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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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dangerous storms slam in to washington area knocking down trees and power. we will have team coverage in a moment. but first up tonight, jerry
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sandusky is found guilty. we want to get the latest on that verdict coming in from brian moore. he's live in bell font, pennsylvania. brian? >> thanks. jerry sandusky walked in to the courthouse with his family. he walked out a convicted child predator. he was in handcuffs, led out by police. beginning a very, very long prison sentence. the pennsylvania attorney general linda kelly just said that a serial child predator has been held accountable for his crimes. defense attorney joe amendola told the gathered crowd here, at times cheering and at times booing, that his defendant was going to spend the rest of his life behind bars but that was not much of a surprise. joe amendola said the case was like climbing mt. everest. >> the jury obviously believed the commonwealth's evidence, the
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comm commonwealth's verdict. i have been asked is that a surprise? and no it was the expected outcome because of the overcoming amount of evidence against jerry sandusky. here's a live look outside of the center county courthouse in bell font, pennsylvania. a crowd of citizens out here vastly outnumbering the media. a huge throng of media that came for the much-anticipated verdict. jerry sandusky former assistant football coach at penn state university is now a convicted child molester. he could face at his sentencing a minimum of 60 years a maximum of 442 years. his attorney says he does expect jerry sandusky to spend the rest of his life behind bars. there's a footnote here. at the end of this trial, the bombshell revelation that matt
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sandusky, jerry sandusky's adopted son was ready to testify against him to say that he, too, had been abused. that leaves open the question of whether there will be more charges against jerry sandusky, but right now this case is finished. live in pennsylvania, brian moore. now back to you. >> thank you. now to the nasty storms that hit our area tonight. at one point, close to 50,000 people had lost power. >> trees have been knocked down. the storm blew through fast and furious. these images were taken in riverdale, maryland, torrential
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rains, lightning and some hail. as the storm raced toward northeast washington, it seemed to gather speed and power. a tree, more than three feet in diameter crushed this home on 3800 block of south dakota northeast. >> rain came up. first the winds came up really strong and all of a sudden it just started employing. the rain started coming down, and it looked like a tornado. yes. and i was in my family room, and i heard this thing snap, and it felt like, yeah, it was awful. it was awful. it just -- i went to the basement at that point. >> reporter: the tree tore right through the sturdy brick home. the heavy damage trapped the sole occupant, ann elderly man. he had to be extricated and take on the a hospital by ambulance. >> reporter: the woodbridge area was plunged in to darkness.
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>> we're told the man issized with serious injuries after a tree fell on a car a block north from here. i do want to warn you, my friends and anyone who might be driving in northeast washington, northwest washington, parts of prince georges county, the bladensburg, riverdale areas tonight, please be careful. there are so many power lines down and so much power out that you could be driving along and there would be a tree or power line on the street and you may not be able to see it. reporting live in northeast washington, jackie bensen, news 4. look at this huge tree that knocked over power lines before toppling a house in northeast. it happened on 16th and lawrence streets northeast. officials with cave in task force responded here. neighbors say four women live in the home but only two were there at the time. everyone did get out safely. we go live to a picture in bladensburg, maryland there is significant damage to an apartment complex. this complex is called kenilworth towers.
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we're told roofs have been blown off. there's bad damage to numerous garden apartments. bladensburg high school has been opened to use as a shelter for those impacted. joining us on the phone is assistant fire chief ron bridges with prince georges county fire an ems. chief, describe the wide-spread nature of the damage we are seeing right now. >> it is pretty extensive. at this time we have at least 15 multi-family structures, as well as one single-family structure with roof or structural damage to the building itself. unbelievable, sir. >> any injuries so far? and how precarious a time was it for residents who lived there? people had to evacuate? >> absolutely. we have bladensburg high school as one of our evacuation shelters and we were transporting individuals from that scene over to the high school. hopefully we will have that high school for a couple of days. >> ron bridges with the prince
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georges county fire and ems. live pictures from bladensburg there. extensive damage, as you can see. trees and power lines are still down. what a night it has been. our chief meteorologist is joining us now at the maps. >> reporter: with we are watching the storm coming through the area. we were live make as it made its way through. this one storm started to the west as a fairly good line of storms and tracked across northwest, northeastern portions of washington in to portions of prince georges county. we will show you what is happening. these are the storm reports. notice the cluster, right in here. there's one, two, three, four, five, six different reports out of this area coming in. 63 mile an hour wind gust in silver spring. 64 mile an hour wind gust in the arboretum and in prince georges county a wind gust of 58 miles
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an hour. bladensburg, right in here. it is determined to be a microburst that happened there. what that means is micro -- meaning a small area and burst meaning a burst of wind. that's what we saw there. winds could have been in excess of 70, maybe 80 miles an hour. we will have to wait and see the official estimates from the national weather service but just amazing as the storm made its way through ta portion of the area. the good news is the cold front is sinking through. the storm is starting to die out and for us it will calm down quickly. my complete forecast is coming up in just a minute. the storm blew trees and limbs on to roads making driving difficult long after the worst of the weather moved through. in bethesda at bradley boulevard, limbs blocked a lane of traffic and an officer is working with the shovel to clear the road. a few blocks away drivers were dodging debris in fairfax. it is not clear if the weather caused a barn collapse
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inned fr in frederick county. no reported injuries among people. thousands of people lost power during the height of the storms and many folks still don't have it on. here's the look at the latest numbers. pepco is reporting 41,000 people without. the district and prince georges couldn't sawty saw the brunt of the damage with 15,000 damages each. four children were injured and one nearly killed after a michael carrero reened in to a front yard in prince georges county. it happened in the area of 57th avenue and jennifer place in riverdale. police say the driver of a ford explorer was slowing down, trying to make a left turn when the driver of a toyota tried to pass the ford. the cars collided sending the toyota to the front yarded of the home where the children were playing in a kiddie pool. >> the car took the baby -- the baby was under the car and then he was bleeding right here and
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the tire was on his hand, the tire. >> reporter: police say the injured children ranged from four to ten year cans old. the driver will be cited in that crash. an off-duty firefighter and two strangers saved a woman trapped in a burning apartment in centreville. a fairfax county firefighter driving this evening saw the smoke and made the first 911 call. neighbors rushed in to a house near the fire to help a woman rescue her handicapped mother. >> essentially we got here in a wheelchair. >> we were trying to get her moving in the wheelchair. i took the dog and kept the dog out of the way. >> thank god we were there at the right time, the right second. so that's awesome. >> investigators are determining what started the fire. it's being called stay away weekend on the capital beltway
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near the wilson bridge and beyond. construction on the outer loop has already begun and will continue all weekend. we have a report from springfield with what drivers need to know. >> reporter: drivers need to know two words according to the traffic engineers, stay away. traffic will be an absolute mess on the beltway. i just got off the phone with the traffic engineer and he said starting tonight the outer loop through lanes will be closed van doren to telegraph road and the local lanes will have one lane open and that is going to cause mega backups. i talked to some drivers and they told me they are not going near it. >> i ain't going nowhere near if i can help it. >> he will avoid the beltway traffic like a virus. >> it is already bad enough. >> this weekend is a stay away weekend. >> reporter: inner loop traffic will be more congested than normal because of construction from van doren street to telegraph road in virginia. >> one single lane. definitely stay away if that was
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your planned route. >> reporter: traffic experts say don't worry. it's going to be worth it. see the three lanes. see how the traffic is moving at a snail's pace? it will turn to five lanes in five weeks and make the traffic run a lot smoother. but for now the wilson bridge is shut down to one lane going north all day on saturday and sunday. plus, i-95 north traffic will be diverted on the beltway toward tysons and will have to go over the american legion bridge in to montgomery county to get on i-95 on the maryland side. this guy's skipping town before it gets bad. >> i'm leaving for the weekend. >> to ease up traffic on the wilson bridge on saturday and sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., all northbound i-95 traffic will be rerouted on to 495 west over the american legion bridge. steve walker told he he could go on the beltway in virginia only in an emergency this weekend. >> unless it is life or death, i apt going nowhere near it. >> i heard that, steve.
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drivers can continue on to i-395 north. that might help you out. remember, the on ramp from the eisenhower connector to the outer loop will be closed until the end of the month. you can continue to get traffic updates on our website at nbc live in springfield, virginia, show marry stone, news 4. governor mcdonald is threatening to replace the entire university of virginia board of visitors. the board plans to meet on tuesday to decide whether to reinstated ousted president teresa sullivan. he wents a resolution and in part he said i want final action by the board on tuesday. if you fail to do so i will ask for the resignation of the entire board on wednesday. a $20 million lawsuit from an nba star after a brawl involving two of the music world's biggest names. gm recalls a half million cars because of the possibility ♪
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is forcing general motors to recall nearly a half million chevy cruise models. gm says 30 cars caught fire pause of a problem with the plastic engine shields. it covers cars from september twenl until last month. a reminder of the worst train crash in metro history now sits in northeast washington. three years ago to the day that nine people were killed, 80 injured. the fort totten station in 2009 had faulty circuit and other problems caused two trains to collide. metro implemented several changes since that crash. the city plans to build a memorial park but that location hasn't been decided yet. >> doug is back with more about our wild weather. things are starting to settle down. >> in a big way. one thing you know, when we have
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a heat wave like we just had, 99 degrees and 96 today you know whatever follows will be something strong to push out the heat n. this case it was a strong area of thunderstorms and the cold front that came through produced damaging winds and damaging storms across the area. no tornados. a lot of people are saying a tornado came through. no, no tornados. these were straight-line winds but they can do a lot of damage. look out there right now. temperatures cooled to 72 in our studios in northwest washington. temperatures across the area are back in the 70s. much cooler than it has been because of the rain. the rain continues to move in from the -- continues to move to the south and east. still some rain down to southern maryland. you may hear a rumble of thunder or two but no more severe weather. that is just off shore. if you want to oengs ocean city or rehoboth beach, they are
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getting pummelled by heavy rain and lightning. the frontal boundary is trying to make its way off the coast. as it does, it will bring an end to the heat and things will calm down it has been hoot week. tuesday 88, wednesday 96. 99 on thursday and 96 on friday. the temperatures have been extremely warm. wednesday was 97. we missed the record by one degree and set a record are yesterday. right now 76 degrees. winds from the northwest are calm. that's the good news. things will start to calm down the rest of the evening hours. look at the numbers, 68 in cumberland, 70 winchester, 70 manassas and 71 to la plata. you will notice a difference tomorrow morning. it will feel cooler and less humid. the frontal boundary is taking the storm apps hot weather out to sea and bringing in lower humidity. tomorrow on the warm side. high temperatures could get to 90 in many areas. with lower humidity it will be
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more comfortable. same deal for sunday. sunday could be a few showers back to the mountains the higher elevations and again isolated showers at best. do not cancel any plans if you are thinking of heading to the mountains. should be pretty nice for you. a few clouds and a nice start. 63 to 73 degrees. tomorrow a little warm, 87 to 90 and looking goochld winds to the north. if you are thinking of heading to the beach tomorrow, good thing you waited a day. 82 on saturday. 83 on sunday with plenty of sunshine and monday 81. a chance of showers tomorrow will be early in the morning. most of the day tomorrow will be great. great day at the beach and great weekend inland too. 89 on saturday and sunday. look at the rest of next week, just beautiful. highs in the low 80s. >> a lot to look forward to. >> thank you, doug. ahead
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battle of the beltway as they play through rain tonight. >> they had a little rain as doug told us earlier and the rain didn't necessarily hinder the nationals but the pitcher for the orioles did. that was the problem. a pitchers' duel. the problem was he was facing hamill. who shut the nationals down. rainy night. once they got going, mark renn olds said thank you very much to zimmerman. one of the six on the year for
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reynolds. that puts them up in the second. in the fifth, roger hits one to third. wilson over to first for the out and then reynold who is a good hit and terrible fielder makes an awful throw here. desmond and he score. j.j. hardy laces one to left center field. that's going to hurt. former national nick johnson comes in to score what would be the game-winning run. top of the seven. hamel gets him swinging. his tenth strikeout victim of the night. how about help on defense. flores robbed of a sure base hit pi j.j. hard to get up high. j.j. gets the final out of the inning and the orioles go on to beat the nationals 2-1. they will play again tomorrow afternoon. to new york, mets hosting the yanks where the rain came
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out but then the sun dried it up. in the first, mets up 2-0. davis takes petit's pitch deep to right. the leaping attempt at the wall. i got it, no, i don't have it. over the fence. bounces off the base of his glove. the mets take a 5-0 lead and hold on to beat the yankees 6-4. the nhl draft was tonight and the capitals used two first-round picks to pick a pair of forwards. philippe forfilphilippe foresbu. he led the team in assists. the 12th year veteran collected 50 or more points in each of the last eight seasons. he's the second line center the caps have needed. good chance the caps aren't
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done dealing this off season. . they need to tweak the off season more. the pga tour is in frederick , connecticut where the leader is at 9 under. across the pond in germany the bmw international open. this is andrew marshall from 7 2 15 out. he just birded 15 and 16. what's better than a birdie on the par three, how about a hole in one. better than that the priceless memory made even better by a $76,000 car. >> wow. >> a six series bmw. i don't care how much money you make or you win playing golf, you win a car it is a good
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updating our top stories. jerry sandusky has been found guilty. a jury in pennsylvania convicted him on 45 counts for sexually assaulting ten boys over 15 years. sandusky was led away from the courthouse in handcuffs. he will be sentenced to a minimum of 60 years in prison. after the verdict was announced cheers could be heard from those who gathered outside of the courthouse. sandusky showed little emotion. storms pounded several communities. tree down on houses and cars in the northeast. several people had to be rescued. 40,000 people are without power and in bladensburg several hundred people may have to sleep in a shelter this evening. roofs were ripped off of a number of apartments at
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