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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the month of june started off cool but things are about to heat up.
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i'm jim rosenfield in for jim vance tonight. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. the national weather service issued heat advisories from vermont to virginia. we have team coverage tonight on the heat and begin with chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> tomorrow temperatures will be 20 to 25 degrees warmer than yesterday. looking outside right now the temperature is very warm, 80 degrees with winds out of the south at 6 miles an hour and the dew point at 73. the humidity up to near 80%. feels on the warm side out there tonight. outside today, high temperature of 88 in washington, 09 in leesburg, 9 in charlottesville. that heat will make its way into the region.
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still warm. 76 in fredericksburg. it will be a warm and humid morning tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon a heat advisory for a heat index between 100 and 105 and that is just getting things started. we'll talk more about the heat coming up. >> reporter: right now in chinatown in d.c. and i tell you as doug told you it will be very hot over the next couple days. health experts recommend that you be careful. >> it's hot. it's that hot. >> reporter: parents watch kids cool off. >> you want to be somewhere cool. >> reporter: while the heat sizzles, packed with record level temperatures near 100 degrees over the next couple days. >> be prepared. >> reporter: dr. bob rothstein works in bethesda.
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the first heat wave of the season carries an increased wave of heatstrokes. >> but you also see people who have any other underlying disease which is exacerbated by the heat. >> reporter: the small children and elderly need to be careful. >> stay cool and hydrated with something with electrolytes. >> reporter: lane you have to take care of your car. you don't want to be stranded. mike works in bethesda. >> we will see blown radiator hoses. >> reporter: make sure your hoses are clamped down. >> and they are not swelling. >> reporter: and don't forget to wear light colored loose fitting closes. rei are selling styles to fight the heat. >> they absorb moisture so it can evaporate.
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>> reporter: now health experts say people who work outside like folks at this construction site behind me need to stay hydrates. it's important to point out that pepco beefed up its crews. they are ready to respond to equipment issues. but make sure you conserve your energy. live in d.c. i'm shomari stone, news4. getting an up close and personal look at the damage a massive wildfire is causing in colorado. this is video from june 9th taken by a couple who had minutes to grab their thinks and evacuate their home. that fire has destroyed more homes than any other fire in state history. tonight it is 50% contained. we'll find out tomorrow if jerry sandusky will take the stand in his own defense. his wife told jurors she never saw or heard any inappropriate contact between sandusky and
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boys who stayed at their home. and said that one of the alleged victims' rooms was not soundproofed. he is accused of sexually abusing ten boys in ten years. police are searching for a man who robbed and stabbed a guy walking down the street this afternoon. it appears to have been a random attack. jackie bensen is in tacoma park with the latest. >> reporter: it was 4:40 p.m. broad daylight and that is when the suspect approached a man just walking down the street here. the scene showed the aftermath of a brief but bloody confrontation steps from an auto parts store. witnesses told tacoma park police that the suspect approached the victim and at knife point demanded the man's backpack. the victim received several deep cuts to his arms before the
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suspect fled with his backpack. >> at this point we don't think that they knew each other. that will come along with the investigation. but at this point it looks like a random armed robbery. >> reporter: the robber ran from the scene. officers searched nearby streets, wooded areas and dumpsters. >> it is usually cool out here. >> this is like, rare, because you know a lot of people stay to their self and it is real busy. a lot of stores and people coming back and forth. >> the victim was flown to a local hospital by helicopter and he is expected to survive his injuries. reporting live, jackie bensen, news4. a man wanted for murder in dewey beach is himself dead tonight. pawan kumar was suspected in the death of danielle mehlman. maids found her body in a room
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yesterday. she had been stabbed several times. sources say she was staying in the room with kumar. police found kumar's body in a hotel in new jersey. it's not clear yet how he died. this is the first murder in dewey beach since the town was incorporated in 1981. >> it was sad. our kids were here to see it and our daughter was crying. >> reporter: danielle had four-year-old son and was a teacher in philadelphia. somebody shot a 15-year-old boy in howard county tonight and his neighbor found him lying outside in a field. it happened along frederick road. paramedics flew the teen to a shock trauma center where he is recovering. there are conflicting reports from egypt that hosni mubarack is on his death bed. but military officials who are still ruling the country say
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that mubarack is on life support at this point. he is 84 years old and ruled egypt for 30 years. he was sentenced to life in prison for violent crackdown during the revolt that removed him from power. this photograph is fueling speculation over what is being built at a lockheed martin facility. this photograph shows the advanced development program facility in california. a blogger believes it is a similar type of drone to one that crashed last year. president obama was attending the g 20 summit in mexico. he discussed the crisis in syria. mr. obama spoke with the presidents of china and russia who have ties to syria. he said they are not in agreement over the uprising but believe a plan to stop the
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violence is in everyone's best interest. mitt romney is talking about what he would do with president obama's health care law if he is in the white house. the candidate talked on the last stop in his bus tour. he said he wants to get rid of obama care but wants to be fair to people who need coverage. he is considering marco rubio as a potential running mate. d.c. mayor vincent gray's choice to lead the city's housing industry was involved in a relationship with a senior staffer in philadelphia. the sources say that michael kelly disclosed the relationship to mayor gray before mayor gray tapped him to head the department. kelly is not under investigation nor facing any misconduct charges but does acknowledge he had an inappropriate affair
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outside of his marriage. kelly's nomination is subject to confirmation by the d.c. council. tonight a member of the university of virginia board of visitors is stepping down hours after the appointment of a new interim president. he is leaving to help with the healing process. kington wrote a letter to the governor saying that new leadership is leaded. a stafford county man managed to fend off three teens who held he and his wife hostage in a robbery overnight. the teens rang the doorbell and forced their way inside. they held the woman down while forcing her husband to show them where the valuables were at knife point. the husband grabbed a knife and thought back. two of the teens ran off and the
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third teenager turned himself in. >> when i saw him it was a big shock. he is talented. a good wrestler. >> we never have problems in this neighborhood. >> investigators are trying to see if the teens are connected to a home invasion that in that neighborhood last month. a casino near the national harbor could bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to maryland. the mgm wants to build a sixth casino in the state. adding the casino could generate $347 million a year. more than 180 million of that revenue would come from out of state. people in maryland will get to vote on it. coming up, there are revelations about the death of rodney king. audio tapes show what happened when his fiance called 911.
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how old is he? >> rodney king, the guy that got beat by the police. >> okay. how old is he? >> he's 47 years old. he's not moving and at the bottom of the swimming pool. >> authorities released the
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frantic 911 call made by rodney king's fiance made this past weekend in california. she pleaded with the dispatchers telling them she couldn't swim. his taped beating in los angeles in the '90s sparked a debate about police brutality. rodney king was just 47 years old when he died. montgomery county police linked five more crimes to a string of burglaries in the germantown area. that brings the total to 23 and they may be connected. this video shows one of the burglars. all of them happened off klopper road. residents are asked to make sure their homes and cars are locked. gas prices are falling in time for the summer travel season. the national average is $3.49. that's five cents less than a
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week ago. 20 cents less than a month ago. in d.c. it's $3.60. in maryland it's down to $3.39 and in virginia, $3.26. gas prices at the lowest levels since january. traffic alert involving the bay bridge tomorrow. all traffic will be stopped tomorrow afternoon for about 40 minutes around 1:15 because a ship carrying four giant cranes to the port of baltimore will be passing underneath. the maryland highway officials are worried the cranes will be a distraction for drivers and could cause accidents. it will be a hot wait in the car for a bunch of people in the middle of the day. >> isn't that our pathway from summer right to the beaches? isn't tomorrow the first day of summer? >> it's the first meteorological day of -- >> shouldn't it be illegal to close the bay bridge on the first day of summer. >> they just want to be safe.
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>> give you an excuse for being late to work. >> you cross the bay bridge? i know you are new here but check your garmin or something. if you like it hot it will be a nice day. some are saying bring on the heat but others saying it will be way too hot. with temperatures near 100 degrees over the next couple days we could come close to a record high on thursday. that record is 98 degrees. the high temperature today was at 88 degrees. the low of 69. ten out of 19 days so far this month have been below average. that's over. we'll see temperatures well above average for the next couple days and possible records. 80 degrees with winds out of the south at 6 miles an hour. temperatures near 80 at 11:00. is it a very warm night. the coolest place right over the bay bridge, easton at 73
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degrees. now temperatures tomorrow are going to be on the warm side. but it's going to be the heat and humidity. you add the two together to get the heat index. between 100 and 105 tomorrow. in orange is the heat advisory. even back to the west you are not under the advisory but you will be hot too. don't think it's going to be much cooler in your area. high temperatures today. 88 in washington, 92 in raleigh. but st. louis at 93. 95 in chicago. that's the heat that's building or way. it's not going to just build our way but sit and intensify tomorrow and into the day on thursday. but we don't have to worry about rainfall. all dry and that continues to be the case over the next few days. only chance of rain in the mountains of west virginia. watch out for that. that's about it, though. most of us will stay on the dry side. everybody will be hot.
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temperatures between 76 and 83. tomorrow morning, mostly clear, mild and muggy, 66 to 72 if we cool down that much. we'll see about that. tomorrow afternoon, hazy sunshine, hot and humid. temperature 90 to 96 degrees. some areas will be warmer than that i think. if you are headed down to the beaches the bay bridge will be closed. 85 on wednesday, 88 on thursday, 86 on friday. look at that, 98 on thursday, 92 on friday with a good chance of showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon on friday. some of those could be strong. but it will usher in cooler air as the temperatures are in the upper 80s. >> cooler being a relative term. >> yes. did you notice that pink is the color of the night tonight and for a very good cause? this evening we along with a
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dozen of our tv news colleagues hosted the news babes bash to fight breast cancer at the howard theater. the goal is to raise money for the george washington university mammography van. andrea mitchell from nbc news was the speaker. >> we have our pink on tonight. >> all color coordinated. very nice event. a dead dog in virginia is registered to vote? the nats show no love for >[ leanne ] appliance park has been here since the early 50s.
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strange goings on at the
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nats game tonight. >> what's up? >> it has been a long time before we have seen this happen before. i was at this news babes event with you guys and at twitter at a stoplight. >> what? >> this is eating right into my sports time. >> give us your phone. >> at a stoplight. we are talking about baseball. it was a weird night at nationals park that saw a relief pitcher get ejected and the nationals lose their fourth straight and this one falls primarily on the starting pitcher. he is the only weak link in the starting rotation. they were hoping to bounce back after being swept by the yankees. ian desmond at the plate. when you visit with us good things happen. home runs happen. desmond takes david price yard. his 11th of the season. and that's a career high.
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the nationals take a 2-1 lead. top three, same score. it was a rough outing. one on for carlos pena and one gone. two-run shot. the rays -- that's a moon ball. the rays up 3-2. he gives up five earned runs in 3 1/3 innings. ryan zimmerman or first. he is trying to find his groove and michael morris looking for his first home run of the season and he gets it. bottom of 8 here are the weird things. the umps confiscate the gloves of the rays reliever. it's determined it had a foreign substance on it. peralta ejected from the game. pine tar it was. top nine, the rays ask to check the hat of ryan matthews. nothing found amiss here. the nationals lose 5-4 and lost
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four straight. afterwards the talk not about the loss but about the pitchers. here is more on peralta. >> well, he pitched here. you know, i mean, i don't think it's secret. i don't know if spring training or during the year there has been some chirping about pine tar. yeah, i didn't just make it up. or dream it up, you know. >> interesting. the orioles looking for a win after being shutout in a one hitter last night. bottom 4 scoreless. bases loaded for daniel murphy pulls one down the line. mark reynolds knocks it down. take another look at this great diving play by reynolds. disaster averted. he saved a few runs there. bottom 6 same score, lucas takes
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tommy hunter's pitch over the fence. his 11th of the season. the mets win it 5-0. baltimore has now been shut out in back to back games for the first time in 2005. soccer across the pond. wayne rooney returned just in time for england to advance to the quarterfinals. rooney suspend because of a red card in the qualifiers. taking on ukraine. england has the ball. steve girard gets past the defender. the cross pass is deflected and rooney heads it in. at the far post right place, right time and delivers. england wins 1-0 and wins group d. up next they take on italy on sunday and in game four of the nba finals the heat are up by 5
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guy in southwestern virginia opened up a voter registration application that came in the mail. it was addressed to the family's dog. the dog died two years ago. the document notified mo he was eligible to vote and register right away. the dog's name was mozart. the family does not know how
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this happened. he was cute but it's they found out the form came from a private not for profit group that works to get more people registered to vote. the group admits that sometimes the group makes mistake. >> no mo. >> you didn't. see you tomorrow.
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