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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  June 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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teen attacked. a 16-year-old stabbed just steps from the howard theater. what police are telling us this morning. and breaking news overnight. fire cruise losing the battle to what they're calling a monster fire. tens of thousands of homes in jeopardy this morning. the flames even forcing the military to order evacuations. good morning. welcome to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm angie goff. eun yang is off this morning. chances are your air conditioning is probably on vacation, too. a cool start to the day. these are the temperatures around the area right now. tom has been calling it junetober, i've been using that as a hash tag on twitter when referring to tom's forecast because that what it feels like. >> a little bit of autumn in june here. we'll take it. >> that sun is now rising in the northeast, the high sun elevation this time of year with the dry weather certainly going to be heating us up quickly. yeah, make sure the ac is working although this morning
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maybe your furnace is kicking on, especially in parts of the shenandoah valley. in the moun theys in the 40s now. closer to washington, 50s. most of maryland and virginia, and reagan national, the warm waters of the potomac, 68. a bit milder here in the bay, too. here's your day planner for this wednesday, it's going to be rapidly warming up, noontime for the lunch hour, low 80s. a bit of a breeze in the north and west. gusting to around 20 miles an hour or so. not quite as blustery as wednesday. and then hotter than yesterday. low 80 tz yesterday afternoon. ought to make it into the upper 80s by late afternoon. 3:00 to 5:00. and then by 6:00 or so back down to the mid 80s and another day with low humidity. i'm back with the hometown forecast in ten minutes. danella is here now with the look at traffic. >> good news if you're traveling along northbound. right now no delays. no accidents to report.
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you're looking good. live look if you're traveling 395 northbound at glebe. southbound as well. no issues in those lanes. as you are crossing over the 14th street bridge and making a way in the city, travel lanes are opening in very light volume. sun is starting to rise. pack your shades today. should be sunny. 58 miles per hour. 12-minute drive. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. in our headlines this morning three people are behind bars accuse of stabbing a teenager near the howard theater. 16-year-old boy was stabbed along 7th street around 8:30 last night. at last check, he was still in serious condition. we're waiting to hear from police about a possible motive in this attack. after 28 hours a standoff in falls church, virginia, is finally over. police tell us they used a taser on the sus spith shortly before 9:00 last night. the man was covered in gasoline. police and s.w.a.t. team were
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called to the house on hillwood avenue monday afternoon, this after officers responded to a domestic dispute. the man had two family members inside the house with him but police got them out safely. in colorado, thousands being forced from their homes as a swelling wildfire threatens the town of colorado springs. take a look at these pictures. 32,000 people evacuated in the surrounding communities as the canyon fire swept into the outskirts of town threatening homes and the u.s. air force academy being threaten ped this fire which has grown to more than 6,000 acres in just a few days swallowed up an entire community. it's jump fred from house to ho. untold number of homes destroyed. those leaving town say it's hard to stay ahead of the blaze. >> packed up two houses, my sister's house and our house. and we just escaped with our children and our animals. thought we could stop here at another place, and now we're moving on again. >> on top of battling the flaei
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flames, firefighters are dealing with record heat. temperatures have been above 100 for five days straight. supposed to climb into the 90s again today. and there is no rain in sight. today lawmakers on capitol hill will review a plan to free student loan rates for another year. the senate already approved the deal. the house will review the plan today. without a resolution, rates could double this sunday from 3.4% to 6.8%. students will save money with the lower rate but it's going to cost the government $6 billion. republicans and democrats have been at odds over how to pay for all that. less than five months now from election day and the race for president remains a dead heat. that's according to the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. obama leads romney by three percentage points. he's doing well with blacks, females, and latino voters. he also is ahead among independents. romney is in the lead among tea
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party supporters, men, and white voters. mitt romney will spend a second straight day today campaigning in virginia. he will visit an electronic design company in sterling. he spent yesterday in the roanoke area. romney will hold a fund-raiser tonight in the district. supporters there will pay $50,000 each to attend. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is becoming more cryptic about the possibility he could become mitt romney's running mate. in the past he said he's not actively speaking to become vice president but might consider the position if asked. however, while speaking on wtop's "ask the governor" he had a very different answer. >> i'm not discussing the vice presidential vetting process. thank you. >> well, this is a different answer than you've given in the past. in the past you've been categorically said no. >> there was no vetting going on. >> now there is vetting gone on? >> there apparently is a vetting process and i'm just not going to discuss it. you can address the questions to the romney campaign. >> earlier this year mcdonald said that he planned to finish
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his term as governor. mitt romney is openly vetting florida senator marco rubio. 20 year term veteran in congress. representative charlie rangel of new york, he faced not only the challenge of several competitors but also a damaged reputation after getting caught up in an ethics sand scandal. the 82-year-old democrat won the primary by just five percentage points. he is expected to have little trouble winning back his seat in november, however. hollywood is mourning the loss of one of its most accomplished filmmakers. nora ephronleukemia. >> who is this? >> dr. marcia fieldstone. >> you called a radio station? >> ephron wrote and directed more than a dozen movies including "sleepless in seattle" and "when harry met sally." her book "heart"heartburn" was
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inspired by her failed marriage. she was 71. we want to know which ephron movie was our favorite. tell us on our "news4 today" facebook page. >> a long list of films to choose from. huge impact from pop culture. >> "when harry met sally," they showed those at a lot of college classes. that's our time right now. ahead, the cookie controversy oreo started. weather and traffic on the ones. and next, there's another american giving michael phelps all he can handle. the rivalry brewing before the olympics get under way. ♪
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right now swimmer michael phelps is the bridesmaid at the
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trials. lochte beat phelps for the second time in as many nights, bashly touching the wall first if the heat of the 200 meter freestyle semifinals. they will face-off in the finals of the race tonight. lochte also beat him on monday. individual medley. the two will face-off again in that race in london. you can watch the trials all week on the nbc4 network and right here. now, if michael phelps back in the pool is not a sure sign the olympics are coming, there's this. take a look. just a few moments ago the olympic rings unveiled, there they are hanging from the tower of the london bridge. they will stay there through the olympic games which now exactly one month away. >> it's sneaking up on us. >> yes. >> coming fast. >> so picturesque. beautiful out there. speaking of which, if you look at your tv right now, also picturesque. not just because angie goff is in the image but also because the sun is up shining brightly over the potomac river this morning. >> you're so sweet. but we're not getting too much
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heat from it right now. that's all going to change coming up. right, tom? >> indeed. in fact, this time of year the sunlit rally leaps into the sky with the high sun elevation later today. we will be heating up rapidly. right now though, it is pleasant and around the hometown network, college park in prince george's county right now in just the low 60 was bright sun. going forward through the day now. hometown forecast, 70s. and then peaking in the mid and lower 80s by mid to late afternoon. lots of sunshine. a few clouds perhaps popping up midday. clear this evening by late evening back down into the 70s and by this time tomorrow morning, not as cool. we'll be down into the mid and upper 60s. and the heat builds. look at that. the heat wave is acoming. details with your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. >> checking travel speeds in our area, some roads look really good. especially if you're taking the dulles toll road heading
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eastbound. you're driving at 59 miles per hour. that's looking like a six-minute drive right now. and from the beltway from the dulles toll road to the interchanger at 66 miles per hour. and checking the beltway in montgomery county, the inner loop from i-270 to i-95 driving at 61 miles per hour. not bad. continue to think inner loop as your make your way towards 50. travel speed from i-95 to route 50, 62 miles per hour. back the you. >> thanks. 6:13. ahead, a life-saving bond between a boy and his dog. how a black lab named bear pulled off a pretty remarkable rescue. and forced out, welcomed back, so now what? what's next for the yun of the virginia? stay with us. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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the university of virginia's ousted president is back on the job this morning. they voted to reinstate teresa sullivan. that decision came a few weeks after the board forced uva's first female president to resign. that led to protests. the board of visitor's vote to reinstate her was unanimous and she said that should help the university move forward. >> the unity of the board and this community is very important. it will help us make progress.
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and probably to make it faster than we could have go governor bob mcdonnell threatened to fire them if. he calls sullivan's reinstatement, quote, unifying and healing event for the university. george zimmerman had a chance to according to new evidence released by prosecutors. florida's attorneys released a report originally filed by the lead detective that shows zimmerman had several chances to tell martin of a suspicions but he chose not to. it also says that zimmerman could have avoided the shooting had he stayed in his car and waited for police or told martin he was a concerned resident. that report called for zimmerman to be charge with manslaughter. he now faces second degree murder charges. much lighter note, 6:17, this is our dog story of the day. man's best friend proving to be toddler's best buddy, too. family dog being called a hero
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right now for acting as -- let's call it a flurry flotation device, if you will, for a little boy who fell into a pool in michigan over the weekend. the little boy is stanley. the mother stepped away for a minute. when she turned around she saw her 14-month-old in the pool at first. thought he was floating in the water. then she realized the family dog bear was balancing the toddler on his back. >> he wouldn't move in the pool. he didn't bark. he didn't move. it was like he was afraid to move at all. until i got stanley up out of the pool and that's when he came up out of the pool with me. >> stanley did go to the hospital. doctors say that he is going to be fine. there will soon be less fighting over who will claim to be champion. bcs committee announced plans for a 14th playoff system. a selection committee will determine the four teams that will participate. the new system will be in place
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for the 2014 season. a familiar face will be behind the bench for the washington capitals next season. the team hired former player adam oates as the new head coach. oates replaces dale hunter. he spent last season as an assist about with the stan any cup finalists new jersey devils. played 19 years in the nhl, 6 with the caps. he was with them during their run to the stanley cup finals. he will be formally introduced this afternoon. a lot of you are already chiming in about oates on our facebook page. feel free to go by "news4 today" on facebook and let us know what you're thinking. america's favorite cookie is stirring up some controversy. >> uh-huh. kraft foods posted a gay pride version of the oreo cookie on the facebook page. it's stuffed with six layers of frosting in the colors of the rainbow flag. this picture is headlined june 25th pride. and says, proudly support love. so far over 211,000 people have
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liked that photo. 34,000 people have commented. not all those comments were supportive. some people are calling for a boycott of oreo. kraft foods says it is not planning to sell it in stores. it was created to honor pride month. tropical storm debby is now a tropical depression but the impact on the storm is being being sfelt with torrential rainfall and flooding. here's a look at what's left of debby. as you can see from the radar the storm is still dumping rain on florida. tens of thousands of floridians are happy to see florida go. slowly moved across the state dumping buckets and budgets of rain, causing wide spread flooding. some areas debby dropped more than two feet of rain. >> i have never seen it this high. even in a hurricane. a real hurricane. >> we're going all we can.
6:21 am
water is rising. ground is saturated. and we're just trying to do everything we can to keep people safe. the entire state of florida remains under a state of emergency. tense of thousands of people are tell without power. portions of interstate 10 along north florida are still closed. i feel so bad for them. >> i hope they get the upper hand on this quick. >> so early on. >> in the city. anybody who figures it out, they can do it. 6:21 is our time. let's talk about our forecast. >> and how we don't what to do with ourselves the last couple of days because it's been so nice out there. >> the tide, though, tom, is about to start shifting. >> yeah, today though off to, again, another feeling of autumn in the air if june. we'll take it. temperatures around the region are down into the 50s. most of virginia, most of maryland, out of west virginia, a few locations in the hylands are in the 40s right now as is parts of the shenandoah valley. maryland, most of the suburbs in montgomery, prince george's counties in the low 50s.
6:22 am
right near the bay waters, 60s. there's that sun climbing quickly high into the sky. sun rise was at 5:45. by noontime into the low 80s. your day planner for today, highs reaching the upper 80s by mid to late afternoon. low humidity, lots of sun. then tomorrow, still not very humid but hotter. lots of sun, highs reaching low 90s. then the big heat and sweltering humidity build into friday and the weekend. extreme heat during the afternoon, near 100 degrees each day. only a slight chance of an isolated storm. danella, good morning. how is traffic? >> right now traveling in the district, earlier accident. it was in the northbound lanes of southbound capital street just past the douglas bridge. right lane was blocked. that accident just literally cleared moments ago. you may still see delays. let's head out to route 50 though. here not seeing any delays in maryland. to the beltway, nice and clear. live look if you're making your way on 50 past 301.
6:23 am
inbound again, a little bit more volume inbound than outbound. but no accidents and no major delays on either roadways. over to the rails we did have a delay on the rail line. that's now clear. all rails are reporting delays at this time. right now it's 6:23. ahead, the power of suggestion. why experts say just glancing at a picture could derail your diet. and it's far from sea worthy but it's still sad to see it gone. the sendoff today for a local staple. [ female announcer ] irritated, itchy, summer skin?
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good news for everybody who drinks coffee. a new study says drinking moderate amounts of coffee every day could lower your risk for heart failure. researchers in boston looked at five large study on coffee consumption and effect on heart rate. they found that two cups of coof fee a day lowered the risk of heart failure by as much as 11%. the study did not indicate exactly how coffee lowered that risk. one theory though, researchers
6:27 am
said frequent coffee drinkers may have a high tolerance of caffei caffeine. if you are on a diet right now you might want to look away. a new study suggests just looking at pictures of fattening foods can trigger your appetite. they studied a group of obese women shown images of high calorcall foods like cake and ice cream. looking at the photos activated regions of the brain that controlled appetite. hunger increased after having a drink that contained 50 grams of sugar. suggesting that those having sweeteners could be contributing to the growing obesity problem. and is it bad that when we were doing that oreo story i couldn't even hear a word you were saying. all the layers. >> lava cake, chocolate fudge. >> nice and warm melting. sorbet. >> early in the morning. if a photo could fill you up, though, that would be great. >> if you could just feast your eyes on the photo, best kind of
6:28 am
diet. maryland's dpgovernor sets e odds on the possibility of ebbs panding gambling. plus, one guy who really, serious here, really does not like the dmv. more than a lot of people. the reason behind his one-man protest. playing hard ball. how a comment about baseball has become a hot topic on the campaign tra
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there's an app for that.
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vul choors. that's who rgiii says he is looking out for. his response to an alleged blackmail plot. good morning. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm angie goff. eun yang has the morning off. no storm clouds in the forecast today. pepco is talking storms. today we're going to learn how the utility is preparing for the summer storm season. this comes after a microburst on friday knocked out how we're to tens of thousands of customers in northeast dc. and also prince george's county. it took about three days for the you tell theity company to
6:32 am
restore all power. today's meeting will discuss the importance for preparing for storms as well as how the utility company prepares and responds to those storms. >> but for right now we're not dealing with or expecting any storms in our area. tom kierein is here to tell us what we can expect today. >> yeah. going to be getting hot. we're going to need that power on later today and as we get into the weekend. a big heat wave is coming. we're going to need our ac. make sure your ac is working. a lot of the ac repair people are out there visibly trying to keep people up and running. we are definitely going to be needing it. not this morning. in fact, we'll have your -- just air outside your house cool things down with your windows open this morning. very pleasant. much of the region in the 50s. all those areas in green. in fact, these are in the 40s. that covers much of west virginia. parts of western maryland. closer to washington the areas in the lighter green are generally low to mid 60s now.
6:33 am
we're beginning to warm up. ocean city is in 54,000. most of the region will be in the low 80s and low humidity. cloudiness building up and low humidity with us during the rest of the afternoon, too. but a hot sun will be hitting the upper 80s by mid to late afternoon. planning on spending much time outside, definitely wear sun block. we'll have a little bit of a breeze in the air. that will diminish as we get toward the evening hours. by then, into the low 80s, early evening. sunset, 8:37. i'll be back with a hometown forecast in ten minutes. tom, as you mentioned, sunny day. as sun rises we seeing quite a sun glare across i-66. as well as delays. big delays at sudley. you're going to hit the brakes again towards chain bridge. as i mentioned, sun pretty high and bright. so please pack your shades as well as your patience when you
6:34 am
leave the house. no accidents along i-66. angie and aaron, back over to you. >> danella, thanks. right now prince george's police are asking for your help to find a missing teenager. look at a picture right here. this is 17-year-old shtima erica williams. last seen on her home in ft. washington. this was about 5:00 last night. she spoke to her case worker around 9:00 and then disappeared. her case worker said she has the mental capacity of a 12-year-old. if you know anything about where she is, please call police immediately. police say smart phone apps are making it hard to catch some robbers in virginia. investigators say thieves are using a technique called spoofing to rob delivery drivers. criminals use spoofing apps which make it appear as if a call is coming from a different number and then they place their order. when the driver arrives at the given address, he or she is robbed. police say they may chargeville criminals who use spoofing with identity theft as well as
6:35 am
robbery if they're caught. we now know the name of a local marine killed in afghanistan over the weekend. the defense department says lance corporal nile codey sears died in afghanistan's helmand province on saturday. he was conducting combat operations at the time. he was from arlington, virginia. lance corporal codey sears was 23 ice oyears old. governor going to consult with lawmakers before deciding whether to call a special session to address gambling in the state. o'malley says there's a 50/50 chance he'll call the session. last week a work group failed to reach an agreement on possible gambling legislation which could have included plans for a new casino in prince george's county. a man who took a pretty drastic step to protest a ticket hopes to address it in court. >> i don't want to do it. but what choice does a body
6:36 am
have? >> he handcuffed himself to the front door of the d.c. dmv. he told us he was protesting a 10th-year-old ticket for $98. he said he didn't know about the ticket until he tried to renew his driver's license. he said he tried everything he knew and decided that handcuffing himself to the dmv door was the best course of action. police arrested him after giving him several opportunities to walk away. well, today is the end of an era for historic canal boat in the district. "the georgetown" will make its final voyage tonight at 5:00. it will travel near jefferson street and 31st street over to fletcher's cove. it's run for 30 years. the 19th century era boat failed recent inspections. time right now is 6:36. the "today" show is coming up next at 7:00. let's check in with ann curry now. good to see you. >> good morning. coming up here on a wednesday morning here on "today," high winds and dry conditions causing
6:37 am
problem for firefighters in colorado. 32,000 people now forced to evacuate. we'll go there live. also ahead, the alleged soccer mom madam accuse of running a high-end prosecution ring. then the unique and sometimes extreme bond between identical twins. we're doing to meet two sisters who can't seem to live apart. and that's not sitting well with one of their husbands. and we showed you the video on tuesday. well, this morning we're going meet the dad who screamed in terror on amusement park ride with his daughter when they join us here on a wednesday morning here on "today." aaron, now, back to you. >> the best video of the week so far. i love that. can't wait to see the interview. >> you've got to give him credit. we h did get back on that ride even though he hates amusement park rides, just because his daughter wanted to go. >> thanks, ann. >> see you soon. >> next time i ride a ride. all right. >> oh, boy. well, the time right now is
6:38 am
6:37. tina tap, what police are telling us about a stabbing just steps from the howard theater. breaking news overnight, tens of thousands of homes threatened by a monster fire. why even the military is being forced out. and next, the local beaches receiving some pretty high marks. ♪ jimmy bond
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i'm done. my skin's so raw. try new gold bond friction defense stick. it soothes skin and reduces friction. thanks, jimmy. think gold bond. ♪ this stuff works just in time for summer vacation, there's a new report out today that lists the cleanest beaches in the country. two local beaches made that list, according to the natural resources defense council. delaware's dewey beach and maryland's ocean city beach made the top 12. beaches got a five-star rating from that group which looks at factors like water quality, beach necessary alabama, california, minnesota, new
6:42 am
hampshire, and texas also on that list. >> i want to go to the beach today. >> today might definitely this weekend. >> this weekend, yeah. >> some beach weather, it sounds like. tom kierein can break it all down for us. >> yeah, beach water temperatures in the 60s. any breeze off of the waters will feel wonderful. we're going to need that by later today. there is the golden glitter path on the potomac. sun is leaping high in the sky now and temperatures are beginning to climb after we bottomed out again. feeling like autumn in june. right now in annandale, our hometown location, it's 61. hometown forecast for annandale, by noontime ought to be in the low 80s. and then by mid afternoon, with lots of sunshine, we'll be peaking in the mid and upper 80s with low humidity and a light north westerly breeze. and then this evening, back down to the low 70s. in d.c.4 wins. that's coming up here in a couple of minutes along with
6:43 am
your seven-day heat wave outlook. how is traffic? >> i'm checking out delays for all of our travelers traveling on i-95 making their way northbound. that means you. pay attention. jammed even red. but if you're just under speed as you continue to maid towards the beltway. live look as you make your way northbound at route one. travel lanes are packed here. hov are not bad at all. grab two friends and take the hov lanes. travel speed is underspeed at about 28 miles per hour. 27 minutes to drive from prince william parkway to the can't stall parkway. roughly that drive will take 23 minutes. aaron, over to you. 6:43. breaking news. a wildfire exploded overnight. the fire in colorado springs growing so fast it's really unclear right now just how many homes that fire destroyed. thousands are now scrambling to get out of its way.
6:44 am
news4's melissa mallet is live with the developments. >> good morning. more than 3,000 firefighters are now battling blazes across colorado but this latest fire, the waldo canyon fire ripped through so quickly we still don't know how many homes have been lost. look at the video here. hoping to get a count of the homes destroyed once the sun comes up in a couple of hours this morning. high wind and dry weather have made containment increasingly difficult. just a few days, it's burned more than 10 square miles of land. it's only 5% contained right now. suddenly grew more ferocious tuesday. smoke and flames devouring houses, eating nearly everything in sight. 32,000 people have now been evacuated from their homes. the blazes are just a few miles from the air force academy which has also been evacuated. firefighters are attacking the flames from the ground and the sky. it has ripped through fire lines, meant to stop the blaze. planes and helicopters and ground crews are having a tough time getting a handle on the irn fern no and some are having to
6:45 am
stay away for safety. >> i think right now all i can say is that i think it's important -- most important -- we all keep in our minds and our hearts all those people who have effected by this. and, also, all those people who are risking their lives right now over in. >> those firefighters risking their lives battling several blazes across the state. this fire season now the worst in colorado history. unfortunately there are a total of 29 fires spreading across the west, wyoming, new mexico, arizona, california, and utah all battling blazes. back to you. >> thank you. this morning a teenager is in the hospital after being stabbed near the howard theater. the 16-year-old boy was stabbed along 7th street northwest around 8:30 last night. he was taken to the hospital in serious condition. police arrested two men and a woman for the crime. a standoff in falls church,
6:46 am
virginia, ended 28 hours after it started. police tell us they used a taser on the suspect shortly before 9:00 last night. the man was covered in gasoline apparently. this all started inside a house on hillwood avenue monday afternoon after officers responded to a domestic dispute. the man had two family members inside with him but police got them out safely. for the first time redskins rookie quarterback robert griffin iii talking about the extortion plot against him. former baylor basketball player is charged with threatening to release derogatory information about griffin unless he was paid. rgiii told the associated press, quote, there are vultures out there, people looking to climb on top of all your money. griffin says the experience is a good lesson for nfl rookies about who to trust. today lawmakers on capitol hill will review a plan to freeze student loan rates for another year. the senate already approved the deal. the house will review the plan today. without a resolution, rates
6:47 am
could double this sunday from 3.4% to 6.8%. students will save money with a lower rate, but it's going to cost the government $6 billion. republicans and democrats have been at odds over how to pay for that. >> president obama holding on to a slight lead over mitt romney in the race for the white house. that's according to the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. president obama does hold an eight-point lead over his republican rival among voters in a dozen swing states. mitt romney hopes to generate support today in our area and generating serious cash for his campaign. romney will visit an electronic design company in sterling today. he will also have a $50,000 a plate fund-raiser tonight in the district. this is the second straight day the presumptive republican presidential candidate campaigns in virginia. romney spent yesterday in the
6:48 am
roanoke area. loudon county's board of supervisors has one week to decide whether to sign on to phase two of metro's line. they are making a last-minute push to get it to hop on board. he called the silver line one of the america's most critical train structure projects. some county leaders are concerned it's just too expensive. the mayor called it heart wrenching. the california city becoming the largest in the u.s. so far to declare bankruptcy. cnbc's bertha joins us now with more on that story. sobering news here. >> it's really one of those things that, you know, you can't say anything positive about, the city of stockton, california, set to file for bankruptcy possibly as early as today. it could be the largest city to file for chapter 9 protection in u.s. history. stock son city council voted tuesday night to approve a budget to allow them to pay for day-to-day operations. the city failed to reach a deal with creditors to restructure
6:49 am
the more than $700 million in debt. stockton has been hurt by high retiree cost and downtown revitalization project that they couldn't pay for and lower property tax revenue stemming from the housing market slump. google holding a forum in san francisco today. it's expected to show off its own new tablet device. it will compete more directly with the kindle fire than apple ipad. it will run on android mobile software called jelly bean. features include a voice activated assistant similar to apple's suri. google and apple justed to be like this and now they're more like frenemies. >> see ya. >> see ya. today, the smithsonian's folklife festival begins at the national mall. it starts at 11:00 this morning. you remember the images from
6:50 am
last year. several big exhibits and performances will highlight the nation's diversity. the memorial quilt will be on display. tonight george clinton will headline the concert. sparks the ground breaking of the national museum with the festival and it will end on july 8th. >> he was always so good in concert and he brings an entourage. great dancers. the energy is up. you saw a lot of video of people being outside. today would be the day to do it. >> get out there, tom, you see, while the getting is good. >> that's going to continue while into the fourth of july week, too. the heat is going to be turning on. did you ever do a science fair project in school? >> yes. i remember primpls. >> good. >> well, here is a student who won first prize for her project. she visited yesterday. samanta popol, it was on the weather forecast accuracy.
6:51 am
guess who won, nbc4. >> all right. >> she won an american meteorological society award for her science fair project. and she won first prize at the goddard montessori school. way to go, samanta. and thanks so much for coming by. right now around the region, it is cool. we're down into the 50s. beginning to climb into the 60s around the bay. another autumn in june morning under way, under a clear sky. and here's your day planner for today. sun rise was at 5:45. it will be about the same tomorrow, too. and we'll have that sun getting high in the sky by noontime, low 80s. hitting the upper 80s by mid to late afternoon. maybe a few clouds popping up midday. again, another day with low humidity. but with the heat building, it's going to begin a heat wave. in fact, tomorrow, even hotter but still not too humid. morning lows, pleasant.
6:52 am
near 60s starting off thursday morning. afternoon highs climbing to the low 90s. and it's going to start getting much more humid though. thursday night and by the time you wake up on friday morning, we will be greeted by eighazy, humid conditions. and soaring to near 100 friday afternoon and again saturday and again sunday, each day along with sweltering humidity and only a small chance of maybe some brief relief from an isolated thunderstorm each day. a little bit cooler though as we start off next week. but still rather humid. danella, good morning. how is traffic now? >> we are definitely starting to slow down. let's tike a live look at route 50 many maryland. heavy brakes. stop and go even. but delays continue as you head towards new york avenue. 39 miles per hour. eight minutes to get from the beltway to 295. let's head over to the beltway in montgomery county because once you pass i-95 in maryland.
6:53 am
loop around, slow new hampshire avenue. delays really continue right around georgia avenue. if you're heading to i-270, that drive will take you about 18 minutes to get from i-95 to i-270. over to the rails, the marc train runs east. delay, 11 minutes. this is on train number 872. right now metro or vre are not reporting delays. a unifying and healing event, that's how virginia governor bob mcdonnell describes the decision by the university of virginia's board of visitors to reinstate the school's president. the board voted yesterday to give teresa sullivan back her job. students and faculty have protested since the board forced the school's first female president to resign after -- earlier this month. sullivan says she hopes she and uva can now move forward. >> the unity of the board and this community is very important. it will help us make progress and probably to make it faster
6:54 am
than we could have any other way. >> mcdonnell had threatened to fire the board of visitor it is they did not resolve this controversy this week. today adam coates -- coates? i just made up a name. adam oates will be introduced as the head coach of the capitals. oates is a former cap himself and was with the team for their run to the stanley cup finals in 1998. he spent 19 years as a player in the nhl. assistant for the new jersey devils last season. oates replaces dale hunter who will stay for just part of one season. we want to know what you think about the new head coach. let us know by going to our "news4 today" facebook page and see what other folks have written. a river walk trail is about to get bigger starting next month. crews will begin a four-mile extension to the river walk trail. $10 million grant from the department of transportation will connect dozens of local trails in the district of maryland.
6:55 am
the expansion will also connect 16 water front communities, including nationals park and the national harbor rena. the president will be doing campaign today. this time here in washington at the jefferson hotel. >> the topic of baseball will not come up. that's because a comment made earlier this week in boston is still making headlines. the president joked about a recent trade that sent a beloved red sox kevin youkilis to the white sox. >> finally, boston, i just want to say thank you for youkilis. >> well, now that reaction is getting political. surprise. the white house said while some in the crowd booed were saying youk in honor of youkilis. he released a statement that reads in part, maybe the
6:56 am
president should have congratulated the team for winning the worlder isries in 2004 and 2007. instead, he chose to mock them for trading away one of its favorite players at a time when the team is struggling. youk, i think there's a mixture. i don't know. let's just leave it at that. what is serious is the heat that's going to be building as we get into later today, upper 80s, low 90s tomorrow. but then the sweltering humidity and torrid heat. i don't use the "t" word often. that's coming in on friday, saturday, and sunday. >> thank you, tom. >> thank you.
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