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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  June 21, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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d.c. department of parks and rec is keeping several pools open for longer hours this week. alexandria also extended hours at a number of its pools. prince george's county opened six cooling centers to help people who don't have air conditioners. and metro is relaxing its no drinks policy just during the heat. riders can bring water only on buses and trains today. >> they're going to need it. need to stay hydrated during this heat, especially if you're going to be outside. >> and you're going to be selling lemonade in front of your house. >> i should! i could make a killing. >> that's right. and there won't be much need for it now, though, but later, definitely. right now it's pleasant! it's around 70 in the suburbs. in montgomery, arlington, fairfax and prince george's counties, it's rather humid, but still rather pleasant, certainly compared to what we'll be seeing later today. it's in the mid-to-upper 70s right around the bay, but much of the region out in the mountains, shenandoah valley, they're in the 60s now and they are not included in this heat advisory. it's all the areas east of the blue ridge, south mountains that
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are going to be having the extreme heat this afternoon. all these counties in orange, including the district, under this heat advisory until 10:00 tonight. the heat index, that combination of the feels-like temperature, is going to be 100 to 105. there was yesterday's sunrise, and we had a very high sun yesterday. of course, it was the summer solstice. we'll have it just as high today. the sun elevation at around 1:10 p.m. and the highest of the day is going to be nearly 75 degrees up. it's only 15 degrees from being directly overhead, and that is just adding to our misery because along with that high sun, we've got deep high pressure over the region, and both of these combinations working together to bring us extreme heat. in fact, near 100 degrees by mid-afternoon. the record for the date 98. so, we'll probably tie it or break it by mid-afternoon. and it's going to be very humid as well. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. danella's here now with a look at our commute. good morning. good morning, tom. i have breaking news on 395 at
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the 14th street bridge. all of your northbound lanes are blocked right now due to a crash involving a motorcycle. it's temporarily blocked and authorities are saying when they finally open a lane, it will be the right lane, but look at these delays right now. the camera is turned away from the accident, but you can see delays are growing as you try to approach the 14th street bridge. if this is your commute, avoid 395 northbound right now. it's going to take a while to clear this accident. again, it's involving a motorcyclist. let's head over to the rails. no reported delays right now, but keep in mind, today is going to be extremely hot, so metro is allowing you to bring water aboard the metro trains as well as the metro bus. richard, back over to you. >> all right, danella, thanks. new this morning, a man is shot in the face during a robbery. it happened along g street in northeast d.c. police say two armed men approached the victim around 11:30 last night. they pulled out a gun and demanded the victim's cell phone. after the victim handed it over, the two men shot him in the
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face. the victim was taken to the hospital. at last check he's listed in critical condition. so far, no arrests have been made. d.c. police are investigating a stabbing a few blocks away along girard street. the man was found lying on the ground around 10:00 last night. that victim taken to the hospital. his name and condition are not being released at this time. so far, no arrests have been made there either. police say the two crimes are not connected. mgm says it is still dedicated to building a casino in prince george's county, despite a setback to expand gambling in maryland. a work group failed to reach an agreement on whether to recommend adding a casino in prince george's county. governor martin o'malley had said he'd call a special session to address the issue if the 11-member group could reach a consensus on how to expand gambling in the state. this latest development means that plans to build an mgm casino at national harbor are on hold. but the company released a statement, which reads in part, "given the opportunity, mgm
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resorts would help maryland create thousands of jobs, help to diversify the maryland economy and generate millions in new revenues." montgomery county police say four men are in jail in connection with a string of burglaries and more arrests could be on the way. police charge marcus lee, dimarco burke, travis forbes and a 17-year-old. the arrests come as police investigate at least 18 burgl y burglaries in a germantown neighborhood. surveillance video from one case shows thieves going after homes whose doors were unlocked and people who left their garage door open. a hearing today will likely determine a d.c. man is not competent to stand trial in the murder of his wife in their georgetown home. police say 48-year-old alvarez muth stranglend beat to death viola draft. she was a well-known journalist and d.c. socialite. a murder trial set for august has been delayed due to questions about his mental health. doctors who evaluated mute this week describe him as delusional.
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physicians say he could eventually stand trial over time and with treatment. today, closing arguments will begin in jerry sandusky's child abuse trial, and that means jury deliberations could start this afternoon. the defense rested yesterday without calling the former penn state assistant coach to the stand. sources close to the case tell nbc news that prosecutors warned the defense that if sandusky testified, they would call a surprise witness. the surprise witness, sandusky's adopted son, who was prepared to provide damaging testimony. instead, defense lawyers closed their case with character witnesses who talked about the sandusky they knew. chad rexroad and david hilton both described a caring father figure who changed their lives for the better. >> there are well-respected people in the community who still stand by jerry. that's really all they did, and i don't think that will overcome the testimony of the eight victims who came and testified. >> sandusky is accused of sexually abusing ten boys over a 15-year span. he has denied the charges. the man who captured --
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>> -- some of the biggest sports moments in bright paint strokes has passed away. leroy neiman passed away at a manhattan hospital last night. he is best known for his vivid and colorful paintings that captured the energy of the world's biggest sporting events. he was the official painter of five liolympiads and the offici artist for the super bowl for cbs. neiman was also a contributing artist for "playboy" magazine for over 60 years. he was 91 years old. the time right now is 5:06. an apple a day could help keep the extra pounds away. also, the new challenge from above that's hampering efforts to contain massive wildfires burning in colorado. talk about a big birthday. the big gift prince william will be getting as he celebrates his 30th. and it is just after 5:00 in the morning, but already flirting with 80 degrees out there. it is feeling hot, hot, hot.
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welcome back at 5:09. this morning investigators are trying to figure out what sparked this massive fire along san francisco's waterfront. it took more than 100 firefighters two hours to put out the flames in a building at pier 29. the site is part of an area planned to host next year's america's cup yacht race. organizers for the race say the fire will not affect their plans. >> sad to see that go down like that. >> going to be a lot of work. >> around here, talking about just one thing, the heat. ugh! >> look at it. i think you can see heat! can you actually see it, richard? >> feels like it. >> meteorologist tom kierein tells us how hot it's going to get. tom, we need relief! >> thankfully, this heat wave will only be lasting a couple days. we got to 98 yesterday. today we may be a little hotter than that. all these areas in yellow are in the 70s now, areas in green,
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60s. so there's a lot of relief out of the mountains and parts of the shenandoah valley and some of the rural areas in virginia and maryland. upper 60s to mid-60s there. but the areas in yellow, mid-to-upper 70s. 78 now at reagan national and the eastern shore, too, 70s, and that's accompanied by high humidity. the muggy morning is going to be with us here. the afternoon high may be reaching 100 degrees. high 99 probably by mid-afternoon. in fact, by noontime, it ought to be in the low to mid-90s and then hovering near 100 degrees mid-afternoon. by late afternoon, back down to the mid-90s, hazy sunshine. and if you are going to have to be outside during the afternoon hours, take frequent breaks and certainly drink plenty of water. and wear sun block if you're going to be at the pool. danella? breaking news on 395 northbound at the 14th street bridge. the crash there still blocking all of your northbound lanes. the crash occurred in your center lane, but emergency
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response are blocking both the right as well as the left side of 395 northbound. the crash here is involving a motorcycle. authorities say this is going to be shut down for some time, and when they are ready to open a lane, it's going to be your right lane. i suggest you take arlington memorial bridge instead of the 14th street bridge at this time. now, let's head over right now to i-66, this time westbound at the beltway. just have a crash reported taking two of your left lanes. delays haven't started to grow yet in this area, but they will. i'm checking on both accidents and i'm back in ten minutes with an update. richard and eun, over to you. >> all right, danella, thanks so much. 5:12 now. more fallout from the trayvon martin case. latest person to be disciplined. also ahead, a state of emergency after heavy rai
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she was the supervisor, but the tables quickly turned. comi up
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oh, my god, your glasses are foggy from your [ bleep ]! >> you hear a lot about bullying in high school these days, but here is proof that it isn't just teens that are the target of vicious verbal attacks. this video was posted online of a school bus monitor in upstate new york driven to tears by a group of children. the insults are so upsetting, we can't even tell you what some of the teens were saying in that video. in fact, police are even investigating this as harassment. >> i was trying to just ignore them, hoping they would go away, and it doesn't work. trust me, they didn't go away. >> police say they've identified all of the children involved in this video. none of them will face charges. school administrators say they will face disciplinary action next school year. many people around the country
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have seen the video and rallied around the school bus monitor. they've helped raise about $100,000 for her. the city of sanford, florida, fired police chief bill lee in the wake of the trayvon martin shooting. the city manager says sanford needs to move forward with a chief whom everyone can support. lee's department came under fire for failing to immediately arrest george zimmerman, the man who shot martin back in february. martin was unarmed. lee stepped aside temporarily and tried to resign in april, but city commissioners rejected that move. a new study says the louder the traffic is near your home, the greater the risk for a heart attack. researchers in denmark tracked more than 50,000 participants for nearly ten years. the study found that for every ten decibels of added roadway traffic noise, the risk of heart attack increased by 12%. researchers suggest choosing a room with a low exposure to traffic noise for sleeping in. a study says the chemical
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behind the apple peel's waxy sheen could burn extra calories. the chemical and mice fed with that ate more, put on less weight than those who are given the food without that medication. the chemical is also found in cranberries, prunes, basil, oregano and thyme. get some apples! a state of emergency in duluth, minnesota, as the city deals with the worst flooding it's seen in 40 years. a dozen homes had ton evacuated and several major roads shut down after 10 inches of rain fell on the city. about a dozen animals at the lake superior zoo drowned in the quickly rising waters, but several escaped. no human deaths or injuries reported there. a home is split in half and another is in danger after a sinkhole opened up beneath the hudson, florida, community. city officials say the hole is the size of a two-car garage and is about to completely swallow one of the homes. some evacuations have also been ordered for some neighbors as a
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precaution. no one was inside when that sinkhole formed. another setback in the battle to control a huge wildfire in colorado. crews had to ground firefighting planes after reports of meteor sightings. several of the planes along with some commercial airlines reported sightings in -- is. new mexico and colorado. the stoppage came as firefighters were trying to take advantage of a break in the heat. the fire has now burned more than 1,100 acres and destroyed more than 200 homes. are you ready? ready to do it again? >> i am not ready. you know, and i promised, we had a very mild winter, and i knew, i had a feeling we were going to pay for it this summer. we had a beautiful start to june, so no complaints there. we knew it would get hot sooner or later. >> well, we are paying for it, and we could possibly see triple digits today, if you can imagine that. so -- >> yikes! >> let's check in with tom kierein now to see what's coming up. >> eun, when you get those feelings, would you please consult us? that's good, you're honest. hey, it is extremely hot again
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likely later this afternoon, but not now. it's pleasant now. it's predawn and we've got the pink low in the eastern horizon and it's near 90 through most of maryland and virginia. the central shenandoah valley in the mountains it's pleasant, in the 60s this morning. around the bay, it's in the upper 70s, and the eastern shore, we've got that thick humidity around, and that combined with the temperature going to make it feel like 100 to 105 by mid-afternoon. all these areas in orange under a heat advisory until 10:00 tonight. includes most of northern virginia, the district and just about all of maryland, except areas west of the front range of the appalachians. it's going to be cooler there. so, for the rest of the day today, soaring to near 100 degrees this afternoon. the record is 98 set on this date back on june the 21st in 1988. so, we may tie it or actually break that. hazy sunshine. and then overnight tonight, warm and muggy, 80s through the evening, 70s tomorrow morning.
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and a lot of cloudiness around on friday, so that should make it cooler, highs low 90s. it's still very humid. might get a morning shower. more likely afternoon storms friday into friday evening. some of them could be severe. some of them could produce damaging winds. then lower humidity and cooler weather moving in for the weekend with highs in the 80s. and actually going to be pleasant into next week, although we may get some showers and thunder showers around on monday. and with the heat around, people are taking steps to try to stay cool, even this early in the morning. here's melissa mollet at a pool. good morning, melissa. >> reporter: well, good morning to you, tom. this is definitely where you want to be today because, of course, it is going to be so hot, as you've been telling us. you want to be near a pool, perhaps a sprinkler or fountain. this ymca in silver spring actually opens their outdoor pool in about an hour, at 6:00 this morning. now, as tom has been telling us, of course, we're dealing with temperatures that could be even higher than yesterday. both today and tomorrow, some d.c. pools staying open later,
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some as late as 9:30. heat advisory plans typically kick in once temperatures hit 95. that's when cooling centers, shelters, libraries open up for anybody trying to get out of that hot weather. here, though, at the ymca in silver spring, lots of folks already at the indoor pool starting their day off cool. >> yeah, coming here to just cool off and get some exercise at the same time. >> reporter: what did you do yesterday and what do you plan to do today? >> i took yesterday off, so typically, i won't work out in heat like this, but to come here early and to use the pool, it's kind of the best of both worlds. >> how do i take care of the heat? the main thing i want to do is take care of my body, and that's simply by drinking enough water. >> reporter: that is the key. we say it over and over again, stay hydrated. i have to admit, though, eun, after yesterday's nasty weather, i feel like this is a sort of boxing match of some sort. and here we go, round two. back to you. >> i wish we could do what that guy did.
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you know, it's too hot to work, i'm staying home today. you know what i mean? melissa mollet, thank you. with problems on the roads already, here's danella sealock. >> hi, eun. still breaking news on the 14th street bridge and an update for you. we now have the right lane getting by as you travel across the 14th street bridge. all lanes were blocked because of a crash involving a motorcycle. here's what i've noticed. two tow trucks are now on the scene. flatbeds, even. and i'm also seeing crews just sweeping the road clear. so, hopefully, this will be opened shortly. but for now, your left side of the road is blocked. and keep in mind if you're traveling 395 northbound, you're not going to be able to access gw parkway. that ramp is shut down right now. also checking other accidents in the area. if you're traveling along i-66 westbound at the beltway, crash there still blocking two of your left lanes. and the rails, checking them for you as well. no reported delays along the metro, the marc or the bre. keep in mind, you are able to take water on metro and metro bus today. eun, over to you. >> danella, thank you.
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5:23. a cab ride in d.c. could be cheaper this morning. the city's taxicab commission dropped the $1 fuel surcharge that took effect more than a year ago. it expired at midnight. the commission says the falling gas prices convinced them to drop the fee but that they are willing to bring it back if prices rise again. and just because gas prices are dropping doesn't mean you can't dump the pump. today is national dump the pump day. the annual event sponsored by the american public transportation association is designed to encourage commuters to leave cars behind and try out a train or bus for the day. the association says riding public transportation and downsizing to just one car could save $10,000 a year. here's the news you've been waiting for. the nationals' four-game losing streak is over. >> swing and a miss! and stephen strasburg is 9-1 on ty la tyler clipper's tenth save of the year. >> nats beat the rays 3-2.
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stephen strasburg struck out ten batters for the win. the nationals remain in first place by three games and take on the rays again tonight at nats park. former baltimore oral and hall of famer eddie murray may find himself in trouble with the law. he's one of several athletes named in an insider trading investigation. federal prosecutors are trying to determine whether he traded on inside information that a medical supply company was about to be bought in 2009. murray isn't facing any charges at this point and he's not commenting either. it is the news college football fans have been waiting years to hear. we may be close to having a playoff to determine a national champion. the bcs commissioners and the athletic director of notre dame say they now support a four-team playoff model that would be in place for the 2014 season. under this plan, a committee would select the four teams involved in the playoffs. current bowl games would serve as semifinals. the national champion game would be played in the city that offered the highest bid. well, it may be a while until the terps may get a championship, sadly, but at
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least they will have the coolest field in the country, literally. the school released this rendering of their new field. it will be made with cool plate technology that's supposed to make the surface 15 degrees cooler than other fields. the terps also considered getting a different color turf but decided to stick with green and spice up the end zones with more maryland pride. hopefully, that means more winning games next season. today is prince william's 30th birthday, and the prince will now have access to half of the estate left by his mother, princess diana, who died in a car crash in 1997. according to london's "telegraph" newspaper, prince william is getting $15.5 million. prince harry, who is now 27, will have access to his share when he turns 30. prince william will reportedly hold a private, low-key celebration with friends and family later today. >> how low-key can you be when you're a prince? >> well, you can have anything you want when you're the prince. >> i guess so! all right, it's now 5:26, 78 degrees. coming up, a partisan battle
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brewing on capitol hill as the president's attorney general makes history. plus, the punishment facing a local lawmaker busted for reckless driving on the beltway. it is going to feel like triple digits again today.
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:29. a major backup for morning commuters after an accident that's causing problems on the 14th street bridge. a man is left in critical condition after he is shot in the head during an overnight robbery in northeast washington. and the jury is preparing to begin deliberations in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. we'll have much more on those stories throughout the morning. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm richard jordan in for aaron gilchrist today, thursday, june 21st. it's going to be a hot one. the one thing everyone is talking about is how to stay cool with dangerous heat making life outside almost unbearable. it will be a busy day for power crews in the area. at one point, more than 4,000 homes in d.c. did not have electricity when temperatures soared well into the 90s yesterday afternoon. pepco told news4 they believe the heat caused a feeder line in northeast to fail. the power outage left many people desperately searching for
5:31 am
relief. >> talk about a bad day to not have power! >> right, it's awful, real awful. we have to deal with it. there's nothing else we can do. we have to wait on them to turn the power on. >> pepco restored power to most customers and is now reporting only sporadic outages, but she said it there, it's not a good day to be without electricity. >> uh-uh. you need the air conditioning. >> and we can all help by setting the thermostat higher, it will use less electricity and there's going to be extreme demand on the power grid again today, 78 or a little higher. >> higher than 78? >> yeah, it's all relative. if it's 98 outside and you come in to 78, it feels wonderful. >> okay. if you say so. >> the ac, come on, now, be socially responsible. >> i checked to make sure it was no lower than 78, tom. >> okay, good for you. i believe you. and as we look now at the view from space over the last 12 hours, we see this big, rotating, deep area of high pressure over us, and that's
5:32 am
what's the culprit. that's what's bringing us the heat. right now it is muggy and in the 70s, all these areas in yellow, including most of virginia and the eastern shore. 78 at reagan national. areas in green are in the 60s out at the mountains. how hot? record high today is 98, set on this date in 1988. we may meet or exceed that by mid to late afternoon. in fact, by noontime into the 90s and then hovering near 100 degrees by mid-afternoon. and you definitely need sun block if you're going to be out for a length of time, too, with the very high sun angle we have this time of year. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. danella's here now with a look at our traffic. good morning. >> good morning, tom. still following news right now on the 14th street bridge. the good news is that now two of your right lanes are able to get by. the left lane is blocked. keep in mind if you're traveling 395 northbound, you're not going to be able to access gw parkway in this area because of the crash involving a motorcycle. let's talk delays. traveling 395 northbound, jammed as you approach 1. in fact, an alternate bridge is
5:33 am
to take arlington boulevard. a lot of drivers think the hov lane is going to be better, but delays are growing in the hov lanes right now as we speak. back over to you both. >> thank you, dwranl. 5:33 now. the house of representatives could decide next week whether eric holder becomes the first u.s. attorney in history to be held in contempt of congress. attorney general, rather. a house committee voted yesterday to cite holder for contempt. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill now with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: eun, good morning. it leads back to operation "fast and furious" in mexico. guns that were left on the streets in the hands of suspected criminals tracked to try to get bigger fish instead of confiscated when they were identified. some of those guns ended up at the scene where border agent brian terry was killed. that gun-running practice is against u.s. policy. congress wants to know, did the attorney general know that it was going on? they've requested documents to answer that question, but holder, after eight months, has
5:34 am
not turned over those particular documents. the white house yesterday ex-herated executive privilege over those documents. then the committee voted to hold holder in contempt. the full house will vote on this next week. >> there is still time for contempt of the house to be avoided if, in fact, the documents we've asked for are delivered. >> shouldn't be a political witch hunt against the attorney general of our country and our president in an election year. >> reporter: now, federal criminal case against the attorney general of the united states, it's unlikely, eun, because the courts have been very reluctant to get involved in power struggles between congress and the white house. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us this morning. tracie, thank you. now to "decision 2012." virginia governor bob mcdonnell will head west to campaign for mitt romney. he's expected to speak saturday evening at a romney fund-raiser in utah. mcdonnell just one of several
5:35 am
influential republicans who will be at this two-day retreat. wisconsin congressman paul ryan, former florida governor jeb bush and current louisiana governor bobby jindal will also be there. metro transit police face some major questions this morning after one of their officers killed a man in a shoot-out in maryland. this cell phone video shows the intense scene on lory lane in lanham yesterday as prince george's county police provided backup to the officer. metro says the officer was canvassing the neighborhood for a suspect in a possible attempted abduction at a bus stop on sunday. at some point, witnesses say 44-year-old chester creswell rammed the officer's car and began firing. the man's brother says creswell is a family man not known for getting in trouble. >> we was at church sunday. he got an award sunday, got up and spoke and read out of the bible sunday. there wasn't nothing out of character with him. talked to him this morning, said he was going fishing and everything. very uncharacteristic of my brother. i don't know what happened.
5:36 am
they say the police came here and knocked on the door and they got into an argument. >> it is still unclear what sparked that argument. prince george's county police are handling the investigation. and a judge has decided that virginia should still be found negligent for the way they handled the worst school shooting in the nation's history. the judge ruled yesterday that virginia tech waited too long to warn students of the shooting on campus in 2007. the award for two families who sued the school was reduced, however. each family will now receive $100,000 instead of $4 million. the families argued that their daughters could have survived if they had been alerted of the shootings earlier. the prince george's county council woman pulled over for going more than 100 miles per hour on the beltway will get to keep her license. karen toles was convicted of reckless driving yesterday. a judge fined her a little more than $400 and gave her probation before judgment. that means she'll get no additional points on her
5:37 am
driver's license and the incident will be wiped from her record if she doesn't commit any traffic offenses for the next year. a traffic alert for beltway drivers this weekend. overnight construction on the outer loop may tie you up near the wilson bridge. starting tomorrow night at 9:00, the through lanes will be closed from approaching alexandria. only one local lane of the outer loop will carry traffic between van doran street and telegraph road. all lanes should reopen by 5:00 a.m. monday morning. some of the work earlier this month backed up traffic for several miles. might want to avoid that area. >> definitely. >> it is now 5:37. trying to reassure the university of virginia community. what the new president at the school is saying about his upcoming tenure. plus, how do you rescue a wild animal caught in a dangerous situation? the quick thinking of some villagers who set this big cat free. and we're already pushing 80 degrees outside and it's only getting hotter. we need to look for a new van. yeah. i just don't know where to start.
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glad you found us. start by test-driving nearly every make and model, all in one place. carmax. start here. [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities...
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i still get dry skin. introducing the ultimate daily lotion from gold bond. because your skin needs a little healing every day. the ultimate daily lotion -- new from gold bond. welcome back. caught on camera, a leopard pulls himself to safety after falling into a water tank in a teagarden in eastern india. workers spotted the feline and quickly notified a forest ranger and game warden. the ranger threw a net to allow the cat to climb out and be on its way. officials say the cat was a
5:41 am
full-grown male that likely wandered in to trouble from a forest adjacent to the tea garden. glad he got out safely. >> they probably thought they would catch him with the net and pull him up, but he found his own way out, used the net as a rope. >> they're good climbers like that. >> it sure is another hot one. >> it is. 5:41. weather and traffic on the 1s. meteorologist tom kierein, you can see the sticky, hot humidity out there, tom. >> yeah, and the sun will be emerging in the murky, muggy sky here in just a couple minutes. right now at 5:41, around the region it is warm. we're in the upper 70s in the metro area and near the bay. but away from the waters, we are in the low 70s much of southern maryland and much of maryland and virginia just near 70 degrees, including montgomery, arlington, fairfax and prince george's counties. and later today, though, we will soar. sunrise at 5:43. we'll have our afternoon high reaching near 100 degrees. in fact, we ought to be in the mid-to-upper 80s by midmorning, and by noontime, the low to
5:42 am
mid-90s. then by late afternoon, down to the mid-90s again. so, do what you can to stay in the ac. if you don't absolutely have to be outside. set that thermostat at 78. a break coming our way for the weekend. details, the seven-day outlook in ten minutes. danella, how's our traffic now? >> tom, good news on the 14th street bridge. that accident is now cleared. all of your travel lanes are open. but unfortunately, delays remain. take a look at this. you're looking at about a two-mile backup right now. here's a live look as you make your way past the pentagon, and even in the hov lanes, you're slow. also, traveling along i-270 southbound hitting the brakes at 109, no accidents in this area. just delays. richard and eun, over to you. >> danella, thanks. the time is 5:42. this might not sound ideal, considering our hot weather, but why ditching the treadmill for some jogging in the streets could help ease your stress. plus, talk about a rough life. how one billionaire will truly [ scott ] i grew up playinguly with little toy trains
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and now i build them. i'm a bigger is better kind of guy. i absolutely love building locomotives. i knew i wanted to design locomotives from when i was very young.
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welcome back at 5:45. the university of virginia's new interim president says he has no plans on keeping the job permanently. carl zeithaml spoke publicly yesterday for the first time since uva's board of visitors named him interim president. he succeeds teresa sullivan. zeithaml opposed the board's decision to remove sullivan. he says he wants to rebuild trust at uva. >> i didn't assume this role lightly. it was a difficult decision. but at the end of it, i have to say, i felt like i had no choice. >> virginia's faculty senate is continuing its efforts to get sullivan reinstated as president. a d.c. man convicted in the deaths of a father and son now faces life in prison. a jury found 27-year-old christian taylor guilty in the deadly armed robbery at the lida
5:47 am
wholesale market on fifth street in northeast. it happened in june of 2010. 59-year-old ming-kun chih and his son, 32-year-old li jen chih died in the armed robbery. taylor is scheduled to be sentenced august 23rd. prince william county police are looking for the man that attacked an ice cream vendor. according to "inside nova," the 59-year-old man was selling ice cream in manassas yesterday afternoon when four men approached him. the men beat the vendor, injuring his left eye, nose and left elbow. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. police are looking for the thief who made off with liquid gold in montgomery county. check this out. surveillance video shows someone stealing used cooking oil from the red rooster in damascus last month. the thief drove up in a vacuum truck, pulled out a hose, then siphoned out the oil. the owner says the used cooking oil is worth about $200 and possibly three times as much to service providers who collect it. police in potomac are investigating a drowning. chopper 4 over the scene along kendale road. family members told police they
5:48 am
found the man in the backyard swimming pool when they got to the house. paramedics rushed him to a hospital. that's where he died. police say the man was 75 years old and have not released his name. investigators say it appears to be an accident. a crash you have to see to believe. cars stacked on top of each other after a ten-car pileup in arlington. it happened on washington boulevard at the intersection. investigators say the driver started the crash and was ticketed. one woman was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. washington boulevard is back open this morning. traffic cameras captured a graphic hit-and-run in tennessee. the driver of an suv ran over a man on his bicycle and then kept on going. it happened early saturday morning. the suv driver never hit the brakes. the impact of the crash threw the bicyclist about ten yards. he's now in the hospital. police are looking for that driver. a new study says pregnant women can have between one and
5:49 am
eight alcoholic drinks a week without harming the baby. danish researchers studied 1,600 pregnant women and then assessed their children's iq when they were 5 years old. they found children whose mothers drank did not perform worse on any iq or brain function test compared to children whose mothers did not drink during pregnancy. doctors say the study could provide relief to women who drank alcohol before they knew they were pregnant but still say the safest practice remains avoiding alcohol altogether. if you are looking to reduce your stress, try exercising outside. researchers at glasgow university found there was a 50% improvement in mental health for those who exercised in nature compared to a gym. they say things like walking, running and cycling specifically through wooded and grassy areas lower brain stress levels. researchers say heading outside for your workout, even just once a week, could make a difference. well, the press has some bragging rights over congress this morning. the bad news baines of d.c., the
5:50 am
female press corps softball teamed knocked off the female members of congress in the 2012 congressional women's softball game last night by a score of 13-10. all right! our own nbc's andrea mitchell there, you can see, offered some play-by-play commentary. it was a bipartisan event with everyone from speaker john boehner to minority leader nancy pelosi cheering on those teams. the game helped raise money for the young survival coalition, which raises awareness of breast cancer in young adults. all right. the impending shutdown of a local good humor plant means a lot of ice cream cravings are going unfulfilled in this heat wave. the factory in hagerstown is closing next month. good humor's parent company says that's contributed to a shortage of its toasted almond bars and some other flavors in ice cream trucks across the east coast. it's still available in stores, though. good humor says the shortage should ease up by the end of july. the strawberry shortcakes and chocolate affair bars very popular. >> oh, yeah, those are good. >> especially now in the heat. >> a lot of people running to the freezer today.
5:51 am
>> dunk their head in a bowl of ice. >> when the ice cream truck plays music, it means it's out of ice cream. >> it does? >> that's what my father used to say. >> ooh, good one! maybe i'll use that next time. >> i know, that's a good one. we just talked about sunrise and it is now coming up. we're emerging from the earth's shadow. and right now, 78 at reagan national, the wind out of the south at 5 and the humidity is very high. and so is the sun angle. the sun angle this time of year at the highest any time of the year. in fact, at 1:10 p.m., when it's due south of us, the sun's going to be nearly straight overhead, almost 75 degrees straight up is 90 degrees, so it's the highest angle of the year, highest elevation, the shortest shadows. and right now we are near 70 in much of maryland, much of virginia. so it's a pleasant start to the day temperaturewise but very muggy. upper 70s in washington and right by the chesapeake bay. and all these counties in orange under a heat advisory until 10:00 this evening, includes all of northern virginia, the district and into much of maryland, although shenandoah
5:52 am
valley and points west, panhandle of west virginia, western maryland not included. this is in effect until 10:00. mid-afternoon is when that heat index may reach 100 to 105. that's what it's going to feel like with the humidity. by noontime, we'll already be well into the 90s with hazy sunshine and high humidity and then mid-afternoon a peak near 100 degrees. the record is 98. we'll probably tie it or actually break it later this afternoon. and then tomorrow, a break from the high heat, but it's still going to be very humid, a lot of cloudiness, maybe a morning shower or some afternoon storms. some could be severe with damaging winds. and thankfully, as we get into the weekend, a break from high heat and high humidity. lower humidity and much more pleasant pattern as we get into the weekend and first part of next week. and now, out there sniffing the air is our own megan mcgrath in roslyn this morning. megan, what's if t feel like? >> reporter: well, tom, it is early and it is already muggy. i cannot imagine how it's going to feel later on this afternoon, because it is definitely sticky.
5:53 am
we are feeling this humidity out here. we're in roslyn, where folks are starting to go to work here this morning, including this woman here. it is so early and it is already pretty awful out here. >> it's awful. i'm planning on doing a lot of work today. >> reporter: stay inside? >> yes, absolutely! this is muggy, but i'm looking at that wall over there and thinking of the cool thing. >> reporter: have a great day! go hide in that air conditioning. that is great news, hide indoors if at all possible. we are expected to possibly break some records here today with the heat. of course, when the temperature soars like this, it could be downright dangerous, deadly even. so, make sure you stay hydrated, drink plenty of water. if you are going to be exercising, and those die-hard joggers, they always jog, it seems, no matter what. the best bet, do it in the morning before things get too hot. if you can't get out early in the morning, then do it in the afternoon, the middle of the day, lunchtime, not a good idea to be out there exerting
5:54 am
yourself. again, we are expecting extreme heat later on today, so everyone's going to have to take it easy today. reporting live, megan mcgrath, news4. >> thanks so much. let's check on the morning commute now with danella sealock. how are things looking on the roads? >> oh, eun, so much better. right now we're taking a live look at route 50 in maryland, at the beltway, actually. very clear inbound, not bad at all as you connect to the beltway. outbound, nice and clear as well as you head up to annapolis, in fact. let's head over, actually, to a travel sweep. look at this, 50 miles per hour through the beltway, 295, not bad. now let's head to the beltway in montgomery county. travel lanes are open on the outer loop passing new hampshire avenue, inner loop as well. beltway in virginia nice and clear as well, bustling right along on the inner loop and outer loop. no issues to report as you make your way past gw parkway. richard and eun, back over to you. >> time right now is 5:54. local governments in virginia will receive state funding for transportation projects directly from the commonwealth. a state transportation board voted to bypass the northern
5:55 am
virginia transportation commission. board members say they hope the move makes it more apparent how much state money goes to northern virginia transportation projects. the nvtc objects to the change and says it might actually make allocating state funds more confusing. a new report shows luxury cars are the best on the market when it comes to quality. jd power & associates ranked lexus number one because it had the least number of customer complaints. porsche and jaguar tied for second place and cadillac and honda rounded out the top five overall. the survey showed most automakers improving in quality. this year's survey showed a lot more customers reporting problems with car technology like radio and navigation systems. starbucks is looking beyond coffee and giving tea lovers a store of their own. a seattle-based cafe will open a tea shop near its headquarters this fall, and it will include a tea bar where customers can berendt their own teas, lattes and iced teas. it is the latest move by
5:56 am
starbucks to extend their reach. they announced fans earlier this year to open their first juice store and sell a single-cup coffee machine. giant rings will greet spectators at london's heathrow airport for the summer games. they're made of aluminum and each is about the size of a double-decker bus. olympic organizers says since the airport is the first place visitors will see when they fly in to london, the terminal is a perfect location for the spectacular rings. the opening ceremony for the games is on july 27th. you can catch all the excitement right here on nbc 4. engineering students at the university of maryland are at it again. they unveiled a human-powered helicopter. this is the kbnkgamra 2, an impd version of the gamra 1, which set world records for flight duration. it weighs 71 pounds. they set an unofficial record of 31 seconds. the gamra 2 team is one of at
5:57 am
least three competing for a prestigious prize established in 1980. to win that, they would have had to have been in the air for an entire minute. hopefully, they can win that prize. >> the one guy that has to be on the bike there -- >> i know. >> that's got to be exhausting. >> you've got to be light and fast, right? >> all right. >> good luck. well, the man ranked by forbes as the sixth richest in the world is set to buy one of hawaii's main eight islands. >> i hear he's an extending an invite to you. >> i wish! >> larry ellison is ceo of oracle and is buying a 98% stake in lynni, known as pineapple island. it is one of the least developed islands in the chain with just 30 miles of paved roads and no traffic lights. ellison is worth an estimated $36.5 billion. the sale price is estimated to be around $600 million. >> i've never even fwon hawaii. it's on my list. >> well, now you've got a place to visit. >> there you go. coming up, the threat from prosecutors that kept jerry
5:58 am
sandusky off the stand. >> and the last chance to get a local casino on the ballot this year. and it's hot, hot, hot! we'll be back with your forecast and traffic.
5:59 am
summer scorcher. everyone who lives in these counties in orange is on alert today.


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