast festival. and crews are battling a
6:37 am
wildfire in colorado. wind gusts are expected to reach 50 miles per hour in hyde park which could spread the fire. the fire has killed one woman and burned more than 55,000 acre, destroying 181 homes anded by -- and buildings in the path. lightning started the blaze more than a week ago. a tale of two weather patterns in arizona. in tucson, monsoon season is in full effect with the southeast part of the state getting soaked with rain and hail. but it was quite a different story in phoenix as temperatures what it the triple digits. people there had to deal with dust storms. things are not going to cool down any time soon. temperatures are expected to hit 110 degrees next week. it's going to be hot here, but not that hot. >> thank god. the time is 6:37. immigration, the economy, we'll talk about the impact of both in the upcoming presidential election. "meet the press" moderator,
6:38 am
david gregory is headed here to talk about it. and ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution,
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president obama and mitt romney both agree the economy is the number one issue going into november's elections, but immigration recently dominated the conversation. >> joining us now is david gregory, moderator of "meet the press." thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> and along the lines of obama's announcement, they are saying that this is politically motivat motivated. we have alberto gonzales saying this is all political, this is a temporary fix. how much of is it political? >> i think it is pretty political. it's happening in the heat of the campaign.
6:42 am
think about last week where you had in ohio on thursday duelling speeches about the economy. that's the heart of the campaign. the economic debate. then on friday, targeting the most important voting group in this election year. that's the latino voter. we have really seen what the election is about over the course of those two days. this is an attempt by the president to not only break a stalemate on this issue of the dream act, and that was what he was talking about in the rose garden the other day, but it's also an attempt to jam up mitt romney who is struggling among latino voter, who has not come out to support something along these lines. had to run far to the right in the primaries on immigration. its about mobilizing hispanic support. >> but this isn't really what a lot of immigrant advocates want because they want a path to citizenship. it doesn't go that far. >> no, but it means a lot to the millions of illegal immigrants who could get waivers to keep
6:43 am
working. comprehensive immigration reform is not something they can agree to on capitol hill. among other things they can't agree to. so the president is trying to move this part of it along. even republicans marco rubio has one has proposed a modified dream act. there seems to be a consensus around the idea of what do we do about children of illegal immigrants and try to find a way for them to get a path to citizenship. others like john mccain who will be on the program with me this morning have said he had supported comprehensive reform. but other things had to be done first and he recognized it was too difficult to get the comprehensive picture done. >> there was a moment on friday during this announcement where it seems a reporter jumped the gun. we want to get your take on it. >> it is -- it is the right thing to do. excuse me, sir, it's not the time for questions. not while i'm speaking. >> the president seemed very
6:44 am
irritated by that. you have been at many of these events before. were you surprised at this reaction? >> yeah, i think it's rude. you don't interrupt the president of the united states when he's making a statement. you can be frustrated it's hard in those sessions to get a question asked. i think it's important you can keep lobbing to make sure the president takes questions at an event like that. but a lot of times the president will not. don't shout out to him in the middle of the remarks. >> this past week, just shifting dears over to the economy it's interesting because you talked about the announcement on the immigration, how this puts mitt romney in a corner. almost like he's trying to get back to the any now. he's launching the six states in five days. is this more of a gimmick or a strategy to try to shift the focus? >> well, bus tours are a way to drum up local support in terms of local media attention as you can and to move through the
6:45 am
battle ground states. i think that romney has been successful here recently at getting out of the primary, focussing on an election year, a general election. he has been disciplined about it. he runs the campaigns he wants to run in which day in, day out is to focus on the job and the president's record. that is the game plan and it's one that he's not deviated from. >> already mentioned john mccain. who else is coming on? >> david plouffe, inside the white house, so plouffe and mccain on the state of where things are this morning. >> you have a great press pass on top. >> i do. jim abbott is wonderful. former pitcher, missing his right hand, threw a no-hitter. what a wonderful career. he wrote a book called "imperfect." there are some great lessons. some great father's day lessons too, as he talks about his own dad and his influence on him. >> thanks, david. happy father's day to you. >> thank you. speaking of father's day, we want that forecast. a lot of people want to grill
6:46 am
out or go out with the family. let's check in with chuck. >> yes, indeed. a lot of outdoor plans for today. mother nature taking it easy on us. i support his recommendation to read that book from jim abbott. what an amazing read that is. amazing individual. amazing inthis country was built by working people.
6:47 am
the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference.
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6:49 am
welcome back. today you can watch the blue angels air show in baltimore. >> it's part of the bicentennial of the war of 1812. >> reporter: underneath the bright sunny skies, thousands gathered from near and far to watch a high-flying show like no other. how cool is that? >> like really cool.
6:50 am
>> reporter: the festival at the airport in middle river is where visitors can get up close and personal with a variety of military aircraft that are participating in the star spangled air show. it's all part of the commemoration of the war of 1812. so far this free weekend event has attracted 5,000 spectators. more than county officials anticipated. >> we're really excited, we were not expecting this many people coming to martin state airport. but the crowd obviously loves it. >> reporter: before heading off to the show, visitors got the unique opportunity to board military aircraft and even chat with the actual pilots, which the pilots really got a kick out of. >> then the kids they ask all the questions and it doesn't have any guns things like that. but it's really awesome to come out and do things like this. >> reporter: then it was the moment that everyone has been looking forward to. as many of the aircraft started to take off for the big show, a
6:51 am
number of the planes took some time to show off their spectacular maneuvers and even eye popping rescue operations. >> it's fun to actually see this like really close to our house. >> reporter: the absolute cherry on top, the headliners, the blue angels in action. >> i love the blue angels because they do cool tricks in the air. >> and that there was nadia romos. >> a lot of people with sore necks today. >> they have nice skies to look up into. feels good. you better take it while it lasts. >> yeah, no kidding. we have had a really nice stretch around here. so far first half of the month of june is cooler than average, about half a degree cooler than average for the first half of june. compare that to last june, the first half of june last year was about eight degrees per day warmer. than this june has been.
6:52 am
i for one appreciate the cooler change. outside, it is a beautiful father's day for you in the nation's capital. 63 degrees this morning. as everybody gets up, even the first dad, down at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, a light breeze. that easterly wind, that's been keeping us out of the 90s but that's going to start to fade away today and we'll be back in the 90s before you know it. 56 in beautiful college park, maryland. 55 in rockville. chevy chase, 54 in gaithersburg. and leesburg, upperville, middle burg, in the mid 50s this morning. a great way to get your day started. it will be a very nice day today. plenty of sunshine. but the heat is returning. i want to give you a little comparison. we have been below 60 degrees four times here in the month of june at national airport. last summer, june, july and august at national airport, d.c. dropped below 60 degrees only once. one time.
6:53 am
59 degrees on june 15th. so this june we have been below 60 four times already. but oh, by the middle of the week, sub 60 degree weather won't be found here. the nationals and the yankees, good weather for baseball today. no chance for rain around here today. there are some showers across parts of central ohio. they're moving steadily eastbound, but they don't have an awful lot of push behind them. these showers and storms headed down to memphis will make for a rainy day. for us, mostly high, thin clouds this morning. generally speaking, these showers way out to the west are not going to move in any too quickly at all. here you see another beauty today. that weather front that's pushing them eastbound is fading away as it gets further and further east. best chances for rain tomorrow will be west of the blue ridge. up into the mountains of west
6:54 am
virginia. could see a stray shower, but i don't think we need to worry too much about rain in town for the next couple of days. today, sunshine for dad. back to work tomorrow, more cloud cover. a little more humid as well. a slight chance for a few showers. headed down to the beach, nice beach weather for today. chance of a shower down at the coastline for tomorrow. same as what we have going on around here. it's a little threat so we wanted to let you know about it. 81, blue ribbon today. then turning hot on today and turning miserable, where's that plane ticket to somewhere else. and just like yesterday, no 6:00 news tonight so i'll be tweeting the forecast at chuckbell4. >> i'm off on thursday, i'll stay in the ac. >> happening today on this father's day, thousands of racers will lace up the sneakers for prostate awareness. the dash for dads is a four-mile
6:55 am
run that begins this morning. more than 2,000 runners are expected to participate. proceeds will benefit zero which is a project for prostate cancer research and offers free testing. hopefully by now you have bought your father's day gift. >> oh, yes. actually, already given it to him. >> excellent. >> but you know what? we have a list of what dad really wants. >> yeah. here's a new poll that's out. most dads want to spend some quality time with their family. no surprise there. almost 40% said they want to go on an outing, and have a cookout. >> 13% said they wanted gift cards. and in case you're wondering what dads don't want, a whopping 36% said they don't want a tie. >> i know that doesn't hold true for co-anchors. i always get you a tie. >> as long as you give us something we're happy. >> all right. thousands of people are now more protected against identity theft, thanks to the community shred. the nbc shred event brought
6:56 am
2,000 cars out yesterday. each driver could bring up to five boxes of personal documents to shred. keeping them safe from identity theft. thanks to everyone who participated. this is a big morning for us. congratulations to this team for bringing home emmys in a number of categories. >> that's right. the awards were handed out last night by the tv academy's national capital chesapeake bay. news4 took home the best weekend and weekday newscast. our sports department took home two. dan hellie an award for redskins show time. >> and barbara harrison won an emmy for best program host. jim vance was honored as the
6:57 am
best news anchor. news4 won best team coverage for last year's earthquake. so congratulations and thanks to all of you for helping to make us so successful. >> yeah. all that hard work pays off. and you were referring to this as the academy awards. >> that's correct. i don't know where my trophy is but i'm looking for it in the mail. >> i'm sure someone is polishing it right now. >> i'm sure that's what they're doing. >> spotless for you. >> and father's day forecast in a word? >> gorgeous. >> gorgeous. all right. we'll giving it to you for free. still more news4 today right after the break. >> we have got viewpoint. stick around.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, everyone. welcome to news4 today. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. sunday, june 17, 2012. it's father's day. a lot of outdoor activities planned so we need to find out in the weather will hold up. >> yeah. on the hold this has been one of the nicer weekends. last weekend, we had back-to-back 90-degree days. like oh, no, summer is not here already, but yes, it was. this weekend we're getting a break for dad. no complaints at all. it's open window weather once again across the area. bright sunshine early this morning. a few high, thin, cirrus clouds
7:01 am
this morning. really tumbled last night, 63 now in town. but most of the western suburbs are well down into the r50s thi morning. no chance for rain today. showers in ohio, but they aren't racing to us today. 50s to near 70s by 10:00 a.m. doesn't matter what you want to do with dad today, as long as you treat him nice. tell him you love him and let him do whatever he wants to do. for one day. >> great advice. thank you, chuck. here's a look at the top stories. motorcycle riders need to slow down, prince georges county police teaming up with charles county sheriff's deputies and state police to crack down on speeders. they are calling it operation road runner. so far, police issued 82 tickets and 19 warnings. they arrested one person for dui. voters in greece are voting
7:02 am
on a new parliament. this is to determine whether the country will remain in the eurozone. one wants to reverse the deep financial cuts which may force dprees out of the eurozone. it's sure to be a central topic at g-20 meeting in mexico. the leaders are gathered there for the weekend and they plan to discuss the uncertain economic times and steps they can take to stabilize the markets and those are some of the stories making headlines this morning. up next is nbc4's viewpoint. >> we'll be back with another update. good morning. welcome to view point. joining us is phil mendelssohn. you won a sweeping vote this week. congratulations. >> thank you. >> tell us what wednesday was like in that chamber. high drama at times. >> i had hoped it would be a short meeting. i think that the public watching it was dismayed.
7:03 am
there's a good side to it which is rather than all of this happening behind closed doors the public did get to see the council go through the debate and agony. i think it would have been nice if it was less personal. on the other hand, the council came together on the 12-1 vote. >> this all comes amid two resignations after felony convictions of two members on the council. talk a little bit about how this is affecting getting work done for the rest of the council. >> well, it's affecting it in subtle ways. there's a distraction. obviously, when the chairman resigns we're spending all our energy and time and focus on recovering from that. but then it's also a distraction or difficult because that's such heightened scrutiny and criticism of the council. that makes some members more tentative. i mean, it's not good for the business of the council or for the city and we will get through it. but it definitely has an effect.
7:04 am
>> not good for the image of the city either. and speak to that if you would. how has this affected and impacted the image? not just here but nationally here. >> there's a real irony about it. because my sense is that citizens generally feel good about the city. it's vibrant. there's a great night life, people feel safer. i certainly don't hear the complaints i used to hear about how the streets are no good. >> on the big issues, schools are improving. >> people feel good about the city but then you have the stain down at city hall. folks aren't happy about that. and it makes it hard for government to function. and i mean, i do believe that how people feel about their government does affect how they feel about the city. so even though on the one hand they feel good about the city, we're just missing an opportunity because of this stain. >> we have an issue of trust now. i don't have to tell you.
7:05 am
and that's one of your priorities. how do you rebuild, regain that trust of constituents? >> well, you know, i wish i could sit here and say i have a three-point plan and this is going to rebuild the trust. the reality is that trust is a fragile thing. governments require trust from their citizens. we have lost that trust. it's going to take time to rebuild it. like any relationship, it will take time to rebuild that trust. i think we can do it. we were elected to legislate and do oversight. what i had said after i accepted and after the vote on wednesday was that there are simple things we have to do, integrity and honesty and hard work. and with time, we will rebuild trust. i do have to say the cloud over city hall is not over because they're continuing to be
7:06 am
investigations. we don't know where they're going to go. i would hope -- i hope that the investigations will end soon and that we will then be able to move on. >> i want to talk later about the other investigations and what that may mean for the city and you too. you talk about timing though and november, you're going to be on the ballot. >> yes. >> to be elected to this position. what can you get done between now and then in terms of rebuilding this trust, if you will, and the image? that's not a whole lot of time. >> well, actually, you know, there is an opportunity here because we are nearing the end of the council period and there are a lot of bills that have been introduced over the past year and a half, the committees have been working on those. one of the things i'm doing as chairman is to be more collaborative with all of the council members. and i'm also looking to ways that i can be helpful and supportive to the committees. so we'll be getting a lot of legislation done, not so much this summer, but right after summer.
7:07 am
there will be a lot of legislation coming through. and assuming that there aren't some unforeseen problems, i sure hope not that the focus look on legislation. that will be helpful in rebuilding the trust. >> you certainly didn't have to do a hard sell. we mentioned sweeping victory. a lot of your colleagues think you are the perfect fit for this role. you're detail oriented, steady. and calm is what some have said. that is what the city council needs right now. is that what will make you a good fit for this position right now do you think in these times? >> yeah, i think so. that and the fact that i have been on the council for 14 years. and i had been a staff person at the council for something like six years back in the early '90s. worked for the former chairman dave clark so i'm not stranger to the institution. or some of the troubles and how the council gets through them.
7:08 am
and so i do think that my experience and the fact that i am not -- i don't tend toward the dramatic which can upset people. i think that that will -- i think that will help us. >> yeah, that has polarized in the past. i want to talk more about that when we come back on the other side of the break. we have to take a quick pause. st
7:09 am
7:10 am
welcome back to "viewpoint." our guest, phil mendelssohn. let's talk about more image in the wake of the scandals that we have going on in d.c. politics. we talked about the image among voters here. what does that do to the reputation on capitol hill and does it make it tougher to fight
7:11 am
for statehood now? >> it should have no effect. i'm hoping it will be minimal. it's an opportunity -- our troubles have been an opportunity for those who are very critical of the district to bash us some more. we don't need that. it doesn't help us. i have made the comment to -- when after i got the vote, that there are people who are doubts whether the electorate has the wisdom to make the right choices. i think that's very unfair. you know, we have seen scandals in governments in different states. and recently as well. illinois, for example. so i think it's unfair to single out the district, but then again the critics who are opportunistic are going to seize on this. i intend to reach out to leaders in congress and to try to calm things down. assure them that the government is functioning. and it is functioning. you know, despite these troubles. and, you know, to try to bring
7:12 am
some calmness there. i don't think that our home rule is in jeopardy. but we should not take it for granted and we need now to be more careful. >> you talk about critics and voters. there are some -- some column t columnists and supporters of d.c. who say voters need to be a little more responsible. there were red flags early on particularly with kwame brown. what do you say to the critics? >> i say this is a challenge in a democracy, how do you get citizens to put up the best candidates and to vote for the best candidates? i have realized having run in a number of elections that an election is usually about the best of the candidates who are available, not the best person overall. but that is sometimes unforeign gnat and -- unfortunate and if
7:13 am
we can get people who are really talented and qualified to get on the ballot then that will help. i don't want to blame citizens and i think right now citizens are kicking themselves as much as they're kicking us at city hall. they ought to be kicking us at city hall. i think we'll see over the past few years, and that is the citizens significantly changed the caliber of the council. i think we'll see that happening again. >> you have won in all the wards and it seems there's a racial divide in this city. depending on what wards you look at and the dividing line. do you think there's a racial divide and if there is how do we overcome that? >> i don't think it's a divide. i think it's perceptions and sensitivity. i mean, i have been successful across the entire city and i can only explain that as i try to
7:14 am
listen hard. i recognize the issues in one ward are very different from other issues. and then not only to acknowledge the difference in the issue, but to be responsive to the issues. when one does that there isn't the divide. but if i'm going to be oblivious to what your concerns are, then there will be that divide. >> you have become only the second white chairman since state rule, home rule. >> yeah. >> some see african-americans in the latest census as losing some of the voting power in d.c. do you see that at all or influence? >> i don't see that. and again, i have been an at-large member of the council as long as i have been on the council. no, i have not seen that. of course, on the other hand, it's always been my style to win an office, reach out to citizens and when campaigning to reach
7:15 am
out to voters east of the park and all the neighborhoods in between. so maybe i'm biassed in my answer that i don't see a diminishment of power. >> i don't have to tell you there's also a criminal investigation involving the campaign of mayor gray. >> yes. >> without getting into details of that, should he have to as we have seen two council members have to step aside, you would then become mayor. this is a big what if, but everyone is talking about, you know, we're seeing all of this happening, you know, one after another. another shoe drop. if that were to happen you'd become the first white mayor in d.c. history since home rule. >> yeah. >> your thoughts on that? >> well, you're not the first to ask me about this. and my answer is that i'm not -- i'm not involved in that speculation. i have nothing to gain from the speculation.
7:16 am
i'm not ambitious to become mayor or acting mayor. i dread that is a possibility. i do not know. i have no insight into what's going to happen there. so my focus is on the council. we have enough. that's enough business on my plate. that's enough business on the council's plate that i -- i can spend my -- i ought to spend my focus on the council. >> you in fact heard from mayor gray on wednesday after the vote. >> yes, he called me. >> what was that conversation? >> it was very positive. i mean, he was chairman of the council for four years. he and i sat next to each other on the dais when he was ward 7 council member. so we have a good relationship. i think that will be good. you know, citizens want the government to work. and we at city hall, we lose sight of that sometimes. you know, we get into these disagreements and battles and we get consumed by that. citizens don't care for the fight. i mean, it's great press. but they want us to work. and i have a good relationship with the mayor.
7:17 am
i told him that there will be times i disagree with him. i even pointed out a ucouple of times we disagreed in the past. [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework
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[ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ here are some of the stories we're following this morning. prince georges police team up with state police to crack down on motorcycle speeders. they're calling it operation road runner. so far police have issued 82 tickets and arrested one person for dui. police need your help finding a driver after hitting a man and throwing him 50 feet in the way. it happened at warwick avenue in fair fax on friday night. the driver was in a light colorcolo colored suv and left the scene.
7:19 am
the victim suffered critical injuries. voters in greece are voting on a new parliament. one of the ones want to go for the deep financial cuts and that may force them out of the eurozone. welcome back. phil mendelssohn, the new chairman of the d.c. city council is our guest on "viewpoint." let's talk about your history. 14-year veteran on the council. you have been passionate for years before that, and tell us how you got involved in public service. >> well it comes from my family. my mother was a government teacher, high school government teacher. had been interested in politics and ran for city council in cleveland heights, ohio. and didn't win. so i had an interest and her mother had been president of the league of women voters in michigan. so that's where i come with my
7:20 am
interest and because i was interested in government i came to washington to go to college and then never went back to cleveland. stayed here. got involved -- i moved in the early '70s i moved into the apartment complex, mclain gardens, which was in the news every other day in the 1970s because the tenants were going to be evicted, rent increases or whatever. i got involved in the local issues. i was an adviser for 20 years and then elected to the city council in 1998. i have always been interested in district issues and have been involved, committed to district issues. in different ways. different kinds of issues. i care very much about this city and i care about the council as well. >> you have seen a lot of change in this city over the decades. as you pointed out earlier, these are strong times for d.c.
7:21 am
when you see crime dropping, housing prices stable. if not increasing. and people wanting to move into the district. the census numbers show it. this is in spite of the scandals that we have seen. >> yeah. and i also want to pinch myself but not necessarily me personally, but the body politic because i don't think we realize how good we have it. i don't think we understand why we have it so good. so i don't think we're doing enough to capitalize on it or to amplify it. people are moving back into the city, why? and, you know, what has changed? i asked that in the sense of if we as policymakers understood, then we could build on that. >> what do you think it is? what do you think it is that is drawing young people for one into the city, young professionals? >> well, but you see i'm guessing here. my sense of it is that for one thing, transportation is very important to economic development.
7:22 am
when you can't get around, then it's not a nice place to be. it's harder to get around in the suburbs than it is to get around in the districts. so i think transportation and the ability to get around is one thing. the city is safer, but it's more than just safer. that's a lot of nighttime activity and there are a lot of folks who are my age who maybe aren't looking to go it on a friday or a saturday night but there are younger folk, they love going to u street or chinatown. i think that builds on itself. this is an exciting place to be. we're fortunate economically. even though the district government has gone through the recession, just like everybody else, the dip for us was not as great as it's been elsewhere. i don't think we fully appreciate that in the government. so we haven't had to fire people. we haven't had to cut back as much. i mean, there's this huge agony every time we adopt a budget. but it's not the same kind of
7:23 am
agony we have seen in other states where they have to cut billions of dollars and really slash. >> suburban parts of our region. >> all those factors, i think, and more, are what have made this city vibrant. >> that's the word for it, vibrant. it's important to point out though, ward 7 and 8 unemployment still through the roof. how do we get our arms around that and how do we improve those numbers? >> well, i actually think that some of the things that mayor gray is doing are changing -- making a change. i mean, there seems to be a difference. for instance, did the department of employment services which has been the place where you're supposed to go for jobs seem to be like a bulletin board that nobody looked at. now, they're actually reaching out to businesses and saying to those businesses please find -- if you've got a job opening, we've got the connection. so they're working more directly. prospective employee and the business to get the hire. if i'm understanding that correctly, and hearing the
7:24 am
numbers correctly we are putting some people to wk. government -- our government, but i think this is true of elsewhere in the country have never been really very good about creating jobs and getting people hired. and i think there are some changes and we're making some progress. >> all right. we have one more break and a lot more to
7:25 am
7:26 am
phil mendelssohn is our guest again this morning on "viewpoint." we said congratulations and now put your working hat on, as if you weren't busy enough, you're about to be very busy between now and november and far beyond that. talk about your legislative priorities. you have been working for years on public safety. where does that stand right now?
7:27 am
>> with public safety, i'm quite pleased that the district is in a better place in public safety in as long as i can remember. people are satisfied with the chief of police. there are a couple of initiatives in place that i think could actually have a proactive effect in reducing crime. when i say proactive i mean in the future. far more attention to helping what we call re-entering the citizens or exoffenders. there's a high rate of recidivism, not in the district but across the country. that means people in our custody today, large number will be tomorrow's criminals. the more we can do to help them when they're in our custody so when they re-enter they don't offend will reduce crime in the future. there's an initiative with regard to truancy and using that to identify kids who are at risk of going into the criminal justice system. if we can convert them, then they don't end up being adult criminals. that means using truancy to identify kids at risk.
7:28 am
not to criminalize it, but to identify why they're truant and to help them get them back into school. there's that initiative. there's a focus among the public safety agencies with regard to guns and trying to reduce the incidents of guns and crime in the district. what i mean by that is that this is focused on the incidents of guns. that is if that's going to be a robbery, not the robber -- the robber can't have the guns. and we have seen actually if you look at the statistics that the use of guns in crime has gone down. if homicides have gone down 40% in the last five years, the use of guns in homicides has gone down 45%. and we have seen similarly with other violent crimes the use of gun has gone down. all those i think speak well and the public safety agencies they have good leadership. and they have adequate budgets finally. so that they can do what they need to do. so i'm quite pleased about that.
7:29 am
you know, with now that i'm chair, i have in the community as a whole, education and the budget. and, you know, education continues to be a challenge in my mind and i think we have to be -- the council needs to be doing more aggressive oversight in ensuring that the millions -- the hundreds of millions that we're putting into public education is actually getting to the schools and actually getting to the classroom. >> we have a few seconds left. we started out congratulating you on your win from your colleagues who voted for you in overwhelming numbers. do you think the days of acrimony on the council are behind us or some of the drama is behind us? >> i'd like to say there's going to be no more drama or acrimony, but i know better than that. there's a story back in the ''7 '70s, clark and wilson got in a
7:30 am
fight and one threw an ashtray at another. i'm hoping it will ten down substantially. >> at least we're not duelling. old school politics. thank you for coming in, great to see you, mr. chairman. thank you for having us, and happy father's day. i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. >> this morning on news4 today, a closer look at watergate 40 years later as one of the biggest political scandals in american history. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us for news4 today i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan.
7:31 am
it was a great day yesterday, be wonderful if we can repeat it again today. >> will resglee. absolutely. we can keep the repeat chant going. no doubt a clear sky awaits you, another great running day here in washington where i'm trapped at the office. so those of you that have the day off and you've got a pair of running shoes, get out there and enjoy it. gorgeous morning this morning. temperatures 63 at national airport. 65 at the naval academy in annapolis. hunting town, calvert county, low 60s this morning. back out across the old dominion, and 52 in culpepper. and 57 in stenton, virginia. there you go. on the radar, nothing to worry about for us. couple of showers out in ohio, but they should be falling apart as they come into the west virginia pound tans. your father's day forecast is a quiet one. nothing but sunshine today.
7:32 am
temperatures upper 70s. the gnnats are playing, good weather for that. good weather for everything. richard? >> thanks, chuck. today marks 40 years since arguably the biggest scandal to ever hit washington. watergate. nbc's chuck todd talked to one of the men involved in the break-in as well as the reporters who broke the now infamous story. >> therefore, i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. >> there's of course how watergate ended but the biggest political scandal in american history began to unfold 40 years ago on june 17, 1972 when five men were arrested after breaking into democratic headquarters at the watergate complex. one of those men was martinez, a cuban-born cia operative who was looking for evidence to tie fidel castro to mcgovern. today, he regrets what he did. >> the whole scene -- it was a
7:33 am
stupid mistake, one after the other. >> reporter: martinez and fellow burglars were being supervised in room 723. an old howard johnson's turned gw dormitory. all to make sure nobody was coming on the sixth floor of the watergate where the dnc had its headquarters. democratic operative r. spencer oliver's phone was the only one that the burglars successfully tapped. they used information from the tap to sabotage the democratic primary and ensure george mcgovern's nomination. >> it was a major coup within the democratic party to destroy it and divide it and to nominate the weakest candidate. >> at the time the white house tried to dismiss the break-in as a third-rate burglary. but "washington post" reporters bob woodward and karl bernstein began to tie top nixon aides
7:34 am
before the burglary. white house council john dean said nixon knew about the cover-up. then another bombshell. the revelation of a secret white house taping system after a long battle the supreme court ordered nixon to turn over the tapes. one had an 18 1/2 minute audio gap. what nixon actually said on the tape is the last remaining secret of watergate following the 2005 revelation of deep throat's real identity. four decades later, watergate still casts a cultural shadow. a scandal is nothing until the word gate is attached to it. the reporters who exposed watergate said it revealed a president obsessed with keeping power at any cost, but its impact has lasted a lot longer. >> a massive campaign of es espionage. >> watergate implanted a cynical
7:35 am
bomb that will probably never go away. yournl washington university tried to leave room 723 empty because of its historical significant, but in 2001 they took their memorabilia and moved it to the school's archives and assigned students to the room. now to the decision 2012 where mitt romney continues his bus tour across america. today romney will campaign in ohio. yesterday, he was in pennsylvania visiting small business owners and attacking president obama for what he calls failed economic policies. romney addressed the crowd at the faith and freedom conference here in d.c. via satellite. tomorrow, he'll head to wisconsin and iowa. all of the states on romney's road trip are key battleground states for the 2012 election. while the economy has been the main focus for the election this past week saw immigration
7:36 am
take center stage. "meet the press" moderator david gregory joined us. >> this is an attempt by the president to not only break a stalemate on this issue of the dream act and that was what he was talking about in the rose garden the other day, but an attempt to jam up mitt romney who is struggling among latino voters, who has not come out to support something along these he lines. he would like to tack back to the sentence or immigration. so it's about mobilizing hispanic support. >> be sure to tune in later this morning. david plouffe and arizona senator john mccain will be guests on the show. you can catch it right here on 10:30. today, president obama will head to mexico for the g-20 summit. the 20 largest industrialized nations will meet beginning tomorrow for two days of talks. they'll discuss ways to fix the
7:37 am
global economy. mexican president felipe calderon is hosting the summit. president obama is wrapping up his weekend trip to chicago. he and the first family attended a wedding for the daughter of top white house adviser valerie jarrett. she got married last night. right now greeks are growing to the polls. this is an monumental election for the country. greeks must choose between the radical left party and the more conservative party to help make up their parliament. leaders in the leftist party said they'll reject the bailout agreement and repeal deep spending cuts. this can force greece to leave the eurozone throwing the entire region into financial chaos. polls close in a few hours with the results coming later tonight. the polls are back open in egypt where the country is voting for a democratically elected president.
7:38 am
former president hosni mubarak left office in 2011. they're choosing between the muslim brotherhood and a member of mubarak's old regime. the results are expected tomorrow night. u.n. observers in syria stopped the patrols because of escalating violence. even though the groups reached a peace agreement in april the violence has not stopped. the major general overseeing it said the situation is high risk. don't be alarmed if you see military planes flying throughout the district. norad will be flying them tomorrow. the training will happen overnight beginning monday night and end early wednesday morning. always good to have a heads
7:39 am
up. >> you don't want to be alarmed when you see that coming into your neighborhood. coming up, the plans rolling along to add streetcar tracks in northern virginia. and the sibling rival will i that helped push an olympic hopeful closer to gold. and a hidden danger in spray tanning. what it can do to your help. ♪
7:40 am
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7:42 am
the "today" show is up next. >> let's get a preview. jenna wolf joins us live from new york. >> angie, richard, good morning to both of you. coming up on a sunday morn, could it set off a world wilde financial panic? it could have a big effect on
7:43 am
your wallet, we'll have the very latest from greece. is he a hero or a criminal? a father who beat to death a man who almost molested his little girl can face charges himself. the raging controversy over crime and punishment. then a big turn now that summer is here, are you ready to curl up with a good book? we'll have some suggestions. it's father's day today. want to do something extra special for my dad, so with the help of the diy network i helped him get a man cave. check it out. i was a part of it from the beginning. wait till you see it. those stories and much more when we see you later on "today." richard and angie? >> you're making the rest of us look bad. we just got a card or something. >> i got my husband flip-flops. >> i'm done for the rest of my life now. i don't have to get another present for a long, long time.
7:44 am
>> thanks so much. metro is preparing to unveil a new system that i say will get you to work and home faster. metro rush plus will make the debut tomorrow from 6:30 to 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. it adds more trains to the crowded orange and yellow lines. some orange lines trains will continue on the blue line and travel to largo town center. some yellow line trains will go between green belt on the green light and fran cone ya on the line. head to our website for more information. track work continues on the blue line this weekend. riders can grab shuttle buses at the eisenhower station. there will be single tracking on the orange and red lines. everything should reopen by tomorrow morning.
7:45 am
a new plan is in place to bring a streetcar line to northern virginia. this weekend, both alexandria and arlington agreed to split plans to build an electric rail line on route 1 into two different phases. arlington hopes to use local and state funding to pay for phase 1 which will run through crystal city to potomac yard. they're doing an environmental study before it determines the second phase of the streetcar line. on this father's day, thousands of racers will lace up their sneakers to promote prostate cancer awareness. the so-called dash for dads is a four-mile run that begins at pentagon row in arlington at 8:30 this morning. more than 2,000 are expected to participate. it will benefit zero, and it offers free prostate testing. and two ladies kicked off a six-week fashion camp.
7:46 am
it introduces deserving teens to jewelry and photography. good for them. dozens of washington news women and men from all different stations come together for one night to fight breast cancer. join me at the news babes bash for breast cancer. wear your pink dress or pink tie, guys, and join us at the howard theater. tickets are still available. you can search news babes, one word, on nbcwashington.come. >> a lot of pink drinks. >> yes, we have a significant pink drink. we'll have the news men there dishing out gelotto. >> we have a whole other diet plan.
7:47 am
yikes. for us, we are -- it's a good looking day today. leg lemonade day today. blue skies out there. your forecast is next.
7:48 am
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you know, today is a big day for grilling. so we have to make sure we lather on the spf. >> i would agree with this. grilling and sun protection. it's been too crazy hot only one father's day in the last five years has been 95 degrees or warmer that's no so bad. so that's a good thing. today i don't know they have been as nice as this one though. comfortable, low levels of visible. even with full sunshine will fall three or four degrees cooler than average.
7:51 am
let's take a look at it then. from our city camera view, panning over washington, way out in the distance you can see the u.s. capitol building there. only 3 1/2 miles from the camera to the dome there. but when we're zoomed out it looks further than that. some very nice fair weather cirrus clouds racing overhead. they're not rain-making clouds. there's one dad right there, he's doing what he wanted to do on his father's day. he's alone in a boat with a his fishing pole. 63 in downtown washington. winds are out of the east at three miles an hour. the dew points are in the comfortable 50s. gradually those dew points will climb closer to 70. 57 now at dulles airport. 52 in prince william county this morning. 63 downtown, 65 at the naval
7:52 am
academy in annapolis. and baltimore, celebrations are going on at 64. in leesburg, virginia, 50s now. will turn into mid 70s by noontime. upper 70s, near 80 degrees, between 5:00 and 6:00 and then cooling down into the 60s by 11:00. a good day for dad everywhere. the yankees and the nationals, yankees cheated us out of one yesterday in 14 innings. today we'll start all over, 0-0 in first. first pitch weather is at 70 degrees at 1:35 this afternoon. there are rain showers moving in parts of eastern ohio. but the main area of low pressure is going up into parts of canada. so they'll be falling apart. you will run into the clouds and a risk for the shower -- but in the panhandle, rain chances are
7:53 am
slow for today. that little veil of cirrus clouds, drifting by. a little bit of a cloud deck along the immediate coastline. on the whole it will be a nice day today. plenty of sunshine and warm. another beauty in our stretch of good weather. there you can see the showers and our future weather forecast drying up as that front inches its way into the west virginia mountains. a risk of one or two spritzes into the mountains of west virginia. that's just a about it. that front washes out. it opens up the flood gates to high heat and humidity by the middle of the week. sunshine for dad. happy father's day. another nice day coming up for tomorrow. there's a small chance of a few showers. mainly west of the blue ridge for tomorrow. with temperatures up to near 80. 62 is the water temperature at the beach today. that's a cold one. 73 sand temperature. 74 tomorrow with a risk of a shower at the beach. here's our seven-day forecast.
7:54 am
a blue ribbon day for dad today. 30% of rain tomorrow. then turning hot on tuesday. back up near 90 and then put on the ac and find somewhere cool to be. that ice pack on top of your head, wednesday, thursday, friday. mid 90s. heat index could be 100 or higher those days. >> you're painting a dismal picture. >> i'm not happy about the 96 at all. >> go walk in the house and put your head in the freezer. a heart break fobreaker for nationals and a near no-hitter. >> amber theoharis has more in this sports minute. >> good morning. game number 2 between the yankees and the nationals. ian desmond hits a game-tying solo shot. his tenth of the year.
7:55 am
but in the 14th inning it's mark teixeira with a two-run double off of brad lidge. the yankees win 5-3. they go for the sweep this afternoon. orioles in atlanta, jason hayward breaks up jason hammels' bid for a no-hitter. that would not derail them from a "w." hammels flows a complete game. and at the u.s. open, graeme mcdowell shoots a 2 under 68 to tie jim furyk for the lead, while tiger woods a co-leader after round two shoots a 5 over 75 and falls to 14th place. he's five shots back of mcdowell and furyk entering this afternoon's final round. which you can see right here on nbc4 at 4:00. one final note, dc united wins the fourth straight. a 1-0 victory over philadelphia. have a great day. mark your calendars we are
7:56 am
less than six weeks just 40 days away from the 2012 olympics in london. >> can't believe it's almost here. it's july 27. a few athletes from our region will get to participate in the parade of nations. >> they include a field hockey player. >> good morning, guys. in 2005, katie o'donnell was the youngest member of the u.s. field hockey team at 16. she was considered to be a shoo-in for the team, but when the final roster came out she didn't make it. with the renewed focus, the dreams are coming true. rising to the competition is in katie o'donnell's dna. the youngest of four children in the o'donnell house, katie grew up as the punching bag to her
7:57 am
older siblings' athletic success. >> my sisters are twins and if we went out in the back yard, if you want to play with us, you have to get the ball on your own. none of this you missed the ball, and you score, no. if you scored it was a real ball. if you wanted the ball you had to fight tooth and nail. >> it wouldn't take long to make her own name. the 16-year-old field hockey phenom. >> it wasn't until i was older i could hang. >> she became the most decorated terp in school history. >> i couldn't be going to the olympics without my experience here at maryland and the teammates that i play with all the time. the opportunity that all of them have given me, you know? i don't go without them. >> but despite all the individual awards there's one memory from college that sticks out from the rest. >> my senior year winning the national championship game. on this very turf.
7:58 am
the last game, you know, you're playing, it goes into double overtime. you score with two minutes left. my whole family is here. and, you know, i couldn't have left in place with a better result. >> o'donnell says the honor of wearing the red, white and blue at this year's olympics is a personal and family dream that can't be matched. affectionately known as odie, the feisty center forward plays larger than her 5'2" frame. she's poised this time around after failing to make the team in 2008. >> you can expect us to come back with a medal. >> now back to the sibling rivalry. the tides have changed a little bit. >> you know, they still say they're better than me. but we have never duked it out in the backyard again. >> after the olympics, katie plans to head back to maryland as student assistant coach. an opportunity for her to get back, but you get an opportunity to spend a day or two with her, it's infectious, you know, just
7:59 am
her drive and her dedication to her craft. we wish her the best. >> maybe others can make it to the olympics. >> they have had a great program there for a number of years. all about keeping those great talents in the pipeline i guess so to speak. >> we wish her much luck. i want to see a picture of you standing next to her. at 5'2". >> she's small, but i think she packed a mean punch. >> be sure to check out the 30 greatest olympic moments. >> don't forget, nbc is your home for the olympics. thanks so much for being with us. >> that's it for news4 today. have a good one.


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