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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  June 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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"star trek" ones? i'm with you. >> you can see social networking sites, video. google stepping up and making a name for itself in the electronics world. >> we'll keep watching. we hope you keep watching. "news 4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. it's decision day. the supreme court finally prepares to announce its ruling on the new health care reform law. we'll break down the possible scenarios for you. and it moved three miles in less than an hour. >> burning out of control. thousands of people in colorado forced from their homes as firefighters struggle to get a grip on a half dozen wildfires. and here, we are bracing for the heat wave. temperatures could top 100 this weekend, and the humidity could make it even more miserable. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff. eun yang is off today. welcome to "news 4 today" on this thursday, june 28th, and
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enjoy it while it lasts. as we take a look outside, things are so, so nice and cool, but like you said, it's only a matter of time before that heat moves in. >> and these are the final hours of comfort. >> the final hours. >> we're counting it down now. >> the apocalypse. >> the big heat really is going to be getting here beginning later today, but not a lot of humidity yet. around the region this morning, we've got a few high clouds coming in over the region. we've got our sunrise about 45 minutes away. that will be at 5:45 this morning. and temperatures around the region, well, they are pleasant! off to a delightful start this morning, all the areas in light green 60s, dark green 50s. 71 at reagan national on the warm waters of the potomac and it's near 70 with any breeze off the warm waters of the bay. elsewhere, much of the eastern shore just in the low to mid-60s, as is most of virginia and maryland. west virginia, shenandoah valley, many locations in the low 50s this morning. "day planner" for this thursday, by 9:00, 80.
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heating up, it will be near 90 by noon and then the mid-90s by mid-afternoon and that strong, hot sun could cause a quick burn. definitely wear sun block if you're going to be out for a length of time, heading to the pool or beach. then starting to turn more humid, though, by late afternoon and into this evening. i'll be back in ten minutes with a "hometown 4-cast." danella here now with traffic. if you're traveling along route 50 in maryland, things look really nice. in fact, earlier this morning, inbound we had road work blocking the right lane at 410, but that's now gone. we'll take a look as you make your way from annapolis heading towards the beltway in both directions. your travel lanes are open. a live look at 424, davidsonville road heading inbound, nice and clear. outbound towards annapolis, even lighter volume in this area. now, if you're taking the rails, they're open, and so far, not seeing any delays along the metro, the marc or the vre. angie and aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. today the most significant
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supreme court ruling in decades will be handed down. the nation's highest court will release their opinion on whether president obama's health care reform law is constitutional. news4's tracee wilkins joins us live from the supreme court with a preview of today's ruling. hi, tracee. >> reporter: good morning. more than 50 million uninsured americans are standing by in anticipation to see what's going to happen here and what the supreme court will decide. the question is, is the affordable care act constitutional? after all of the courtroom battles and back-and-forth, today the highest court in the nation will make that decision. 26 states and a national business group challenged the law's central requirement that all americans get health insurance. so, the judges will decide if congress has the right to make people purchase insurance or pay a penalty. if the court rules in favor of the health act, it will settle a legal question surrounding president obama's plan, but it won't guarantee an end to all of the political battles that surround this legislation.
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some of the nation's largest insurance companies now say, even if the court does strike down the law, they will continue honoring a few of its requirements anyway, like letting parents keep children on their insurance policies until age 26, covering preventive services like blood pressure screenings, et cetera, and also the removing of caps on lifetime patient spending. the supreme court will be issuing opinions at 10:00 a.m., but there's two other issues that they have to settle today. so, we may not know for some time exactly what the outcome's going to be for health care, but i can tell you that folks are already standing by, lining up, waiting for tickets to go inside and see if they can actually hear what judge roberts has to say today. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins, supreme court, news4. now, there are a lot of ways the supreme court could rule on the health care law. here are some of the most likely scenarios that we're going to see come out of this. first up, the entire thing is upheld. pretty easy to understand. the entire law could also be struck down. those are pretty simple. but there are some other options
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to consider here. number three, the individual mandate, that requirement to buy insurance, is struck down, but the rest of the law is upheld. and then there is the final option to consider -- the individual mandate is struck down and other parts of the law also declared invalid along with it. if the court takes that approach, the provisions most likely to fall with the mandate are the ban on denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, also the restriction on charging more for insurance based on a person's age, sex or medical condition. and finally, the court could say that this whole legal battle was waged way too early, because the challengers cannot sue until the law goes fully into effect in 2014. now, that does seem to be the least likely outcome, though. and we will have much more on the supreme court's decision throughout the morning for you. we'll also have live reaction from the court once the ruling comes down. and if you can't watch on television, we'll be posting constant updates on our facebook and twitter pages, across all of
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our platforms as well as on our website, lawmakers should vote today on a tentative deal to freeze student loan rates for another year. without a resolution, rates could double on monday from 3.4% to 6.8%. the deal will cost the government $6 billion. republicans and democrats have been at odds over how to pay for all that. >> we're moving, i think, towards an agreement. a lot of work that's gone in to this. it's not finished yet. >> students will save about $1,000 with the lower rates. new this morning, four d.c. police officers facing charges for being part of a brawl outside a northwest nightclub last year. those four officers were indicted for their roles in a fight outside lotus nightclub last june. the officers were off duty at the time. police say two club-goers were fighting with multiple people, including some bouncers. one man, walter blair, lost his right eye as a result of the fight. police have not said exactly what charges the officers will face. today the house will vote on
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whether to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. holder and the obama administration refused to hand over documents about "operation fast and furious," a gun-tracking program. a house committee demanded to see the documents, but president obama invoked executive privilege, keeping the documents private. the operation let guns go across the border to mexico, where federal authorities would then track the guns to drug cartel bosses. two federal agents were killed in a firefight with mexican bandits in 2010, and two guns from that operation were found at the scene. this morning, thew3 waldo canyon fire continues to burn out of control in colorado springs. the smoke there so thick, the heat so intense, firefighters say at least 300 homes have been destroyed. more than 35,000 people have been evacuated as well. that includes parts of the u.s. air force academy campus. 1,000 firefighters battling those flames in colorado springs. they're calling this "firestorm of epic proportions."
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>> it's as bad as it gets out there right now. door to door, street by street, firefighters inside, outside, trying to keep the flames away from buildings. >> president obama will travel to colorado springs tomorrow to see the damage firsthand and to thank the firefighters. in all, there are six major wildfires burning across colorado. the brother of bernie madoff is expected to plead guilty for helping run the biggest ponzi scheme in american history. peter madoff will admit to being a co-conspirator in the scheme and has agreed to go to prison for ten years. he will also forfeit all of his money, assets and real estate valued at more than $140 billion. bernie madoff is serving 150 years in prison for defrauding thousands of investors of more than $20 billion. the time right now is 5:08. new details about the stabbing of a teen outside the howard theatre. why police now say it was a hate crime. he may spend the rest of his life in prison, but jerry
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sandusky may still receive nearly $60,000 a year, and taxpayers will be footing the bill. we'll explain why. and brace yourself. triple-digit temperatures could be on the horizon. tom will have the very warm forecast when we return
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welcome back. it's 11 minutes after the hour right now. we're looking at just 69 -- or i
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shouldn't say just. it's warmer than this time yesterday. 69 degrees oside our studios, and this is the calm before the storm. >> well, the last few days we've been absolutely spoiled, and we can't act surprised that we know it's all going to change. this morning, we're looking at a beautiful skyline over the capitol city. later on, it's going to be a scorcher. we're talking searing heat coming our way, right, tom? >> searing, yeah, i like that word. it's going to be coming in beginning later today, so enjoy this while you can. but look at that gorgeous sunrise over capitol hill. live view from our nbc 4 hd city camera on this thursday morning, where we still have low humidity and comfortable temperatures this morning. around the region we're in the 50s much of virginia and maryland, into west virginia. closer to washington, montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties near 60, and near 70 right on the tidal potomac and near the bay. "hometown 4-cast" for waldorf, near 90 by noon and mid to late
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afternoon, the mid-90s with a few wispy, high clouds coming in. by 11:00, it's just going to be 80 degrees, so a warm evening and humid conditions coming in tonight, and in place for friday and the weekend, that's going to be the peak of the heat wave. we'll look at that in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? still pretty good in our area. not seeing a lot of things to warn you about, things like accidents, delays, not seeing any of that right now. overnight road work looks to be completely gone. we'll take a look if you're traveling along i-95, this time in virginia. in fact, here's the camera right now for you. as you make your way northbound and southbound past the weigh station, nice and clear. no issues to report. your travel speed, in fact, heading from quantico to the beltway, you're at about 65 miles per hour right now. that drive will take you 23 minutes. and if you continue on to 395, not seeing any issues in this area. here's a live look at glebe as you make your way again northbound and southbound on 395 between the beltway and the 14th street bridge. you're clear. northbound travel speed nice,
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just 12 minutes to drive from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. i'm back in ten. angie and aaron, over to you. >> danella, thanks. coming up on 5:14 right now. some breaking news out of montgomery county. an overnight fire in downtown silver spring, and investigators say it's suspicious. and here's an example of what probably you should not do during a tropical storm. one kite surfer's wild ride. our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents.
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and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet. 5:17. we're following some breaking news right now. investigators on the scene of a suspicious fire in silver spring's business district. crews responded to a call at a barber shop in the 900 block of
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bonifant street around 2:30. they quickly got the fire under control there. no injuries reported. investigators are now trying to figure out what exactly caused that fire. a news4 exclusive now. we were there when a northeast d.c. man nearly killed by two dogs was reunited with the neighbor who saved his life. >> made it back, huh? made it back. >> thank you! >> 74-year-old sawney bell could not hold back the tears as he thanked his neighbor, phil ragland. two weeks ago, bell was attacked by two cane corso dogs. ragland saw the mauling as it was happening and he let his american bulldog loose to chase the dogs away. the cane corsos are guard dogs at a nearby towing pros and recovery lot. police say, somehow, those dogs got through an unsecured gate. bell suffered a broken arm and deep gashes on his legs, shoulder and head. police cited the dog owners and fined them $100. d.c. animal control removed
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those dogs. d.c. police believe a stabbing near the howard theatre earlier this week was a hate crime. investigators say three suspects shouted antigay slurs at a 16-year-old tuesday night near seventh and t streets northwest. then they held him down and stabbed him. he's currently in the hospital in serious condition. police arrested the suspects a short time later and a judge denied them bail, so they're still in jail. convicted child molester jerry sandusky may continue to get his penn state pension as he serves out his sentence in jail. the former penn state assistant football coach was convicted friday of 45 of 48 criminal counts related to the alleged assaults of ten boys over a 15-year period. he received a $59,000-a-year pension. according to "the huffington post," there is no state or federal law that would allow the university to stop paying the pension. things are back to normal on metro this morning after a rough commute for some folks on the red line. track switch problems near the
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grovener station created big delays on the entire red line right in the middle of the evening rush. metro says some trains had to be turned around, others delayed up to 30 minutes. riders we spoke to, yeah, they were pretty fed up. >> the constant rail breakdowns, the switch breakdowns. i'd like to see some more investment in upgrading infrastructure. i think before we start about expanding new lines, let's take care of the ones we've got. >> metro says crews reset and repaired that switch. communities across florida are starting to clean up this morning after what is now tropical depression debby. finally left the state overnight. the storm dumped anywhere from 10 to 26 inches of rain on the state in a matter of just 72 hours. that's led to record flooding and the waters may not fully recede until next week. at least three people were killed in the storm and more and that 100 homes and businesses were soaked by the floodwaters. debby is now in the atlantic and is not expected to affect land again.
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the storm wasn't bad news for everybody. there is one guy who used debby's high winds and waves to perform a pretty incredible stunt. check this out. a kite surfer turned superman here. he jumps over a pier at reddington beach near clearwater. that stunt made everybody go pretty crazy. you heard them there. but this wasn't the first time he's done this. the family of this guy who uploaded the video here says the surfer already had jumped the pier once before. now, it's worth noting here, folks that going out in a storm like that is not a safe thing. jumping a pier is also pretty dangerous. >> yeah. >> if you need to be told that. >> i understand the rush and everything, but the realization is you could die. you could die. >> just go ahead and skip it, say we did it and don't, how about that? >> not worth the video. look what youtube has done to us. all right, let's check with tom and the weather. >> pink sunrise under way. good morning. that's the view from the hd city camera on this thursday morning, and it's a beautiful morning. currently comfortable, but it
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won't be later today. this afternoon will be the beginning of an extended heat wave that's going to last all the way into next week. but right now, very pleasant, all these areas in the light green in the 60s, right near the tidal potomac and the bay, though, it's warmer, near 70. dark green areas, those places in the 50s. parts of the piedmont in virginia, shenandoah valley, into the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. for the rest of the day, though, here comes the heat. afternoon highs low to mid-90s but still not very humid. but getting more humid tonight. and sweltering humidity and high heat on friday, saturday and sunday, each afternoon near 100. it will feel like 105 to 110 with the humidity factored in. and there's a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm on sunday, perhaps into sunday evening. and still going to be hot into next week, although not quite as hot as we get into midweek and the fourth of july. danella, good morning. how's our traffic? good morning. still looking pretty good in our area. taking a look right now at i-270 from germantown, as you make your way all the way to the spur in this area, north and southbound. your travel lanes are open.
5:23 am
let's talk about volume. hardly any at all as you make your way southbound at shady grove. same thing with northbound. pretty good. very light if you're about to head out of the house. and in fact, as you make your way from i-270 and head to the beltway, clear in this area as well. in fact, inner loop and outer loop in montgomery county, no issues to report. inner loop travel speeds, driving from i-270 to i-95, you're at 61 miles per hour. just a ten-minute trip right now, and i'm also back in ten with another look at your traffic. angie and aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. the capitals are bringing another familiar face behind the bench. adam oates was officially introduced as head coach at a press conference yesterday. oates played with washington for 4 1/2 seasons. he says it will be a challenge to balance the team's high-powered offense with its more recent defensive mindset. >> i look at the caps' lineup and the talent level, and i don't see any reason why we can't push the pace and be an aggressive team, but at the same time, not sacrificing defense and protecting our goalie.
5:24 am
>> it's been a pretty good week for oates. in addition to his new job with the caps, he was also elected to the hockey hall of fame. another great race and finish at the u.s. olympic swimming trials. michael phelps and ryan lochte kept it close in a thrilling 200-meter freestyle last night, never more than a few inches apart in this race, but at the wall, it was phelps. he was ahead by 5/100 of a second. phelps competes in the 200-meter butterfly tonight. lochte will compete in the prelims of the 100 freestyle. the wizards hoping to be one step closer to the playoffs as they prepare for tonight's nba draft. washington drafts third tonight. now, experts believe that they'll take either kansas power forward thomas robinson, florida's sharp-shooting bradley beale or michael kidd-gilchrist
5:25 am
from kentucky. the 2012 nba draft is at 7:00 tonight. we'll be watching and have complete coverage of the wizards' moves tonight on "news4 at 11:00." the time right now, six minutes away from the half hour. >> see you later! >> the zimmerman boys helped down the rockies. washington beat colorado in convincing fashion for the second straight day by the scor of 11-5. ryan zimmerman had three rbis, including a home run, and pitcher jordan zimmerman gave up only one run through seven innings. now, the nats go for the series win today in denver. first pitch is at 3:10. >> let's wrap this puppy up, come back home with a few wins under their belts. >> finally back on fire, the way we like it. the time is 5:25. caught on tape, a robber targeting some of the district's most vulnerable residents. who police say he's going after and what can be done to prevent him from striking again. justin bieber brought up in the debate over immigration
5:26 am
reform. we'll tell you why one lawmaker referenced the pop star on the floor of the house of representatives. and a new weight loss pill hits the market, but why the fda was so hesitant to approve the drug. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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looking at the stories making headlines. it's decision day for the nation's highest court. the supreme court will decide today whether president obama's health care reform law is constitutional. we'll have a live report from the court just minutes from now. investigators on the scene of a suspicious fire in silver spring. it broke out overnight on bonifant street in downtown silver spring. and in colorado, more than 35,000 people have been forced from their homes by a slew of wildfires. one of those fires is threatening the air force academy. >> we will have much more on those stories throughout the morning for you. first, good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" on this thursday, june 28th. we're waking up to a beautiful
5:30 am
sunrise. things are really going to heat up. >> tom kierein is here to break it down for us. tom? >> i just stepped outside. the birds are chirping so hard, they're wincing. >> they're wincing. >> they are loving it, and so are we. as we get going this morning, we still have pleasant weather, but these are the final hours of the comfort, as we're goi to have the big heat building as we get into the afternoon, and it's going to be the beginning of an extended heat wave that's going to last all the way in to next week. right now, though, it is pleasant. temperatures around the region in the light green areas are in the 60s. that includes just about all of virginia and all of maryland, although right near the waters it's near 70. those water temperatures are in the low 80s now, except at the atlantic beaches. they're still in the 60s. there's a bit of a breeze off of the ocean at ocean city. it's at 64. but by contrast, out of the mountains, elkins a chilly 50 degrees out in west virginia. in fact, much of western maryland, west virginia into the central shenandoah valley, their temperatures right now are right around the low 50s. so, a cool start there.
5:31 am
later today, we'll be making it into the low to mid-90s, the beginning of a heat wave. i'll have details on that when i return, coming up in just ten minutes. and now, let's have a look at our thursday morning traffic. here's danella. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. checking things out if you're traveling over i-66. let's fly over it together. no major problems at all as the sun gets ready to rise through the sky heading out of haymarket eastbound. no issues passing through centreville. in fact, as you make your way through vienna and heading to the beltway, you're clear. even inside of the beltway, here's a live look at glebe, and you can see your volume, you're just bustling along eastbound at glebe and westbound nice and clear as well. and eastbound clear even as you head through the roslyn tunnel. no issues to report. your travel speed, you're at about 61 miles per hour, just 11 minutes the drive from the beltway to gw parkway. i'm back in ten with another look at your traffic. angie and aaron, back to you. >> thanks, danella. it is our big story this morning.
5:32 am
today we will learn if president obama's health care reform law is constitutional in part or in whole, whether the nation's highest court -- whatever they decide, the historic ruling is bound to have an impact on the presidential race as well. nbc's tracie potts live outside the supreme court this morning with more. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. good morning, everyone. the court may decide to strike this down, to uphold it, or something in between. there are four key questions we're expecting when this ruling comes down in just a few hours. the court will address whether the individual mandate, the requirement to buy health insurance is constitutional, whether the rest of the law, like allowing people with pre-existing conditions to be covered, whether that can stand without the mandate, whether the medicaid expansion is constitutional, or whether it may be too soon to decide this case before the penalty actually kicks in in 2014. now, republicans on capitol hill, mitt romney, already vowing to get rid of whatever this court may leave intact.
5:33 am
>> if the court does not strike down the entire law, the house will move to repeal what's left of it. >> if the court upholds it, if they say, look it, it passes the constitution, it still is bad policy, and that will mean if i'm elected, we are going to repeal it and replace it. >> reporter: now, the white house is saying it's confident that this law is constitutional, but no question, aaron, this will be the biggest case of the term, perhaps one of the biggest cases that this court has decided in recent years. >> all right. we will see how it all shakes out. tracie potts outside the supreme court, thank you. justin bieber and his girlfriend, selena gomez, are becoming the new faces of the immigration battle. on capitol hill yesterday, an illinois congressman used the young stars to argue arizona's immigration laws could lead to racial profiling. the measure survived a supreme court ruling earlier this week. it requires officers to check the immigration status of people they stop and suspect to be there illegally. the congressman showed a picture
5:34 am
of bieber and gomez to demonstrate how some celebrities could be mistaken as foreign. >> i'm not a trained arizona official. i somehow got that backward. actually, ms. gomez of texas has helped mr. bieber oft( canada learn about his country. justin, when you perform in phoenix, remember to bring your papers. >> congressman gutierrez also used geraldo rivera, who is from brooklyn, and jeremy lin, who is from l.a., as examples. 5:34 now. a warning for senior citizens in the district this morning. police say a robber is posing as a maintenance man to get inside your homes. want to show you some surveillance video right here from the delta tower senior citizens apartments in northeast. this is a man police are calling a person of interest. investigators say he went upstairs, knocked on a resident's door and said he was there to fix a toilet. once he got inside, he tied up the elderly victim and robbed them.
5:35 am
an almost identical incident happened tuesday at a senior residence building in the 1200 block of g street in southeast. >> 94 years old and his son is in the military, and his son came in, was real upset about what happened, you know what i'm saying, to his dad. and i think they're preying on the senior citizens in this building. >> police say residents of senior buildings should call to verify a maintenance person is coming before opening the door to anyone. also want you to take a good look at the woman in this surveillance picture. police say she may have helped scam an 87-year-old silver spring woman out of $15,000. the victim met the woman and another man at the white oak shopping center last week. the man showed them a bag of cash and said he'd split it if they each gave him $20,000. police say the victim gave him $15,000, left to get more, and when she returned, both suspects were gone. a teenager is recovering this morning after being stabbed in broad daylight on a metro
5:36 am
bus. it happened around noon as the bus is traveling through the george washington university campus. richard walker was riding with his sick mother to go pick up prescriptions when he says a man approached and started harassing his mom. >> i told him leave my mom alone, don't talk to her like that, and he get rowdy with me. so, i jump up and he pushed me, so i mean, we started fighting, and i guess he pulled a razor out and cut me. i looked down. that's what i had, had this gash right here on my stomach. and he also sliced me right there. >> walker's mother says she is casually acquainted with the suspect. police are now looking for him. walker just graduated from high school and moved to d.c. to take care of his mom. at 5:36, we turn to "decision 2012," where mitt romney will head to new york today for a fund-raiser. the republican presidential nominee was in our area yesterday. last night he was in georgetown holding a fund-raiser at
5:37 am
washington harbor. earlier in the day, he visited an electronics design firm in sterling, virginia, along with governor bob mcdonnell. romney slammed the president's health care reform law. he even said that no matter today's supreme court decision, he will fight to completely repeal that law if he becomes president. and "the washington post" told romney's campaign it stands by its story about bain capital outsourcing jobs. the romney campaign demanded a retraction, even having top aides meet with "post" editors yesterday to make their points. they argued that none of the "post's" facts are accurate and that companies bain invested in actually added jobs. a spokeswoman for "the post" says the reporters are very confident in what they discovered about bain. virginia governor bob mcdonnell says he deserves some credit for the university of virginia reinstating its ousted president. mcdonnell says his threat to fire the school's governing board helped force their decision to ultimately bring back teresa sullivan. the governor did not take a side in the issue, but he did say that he wanted a final answer
5:38 am
either way or he would ask for the board's resignation. sullivan was fired in surprising fashion about three weeks ago and there is still no word why she was fired. despite safety concerns, the fda has approved a new prescription weight loss pill. arena pharmaceuticals says belviq can help patients lose 3% of their weight. the pill can be taken by overweight adults who have at least one medical complication, diabetes, high cholesterol, for example. the fda rejected the application in 2010 because of concerns about tumors that developed in animals during testing. after getting additional data, the fda now says there is little risk of tumors in humans. well, the time right now is 5:38. he did what many people who have been busted by speed cams dream of doing, and now he is paying the price. one local man's revenge and the punishment he's now facing. gas for less than 3 bucks? we'll tell you where we spotted it. and heat warnings for much of the midwest, and now that heat's headed our way. tom will have the details when
5:39 am
we come back. [ scott ] i grew up playing with little toy trains
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good morning. time for weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:41. tom kierein, storm center 4. off to another beautiful morning with low humidity and comfortable temperatures. around the region, most locations, maryland, virginia, are in the 60s. out in west virginia, western maryland, though, the 50s. near 70 right by the waters. that includes reagan national. here is your "day planner." by 9:00, near 80. low humidity throughout most of the day with quite a bit of sunshine, highs, though, reaching the low and mid-90s by mid to late afternoon. it's going to start turning more humid by late afternoon and overnight tonight we'll have a hazy and humid evening. and looks like this heat wave will be continuing through the weekend and into next week. i'll have details with your seven-day outlook. that will be coming up at 5:51. danella, how's traffic? >> thanks, tom. well, checking out things along the dulles toll road. if you're traveling this morning, mainly in between reston and heading towards the beltway, nice and clear in both
5:43 am
directions. volume still pretty light. here's a live look past reston and heading inbound towards the beltway. i'll give you a travel speed from hunter mill road to the beltway, you're at about 57 miles per hour. that's just a six-minute drive right now. and still checking the rails,w3 not seeing any reported delays just yet. metro looks clear. marc and vre, no problems. aaron and angie, back over to you. >> thanks, danella. >> it is 5:43 right now. a shot that could make you quit smoking. we'll have details on that when we come back. also ahead, the supreme court prepares to rule on a case that could impact health care for millions of americans. we'll have a look at what the court could decide and what it will mean for your coverage. and we're a little more than an hour away from the start of the at&t national. we'll go live to congressional country club in bethesda for a preview of tiger woods' tourna
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
just about 13 before the hour now. the supreme court using this final day of rulings to announce perhaps its most anticipated decision of this session. the nation's highest court will decide whether president obama's health care reform law is constitutional. here to offer some insight into today's landmark ruling is american university public policy professor taren morrissey. we appreciate you getting up early this morning to help us wrap our brains around this. we know that this can go a number of different ways. they can say yes to the whole thing, it's fine, or no, the whole thing is unconstitutional, and then it gets kind of messy, right? >> that's right. there are many different scenarios that people have been talking about, but besides overturning the entire law or upholding the entire law, there's probably two other likely scenarios or somewhat likely scenarios. one is that the individual mandate is overturned and the rest of the law is preserved. >> okay. >> and i like to explain the
5:48 am
health care coverage provisions in the law as a three-legged stool, of which the mandate is one. so, you have the insurance market reform that prohibit insurance from denying people based on pre-existing conditions. >> right. >> limits on lifetime coverage. everybody likes those. that's one leg. the second leg is the mandate. in order to make sure that the sick have access to health care, you have to bring healthy people in to the system with the expectation that everybody's going to need health care at some point in their lives, often many points. so, that's the second leg. the third leg is that you have to make sure everybody can afford it, and so that's the subsidies. so, if you take out one leg, the stool falls down. >> okay. so, given that those possible scenarios are out there, how complicated, how difficult will it be for, do you think, for us to really understand whatever the opinion is, whatever the judges actually write for us to sort of consume? >> i think it's going to take a couple days for people to digest
5:49 am
what the supreme court ends up deciding. i mean, there's so many different possibilities. they could parse out different provisions. besides the coverage provisions of the law, there is many other aspects, like preventive services without co-pays or allowing young adults to stay on their parents' coverage until age 26. so, how that will shake out for each individual person or family is going to take a while to figure out. >> and then lastly, big picture. as we look sort of down the road, whatever the decision is, what do you think the impact would be lasting? >> i think -- i'm not an attorney. i'm focused on public policy, but i do think in terms of health care policy, it's a real turning point today, regardless of the decision. if the law is upheld, by 2015, about 95% of americans will have health insurance coverage. if not, we're largely left with what we have today, which is a mess. >> so, one way or another, everybody, a lot of people will feel something. >> that's right.
5:50 am
>> taren morrissey, we appreciate you coming in today. thank you. >> thank you so much. a 12-year-old on the verge of being deported to el salvador will be able to stay in the states. lawyers have been fighting to have irving marquina velasquez into the u.s. he lost his family members to gang violence in el salvador and came to the u.s. he was emotional about being forced to go back. immigrations and customs issued a statement late yesterday, saying they would close the velasquez case because he was a child with no criminal background. well, we've all been frustrated with speed cameras, but a maryland man may have taken that frustration a little too far. 50-year-old bruce may of ellicott city is accused of using a sling shot to fire marbles in hopes of damaging a speed camera van. the van was parked near manor woods elementary on route 144 when police say may shot two marbles at the camera. he was arrested and is now charged with destruction of property and reckless
5:51 am
endangerment. police say may has received two speed camera tickets in the past several weeks. a little more than an hour from now, golfers will tee off at the at&t national at congressional golf club in bethesda. that tournament returns to congressional after a two-year absence as the club prepared for last year's u.s. open. news4's melissa mollet is live outside the links there with a preview. melissa? >> reporter: well, good morning. a beautiful day out here already. of course, it is going to get hot, and the first golfer here at congressional tees off at 7:00 this morning, and the man everybody's waiting for at 12:50. of course, they're all fighting for the title and a $6.5 million purse. take a look at some video from out here yesterday. yesterday, tiger and others honored military families here. the nationals gave away 30,000 tickets to the military this year. people like donald trump also on hand to participate in the pro-am tournament. lots of eyes, of course, will be on 2011 champion nick watney, who won in philly last year and the youngest player here this year, 17-year-old beau hossler.
5:52 am
it was a very warm one yesterday.ñi today's scheduled to be even hotter. temperatures could reach to the mid-90s. organizers offering $2 bottles of water, have misting stations throughout the grounds. as always, of course, there are items you cannot bring in to the tournament. no cameras, no video cameras, no coolers, backpacks or chairs, and cell phones can only be used in designated areas. now, if you want to come out, tickets are still available, but you will have to check on parking before you leave the house. you cannot park here, you cannot get dropped off here. the vip lot across from congressional is sold out right now, so from the other two lots, you can get shuttle service to congressional, the rock spring lot near democracy is sold out for friday, and the other lot, as you see on the map there, is up at the montgomery county fairgrounds. as for traffic, of course, it is going to be pretty messy starting today, so again, before you head out, check on that parking at live in bethesda, maryland, melissa mollet, news4. back to you. >> thank you, melissa. >> looks so pretty out there. >> it does. and so, the question now is
5:53 am
about the weather, as always is the case whenever there is a big sporting event. tom's here to -- we're not going to be happy with this, tom. >> yeah, unfortunately, just as there are going to be thousands and thousands outside for the at&t, it's going to be hot, and we're starting a heat wave and it's going to last through the tournament, through the weekend and into next week. there is the sunrise. the sun is leaping quickly into the sky. live view from our nbc 4 hd city camera on this thursday morning. 71 now at reagan national and still comfortably dry. the dew point's at 56, so it is a little more humid, though, than it has been the last couple days. right now, though, comfortably cool. we're in the mostly low 60s most of maryland and virginia, and right near the waters on the potomac there at reagan national, 71, as well as annapolis on the bay. but farther west, many locations, shenandoah valley, parts of the piedmont of virginia, parts of west virginia and western maryland in the 50s. but tomorrow, that's when we're really going to have the high heat. heat index for friday afternoon, 110 for all the counties in red,
5:54 am
from baltimore all the way down to charlottesville, including the d.c. metro area. by noontime, we'll be near 90 degrees, but we'll still have low humidity but lots of sunshine. if you are going to be out and about for a length of time, you'll definitely need sun block and loose-fitting, lightweight clothing because it will reach the mid-90s by mid-afternoon. then the big humidity rolls in. sweltering humidity on friday, saturday and sunday, each day highs near 100. small chance of an afternoon storm tomorrow and saturday. a little greater chance maybe sunday afternoon and evening. and the heat and humidity continue into next week, although probably not quite as hot as the weekend. i'll be back in ten minutes with your "day planner," and danella's here now with a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. well, tom, right now checking out bridges in our area. first, let's start with the american legion bridge. i'll give you a live look right now if you're crossing it. on the outer loop, nice and clear, inner loop as well. no delays, no accidents to report at this time. and crossing over the wilson bridge as you make your way heading into virginia, clear in this area. and crossing from virginia
5:55 am
heading into prince george's county, clear as well. no accidents to report. over to the 14th street bridge, nice light volume here. no accidents. as you head into the city, you're clear. and if you're traveling on 395, want to give you a travel speed from the beltway through the 14th street bridge. you're driving at about 58 miles per hour, just a 12-minute drive right now. again, not seeing any accidents along 395 in both directions. aaron and angie, over to you. >> thank you, danella. now, if you are in the market for a new car, now is a good time to buy. new vehicle prices have dropped $500 in the past year. the kelley blue book pricing service says models from japan may be even cheaper. one reason, inventories are finally back to normal following last year's earthquake and tsunami. and it's getting less expensive by the day to fill up those new cars. this picture was taken at a gas pump in fredricksburg, virginia. check it out. regular gas there is now going for $2.99 a gallon. the current national average for a gallon of gas is $3.38.
5:56 am
a new vaccine could help millions of smokers kick the habit. researchers in new york have developed a genetic vaccine to neutralize nicotine before it reaches the brain. the theory is that if smokers no longer get such gratification from cigarettes, they will find it easier to quit. so far, that genetic vaccine has only been tested on mice. scientists say the vaccine could provide a lifelong protection against nicotine cravings. the two former virginia governors vying for a u.s. senate seat will share their views on technology and business policy today. republican george allen and democrat tim kaine will participate in a forum this morning at microsoft's offices in reston. although it's not a debate, it's the first joint appearance for the candidates since allen's gop primary victory earlier this month. internet giant google is throwing its hat into the tablet ring. the company unveiled a new device that will bear its brand. it's called the nexus7, and it will start shipping next month. the screen is seven inches
5:57 am
diagonally, smaller than apple's ipad. the nexus expected to compete, actually, directly with amazon's kindle fire, both of which have price tags starting at about 200 bucks. google's announcement comes just a week after microsoft announced its own tablet. >> google's -- >> i think betty crocker is coming out with a tablet next. >> everyone's coming out with a tablet. well, so many people are using them these days instead of their own computers, and they're great for travel. and google really making their mark, i think, in the electronics world more than ever. before, they just were an internet search engine. here they are making phones, making eyeglasses, the google specs, the google app that's coming out, where you can actually -- >> it's nice because it keeps us mobile and keeps us compact, which a lot of people are looking for. >> then it also keeps the prices down when we have competition in the market. >> which is always a nice thing, for sure. >> absolutely. >> 5:57 is our time right now. ahead, why you may be really addicted to your soda. and the return of that heat and the humidity. we have more coming up on "news4 today." ♪
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