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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  June 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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honeymoon. and it's funny if you listen to the raw video they're like, oh, we're posting this on facebook. >> where is the bride? >> you saw her hit the water and some girl was holding her up. what happened? all right, buddy. >> giving a whole new meaning to taking the plunge. definitely. but afterwards they all posed for pictures and they dried off. they're in good spirits. >> yeah. >> i wonder that means good luck on their wedding day. it didn't rain but they ended up in water. news4 continues now at 5:00 a.m. the fate of university of virginia's president in the spotlight today as the school considers keeping her on the job. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm angie goff. it is tuesday, june 26th. if you're about to step outside, you might be in for a little bit of a surprise. we talked to tom a little earlier. it feels like fall out there.
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i don't know about you. might be an over statement, but it was freezing when it was in the 50s. >> so folks getting off to an early start this morning, tom. need to cover up a little bit. >> it's about 40 to 45 degrees colder than it was friday. >> that is amazing. >> just to put it in perspective. yeah. that kind of a drop, it does feel cold even though it's certainly not cold. >> i was running into the building. >> thank goodness that we've got this high sun this time of year because we'll be rapidly warming up. there's the clear sky over the region now. that's the view from space. temperatures all around the region are down into the 50s. much of the area. except right near the tidal potomac and near the bay near the 60s. reagan national is now at 63. by 9:00 with the bright sun we'll be in the upper 60 was a light breeze. then by noontime, we out to be well into the 70s with winds out of the northwest gusting to 15 to 25. then lots of sun through the afternoon, peaking in the low 80s and upper 70s by late
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afternoon. sunset today is at 8:37. i'll be back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. danella is here now with a tuesday forecast. >> good morning, tom. tracking breaking news in our area. first, let's start with canal road heading inbound. the tree there blocks all of your inbound lanes. this is at macarthur boulevard. all lanes are blocked where they are trying to move that tree. i-270 where you're jammed traveling southbound. the issue here is that germantown road had an accident involving a fuel leak blocking two of your right lanes. it's on the right side of the roadway. police are on the scene there. but again, you're absolutely jammed at father hurley boulevard. i can tell you that the bulk of your delays are right here. it's not too far heading north on father hurley. but again, excuse me, on i-270, but again at father hurley it's very sluggish as you make your way past the accident at germantown road. i'm back in ten minutes with an upda update. for now, back over to you both. breaking news in fairfax county.
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police and the s.w.a.t. team are still on the scene of the standoff in falls church. it's starting more than 13 hours ago. tracee wilkins is live on the scene with the very latest. good morning, tracee. >> this is deal for folks who live in this neighborhood. they have six blocks of hillwood avenue and some side streets closed off. people who are effected, they know who they are because they have not been allowed to leave their homes. police are really concerned about this safety of the people who live here. so soon we'll be approaching time for folks to get up and go to work. police will be offering escorts to get people out of the neighborhood and to where they need to go. so people are going to have to coordinate with police if this situation continues. now, the house is actually right past those lights, about four houses down there on the left-hand side. the s.w.a.t. team responded to the house on 600 block of hillwood avenue around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, after a call for domestic disturbance. now, police are not releasing exactly what happened with that domestic disturbance and how
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they knew about the domestic disturbance and who else was involved. at this point they believe there is an armed man alone i side of the home. at one point they heard several shots fired inside of the house but no one outside of the house was injured. so they're not sure if maybe the gun just went off. then around 9:00 p.m. they threw in a chemical substance with the hope of getting the man inside to come out of the house but that did not work. then it was all quiet until around 1:00 a.m. when police were actually able to make contact with this man and now they're trying to negotiate him coming out of the house at this point. so this is a very strange situation here. and also a dangerous one. the s.w.a.t. team is here along with a number of police from fairfax county, arlington is here as well. of course, falls church, they're heading up this job to try and get this man out of the house and make sure that all of the folks who live here will be safe. reporting live in falls church, i'm tracee wilkins, news4.
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>> thanks. today is decision day for university of virginia's board of visitors meeting to discuss whether to reinstate teresa sullivan as the school's president. many are furious that the board forced sullivan to resign earlier this month. less than two years after she took the job there thousands of them rallied on the charlottesville campus on sunday and adding to the pressure on the board a let from virginia governor bob mcdonnell who said he's going to replace the entire board if this controversy isn't resolved this week. today a special prayer service held for the two young boys and camp counselor shot in southeast d.c. police tell news4 a man began shooting at another man. the suspect then chased the victim on to 19th street where a group of children were standing. 7-year-old boy was shot in the foot and an 8-year-old boy was struck in the shoulder. an adult camp counselor was also wounded. >> this is just absolutely
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ridiculous. anybody who would shoot a group of kids coming down the street, open fire with children on the street is just ridiculous. >> all of the victims are still in the hospital. they are expected to make a full recovery. so far, no arrests have been made. today's prayer service will be held at the shooting scene at noon. six minutes after the hour now. d.c. mayor vincent gray hoping a campaign finance bill changes the perception of wide spread corruption in d.c. government. that legislation would ban kr contributions by government contractors or anyone else bidding on contracts and it would require corporate donors to show things. mayor plans to release a draft of the finance reform bill next month. we will have to wait until september to find out if one of mayor gray's aide will go to prison. the judge plans to sentence him. he pled guilty last month lying to the fbi about payments made to another candidate in the 2010 mayoral race.
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mayor gray said he didn't know anything about the payments. the white house is commenting the supreme court on the ruling which overturns much of arizona's hotly debated immigration law. the nation's highest court kept one provision though which requires lifrs to check the immigration status of anyone they stop and believe is in the country illegally. that provision is considered the the most controversial portion of the law. >> i believe it's the most -- based on race, based on nationality, and based on racial profiling. >> civil rights will be protected. racial profiling will not be tolerated. senate bill 1070 is equally committed to upholding the rule of law while ensuring that the constitutional rights of all in arizona are protected. >> the supreme court warned that the law cannot be used to round up undocumented immigrants or detain people too long. new tv ad is putting renewed pressure on maryland lawmakers to expand gambling in the state.
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the ad put to the by a coalition of labor groups says a sixth casino at national harbor and table games would bring in millions of dollars for schools and teachers and add thousands of new jobs. the chances of that happening this year, however, are growing increasingly bleak. governor martin o'malley is hoping for a special session next month but a work group that he put together failed to reach a consensus on how to handle the expansion. maryland's new and something controversial congressional redistricting map will not be reviewed by the nation's highest court. the supreme court agreed with the lower court that a lawsuit against the state should be thrown out. some voters complained that new maps passed by state lawmakers last year discriminated against african-american voters. the time right now is 5:08. not making any fans. the comment that had people booing president obama at a fund-raiser. and messing with the wrong teenager. >> me and my brother are home alone and two guys are in our backyard trying to break in.
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>> we're going to tell you how this girl out smarted the gunmen who broke into her home. plus, reaching new heights at the world trade center. the latest milestone for the massive construction project. and a mess right now on interstate 270 in maryland. you're looking at major backups. danella has all the details. [ female announcer ] irritated, itchy, summer skin?
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cortizone-10. feel the heal. good morning. time for your weather and traffic on the ones. right now around our region, it's chill in the air, only in the 50s. hometown forecast, poolesville, maryland, 73. a sunny day by noontime. peak near 80 mid afternoon to late afternoon. lots of sun throughout the day today. then over night tonight, right back down to the 50s by this time tomorrow morning. big change by the end of the week. we'll look at that in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic from. >> right now still following breaking news on i-270 at germantown road. the crash there is right -- just blocking the right side of the roadway here. you can see pole are on the scene, as well as the tow truck. the accident here involving a fuel spril, as well, and causing
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big delays. but once you passenger man town road things look really good. but at father hurley boulevard and i-270 southbound, it's a mess. japd at this point. back in ten minutes with another update. a news4 health alert now. why several brands of bagged salad will be pulled off store shelves. ahead, why the price you pay on a hotel could be determined by the type of computer you use. and we're serious.
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this sparked con hav
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hbo taking an apology a step further. the network removed the decapitated prosthetic head of
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president george w. bush from the game of thrones season finale. the creators of the show apologized for use that prop. in a statement they said it wasn't meant to be disrespectful or a political statement. they say the prosthetic body parts are rented in bulk from other movies and other shows and not made for each particular scene. a 13-year-old girl is being honored for her bravery during a break-in at her house. you can hear the fear in her voice and she called 911. >> me and my brother are home alone and these two guys are in our backyard trying to break in. >> we run into the closet and shut it immediately. near many my brother's room right now. please come right now. >> that was alexis last thursday hiding in the locked closet with 10-year-old brother when they broke in. she stayed on the phone with 911 dispatchers until the police
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arrived. the sheriff awarded the kids at a news conference yesterday and said he was impressed by all of the courage. al alexis said she just wanted to keep her brother safe. >> well, my hand was kind of everywhere but i was trying to make sure that we were safe and try not to make sure that we weren't going to get hurt. i was trying to protect my brother. i would have sacrificed myself for him, but -- >> deputies say three teens broke into that home. each are now charge with armed burglary. 5:18. this morning rescue workers resume efforts to find survivors at a mall that collapsed in canada over the weekend. one person died when the roof of the mall at elliott lake buckled on saturday. 22 people were hurt. yesterday rescue workers say they heard tapping underneath the rubble but they had to suspend their search because the structure is just unstable. tourism industry says the worst wildfire season in more than a decade is taking a toll. this morning there are at least
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12 active fires burning across colorado. at least 11,000 people have been evacuated. that includes hundreds of tourist forced out of their hotels and camp grounds. in utah, a wildfire burned hundreds of vacation cabins. that fire is only 10% contained. firefighters in new mexico just contained a fire that threatened one of the state's top tourist attractions. a 19th century church north of santa fe. the depiction of jerry sandusky and a well-known murrell across the state from the penn state campus is gone. he erased the image of the football coach last year. it's now been replace with an image of a poet and activist mcquid holding a blue ribbon, symbol for awareness of child sexual abuse. on friday sandusky was convicted on the counts. george zimmerman's attorney is pushing for his client to be released from jail this week. the lawyer says video of zimmerman reenacting the deadly
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shooting helped support his self-defense claim. zimmerman faces second degree murder charges in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin in february. a judge revoked zimmerman's bond when prosecutors accused him of lying about how much money he raised on a website create for his defense. a defense attorney says zimmerman poses no threat and stayed in contact with law enforcement during his initial bail release. he has another bond hearing on friday. this steel construction of the new 4 world trade center building is now complete. the building stands where the twin towers once stood before collapsing on 9/11. workers signed the final steel beam before it was lifted 977 feet by a crane and placed on top of the building. a third of the office building will be home to the port authority of new york and new jersey. it's expected to open up next year. the decision 2012 spotlight is back on virginia this week. that's as mitt romney makes a  two-day swing through that
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state. today he'll visit carter machinery company in the roanoke area that will happen around noon. he's there to highlight his ideas on energy and small business eggs. then, tomorrow, the presumptive presidential nominee will come to northern vinlg to visit eit in sterling. the vis at this tim it outlines what romney would do with the common wealth in the first 100 days in office. and president obama also on the campaign trail. today he will finish up a two-day four-state tour are trips to atlanta and miami for fund-raisers. on monday the president visited romney's backyard making stops in boston and new hampshire. and it wasn't all business. the president took some time to have a little fun with red sox fans, thanking them for trading boston favorite kevin youkilis to his hometown chicago white sox. >> finally, boston, i just want to say thank you for for youkilis.
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he's going to have to change the color of his socks. i didn't think i would get any boos out of here. i guess i should -- i should not have brought up baseball. i understand. >> only thing tougher than politics is sports. despite the dig there, it is estimated the president's campaign brought in more than $3 million at that stop. well, speaking of trades, it seems like we're traded in that hot summer weather for the fall, for something cool. >> no complaints here. we'll play this game if we need to, tom. >> is this a dream? if it isn't, don't wake me up. wonderful. capitol hill under a clear sky. it's only 59 here in northwest washington. reagan national now is at 63 degrees. that's the warm spot. elsewhere, we are in the low and mid 50s. in fact, some locations out of the mountains right now are down into the 40s.
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elevations above 2,000 feet along skyline drive out of west virginia. only in the mid and maybe even low 40s and a few isolated spots there. 50, shenandoah valley. northern virginia. most of maryland, right near the bay waters and the potomac, low to mid 60s. later today, here's your four-day forecast. that wind is picking up. gusting to around 20 to 25 miles per hour on the northern west. that will be later this morning and during the afternoon. lots of sun today. low humidity. absolutely perfect june day. highs reaching the low 80s. another cool night tonight. 50s by dawn on wednesday. and another spectacular day tomorrow. definitely need sun block with this dry air. quick burn. highs reaching the mid 80s tomorrow. more humid on thursday and a little hotter, a little haze in the air. highs reaching the low 90s on thursday afternoon. then the big heat builds, does look like for friday, saturday, and sunday, each day into the mid, maybe even a few isolated
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places. high humidity each day, too. there's about a 30% chance of afternoon or evening thunderstorm friday and a small chance saturday, sunday, and monday in the steam heat. i'll be back in ten minutes. danella is here now with our tuesday traffic. still tracking breaking news. traveling southbound on i-270 at germantown road. multi-vehicle accident in this area blocking the right side of the road. you are able to get by. single file to the left as these vehicles are doing. you're absolutely jammed. still at father hurley boulev d boulevard. it's just a very slow trip for you this morning along i-270 southbound. the accident is also involving a fuel leak that's taking some time to clean up. again, you are able to pass, only one lane gets you by, that's that left lane. >> danella, thanks. a new study out this morning says 40 million americans over the age of 12 suffer from some form of addiction. that's according to the national center of addiction and substance abuse. at columbia university. the study says many americans who suffer from drug, alcohol,
5:25 am
and nicotine addictions are not being treated. researchers say only one in ten people who need treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol receive it. experts now say all adults should be screened for obesity. that's according to the u.s. preventive services task force. they say if you're bmi result is above 30 you should be getting intense weight loss counseling. they say patients who attended 12 to 26 counseling sessions and changed their eating and exercise habits saw a significant improvement in their health. experts say they could not find medications that were effective without serious side effects. a consumer alert now, dole fresh vegetables recalling more than 1,000 cases of bagged salads. this includes products sold in six states including virginia. on the recall, kroger fresh selections leafy romaine, kroger fresh selections greener supreme, and walmart mart side leafy romaine. all of them have a use-by date of june 19th. dole says the veggies are at
5:26 am
risk for listeria. food born illness but the company says there have been no reports of anybody getting sick. if you're looking for a hotel for your summer get away, using an apple computer could cost you, according to the "wall street journal" travel website orbitz notice that mac users spend 30% more on a night. because of that orbitz is now steering apple owners toward costlier hotel options. the website confirms they are experimenting with showing different options to mac and pc users but they say they are not showing mac users the same rooms for higher prices. you may not know it but if you have a facebook e-mail address, listen up. it's going to show up on your profile instead of the e-mail address you have on their there. the social network started changing all user profiles yesterday to show the facebook e-mail address. they say they announced the change in april but critics point out they never mentioned making a physical change to your profile. the company is launching a study that will allow you to change
5:27 am
your profile, post whatever e-mail you like. with a month to go to the olympic gachmes, one of the biggest rivalries is already heating up. >> brian lochte beat michael phelps last night. lechte beat him by almost a second. one of the most grueling events in swimming. a one-two finish earns most swimmers a spot on the team. lochte and phelps will face off again wednesday night. you can watch the trials all week long on the nbc sports network and right here on nbc4. pretty scary moments in last night's nationals game. >> it sounded like it hit his bat, or was that the helmet? >> head. >> that was a loud, loud sound. unfortunately it's the helmet, to the no bat.
5:28 am
>> straussburg hit marco in the head with a fast ball. he appeared pretty wooz zi after the ball but rockies say he will be okay. the time right now is 5:28. coming up, clean-up is under way in parts of virginia after severe weather leaves its mark. plus, another reason to avoid those mosquitoes. where the west nile virus is turning up in our region. sure, the calendar says june but we're waking up to spring like temperatures this morning.
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looking at the stories picking headlines. right now the fate of the university of virginia's president is in the spotlight as the school considers keeping her on the job. falls church neighborhood remains on lock down this morning as a police standoff there continues. plus, the impact the supreme court's ruling on immigration is having on the upcoming election. we'll have much more on those stories throughout the morning. good morning. i'm angie goff. >> i'm aaron gilchrest. welcome back on this tuesday, june 26th. it is 59 degrees outside our
5:32 am
studios. that's odd. to say the least. >> we started the show at 60 degrees. what's going on here? >> it continues to drop. i was just outside boxing this and i'm going to sell it later. >> you're going to be a rich man. >> it is really comfortable. right now down into the 50s. if you slept with your windows open you are probably thinking, put on the electric blanket. in fact, those areas in blue are down into the very chilly 40s out in the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. right now, elkins, west virginia, down to 43 degrees. areas in dark green are in the 50s. it is going to be warming up quickly though. by noontime and that strong june sun. maybe a peak in the low 80s. late afternoon, down in the upper 70s. we'll have light breeze by late afternoon. middle of the day to around 25 miles an hour. i'll be back in ten minutes with the hometown forecast.
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a look at traffic on this tuesday morning now. here's danella. >> good morning. tom, good news if you're traveling in the district. inbound canal road had a down tree blocking all of your lanes. that's now out of the roadway for you. traveling i-270 southbound at germantown road. you can see as the sun rises, accident still blocking the right side of the road. you are able to pass with a single file to the left and still delays remain at father hurley boulevard. very sluggish. in fact, a slow crawl as your make your way southbound. not seeing any delays along the metro, marc, or vre. aaron and angie, back over to you. 5:33. the supreme court ruled on arizona's controversial immigration law. the nation's highest court struck down most of that law but it did uphold one of its most hotly debated provisions. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on the decision. the impact it could have on this year's election. >> it's going to have an impact and we just don't know how long
5:34 am
that impact may last between now and november, aaron. good morning, person now we're looking at the reaction to what the supreme court has said about arizona's law. it was controversial in part because of a split decision. the most controversial part requiring law enforcement officers in arizona to check the status of people that they stop, that they pull over. that was upheld. but other key parts of the law, saying that you have to carry paper it is you live in arizona during immigrant. they can stop you from working or arrest you for minor offenses such as jay walking, all of that is struck down in is going to end up being a legal and political fight. reaction, the president yesterday wanted to focus more on his own effort, allowing children of illegal immigrants to stay here. >> it's time to stop denying citizenship to responsible young people just because they're the children of undocumented workers. >> this president apparently isn't interested in pursuing something that he indicated was
5:35 am
campaigning in his first year. >> that was republican rob who is on the short list for running mate for mitt romney. romney in response to the immigration law say that states do need more power to secure their own borders. now we are waiting to find out what the courts are going to say on thursday about the new health law. aaron? >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you, tracie. and immigration policy in prince william county virginia helped to shape the immigration law. the ordinance there allows police to check the immigration status of anyone arrested. supporters say the policy has cracked down on crime. opponents though say its a actually led to more crime. we're also watching a developing story in the gulf coast. tropical storm debby is churning slowly off florida's coast. the system is forecasted to make landfall sometime tomorrow, but it's outer bands are already a problem. debby has been almost stationary causing major flooding across florida. some areas got as much as five
5:36 am
inches of rain an hour. rivers are spilling over their banks, all of the water even created some sinkholes. now the water threatens homes and some businesses. >> pump for six hours and still pumping. hoping to get ahead of the storm surge. >> a young mother died protecting her little girl from debris during a tornado near south florida. in alabama, emergency crews are searching for a man who disappeared in the rough surf. today the university of virginia cou decide whether to reinstate the school's president. many of the students and faculty are furious that the board forced teresa sullivan to resign earlier this month, less than two years after she took the job. thousands of them rallied on the campus on sunday. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is threatening to replace the entire board if the controversy isn't resolved this week. today, the pentagon will
5:37 am
hold an event in honor of lesbian, gay, by sexual and transgender pride month. this is the first time the pentagon has done this. there will also be aanel discussion called the value of open service and diversity. earlier this month the defense secretary marked the month and thanked lgbtv services. >> opponents in maryland keep piling on the signatures in their effort to push the measure to a referendum. the alliance is turning in nearly 40,000 more signatures. that's on top of the 113,000 already submitted. the group needed only about 56,000 to put the issue on the nv ballot. the group says the additional signatures are just an exclamation point on their effort. and the time right now is 5:37. major vincent gray is promising big changes to help clean up the government in d.c. and do you feel kind of like your spending a little more time at work than your boss is? you might be on to something.
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a shock to the system as you head out the door. very cool temperatures this tuesday morning. take a look at when things are expected to warm up when we return. [ leanne ] appliance park has been here since the early 50s. my dad and grandfather spent their whole careers here. [ charlie ] we're the heartbeat of this place, the people on the line.
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-thanks, jimmy. -thank gold bond. ♪ this stuff works it's not a bird or a plane, it's jet man. this guy's real name is eve rossi. the daredevil with reach speeds of 130 miles per hour in the air using a carbon tef lar wing equipped with four jet engines. latest flight was over late lucerne in switzerland. he flew alongside a plane and gave passengers a unique view of his amazing feat. he has pushed the boundaries of human flight before above places like the grand canyon. >> i would be show scared. >> no way i would do that. >> brave man. outside it says on the screen, 59 degrees. it's hard to believe, wet relief he is experiencing such a contrast from hot contrast.
5:42 am
hometown forecast, this for culpepper in culpepper county in the mid 60s by 9:00 with that high june sun will rapidly warm to near 80 by the middle of the afternoon. sun block day, low humidity in place. then this evening, right back down to the low 60s, by late evening. by this time tomorrow morning, back down to the 50s again. another gor jaws day coming tomorrow. big change for the weekend. seven-day outlook in ten minutes. the accident there looks like it's almostpletely out of the roadway, but delays right now as you can see, just sitting at clarksburg road. in fact, we're looking about over three mile miles of a delay this morning. hopefully you will relief soon. back in ten minutes with another update. unwanted attention from the
5:43 am
redskins new star quarterback. the incident that now has the fbi involved. plus, talk about making a splash. the memorable wedding photos
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5:46 am
14 before the hour now. a virginia gang member accused of running a prostitution ring that recruited high schoolgirls is expected to enter a plea today. justin strom is due in court. strom was the leader of a street gauge that threatens girls if they refused to participate in the prostitution ring. four other men have already pleaded guilty. accused in a series of stabbings across the country and now will spend p rest of his life behind bars. he was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. that was for a murder conviction in michigan. he is also suspected of stabbing more than a dozen black men in several states including in leesburg, virginia. he was arrested in atlanta's airport just minutes before he
5:47 am
boarded a flight to israel. caught on tape. police say this surveillance video shows a nordstrom employee stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from the store's warehouse. police arrested him last week. he stole about $60,000 worth of clothes, sunglasses, jewelry, and even makeup from the nordstrom warehouse where he worked. norman was then sell the stolen items online. some d.c. council members are questioning whether a campaign finance bill proposed by major vincent gray will ever become law. the bill banned contributions by government contractors or anyone else bidding on contracts. it would require corporate donors to disclose subsidiaries. the major says he hopes the bill will change theler spepgs of wide spread corruption in d.c. government. council member tommy wells says he would be stunned, though, if the counsel pass what the mayor is proposing. we will have to wait until september to find out if one of
5:48 am
mayor gray's campaign aides will go to prison. they plans to sentence howard brooks in november. me pled guilty for lying to the fbi about payments made to another candidate during the 2010 mayoral race. mayor gray says he didn't know anything about the payments. soldier accused of the biggest leak of classified documents in u.s. history is asking for his trial to be suspended. lawyers for army private bradley manning say prosecutors are not sharing any evidence that would help the defense. he wants the trial to be suspended until prosecutors hand over the details and they have time to review them. manning is charged with aiding the enemy and taking hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables to the wick i can leaks website. a group representing victims and families of the virginia tech massacre will join a rally on capitol hill today. demonstrators wants congress to pass violence against women act. a virginia tech outreach group believes provisions of it could have helped stop the 2007 mass
5:49 am
shootings at the blacksburg campus. the group leaders say they could have intervened. the gunman was reported for stalking and other incidents of threatening behavior. they are asking for your help to find two burglars. investigators tell us a tattoo artist invited two men to his charles street home on saturday to discuss tattoo work. he then came back on sunday night with guns. they got away with cash, tattoo equipment and video game system. nobody got hurt though. take a look here at some of the drawings of the suspect's tattoos. the first suspect has a tattoo of a clown and left forearm had a dog tag tattoo on his collar bone. the second suspect has a tattoo of a skull on his right armnd angel on his left arm. if you know these men or have any information about that property, called fredericksburg police. robert griffin iii is dealing with more than just dealing with the draft. he was also a victim of a recent extors plot.
5:50 am
agents or reed a former baylor university basketball player named richard hurd last week. he was arraigned yesterday. they say he threatened to release derogatory information about the redskins new quarterback unless he was paid. the redskins are not commenting on the case. neither is griffin. warning now before you head outside. mosquitoes in northern virginia have tested positive for the west nile virus. according to the washington examiner prince william candidate officials say mosquitos tosted positive for that disease in wood bridge and fairfax county officials found four groups of mosquitos that also tested positive. maryland has not yet started testing. the west nile virus did kill one person in virginia and one person in maryland last year. symptoms include fever, heada e headache, and nausea that can develop within two weeks after being bitten. this caused quite a mess to clean up in richmond this morning. that's tropical storm force wind
5:51 am
and rain. this is home video from the diamond minor league stadium. the storm ripped an outfield wall. people ran for shelter and bathrooms on a concourse. >> it dropped out of the sky and i told them, i said, get to cover now. >> the storm also knocked several trees down. some on to houses. at one point, 100,000 people did not have electricity. dominion, virginia, power worked throughout the night and restored service to a quarter of those customers. checking in with family down in richmond yesterday and really caught people by surprise. i guess some storms where the forecast but nobody expected that. >> it's going to be rain or people -- witnesses at the park said they were sitting there, thought it would just rain a little bit. >> well, a severe thunderstorm watch was issued. and so we did know that there was a possibility of some damaging winds. i didn't mention that, south in the district. they did say we we could get
5:52 am
that. it wasn't a tropical storm. it was a thunderstorm that had tropical storm force winds. that was really something to see. well, here this morning, it's all calm and quiet and tranquility and exquisite sun rise over the po ttomapotomac. live view from hd camera, 63 under the clear sky. 63. look at the dew point, 42. that is super dry for june. and the temperatures are down into the 40s in the hylands of west virginia and much of western maryland. shenandoah valley, many occas n occasions low to mid 50s. as well as panhandle of west virginia. those in washington, too, down to just 52 at the airport there. it's only in the mid 50sed a prnlg county, arlington, fairfax county, also just the mid 50s right near the bay waters. in the 60s. away from the waters, 50s. with the strong june sun by noontime, 70s. winds out of the northwest gusting to 15 to 25 miles per hour. we'll have the low humidity in
5:53 am
place throughout the rest of the day with the bright sun during the afternoon. we'll peek in the low 80s by mid afternoon. by then, back down to the mid and upper 70s. and then by midnight the 60s and then all of the way back down again tomorrow morning into the 50s. a bit warmer tomorrow. still low humidity. another gorgeous day with lots of sun. just a few midday clouds like today. lighter winds and then on thursday, it's going to start getting a little more humid. morning lows, though, still pleasant but still not sweltering humidity. hot during the afternoons around 90 or so. lots of sunshine. then the big heat and the big humidity return on friday. afternoon highs looking to to be in the mid 90s. maybe upper 90 nasdaq some locations. the sweltering humidity in place through the weekend and into the first part of next week with highs in the 90s each day. morning lows in the steamy 70s. i'll return in about ten minutes with another update. danella is here now with a look at tuesday traffic. good morning. >> good morning.
5:54 am
traveling i-270 southbound. here's a crash just on your right shoulder lane in this area at germantown road. travel lanes are open southbound but your delays are significant. over three miles. here's a live look at clarksburg road. you can see the cars are barely moving in this area. but again, really should be on the way because those travel lanes are open. let's head over to i-95 in virginia. checking this road out as well. getting busier lorton. some congestion. overall speed not so bad. 26 minutes to get from quantico to the beltway. as you drive roughly 54 miles per hour. still checking the rails as well. no reported delays along the metro, marc, or vre. angie and aaron, become over to you. john edwards' former mistress book hit store shefrls today. hunter's book is called "what really happened." in the book, hunter provides intimate details with her affair with the former presidential candidate. edwards was acquitted with one
5:55 am
charge of campaign finance violations last month. the hung jury was declared on the remaining charges. somebody is trying to take a bite out of apple. ipad may be getting new competition. amazon plans to sell a new kindle fire at the end of next month. the company isn't saying much about what the new tablet will feature but we do hear that it may have a camera and physical volume controls. apparently several users have complained about the touch screen volume controls on the current kindle. this morning spain's battered banks are taking another hit. moody's investors service downgraded 28 spanish banks. this comes after spain sovereign rating was downgraded to just above junk status earlier this month. the news is taking a toll on world stock markets. right now european markets are down. asian markets ended mixed. used futures are up. how repaprepared are you financially if you were to lose your job in they wouldn't be able to pay their bills in case
5:56 am
of an emergency, like being laid off. covereding to a new study by researchesers say less than half the people have three months in emergency funds and just 25% of people have six months worth of savings. financial planners say you should always have six months worth of expenses saved just in case of an emergency. well, here's a good reason to put in a vacation request when you get to work today. a new career builder survey shows that more boss rest taking vacations than employees. in fact, 81% of managers took time off or planned to take leave this year. that's compared to just 65% of full-time employees. the survey also found many americans consider vacations financially out of reach. one in five workers said they just can't afford to take any time off. there's always this, you know, the idea of the staycation. you just need that downtime to decompress and put some work things out of your head. >> i good for the mental health, too. >> it is.
5:57 am
>> it is. it is wedding season. we know that. michigan, well, in michigan there's a couple posing for their wedding pictures and they made a really big splash. >> take a look at this video from eric. the wedding party was on the dock for about 30 seconds, boom. dock started to sway. and then this is what happened. the whole party went crashing into the water. thankfully nobody was hurt. everybody, in fact, came up laughing. you can hear all the come motion. the newlyweds are now on their honeymoon on lake heron. aaron is looking for the groom. >> you see the bride go completely underwater and the groom is like -- i guess that's the tall guy right there. >> he's a little worried. he didn't want to mess up his suit. no, they were all in great spirits. it made for some wonderful wedding pictures. i just feel bad at the reception. how do you dry a wedding gown. coming up, what facebook did without asking that made a lot of people mad. >> yeah.
5:58 am
plus, it's something michael phelps is not used to, losing. ♪
5:59 am
oh yeah, this is what a weekend getaway should feel like. and does. if you're here that is. feel the fun. feel the hamptonality. breaking news on the roads this morning, a crash and a fuel


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