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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> announcer: and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 at 11:00. >> tonight, the jerry sandusky
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jury asked for key testimony to be replayed. >> board could reinstate the school's president as we finally learned what led to her firing. >> the baby that wouldn't wait for paramedics has now become a celebrity. >> we begin, though, with the heat. we broke records in d.c. and all up and down the east coast. big changes ahead. doug? >> yes, big changes. today, it was the heat. of course it was hot out there, a high temperature of 99 degrees beating the old record of 98 set back in 1988. 87 right now with a heat index of 93. you really feel it out there as you make your way out and about this evening. tomorrow morning is going to be extremely warm. temperatures around the rest of the region, 83 in fredericksburg. 83 in baltimore. there are a couple of showers out there back towards louden
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county. possible big-time thunderstorms. i'll show you when they arrive. >> thanks, doug. a lot of people spent the evening outside by choice or for work. we're live in freedom plaza with that story. >> reporter: hello, doreen. we have a lot of work to do. these folks right here work reelly hard in the sweltering heat. they have to walk around and they get on their bikes and they take tourists all around the d.c. area. they're not the only ones working hard. we also came across some construction workers. let's take a look. >> it's very hot right now. we're working on a new museum for african american history and culture. >> adam and his crew repair a water line. >> it's still very humid out here. it's still very hot. >> reporter: temperatures
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reached a 99 degrees and it feels like the entire d.c. metro air ya is roasting. >> it's de ee's definitely not . >> some local business owners are also busy, but they welcome the het heat. >> in there. >> reporter: sales are soaring as smoothie king. >> you've got people coming in starting at 7:00 a.m. we open up. >> craig smith co-owns ace hardware. he sold out of fans when the heat wave hit. >> folks traditionally wait for the heet to hit before buying their fans. >> but it's tough to try and cool off when you have to be outside. >> walk outside and you're not even moving yet and you're starting to sweat. >> we can't really hold up. we've got deadlines to meet. >> you really have to admire people who work hard in the heat.
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this is shoddy. i'm going to give you a ride because you've been working so hard. in d.c., news 4. >> as we said, people up and down the east coast were sweating it out today. people in j.f.k. shattered the high of 95. in philadelphia, 97 degrees today. but that wasn't enough to beat their record high of 99 degrees set way back in 1923. miami on the other hand reached just 86 degrees today. >> no verdict tonight in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. but there is a big development. that follows another bomb shell outside the trial that sandusky's adopted son claimed that he, too, had been abused.
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>> before the jury could finish its first day of deliberations, two new accusers stepped forward to accuse the former penn state asis tant football coach. one of them is sandusky's adopted son, matt sandusky who had been ready to testify if jerry sandusky took the stand. the second, travis weaver had not appeared. >> i told him if he didn't get off me i was going to call the police on him. he just laughed at me and forced me to stay on the bed. >> the new accusations raised more charges and more trials. >> it's certainly possible. the only question is whether the victims will want a day in court to tell their stories. >> the sandusky jury was given a stark choice. he is eert a serial sex predator
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or the victim of a conspiracy. he asked why only eight of the hundreds of thousands of childrens had come forward to claim abuse. and he also told jurors if he did this, he should rot in jail. the jury asked to see some key testimony that gets to one of the central questions in this case. whether former grad student mike mccleccleary saw. >> a man is charged with impersonating a police officer in our area tonight. authorities say anthony pulled over an off-duty capital heights police officer. it hatched yesterday along route 301. police say after the off duty police officer identified himself, he claim today be a military police officer and accused him of speeding.
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anyone else who may have been stopped should call prince county police. >> the board of visitors will vote on tuesday whether to reinstate her. tonight, we're getting a clear picture of why sullivan was fired in the first place. in a statement today, helen dragas said sullivan wasn't acting quickly enough to address key issues including financial pressures, online learning, changes in health care and a rising stuntd faculty ratio. >> the stunts were at the school for a summer camp program. most started having flu-like symptoms last night. some of them had to go tothd hopt. the fairfax health is disinfekting any areas the students came into contact with. >> this afternoon in prince
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george's county, it took a village to bring a child into the worl. >> from the top of his precious head to the tips of his tiny toes, 7 pound, 13 ounce richard marvin johnson is simply perfect. he rests peacefully after arriving in a great big hurry this afternoon. >> marvette johnson who has two older daughters says things began happening fast. scary fast. >> both his father and i were very, very shocked at how fast he came. >> reporter: her husband called 9-1-1. >> 36. >> the call came in to veter ran 9-1-1 call taker who now proudly wears this stork pin. >> all of the sudden, he says i
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see the head. i see the head. so i went back into the program and the program talks you through birt. ives trying to calm the father down. >> paramedics and firefighters from silver hill fire station 29 listened to the dispatcher. >> in or out, they told us that the baby had already been delivered. >> yes, i was. i was very ham pi to see him. at that point, i don't think i could have made it to my car. >> baby richard has become something of a celebrity here. everybody wantds to hear the story of how he came into the world. jackie benson, news 4. >> a developing story overseas where the asian markets are tumbling. foreign stocks slipped nearly 1% in early trading. the dow was down more than 250 points. stocks continue to struggle.
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another reason for the market sell off, 15 of the world's largest banks had their credit ratings downgraded today. the long term prospects are shrinking. >> tontd, the search is on for the gunman who robbed a man of his iphone and then shot the victim in the face. d.c. place tell us two armed men held up another man last niekt in the 1300 block of g street in northeast. at last check, the vick tinl was reported in stable condition at the hopt. the suspecteds would face charges of robbery and assault with intent to kill. maryland governor plans to meet with state lawmakers to figure out what's next for casinos in maryland. at issue, whether to build a new can see no in brins george's
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county. now, the county executive is trying to convince the governor to call one anyway. the gaming initiative may not go to voeters until 2014. >> d.c. minister toured the 10 acre city center project covering nearly 5 blocks. it's located on the spot of the city's old convention krentder. officials say the building will begin opening in just over a year. mayor grey visited the site. >> this is a very complicated project. but it also, once again,demonstrates how desirable the district of columbia is. we're growing by a thousand people a month in terms of population. and developers and investor look at this and they see great opportunity.
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>> nearly 4,000 permanent jobls will be greated. economic development officials say it's one of the biggest redevelopmented deals in the nation. >> whams when a driver tries to beat a train across the tracks? >> a virginia mab's heroic vacation. enough heroism to get a key to a florida city. >> what led to nearly
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the father of three young girls who died in a tragic christmas fire hosted a charity in their memory tonight. they were killed in their mom's connecticut home. their father rented out a theater on broadway to raise money for a fund in their names. the lily sarah grace fund supports art programs inle sk schools. >> an unpleasant and dangerous surprise in indianapolis today. a chemical leak sent more than 70 kids to the hospital. it started with a foul smell and then some swimmers started coughing and throwing up. officials believe that a cleaniclea cleaning agent similar to hydrochloric acid may have been dumped into the pool. >> take a look at this. tran sit officials in charlotte, north carolina released this video from sunday.
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they say the suv driver was trying to beat the train across the tracks vmt but obviously, it didn't work. >> a virginia man got the key to a florida city today after sa saving three people from the water in two days. the first rescue followed a car crash. the second when an ultra light plane went down. >> reporter: st. petersburg fire chief said it best. >> being in the right place at the right time one time is rare. being in the right place at the right time two times is really unique. >> reporter: but that's just what happened. he helped in not only one, but two rescues last week. >> i don't really think i did anything that anyone else wouldn't do. if when you're in the situation, you just do it. >> last wednesday, he pulled the drooichler from the partially
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submerged bmw. the nexz day, he saw a plane go down while out on a fishing boat. >> i'm glad to see you. >> he reunited with that pilot and his passenger on thursday outside fire station number 11 in saint pete. >> i'm glad you was there to hoondle it like you did. >> the city feel e feels the same. daily helped with that car rescue. his wife and four chirn caldren to see him honored. >> they look at me and see dad. >> the hertz family is from virginia but vacationing here for the summer. the mayor joked the city needs more tourists like hertz. >> enjoy the rest of your time here. please come back. with visitors like you, i feel safer already. >> and those he rescued are glad
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hefs here for a vit, too. >> and he's still going to be there for a little longer. >> yeah, the cameras didn't catch him oepening up his shirt and flying off. >> who takes a tie on their vacation to florida. that's what i wanted to know. >> you know, there wrnt a whole lot of people out there during the day today. a lot of people trying to stay indoors as much as possible. the heat really unbearable today. if you step outside tonight, it continues to be so. out there right now, you can stilt see the haze in the atmosphere. high temperature today did break a record, 99 degrees. we forecasted that record two days ago. low this morning, 78. started off on a very warm note. here's the one step you need to notice. more than six inches below average for the year. we do need to see some rain. yesterday, the record high was
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98-9 9. today's record, we broke that by one degree. tomorrow's record, 101 and we will not get nymph close anywhe that one. temperatures across the road, 9 9d 9 in frederick. an incredibly hot day across the region and it's still hot at this hour. 87 degrees right now. winds out of the south at 3 miles an hour. kurnt heat index not everyone showing you the heet index. it's 89 in fredericksburg. 93, 11:00 at night in washington. same deal goes for annapolis. now, storm 4 radar not showing much in the way of rain. there are a few showers back towards winchester that are
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starting to fall apart. one thing you're going to notice is a frontal boundary out to the west. that's the front that's going to take the heat right out to see. still a hot day tomorrow. i think we have a pretty good chance to see some strong to maybe severe storms during the afternoon tomorrow. you'll wantd to take the umbrella with you and keep an eye to the sky during the lat afternoon. that front moves through and very, very kmptble. very, very clear. warm and extremely mug gl gy. he i have downpours and strong, gusty wintz. temperatures 90-95 degrees. the next few days, we cool dounl quickly. just beautiful this week epd. and then look at next week.
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highs only in the 70s. >> still ahead tonight, how your child could get an invitation to a white house state dinner. a[ leanne ] appliance park has been here since the early 50s.
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that's looking good. i'd take that, tampa bay. >> i almost can't focus. >> no, you cannot. let's talk a little baseball now. nothing like a 97 degree game for a night game. we once again saw mr. pine tar,
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peralta suspended for 8 games for illegally stashing pine tar in his glove. peralta appealed the suspension. he's allowed to play in tonight's game. daryl green throwing out the first pich. and he's an athlete. not like these basketball guys. throwing a strike. bottom two, tied at one. dezzie goes up the middle. watch desmond, though vmt he's wondering what eesz going on. nobody's paying attention. he's going to go ahead and steal second base. top six, we're tied at two. and gonzalez is in a jachl. joe theisman is in the park. bottom of the 6 thd.
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peralta now pitching. and danny gets the better of this match-up. jesus florez will score. adam larouche scores, as well. so ex-sspinoza with a big two-r double. bottom 9 now. up at the plate. have a seat, my friend. nationals win 5-2. they take two out of three from the rays. next up, the os at camden yarpds tomorrow. by this time next thursday, we will know exactly who the wizards pick for the nba draft. two names the wiz e wizards are very interested in. michael hillcrest from kentucky and bradly biel from florida.
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the team president confident they can find that player in the draft. >> we're going through the process. we've had all the players in. we're going to have a lot of meetings and determine which player we'll be able to fit in best long term. whoever we draft is going to learn the ropes of the nba and can get accustomed to the game, learn the system and things of that nature. >> that's the nba draft coming up next thursday night from new york city. and, tonight, it ee's game 5 ofe nba finals. and it looks like lebron james may finally get that ring. not one, not two, but he's going to start it tonight. they are ababsolutely destroiing oklahoma city. 1
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white house state dinners are famous for their high profile and guest list. but one dinner this summer is going to the kids. one child from' each state and territory to dinner in august. they have to earn their invitations. kids between the ages of 8 and 12 can submit their favorite healthy lunch recipes for the
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chance to attend that din ere. it's all part of the let's move campaign to fight childhood obesity. >> that's a great idea. >> well, what a way to get kids involved. have a contest like that. >> thanks for having us in. the tonight show is next.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes katy perry. the man who travelled around the world for free, michael wigge.


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