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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> announcer: and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news4 at 11:00. half of my tree came down on my house, busted tree, the upper
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flo floor. >> we're hearing the calls for help after severe weather tore through neighborhoods in the d.c. area. tonight, cleanup continues as utility crews scramble to try to restore power. tonight, we know a microburst has left dozens of structures completely unlivable. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. pepco reporting more than 6800 customers still have no power, most in prince george's county and the hardest hit town was bladensburg. dozens of home deemed unsafe, dozens left homeless are staying at a shelter at the high school. others are staying with friends and family as crews work to clean up the mess left behind. darcy spencer is live and talked to some of the folks affected by the storm. been a long 24 hours for them, right, darcy? >> reporter: it certainly has. jim, to just give you an idea of the devastation, this here is just one of 20 condemned
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buildings here in prince george's county. you can see there are tarps over of parts of the building. take a look at the very corner of the building. a huge piece is missing. you mentioned there are a lot of power outages here in the county. thousands of people are without power. many of them told me tonight they feel fortunate because they escaped with their lives. loretta banks is in tiers. her condo unit she's rented was heavily damaged friday night during a storm. she and her family are spending the night at a shelter. it could be months before they can move back in. >> i have a 4-year-old who will be 5 monday and a 3 year 0 old. and i've got -- she's asking me about a birthday party. i have to explain to her, baby, i can't give you a birthday party. >> reporter: meteorologists say it was a microburst packing high winds that tore through the community. >> it blew one guy off the ground. it was very, very scary.
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flew him up in the air. lord, have mercy. i knew it was time for me to go for cover. >> reporter: prince george's county fire officials say 20 multifamily buildings have been deemed unsafe, 6 with significant long-term damage, another 40 considered uninhabitable for now because power is out. about 600 residents have been displaced. >> i pretty much started walking around the neighborhood. it looked like a natural disaster. >> reporter: this councilwoman is counting her blessings after running for cover in her bathroom. >> the living room roof blew off. i ran into the bathroom and i laid in the tub. >> reporter: just to give you an idea of the sheer force of these winds, the roof was literally ripped off the top of this building and it landed over here about 200 yards away on top of an suv. the wind sheared roofs from several buildings, blew over trees into power lines, on cars, even a street sign was knocked to the ground. thousands remain without power.
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>> i piwish they could get it o tonight. it would make everyone happy. they're dog the best they can. they're working hard. we're saying a prayer and hope the lights will come back on and we'll be okay. >> reporter: dozens are taking advantage of a shelter set up by the red crosby the high school. they have no complaints. >> the food has been great. they've been so supportive and outreaching to the communities and families in the area. >> reporter: pepco officials say they are working around the clock to try to get the power restore ed but they say it is a big job. there is a lot of damage here. it could be into tomorrow night or even monday morning before all the lights are turned back on here in prince george's county. reporting live, darcy spencer news4. >> darcy, we're hearing some of the 911 calls fielded by prince george's county during the storm. many sounded very similar. >> tell me what's going on. >> half of my tree came down on
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my house, a busted tree, the upper floor, i've got water gushing in everywhere. >> i think lightning struck a tree in front of the house. it knocked a huge branch down and the branch pulled the wires off the house. there's no power in the house so i'm guessing maybe live of wires are laying across the driveway and across the vehicle in the driveway. >> we had a tree fall across the road. i don't know if that qualifies as an emergency, but it's completely blocking the road and there may be -- we don't know if anybody was hurt or power lines were pulled down. it's definitely impossible to drive down the street at this point. >> some of the 911 calls from last night from the district. tonight d.c. has about 2600 people still without power, many much the outages in northeast washington where the storm knocked out trees and power lines as well, tore roofs off several homes. look at that damage, a tree punching a hold right through the side of a brick house. residents spent the day cleanering up the mess. about 600 residents in prince
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george's county are not allowed back in their homes because of the storm. if you need more information about the temporary serlt at bladensburg high school, call the emergency center at 301-583-2230. what a difference the day makes. that severe weather moved out and left us with a much nicer day today, a beautiffig the wee shaping up. here's more from storm center 4. good evening, everybody. yes, indeed you probably noticed during the course of the day today the humidity finally took leave, dew points dropping nearly 20 degrees between sunrise and sunset today. we've certainly felt the difference. temperatures rite now are cooling quickly into the 60s to the west of town, still 80 degrees courtesy of the urban heat island in the city. no rain coming down on the radar, nearest raindrops are down south. the ones near cincinnati may play a role in our forecast late tomorrow.
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there is your sunday planner, slightly cooler in the morning, low humidity and warm tomorrow, chance of some showers moving in late tomorrow afternoon, primarily in the mountains, but that will impact your monday morning and beyond. we'll talk about that and give you the seven-day soon. stay with news4 for the latest with the cleanup from the storms. also visit where we have a gallery set up of the storm damage photos. police in prince george's county are looking for a suspect in a sex assault this morning, happened just before 4:00 on cyprus creek drive. a woman told police she was approached by an armed man getting out of her car. the man pushed her into the back seat she said and sexually assaulted her before taking off. police are reminding people to be aware of their surroundings and try to walk in groups. if it's late at night. a memorial service was held this afternoon for a northeast d.c. business owner found dead in her deli. 64-year-old june lynn was shot
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nine days ago in an apparent robbery at her business. police believe of someone had been watching her and they don't have her killer in custody. a day after the murder, a prayer vigil outside the deli as her family gave away food and drinks to loyal customers who stopped by. d.c. police are also trying to find out what led to a deadly shooting overnight in the petworth community. just before 2:00 a.m. today, 23 year 0 ode antoine bates was found shot and wounded. he later died at the hospital and so far no arrests in that case. thousands of university of virginia students plan a rally on campus tomorrow in support of the school's former president. uva board forced teresa sullivan to resign two weeks ago, triggering a firestorm of controversy. students and supporters will take part in a so-called rally for honor, dhanding that sullivan be reinstated. the board meets next week to consider that. yesterday governor bob mcdonald told the board to resolve the matter or they will be let go.
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he had a front row seat to the jerry sandusky trial. now you'll hear what one of the jurors is saying about the verdict. shoppers are forced to run for cover after the roof of a popular shopping mall comes crashi down. plus, looking for love doesn't have to be so hard.
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the roof of a mall packed with shoppers came crashing today down in ontario, canada. this cell phone video shows the huge gap and people running for cover. at least four people were hurt. police say part of the roof had a parking lot on top of it and
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it simply crumbled. they don't know why. it also triggered a gas leak. search for anybody buried under there. disappointing setback for crews battling a fire in ft. collins, kol alcoholcolorad. they had to pull back for their safety. it's destroyed nearly 200 homes and containment has slipped from 60% to 45%. it's one of several wildfires burning out west. jerry sandusky remains locked up tonight in pennsylvania, and he is on suicide watch. late last night a jury found the former penn state assistant football coach guilty on 45 counts of child sexual abuse. after the verdict was read, the judge revoked his bail, sent him to jail. one of the jurors in the trial is talking about the verdicts and how focused they were as they decided sandusky's fate. >> we went through it
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systematically. you know, making sure that we believed the testimony that we saw corroboration between the testimonies, and that they were credible. and we just did that for every single victim. >> sandusky will be sentenced in 90 days. several investigations into the abuse and alleged cover-up at penn state remain open, and more charges could be filed in the case. a festival that will leave your mouth watering, the tasty showdown under way in the district in search of our country's best barbecue. that's ahead. plus, what a difference a day makes as we said. will sunday be a repeat performance of we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard.
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you can pay bills, order food, you can check in for your flight with an app, why not a little flirting and finding love with an app? many traditional online dating sites are launching their own apps, alert you on your smartphone when a match is nearby. so you can just go rushing off to find true love. but remember always think safety first when with you find strangers on an app. >> i say go maahead, the whole world is mobile mobile mobile. be smart and use your intuition and don't rush into meeting people. >> it's estimated the mobile dating apps will be a $1.4 billion industry in the next two yooers. summer olympics in london about a month away now. there was some olympic spirit at rfk stadium today. >> three, two, one, skate!
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>> skate! in-line skaters, skateboarder from across the nation competing at the stadium for cash and prizes. in-line skating is not exactly an olympic sport, but organizers say some of these talented youngsters could be future olympic skating champs. there was a highlight to the summer games, they begin july 27th right here on nbc 4. well, some of our taking over pennsylvania avenue this weekend, hundreds of pit masters have invaded d.c. for the 20th annual safeway national barbecue battle, all vying for more than $40,000 in cash and prizes, some local pit masters say low and slow, that's the key to a prize-winning pig. barbecue battle runs through tomorrow at midnight. >> oh, yeah. >> smells good. >> why don't we have msmel
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smell-o-vision. >> i don't live far from there. you can smell the hint of hickory. >> we say they invaded as if we don't want that. >> we're fans of that particular invasion. so good news is the barbecue weather for tomorrow is looking a-okay. the problem is we've got debbie born in the gulf of mexico and this could be a big problem fora lot of folks from tampa to houston over the next couple of days. it will be worth watching. outside, though, for us on a saturday night, mostly clear, just a few high, thin clouds drifting harmlessly overhead. it's remaining nice inside the city limits, still a balmy 80 degrees, the wind calm, the dew points which are always the biggest number you should really care about, that's the measure of how humid it's going to feel, below 60 degrees, no worries at all. so 56, that's a comfortable dew point. we'll keep it in the 50s for much of the day tomorrow, another nice day, relatively good open window weather for
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overnight. most of the western and northern areas are back down to the 60s, still a little milder along the bay, 77 in annapolis but 70 degrees in cull peoppepculpeper. what about tomorrow? we finally won one from the orioles, tomorrow the rubber match, first pitch 1:35 in camden yards. weather will be great for baseball. if you're driving over the bay bridge and down to the beaches, tomorrow also looks very cooperative for beachgoers. the lower humidity is making it down to tidewater regions in virginia. we'll be off to a quiet start, mild morning 60s and 70s. little trough of low pressure may kick off isolated showers in the mountains, especially tomorrow afternoon and evening. a cold front brings in yet still cooler air for monday, that comes thru during the course of monday morning.
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>>. then a nice heat break tuesday and wednesday. this disorganized area of rain is to the west on monday, heavier showers and storms along the carolinas. there's debb ae's debby. it looks like it's headed for southern texas but a great deal of uncertainty for the future. the beaches, no complaints, temperatures in of the upper 70s, and near 80. monday the only day you may corn tend with a shower. clear skies tonight abdomen sunshine for us tomorrow, the all-important seven-day, 89 tomorrow, cooler monday, gorgeous tuesday, wednesday, thursday, then steamy and ugly next weekend. >> gorgeous, we'll take it. still ahead on news4 at
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good evening. i'm zachary quiche with your news4 court reporting. the nats look to even the series with the o's, a beautiful night at camden yards, no score in the top of the second. we kick off xavier nady up to bat, grounds one to third. looks like a routine ball but the throw not so good. two come home to score, 2-0 nats. top of the fourth, same score, adam laroche facing chin with a nice, easy stroke, just enough to get over that right field fence. his 13th home run of the season, a solo shot.
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3-0 nats. washington got a little help on the defensive side of the ball, seventh inning, up one, ian dead desmond turns the double play, steps on second to pull the out and get out of the inning. bottom of nine now, time for the closer, adam jones had a solo homer back in the seventh, not this time. clippard with his 12th save of the season. nats win 3-1. to new york, ah, not a bad night up there. mets up 3-0 top of the seventh when raul ibanez tykes chris young to right field, it's gone, a three-run homer knots the game at 3-3. joe girardi, worth clapping. two batters later, chavez breaks the tie, the solo home run shot was a difference maker in the game, yanks take the lead and
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win, win, 4-3. tiger will be in town next week for 0 his at&t national golf tournamenty congressional country club in bethesda. he'll be joined by some of the world's tom golfers including nick watney and bo hassler, the 17-year-old who proved he can hang with the big boys. all the action this weekend is in connecticut however for the traveler's championship, tubing action on the connecticut river, brian davis and roland thatcher co-leaders at 12 under after three rounds, thatcher shot a 5-under 65 today including this nice birdie here on the 4th hole. england's brian davis wasn't too shabby either, shot a 6-under 64 on the day thanks to this birdie putt on the 7th. final round tomorrow for a top prize of just over 1 million bucks. how about a little soccer? the quarterfinal in the euro 2012, spain taking on france.
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18 minutes in, spain with the ball, check out the top right attorn corner of the screen. got to love the header! the first of two goals for alonzo in the game. take another look at that. that's all the spaniards would need to win. just minutes after the header, 1-0 spain when france gets a penalty kick, looks like it may have a chance there, but it's swatted away at the last second. spain wins 2-0 and advances to the semifinals against portugal on wednesday. england and italy play tomorrow. madrid is bananas. they might revoke on me if i don't correct what i said earlier tonight, spain winners 2-0. racing, now. nationwide series takes a turn on the road course in elkhart lake, wisconsin. problems in pit row, lap two, sam hafornish wants to leave bu
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still pumping the gas. on board with justin al gire, this is what happens when your brakes lock up. you have to be towed out. nelson pea kay jr. led to the checkered flag. the brazilian wins in just the third nationwide race of his career. so that's going to do it tonight for sports, back over to you guys. >> a smoky win. thanks, zach. that's our news for tonight. "saturday night live" is up next.
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he's america's most listened-to talk radio host. >> rush limbaugh. [ applause ] >> greetings, folks. you're listening to rush limbaugh.


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