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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  June 27, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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falls church, virginia, is finally over. they used a taser on the suspect shortly before 9:00 last night. the man was covered in gasoline. this started in a house near hillwood avenue monday afternoon after officers responded to a domestic dispute. today we will learn how pepco is prepare for this year's summer storm system. this comes after a microburst on friday knocked out power to tens of thousands of customers in northeast d.c. and prince george's county pic. it took about three days to restore all the power. today's meeting is to discuss the importance of preparing for the storms. the national weather service confirms a tornado did hit central virginia last week. this home video posted on youtube shows monday's storm hitting the diamond. that's richmond's minor league baseball stadium there. it was the lowest level twisting
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producing winds 65 to 85 miles per hour. the storm damage brought down trees and knocked out power to more than 100,000 customers in that area. nobody was hurt though. i think it was friday, not monday. >> it is friday. and very scary, at that. wow. shocked a lot of people and they all said it happened so fast, they just thought it was a rain moving in and now we know it was so much more. 4:31. meteorologist tom kierein is here with a look at the forecast. >> it was monday. >> was it monday? >> we had our storms here friday. >> and then they got there monday. >> down there on monday. >> good point. >> you were talking about ac. and we're needing the electricity back on just in time because we've got a heat wave coming. we're going to need the ac big time by the time we get into -- in fact, later today it's going to get pretty uncomfortably hot but not too humid. here comes big time heat wave coming our way by the end of the week. make sure your ac is working.
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there is the sky over us now. the view from space showing a clear sky this morning. venus and jupiter bright in the eastern sky. those are the very bright spots there. all the areas in dark green are right back down into the 50s. yes, it's another junetober morning. that's what it feels like. yes, in the 40s again out in west virginia. look at elkins, 45 degrees, june 27th. closer to washington, right on the warm waters of the potomac. potomac water temperatures are around 80 degrees. elsewhere, it is down into the 50s. low 60s in the nearby suburbs. most areas in the 50s now though. but with this strong june sun, we will repeat yesterday. in fact, a little bit hotter. yesterday we got to 82. we'll probably get about five degrees more hotter than that this afternoon. upper 80s. still not a lot of humidity but it's going to get pretty hot. we'll certainly need sun block with that dry sky and high sun. we'll have temperatures back
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down to the mid 80s by 6:00 or 7:00 this evening. and take a look here at your forecast for the next few hours, too. your hometown forecast coming in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic now. good morning. >> good morning. talking road work slowing you down this morning. taking away some of your lanes. right now you cannot access i-66 from the outer loop beltway. as you make your way past braddock road. at one point only the right lane was getting by. i can see you are getting by in the right lane as well as the right center lanes. it looks like just now that single left lane is blocked. that's very good news. also, traveling this time, the outer loop of the beltway, if you're trying to access 395, you're going to have to get on to i-95, head south, loop around in springfield. then you can continue northbound 395 if that's your commute this morning. let's head over to i-270. heading northbound at old georgetown road.
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blocking the left lane. can't see it on camera. just showing you light volume in this area. back over to you. breaking news in colorado. firefighters are working around the clock to keep a rapidly growing wildfire from reaching the town of colorado springs. 32,000 people evacuated their homes as the canyon fire swept into the outskirts of town yesterday threatening homes and even the u.s. air force academy. the fire which has grown to more than 6,000 acres in just days swallowed an entire community, jumping from house to house with an untold number destroyed. those leaving town say it's hard to stay ahead of the blaze. >> packed up two houses. my sister's house and our house, and we just escaped with our children and our animals. and thought we could stop here at another place and now we're moving on again. >> on top of battling the flames, firefighters are also battling record heat.
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temperatures have been above 100 five straight days. supposed to climb again today with no rain in sight. tropical storm db bebby is a tropical depression. debby made landfall on the gulf coast and is now moving across the state towards the atlantaic ocean. some areas, debby has already dropped more than two feet of rain. the entire state of florida remains under a state of emergency. teps of thousands of people are still out power and portions of interstate 10 along north florida are closed. 4:35. mitt romney will come pain for a second straight day in virginia today. this time he's coming to northern virginia. the presumptive republican presidential candidate will spend the day in roanokroanoke. obama leads romney by less than two points in real clear politics average polls in the common wealth.
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the president also holding on to a slight lead natnally according to the latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll. he leads 47% to 44%, within the poll margin of error. president obama does hold an eight-point lead along voters in a dozen swing states. governor bob mcdonnell is changing his tone a bit. in the past mcdonnell has said he is not actively seeking to become vice president but he might consider the position if asked. yesterday however while speaking on wtop's "ask the governor" he had a very different answer. >> i'm not discussing the vice presidential vetting process. thank you. >> well, this is a different answer than you've given in the past. in the past you categorically said no. >> well, there was no vetting going on. >> there is apparently a vetting process. you can address those questions to the romney campaign.
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>> earlier this year mcdonnell said he planned to finish his term as governor. mitt romney is openly vetting florida's senator marco rubio. the ousted president is back on the job this morning. the school board of visitors voted to reinstate teresa sullivan. the decision came after board members forced her to resign. that led to wide spread protests from students and faculty. the board of visitors vote to reinstate sullivan was unanimous. >> the unity of the board and this community is very important and will help us make progress. and probably to make it faster than we could have any other way. >> governor bob mcdonnell threatened to fire the board of visitor it is they did not resolve this controversy this week. he called sullivan's reinstatement a, quote, unifying and healing event for the university. there is a new captain on the ship of the washington capitals this morning. the team hired former player as the new head coach.
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he replaces dale hunter. he spent last season as an assistant with the new jersey devils. he played 19 years in the nhl, 6 of those with the capitals. he will be formally introduced this afternoon. we want to know what you think about him. you can let us know by logging on to our "news4 today" facebook page and we also learned shortly after that here in this news that he has been inducted into the hockey hall of fame. >> is that what you call a good day? >> that's a really good day, for sure. >> he was also the captain when he played for the capitals. he followed dale 00hunter and n keach. ahead, a warning for delivery drivers has crooks target them with the help of new cell phone technology. the new project helping to bring a number of dc neighborhoods to the. another cool start to the morning, but don't get used to it. when you see a big warm up.
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starting next month crews are work on a four-mile extension. the department of transportation announced a $10 million grant to connect dozens of local trails in dc and maryland. tex tensi the extension will connect water front communities. >> beautiful parts of the city to enjoy right there.
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>> and now they're all going to be connected to each other. 4:41 is our time right now. and tom kierein is in storm center4. looking at 63 degrees outside our studios. tom, that's pretty comfortable, i think. >> yeah. that's one of the warm spots. a little farther away in the suburbs down in the 50s again this morning, under a clear sky. hometown forecast for la plata in charles county. as morning progresses, going forward by 9:00, near 70. by noontime, bright sun, near 80. and then this evening, getting cool but not as cool as this morning. by time this time tomorrow morning down to the mid 60s. after that, a big heat wave coming. how hot? i'll tell ya. your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. i'm going to tell you about some closures. traveling 66 eastbound you're going to have to take the left
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exit. right exit is done due to road work. traveling along i-66, here's a live look at the rest area. volume is light in both directions eastbound as well as westbound. eastbound continuing to the beltway no, issues there. inside the beltway on i-66, accident free and no delays. still to come this morning, our first look at evidence of what happened just moments before trayvon martin was killed. plus, preparing to say good-bye to a local landmark.
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4:45. rescuers plan to dismantel what's left of a collapsed mall in ontario, canada, to reach any survivors in the rubble there. crews used a special life detector monday to determine that one person was still breathing there.
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hours later authorities called off the search saying it was just too dangerous to continue pop they hoped to use a crane to raise up part of the roof to restart that search. over the weekend, a portion of the roof that serves as a parking area crumbled into an area near the mall's food court r court. one person is believed to have died in that collapse. new evidence released by the prosecution this morning in the case against george zimmerman shows the neighborhood watch captain had the opportunity to avoid a confrontation with trayvon martin. it shows that zimmerman had several chances to tell martin of his suspicions but chose not to. it also says that zimmerman could have avoided the shooting had he stayed in his car and waited for police or told martin he was a concerned residents. that report called for zimmerman to be charged with manslaughter. he now faces second degree murder charges. there will likely be no jail time for a neighborhood watch member in baltimore convicted in a beat that closely mirrors the trayvon martin's case.
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they will ask for a three-year suspended sentence. he is convicted of beating a black teenager although he claims he acted in self-defense. his attorneys are seeking a new trial. this morning a dc community is offering prayers as police search for the person who opened fire on a crowd of children, injuring two young children and one of their camp counselors. a small prayer group held a vigil last night for the two boys and their counselor from the orchard park neighborhood youth camp. a gunman chased a man through the neighbor hood monday afternoon firing shots where they were standing near savannah and 19th streets. the children were lining up on the sidewalk after leaving a nearby breakfast program. community leaders are upset. >> we don't want our neighborhoods to be at a place where we are scared to come outside. we shouldn't be scared to come outside in our neighborhood where we live at. this is where we live. >> i'm in outrage. this is crazy. i have grandchildren, like i
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said. they can't even come out and play. >> some parents say they will not allow their children to play outside of the violence. police believe one shooter was involved. they have made no arrests in this case. we now know the name of a local marine killed in afghanistan over the weekend. the defense department says lance corporal nile died in afghanistan's helmand province on saturday. he was conducting combat operations at the time. he was from arlington, virginia, based in california. he was 23 years old. smart phone apps are making it harder to catch some robbers in virginia. they say thieves are using a technique called spoofing to rob delivery drivers. criminals use spoofing apps which makes it appear that a call is coming from a different number to place the order. when the driver arrives at a given address he or she is robbed. it's identity theft as well as robbery if they're caught. today you can head on over
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to the national mall for the smithsonian's folk like festival. the ceremony begins at 11:00 and then george clinton will headline the opening night concert called bring back the funk. a million people are expected to visit during the two-week cultural celebration. admission is free. also today, neighbors and volunteers will say a final farewell to a historic canal boat. the "georgetown" will make the final boy yanlg tonight at 5:00. it will travel near jefferson street and 31st street northwest of fletcher's cove. "the georgetown" has run for 30 years but the 19th century era boat failed recent safety inspections. owners will demolish the boat and haul it away. damage from last friday's storm so great some families are picking up and moving out for good. we talked to one family, they say the smell of mildew is so strong it's sickening. a lot of their things were ruined last week when the roof
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collapsed and the water outside came inside. 19-year-old janice taylor just got home from college. she said she didn't even have a chance to unpack. >> i had a suitcase in the corner from coming home from school. my suitcases are gone. there's a roof on my suitcase. >> taylors say they did not have renter's insurance. they're staying with family for a while before finding a permanent new home. >> so difficult for so many people. >> it's really tough there with the weather and -- especially if you don't have insurance to cover your things. >> renters insurance, a lot of people don't even consider that. >> it's always a smart option. well, speaking of the weather today, i'm calling for a repeat. that's what i want. a repeat. >> that's what you're calling for. tom? >> i can get behind that and we'll continue this going this morning. another gorgeous morning under way. another day with a wonderful break from our usual high humidity this time of year, thanks to this rather shallow area of high pressure. cool at the surface. it is clear all around the
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region. that is the view from space. and the temperatures right now are down into the 50s. much of virginia, west virginia, and maryland. closer to washington. right around the beltway and inside the beltway. generally around 60 degrees in arlington, southern montgomery, and in far western prince george's county. southern maryland, most locations, mid 50s. near the warm waters of bay, mid 60s and reagan national, near 70 degrees there on the warm waters of the potomac there. but just a mile away from the potomac, it's down into the 50 nasdaq many locations. and it's dipped down into the 40s, parts of west virginia, elkins, west virginia, 45 degrees. around our region we will have lots of sunshine through the morning hours by 9:00 we'll have just a few light breezes with sunshine. still very pleasant. low to mid swechbts by mid morning. then by noontime for your lunch hour, it's going to start getting a little hot. up around 80 degrees or so. we low 80 was a northwest breeze around 10 to 20.
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a few clouds popping up. during the afternoon, mostly sunny. we'll be reaching the mid and upper 80s for 3:00 to 5:00 to 6:00 and then drop back down to the lower 80s. then near 60 by dawn tomorrow. tomorrow, getting hotter and more humid. although still not really bad. up into the low 90s tomorrow afternoon. lots of sun. partly cloudy, hot and humid. torrid heat and sweltering humidity. friday, saturday, and sunday, each day near 100 degrees. the heat wave continues into the first part of next week, too. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> if you're traveling along route 50 things look good. earlier this morning in both directions on route 50 at 410 in maryland you have construction slowing you down allowing you to get by on one lane. that's clear. if you're traveling along 50 inbound toward new york avenue. travel lanes are open. no delays at all. live look at new york avenue. no issues to report. if you're traveling in the
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district, not seeing any accidents that you're facing if you're getting ready to head out of the house and that's good news. back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. angie and aaron, back over to you. >> danella, thanks. and laroche got a pitch you. he goes deep to left field. has he done it again? another opposite field homer by adam laroche. >> cheering on this side, buddy, a power surge from the nationals. the nats belted four home runs in their 12-5 win over the colorado rockies last night. adam laroche hit two of those homers. that victory keeps the nationals in first place by 3 1/2 games in the national league east. take on the rockies again tonight. jordan zimmerman on the mound for the nats. oh, the things that people will do for their kids. chances are you have never heard of steve feeny. >> but there is a good chance you actually have heard from him. >> oh, oh, oh!
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never again, grace, never again. oh, my gosh! >> courageous father in this video that's bon viral. nearly half a million people have watched and screamed for his life as he rides the screaming swing at dollywood with his daughter. this morning he's going to be talking, not shouting, we promise, on the "today" show alongside his daughter. >> best video ever. i'm telling you. i laughed so hard every time i saw this yesterday. >> i heard you at your desk. i was like -- look at him. >> what's with the hand movements. >> that's the -- >> is he trying to stop it. >> most people put their hands way up over his hands on the roller coaster. that's as high as he could get them. >> i love the fact that he used both her names, he's serious when he's going to call her grace elizabeth. >> the video is actually like four minutes long. >> around you listened to the whole thing. >> i did. because he rides it a second time. once wasn't enough. let's do it again. same thing twice. good stuff. time right now is 4:54.
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she was the queen of the romantic comedy. coming up, we'll tell you how people are remembering the life of screenwriter nora ephron. plus, we are going to tell you about where the popular beaches are or how they rank when it comes to protecting you from bacte
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virginia governor bob mcdonnell is urging loudon
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county leaders to extend metro into their county. mcdonnell called metro's silver line, quote, one of america's most critical infrastructure projects. loudon county's board of supervisors must decide next week whether to approve. some supervisors are concerned that it's just too expensive. maryland governor martin o'malley says he's going to consult with state lawmakers before deciding whether to call a special session to address expanding gambling in the state. o'malley says he wants to take the temperature of both democrats and republicans before deciding on how to proceed. last week a work group studying the issue failed to reach an agreement on possible gaming legislation which could have included plans for a new casino in prince george's county. so just in time for summer vacation there's a new report out today that lists the cleanest beaches in the country. >> two local beaches made the list. according to the natural resources defense council, delaware's dewey beach and
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maryland's ocean city beach made the top 12. the beaches got a five-star rating from the group which looks at factors like water quality, beach necessary alabama, california, minnesota, new hampshire, and texas are also on the list. >> so get yourself a little nap there and mark off where you can go and where you can't go. >> you know how beaches are, they're like hotels. you don't want to go to a one-star beach. nothing but trouble. >> never thought about that. i'm not a big beach person but something to keep in mind. >> the dewey beach has exceeded expectations for years. new hampshire is always number one. i got to check out new hampshire. >> maryland, you can start right there, too. >> staycation. >> stay close to home. that's right. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. breaking news. the frantic effort going on right now to save a town of nearly 500,000 people from being devoured by massive wil


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