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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  June 23, 2012 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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have about 10,000 customers affected. bge and dominion are reporting about 100 outages each. >> today a whole other story. >> so much nicer. a lot of times that's how these patterns change. you go from really hot then one big wham with storms, then a little break in the action, a little relief from the humidity and the high heat that we've been suffering with all week long. today it's still going to be a hot day. it will be nothing compared to the recent stretch of ugly weather. yesterday's high 97 here in washington. today we'll do about 90 degrees. big improvement. 79 in frederick, 80 downtown in washington, 77 waldorf, 79 down at solomons island. there's your saturday planner. temperatures on the warm side. we'll be in the low 80s in the next couple of hours.
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highs around the 90 degree mark. no storms for your saturday to worry about. driving down to the beaches, a little shower at the coastline today. there's your sunday planner as well. a really nice day in and around the metropolitan area. only chance for showers tomorrow come up in the mountains of west virginia. the highs up in the 80s once again. that's the latest on the forecast. let's go back to the news. >> communities across the region are cleaning up from those severe storms this morning. one of the hardest hit is a series of apartment complexes in bladensburg. >> roofs were ripped from buildings, cars crushed and residents left without a home. derrick ward is live on the scene with more on the damage. >> good morning. we are here at the intersection of 55th avenue and newton street in bladensburg. we'll step out of the way here. you're looking south down newton. if you make out that white mass behind where those people are walking, that wasn't there last night because that was actually
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the roof of theb building that' adjacent at the roof of the hill. that roof is resting on power lines that used to go completely across the street. that's sort of the tale of what's going on in bladensburg. we had crews out here when the roof of that building blew off. and just above the crescent hill farther down newton, there's another roof that's completely off the street. the red close is here. 43 families have been did i played by the damage. 10,358 prince george's county residents are in that same boat. the emergency management department for the "here as well as police and the red cross. i want to bring it back in the other direction down newton street. if you go down newton almost every other tree has been
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damaged or completely taken down. in any case they've come down on power lines. both sides of the street are dark. people are awakening to an awesome sight. if they are coming out, to be careful because a lot of these power lines are down toward the ground. we don't know if they're energized or not. pepco crews have their work cut out for them. we're live in bladensburg. a scary scene in d.c., too. a tree fell on a home trapping a man inside. that happened last night on south dakota avenue. emergency crews got that victim out. he wasn't hurt. one neighbor described the chaos she heard and saw outside. >> it just started blowing, the rain started coming down. and it looked like a tornado. yes. and i was in my family room, and i heard this thing snap and it felt like, yeah, it was awful.
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it was awful. it just -- you went to the basement at that point. >> the tree was three feet in diameter and there's severe structural damage to the house. be careful driving today as the storm might have knocked out traffic lights in your area. this was the scene last night, traffic blocked for several blocks as police directed cars through four-way stops. caused a backup there. luckily we haven't seen any reports of accidents because of the power outages on the road. jerry sandusky's lawyer says he expects to appeal his client's guilty verdict on 45 of 48 charges against him. the verdict all but guarantees sandusky will spend the rest of his life in prison. sandusky was immediately taken to the centre county correctional facility where he'll spend his time behind bars. it only took the jurors two days to come back with the verdict. one of the jurors appeared on the "today" show earlier today.
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he says sandusky's reaction to the guilty verdict was further proof that he committed those acts. >> just confirmation again, you know, i looked at him during the reading of the verdict and just the look on his face, no real emotion, just kind of accepting, you know, because he knew it was true. >> sandusky will learn his sentence in about three months. meanwhile, the paterno family has released a statement about the guilty verdict. although we understand the task of healing is just beginning, the verdict is an important milestone. the community owes a measure of gratitude to the jurors for their diligent service. our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victims and their families. sandusky's lawyers say they needed more time to build a case against the damaging testimony. >> we're getting more insight on what the defense might have been up against. reeny sadler is a maryland
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attorney. were you surprised how fast things moved along, the verdict came quickly and the trial was pretty quick and we got to trial fast. >> absolutely. first of all, we have constitutional proo tekzs to have speedy trials in this country, plus judges must balance in their discretion, this was a discretionary call by the junl in pennsylvania to have that trial move forward quickly. but for a defense attorney and a defense team very difficult to put together a case that quickly. >> how does this conviction impact other civil suits and also the school because we know there is the high profile case of the two officials accused of lie to a grand jury and trying to cover up this scandal. >> sure. we'll see that unfold. there was an invitation from penn state to have these individuals participate in a mediation, if you will, with the hope that globally this can be resolved for them in a way that
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would put this behind them. >> there was no physical evidence that came about, but so much testimony and so many victims. when the defense is faced with so many people all with stories, how hard to make their case. >> very difficult. laws over the years have changed to shift to allow for the difficulties where there's no physical evidence and essentially we're dealing with memories many, many years ago. so very hard for the defense. then particularly where you have multiple victims, a pattern has emerged in this case and i think we see the result. >> giving us valuable insight this morning. rini, thank you for stopping by. now a traffic alert that will affect a lot of driver this weekend. construction is going on right now near the wilson bridge. crews closed the through lanes on the outer loop. this might have to extend to next weekend because the company that supplies the asphalt lost power.
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so crews got a late start today. to avoid this mess you can take 39 5 to the southeast/southwest freeway or the loop at the mixing bowl. but we'll keep tabs on the progress. why d.c. businesses may soon be getting help from china, of all places. how the summer break could ush are in changes at the top of prince george's county public schools. a new mission for a horse racing stud. the journey ahead for i'll have the journey ahead for i'll have another.
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♪ today a memorial for a popular business owner killed at her store in d.c. jun lin was found murdered inside grace's deli this month. someone robbed her at her
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convenience store. people who knew li mirks held a vinlle this week. the family is planning a private funeral. in lieu of flowers thak asking that contributions by made to victims of violence. mayor gray is off to china for an economic trip. he'll travel to beijing and shanghai. his goal is to match district businesses with chinese partners and meet with potential real estate investor. gray's economic team will travel with him as well as private business owners and educational leaders. new this morning the superintendent for prince george's county should soon be switching jobs. dr. william hite has been named a finalist for the superintendent opening. he's been in charge of prince george's county schools for 3 1/2 years. he released a statement saying while i have not sought out
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other opportunities, i have been approached on numerous occasions and have turned them down. however, my wife and i believe this is an opportunity that we must explore. virginia governor bob mcdonnell issued a stern warning to the university of virginia board of visitors. he said if they don't make a decision on ousted president theresa sullivan by next week he'll ask all of them to resign. the board force heard to resign two weeks ago without consulting faculty. in a letter to the board, mcdonnell wrote, let me be absolutely clear, i want final action by the board on tuesday. if you fail to do so i'll ask for the resignation of the entire board on wednesday. i expect you to make a clear, detailed and unified statement on the future leadership of the university. a relationship between the anglican and catholic church. father mark lewis and father rick kramer will be ordained by
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cardinal donald a wuerl this morning. they're some of the first anglican priests in the country to make the transition to catholicism. the process of unifying the churches became a reality in 2009 when pope benedict invited them to join the catholic die o seize while still retaining some of their own traditions. planning a summer vacation? >> who isn't? why you may want to think twice about getting travel insurance. >> we're tracking a tropical system that could brew into trouble by the weekend.
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welcome back. it's prime time. you take a summer getaway. and while you never plan on getting sick or hurt while on vacation, we all know it does happen. but do you know if you are
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covered, that's is the question. bob hansen reports it might be time to ask your insurance company some serious questions. >> reporter: every time a plane takes off from the airport, there's a question passengers should be asking themselves. when i land at my destination, will i have medical coverage? >> you definitely need to look into this if you're going to travel, you have to. >> reporter: while the answer is yes for most insurance plans if you're flying within the u.s., the question is not so cut and dried if you're landing in a foreign country. >> but once you go overseas, very rarely your medical insurance will have some coverage. if you think medicare is going to cover you, forget it. >> reporter: dr. andress smith says people often take their insurance coverage for granted when they leave the country. >> he was sitting in a chair and his arm was kind of hanging down. he tried to get up and he couldn't get up. >> reporter: that's when joan williamson knew there was something wrong with her husband john. they were in mexico, nearly 200
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miles from the us border. >> i do sort of remember being in the garden, sitting in the chair, but i don't remember trying to get out of it. >> reporter: john had had a stroke. joan and her friends wrapped him in a blanket and drove him to a small clinic. >> we went way out this dirt road, then we came to this tiny little hospital, and we took him into the emergency room. and there was one doctor there who spoke a little bit of english. >> reporter: it was clear john needed more care than the clinic could offer. but would his insurance fly him back to the u.s.? >> i had no idea if we were covered or not. >> reporter: fortunately for the williamssons, their insurance did cover the medical care and a flight back home to san diego, a flight that would have cost them thousands of dollars. medical insurance plans are not all the same. that's why before you take a trip outside the country, you need to do some research. >> cue contact your local medical insurance that you have and ask them what -- if i travel
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international, what's covered? and you might learn that there is no coverage. >> reporter: if you're not covered, there are private insurance companies that offer medical and transport insurance, something to consider before you pack your bags. >> my cardiologist said i'm one lucky guy to be alive. >> and that was bob hanson reporting. really something to think about. if you are going to be traveling today, there are some spots you might want to steer clear of. >> no doubt. a lot of folks, this is the weekend they're going to get away and head on down to the florida coast and the gulf of mexico coastline. this could get a little tricky around here for the next couple of days. be ready for what could be tropical storm debby down in the gulf of mexico. outside on your saturday morning, it's a beautiful way to get your weekend under way. hopefully you have a little bit of time to clean up from some of the storms last night. a lot of folks still without power this morning. about 20,000 people still
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looking for the light switch at their housing around washington and northern parts of prince george's county. that's where the hardest locations are hit. 80 now down at national airport. dew points still in the mid-60s. earlier this week, dew points reach 75 degrees. back to the mid-60s starting to feel a little less human than i has felt. this number will continue to drop. later on this afternoon, though tithe will be a warm to almost hot day, it won't be quite as bad as it has been. 70 now in beautiful rockville, fort belvoir down to bell city and dumb frees. here is your forecast for today. temperatures up around the 90 degree mark for much of the afternoon, then starting to trend back down to the mid-80s. no storms for us to worry about today. if you're going out to the ocean, ocean city a little bit of rain there first thing this morning about w twith the cloud.
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highs at the coast line today, low to mid-80s. surf water temperature tested by yours truly, about 75 degrees. that is nice. if you're sticking around town, the battle of the beltways is up in camden yard. first pitch at 7:35 this evening. 84 degrees, perfect evening for baseball. there's the radar. one or two lonely sprinkles down to the south of ocean city. they'll be gone here in the next little while. more showers and storms, flights to chicago and st. louis today might have difficulties. a broad area of low pressure in the gulf of mexico, trouble is brewing down here. it is in all likelihood going to be tropical storm debby here in the gulf of mexico here within the next 24 to 48 hours. the entire gulf of mexico is in place for where this system may or may not end up. for us, high pressure has pushed a cool front through here.
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could wring out showers at the coastline today. might bubble up with a few showers into the shenandoah valley. next chance for rain showers with another real break from the heat comes in on monday. so today sunny, cooler, a little less humid than it's been. but a plenty warm day to be outside. up near 90 today. great beach weather for tomorrow and tomorrow. a little chance of a shower today, but that's no biggie. a slight chance of a shower tomorrow. behind that next weather front, look at those tuesdays and wednesdays. lows 50s and 60s. a little break from the real intense heat just in time for the last week of june. >> can't believe the word "cool" was actually on there. >> i love cool in the summer, almost as nice as warm in the winter. they could have a tough time getting around. london bus drivers are pushing for bonuses because of all the
9:24 am
extra driving they'll do during the games, but so far they're not getting it. that led to a 24-hour strike just this morning and another one could be in the works if drivers don't get that raise. they're asking for another $780 for working the two-week-long games. train operator have skufred their bonuses. lance armstrong is speaking out against the latest doping allegations against him. the seven-time tour de france champion accuses the agency of breaking federal law during its investigation of his training methods. the agency notified armstrong they're moving ahead with charges that he used performance enhancing drugs and are working to strip him of his titles. he said the allegations are offensive and he still hasn't seen the evidence against him. round two of the battle of the beltways. dan hellie has all that in this
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morning's "sports minute." >> good morning, everybody. your sports in a minute starts with the nationals. visiting baltimore for a weekend series are the nats. mark reynolds takes jordan zimmerman to left field and that is gonzo. a quick 1-0 lead for the birds. nats on the board here in the fifth. roger bernadina grounds to third. o's take the lead for good. hardy strokes it to left field. nick johnson scores. 2-0 orioles. it stayed that way thanks to jason hamill allowed just five hits while striking out ten. the o's beat the nats 2-1. to hockey, the caps trade cody eakin to dallas for mike ribeiro. he'll be a nice fit as the caps second line center. golf.
9:26 am
frederick jacobsen in cromwell, connecticut, he shot a 65 thursday, a 66 on friday. he leads the tournament by a stroke. in germany, the bmw international open. this is andrew marshall on the par 3 17th from 215 yards out. he just had two birdies in a row. what's better than a birdie on a par 3? how about a hole in one? made even better by the fact that he won a car. a $76,000 six series bmw. marshall five stroke off the lead in cologne germany but he'll be driving this weekend in style. that's your sports in a minute. i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. >> thanks, dan. the one-time triple crown hopeful i'll have another is about to head halfway around the world to start his new job. the kentucky derby and preakness winner has been sold to a horse farm in japan to become a stud. he's set to leave in august, and i'll have another was looking to become the first triple crown winner in more than three
9:27 am
decades when he was scratched from the belmont stakes earlier this month. he had suffered a tendon injury which forced him into early retirement. no details on how much the horse sold for. >> sounds like he might be enjoying hisry re tirmt. >> i used to visit japan. a nice place. >> hopefully he'll like it, too. a close call. a car came right at children playing in a pool that almost cost their live. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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2012. looking outside, you may see a bit of a mess out there. storms brought down trees and limbs and left some without power this morning. pepco customers took the brunt with a little less than 20 thises this still in tthis s th -- 20,000 still in the dark. if you roll up on one of those intersections, treat it as a four-day stop. >> people think oh, look, the red light's not going, and go right through. not true. it really depended on where you were. because northern parts just north of downtown washington 64-mile-per-hour wind gust at the national or bore reit um in the northeast and in my place downtown, nary a drop of rain last night while some places picked up an inch in less than an hour. 79 in annapolis this morning. temperatures off to a toasty
9:32 am
warm start here early on your saturday morning. plenty of sunshine means highs back up around 90 degrees once again. down towards the ocean there you go, a couple of early morning spritzes and sprinkles. they might have another chance of a scattered shower or two. there's your saturday planner. not as hot as it has been, but it will still be a 90-degree day. it will feel plenty warm if youner the great outdoors. don't forget your spf. if you are going down to the beaches, a little chance for a shower today. much better beach weather coming up for tomorrow on in to next week. we'll talk about that. >> is that water temperature warming up? >> 72 out at the buoy. i was in the surf at rehoboth this week, 75 degrees in the water. felt good. moving on to a developing story in egypt. protesters are still gathered at
9:33 am
tahrir square demanding results from the presidential election. the election ended earlier this week but both sides are accusing the other of cheating. there are concerns that the ejigs army is working to sway the results to hosni mubarak's former prime minister. but protesters say their candidate from the muslim brotherhood won that election fair and square. a moroccan man living in alexandria who plotted to blow up the u.s. capitol has pleaded guilty to terror charges. amine el khalifi showed up with what he thought was a suicide vest. the bomb was inert supplied by an under cover fbi agent. he planned the attack for months even traveling to west virginia to test explosive. they want to learn how el khalifi became a lone wolf, home grown terrorist. he faces 25 to 30 years behind bars. >> four children are recovering
9:34 am
this morning after an suv careened off the road and into a front yard in prince george's county. police say the driver of a ford escape was slowing down, trying to make a left turn in jennifer place in riverdale. the toyota tried to pass the ford. the two vehicles collided sending the toyota straight into the front of the home where four children were playing in a kiddie pool. >> the car just like took the baby, like the baby was under the car, then he was like bleeding right here and the tire was on his hand, the tire. >> police say the injured children range from 4 to 10 years old. one child had to be revived on the way to the hospital. we're told the driver of the toyota will be cited in the crash. tomorrow an army recruiter accused of leaking thousands of classified documents will appear in court. he's accused of helping the
9:35 am
group wikileaks get classified war logs. his team is asking for a delay so they can study the leaked documents. congress is drawing closer to a deal to keep interest rates on student loans from skyrocketing. senate aides from both sides say lawmakers are still trying to figure out how to pay for the $6 million measure, but they hope to push the bill through by next week. if nothing is done, interest rates on sub sid sized stafford loans would double. congress has until july 1st to get the deal done. if you're trying to get around this weekend, you can expect delays. metro is doing track work on three lines. the only closure is on the orange line where buses will replace trains, there is single tracking on the red and blue lines. the work started last night. it should be done by the monday morning rush. the navy yard station will also close tonight but it's not for
9:36 am
track work. metro police will be doing a security drill starting at 10:00 p.m. the drill should be done around midnight, but the station won't reopen until 7:00 tomorrow morning. later today, more than 250 d.c. residents are expected at a town hall dedicated to the issue of affordable housing in the district. it's the citywide tenant town hall. they'll talk with d.c. officials about how to keep more low cost units available for those who need it. it's from 1:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. also today, the hospital is celebrating its 100th birthday at ida lee park festival field. a free celebration for everyone. food, games and fun for the whole family including a worldrecord attempt for the most people wearing surgical masks at once. there will be free parking and
9:37 am
giveaways values up to 500. what do you got? >> they sent us one of these. you don't have to be a doctor to take part in this record breaking event. they sent us a nice t-shirt to celebrate 100 years. >> hopefully with people wearing those masks no germs. everyone will be getting home without a cough or a sneeze. >> good thinking. how the smithsonian is highlighting clint eastwood's contribution. bringing big name actors to our neck of the woods. however you want to skribt, these people have it.
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our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet. this weekend at the box office a twisted american
9:41 am
history lesson. >> against 20. >> that's abraham lincoln vampire hunter based on the best selling novel telling the story of lincoln's family being torn apart by vampires. he then works to exact revenge against the blood suckers and  their slave owning helpers. it is rated r. >> very real. a heroine for the first time, a headstrong and talented archer who carves her own path, but her stubbornness causes a curse to be unleashed in her own country and only she can fight it. the global apocalypse in "seeking a friend for the end of the world."
9:42 am
steve carell is a soft spoken insurance salesman who after hearing about the impending doom seeks to find the lub of his life. all believable movies. >> i believe "brave" is probably your pick. >> yeah, i think the little one will enjoy that. >> i'm not into abraham lincoln as a vampire. >> no, you can't suck me into that. >> several scenes of the highly anticipated film "captain phillips" will be shot in palm beach. >> the production is getting a $300,000 grant from the state for doing business right here in virginia. it's not the only state offering incentives to lure producers out of hollywood. >> here in hollywood's backyard, countries from around the world join states from around the nation in los angeles to lure hollywood producers away, promising tax credits and cash to make films and tv shows
9:43 am
elsewhere. why leave the birthplace of cinema. >> we cannot afford to make a film here on any level. >> showbiz is tightening it belt just like everyone else. they would love to shoot in california since that's where the story is set. but it may be cheaper to fake california in georgia. >> the biggest competitors, the most popular areas are new york, louisiana, georgia. >> amy lemish and the california film commission are trying to keep filming in california with $100 million a year in tax credits. and they held an auction this month to dole out the credits. >> 507. >> the producer says if his two scripts do not win the tax credits, he'll shoot out of state. >> if we stay in california and get the credit, oui we'd save at least 15% of our budget. >> last year trish hoffman won the lottery alog louing her to
9:44 am
shoot hbo's "hemingway and gelhorn" entirely in l.a. she hired 500 people. >> i produced eight films and this is the first one i've been able to shoot in california. >> l.a. county estimates that every dollar in tax credits given away brings in $1.13 in taxes. the tax credits may go away after next year. if that happens, oak klahoma is waiting. a film festival features -- i'm just having some trouble here today. >> coffee? >> i know. features clint eastwood classics. too excited. the museum is featuring his westerns. today's is "the outlaw josey wales." tomorrow it's the movie "pale
9:45 am
rider" where he protected a village from a greedy mining company. >> clint eastwood classic, a lot of alliteration. preacher protecting a village. >> i think you're so great. coming up, 15 minutes away from the 10:00 hour. how you can test out your olympic spirit at an event right here in d.c. >> but you'll want your roller skates for this one. you are all laced up? >> i was going to spend all afternoon roller skating, so i'm glad it is shining. it is cooler outside today, but that doesn't mean it's going to be chilly. here you go little man.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm storm 4 meteorologist chuck
9:49 am
bell. it looks as though our weekend is going to be far more usable from an outdoor weather perspective than most of our work week was. because man was it ugly hot around here wednesday, thursday and yesterday. the thunderstorms that roared through here late last evening, that was the beginning of the end of our stretch of incredibly hot weather. at least for a little while. our summer pattern has taken a little bit of a break in here. we don't mind a few hot ones as long as we have a break from the heat soon after. 80 degrees already in washington. it will be a warm day today. temperatures up to 80 for much of the afternoon. yesterday we made 97. nowhere near that warm today. dew points are on their way down for now. humidity still alt high. that humidity back in the 45% range. 79 degrees at the bay ridge, 79 in cal vert county, 79 also in
9:50 am
springfield, 76 degrees out towards reston town center. i think you'll like your home forecast, leesburg, virginia, 85 degrees by 5:00 this afternoon. 74 by 10:00 coming home from the movies. temperatures in leesburg in the low 60s first thing. headed on out to camden yards. first pitch is at 7:35 this evening. a great evening for baseball in baltimore. even better if we can get a win out of this thing for the nationals. no rain around town for today. shower chances are much higher back across parts of the upper midwest. we do need to keep an eye on the tropics here, what is likely to be brewing tropical storm debby, likely taking on a name here in the next 48 hours. doesn't have a lot of predictable motion with it. so really the entire gulf of mexico is in place, from the
9:51 am
west coast to the coe. you may have to deal with a tropical system in the gulf. a few lingering shower chances right along the immediate beach line. a little chance for a shower there today. the cool changes are settling on in for us. plenty of sunshine today and tomorrow as well. a little trough of low pressure might kick off a few showers in the mountains. better rain chance for everybody coming up on monday ahead of the real heat break that arrives midweek. today sunny, cooler yesterday but still a hot summer day to be outside. a nice breeze out of the north, then for tomorrow another very fine day. a touch cooler than today. a little chance for a shower up in the mountains, but that will be most of it. most of us will be dry for most if not all of our weekend. check tout cooldown for wednesday, thursday, friday.
9:52 am
chuck bell 4 the twitter address for updates all weekend. >> i'm checking out those cooler temps. >> cool pool weather coming up. moving to sports, round two of the battle of the beltway. >> the capitals shake up their roster during draft night. dan hellie has more in sports. >> a pitcher's duel at camden yards last night. jordan zimmerman continued to pitch well enough to win but he was facing jason hamill. ham iljust shut the nationals down. go to baltimore. rainy night at the ballpark. once they got going mark reynolds says thank you very much to jordan zimmerman. one of the few mistakes that zimmerman made on the night and this was a big one. number six on the year for reynolds puts the o's up in the second. top five now. roger bernadina hits one over to third. but reynolds not as good of a fielder as he is a hitter.
9:53 am
terrible throw to third. ian desmond comes in to score and we're knotted at one. bottom five. j.j. hardy laces one into left center field. that's going to hurt. nick johnson comes in to score what would end up being the game winning run. top seven. as for the aforementioned jason hamill facing roger bernadina again, this time he goes down on strikes. the tenth strikeout victim of the night. and how about some help on defense, too. jesus flores robbed of a sure base hit by j.j. hardy. jason hamill gets the win and jim johnson gets the save as the o's down the nationals 2-1. to new york, mets hosting the yanks where out came the sun and dried up all the rain. the itsy bitsy spider? i think it is. he tabs andy pettitte deep to right. nick swisher at the wall. i got it, i got it or i almost had it. off his glove and over the wall
9:54 am
for the home run. mets take a 5-0 lead and hold on to beat the yankees 6-4. the nhl traft was last night. the capitals used two first round picks to take a pair of forwards. phillip forsberg, no relation to peter forsberg and canadian tom wilson. they also made a very significant trade acquiring mike ribeiro. the caps sent cody eakin and a second round pick to dallas for ribeiro. he had 18 goals and 14 assists for the stars last year. the 12-year veteran has collected 50 or more points in each of the last eight seasons. he's that second line center the caps have needed. he also has a sneaky shoot-out move, too. that's pretty sweet. good chance the capitals still not done dealing. they still need to tweak the roster. across the pond in germany, the bmw international open.
9:55 am
this is andrew marshall. he just birdied 15 and 16. what's better than a birdie? how about an ace, a hole in one. a great memory made even better by winning a $76,000 six series bmwcoup. marshall will be driving in style this weekend. that's your morning sports. i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great one. can you believe it, we're now just 34 days until the start of the 2012 olympics. before we go to london today marks a special occasion. today is known as olympic day. people are celebrating in more than 160 countries. it commemorates the birth of the modern olympic games. it is an international effort to promote fitness, fair play, perseverance and sportsmanship. today is the 2012 skate of the
9:56 am
union. the day gets rolling with a 5-k and 10-k run. then catch the skateboard sprint, the inline grand prix, d.c. roller girls are bad to the bone and roller skating demos. >> i'm sure they are. the summer olympics will not be the only place to see new heights. alongside the hilton and crystal city. 30 people participated in the challenge. each strapped on a harness and rappelled down from the roof of the hotel. that's 250 feet to the ground. the money raised goes to special olympic athletes who will competition. >> four minutes, maybe five minutes. the challenge of our special parents in our program, their challenge lasts a lifetime. so your 4 1/2 minute chal enis not much compared to theirs.
9:57 am
>> everyone who rappelled raised at least $1,000. and that's enough to cover expenses for two athletes. >> by now you've likely heard of the bus mon pitor practically brought to tears by students. >> we'll take you live out to bladensburg where last night's storm ripped a building apart. and the jerry sandusky guilty verdict. a criminal defense attorney gives her perspective on the case. details of a deadly shooting in d.c. just coming into our news room. [ male announcer ] are you paying more
9:58 am
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french vanilla, hazelnut, caramel -- i love 'em all. they make it perfect every time. america runs on dunkin' coffee. good morning, everyone. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm angie goff. welcome to news 4 today. it's january 23rd, 2012.
10:01 am
>> severe storms rattled the area overnight and many are waking up this morning without without power. 50 th 50,000 people were without power. >> that number has gone up from an hour ago. most of which are in prince george's and the district. both bge and dominion are reporting 100 outages. >> uncomfortable. a sweaty morning. >> not as uncomfortable as it has been. it will still be 90-plus degrees. tough going for them. they're still having a few more people lose power because they have to turn the power off to re-energize lines farther down. look at that picture post card view. it is warming up fast. 83 at international airport.
10:02 am
81 down into st. marys county. cooler and dry air back to the northwest. so the conditions will improve, but we're off to such a warm start that it will end up being a fairly warm day today. if you're headed out to ocean city, rehoboth, beach, dewy beach, bethany beach, things look good today. not as hot as it's been but still hot with temperatures up near 90 degrees. extra water and a nice shade break or that guy right there, a jet ski in the water. >> he's got the right idea. >> it is that time of year. >> new this morning d.c. police are trying to find out what led to a deadly shooting overnight. someone shot a man in the 500 block of kranden street. we learn head ded he died at th hospital. >> one of the hardest hit, a
10:03 am
series of apartment come pleks in bladensburg. derrick ward has more on that. >> we're here on newton street. this is 55th avenue. everything west of 55th avenue, lots of devastation here as these winds whipped through here. we'll show you the scene on the other side of newton. seven buildings have been affected here. they've lost all of their roofs or part of their roofs. 33 families have been displaced. this storm blew through here at 7:00 p.m. as we hear from the resident of the neighborhood, brief but intense. >> a mini tornado. you would have thought a tornado or hurricane came through. hail was hitting the windows. thought the windows were going to break. trees, the wind, a lot going on. i was really worried about a lot
10:04 am
of people. >> we were told there was one minor injury from the storms that blew through here. there are actually officials now from the county executive office and the department of public safety assessing the scene. you may hear from them later today. residents that have been displaced are being put up at rogers heights elementary school. we did talk to people who say they saw a circular wind. we won't use the "t" word, but whatever it was it was powerful. >> a lot to clean up out there derrick. a d.c. man is lucky to be alive after a tree fell on his home during last night's storms. it happened in the 3800 block of south dakota east. luckily emergency crews got him out and he was not hurt. the tree was more than three feet in diameter and there's severe structural danl mage hig
10:05 am
winds knocked a tree into a home trapping two women inside. crews were able to get them out safely and they were not injured. d.c.'s cave-in task force was on the scene to make sure the house was stable. despite being found guilty on 45 of the 48 counts against him, jerry sandusky's defense team says they expect to appeal the verdict. it only took two days for jurors to come back with the verdict. he'll spend his time behind bars. he's expected to spend the rest of his life in prison. we spoke with rini sandler. she said the jury had a hard time reaching a verdict. >> laws have changed to shift to allow for the difficulties when there's no physical evidence and we're dealing with memories many, many years ago. very hard for the defense.
10:06 am
then where you have multiple victims, a pattern has emerged in this case. and i think we see the result. >> sandusky will learn his sentence in three months. he faces a minimum of 60 years in prison. >> a jury has convicted the church in philadelphia by covering up abuse claims by priests. prosecutors argued he helped keep accused child molesters in the industry. he's first church official convicted for covering up the sex abuse allegation. a philadelphia teacher suspended for insulting children on a blog is suing the school district. natalie monroe said since returning to school she's been subjected to ridiculous and overly critical evaluations. last year he called students, quote, disengaged lazy whiners and she was suspended.
10:07 am
she sued for violation of her civil rights. about 100 people gathered in support of karen klein last night. she was berated by profanity and insults by middle school students and it was all caught on tape. they hope to encourage an end to bullying. klein, who has chosen not to file charges, hopes something positive can come if her experience. >> i'm still numb, you know, i don't know if i ever will cry because if this is doing good, then i don't need to be sadout >> a fund was raised to give klein a vacation. so far it has raised more than $600,000. details on a new recall due to engine fire concerns. facebook's future may
10:08 am
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drivers, you might want to find another way around virginia this weekend. construction on the wilson bridge project could cause major headaches on the roads. the through lanes of the outer loop in alexandria are shut down. all traffic between van dorn street and telegraph road have to use one local lane. also 195 north traffic will be diverted to the beltway to tysons corner. drivers have to go over the american legion bridge to get to i-95 on the maryland side. expect some stackups. all lanes should be reopened for your monday morning commute. we do want to warn you they will still be doing some work. threat of an engine fire is forcing general motors to recall a popular new model. nearly a half million chevy cruze cars are being rauld because of the danger.
10:12 am
gm says 30 cars caught fire because of a problem with the plastic shields. it covers all cars built from december 2010 till last month. facebook is making a major change to its commenting system. it allowing people to edit their comments, whether a typo or you just want to add something or take something else, facebook now has the option to change it. however, users will be able to see the fabt thct that you chant so be careful on what you change. >> sometimes it will upload before your even done. then you delete it. people think you're blowing up their feed and they get mad. >> the truth comes out about you. he was in there deleting this and that about him. oh, no. >> i like your facebook page because you always keep us up to speed on the weather. >> my facebook status today is joyful because it's finally feeling a little bit more usable from an outdoor weather perspective. how long will all the joy last? ♪
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10:16 am
finally the relief we've been waiting for. >> we've been couching it all morning not as hot. i've had a few tweets come in my direction, i went outside this morning. i thought it would be better and it feels the same. it does feel kind of sort of the same this morning because the hot air is not all the way out. >> but later today it will not be as hot. the scorchers that we felt earlier. >> give it some time. >> not as hot. s that that's the key. yesterday 97 degrees before the thunderstorms rolled on in. today we will not make 97, but that being said, we'll probably make it to at least 90. but that's already an improvement. more importantly, as we go through the rest of the day, that north wind that we have
10:17 am
setting up shop right now, that north wind will bring cooler and less humid air in for this evening. as your saturday morning gets started, there's the capitalble for a mostly blue skies. the sky is blewer than it has be -- bluer than it has been. a 90-degree day here today. but it won't be 97. up towards washington county maryland, 77 there. 78 in the panhandle of west virginia. 75 in winchester. good weather today for anything you want to do. going out to annapolis, sailing on the chesapeake bay. back to 79 degrees by overnight tonight. then early tomorrow morning back to the mid-70s. great weather on the bay today. in baltimore, the battle of the beltways, the orioles and the
10:18 am
nationals. there may be a few showers right along the immediate coastline. if you're heading down to the beaches today, i can't guarantee dry weather. trouble is brewing, my friends, in the gulf of mexico. this is likely to be named debby before your weekend is through. all interests from houston all the way to south of the tampa area need to watch this storm. it has no real defined track of where it's likely to go. it could go across the florida peninsula or west to texas. trouble in the gulf for the next 24 to 48 hours. for us, no trouble around here today. high pressure has blown out the cold front from yesterday. a shower or two down at the beaches but the cooler chances settle in and tom a little trough of low pressure mike kick off one or two thundershowers in the mountains and another cold front with a real heat break coming our way as we get towards monday.
10:19 am
that will bring a shower chance in on monday, wait till you see the seven day for tuesday and sunny, a little cooler. highs upper 80s and low 90s. plenty of sunshine. risk of a shower tomorrow up in the mountains. shenandoah valley. but that's about it. a hot one but not stupid hot today. then nicer tomorrow. a chance for everyone to get hit with a shower or two before the cool stuff settles in. >> not stupid hot. >> not stupid hot. yesterday was stupid hot. >> let's talk some food now. pulled pork, baby back ribs and sweet tea. >> love the sweet tea, but who makes it best? we're hoping you find the best bar spot -- >> barbecue. >> barbecue spot. oh!
10:20 am
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
today we will learn who is king of the grill. >> and you can enjoy some of the best barbecue in the country. it's the 20th annual safeway national barbecue battle on pennsylvania avenue between ninth and 14th streets northwest. this is video that was taken last year at the battle. hundreds of teams come from around the u.s. to compete for more than $40,000 in cash and prizes. and all the proceeds benefit the boys and girls clubs of greater washington. the grilling gets under way in less than an hour. >> yeah. >> now to help you find a good barbecue spot, jim hanly has the top rated in town. >> a great time of year to chow down on my favorite food barbecue. fresh fm joins us now. >> there is a little bit of a dete texan versus north carolina barbecue.
10:24 am
>> rocklands, i drive by this place, i love it because you can smell it. >> they have great sides. basic barbecue, but they do chicken and fish. fried okra, mashed potatoes, col ar greens. and they brew their own tea. very good. >> sweet tea. all about the fixin's, you're right, for some people capital q, this is where you find texas barbecue. >> they describe themselves as texas food. that becomes barbecue. a tra diggal brisket that they bake for 12 hours and slowly cooked, but they have burritos and pecan pie for dessert. >> that's a good way to top it off. you're making me hungry. five more to go. hill country and in china town a popular place to hang out there. >> again another texan barbecue spot. this one comes from new york. a very rustic kind of setting
10:25 am
with the tables. you get a meal ticket and you go around and they'll hand cut the meat for you then and there, and you sit at group tables. they have live music tuesday through sunday. >> i'm going to have to remember that one. hill country. down on 14th, this one you've got to hunt for but it's been around for a while. kind of a dive, but is the food good. >> a hole in the wall. north carolina style barbecue with vinegar base. cole slaw and mac and cheese and that's pretty much it. they just started taking credit cards and takeout only. >> okay. make it easy. i may pop there for a dinner break tonight. finally the urban barbecue company. what's this all about? >> this is a twit on barbecue. but they've come up with some of their own kraegs. adding cheese and special sauces. they have a sandwich called the urban bar ba krugs.
10:26 am
so they have a modern slant of barbecue. rockville, olney. >> does that make it healthier? there's no healthy barbecue. >> i didn't think cheese was allowed to be on barbecue. >> that probably makes it more unhealthy. one i saw here about karaoke? that's back in hill country. >> hill country has karaoke on tuesday nights. >> so you can sing off all the food you put in. >> and maybe have a couple beers, too. >> got to wash it down. >> jim hahnly making everyone hungry. you can catch that segment on comcast channel 208. approximately 803 for cox. and 2.3 over the air. >> sometimes it pays to be ugly. about here is one dog that is a champion at it. mugly is his name. >> he has only one eyebro.
10:27 am
>> he needs tweezers. he came from the united kingdom to compete. he walks away with $1,000, a trophy and a year's worth of dog cookies. >> he's got $1,000. that's good. >> google's home page is in honor of allen turing sh a mathematician and code breaker. goog le is letting you break th binary code. >> he's credited for createding the first -- >> let you know if you can figure it out. ♪
10:28 am
10:29 am
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