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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  June 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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now stretching for miles. the best way to avoid that mess in just a minute. under the microscope. this morning the university of virginia's board could vote to undo a controversial decision and give the former president her job back. caught in the cross fire. two children, a camp counselor shot. this morning a manhunt for the person who opened fire. good morning, everybody. welcome to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm angie goff. eun yang is off this morning. >> look outside this morning and you won't see any difference, but once you step out the door, boy, are you going to feel it. it does not feel like summer this morning. >> tom, it's cold. >> a touch of autumn in june. and this morning, yeah. down into the 50s and 40s in many locations. sweater weather in june, what? >> i packed them all away. >> your furnace maybe even turned on over nith. not with the ac but with the strong june sun, warming up rapidly. all this cool air, thanks to canada, thank you, ontario. we love you. this is wonderful.
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we've had a wonderful break. our usual high heat and humidity moving in overnight with a northerly breeze. look at the areas in blue. 40s. that includes much of western maryland. many locations in the west virginia. a few spots there be in the upper 30s here in some of the high lans in east central, west virginia. elkins, only 42 degrees now. dark green areas are in the 50s. that covers most of maryland, most of virginia away from the waters including southern maryland, parts of the northern neck. right around the bay, too. right on the water, it's in the 60s. but away from the bay, it's down into the 50s. by 9:00, though, near 70. 70s by noontime. lots of sun today. northwest breeze gusting to around 25 miles an hour. we ought to reach the low 80s by mid afternoon. low humidity in place. absolutely gorgeous day. i'll be back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. danella, we've got traffic trouble. good morning. >> that's right, tom. big trouble on i-270 southbound in germantown road.
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the crash there just in the shoulder lane here, but the damage is done as you make your way southbound. the delays are pretty serious. seeing them at clarksburg road over eight three miles on i-270 southbound. may be best for you this morning just to take 355. take 109 and connect to 355 to continue to your trip southbound. if not, you are going to face big delays. even though the accident has cleared, delays remain. i-66 in virginia. no problems here at fairfax county parkway. check for accidents in this area, not seeing any. travel speed not bad at all. 66 miles per hour. 11 minutes to get from fairfax county parkway to the capitn'pi beltway. i'm back in ten. decision day for university of virginia's board of visitors. the board is meeting to discuss whether to reinstate teresa sullivan as the university's president. a lot of students and faculty are furious that the board forced sullivan to resign earlier this month. less than two years after she took the job. thousands of them rallied on the
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charlottesville campus on sunday adding to the pressure of the board the threat from virginia governor bob mcdonnell, says he will replace the entire board if this controversy isn't resolved this week. this morning police are searching for the man who shot two young boys and the camp counselor. police tell news 4 a man began shooting. the suspect chased the victim on to 19th street where a group of children were standing. a 7-year-old boy was shot in the foot, an 8-year-old boy was struck in the shoulder, and an adult camp counselor was also wounded. >> it's absolutely ridiculous. anybody that would shoot when there's a group of kids coming down the street, regardless what their issue are is or who they're shooting at, it's ridiculous. >> all of the victims are still in the hospital. they're expected to make a full recovery. he call youth pastor will hold a prayer service at the shooting scene today at noon. some breaking news we're following in fairfax county this morning.
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police on the scene of a standoff in the falls church area. this is a live look on the edge of the cordoned off area there in falls church along hillwood avenue. that standoff started more than 14 hours ago with a s.w.a.t. team responded to a call about a domestic disturbance. at one point several shots were fired inside that home. crews blocked off several streets there. they're asking people in the neighborhood to stay inside their houses. police will likely be doing this morning residents in the area as they try to leave for work today. police believe that man is in the house by himself. opponents of gay marriage in maryland are adding more signatures -- signature cures to the number needed to force a referendum. the maryland marriage alliance nearly 40,000 more signatures. that's on top of the 113,000 already submitted. the group needed only about 56,000 to put the issue on the november ballot. the group says the additional
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signatures are just an exclamation point on their effort. almost five minutes after the hour now. tropical storm debby may be a slow mover but the damage reports are quickly coming in this morning. that system is parked in the gulf of mexico right now. the weather channel's jeff morrow is joining us live from appalachia cola, florida. flooding? >> reporter: yeah, really, with debby, it is flooding. and it just goes to prove that you don't have to have a hurricane to have some big tropical troubles here. there was some wind over the weekend. it did cause some trees and power lines to come down. you're right, it's the water that came out of the sky that really has caused the major issue. in some cases a foot to two feet of rain. you get that kind of water in a short period of time, of course you're going to have some massive flooding issues. and this part of the country is fairly low, so it's going to take a while for all of this water to drain off as well. where we are the flooding going on, we're probably going to have it for a couple of days.
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the legacy of debby really is going to end up being pretty massive flooding here. there were some tornadoes as well. at least one fatality with those. and there was a fatality with a man caught in a rip current over off the alabama coast. overall, it wasn't that huge a deal for many areas but it's the flooding, i think, that we'll remember from debby as we head on through the rest of the season. aaron? >> jeff morrow from the weather channel in florida. thank you, jeff. the white house is commending the supreme court on the ruling which over turns much of arizona's hotly debated immigration law. the nation's highest court kept one provision though, which requires police officers to check immigration status of anyone they stop who believe is in this country illegally. that provision is considered the most controversial portion of the law. i think the court is saying there are very strict limitation on how this provision can ever be implemented. i think it's also saying there's substantial legal matters to be
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resolved for any implementation goes forward. >> the supreme court warned that the law cannot be used to round up undocumented i'm grants or detain people too long. we now know the supreme court will definitely rule on thursday on president obama's health care reform law. that's the final day the nation's highest court will issue decisions this session. and the time right now is 6:07. an important recall. the food that could contain a rare bug that causes meningitis. mother nature providing the air conditioning this morning, but don't get too used toit. weather and traffic on the ones rchts and next, what facebook did that really angered a lot of people.
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how about this? you probably didn't notice it but you have a facebook e-mail address now. and it's going to show up on
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your profile. social network started adding the e-mails at the end they announced the change in april but critics point out they never mentioned making a physical change to your profile. the company is launching a set that is allowed to change your profile and post whatever e-mail you like to like you used to have. it's shaping up to be a beautiful day outside. why not spend it outdoors. watching of the of world's best golfers. >> they're going to old some practice rounds in bethesda ahead of this weekend's at&t national. tiger woods is the tournament host. it returns to our area before being played in the philadelphia area the last two years. so, tom, the bug question for you, of course, the perfect golf watching weather? yes, no? >> it is today and tomorrow. big heat will be building by the weekend as we'll have huge change in our forecast. but right now i call this
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junetober. it's down to just the low 50s to mid 50s throughout much of the region. reagan national is six degrees away from the record low of 56 set on this date. record low for this date back in 1979. strong june sun will warm us up quickly. here's your hometown forecast by toon nim, mid 70s. bright sunny day. mid afternoon to lath afternoon. this evening under a clear sky with low lowe humidity. 60s by midnight. this time tomorrow morning, 50s to near 60 degrees. another gorgeous day tomorrow. big change on the way, seven-day outlook in ten minutes. >> still checking things out if you're traveling i-270 southbound. delays on 109 and germantown and jammed in germantown. the beltway, things look a lot better now. iner loop and outer loop, montgomery county. take a live look through prince george's county. early past exit 13, no issues there. outer loop looks good as well. inner loop heading into
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virginia. nice and fair. interchange looks good on both the inner loop and outer loop of the interchange. inner loop speeds in vrnlg virginia, 64 miles per hour. 14 minutes to get to the dulles toll road from the interchange. not bad at all. >> danella, thanks. time right now is 6:13. ahead, a teenage girl's terrifying encounter. >> me and my brother are home alone, and two guys are in our backyard trying to break in. >> the dramatic call for help when three men broke into her home when her parents weren't there. and why congressman jesse jackson jr. is taking a leave of absence. [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom. proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair... it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act
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to help ensure that women are paid the same as men for doing the exact same work. because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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6:16. representative jesse jackson jr. taking a medical leave from congress. his office says he's being treated for exhaustion. the illinois democrat is the subject of a house ethics investigation that stems from allegations that he might have been in talks to buy the senate seat once held by president obama. the depiction of jerry sandusky on a well-known mural across the street from the penn state campus is gone. michael erased the image of the disgraced former assistant football coach last year. it's now replaced with an image of a poet and activist mcquaid
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holding a blue ribbon. that's the symbol for awareness of child sexual abuse. on friday sandusky was convicted of 45 counts at his child sex abuse trial. sandusky wants people to know he is not guilty. sandusky could face more criminal charges and two civil suits have also been filed. a florida sheriff says a 13-year-old girl responded better than most adults when somebody broke into her house. she quickly and calmly grabbed her brother, found a spot to hide and then called 911. >> me and my brother are home alone. and these two guys are in our backyard trying to break in. we went into the closet and shut it meetly. they're in my brother's room which is right next door. >> okay. >> please come right now. >> that's aelectilekaalexis. she was scared. she was home with her 10-year-old brother. the two hid in the locked closet and stayed on the phone with the dispatchers until police got there. the sheriff awarded the kids at a news conference and said he
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was pretty impressed with their courage. she said she just want toetd keep her brother safe. >> well, my head was kind of everywhere, but i was trying to make sure that we were safe and try not to make sure that we weren't going get hurt. i was trying to protect my brother. i would have sacrificed myself for him. >> got to love the big sisters. deputy says the three teens who broke into the house and the house next door are all facing armed burglary charges. dole fresh vegetables is recalling more than 1,000 cases of bad salads. it includes products sold in six states including virginia. on the recall, kroger fresh selections leafy romaine, kroger fresh selections greener supreme and walmart market side leafy romaine. they all have a use by date of june 1th. it's on the list of listeria food borne illness. there have not been any reports of anyone getting sick. all adults should be
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screened for obesity. that's according to the u.s. preventive service task force. they say if your bmi results are above 30 you should be getting intense weight loss counseling. they say patients who attended 12 to 26 counseling sessions and changed their eating and exercise habits saw a significant improvement in their health. experts say they could not find medications that were effected without serious side effects. the landscape of college football could change forever today. 12 university presidents will meet here in d.c. they're going to vote on a new playoff system for college football. they are expected to endhors plan. now, this new system would feature a four-team playoff that would rotate among six current bowl sites. there will also likely be four bowl games outside the playoffs for teams that won their conference championship but did not qualify for the national championsh championship. it had to end eventually, right? steven strasburg winning streak ended with the rockies last
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night. strasburg pitched decently giving up three runs in six innings. still, he picked up the loss. his record dropped to 9-2 on the season. the nats remain in first place by 3 1/2 games over the atlanta braves. and the world's best swimmer already being challenged by a follow american on the road to the olympics. michael phelps lost to ryan lochte last night in their first head to head race at the swim trials. lochte pulled away by beating him by almost a second in the 400 meter medley. it doesn't mean much since both will still represent team usa in the olympics. we can be grateful or that. lochte and phelps face-off again wednesday night. you can watch the trials all week long on the nbc sports network and here on nbc4. phelps will sit down with matt lauer on the "today" show coming up at 7:30 this morning. >> okay. the tourism industry says the worst wildfire season in more than a decade is taking a toll. this morning there are at least 12 active fires burning across
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colorado. at least 11,000 people have been evacuated. that includes hundreds of tourists forced out of their hotels and camp grounds. now, in utah, wildfire burned hundreds of vacation cabins. that fire is only 10% contained. firefighters in new mexico just contained a fire that threatened one of the state's top tourist attractions and 19th century church north of santa fe. always seems like when they have to deal with the huge wildfires out west, the weather just doesn't cooperate. you've got the dry conditions and the wind they're having to deal with. >> it always goes in the opposite direction. so many parts of the country. here closer to home, i think tom said it best when he said we're not dreaming. >> yeah, this is a real thing out there, tom, although it doesn't feel like it. >> somebody pinch me. this is unbelievable. it is feeling like autumn in june. all of the areas in blue are in the 40s. in western pennsylvania, western maryland in much of west virginia. in fact, this little dark blue area, the high spots above 3,000
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feet, they are down into the 30s this morning. the dark blue area -- dark green area, areas in the 50s. includes most of maryland, most of virginia. 60s along the bay and potomac. reagan national is around 62. later today we'll be climbing about another 20 degrees into the low 80s and a bit of a breeze out of the northwest. bright sun, low humidity. gorgeous day. another gorgeous day tomorrow with low humidity and warm afternoons after a cool morning. then here comes the heat and humidity building on thursday and in place through the weekend. highs, 90s each day with swell terg humidity. i'll be back in ten minutes. danella is here now with another look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. checking out things on 395. traveling northbound 395. bring your sunglasses. sunny today and slow as you head northbound past edsall. roughly about 29 miles per hour. about 23 minutes to get to the 14th street bridge. let's head over to i-270.
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very slow as you get the way southbound. you're really slow until you get to germantown road. over to route 50, at lottsford, accident free, no delays out all. >> thank you, danella. ahead, what the president said that drew some boos from his own supporters. plus, she's praised for her inexpensive taste. so this morning you may not believe how much kate
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hbo removed the decapitated prosthetic head of former president george w. bush from the "game of thrones" season one finale. it's now replaced with a new recognizable head. they are fixing it as well on the dvds and online episodes. the creators of the show apologized for using the prop in a statement they said it wasn't meant to be disrespectful or a political statement. they t. the body parts are rent
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fred other movies or shows and not made for each particular scene. financial dock mmentes reveal how much it's like to dress kate middleton. she has become a style icon. she's been seen shopping in regular store, snapping up bargains and using discount cards. it didn't help that much though, apparently. this morning we are learning she has spent close to $54,000 on clothes since the beginning of the year. how much months is that, aaron? the person pay for it all? prince charles. that's now my father-in-law to get on this. >> thanks, pops. 6:27. pretty frightening home invasion to tell you about with some kids in the house. the victim though has a skill that may just help police catch the suspects. plus, a rude awakening overnight. dozens of people forced out of their home. federal investigation, the blackmail plot that reportedly targeted new red skin robert griffin iii. at 6:55 this morning.
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new this morning. a scare for dozens of families forced from their homes overnight. who police want to thank this morning. and suspect sacked. feshlg investigators take down an accuse blackmailer who reportedly targeted rgiii. >> welcome back to "news4 today." >> it is june 26th. but it certainly doesn't feel like it outside. look at the temperatures around the area. i promise you, tom's computer is not malfunctioning. this is the real deal, people. many people are waking up to the 50s and for some it got down to the 40s overnight. unbelievable low temperatures. take a live look outside this morning. you see the sun shining brightly there. but, tom, how much more is it going to do today? >> climbs high in the sky this time of year. that's going to give us big change as the morning progresses. we'll warm up rapidly.
6:32 am
suddenly it's junetober. it is feeling more like mid october than it is certainly june with these temperatures. yes, in the 40s out here on western maryland and west virginia. some of the really high spots, over 3,000 feet, in west virginia, are in the 30s on this june the 26th. while closer to washington, low to mid 50 nasdaq montgomery, prince george's, arlington, fairfax counties. much of southern maryland, away from the waters in the 50s. and right on the waters though, the potomac river water temperature is 82 degrees. any breeze off the water is going to feel warm as well as the bay. elsewhere, in the wares only in the 50s. here's your day planner for this tuesday. wetter weather now but short sleeve weather by your lunch hour. mid 70s to upper 70s by then. gusting around 20 to 25 miles per hour. we'll peak in the low 80sthis afternoon. sun block day. by late afternoon back down to the 70s.
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>> good morning. well, right now watching the beltway outer loop. slow from i-95 in maryland as you make your way toward -- past new hampshire avenue and towards the road. that's where your slow this morning. so far it looks good. let's head over to i-66. slow from the bypass eastbound as you make your way to route 123, stop and go for you approximately give you a live look now. not so bad as you make your way towards the beltway. you are under speed though at about 30 miles per hour. back over to you. >> thank you, danella. new this morning, a large fire at a fairfax county condo complex, tore through a building in reston. erica gonzales live on the scene now of what we've learned. >> aaron, good morning. firefighters tell us that about 1:00 in the morning the call came in. it is a three alarm fire they responded to. took firefighters about 45 minutes in order to extinguish this blaze. that what they tell us come
6:34 am
tsunamied about 10 to 12 units. we're talking about the displacement of at least 20 people. what firefighters is telling us, they're trying to term what started this fire in the first place. 1:00 in the morning. the interesting part about this is they are looking for a group of individuals, but it's not for what you think. >> some civilians told me they were the ones knocking on the doors telling people to get out of the condos. they were -- they say they saw the fire. they heard fire trucks coming. obviously they said there was a fire so they just started knocking on the doors and telling people to get out. i've been trying to find them, locate them, because we probably should put them kids up for award. they probably saved some lives tonight. >> and indeed, they probably did. we were talking to one neighbor this morning who tells us it was the same teenagers that helped her go door to door and helped take out a couple of elderly people that were on the first
6:35 am
unit of these condos that are here on this first floor. and she said were it not for them she probably wouldn't have had any luck in helping save these lives this morning. live in reston, news4. >> thank you. robert griffin iii is dealing with more than just the nfl these days. rgiii was also a victim of a recent extors plot. agents arrested a former baylor university basketball player named richard hurd. they say he threatened to release derogatory information about the redskins new quarterback unless he was paid. the redskins aren't commenting on the case, neither is griffin. the story is generating a lot of interest this morning so we posted it on our "news4 today" facebook page where can comment there. 6:35. nabbed at nordstrom. prince george's county police say a employee stole thousands of dollars of merchandise. they have the video to prove it.
6:36 am
it shows him stealing clothes, jewelry, sunglasses, even makeup from the nordstrom warehouse where he worked. they arrested him last week. all told, investigators say he took more than $60,000 worth of merchandise. police say norman would sell them online. the man accused of a series of stabbings across the country including several in our area will spend the rest of his life behind bars. he was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for a murder conviction in michigan stemming from one of the stabbings. he suspected a stabbing more than a dozen black men in several states including three in leesburg, virginia. he was arrested at atlanta's airport minutes before boarding a flight to israel. this morning police in fredericksburg asking for your help to find two burglars. a tattoo artist invited two men into his home on charles street on saturday to talk about tattoo work. the homeowner says the men came back sunday night, this time
6:37 am
they had guns. those men got away with cash. tattoo equipment and video game system. nobody got hurt. but look at the tattoo artist drawings here of the suspects' tattoos. the first suspect had a tattoo of a clown on his left arm and dog tag tattoo on his collar bone. the second suspect has a tattoo of a skull on his right arm and angel on his left arm. if you know these guys, have any information about the robbery, call fredericksburg police immediately. 6:37. the "today" show is coming up next at 7:00. let's check in with matt lauer to see what they're working on. good morning. >> aaron, good morning to you. nice to see you. coming up on a "tuesday," state of emergency declared in florida where debby is dumping more torrential rain op millions of people. a live report from the scene. also ahead, exclusive, you'll hear the audiotapes of jerry sandusky's adopted son matt, opening up to police about how he was allegedly abused by
6:38 am
his father. the woman with a flesh eating bacteria has a milestone in her recovery as we see her frs first time since the start of her ordeal. and michael phelps mass office shaofficially qualified the london games. we have an interview with him, and why he says the last four years have been the hardest in his life. we'll have that and much more as we get started on a tuesday morning right here on "today." aaron, back to you. >> look forward to that. the time is 6:38. campers caught in the cross fire. two children and a counselor hit. the event that will take place at the crime scene today. yeah, tough crowd. what the president said that drew a round of boos from his own supporters. and we're used to summer heat wave, so what do we call this? temperatures plunged overnight. the big rebound coming.
6:39 am
weather and traffic on the ones. and next, imagine looking out the window of an airplane and seeing this guy. pretty impressive flight by the jet man.
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this might catch you by surprise on a plane. that's the daredevil who goes by jet man flying along side a plane full of passengers over switzerland. it's the latest stunt by rossi. reached speeds up to 130 miles per hour in the air using a carbon kevlar wing equipped with four jet engines. >> that's amazing. i would be so scared. >> kind of weird looking. >> all right. let's go to something -- also kind of weird looking or feeling today, the weather out there right now. >> we have a shot of cold air we're waking up to early, tom. >> step outside, feels like autumn. sweater weather in june. good morning. right now it is down into the
6:43 am
50s. all of the areas in dark green on this temperature map. the areas in blue, it's in the chilly 40s. much of west virginia and western maryland. reagan national on the warmer waters on the potomac. low 60s. bright sun off the potomac now. bright and sunny day with low humidity peeking in the low 80s mid afternoon. a look at big changes on the way for the end of the week and weekend. that's in ten minutes. danella, how is traffic now? >> tom, still watching i-270 very slow. in fact, a look at germantown road. earlier crash is gone. solid delays as you make your way southbound. even beyond germantown road. let's head over to ifrk-95. your travel speed, about 28 miles per hour. 22 minutes from the occoquan to get to the beltway. live look at 395 as you continue on, passing duke street. pretty slow from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. lookingike 27 minutes drive
6:44 am
from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. aaron and angie? >> 6:43 now, today the university of virginia's ousted president could learn if she will get her job back. uva board of visitors meet this afternoon to discuss whether to reinstate teresa sullivan. a lot of students and faculty were furious about having her resign less than two years after she took the job. thousands of them rallied on the campus on sunday. adding to the pressure on the board, a threat from virginia governor that he will replace the board, the entire board, if this controversy is not resolved this week. a group representing victims and families of the virginia tech massacre will join a valley on capitol hill today. demonstrators want congress to reauthorize the violence against women act. a virginia tech outreach group agrees provisions of the bill could have help prevent the 2007 mass shootings at the blacksburg campus. group leaders say tech officials could have intervened when the
6:45 am
student, the gunman, was reported for stalking and other incidents of threatening behavior. police in annapolis investigating the first murder of the year. 29-year-old orlando mcdaniel was suffering from gone shot wounds in the 1100 block of madison street in the east port section of town saturday. he later died at the hospital. neighbors heard as many as ten shots. that was about 1:00 in the morning. so far police have not identified any suspects. today a special prayer service will be held for the two young boys and they were camp counselor shot in southeast d.c. police tell news4 a man began shooting at another man in 18th and va vana streets. the suspect chased the victim on 19th street where a group of children were standing. 7-year-old boy was shot in the foot and 8-year-old boy was struck in the shoulder. a camp counselor was also wounded. >> ridiculous. anybody that would shoot when there's a group of kids coming down the street, regardless of
6:46 am
what their issue is, open fire with children on the street is ridiculous. >> all of the victims are still in the hospital. expected to make a full recovery. so far no arrests have been made. today's prayer service will be held at the shooting scene at noon. 14 before the hour. staying on top of breaking news in fairfax county. police on the scene of a standoff there. this started more than 14 hours ago at a home along hillwood avenue in falls church. tracee wilkins live on the scene for us now with the latest. tracee? >> good morning. this is still going on right now. and, in fact, police are saying that what they need to do now is close more of the streets around this area because they have cars that are coming down to these streets that have been closed off and making u-turns so they are concerned about the traffic pattern and they're going to go ahead and close some more streets surrounding this incident. now, we're here on hillwood avenue. and this happened in this sixth block of hillwood avenue. police were called there for -- in the 600 block of hillwood avenue. police were called there for what they're calling a domestic
6:47 am
disturbance. it started at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. they belief the man inside was armed but alone in his home. now, at this point several shots were fired inside of the home. police say that no one outside of the house was injured. at 9:00 p.m., they threw a chemical substance inside the house to try get that man to come out. it did not work. at 1:00 a.m. they made contact with him and have been in c constant communication with him since then. now, at this point police are not saying exactly what the nature of that domestic disturbance that brought them here to this location in the first place. but they are continuing to secure this neighborhood. what that's going to mean for folks who live inside of the barricaded area is that they're going to have to coordinate with police to get escorts out of the barricaded area. it's going to be a major inconvenience for folks who are trying to go to work this morning. but the standoff is continuing. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. opponents of same-sex
6:48 am
marriage in maryland are turning in more petition signatures despite already reaching the number needed for a referendum. the marriage alliance is turning in more signatures. the group calls it an exclamation point on their effort. new tv ads are trying to keep the fight for expanded gambling in maryland alive. the ad put to the by a coalition of lay your group says the sixth casino at national harbor and table games would bring in millions for schools and teachers and add thousands of new jobs. governor martin o'malley is hope for a special session on the issue next month. justice department responding to the supreme court's decision to uphold part of arizona's controversial immigration law. it set up a hot line for people to report possible civil rights violations related to the so-called show me your papers requirement. nation's highest court has struck down most of arizona's law but upheld one the most hotly debated provisions. the provision requires police officers to check the immigration status of anybody that they stop and believe to be
6:49 am
in the country illegally. some legal scholars say the court battle over that provision is not necessarily over. >> i think the court is saying there are very strict limitations on how this provision can ever be implemented. i think it's also saying there are substantial legal matters to be resolved before any implementation goes forward. >> the justice department's hot line number is 855-353-1010. we also know that the supreme court will definitely rule on thursday on president obama's health care reform law. that's the final day the nation's highest court will issue decisions this session. a warning before you head outside. prince william county officials say mosquitoes tested positive for the disease in wood bridge. fairfax county officials say they found four groups of mosquitos that also tested positive. maryland officials have not yet
6:50 am
started testing mosquitos. this one will make a lot of people kind of mad. there is a report out that you may pay more for your next vacation than others based on the type of computer that you use. cnbc's bertha coombs is live with that story. >> are you a mac or a pc? >> i'm a pc guy. >> well, i'm a mac at home and pc at work. i've got a feeling that maybe i should be searching for flights now at work. reports say orbitz has found that mac users tend to pay 30% more per night for their hotels. so it's starting to show them different and sometimes pricier search results than pc users. the online travel site says it's experimenting with showing different hotel officers on mac and pc users. you can still choose to rent search results by price. meantime, breaking up, well, may not be so hard to do after all. the "wall street journal" reports news corp is considering a plan to break the company in
6:51 am
two. the media giant can split its publishing business, which includes the "wall street journal," new york post, and random house, from the entertainment division which includes fox, "american idol," and various cable channels and 20th century fox, the movie studio. rupert murdoch hasn't previously liked that idea but is warming to it now. the move could be similar to what viacom did several years ago when it split off cbs from the flagship viacom. that's it. back over to you in chicago -- or in washington. sglil take it from washington. >> thank you. >> see ya. 6:51. in richmond, power crews working to restore service to some 70,000 customers after a pretty wicked wind and rainstorm. there are some home video posted on youtube that shows the storm's strength. listen to that noise, too. packed winds reaching 70 miles an hour in places. blew rain sideways out at the airport.
6:52 am
the winds blew -- threw around debris at the diamond, the baseball stadium there in richmond. fans were in the stands and said the storm moved if quickly. some people ran for cover under the concourse, inside the bathrooms. the wind damage there damaged three sky boxes and part of the outfield wall. >> that was a thunderstorm. it had all the elements of a tropical storm, but it was indeed just a thunderstorm. >> wild stuff out there. take a look at our forecast this morning, tom. people this morning at least are going to maybe want to think about a jacket, a light jacket. >> unbelievably so. here it is on june 26th. record low for this state is 56. we're only six degrees away from that right now at reagan national airport. record low temperatures around the region. some areas are down into the 40s. there's the sun, though. right. and there's a bright side glitter path on the potomac river. and reagan national now is at 62. and the dew point is a very dry
6:53 am
44. so we have some very low mumt moving in on a northwesterly breeze that's around 10 to 15 miles an hour now. it is down into the 40s out in west virginia. many locations. in fact, a few spots in the 3,000 feet is in the 30s. all-time record low for the month of june, well, it can get chilly in june. 43 is the record low for the month of june. so it's highly unusual but it has happened. it's only in the low to mid 50s in nearby suburbs but right on the waters. potomac temperatures are around 80 degrees. any breeze off the water certainly feels mild. away from the waters, chilly this morning. by noontime that very strong june sun will warm us into the 70s. we got a peak around 80 or so by mid afternoon. drop down into the 70s by late afternoon and sunset today is at 8:37. we'll have a ycrescent moon in the western side. 50s, bright and clear. venus and jupiter bright in the eastern sky tomorrow morning. afternoon highs, mid 80s with lower winds tomorrow.
6:54 am
low humidity around but getting hot and humid. extended heat wave. our first longer heat wave of the season coming in and in place with high humidity through the weekend. danella, how's traffic? >> two accidents on i-66. tom, i'm looking at them and they are slowing down as you make your way eastbound. the first one is at the bypass blocking the left lane. the second one also blocking your left lane. this time at nutley. and you're seeing pretty big delays. especially at fairfax county parkway. volume is heavy in this area. checking the travel speeds as you head to the beltway. underspeed at 25 miles per hour. 23 minutes to the to make that drive right now. and taking the rails. they're not so bad. metro not reporting delays but marc is. this is on the penn south street number 409. six-minute delay. vre looks good. aaron and angie, back over to you. mitt romney is bringing his campaign to virginia today. today he will be at a machinery company in the roanoke area. and then tomorrow, romney will come to northern virginia to
6:55 am
visit electronic design company eit in sterling. president obama found out the hard way boston fans take their baseball pretty seriously. while he was in boston he took some time to have a little fun with red sox fans, thanking them for trading boston fan favorite kiev vin youkilis, to his hometown, chicago white sox. crowd didn't like that. >> finally, boston, i just want to say thank you for youkilis. he's going to have to change the color of his socks. i didn't think i would get any boos out of here. i guess i should -- i should not have brought up baseball. i understand. >> despite the dig, it was estimated the president's campaign brought in more than $3 million at that stop. well, it is wedding seasoned. and one michigan couple posing for the wedding pictures made
6:56 am
quite the splash. >> look at this video here. >> the wedding party was on the dock for only about 30 seconds when it just gave way. the whole party went crashing into the water. nobody got hurt. everybody came up laughing. the newlyweds are now on their honeymoon in lake heron. scary there, the bride said, because the dress was so heavy. bridesmaid pulled her out of the water. i don't know where the groom was. >> good thing she's not going to wear this dress again. that's going to do it for "news4 today." >> see you back here tomorrow [ scott ] i grew up playingow with little toy trains
6:57 am
6:58 am
and now i build them. i'm a bigger is better kind of guy. i absolutely love building locomotives.
6:59 am
i knew i wanted to design locomotives from when i was very young. [ jahmil ] from the outside it looks like such a simple device. when you actually get down into the bare bones of it, there's so much technology that's submerged. [ rob ] my welds are a signature, i could tell my welds apart from anybody's. to lay down that nice bead and you look at it, i love it. they don't go together by themselves. there are a lot of little parts, and everyone has their job. [ scott ] i'd love to see it out there on the open tracks. and when i see it, i'm going to know that i helped build that thing. [ train whistle blows ] here it comes! [ bell clanging ] [ train whistle blows ] wow! [ charlie ] it's one thing seeing them being built, but then to see them out here, pulling freight across america, it makes us proud. ♪


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