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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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if you thought spray tans were safe tans, a word of caution tonight. the dangerous chemical you could
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be inhaling while trying to get that summer glow. plus, his beating shocked viewers, inflamed racial tensions, and launched historic riots. >> can we all -- can we all get along? >> tonight, rodney king is dead. 20 years after he changed the nation with that one question. but first, big changes on metro. a new era starts tomorrow. but does anyone actually understand it? good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. it's called rush plus. and it means your usual metro line might not go where it used to. and that could mean a quicker trip. but if you don't pay attention, you could find yourself at an unexpected destination. news 4's darcy spencer joining us live from the roslyn metro station. darcy? >> reporter: well, jim, rush plus is going to affect 110,000 metro riders. that's a lot of riders. and what we found out tonight in speaking to riders here at the roslyn station, many people don't know what this service is or how it's going to affect their commute. that could spell trouble come tomorrow morning.
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if you ride metro during rush hour periods, you may be used to standing shoulder to shoulder on overcrowd trains. but that all could change starting monday morning, when metro rolls out the new rush plus service. so overall, do you think it's a good plan? >> yeah, sure. >> reporter: you think it will reduce the crowding? >> i guess. if you have more trains, then yeah. >> reporter: rush plus is meant to reduce crowding by adding trains and priefgd express-type service where thousands of riders will be able to avoid transfers. there will be additional stops at 21 stations. >> rush plus. added trains. have a great day. >> reporter: metro has handed out flyers and posted signs and a video online. but many riders are still confused. is rush plus going to affect you? >> to be honest, i've just seen the signs and the symbols. i really don't know what it actually is. so maybe? >> there's a lot of people i've talked to who say it's kind of confusing because they're used to just getting on a train, now they have to actually pay
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attention to which train is coming so they don't get on the wrong train. >> reporter: metro officials want riders to make sure they're on the right train. >> so folks want to make sure they're checking destination signs on the side of the train so they ensure they're going if the right direction. >> reporter: on the orange line there will be six additional trains each hour between vienna and largo. and for the first time about 28,000 riders will be able to travel from greenbelt to franconia springfield without switching trains. the added stations are shown on metro's interactive map with dotted lines. >> i hope it's better because i know it's crowded and people have longer wait times in the morning. >> reporter: thousands of blue and yellow line customers in virginia will have more direct and faster access to downtown with the addition of trains shown here again with the dotted lines. >> souq save up to 12 minutes because you don't have to change trains anymore. >> reporter: so ready or not, that service is going to start tomorrow morning. it will be in effect monday through friday from 6:30 in the morning until 9:00 in the morning. then it will pick up again from 3:30 in the afternoon until 6:00 p.m.
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so if you're not really sure how this is going to affect you or the impact of this, try to go to the websites and look at that ahead of time and certainly come out a few minutes extra early tomorrow morning to make sure you know where you're going. reporting live from roslyn, darcy spencer, news 4. >> good advice, darcy. turning to the weather now, father's day was perfect outside. hope you got to take advantage of the great weather. but that's about to change a bit. meteorologist chuck bell is in storm center 4. chuck? >> hey, jim, good evening to you. good evening, everybody. what a beautiful day today was. temperature topped out at 77 degrees down at national airport. yeah, that's 8 degrees cooler than average for early june, and that's three days in a row now that we've been cooler than average. and in fact so far here the first 17 days of the month of the june, 9 out of 17 cooler than average. current temperatures back down into the 60s in most neighborhoods and there are showers out across far western maryland. that's the beginning in the change of the weather that's coming our way. all coming up in the seven-day.
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this videotaped police beating sparked a national debate in the '90s about race relations and police brutality, and it led to some of the most destructive and violent riots in u.s. history. today the man at the center of it, rodney king, he died at his home in california. nbc's frances kuo has a look back at his life and the impact he had on america. >> reporter: rodney king, who became the center of a heated national discussion on police brutality and race in the early 1990s, has died. >> preliminarily, it appears to be accidental. >> reporter: king was found by his fiancee early this morning in a swimming pool at his home in rialto, california. >> officers went into the pool and removed mr. king. he was found to be unresponsive. >> reporter: king was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. in 1991 video emerged of lapd officers beating king following a high-speed chase. four officers were charged with assault. >> not guilty. >> reporter: their acquittal a
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year later rocked los angeles and led to one of the most destructive riots in u.s. history. the violence lasted three days, killed 55 people, and left large parts of los angeles ablaze. >> can we -- can we all get along? >> reporter: those five words are part of king's legacy. a plea for peace in the midst of raging violence that tore through los angeles. in the 20 years that followed rodney king openly struggled with alcohol and occasional run-ins with the law but remained a symbol against police brutality. >> are you comfortable with that role and how people now perceive you? >> this is the healing part for me. and i accept that role fully. >> reporter: rodney king was 47 years old. frances kuo, nbc news. the prosecution is expected to rest its case tomorrow in the trial of jerry sandusky. today the former penn state assistant football coach spent the day at the attorney general's office, presumably for a psychiatric exam. the defense plans to present evidence sandusky suffers from
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histrionic personality disorder. among the symptoms, believing relationships are more intimate than they actually are and a constant need for approval. sandusky is charged with sexually abusing ten boys over a 15-year period. a mystery tonight. and you might help solve it. a man's been critically injured in a hit-and-run, and his family doesn't even know he's in the hospital. fairfax police are hoping someone will recognize the victim and the driver who hit him. news 4's derrick ward reports. >> reporter: it was friday evening at about 10:40. police say 33-year-old muhammad jabur and another person were walking along in the 10000 block of fairfax boulevard. >> two men were walking eastbound starting from this location, heading down toward chambers road when he was struck from behind. >> reporter: the impact sent him 50 feet from we are was struck and he landed partially underneath a parktd vehicle. the vehicle that struck him didn't stop. there weren't any signs the
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vehicle's brakes were even applied. >> there aren't any skid marks. there are some drag marks from the vehicle where it's scratching and gouging that way. it's been measured and photographed. >> reporter: police describe it as a light colored suv, likely a suzuki etera. there are still bits and pieces to be found. while the striking vehicle left bits of debris and markings all along the scene of the accident there was one more thing that was left behind that may be even more help to investigators. surveillance video from some of the businesses along the route, which may also have captured the incident and the vehicle as it continued eastbound on fairfax boulevard. meanwhile, police are also desperately trying to learn more about the victim, who has yet to regain consciousness after the friday night incident. >> so far to date we're unable to contact any immediate family. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. today marks 40 years since the watergate scandal began. june 17th, 1972, police arrest five men for breaking into the democratic national committee headquarters. of course, that investigation
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that followed rocked american politics, led to the downfall and resignation of president richard nixon. four decades later the dnc has now moved across town, and the watergate building is about to undergo major upgrades. the supreme court could issue a ruling as early as tomorrow on the constitutionality of president obama's health care law. that law has drawn fierce opposition from most republicans for its requirement that most individuals buy health care. gop lawmakers say they'll work to repeal any parts of the law that survive after the high court's decision. but it's unlikely they'll suggest replacement measures until after the november elections. former d.c. council member harry thomas jr. is heading to prison this week. the 51-year-old is expected to report to a minimum security federal prison camp in montgomery, alabama. back in january thomas pleaded to a felony charge of stealing $353,000 in government grant funds that had been intended for youth programs. in april a judge sentenced him
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to 38 months. with time off for good behavior, thomas is expected to serve at least 30 months in prison. d.c. mayor vincent gray will be spending at least part of his day performing a civic duty. the mayor scheduled to appear in d.c. superior court tomorrow for jury duty. it is unusual for the mayor to be called, but technically he is an eligible juror, just like any other d.c. resident. coming up, emotions running high at the university of virginia tonight. the argument that might have led to the president's firing. plus, ozzy osbourne's son jack diagnosed with an incurable disease. and the timing of the discovery is especially cruel. also, the dangers of spray tans. why they aren't necessarily a safe alternative. and the queen spotted with a bloodshot eye. what buckingham palace is saying tonight. coming up on "sports final" -- tiger woods has mixed reactions to his u.s. open final round. the nats fans have some sparkle.
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but the team, that's another story. and back in the comforts of south beach the heat turn things up in the nba finals. that's all coming up after t
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there's some concern across the pond tonight about queen elizabeth's health. she was spotted today at this polo match with what appeared to be a bloodshot left eye. a spokesperson for buckingham palace didn't say what caused
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the condition but said the queen's overall health was just fine. this comes about a week after the queen celebrated her diamond jubilee, marking 60 years on the throne. 800 people attended an emergency meeting at the university of virginia tonight. it was called in response to the removal of president teresa sullivan. at that meeting the faculty senate passed a resolution to express a vote of no confidence in uva's board of visitors. so far no one from uva's board has explained exactly why sullivan was fired except to say there were philosophical differences. this has many faculty members at the university very upset. >> it's truly -- we do not understand this action. and there's anger that there's a lack of communication. >> and i feel like the way that she was removed wasn't in the spirit of what mr. jefferson wanted for this university. >> the "washington post" reports that sullivan was fired because she wouldn't make cuts to university programs. now top donors have threatened to stop contributing. tomorrow the faculty senate will meet with the rector and vice
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rector of the board of visitors. millions of americans use spray tans to get that beach bronze look. a lot of people figure it's easier and less harmful than baking in the sun or lying in a tanning bed. but as amber soehn reports, it may not be the safest alternative. >> reporter: we all know exposure to the sun's rays can cause skin cancer. and now what was thought to be the safe alternative, spray tanning, can be just as dangerous. >> look at her. >> arms, legs, face. neck, chest, everything. >> reporter: 27-year-old carla homez has maintained her bronze glow with self-spray tans for ten years now. that means she has been exposing her lungs to the active chemical used in spray tans, hide roxi acetone, or dha, which browns the skin. >> when you do the spray tanning using dihydroxy acetone, there could be a risk that if it is absorbed or inhaled it could be affecting the lungs but also in
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the circulation affect other organs. >> reporter: dr. lena bose, a miami dermatologist, explained that a new study shows these compounds when inhaled or ingested can cause mutations in the cells and actually promote the development of cancers including lung cancer. this was shown in studies of live cells and organism, not actual humans. dr. bose warns if you continue to spray tan follow these precautions -- >> wear protective undergarments in fact, that they wear masks, that they wear goggles. >> reporter: for homez the new study is reason enough to stop her weekly spray tan session ppz. >> i'm very concerned now. i'm definitely going to stop using it. >> the fda approved the use of dha as an ingredient in tanning lotions and creams, but it has not approved the use of dha in an all-over spray. this father's day a d.c. court program is helping dads grow closer to their children. father in court helps find jobs for men who are recently out of
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prison, helps employ fathers so they can pay child support and also reconnect with their children. dads like george minor, a graduate of the program, who has a boy and a girl. >> a program like the father initiative, plenty of help. people get discouraged. like me. i was getting discouraged. people coming on wanting to help you you think people are bad. people aren't all bad. you just need a change that's all. >> of 54 men who have graduated from the program court officials say just two have been arrested again. so getting that second chance. everybody picking up the phone today, calling dad if they couldn't be with him. i called my father, wished him a happy father's day. >> my dad was not going to be near his phone so, i mailed him a card in time so i could -- i got the good son points for mailing the card on time. >> good for you. >> and beautiful weather around here. >> it was awesome. >> man, oh man. i did a little checking. and the last five father's days only one has been 95 degrees or warmer. so we haven't had too many real industrial-strength heat to deal with on father's day. today no exception. in fact, 8 degrees cooler than
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average for a high temperature on your father's day. beautiful sunday night out there as well. take a view. some of the beautiful monuments in and around city of washington. there starting off with iwo jima memorial. what a great spot that is to take in the sights from over the other side of the river there in the arlington side, looking back, a beautiful view of these two folks. the washington monument, the u.s. capitol building. great weather outside. nice and cool. hopefully you have a chance to get outside and enjoy it. temperature at national airport, we're down to 68 degrees. light wind out of the southeast, averaging only eight miles per hour. that southerly and southeasterly breeze will start to increase a little bit late tomorrow into tuesday. but what a nice cool start it's going to be again tomorrow morning. everybody below 70 now means startoff temperatures upper 50s and low 60s. but that's it. that will be the last really cool morning for a while. clouds will be back for your monday. and there will be a chance for some showers in and around the area tomorrow. one chance coming up first thing in the morning from i-81
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westbound into western maryland where we already have a couple of showers. most of that's falling apart as it comes eastbound and there's not a whole lot behind it, but that little ripple in the atmosphere will be in place over the i-95 corridor by tomorrow afternoon. so as the cooler air pushes on out and the warmer air comes on in off the back of the little trough of low pressure chance for showers tomorrow and another slight chance for some showers with daytime heating coming up on tuesday before high heat bltds in with high pressure. here's your tomorrow forecast. mostly cloudy. showers possible tomorrow. mainly from i-95 westbound. and if you're going down to the beach, surf's gotten a little chilly. 63 for the surf temperature. 79 tuesday as the warmer air really starts to push back in. here's our seven-day forecast. take a few deep breaths of the cool air while it's still here. near 90 on tuesday. 95 or better two out of three days. wednesday, thursday, and friday. some spots central virginia may actually come close to flirting with 100 degrees and we'll have
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heat index values around town wednesday or thursday, friday. could be a little dangerous. be on the lookout for that. >> check your ac filters. make sure it's working. if you have ac. >> that's right. if you don't, find a cool place to go later in the week. well, ahead, john edwards' mistress tells her secrets. what rielle hunter is saying about her future with the former presidential candidate. and coming up in sports, 26-year-old webb simpson
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perhaps you saw it earlier, u.s. open, golf right here on nbc 4. jason pew is here to tell us what happened. >> this golf course at the olympic club really gave golfers a lot of trouble throughout the week and the weekend. you knew it was going to come down to that final round sunday, but you didn't know who would come out on top. the u.s. open is known for challenging the game's best. however, last year 20 golfers finished under par at the open. going into today's final round, only two were under par. your co-leaders, graeme mcdowell and jim furyk. tiger woods, meanwhile, needed to major five strokes if he wanted to win his 15th career major. and the day would not start well for tiger. after bogeying his first two holes, this is his second shot on number 3. where is this thing going to go? not anywhere near the cup. tiger would double bogey the hole. he finishes the tournament at 7 over, tied for 21st. the 26-year-old american webb simpson, he was doing a lot
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better. three straight birdies at one point. his second shot here on 10 is just a beauty. he'd birdie the hole to move to 1 over. that score would eventually give him the lead. one man in the way for simpson. graeme mcdowell on 18, who would birdie to force a playoff here. and the shot is wide left. simpson wins his first ever major. he is your 2012 u.s. open champion. coming into their series with the new york yankees, the nationals rode through the american league east division by sweeping both the red sox and the blue jays. today, however, it was the nats looking to avoid being swept at home. nationals with their third straight sellout. over 41,000 at the park today. second inning, nats down 1-0. adam laroche facing evan nova. and laroche hammers this one to deep right. a solo home run in the 12th of the season. that one ties the game at 1-1. but other than that the offense really struggled today. bottom four a big spot here for
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danny espinosa. runners at the corners. one out. but he grounds out to the 4-6-3 double play. nats waste the lead-off double by laroche. the team just 1 for 6 with runners in scoring position. wouldn't you know it, first batter of the next inning, jackson dealing to curtis granderson. jackson's going to need another baseball. his 21st home run of the season for granderson. yankees win this one 4-1. they complete the sweep. the nats will have team reaction coming up on "sports final." coming up on "sports final," the thunder and heat do battle in game 3 of the nba finals. dale earnhardt jr. accomplishes something he hasn't done in four years. plus we're talking redskins mini camp with "washington post" columnist jason reed. we'll also hear from the shanahans on who else, rg3. that's all coming up in just a few minutes on "sports final." >> we'll see you then. thanks, jace. coming up next, a health ♪
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some shocking health news tonight about a member of the osborne family. jack, ozzy's 26-year-old son, has told "people" magazine he's been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. he says the timing has left him frustrated and angry. just two weeks after he and his fiance welcomed their daughter pearl clementine. m.s. affects the central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord. it can cause problems with muscle control, strength, vision, as well as thinking. john edwards' mistress says she still has romantic feelings for the former presidential candidate but she doesn't know exactly how things will turn out. rielle hunter has written a new tell-all book called "what really happened: john edwards, our daughter and me." in that book hunter says edwards is a good father to their 4-year-old daughter, quinn. she also says that before his corruption trial edwards said if he were convicted he would end
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up in a low-security prison in virginia. last month edwards was acquitted on one count of accepting illegal campaign contributions. jurors were deadlocked on five other felony counts, leading to a mistrial. coming up next, a
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today of course father's day. but it's also a very big birthday for a man from suitland, maryland. phillip pinkett born on june 17th, 2012. that makes today his 100th birthday. he looks great. friends and family threw him a party at his home for the windsor crossing senior apartments. pinkett is originally from bailey's crossroads, virginia, served in the navy during world war ii, married his high school sweetheart, and today he celebrated with his daughter, four grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. happy birthday to him. >> up and around and smiling and looking like a million bucks. >> he really does.
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warm-up's coming, right? >> unfortunately i wish we could just bottle this whole weekend up and just copy and paste it right down through the rest of the month of june. but alas, we cannot do that. so for tomorrow what's the last of the cooler weather? plenty of clouds around tomorrow. 40% chance you'll need the umbrella. just sort of have it around, know where it is for tomorrow. not a big threat. certainly not going to be a washout. tuesday the warmer air starts to move in. we'll be near 90. 95 wednesday. 97 thursday. heat index values 100 or better. i'll be tweeting-b aka complaining about the weather all week long @chuckbell4 on twitter. >> that's our news for tonight. ♪
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