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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  June 19, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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know another car was involved in that rescue crews had to remove the roof of that car to get the people out. we are still waiting to learn of their conditions. we'll bring you more as news comes in. also new this morning, two people are in the hospital after a head-on collision in northeast d.c. at the intersection of rhode island and south dakota avenues around 2:00 in the morning. the driver of one of the cars ran off after the accident while two passengers in the other car had to be taken to the hospital. so far no, word on their condition. two parked cars were also damaged in that accident. we're getting a look at the person of interest in the suspicious death of a woman found at a dewey beach motel room at the atlantic oceanside motel. take a look at these surveillance photos. police say this man is wanted for wing. it's not clear how he is involved. the cleaning staff discovered the body. today animal rights
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advocates plan to protest a special task force meeting at n annapolis about pit bulls after the maryland court of appeals ruled pit bulls were a dangerous breed. people attacked by pit bulls no longer have to prove the animal's prior violent behavior. the owners are libel for damages and they are liable if the attack happens on his or her property. first look at the forecast. we can feel the humidity creep into the air. lots of hairspray, tom. >> yeah, the hairometer is telling us that the -- the scale is going up. we have a little hairspray storm over here. hairspray front coming in. >> poor tom. one more day of this. >> sorry. >> no, it's wonderful working with you. wake up and look outside. you may see a little bit of star shine come through some of the high overcast that is now passing over the region. we do have a few showers on the
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lower eastern shore. that's drifting over towards ocean city. elsewhere, a spfew sprinkles alg the pennsylvania border where washington county meets frederick county. that's drifting off to the east. elsewhere, we don't have any precipitation around this tuesday morning. the 19th day of june. starting off this morning with temperatures in the 60s. right near the bay. it's near 70 degrees now. farther west, low 60s. shenandoah valley. and for the rest of the day today, here's your day planner. we'll have some sunshine in and out of partly sunny day. a light breeze this morning. but then we're going to get into the 80sthis afternoon, unlike yesterday's 70s. it was certainly a pleasant day. cool but, you know, today, going to be a big change. more humid, too, by mid afternoon. upper 80s by 3:00 or so. small chance of isolated thunderstorm late this afternoon. good morning. >> good morning, tom.
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right now we're looking at the road work. it's happening this morning. let's start with the inner loop of the beltway. it's shut down again this morning because of road work. making your way on the outer look this type at braddock road. taking away your left lane. you can get by but stick to the right. volume is right on the outer loop from braddock where the cones are set up. again, just blocking the left lane. let's head over to loop 50 at the beltway. outbound, in fact, as you travel you can get by but just one lane to the left will get you by. you can see road work is set up on the right side of the roadway. hopefully that will be over in the final stage as well. i'll be back in ten minutes. over to you. >> danella, thank you. this morning police in montgomery county are search for two burglars targeting a specific neighborhood. since the end of april there have been 18 break-ins at homes in germantown in the
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neighborhood. police suspect the same two people may will responsible for the crimes. one of the would be burglars was caught on a security calm are at a home on wheat ridge drive on may 23rd. the man broke into a car in the driveway before he noticed the security camera at the front door and left. >> a spree of crimes of opportunity. many of these, if not all, could have been presented had the homeowner or vehicle operator locked the car door, put the garage door down, or locked the door to their homes. >> police hope someone will recognize the man in this surveillance video. they also say that with the crime spree like this, the burglars often live in or near the targeted neighborhood. today jerry sandusky may testify in his own defense as his sex abuse trial races to a finish. the prosecution called its last witness yesterday. the mother of a young man known as victim number 9 told the court her son no longer felt
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like going to sandusky's home while a child but she tearfully said she made him go anyway. six witnesses were testifying on his character. defense lawyers are expected to argue they are motivated by money. the defense may also submit evident that sandusky suffers from a rare psychiatric disorder making him overly affect nate. and an emotional display from roger clemens here in the district. a jury acquitted the former major league pitcher on charges he lied to congress in 2000 8 about using performance enhancing drugs. clemens choked up after the verdict. >> i put a lot of hard work into that career. so, again, i appreciate my teammates that kyle in and all the e-mails and phone calls. >> this was the second time prosecutors put clemens on trial for perjury. the first case ended in a mistrial last year. virginia's governor is taking a heat over the plan to
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move the redskins training camp to richmond. they say the $30 million deal to move the team's training facility out of loudon county next year was done behind their backs. the governor is out of the country but his staff was grilled by lawmakers on the issue. his chief of staff insists some legislators were told of the deal but could not identify which ones. a similar deal was rejected earlier this year by house budget officials. today montgomery county residents will get a chance to voice their opinion about a controversial gas station location. costco wants to build a pump station next to the wheaton mall the wheaton. residents and civic activists complain the station is too close to homes and the kenmont swim and ten news club. they have drafted a bill to ban the station unless it is drawn further from the pool.
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we now know a rabid swunk bit a customer at a customer in maryland. the health department reports the skunk tested positive for lay rabies. last thursday it walked into the cheeseburger in prayer dice in maryland and bit a person. the skunk is the sixth animal in the county to have rabies. pet owners should vaccinate their animals foray by rabies tp it from spreading. michigan, the presumptive republican presidential candidate will campaign across the state today. romney told reporters that if he can win michigan, he can become president. he spent yesterday in wisconsin and eye oh a what as part of his bus tour. the g-20 summit wraps up today in mexico. europe's debt crisis dominated the first day of the meetings yesterday. president obama and other world leaders plan to support a plan
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today which they say will focus on job creation to boost growth in europe. the president says he feels encouraged about europe's direction. he calls the results of sunday's election a positive prospect. greece's pro bailout party won that election making it less likely for the country to ditch the euro. 68 degrees. ahead on "news4 today," creative license or offensive idea. the uproar this morning over a new pair of sneakers that's across the country. one last chance to catch a glimpse of historic ships in baltimore's harbor. starting the day off just below the 70-degree mark. what you need to know next as part of weather and traffi
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a parade of sales today in the chesapeake bay. more than 40 tall ships and naval vessels will leave the harbor this morning after a week of celebration commemorating the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. the naval ships will start leaving around 7:00 this morning. the tall ships will head out around 11:00 led by "the pride of baltimore." there are several good spots to watch. a lot of fun places. >> yeah. >> it's too bad i didn't get to go up there. >> both of us didn't goat go. always next year. >> 4:41. waking up to clear skies.
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today we really are preparing for a heat wave that is on its way. much warmer today. hi, tom. >> that's right. yesterday we were in the 70s. probably going to be at least 10 to 15 degrees warmer this afternoon than yesterday. over the last several hours we've had some passing showers over night. now over the lower eastern shore. and up into southern pennsylvania along the maryland border. a lot of high cloudiness coming through the region. all the areas in green in the 60s for the mountains all of the way to the atlantic beaches. reagan national now at 69. right now in waldorf it's at 66. and partly cloudy there. and here's the hometown forecast for charles county, waldorf, by mid morning, low 70s. by noontime, around 80 and partly sunny. for the rest of the afternoon, mid and upper 80 there's for a brief time. mid to late afternoon. just a slight chance of isolated thunderstorm popping up into the evening hours. back down to the 70s by midnight. and even hotter tomorrow. we'll look at that and the week
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and weekend in ten minutes. >> tom, right now looking at an accident. this is if you're traveling 95 nn as you approach the 11th street bridge. use caution. have a crash in that area. over to the beltway and prince george's county road work. it's on the right side of the road for you. traveling along i-270 north and southbound at old georgetown road. road work on both ways. it's on the left side. be aware of that. if you're traveling along 395, i have your commute coming up in ten minutes. angie and eun, back over to you. right now it's 4:43. still to come, giving a commu community something to talk about. could a state that had this maryland kid pacing on the sidewalk for the entire neighborhood to see. one company's refreshing idea to cash in on brice
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a neighbor complained about this punishment. they walked up and down the street with a sign that read, quote, homeless, won't listen to parents. the 12-year-old boy in waldorf forgot to call home when he decided to spend the night at a friend's house. >> i pay for his clothes, his shoes, roof over his head, his safety and everything that he has, so my thing was, you want to be your own adult, you go ahead and sit outside and be your own adult. by putting that sign out there allows him to be to see that it's not easy out there to be your own adult. >> dad was a little shoft on him. burks said kenny ate two meals and took breaks. neighbors complained to police but explaining the situation the officer applauded his effort. heads up if you are heading to ocean city any time soon. the city's open container law is now back to a criminal offense. in 2008 police changed the law from an arrestable offense to
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civil infraction. this week's change means you can get arrested if you are drinking alcohol on any public street, sidewalk, boardwalk, or public beach. there will be an option for people to pay a fine in lieu of appearing in court. d.c. lawmakers are pushing to ban double or triple packs of beer, according to the huffington post. the move comes after the d.c. council bands stores in ward six from selling single can of beer when some stores began selling two and three-packs. the member says after the original single ban there was a significant reduction in arrests, public drinking, and disorderly conduct. this morning we're learning some of the terms of a possible deal to expand gambling in maryland. according to the "washington post," table games would be legalized. maryland live and second casino being built in baltimore would also get to keep a greater percentage of profits from slot machine it is a casino is built in prince george's county. a state gaming commission would
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be created. that is part of a possible bill. a work group is hammering out right now. if that group reaches a deal, governor may call a special session next month to discuss the deal. governor o'malley is also trying to raise support for same-sex marriage in the state. o'malley and house speaker michael bush will hold a fund-raiser today in ocean city. it's scheduled to coincide with the convention of the maryland municipal week expected to draw more than 1500 local officials to the resort town. tickets start at $1,000. o'malley had been active in raising money to try to uphold maryland's new same-sex marriage law. that law will likely be voted on by voters in a november referendum. this morning we are getting a better understanding of the jailhouse conversations between george zimmerman and his wife. >> so take you ten out first to keep in your pocket. and then at the institution see if you can put ten into hers right away. and see if she can take that ten
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out and put it in the box there. >> the couple talks about transferring money to zimmerman's sister's account. prosecutors say they talked in code. ten is really $10,000 they say. tray say it came from a website account that raised more than $35,000 for zimmerman's defense. at his first bond hearing his wife testified they didn't have a lot of money. she's now charge with perjury. the jailhouse conversations con vensed the judge to revoke the 28-year-old's bond and send them back to jail. zimmerman is charged in the shooting death of trayvon martin. the adult film actor accuse of killing and dismembering a man is due in court today. he arrived in montreal last night. police arrested him in germany earlier this month. they say he killed a chinese student and sent the victim's body parts to schools in the headquarters of canadian political parties. he faces several charges including first degree murder. the new jersey man who used
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a webcam to spy on his gay college roommate could be out of jail today. rav i have has spent the last 28 days behind bars. a judge sentenced him to 30 days in jail. that roommate later took his own life. ravi's attorneys are appealing his conviction on charges to include bias intimidation. prosecutors are asking for a stricter sentence. this morning adidas will not move forward with a plan to produce a controversial sneaker that reminds them of slavery. late last night they cancelled the plans to make these roundhouse mids. many people across the nation's capital were outraged at the initial plans they announced on facebook. >> i would not shackle my ankles at all. >> oh, no. i'm not a huge fan of those. >> why? >> it looks -- are those chains up on top? yeah, i don't really know how that would work. it doesn't look too comfortable.
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>> adidas released a statement saying, quote, apologize if people were offended by the design and withdrawing our plans to make them available in the marketplace. apple's biggest rival is challenging the ipad for the first time this morning. microsoft unveiled the new tab bet last night called surface. it's about the same size and thickness of an ipad but with a larger 10.6-inch high definition display. it also has a bit-in kick stand and a cover that doubles as a keyboard. surface is set to be released in the fall but week fro soft hasn't said how much it's going to go for. it has a long way to go to cut in the share of the apple's tablet market. i was checking out some tech blogs and they're making guesstimates that they think it will be anywhere between $3999 and $499. >> it has to be a better price point to have a competitive edge with ipad. >> you think they're adding the
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digital ink, a cool stylus. >> we shall see. all right, 4:51. time for weather and traffic on the ones. the humidity is back. knew it would be. >> by tomorrow it might be saying imad at the heat. >> at the weatherman. >> no, no. no, no. >> just the messenger. >> at the sky, you will be shaking your fist at the sky. under a partly cloudy sky now. it's still not too humid. it's a pleasant morning. got a light breeze coming in out of the south. and as we look at what's been happening over the last 12 hour, did have showers and thunder roll across shan then doughia valley. getting a few showers now lower eastern shore from ocean city. farther down, few sprinkles. washington county into frederick county. those heading off to the east southeast. in between there and the pennsylvania border we get a lot of cloudiness. all around the region in the 60s from the mountains all of the
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way to the atlantic beaches except right near the bay. it's near 70. 69, reagan national. montgomery, fairfax, prince george's, generally in the mid 60s. might get a little patchy fog forming, especially over virginia. through the morning hours, we'll have clouds in and out. as we get into the afternoon, just a slight chance of isolated thunder shower. north and west of washington. otherwise, clouds in and out throughout the day. wednesday, we're going to have the big heat building. might have isolated thunder showers tomorrow afternoon as the heat really does climb. the hottest day of the year probably tomorrow. but today, 10 to 15 degrees hotter than yesterday. small chance of isolated storm. hazy, hot, and hume. near record heat. 99. might be record heat on thursday with a chance of afternoon storm. a greater chance of afternoon and evening storms on friday. still rather hot but not quite as hot as wednesday/thursday. over the weekend, turning less humid. chance of storms sunday. danella, good morning. how is the traffic?
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>> right now it's unfortunately a couple of accidents to look out for. let's start in d.c. heading northbound, 295 approaching the 11 street bridge. still seeing accident activity in that area. heading over to i-95. this time northbound in the hov lanes at lorton you have an accident on the right shoulder involving a tractor trailer hoo per. on 395 no, issues there. your travel speed is nice at 60 miles per hour northbound. lack over to you both. >> thank you. it's the five word answer that's become a nationwide catch phrase. >> last week a reporter asked brice harp whaer kind of beer he wanted to celebrate a massive home run he just hit. his answer? >> now that phrase clown question, bro, is, in fact, a beer. a denver brewer created the lagger for sale by next week when the nats play the rockies in denver. they say chokingly, perhaps harper was just answering what kind of beer he wanted. so now there you go.
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clown question. >> i wonder what it will taste like. >> i know. sharp? >> perhaps. six minutes away from the 5:00 hour. astonishing x-ray that will have you talking this morning. coming up at 5:15. how doctors were able to save this young boy's life. more drivers being warned about a potential party. and you will want to build in a little extra travel time if you're hitting the road this year for t
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new concern about the risk of fires in some toyota's this morning. the government has added more of the vehicles to a list that could catch fire due to problems with power window switches. 600,000 camrys are now being investigated. in all, 1.4 million cars and suv rz involved in this investigation. among the models being investigated besides the camry, the camry hybrid, the rav 4. aaa says 42.3 million americans will travel 50 mile mores. that's up from 4.9% last year. about 35.5 million people will hit the roads. .2 million are expected to fly to their destination.
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the little boy who played darth vader in a popular super bowl commercial is back home recovering from successful open heart surgery. ♪ 7-year-old max page went home last night. last week he underwent surgery to repair a rare heart defect if valve in his pulmonary artery was basically nonexistent, which slowed blood flow from his heart to his lungs. doctors insertsed a new valve. they hope this will be his last major surgery. >> we wish him the best. and speedy recovery. so cute. >> so adorable. he said the first thing he wanted was a milkshake. >> of course. you've got to get a milkshake in. stay with us. "news4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. don't let the cooler temperatures fool you. a major warm-up is on the way. one with the potential to break records here in the d.c. area. we're going to 28th you what you


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