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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  June 22, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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now there's a permanent memorial. i'm jim handly in tonight for jim vance. >> strong to severe scattered storms are threatening our region right now. we have the up-to-the mind photographs. >> can you see this huge storm. this is the one i'm really watching. moves out into the chesapeake bay, with some wind, winds could easily gust, and look at all of the lightning associatewood this line. this line is now developing, strengthening, moving off to the east, so you can see where these storms are. just to the north of front
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royal, around the bluement area, up thus portions of jefferson county, that severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:30, including jefferson. hillsborough, this should be through your area. and then down towards berryville in millwood, this storm moving right along route 7. this is where i think we could see some of the strongest winds. watch out, you definitely will see the potentially for very heavy rain. this will move right along 66 here, expect to see a lot of rain and some strong storms. i'll continue to keep you updated. new new warnings, we'll show them right here. >> thank you, doug. several children were injured when an suv left the road and hit them in the front yard.
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jackie bensen joins us by phone from river dale with more on the story. >> reporter: hello, doreen, this happened fast and it was just horrifying. it was so hot out this afternoon, we understand four children, ages 4 to 10 were playing in one of those plastic baby pools you can buy at any discount store in the front yard of their home. they're playing in the water. all of a sudden a toyota four runner swerves to avoid a car that was stopped in front of it. the toyota glances off that car and loses control, goes right into the yard and into the baby pool where the children were playing. we're told the youngest child, who's a very small 4-year-old, was actually pinned again the side of the baby pool which are flexible, actually folded office where the tire hilt the pool. that child and three other children in the pool were taken
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to local hospitals. they are listed in stable to good condition right now. no life-threatening injuries, thank goodness a child in the suv was injured as well as two adults. they were also taken to the hospital. so a total of seven people taken to the hospital. we can tell you the driver of that toyota suv that caused the accident is facing a number of traffic charges, but we can tell you this had the potential to be an awful, awful incident. there are serious injuries, but nothing like what it could have been. police are still investigating. >> thanks, jackie. we are late into day 2 of jury deliberations in the jerry sandusky trial. he's accused of sexually abusing ten boys over the course of 15 years. today the jury reard hours of testimony, but still tonight no verdict.
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brian moore has the latest. two interesting questions from the jury, both of them focusing on third-party eyewitness tim both have to do with a janitor who's been mentally incapacitated. his co-workers talked about his shock. the other focusing on mike mcqueary a key witness in this case. >> reporter: jurors financed their first day of deliberations with a question. they took turns reading the testimony of two witnesses. the jury asked to review the testimony of former grad student mike mcqueary. mcqueary is the only third-party witness to tell the jury he saw one of the alleged crimes. on the stand he was adamant. though it was just a glymph, he
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said he saw sandusky sexually assaulting an underage boy. family friend, a defense witness testified that a shaken mcqueary told him only about what he heard, sexual sounds. i kept saying, what did you see? and each time he would come back to the sounds. the alleged vip has not been located. the charges related to that incident rest on mcqueary's words. still only one alleged victim representing only a few of the 48 counts against the former coach. the jury has been sequestered, unaware of any of the new abuse allegations. one comes from hi adopted son matt, the other by traffic weaver, to tells "rock center" he was abused for years. he talked to reporters a few minutes ago about where jerry
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sandusky would be taken after a conviction. asked to sum up the odds of the case here, he said i would die of a heart attack. shocked if he was acquitted on all charges. live in ben font, pennsylvania, news4. and we hope you'll stay with news4. coming up on "nbc nightly news" cleave legal correspondent savannah guthrie joins leather holt to talk about what might be happens in the jury room. that's after this broadcast. prince georges county police say they were forced to shoot a man during a confront ace on colb street just after 11:30 last night. according to police, officers were responding to the report of gunshots in the area. an officer fired a service weapon after a suspect tonight off running. the suspect was hit in the leg and now has been released. police say they found illegal drugs and a gun while combing through the scene. the suspect is urge chaed with drug possession. today marks three years
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since a metro crash took the lives of nine people and injured 80 others. when two trains on the red line collided near the ft. taughten station. officials have made several changes to prevent a similar crashes from happening again. it was three years ago today when problems let to a metro -- killing eight passengers and one operator. >> what happened was something that we could have avoided, had we looked into an early incident and not relied on staff assurances. >> reporter: a plaque containing the names of those who died was unveil today over the tracks where the tragedy unfolded. >> we wanted to honor the folks who were lost and their families by vowing to make safety our top priority and doing investments,
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everything possible to get this to be a safer place. >> reporter: many at the ceremony said the best way to honor victims is to make sure the past has not repeated. to invest in a system that's so important to everything that we do, and make sure that something like that, that accident, that tragedy, wouldn't happen again. >> reporter: after the crash, the board issued more than a dozen recommendation to improve safety. former board chair debbie herdsman says metro has complemented three of them so far. >> in the past metro really didn't listen to us when we made recommendation. they very quickly embraced all of the recommendation we made and they're working on all of them. >> relatives express precious to the plaque. until now, a marker was the only permanent memorial. >> i'm very happen now while
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some relatives are involved in a legal battle, several told news4 that they believe metro is headed in the right direction. >> i do feel that metro is making every attempt since that tragic accident to make sure that nothing like this happens again. the city plans to build a mehmetia park, but that location has not yet been decided. a convicted killer was sentenced today. 42-year-old bill loy joe simon of district heights got life plus 20 years. he shot 27 years old michael neal, as he laid in beth nest to his fiancee in june of 2001. their 12-year-old daughter was in the house. in the bassinet beside them their 1-month-old son. >> just a great relief after ten years, realizing the man that
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killed my brother that had two kids, two sons that's now convicted of murder is just a reli relief. >> authorities say robbery was the motive. now to the scandal-plagued d.c. government, many says leaders neat to reassure that ethics is a top priority, but michael brown says ethical clouds are not crippling the city. tom sherwood has our report. >> mayor vincent great for his 20-10 -- kwame brown resigned, pleaded guilty to a felony. former ward 5 member harry thomas began a felony prison sentence this week for stealing $350,000 funds intended for a youth program. but wamu's council member michael brown, recently chosen second in command, downplayed
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the ethics cloud in a city that financially is doing well. >> our city is going great. we have some ethical clouds? yes. do we have to work on them? absolutely. he defended -- that they -- >> do you feel like most of your council members are ethical and honest? >> yes. >> and yourself, i presume is included. >> we have to be careful about relative what is the definition of ethics. >> within the laws. >> absolutely. well, see, to some people it's that. to other people it's if you jaywalk, are you now not ethical? >> brown has had a series of financial problems, involving failure to pay rent, tars taxes, troubled business deals, but he says voters still support him. he's seeking a second term in november. >> the voters seem satisfied with what i've doane. reelection is coming up. we'll see. >> he hopes gray survives his
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legal troubles. jim? we all have storms over us tonight. doug kammerer is tracking them for us. >> right now we do have another severe thunderstorm warning that's in effect now. eastern clark and warring county, once again a very strong line of storms coming together right now. you can see where this is now entering portions of louden county, not too many of a concern. this is what's of concern. look at all of this lightning. a tremendous amount of lightning. also easily 50, maybe 60-mile-an-hour winds with this storm, so this storm means bit. again, this is a number of storm along a like around lux, you will see this storm come through.
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as we look towards bluement, a lot of reds in here, a ton of lightning, extremely heavy rain. if you're caught on route 50, route 7 or down 66, you will all sees this rain. against toward the east, but a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for this entire area here. once again, louding county, jefferson county, clark county, warren county as well as warren faulk here. this line is moving toward the metro area. i will continue to watch it for you. stay with us, we'll continue to give you complete updates. coming up on news4, a couple who tried to ride out a storm had to find another way out when rising waters became a serious threat. the national park service is mourning the loss of one of their own after a rescue mission went terribly wrong. a man caught up in a bomb plot against the u.s. capitol is
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ready to make a deal. gas could drop below $3 a gallon soon.
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tens of thousands of demonstrators are filling tahrir square in cairo around the clock. that's the same spot where they gathered for the last year revolution against longtime hoses any mubarak. the supreme council had promised to hand over full control to a civilian president at the end of the month, but now says it will assume more power. both candidates are claiming victory still. president obama's recent change in immigration policy is giving him a boost with one group of voters.
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"meet the press" moderator david gregory is here with insight. let's start with the fight over the hispanic vote, the president seems to have caught the republicans off-guard. >> he has. he has a big advantage here. i think the strategy for the romney campaign is not to beat him here, but simply catch up. with a message that's more about the economy than immigration. he's trying to soften the way they talks aboutsh he lead it at romney's feet and the republicans' feet, saying we had a plan all the along, and republicans blocked it. comprehensive immigration reform has been hard for both parties, but the president hasn't gotten it done, either. one of your guests sunday, marco rubio, what is he saying about the possibility of him being the vp pick? >> it's interesting that romney felt the need to come out and insist that ruan i don't was in
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fact being vetted. that could mean he is or isn't. the important thing for romney is he wants the world to know, hispanic voters and other republicans, of course he's taking a hard look at a guy that's a rising republican star, in the middle of the immigration fight, a leading voice, and it really is on the assent. we'll talk about all of that when he's on the program on sunday, but a lot of attention. >> and also talking about the "fast and furious" eric holder business. >> this is a fight over executive privilege. i don't think either side wants it. i think there are conservatives that think it's a matter of principles, let's push the white house. you know, the attorney general has the lightning rod for a lot of conservatives because of his positions within the administration. i think the white house would like to find a way to go through this. we'll see if that can be accomplished. darrell issa will join us on the
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program. who wins the longer it draws out, or does anybody? >> i think it's tough for both sides. they want to keep a focus on the economy. remember in an election year, it's the candidate. mitt romney is really the head of the party. i don't think this is where he wants his focus. >> interesting. all right. sy loong forward to it. >> thank you. we invite you to join david for "press pass" he talked with david about the new biography "barack obama, the story." that happens on sunday morning at 11:30 right after "meet the press. requests. the u.s. coast guard rescued residents near duluth, minnesota. torrential rains turned neighborhood streets into raging rivers. near already 10 inches of rain fell in the area. flooding displaced hundreds, and caused millions of damage to road and homes and businesses.
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ten inches of rain at once is enough to create some real problems. >> big time. those were literally streets in a neighborhood. >> surf's up. >> yeah. big time. for us it's the severe weather, and i winds i think will be the key here. wind gusts upyards of 50, 6 on miles an hour, already numerous reports in our region, all seeing trees down across that region, with these severe storms as they make their way down to the south and east. you can see on storm4, where these storms are, back to the west. there is rain into southern maryland. if you're making your way down towards ocean city, expect some rain. if you leave now, you may just miss this line right here. this is the line making its way to the south and east. if uthinking about heading to baltimore for the game, you may have to watch out for these storms. but let's look at these storms. one thing you notice right away,
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we have lightning, a ton, a ton of lightning associated with these storms. you're seeing the lightning, hearing the thunder. these are just to the west. this will be very close. within the next 13 minutes, right on through downtown leesburg, around hillsborough, bluemont. expect those winds around the next 10 to 15 minutes, around middle 2k7 burg expect this line to make its way through in about the next 15 minutes. here it says 16 minutes. and then down to the south even farther so the once again, one thing you see clearly is that it is a line from frontroyal and right up into portions of louden county. this line will continue to make its way toward the east.
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i think it will come through the metro area, about the next hour or so, so we will continue to see you posted. another severe thunderstorm, no longer has a warning associated with it, but a very strong storm right now around lexington market. it's not been moving a lot. yet, even with this one. the whole picture showing the severe thunderstorm watch in effect from connecticut all the way down the east coast down through the richmond region. we still head a temperature of 96. right now down to 87. duped at 70 degrees, winds out of the south at 8 miles an hour, it is a very warm, a very humid evening across that region. that's what's giving the fuel to these storms. 70 in winchester, you think they have seen the rain? for sure. 79 in la plata. over toward the east, easton.
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this boundary push it out into the ocean. behind it much lower humidity. i think we're in for a very nice weekend. no matter what you're doing this weekend, i think it will be okay. most of us are not going to see anything at all. sunday a few showers possible in the higher elevations. the rest of us, sunday is looking very, very nice. this evening, scattered storms will be strong to severe. very strong winds. sudden may see trees down. a few early clouds tomorrow, and a really nice start. 63 to about 73. sunny, warm and not too humid. we'll that call it looking good. the whole weekend looking good out there. 89 on your sunday, 88 on monday, and then watch this. next week, simply beautiful, 81
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on tuesday, 82 on wednesday, 87 on thursday, hopefully we can get to somebody's backyard next week. we're not going to be dealing with any weather it looks like. >> you're timing that. >> we're all in a position to really appreciate some nicer weather after the three days of heat we just survived. coming up the governor of virginia making a serious threat involves the controversy over the president of the university of virginia. coming up in sports, we meet the newest pieces in the wizards puzzle. nationals manager davey johnson asks, do we have to go to burgland? and a hmm able
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a virginia man is in jail, accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy. >> he was an acquaintance through their church. julie carey reports. >> reporter: they called him brother ed at this spotsle vainia church, but he's accused of sexually molesting a 14-year-old from the congregation. he invited the victim and his brother to his home. >> the child went home and reported to his parents. >> reporter: then before the boy could even finish telling his story to investigators, he came into the sheriff's department with a fellow parishioner and turned himself in. >> he did appear remorseful, tearful, saying he knew he had done wrong. he did relate the facts of what happened. >> reporter: investigators say
6:30 pm
he also admitted he had sexual assaulted boys before when he was serving overseas. judges in the church's website he was an active participant, listed in numerous leadershipings leadershipingses. >> reporter: zottoli is the treasurer of the men's group. >> the pastor of zattoli's church says he's totally shocked by the charges. the pastor says he doesn't yet know how to break the news to his congregation. virginia governor bob mcdonald is threatening to replace the entire uva board of directors after the ouster of president sullivan. they plan to meet on tuesday to reconsider the forced resignation, but the governor sent a direct letter demanding a final answer no later than tuesday. if not, he said he would ask the entire board to resign by
6:31 pm
wednesday. a moroccan man living in alexandria has pleaded guilty in a terror plot to blow up the u.s. capitol. it follows his arrest back in february wearing what he thought was a suicide bombing vest. derrick ward has our report. >> reporter: the days leading up to february 17th, lawmakers' attention was focused on wrangling over payroll taxes and contraceptive coverage, but there was one man looking to the capitol with more malicious attempt. >> hi wanted to bring the buildings done. a moroccan living illegally in northern virginia, had months before decided to strike out against the u.s., the capitol became his final targets the choice. >> he started by announcing he wanted to attack a synagogue. he then shifted, wanted to assassinate an army general, then wanted to detonate a bomb at a downtown d.c. restaurant during the busiest time of the day. >> reporter: throughout the process, he thought he enlisted the help of a like-minded soul
6:32 pm
named uyousef, but yousef was a fbi agent. that led him to a guilty plea to a charge of planning to detonate a weapon. he may yet serve a purpose to his intended targets. >> al khalifi was a home-grown violent extremist who was pretty much cut off from anybody else. i think be studying him and by looking to how he became radicalized, how he moved along the path toward mobilization to carry out his intent is something that we can learn things from. >> reporter: al khalifi had gone so far to test weapons and explosives in a quarry in west virginia, at one point saying he wanted to kill people face-to-face. his plan had neared what he thought would be a deadly conclusion. a co-conspirator had driven him to capitol hill. he had a backup plans, but a
6:33 pm
plan without knowing the weapons he wore were inert. the judge informed him he's likely to serve up to 85% of the recommended sentence. he's due to be sentenced in september. derrick ward, news4. the latest now on that breaking news we've been following out of the prince georges county turin. several children were injured when a vehicle plowed through them as they played in their front yard. it happened along 57th place here in riverdale just before 4:00 this afternoon, authorities tell us the suv cut across the front yard of a home where four kids were playing in a small pool, and came to a rest at a second home. all of the children were taken to a hospital, but will be okay we're told. police are looking into whether aggressive driving is behind the crash. >> the preliminary investigates is the fort explorer was on 57th avenue and the toyota was behind
6:34 pm
it, the fort explorer was slowing to take a left-hand turn and the toyota passed on the left-hand side, and then collided with the ford explorer. the toyota ran off the roadway through a fans, struck a swimming pool. >> investigators say the driver will likely be charged. after a cheating scandal rocked the d.c. school system in recent years, a new report shows improvement. the superintendent looked at how the comprehensive assessment system was administered in 2011. the tests evaluate how students are doing in key subjects. of the 262 schools audited, 99% conducted the tests properly. only three schools had what are described as critical issues. in those cases, some incorrect answers were corrected and cell phones were used during testing. still ahead on news4, a park ranger died during a miss to try
6:35 pm
to save lives on mt. rainier. find out when gas prices could fall below $3 a gallon. what about the weather? >> severe thunderstorm warning still in effect here, making its way down to the south and east only about 15 too 120 miles an hour, leesburg that means you in about eight minutes. 50 minutes around sugarland run.
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a park ranger died today trying to save four climbers at mt. rainier. ranger nick hall was helping to rescue the climbers. he slipped and fell more than 3,000 feet down the side of the mountain as he was preparing the climbers to get pulled out. fellow rangers finally reached him, but by the time they did
6:39 pm
it, it was just too late. >> every rescue is unique. what we do in each rescue depends on what's required. sometimes people go into very valueses. it's the climbers were from texas. they were injured, better are expected to be okay. construction on the outer loom starts tonight. the through lanes will be closed. only one local lane will -- well, listen to this. all i-94 northbound traffic will you diverted onto the beltway toward tiesens. drivers will have to go over the american legion bridge and into montgomery counties to get into i-95 on the maryland side. this means inner loop traffic
6:40 pm
will be a nightmare. fun way to spend a saturday. >> stay away from the beltway all together weekend. what's coming up, dan? >> a little hoops, finally, finally lebron gets it done. one of the newest nationals, we're talking about bryce harper proves to be a very shrewd businessman. the new wizards want to look forward, because the rear
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welcome back, everybody. still watching that line, that nasty dangerous line of strong storms. we have seen numerous areas of trees down, back to the west with these storms right here. the same line making its way through louden county, and then the line continues to build to the south. that line will continue to make its way down to the south and east. a lot of lines associated with this.
6:44 pm
as you make your way through leesburg. as it makes its way toward the east. we're looking at the watson, the plains coming in, herndon in about 44 minutes, down toward reston in about 51 minutes, that line making its way about 15 to 20 miles an hour. it will have winds of 50 to 60 miles an hour. you probably have already seen very strong winds right around downtown leesburg. this will also be right along route 7. if you along 7 or 267, you will see the storms move through your area in the next 15 to 20 minutes, down to the south, you'll see these storms. farther down to the south around marshall, right around 66, the freeways making their weigh off to the west.
6:45 pm
very, very strong winds. just some rain, light rain here, but if you're thinking about heading over to ocean city, you'll probably by if for rain through the evening. we clear out and we cool down. just in time for the weekend. your seven-day forecast is coming up again in just a couple minutes. a lot of heat in miami. they'll be feeling it for a long time. >> i was undecided how to feel for so long here, but what love him or dislike him, the duty has deserved it. last night became the mvp of the nba finals. the king finally got his ring as the heat wrapped up its second championship by closing out oklahoma city in game 5. lebron called it the best day in his life. for the first time he could think about celebration instead of expectation. saying his prayers before the
6:46 pm
game. kevin durant, stoic, end the first quarter, bass like, this is what we call a mad jam. durant goes for 32 points in the game, but it was far from enough in the second quarter. mike miller, the former wizard why open for three. it's his best game in a year and a half. third quarter, dwyane wade feeds lebron, who hangs and hits the heat. we're just rolling. lebron, a triple-double, 26 points, 11 rebounds, 13 assists. fourth quarter, great passing by the heat, already up by 20. check this out. finally chris bosh on the receiving end, knocks down the jumper. bosh had 24 points. the heat had four players score at least 20. they win, a gatorade bath for
6:47 pm
eric spoelstra. think he's happy? >> yeah. >> he's been waiting eight years for this moment. >> to win a championship no matter on what level, you have to do it as a team. a lot of people saying i was a selfish person and player. it got to me, you know. all last year i tried to, you know prove you wrong. it wasn't me. at the end of the day i was bakley fighting against myself. >> we had to go through what we had to go through last year. we needed to. as much as it hurd, and the rest of our careers together, we take nothing for granted. >> kind of makes sense they had to go through that disappointment last year. they also said they were embarrassed, maybe made them work harder. they'll be winning a couple more, i think. the more you looks at the wizards trade, it mar nate and makes sense with emeka okafor
6:48 pm
and trevor ariza on the roster, now there's a question, will they be a playoff team? they arrived in washington today, and realized they're in a very familiar situation. >> coming to a team with a lot of young guys, both that team needed veteran leadership, this team will need veteran leadership it's going to be a challenge, but it's going to be fun. i think that especially with nene, and having great young tale talent, we can do good things. >> to baseball. bryce harper's already namous quote -- that's a clown question, bro" coming to a t-shirt near you. underarmour will be producing the shirts with his phrase. i say his phrase, because he's already applied for a trademark.
6:49 pm
here's the caveat. it's a friend of his brother's who uses clown as an adjective, so he kind of pilfered it from him. he should get part of the proceeds, right? >> i'll say. >> what do we need to do do to invent a phrase. >> maybe -- harper and the rest of the nats trying to keep that winning streak going. last night they closed out, geo a little frustrated with the strike zone, but he found it right here in the sixth, getting elliott johnson looking, his fourth and final strike out. to the bottom of the sixth, they pitch around adam laroche. that clearly proves to be the -- adam laroche going to score as well. a two-run double for danny.
6:50 pm
fired up as well. to the seventh. gets him out of it. matthews is pumped up to the ninth, and tyler clipper in. gets his -- game over at a 5-2 win. tonight the snatches at camden yards. it's the latest edition. the orioles 39-30. 2 1/2 games behind the yankees. the nats still sitting atop the national league east. it's bryce harper's maiden voyage to baltimore. for manager davey johnson it's a homecoming of sorts. >> do we have to go there? i'm fine. i'm fine. you know, i'm still an oriole fan. i've been booed there before, though. i'm just -- i love the ballpark, it's a nice hitter's ballpark. i hope they pack it.
6:51 pm
i know these beat us two out of three here. i would like to return that favor. final commitments coming in for the at&t national. patrick cantlay who just turned pro, and steve mer runno and bo hose her who impressed at the u.s. open. today second round up in cromwell, connecticut, the defending champ is this man, frederick jacobsen. he gets it to go to nine under, then jacobsen, he's flag hunting here. almost holes out, instead he settled for the par. about half the field has yet to finish because of a rain delay. and a great hole in one at the bmw championships overseas. we'll have that at 11:00. thank you, dan. ♪
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hey, if you filled up your gas tank lately, you already know that gas prices are low. how low will they go in the weeks ahead? experts now predict gas prices could dip below $3 a gallon by halloween. drivers should begin to see prices fall significantly after the summer. we haven't paid prices around that mark since december of 2010. right now aaa reports the national average is 3.45 for regular unleaded gas. that's good news. good news, doug? >> not really. the weekend looks great. how about that? because we do have some storms that are coming through the area right now. those storms are starting to move fairly quickly down to the south and east. we're going to continue to see those storms making their way down to the south and east.
6:56 pm
watching something on the radar screen, that's this little line. see this guy right here? that is the gust front from this storm. get ready around fairfax. you'll see potential 40 to 50-mile-an-hour winds with that line well out ahead of the storm system itself. you notice all of that thunder and lightning associated with the storms continuing to move off toward the east. warrenton, heads up. you're about to see the storms. sterling, herndon, reston, all about to see those storms in the next 15 minutes to half an area, then through montgomery county, jut to the south of gaithersburg, we'll be seeing that rain. your four-day forecast. 89 on your sunday with sunshine, and 88 on monday, chance of storms, then some beautiful weather, as we set up for next week. dan, you want to play some golf? we've got a lot to look forward to, don't we this thank
6:57 pm
you, doug. finally tonight, president obama had a bit of a moment today on the campaign trail. he took a tumble. the president was running onto the stage for a campaign appearance today down in tampa. he missed a step and almost did a faceplant in front of the everybody, but he acted pretty quickly. caught himself with his hands. the president joked his trip-up was due to his extreme excitement to be back in florida. quick recovery. >> we'll see that again and again. he pulled a gerald ford or chevy
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we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached.
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carmax. start here.


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