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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  June 28, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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i was like, what is going on? >> reporter: the line of shell casings tells the story. a gunman running down the lot, firing as he went. shot after shot after shot. i counted 12. this woman asked not to be identified. >> i heard something that is pretty normal to me. >> reporter: gunshots? >> yeah. >> reporter: a lot of them? >> a few. quite a few. probably more than four or five. >> reporter: what did you do? >> me and my friend were like, okay, with you probably better get out of the neighborhood? >> reporter: the victims today, two men, one in his 20s and another in his 50s. police say they were grazed by the gunfire. now the shooting today happened just three blocks away from that splash park where two young boys and a camp counselor were shot and wounded monday, as they were on their way to lunch. police believe those victims
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were unintended targets in a drive-by. but two daylight shootings on the same street in four days have residents here most upset. >> it's dangerous, okay? we're living here, we're old, we're disabled, and we're stuck. it's not fun. >> reporter: police all over this neighborhood looking for clues, looking for evidence. now, the woman who owns this daycare center says she has a fenced-in playground for the kids, but she's scared to let them out because of all the gunfire. more on that coming up at 6:00. live in southeast, pat collins, news4. a historic decision today by the nation's highest court, the supreme court. it upheld the main issue in president obama's health care reform bit. the ruling hands the president a victory during this reelection campaign. justice correspondent pete williams starts our coverage, explains exactly what happened
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today? >> a blockbuster decision both in terms of what it said and who said it. a 5-4 decision written by the chief justice. five members of this court, including the chief justice actually agreed with a central argument against this law. the opponents had said that congress doesn't have the power to reach out to people who don't have insurance and regulate them as though they were in the stream of commerce. five justices agreed with that, including the chief justice, but what made the difference was that he then joined the four liberals on the court to make it a 5-4 decision to uphold the law unit a completely different theory, that the legitimate use of the congressional taxing authority. why a tax? because the law says if you don't have insurance, you have to pay a penalty on yourax return, and that amounts to a tax that's a legitimate use of the congressional taxing authority. what every time court is basically saying is you don't have to buy insurance if you don't want to, you just have to pay a tax and congress has the power to do that. now, there's another part of the
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decision, the court ruled on an argument about whether congress could force the states to broaden coverage under the medicaid part of the law, to give more people more benefits. the state had said that the problem with that is if they didn't agree to do that, then the federal government would say, okay you're out of the med k5id system completely. the cord said you can't go that far, so if for some reasons states choose not to september the new federal money, they can't be tossed out of the medicaid altogether. back to you. the ruling is a huge political victory for president obama, and a rallying cry for his opponents. >> but today i'm as confident as ever, when we look back five years from now or ten years from now, or 20 years from now, we'll be better off because we had the occurrence to pass this law and keep moving forward. >> this is a time of choice for the american people. our mission is clear. if we want to get rid of obama
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care, we're going to have to replace president obama. my mission is to make sure we do exactly that. >> house majority leader eric cantor has already scheduled a vote for july 11 to try to repeal this law. so what does it all mean for you and your family? many of you new reforms in the original health care law will stay the same. some key things to remember. insurance companies will continue to cover 100% of preventive health care, so for things like blood pressure screenings, mammograms and colonoscopys, you won't pay any additional costs. also, companies can't withhold coverage if you have a preexisting condition. they also can't discriminate against anyone based on age or gender. something that's already in place, kids can stay under their parents' health insurance until they reach the age of 26. again, that is already on the books. now, while the supreme court did uphold the man mandate that
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everyone has to buy health care, there's also a penalty if you don't. starting in 2014, it is 1% 6 your annual salary. that goes up 2.5% two years later. 9 other big outcome today, the federal government will continue to ask the states to expand their medicaid programs and provide more benefits. however, if they don't have the money to do that, states won't be penalized. they can stay in the federal medicaid program. dozens of people spent the night outside the supreme court anticipating today's decision. news4's rich v jordan continues our team coverage, he has reaction from outside the high court. richard? >> reporter: the sidewalk out here was not big enough. there were so many people, many of them were spilling onto the street, waiting for the court's opinion, and they wanted their opinions heard too. belly dancer, and a silver-faced grim reaper a spectacle outside
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the supreme court as the landmark health care ruling is announced. medical people wearing mel gear to express their opinions. but when the health insurance overhaul was upheld -- >> we will not comply. >> reporter: the cheers drowned out the disappointment. >> i'm very happy with the decision that was made today. >> we worked for this for a long time. >> health care is not a privilege. it's really a right. >> reporter: but a large number feel the court's decision infringes on their rights. >> i was hoping for the whole thing to come down, because the whole thing isn't constitutional. >> we can't let nine people do our jobs for us. we have to unite and fight this. >> reporter: those in the medical field also weigh in. registered nurse karen higgins from boston says the down economy is what's hurting health care. >> the same story keeping happening, could not afford the medication, because i'm trying to feed my children, keep a roof over my head. cannot see a doctor, because i
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don't have a job. it doesn't matter whether they have health care or don't have health care. the struggle is still the same in this economy. >> reporter: the differing pins did turn tense, but always remained peaceful. >> this is america. everyone has freedom of speech. so i respect everyone. but i would like at the end of the day we really for what is right. >> reporter: many of those disappointed by today's decision say it is not over yet. they were determined to have their voices heard in november. live at the supreme court, richard jordan, news4. thank you, richard. we will have continuing coverage coming up at 5:30, virginia's attorney general, he called it, quote, a dark day for american liberty. you can also learn more about what the ruling means on our website, across the street on capitol hill, breaking news about 20 minutes ago, the house voted to hold eric holder in contempt of congress. this is because he did not
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comply with a subpoena for the documents related to the fast and furious gun-running operation. holder is now the first sitting attorney general to be found in contempt of congress by the full house. a large group of democrats did not vote after walking off the floor in protest of that vote. the contempt citation now heads to the u.s. attorney to convene a grand jury to determine whether or not to indict holder. if you've been outside, you know our heat wave has arrived. we could be setting some records this weekend. >> look out, doug is out in it. he joins us live from alexandria. doug? >> reporter: i think we could set some records, especially where the records are in the mid 90s. i think we'll easily get into the upper 90s. out at reagan national, the records are over 100 degrees both days, so not quite sure about those records. out there a very hot day, but the humidity is not bad at all. with a dew point of 50, humidity
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only 22%, there's no heat index. what are we seeing around the rest of the region? everybody -- everybody's staying right into the next couple hours. 91 in leesburg. charlottesville coming in at 95 degrees. we do have the heat advisory in effect for just about everybody during the day tomorrow, for the index about 105 degrees, so watch out for that tomorrow. it will be a very hot day tomorrow leading into a very hot weekend. be ready for it. at the be here they probably the early parts of next weep. i'll be back, plus today is thursday, so that means we're in somebody's backyard. we'll be back. >> thank you, doug. two police officers arrested on kidnapping charges. news4's jackie bensen joins us
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live. what have you learned? >> reporter: these are very serious charges and they could result in prison time. for the officers identified at christopher perry and michael rowe. i have the court documents. they say it stems from a memorial day party in a charles county neighborhood. a neighbor told the offduties cops that some teens stole alcohol from his home. two teens claimed they were handcuffed, threatened and driven around in a car by the officers before being released. >> prince georges county police department is committed to ethical and professional policing, both on duty and off duty. we have very high expectations of our officers' conduct while they're wearing the uniform and when they're not wearing the uniform. after the criminal proceeding is over, an administrative process will kick in. during that administrative process, these are serious offenses, and there is a possibility that the officers could be terminated. >> reporter: the officers are currently suspended with pay. that could change.
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they could be put on a no-pay status, and that arraignment in charles county court this afternoon. reporting live, jackie bensen, news4. and four d.c. police officers already facing charges for their roles in a fight outside a nightclub last year. while they were obviously off-duty. police say two club-goers with fighting with multiple people. one man, walter blair lost his right eye. police have not said what chaurges these officers are facing. a woman was hit and killed today between river dale and old ver street. the driver involved in the crash did stop and say on the scene. one has been stealing money from the campaign account of atlarge d.c. councilman michael brown. he issued a statement saying he discovered the theft while
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personally reviewing his campaign finance reports. he said he immediately contacted authorities. d.c. police confirmed they were conducting an investigation. brown did not name the person, but he did say the person had been assisting with the campaigns for more than five years now. former d.c. mayor anthony williams weighed in on all the ethics scandals that have rocked the d.c. council. he said compared to several years ago when the city lost is credit rating and couldn't balance its budget, things are not so bad. >> where it was then and now, it's night-and-day difference. there's no question it's a better place, but there are issues that have to be attended to. >> williams made that comment after testifying at a council hearing about the city's chief financial officer. the council is trying to determine if gandhi should serve another term. he's been the cfo for 12 years. williams testified in support of
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mr. gandhi. when we come back. hundreds of homes destroyed and the danger is far from over. we'll go live to colorado for the latest. and passengers on metro will pay a lot more if they don't have a smarttrip card. thousands brave the heat
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the worst fears of firefighters and residents in colorado springs are confirmed today. the massive blaze has now destroyed hundreds of homes. nbc's gina kim has the latest >> reporter: as far as the fire is concerned, it's been good news. there's been rain mixed in with a bit of wind, but the increase in humidity certainly helps. take a look like. this fire has not looked that good, even though we have whiffs of smoke, it's not looked that good all week long. we got word today that the 208 is heavier than anyone had ever thought. we have a minimum of 300 homes that have been destroyed.
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fire officials say that's just in one community. today at the media briefing, they said, look, we're going to try to get a grip on this fire today with a cooperation on the weather. on the other hand, in just one community we laos all these homes. we haven't even assessed the other communities. within the hour we should have an update on the extrusion that have been lost. now we have all these families in colorado springs with no homes to return to, and 32,000 people remain evacuated. we do not know when that will be lifted. >> a lot of people and homes. thank you, gina. that certainly puts or weather in perspective. we complain about the heat, you about you know what? it is just heat. we can handle this. this is sort of washington in the summer, isn't it? >> reporter: yeah, we'll get through this. hot outside right now, but the
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humidity not quite a factor. we are live right now in alexandria, in fairfax county, in the backyard, obviously with a beautiful pool. say hello, guys. they're enjoying the pool. this is the home of a retired police officer, and breast cancer survivor. >> 15 years last saturday. going strong. >> you have some family and friends from puerto rico. [ speaking foreign language ] >> this is my partner lucy. this is my friend cynthia, christy. mary ann, rosalie, and my sister from puerto rico. >> reporter: there's neighbors and friends. got to love the weather here. trust me, by the way, is it does not get as hot in puerto rico as it will get here.
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all across the area, temperatures in the 90s. that's what we're going to be seeing through the rest of the evening. humidity of 22%. winds right now southwest. take a look at the rest of the region. right now the hottest area, petersburg at 98 degrees, 93 in frederick, and a lot of 91s. now, as far as the temperatures go for tomorrow, we will be warmer. the heat index already near 105. that's prompted the national weather service to -- tomorrow will really be the day. and satellite and radar showing clear skies all across our area. clouds, they're not going to have a chance to build in. through tomorrow we could see a chance for strong storms, but not a lot of them. out to the west, 99 in chicago right now, 103 in kansas city,
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107 in little rock, and that is the heat that will continue to move our way overnight and right on through the next couple dales. here it is on future weather, showing the warm temperatures this even. tomorrow that little boundary will come through. that will help to produce a few of those scattered showers and thunderstorms that could be on the strong side, but it is going to stay hot. saturday, best chance of storms will be over the mountains, but that's really going to be about it. this evening clear skies, warm with a light breeze, and then tomorrow morning we're going to start much warmer than we have the past couple mornings. 64 to about 75 in the city. once again you'll feel that humidity tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon temperatures moving up. with the heat index near 105. very hot and very humid during the day tomorrow. that trend will continue right through saturday, sunday, maybe into monday as well, only a slight chance of showers those
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days. next week, even on july 4th, still looking on the hot side. once again. watch out out there. it is going to be one of the hotter spells we have seen in quite some time. we want to come to your backyard. send us your picture, and maybe we can come and do the weather live in your backyard. yes, it does help if you have a pool, but it could be like this big, like a small pool, just enough for the kids to come in. you know what i'm talking about? >> we're looking at food. we'll have the menu. >> reporter: oh, there's food. there's food. >> handley is threatening to bring me a pie on monday. so now we're all hungry. >> coming out there at 6:30 just for eats. >> save us a plate. coming up next on news4 at 5:00, firefighters are battling a fire in virginia. tiger woods brings hess game
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should here we go, opening round. >> and it's sizzle seg. amber es thee oharis. >> reporter: we know rory mcilroy shot that 16 under, and changes were made. we're seeing right now, nobody everybody is in from round 1 just yet, but about two thirds of the field is over par at this point. let's get to the action. this of course is tiger's tournament that at&t national trophy up for grabs. nice-looking piece of hardware. we begin on the par 5 6th.
5:26 pm
this is van pelt, it's good for birdie. he's atop the leaderboard. tiger woods on the par 5 9, his approach shot from about 160 yards out. this was pretty. it lands just four feet from the hole. tiger would birdie, currently tied for 34 at 1 over. so he's one of those in the field. vijay singh, that would take a bounce, and it stops on the fringe, rolls back, and just about 15 feet from the hole. he would make the shot for par. he is in the clubhouse at three under. to the 15th now, par 4, for the birdie, and that stops win four feet. he would make par, currently in
5:27 pm
a tie for fifth. also daniel summerhays is tied for seventh, and your amateur bo hostler, about ten feet from the hole. here's reaction from the clubhouse leaders. >> pga tour is a play to be, right? it's been a lot of fun this year to be out here and compete. hopefully we can sort of, you know, haven't had a great year to speak of so far. >> i played well. i mean, i hit a lot of good shots, made a lot of boards, finally made a couple putts, which i guess that's the key to playing good golf, you have to make good putts. >> i know my way around. it's a great golf court. it's tough, and you've got to put the ball in play. i did that for the most part today. you know, saw some putts go in,
5:28 pm
i feel like i've been putting well for the week, and lo and behohn, today i made a few. >> reporter: bo van pelt is your leader right now. tiger is still on the course. i'm going to catch up with him as he comes off the course. we'll hear from him at 6:00. back to you guys in the studio. >> big hot stretch down there. thanks, amber. more than 200 acres burned and counting. that's the latest on new wildfires here in virginia. reaction from virginia on the supreme court ruling today on health care reform. and unfolding the aids  memorial quilt for the first time in more than a decade.
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this very hot weather is making a different job even harder for firefighters in virginia. they're working for contain a
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wildfire that's already scorched 200 acres in the shenandoah valley. it's burning in warren county, virginia. >> reporter: the cause of this wildfire is still under investigation, but officials say it started high on the mountain, spreading down on both sides, warren county and shenandoah county. it's burning in the george washington and jefferson national forests. some hiking trails have been closed. the u.s. forest service is trying to keep the wildfire on the mountain and prevent it from spreading towards homes and farms, but putting in fire lines. >> we're also doing a burnout today, so you may see more smoke than you would expect, but that's balling we're using fire to reduce the fuel load and put in black line in front of that fire line. >> reporter: one helicopter is fighting the fires drops warp from a 90-gallon bucket, then it
5:33 pm
dips the bucket into the shenandoah river. it can make about 44 passes over the fire each date. dan mcdermott, publisher of "the warren county report" has been writing about the fire since it started on monday. >> it's tough to fight, tough to get to. you have a hell koppetter dropping water, about you that's on drop in a bucket. >> reporter: people have been warned by the fire marshal they may be told to evacuate. >> when the win is coming up the mountain, you can see the smoke and smell it. >> a lot of people have horses, and a lot of farms, and the fire is spreading a lot faster than i think people realize. >> reporter: during the day you can see white smoke move across the mountain. at night it's dramatic. you see the fire here at the mountain. reporting from warren county, have a remarks chris gordon, news4. police in an arunle county
5:34 pm
called a 3-month-old's death suspicious after the caregiver called 911. the final cause of death hasn't been released yet. police are looking for a bank robber in about camp springs. he pulled a note, demanding money from the bb & t bank here on allentown road. he got away with some cash. fire investigators in montgomery county are suspecting an arsonist torched a popular barbersh barbershop. it was an ebony bulbers. they report they found traces of an accelerant where the fire started. no one was hurt. the metro fare hikes we've been telling you about, they go into effect this sunday. the big changes involve riders who use paper fare cards. it's not going to cost $1 more per trip if you use those paper
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cards. more than 10% of riders are still on paper. they want them to switch to the smarttrip cards. they're cheaper for the metro agency to maintain. this makes it one of the highest fare hikes in transit history. the supreme court's ruling today to uphold the health care law has been the talk of this day. many americans oppose some aspects. others are all for it. der derrick ward joins us with more local reaction. >> reporter: we're here now, because this will be the next venue for wrangling over this health care act. while it seems to have passed constitutional muster, there will be efforts to overturn it on the hill. but meanwhile, there's reaction from people off the hill and there is surprise, both from supporters and opponents.
5:36 pm
maureen murphy is self-employed and has a medical condition that caused her to have a series of mini strokes. it had been misdiagnosed. >> he told any you didn't have a stroke, there's no need to waste time. >> reporter: she had been going without health insurance waust cost. even the misdiagnosis was enough to prompt he to seek insurance again. >> you need to get health insurance and you need to get that fixed, you need to take care of the stroke, and here's your kane and good luck. >> reporter: insurers informed her she would pay an extra 20% to 25% because of the preexisting conditions. she sold a car and considered other job options essentially just to stay alive. >> this is a rough one, but you take a breath. >> reporter: but on the other side, the roughest days are yet to come. >> how much will it cost for me to insure myself, my family and my employees?
5:37 pm
>> karen harnett is the executive director. she says small businesses have no businesses to be relieved, not with provisions of this over their head like the sword of m dohmann cleese. there's a health insurance tax only 23e89 by the small business. >> reporter: efforts to either sustain or undo those provisions will likely do right back to the hill, where possibly more legal challenges lay ahead. >> as well as supporting an effort to completely repeal the law. >> reporter: it's the kind of fight that at least one person is not lookling forward to. >> the games that have been going on are so destructive to the country and also so destructive to the individual. >> reporter: rep leaders say they will mound another effort to repeal this law as early as july 11th.
5:38 pm
however, there appears to be enough support in the senate to keep it in place. one of the most outspoken opponents is virginia's attorney general, ken couch nelle. despite his disappointment, he did manage to find something positive. >> it doesn't knock this bill out, and candidly, i had hoped to see this bill fall in its entirety. that's no surprise to any of you. however, in the future, no congressman, no senator, and no president will be able to say for any bill that has the possibility of raising money, that it's not a tax. >> cuccinelli was the first state attorney general to file the lawsuit on behalf of -- officers finally tracked him down. there's more fallout from the bernie madoff ponzi scheme.
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a minivan may carry five or six people at a time, but this one will make a big difference for an entire community. d.c. scores received a brand-new toyota as part of the 100 cars for between program. a toyota vice president turned over the keys today at marie
5:42 pm
reed elementary. scores przybilla award-winning programs for the school -- it will help transport sports gear and educational tools to schools all over the city. the nationals played on the road, so today veterans and military spouses filled the park for a job expo. recruit military sponsored the fare. local owned businesses joined the big retailers at the park. >> you understand the challenges farce getting connected is concerned. >> i drove up from suffolk, virginia. i have to say this is probably one of the best job fares i've been in. >> recruit military is estimating some 900,000 vets are unemployed. tax credits are offered to businesses that will hire veteran. a man to be the so-called oil of olay bandit has been arecented in texas. investigators say he turned
5:43 pm
himself in after seeing himself on the news. police released surveillance video. he's suspected of stealing at least $40,000 worth of oil of olay skin products from scores all across the dallas/ft. worth area. that's a lot of cream and serum. police believe he was reselling the products to make money after he lost his job at a fast-food restaurants. >> he looks ten years younger. >> i wonder if oil of olay will use that in their ads. we're so good, people steal us. >> a good endorsement. ann curry's emotional good-bye. for the first time in more than 15 years, an entire quilt laid out. plus southwest airlines plans to add extra entertainment on some of its flights. we're coming right back. and they're paying me extra for the entertainment. also, i would love to get in there right now. these guys are having a good time.
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with the temperatures into the 90s all across the area. look at some of these numbers. out toward the west near 100. we'll talk more about the heat. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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for the first time since 1996, the aids memorial quilt is on display. thousands of patches stretch across the maul, each one serving as a symbol of a life lost to hiv or aids. the aids memorial quilt started 25 years ago. news4's erica gonzalez has our story. >> maze up of 48,000 panels, and stretches 50 miles in length. >> the aids memorial quilt is a memorial for people who have died of hiv and aids-related issues. >> reporter: the quilt is park of the smith sonnance folks art festival. >> it's the largest piece of community folk art in the world. >> anybody can add to the quilt. it provides all that you would need to do that absolutely free. one panel is the size of a standard grave, 3 feet by 6 feet
5:48 pm
christopher lost his friend in 2007. >> those are pictures from parties. the hangers are from thinks closet. >> he's made an entire quilt block to add to the 5 had-ton equipment. >> hard to come out and explain to people? >> no, it's not. it's not hard. no, not all. at all. i think it would have been hard in 2008, but because we've had time to heal, it's not hard anymore. >> reporter: the quilt displays people from all over the world that lost the fight. jim daly will be allowed by a volunteer over the course of the festival. the quilt is so large it would to be divided into sections which can be seen throughout d.c. >> at the end over 1,000 blocks in rotation. >> reporter: need to find a loved one's panel? there's an app and digit at media center on the maul. >> walk up to one of our tables, click on the button that says
5:49 pm
names or search by alphabet. >> reporter: all to tell the story of loved ones lost, woven together with lives cut short. on the national mall, erica gonzalez, news4. >> i really want to see it. i haven't seen it since it was here last time. well, doug is out in the weather, he's with some lovely people out in alexandria. >> a lot going on, including flies around the food right now. that's okay. you wanted to do so the food that we're going to have here today. take a look. we have the pollo, the yucca with the salsa verde, the frijo will les, we're bringing the rice and beans. i do feel weird, though. take a look around. i'm the only one with food here. >> they're going to eat after you. >> reporter: i like that. normally it's ladies first, but
5:50 pm
in this case i'm the only guy here, so i think that works out. why did you have us come to your backyard? >> well, i'm a retired police officer, but i always watch news4, especially in the morning and the afternoon. i met wendy about 15 years ago on a rape case in alexandria, and i met doreen. so i like the people from channel 4. >> reporter: so she thinks of us as family. you always serve your guests first, is what she says. you know it's on the hot side. it's going to get warmer than 6:00, because we'll be doing some salsa. 95 right now, the heat index, so that right now not a problem. humidity only 22%. don't worry about that tomorrow. 95 tomorrow, but 94 in rockville. into college park, and jut don't to the south. we do have the heat advisory in effect, and this is why. it's because of highs tomorrow, 99 in washington, 101 in
5:51 pm
fredericksburg, 99 in culpepper. over toward the eastern shore, no relief there, either. so a very hot day tomorrow. again that's why we have that heat advisory in effect for the heat index, close to 105. what about the beaches? the water temperature over the last couple days has gone up from 69 to now 77. so the relief in the water, you're going to get a bit of it, but not a lot on land. 92 on friday, 96 on saturday, right along the boardwalk, and around beth any. 95 on sunday, sunday the best change of seeing a few showers, maybe some thunderstorms. any storms the next few days could be strong, but i'm not expecting too many of them. don't worry too much about that. once again it's the heat. 100 on saturday, sunday coming in at 99, even around the fourth of july next wednesday, temperatures still in the low 90s. it's time to eat. i refuse to eat until everybody has at least something on their
5:52 pm
plate. okay? i almost refuse to eat. good-bye. >> almost polite, then he's talking with his mouth full. enjoy for the rest of us, doug. if your next flight is on southwest airlines, you may be able to watch live tv during that trip. the airlines says it plans to add the service on five planes and expand the program by mid july. seven sports and news channels will be available for passengers to watch on their own devices for a fee, of course. ann curry's depar from the "today" show tops the trending stories today. >> today is going to be my last morning as a regular co-host of today. i will still be part of the family, but i'm going to have a new title and new role. this is not as i expected, to ever leave this couch after 15 years, but i am so grateful, especially to all of you who watch. thee giving me some fancy new titles which essentially means i
5:53 pm
gets tickets to every big story we want to cover with a terrific team of my choosing. we're going to go all the over the world and all over this country. >> you have the biggest heart in the business. >> yeah, i'm wearing it on my sleeve thorpe. >> you put it on display every single day in this studio, and have for, what, almost 20 years? >> her replacement has not been officially named. who's it going to be? phelps just ahead of lochte this time. >> the world's two greatest winners put on a show last night. they kept it close in a thrilling 200-meter freestyle at the wall. it was phelps ahead by .05 of a second. lochte won the first showdown of the meet in the 400-individual medley. phelps competes in the butterfly tonight. that's a beautiful stroke.
5:54 pm
you can catch the action tonight at 8:00 here on news4. coming up next, more drama today unfolding in the bernie madoff ponzi scheme. coming up tonight at 6:00, yet another shooting just a few blocks away from where somebody shot a couple kids earlier this week. a woman who claims a priest meted her during an exorcism wants it all settled in court. and it's real lir hot out there, and it's going to get hotter. we're going to show you where it snowed today. [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom. proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair... it hurts families. so the first law he signed
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bernie madoff's brother is expected to plead guilty, as nbc's maria he's expected to plead guilty to commit securities fraud and other charges, including falsifies records. the punishment carries a ten-year prison sentence. >> given the fact this was the biggest ponzi scheme in history, this is probably the best outcome that peter madoff could have hoped for. >> reporter: peter madoff, the company's chief compliance officer, reportedly worked for the investment firm for nearly 40 years.
5:58 pm
by the late '80s was in charge of the day-to-day operations. >> peter madoff was the second-most important person. he was his kid brother, almost eight years younger. whenever bernie was out of town, peter was in charge. >> reporter: bernie has maintained he acted alone. his wife ruth and sons mark and andrew all worked at the firm. mark committed suicide, exactly to years after turning his father into authorities. they spoke to matt on "today". >> people had this incredible vision of him as spectacularly skillful trader. it never occurred to me it was all fake. >> reporter: peter madoff is the first family member to be charged in the fraud, but those following the case says other relatives are not necessarily off the hook. peter madoff's guilty plea on friday does not necessarily put
5:59 pm
all the other family members in the clear, because the prosecution investigation remains active. prosecutors say he will forfeit all of his possessions. but legal experts caution that in the end this staggering figure may be symbolic, and just represents the amount of money that flowed through the phony business. >> well, he would be agrees to a forfeiture, in the real world that's a papers numbers. the victims should be expecting little, if any of that, to be coming from peter madoff. now at 6:00, live team coverage of the supreme court's historic ruling. breaking news, eric holder is now the first sitting u.s. attorney general to be held in contempt of congress, and some lawyers protested this history vote. >> there is some promising new


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