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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight outrage over a new sneaker leads adidas to cancel
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production. late night drama on the university of virginia campus. a board meeting about the school president approaching eight hours. microsoft takes aim at apple with a new tablet that runs windows. good evening i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim rosenfield in for jim vance. police say these robbers will break in even if you are inside. jackie bensen reports. >> reporter: imagine the creepy feeling of knowing someone came up on your porch at 4:00 a.m. tried the door handle and walked away. that's what happened at a home on wheat ridge drive the night of may 23nd. the would be burglar who broke into a car in the destroy realized a security camera was mounted on the porridge. since the end of april that there have been a series of 18 break ins to homes in this
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neighborhood. some have occurred while residents were asleep inside. cars have been broken into or stolen. >> this is a spree of crimes of opportunity. many of these if not all could have been prevented had the homeowner or vehicle operator locked the car door, put the garage door down or locked the door to the homes. >> residents are on edge. >> we heard a car alarm go off and my husband was like go look out the windows. our cars were fine but we heard the alarm go off. >> reporter: police say with crime sprees like this is it not unusual for the suspects to live in or near the neighborhood that's been affected. and that could very well be the case here. reporting from germantown, jackie bensen, news4. it will be a long night for firefighters out west after a fire at a wholesale warehouse in gilbert, arizona. no one is hurt but the thick
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black smoke can be seen miles away. and new tonight, a wildfire burning near fort collins, colorado is 50% contained. the size of that blaze is closing in on 60,000 acres. firefighters say it consumed 189 homes, the most destroyed by a wildfire in state history. now to a decision just in from adidas. the company announced it will not be going to production with a sneaker that reminds some people of slavery. the outrage came quickly and so was the reaction from adidas. >> outrage across the nation forced adidas to cancel plans to release these shoes in august. they came with a pair of plastic shackles. earlier today the shoe company asked got a sneaker so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles. >> i would not buy them.
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>> reporter: critics said the shoes were offensive. >> the image of sneakers having shackles just draws too many negative images and con notations for me. >> reporter: rodney has worn adidas since 1983. he says the shoes have no place in the marketplace. >> it is irresponsible. >> reporter: adidas said the design of the round house mid is nothing more than designer jeremy scott's outrageous and unique take on fashion and nothing to do with slavery. >> we found sneaker lovers who say these shoes are cool, stylish and cutting age. >> this guy only wears jeremy scott adidas. >> i have my shackles on my feet so i can dance. >> reporter: he will have to dance without shackles.
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in northwest d.c. i'm shomari stone, news4. outside showers are moving across the area. veronica johnson's in for doug. >> the last of the showers drying up as they make their way down around charlottesville. so dry conditions for us but the rain, the clouds saved us today. our temperatures today just around 70 degrees. it felt a lot like april than june around here. but next for us higher heat and humidity. this is the type of heat this week we have not reported on yet or had to deal with. we'll have to talk about that and with humidity what it will feel like around here in a few minutes. now to breaking news at the university of virginia. an emergency of meetings by the board of visitors still going on at this hour. julie carey hear to give us the
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latest. >> reporter: the university of virginia board of visitors has been behind closed door for seven hours now. at 10:00 the journalists were told that they would be making a public statement but the door has not opened. we are waiting to find out what their next step will be after the forced resignation of teresa sullivan, the former president about ten days ago. she went before the board earlier today and made a brief statement to them, left the rotunda to an enormous show of support by about 2,000 faculty, students and alumni. she did not make a public statement at that time but defended her time in a written statement and rebutting some of the criticisms of the board of trustees director who has been the chief force in having teresa sullivan removed as president. we are waiting to decide what this board does next whether
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they will appoint an interim president or whether they will take the advice of the faculty senate which asked that the rector and vice rector step down and they reinstate teresa sullivan. for the first time in 37 years, microsoft is launching a computer designed and manufactured by the company. it's called the surface. it's a tablet device meant to take on the apple ipad. at 10.6 inches it will have a bigger screen than the ipad. and it will have a kick stand build in on the back which is designed to close like a high-end car door. one of the coolest features a cover that folds out to become a keyboard. when you are not using it the keyboard shuts off. microsoft will launch two surface tablets expected to be
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available in august. the higher end pro will run a full version of windows 8. no official word on prices yet but industry experts say the lower end will be on par with the ipad. the pro could cost as much as an intel ultra book which starts at $900 dlrksst. an emotional display by roger clemens today. a jury acquitted him on charges that he lied to congress in 2008 about using performance-enhancing drugs. this was the second time federal prosecutors put clemens on trial for perjury. the first case ended in a mistrial last year. clemens denied ever having used steroids or human growth hormone. the defense started presenting their case in the jerry sandusky trial today. victim 9's mother told the court that her son no longer felt like
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going to sandusky's home when he was a child but she made him go anyway. the defense promised that sandusky will take the stand. the judge said the deliberations could start on thursday. vincent gray headed to court for jury duty. he was considered for a jury just like everyone else and that serving is a civic duty and he hopes people understand the importance of it. the mayor and others were dismissed without a trial. john kerry is going to do his best mitt romney impression to help president obama's campaign. he is going to play romney in mock debates with the president. kerry has real presidential debate experience of his own. he was the democratic white house nominee in 2004. the romney campaign has not said
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who will play president obama in their mock debates. the real mitt romney took a break from the campaign today steering a riverboat down the mississippi river in iowa. romney says he is confidentiality he will win michigan. an average of polls shows that romney is trailing obama by five points in michigan. the restoration of dyke marsh formed 500 years ago, over the years chunks of the marsh have been lost. the national parks service is deciding what to do with the wetlands. options include not restoring it or restoring it to varying degrees. boaters fear that certain efforts could limit the river access but park officials
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disagree. >> we don't think these proposals should be on the table. it shouldn't just be one sided. >> one time that marsh is twice as big as what it is now. >> the national park service is acceing public comments offering alternatives for the restoration. ahead tonight, a huge black bear drops from a tree in the middle of a busy neighborhood. a skunk runs into a popular neighborhood in maryland. not pulling punches, republicans and democrats alike take aim at the boxing industry. what got one child into so
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jailhouse phone calls in the george zimmerman case could make it difficult for him to get out of jail any time soon. the calls are between he and his wife. he is in jail for the february shooting death of treyvon martin. you can hear them talking about finances that were allegedly not disclosed to the court. his bond was revoked after it was found out he received $137,000 in support from the public. it will be weeks before the public knows rodney king's official cause of death.
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a toxicology report takes four to six weeks. he was found dead in his pool yesterday morning. became famous after being beaten by los angeles police in 1919 in a racially charged case that sparked the l.a. riots. a love of boxing brought a pair to push for oversight in the sport. the two senators want better oversight of all matches to prevent fraud and corruption. a boy in waldorf maryland had to deal with a public punishment an forgetting to call home. his dad made to walk around with a homeless sign. kevin burks says his son didn't call when he wanted to spend the night at a friend's house. and dad made him walk up and down the street with a sign that
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read "homeless. won't listen to parents". >> i pay for his clothes and shoes and roof over his head and safety. so if you want to be your own adult you will sit outside and be an adult putting the sign out there makes him see it's not easy to be your own adult. >> kenny had two meals and breaks. neighbors did complain to police but after explaining the situation the officer applauded his efforts. the skunk that bit a diner in a restaurant in maryland tested positive for rabies. it happened thursday when the animal somehow got inside the cheese burger and paradise restaurant in california, maryland. the skunk is the sixth animal in the count to be found to have rabies. health officials say prevention includes vaccinating pets and staying away from animals displaying unusual behavior.
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a huge black bear was spotted in a tree in new hampshire. workers shot it with three tranquilizer darts this morning. the event was broadcast on television as people were told to stay in their homes. the bear fell out of the tree and neighbors walked out of their homes to get a look. the olympic torch made a pit stop in england today. the torch bearer handed the torch to a security guard, dropped to his knee and proposed to his girlfriend. she had no idea this was coming in such a public manner. the man grabbed the torch and kept on running. the opening ceremony is july 27th here on news4. >> the rest of the run was easy for him. >> very nervous leading up to that point. >> and she's like what just happened? >> what's happening with the weather? warm up right? >> a big warm up on the way.
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the best way to describe it is draw dramatic. this is the temperatures we have reported on, 91, 92, 93 degrees. but the heat this week is higher along with humidity. it will be oppressive for a couple days this week. dramatic after today's temperatures in the mid-60s to around 70 degrees. but now big changes coming our way. outside we have cloud cover out there. but the rain is over. 71 degrees was the high temperature today. that was it. we started out at 63. throughout the area, some 15 degrees to 20 degrees below average. we picked up .28 inch rain. the temperatures were the coolest it's been since may 10th around here. temperatures have dropped a little bit. 70 degrees now. 62 is the dew point temperature. that's the number that is also going to be rising this week. to around 70 degrees that dew point temperature. it's going to make it feel
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uncomfortable. the rain, the showers pulling to the east in terms of rainfall amounts, the higher amounts were back to the west in petersburg, over an inch of rain. loudoun county, lees burg and culpepper .4 inch rain. and then the rain faded. the .28 in d.c. was mostly early this morning. we'll have isolated showers or storms coming up. a bigger chance on friday. the major story is the heat from the southern plains to the nation's midsection is where it was holding today. it will move east by wednesday and stretch up the eastern sea board. boston, pittsburgh and philadelphia will he the high heat. our hottest day will be thursday. this is the record high temperature for thursday. 98 degrees. so again, coming right around that for thursday with high humidity. so you get the idea. it will be oppressive feeling
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over 100 degrees. the type of heat we have not had to play or work in yet this year. cooling showers is all we will see the next couple days most of them west in the higher elevations tomorrow and again on wednesday. better chance for showers will be i think at the end of the week. so for tomorrow morning we're going to be starting out on the warm side. 62 to 69 degrees. the rain over. still cloud cover in the area and maybe a bit of patchy fog. but sunshine will be returning. warmer temperatures tomorrow. 85 to 90 degrees. we get a bit of humidity tomorrow. and more of it starting on wednesday with a high of 95 degrees. 97 for thursday. that's the day that will be oppressive. 94 on friday. showers and thunderstorms coming through. then saturday and sunday we ease it back down to 88 to 90 degrees. but big, big changes coming our way. got big events with a lot of people make sure they have shade
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here's jason pew in for dan hellie. >> it was nice to catch a break. the nationals off but the baltimore orioles had a good game against the new york mets. after dropping their first series in the month of june to the rayes the orioles are coming off back to back shutouts against atlanta. tonight in new york the national league east tour continued with
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the mets. arietta started off strong. kirk goes down in the first and ike davis in the second. in the fourth he gets david wright looking. four ks, no runs through 5. but in the sixth he gets in trouble. bases loaded for ike davis batting .192 on the season. but this hit will raise the average. a grand slam. this you hammers it to deep center. mets go up 4-0. that was more run support for r.a. dickey. seventh inning he strikes out matt weeders the third time. in the ninth inning he gets chris davis to end the game. 13 strikeouts for dickey. he's the first pitcher to throwback to back one-hitters since 1988. the mets take the opener 5-0. going into the european championships spain was a heavy
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favorite to win it all. why not? they captured the world cup two years ago and the euro championship four years back. but this year they have to get by croatia first. we start in the 88th minute, game still scoreless. fabregas chips it to iniesta. check out the replay. the rowation goalkeeper thinks they are offsides but the goal counts. nalas helps spain get the win and secure their first place in group c along with a spot in the european championship quarterfinals. now to poland where italy and ireland faced off. picking it up in the first half. 35th minute and perlo sets up the corner and the header gives italy a 1-0 lead.
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90th minute and italy with another corner. they're going to try to secure this ball game and this time it's balotelli with the volley. look a this. across his body. italy wins 2-0 and finish in second lace in group c. one final note the worst team in the nba this year, the bobcats hired mike dunlap as their new head coach. he was an assistant at st. john's university. michael jordan the owner of the bobcats going to
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if you are one of the millions who grew up with the beatles, but don't look now, sir paul mccartney is 70 years old. he was born in liverpool, england. he is still headlining shows around the world. the next gig is performing at the opening ceremonies in the olympics in london. >> still going strong. >> we were joking that 70 is this the new 50. he really does look good. >> he does. >> what is coming our way. >> we may not look good this week. >> 90 is the new 70.
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right? >> right. take a look at the seven-day forecast. the heat is on tomorrow. 90 degrees. big changes. dramatic change. 97 for the high on thursday. high heat wednesday, thursday and friday. it will feel like more than 100
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