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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  June 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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save you valuable time during your commute. good morning. welcome to "news4 today." depending on where you live, you may be waking up to sun or perhaps showers. the radaring looks at it right now. you can see some rain going over the radar. we're tracking in and tracking it very closely as meet rl gist tom kierein. >> the road looks wet, too, tom. >> fender bender weather. here we go. we're off to a start this morning with wet pavement throughout much of the metro area. that has been moving in over just the last hour or so coming in from the west. that area in green, arlington counties, farther south into the western charles county. it is wet. farther north, it is wet as well throughout much of northern montgomery county. west into western maryland, panhandle of western virginia. there, they haved a had a little bit of thunder and lightning. that is drifting off to the east. there may be a little thunder
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lightning around the shenandoah valley. but elsewhere, expect to see passing showers approximately right now, sun along the bay and eastern shore. temperatures only in the 50s. farther west, 60s around the metro area and west virginia. day planner for this monday, occasional shower through noontime. high near mid 70s. smaller chance of shower or thunder shower later this afternoon. i'm back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. danella is here now with the latest travel trouble. >> accidents possibly because of the slick roadways. southbound dumfries road. all are blocked at country club drive. also seeing all your lanes blocked, this is as you head eastbound. little river turnpike at john marr drive, all the eastbound lanes are blocked. also we have an accident, eisenhower avenue connector. this is your trip on the inner loop. left lane is blocked there. crash involves an suv and
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tractor trailer. heading over to the outer loop of the beltway, the inner loop of the beltway at connecticut avenue. crash here. i'm getting more information. in fact, i'll be back in ten minutes with more income. metro is making a major chain. the new rush plus service starts in 30 minutes. you can see more trains coming through your station. tracee wilkins is joining us live from the greenbelt metro station with this. good morning. >> good morning. we are expecting to see the first train that's going to have huntington on it coming from greenbelt to huntington to pull up into the station in just a little bit. this is going to be the kind of morning where folks are really going to have to pay close attention. metro spokesman says rush plus will improve the commute for 110,000 customers on the green, yellow, blue, and orange lines. the red line is not impacted. 21 stations will get more frequent service with six additional trains every hour.
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during peak periods, orange line will get six additional trains per hour, three in each direction between vienna and largo town center. they predict this will add 2600 seats per hour. although the blue line will lose some trains. for the first time they have travel from greenbelt to franconia will traveling to the dash line. the dashed lines operating only during rush hour. largo to i have aen that. they're hope that line will help with the orange crush. this does start a little later in the morning pan than some people would like. we asked them for their reaction to rush plus. >> i wish they had done it earlier in the morning. >> it would have helped you had it been a little earlier. >> yeah, it would have helped if i came and not have to get on this one train, that would have been nice. >> reporter: what do you think about it? >> i don't know. we'll find out this afternoon.
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it should be good, though. i'm toud tired of crowded trains, too, myself. >> i'm not sure the rush plus is going to change too much to me. hopefully it will for some people. >> rush plus begins at 6: 30 a.m. it will be running until 9:00 a.m. then in the evening the hours are from 3:30 until 6:00 p.m. the best advice for riders, pay close attention to your trains. make sure you're getting on the. do you find it confusing and do you think the program will help your commute? head over to your facebook page and let us know. right now leaders are meeting in mexico. it begins today and talks of europe's banking and debt crisis are pebted to dominate the two days of talks. president obama's first meeting though will be with mexican president fillipe calderon.
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the president will also meet with vladimir putin today. he's expected to urge putin to ease russia's support for syria's government as violence escalates. russia has been a long time ally and trade partner with syria. could be key to negotiating a deal that could give syrian leader bashir assad refuge. markets are up in europe and asia after grease's pro bailout parties won in a crucial election. other european countries and the imf have attached strict austerity measures to a multibailout offer. they say they should meleave th eurozone. any stock rally should be short lived because there are too many problems in europe. the supreme court could rule on president obama's much debated health care law as early as today.
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the president's over all of health care has been under fire even before it was passed in march of 2010. republican lawmakers are opposed to the requirement that most individuals must buy some sort of health care. they have said publicly even if the supreme court upholds the law they will work to appeal it. police are hoping you can help them solve a mystery involving a hit and run crash. police are looking for the driver who hit 33-year-old mohammed shabore. he was walking on the sidewalk friday night. police say the driver struck him, sending him 50 feet across the way. he landed partially underneath a parked car. the driver in a light colored suv left the scene. he remains unconscious. police have not been able to contact his family. we all know everyone gets called for jury duty including the mayor of the nation's capit capital. today vincent gray will report to for jury duty.
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it is unusual for the mayor to be called but he is an eligible juror. the man who whose arrest and videotaped beating helped spark a nationwide conversation on race relations has died. rodney king died at his california home yesterday morning at the age of 47. back in 1991 a videotape showing four police officers beating king after a high speed chase. the officers were charged with assault but later acquitted. that set off riots in los angeles that lasted for three days killing 55 people and destroying parts of the that city. police are still investigating the cause of king's death. they say it does appear to be an accident. the time right now is 6:07. some devastating news for a famous musical family. a crash that is causing a big backup. how to avoid it, weather and traffic on the ones. next, a deadly accidents before a soldout concert. a stage comes crashing down. this morning, what witnesses saw.
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we are learning new details at a deadly stage collapse in toronto. lights and screens at the top of the stage appeared heavy. crews. >> reporter: setting up the stage for a radiohead concert. the band's drum technician died and three others hurt. the band cancelled the concert. 6:11. looking live right now. 62 degrees. you can see the haze in the sky. a little rain throughout the region. all this gorgeous weather is coming to an end, sadly. >> very misty morning. with more, here's meteorologist tom kierein. >> storm 4 radar is showing a broader area of some steadier rain. heavier, too. the areas in orange and yellow out of the mountains advancing east. closer to washington. light rain points north and points south. that's continuing to advance east and hometown forecast,
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warrenton, maybe some thunder and lightning by noontime. during the afternoon, hitting the upper 70s. isolated shower or thunder sure rolling through. that may be through through the evening hours as well. late this evening, upper 60s. then the heat builds. a look at the week ahead. seven-day outlook into the weekend. that's coming up in ten minutes. danella, how is our traffic? >> still seeing the crash southbound route 234 dumfries road. all southbound lanes are blocked at country club drive. here's a live look from chup chopper. you can see garbage truck is the problem here blocking all your southbound lants lanes if if you're trying to continue southbound, police are allowing you to travel in the northbound lanes. one lane to the right. as you can see here, that southbound traffic on dumfries is making your way towards i-95.
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as you make your way on the inner loop of the beltway avenue, blocking the left lane. angie, on over to you. 63 degrees. battling a raging fire is not enough, a new concern out west this morning whom police are looking for inside the fire lines. and next, jerry sandusky's attorneys could begin to present a unique defense today. the secret trip sandusky took to [ obama ] i'm barack obamaook to and i approve this message.
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i'm done. my skin's so raw. try new gold bond friction defense stick. it soothes skin and reduces friction. thanks, jimmy. think gold bond. ♪ this stuff works welcome back. jerry sandusky's attorneys are expected to take over today and they're expected to present an unusual defense. nen's chris malone is live in pennsylvania with more on today's proceedings. chris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. we're expecting to see jerry sandusky here show up at the center county courthouse around 8:30 this morning in anticipation of a 9:00 start this morning. now, yesterday our cameras caught up with sandusky as he left his home with on of his attorneys. it's believed he went to meet with a psychiatrist working for the prosecution. as you mentioned, it's believed that sandusky's defense team
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will introduce expert testimony into court this week that will indicate that sandusky is suffering from a personality disorder. it's believed that his defense team will try and use that diagnosis to explain some of sandusky's more outlandish behavior introduced at trial last week, including writing letters and contracts with children. now, it's not known how big a part of his defense that's going to be. we we resume court this morning the prosecution still is presenting its case. they're expecting to rest very early on and the defense team could start calling witnesses before lunchtime. that's the story live here in pennsylvania. send it back to you. >> chris, thank you. we expect to hear phone calls today between george zim mean and his wife while zimmerman was in jail for shooting trayvon martin. prosecutors will release six phone calls. conversations are said to concern financial information which was not disclosed to the
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court. a judge revoked zimmerman's bond earlier this month after prosecutors argued he misled the court about his financial situation. his wife shelly has since been charge with perjury. health concerns for rock royalty this morning. according to "people" magazine jack osbourne has been diagnose with multiple sclerosis. he learned of the diagnosis just two weeks after his fiance gave birth to their first daughter in april. it can affect muscle control, vision, and balance. a nail biter at the u.s. open in california. 26-year-old webb simpson had to sweat it out before learning he was the champion. >> webb simpson is the 2012 united states open champion. >> simpson finished earlier in the day, so he and his wife had to watch the final polls in the clubhouse there.
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mcdowell missed a putt on the final hole which would have forced a playoff. simpson rallied to win at 1 over par. afterwards he talked about having to wait to see if he could to win the championship. >> it was nerve-racking. i expected both of them to do welcoming in. and you know, i thought even though graham had a 25 footer he would hit the hole or have a good chance. >> simpson is not the tumpment's only feel good story. seemed like the entire country was rooting for 17-year-old beau hosler. he was in contention for most of the weekend but stumbled down the stretch finishing titd for 2th place at 9 over par. miami is heating up against the hundredor, 91-85, to two a 2-1 series lead.
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james led all players with 29 points and 14 rebounds. kevin durant led the thunder with 25 points. developing story in colorado. firefighters are evacuating more neighborhoods as strong winds spread a massive wildfire. now police though are also on the lookout for looters rummaging through evacuated homes nape already arrested one man they say posed as a firefighter. so far 56,000 acres are burned. 181 homes are destroyed. fire is now 45% contained. let's check the forecast in our area. right now we enjoyed some beautiful weather for june but, you know, like all good things. >> you better enjoy it while it lasts. isn't that right, tom? >> here comes nba playoff weather, heat and thunder. we'll get the thunder and then the heat. getting light rain. storm 4 radar. heavier rain out here in the mountains. this area where you see in the orange, it's producing some
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thunder and lightning, too. advancing towards the shenandoah valley. getting some scattered light showers. that pavement is wet. getting a lot of fender bender reports coming in from montgomery county into prince george's and charles county, advancing east. the shore is having sunshine if clouds are coming your way, too, later today. in fact, over there where the sky is sunny. only in the 50s. the clouds and showers were generally holding in the 60s. later today into the 70s. much of the region remaining cloudy and passing showers this morning. might have an isolated thunder shower this afternoon or this evening, smaller chance of that. then a small chance this afternoon, wd, tuesday, thursday, the big story with this weather pattern is we'll be heating up, mid eight tiz tomorrow. low and mid 90 onz wednesday, thursday, during 90 friday. maybe passing thunder shower. danella, good morning. how is our traffic? breaking news. a few accidents to look out for and blocking all of your lanes. let's start in annandale.
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up a of your lanes are still blocked. let's head down. this time to dumfries. all of those lanes are blocked. this is that country club drive. chopper 4 is live on the scene. accident involves a garbage truck blocking the lanes. you are able to get by. you're doing to have to get in the northbound lanes. heading northbound, one lane gets by to the right. the good news is this garbage truck is just about towed out of the roadway. hopefully clearing soon. back over to you. it is 62 degrees. right after the break, the investigation launched into an olympic scandal. and you have to hear this one. later this morning at 6:55, avoid them if you can. the germ hot spots in hotel ♪
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♪ health concerns about queen elizab
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this morning some people are concerned about queen elizabeth's health. he appeared with a bloodshot eye
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at a polo match. spokesperson for buckingham palace did not say what caused it but said her overall health is fine. new allegations olympic officials represent moerg than 50 countries sold tickets to the london games on the black-market. "the sunday times" released undercover video allegedly showing authorized olympic officials selling them for a higher price to popular events like the men's 100 meter final. it is against international olympic committee rules for olympic officials to sell tickets for profit. 6:26. 62 degrees. ahead, what you need to know about the plan to ease the commute for more than 100,000 people. the lawsuit filed by the maryland man suspected in a local woman's disappearance in aruba. surprising admissions by john edwards's former mistress. the sacrifices she was willing to make if edwards had gone to to make if edwards had gone to prison.
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right now big changes to the commute. rush plus just started. more than 100,000 people are expected to benefit. what you need to know before you head out. and commuteser crack down this morning. why police are patrolling a packed parking lot. good morning. welcome back to "news4 today." this week is not off to the nicest start. it's a bit of a messy monday right now. a gray start and some rain around the region. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here to tell us about this rain. >> a lot of the roads are wet. as a result, we've got fender benders now around much of the region. slow down, don't tailgate. don't speed. you might crash. right now it is wet. storm 4 radar, it is rain. right now around the metro area,
6:31 am
yeah, much of the pavement is wet around washington and the nearby suburbs as well as through southern maryland. 50s. day planner for this monday through the morning hours, passing showers by noontime should be near 70 degrees. during the afternoon peeking in the mid 70s and there's a smaller chance through isolated shower or thunder shower by later this afternoon. as they get down to the evening hours, small chance. i'll be back in 1e7b min with a hometown forecast. >> thank you. if you're headed out to catch the train you may not have to wait as long. rush plus is kicking off right now on some of the system's busiest lines. the first ones just left the franconia-springfield session mine under the circumstanc minutes ago. >> good morning. the whole idea behind rush plus is to get you moving by adding trains and keep you from having
6:32 am
to transfer. here's what that looks like. now, there will be more train on both the orange and yellow lines, six more each hour. that means 21 stations will see more trains roll through. but those trains will be headed to different destinations. the orange line trains will travel from vienna to largo town center. on the blue line and the yellow line trains will travel between greenbelt on the green line and franconia-springfield on the blue line. now, those changes are marked on the maps with dashed lines. the key to not getting confused is to look for the train's final destinations so you don't end up at the wrong station. following breaking news, let's start in annandale. eastbound lanes of little river turnpike. also be on the lookout, southbound getting by on the northbound side. dumfries road at country club
6:33 am
drive. chopper 4 right now, head you're way northbound. about 30 miles an hour. 20 minutes right now. today police in prince william county will start cracking down on a computer lot parking. they will be patrolling horn erode in prince william parkway. that's where news 4's megan mcgrath is live. megan, have you seen police yet? >> we haven't seen police yet but we expecting them at any time now. we just saw the first drivers begin to illegal park here at this hot. apparently the spaces are filling up here this morning. there are some cars across the road there parallel parking against the curb. that is a no parking zone. those folks are going to find themselves with warning ticket later on this morning. there are 2,000 spaces here at the horn erode lot and they fill up quickly. when they're gone people just start parking illegally. police are going to begin
6:34 am
cracking down starting today. for the next two weeks they're going to be writing warnings. you will get a break here. worning for the next two weeks but then writing citations and you could be facing a big fine. they're going after people are double parked, folks that are in no parking zones, that are parallel parking up against the curbs and blocking the flow of traffic. we talked to commuters this morning and they say it is a problem. many of them are glad the police are cracking down. >> when they are parked in some of these spaces when you try to back out, you're coming really close to hitting another car. if i hit somebody else's car, you know, it doesn't bother me so much at this point because they are parked illegally but i don't want my car getting messed up. >> it's big in the evenings because it's filled. the cars where you're not supposed to park, they're parking. >> reporter: they are writing the warning sigh citations today
6:35 am
for most violations. there is one exception. if police see somebody who represents a severe hazard, parked in a spot that is really blocking the flow of traffic, they will actually tow you even during this probation period, if you will. so don't park in a way that you are blocking the flow of traffic or else you might come back from work and find your car gone. reporting live from the horn erode commuter lot, megan mcgrath, news 4. >> a rude awakening for a lot of commuters this morning. this morning the board of visitors will meet to discuss their decision to fire teresa sullivan as union president. they held an emergency meeting last night to discuss the firing just two years into her term. many faculty members are furious. no one is explaining why sullivan was let go except to say there was philosophical differences. >> we do not understand this action.
6:36 am
there's anger that there's a lack of communication. >> i feel like the way that she was removed wasn't in the spirit of what mr. jefferson wanted for this university. >> it's more than just the faculty angry over sullivan's firing. top donors are threatening to stop contributing to the school because of the move. john edwards' mistress says she still has romantic feelings for the former presidential candidate. hunter wrote a book called "what really happened, john edwards, our daughter, and me." hunter writes before edwards' corruption trial started he told her if he was convicted he would likely be sent to a low security prison in virginia. more like a country club than jail. last month edwards buzz acquitted on one count of accepting illegal campaign contributions. jurors were deadlocked on five other felony counts leading to a mistrial. gas prices are holding steady this morning but expect the summertime slide at the pump to continue. aaa says prices are at their lowest level since february. the national average for a
6:37 am
gallon of regular is $3.50 right now. gas is actually up a penny in d.c. from yesterday to $3.58 a gallon. maryland drivers are paying $3.4. virginia is seeing the lowest at $3.27 a gallon. prices in west virginia dropped a penny to $3.57. it is now 6:37. >> a lot of 3 nasdaq ths in tha. the multimillion dollar lawsuit filed by the main suspect in the disappearance of a local woman. rven
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here's a poom with a unique view. you can't be shy about letting people see you swim if holiday inn in china installed a glass bottom pool that is suspended off the 24th floor. swimmers can see a great view of
6:41 am
the skyline and the bottom of the street. one of the swimmers says it feels like flying. those ron street level is k. see up into the sky on the first indoor pool of its kind. i don't know. if you're scare of heights, forget about it. >> producer said, they've gone off the deep end over there in shanghai. >> the view seems cool but i think the whole time i would just be worried the thing could fall out. 6:41. time for weather and traffic on the ones. tom kierein is here to tell us about our gloomy start to our monday, tom. >> speaking of water. yes, we have some falling from the sky now. live view from city camera overlooking the monuments. it is wet. getting some showers coming through from west to east. we didn't start out that way last night, though. when you went to bed, cool and dry. now it's cool and wet. although the eastern shore is still dry in the eastern bay. those are areas where we are getting light rain including
6:42 am
washington, including prince george's county, charles county and montgomery county. fairfax county, many of the roadways are wet from the showers that did go through. now they're beginning to exit, fairfax county. another batch is about to move in. moving in from the west. hometown forecast for damascus, by noontime, still in the 60s with some passing showers. and then during the afternoon, smaller chance, even of an isolated thunderstorm coming through. highs reaching the 70s. like there's still a possibility of a shower, maybe a passing thunder shower through the evening. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at a big heat building for our region. look at the seven-day outlook in ten minutes. danella, how is traffic? >> still following breaking news. this is coming out of virginia. downed wires are blocking all of your eastbound lanes at john marr drive. all lanes are blocked. the inner loop at connecticut avenue. that accident is cleared. that outer loop right here is
6:43 am
getting really slow. in fact, from i-95 where you will first start hitting the brakes. underspeed at 20 miles an hour. 20 minutes right now to get to i-270. over in maryland, route 50, not so bad if you will start too really slow down. taking about ten minutes to get from the beltway to 295. angie and eun, over to you. the man suspected in the disappearance of a maryland woman in aruba now wants to cash in on the insurance policy he took out on her life. according to nbc news, gary is suing american express for $3.5 million. he says robin gardner is presumed dead and american express should pay the full death benefit. american express says it is too soon. american express tells nbc news when someone is presumed dead, a claim is not evaluated until 365 days until after the incident. it's been ten months since gardner disappeared.
6:44 am
this exact policy is one factor that made police suspicious in the first place. he said gardner likely drowned while snorkeling. more developments during the 8:00 hour of the show. a key figure in the los angeles race riots back in the early '90s has died. rodney king died in his california home yesterday morning at the age of 47. back in 1991 a videotape showed four police officers beating and kicking king after a high speed chase if officers were charge with assault. they were later acquitted. that verdict set off the riot in los angeles which caused deadly riots in san diego and destroyed parts of the city. police are still investigating the cause of king's death that say it does appear to be an accident. greeks apparently aren't ready to ditch the euro. they won greece's second national election in six weeks. they haven't been able to agree on how to handle the nation's
6:45 am
spiraling debt. they've been offered a multibillion dollar bailout by attached strict austerity measures to the loans. they say greece would be better off leaving the eurozone all together. right now president obama and other world leaders are in mexico for this week's g-20 summit. president obama arrived in mexico last night. greece and other european countries' financial crisis are expected to dominate the two-day talks. president obama will meet today with vladimir putin for the first time since he became russia's president again. he's expected to urge putin to ease russia's support for syria's government as violence in that country escalates. russia has been a long-time ally and trade partner of syria. it could be key to negotiating a deal that could give syrian leader bashir assad refrigerator refuge. the bus tour rolls into wisconsin.
6:46 am
presumptive republican presidential nominee will come pain with scott walker who won a recall election two weeks ago. congressman paul ryan, often mentioned as a possible running mate for romney, will be attempt. romney began a five-day bus tour through six battleground states last friday. all eyes are on the supreme court where the justices are expected to rule on president obama's health care law. some lawmakers have been pushing for the president's health care law to be overturned even before it passed in march of 2010. many republicans are opposed to the requirement that most individuals must buy some sort of health care. they've said publicly that even if the supreme court upholds the law they will work to repeal it. police are looking for a hit and run driver who critically injured a man. the victim is is 33-year-old mohammed shabore. he was walking on the sidewalk on fairfax boulevard in fairfax city friday night. police say the driver struck him, sending him 50 feet from where he stood. he landed partially underneath a
6:47 am
parked car. the driver similar to this one left the scene. investigators are looking at surveillance video now. police have not been able to contact his family. former d.c. council member harry thomas jr. is expected to begin his prison service this week in alabama. we he will likely spend 2 1/2 years thereafter pleading guilty in january of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in government grants. vincent gray will have another civic duty to perform. he will report to jury duty. he is an eligible juror. facebook is paying big time to settle a lawsuit from some of its users. the social network agreed to pray $10 million to charity to settle the suit. it stems from what's called, quote, sponsored stories. if a user liked certain brands they sewed up on a friend's page
6:48 am
as sponsored stories. some users sued saying social network used their images mere commercial activity. a judge still needs to approve the settlement. microsoft is building a buzz this morning. ready to take on the am ipad. yak si has more on that. welcome back, jackie. >> good morning. nice to see you. microsoft making what it's calling a major announcement later today in los angeles. they went out on thursday, reports saying that microsoft may unveil a new tablet device with windows 8. they say it's likely an e-reader made with barnes and noble that includes xbox live. think you're getting an inheritance? time to think about again. a new survey finds that only 75% of adults under the age of 46 say it's important to leave money to their kids. while just 55% of baby boomers, those 47 to 56, share that sentiment. a third say they would rather leave their money to charity
6:49 am
saying that each generation should create its own wealth and it's more important to invest in their kids' success wheel they're growing up. i guess we're going to have to do at this time hard way. >> thanks so much. well, it's your last chance to hop on board some amazing historic ships and naval vessels in baltimore. sailabration wraps up tomorrow. steady stream of the beautiful boats will be leaving ft. mchenry between 7:00 in the morning and 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. more than a million people are estimated to have visit issed the ships this weekend which came to town to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. we were talking about this earlier, what a nice weekend to be on the water. >> nice weekend for everything outdoors. we have rain in the region. and some more dreary weather. tom kiereins say a warm-up is on the way, too. >> a heat wave, right? >> it does look like it by mid week. hopefully you didn't adapt too much to our wonderful weather
6:50 am
because here we go. it's starting to turn certainly a lot more humid with the rain that's falling. the heat will be starting to build tomorrow. not today. look at all that rain that's moving on storm 4 radar. that moving color is rain moving wall street and east. out of the mountains. these areas in orange. getting moderate showers from eastern panhandle of west virginia now just crossing into the shenandoah. and winchester getting light showers. closer to washington, though. we've had some one band of light rain come through to make all the pavement wet across northern virginia, district of maryland. as a result, we've got multiple fender benders and this pavement is going to stay wet here even though the rain maine may temporarily end for an hour. this next surge is going to be coming through for the rest of the morning hours. temperatures showing a wide contrast where on the eastern shore they have sunshine. it's only in the low to mid 50s. under the clouds with the rain from the bay west, it's generally in the low 60s. here's the day planner for
6:51 am
today. there's a live view from city camera showing that gray sky in washington. passing showers through the morning hours. smaller chance of additional shower or thunder shower this afternoon. this afternoon, mid to upper 70s. by late afternoon, back down to the low 70s. and then tomorrow morning, the 60s. but we ought to have breaks in the clouds. as those majestic tall ships make their way from baltimore and down the bay, it will be a nice warning for that. during the afternoon, showers and thunderstorms into the mid 80s. more humid tomorrow. then sweltering heat and humidity on wednesday, thursday, hazy, hot and humid. highs both days in low to mid 90s. then on friday, still humid but maybe not quite as hot. up around 90 degrees. then over the weekend, turning a bill cooler. a little less humid, too. highs in the mid 80s on saturday and sunday. morning lows 60s. partly cloudy both days. might get an afternoon shower or thunder shower on sunday. when you are away from your television, you can check out your computer. check out my forecast on
6:52 am as well as on twitter or facebook. you can get cool photos and the later weather, sicience and technology news. good morning. right now still watching the problems in annandale. john marr drive, all of the eastbound lanes are blocked due to downed wires. if you're trying to get to 395 what you want to do is take 244 as an alternate route. as you travel to 244, you you're going to get on 7 and take 7 to 395. also keeping an eye out on du, manyfri dumfries. your southbound lanes are still blocked by a garbage truck. very slow southbound at farther hurley. also want to give you an eye out northbound, just had a disabled tractor trailer blocking your right shoulder lane but your lanes are nice and open. good news on i-270.
6:53 am
checking accidents, not seeing any. on over to you. 6:52. if you haven't left the house yet expect to see more trains when you get on your metro station this morning. rush plus began 25 minutes ago. the hope is it will make your ride less crowded. pay attention to where your train is going the tracye wilkins is joining us live on the greenbelt station. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's something like the first day of school where you're hoping you're going to find the right classroom. that's what it's like for riders this morning. it's important that folks pay close attention to make sure they're on the train that they want to be on. metro's spokesman says rush plus will improve the commute for 110,000 customers on the green, yellow, blue, and orange lines. the red line will not be impacted. 21 stations will get more frequent service with six additional trains every hour of rush hour. for example, during big periods, orange line customers will get six additional trains per hour.
6:54 am
throw in each direction between vienna and largo town center. they predict it will add an estimated 2600 seats per hour. although the blue line will lose some trains. for the first time, riders here at the greenbelt station will be able to ride straight to franconia-springfield without transferring on the new yellow dash line. the dash lines operate during rush only. there's also a new dash orange line coming from largo to vienna. they're hoping that will help out with what's known as the orange crush. we asked riders this morning what do they think about rush plus. >> i wish that they had done it early in the morning. >> reporter: it would have helped you had it been a little earlier? >> yeah, it would have helped. if i came and not have to get on this one train, that would have been nice. >> reporter: what do you think about it? >> i don't know. find out this afternoon. it should be good though because i'm tired of crowded trains, too, myself, you mow. hopefully it will get better. >> i'm not sure the rush plus will change much for me but
6:55 am
hopefully improve service for some people. >> reporter: it will be running from 6:30 until 9:00 a.m. in the morning. and then from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. in the evening. that's the main thing we've been hearing is that we wish they would have started it a little earlier. i'm tracee wilkins, live in greenbelt, news 4. >> thank you. it helps you turn the channel nell but it's your tom mack that may turn when you hear what's on many tv remotes in hotel rooms. according to a new study the tv remoment is one of the germiest places in a hotel room. researchers say light switches are also amongst the surfaces most likely to be contaminated. bathroom sinks and floors are also likely to be crawling with germs. before you go and cancel your hotel reservations, researchers say the results don't mean these surfaces will make you sick. the researchers say it wasn't to scare you, it was more to get the hotels to have their
6:56 am
cleaning. >> make you sick but sick to your stomach. you don't want to think about the germs. gross. tom, one last check of the forecast. >> will you take my phone? >> no! >> no. >> all right. here we go this morning. where's the hand sanitizer. >> i got it, here. >> it's going to be in the mid 70s today. thank you. a few showers, maybe some thunder. on wednesday and thursday. into the 90s with high humidity, too. >> will you spray that remote? >> we've got sprays, wipes. all right. all right. well, that's going to wrap up "news4 today." thanks for starting your day with us. ♪
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