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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  June 29, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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excessive heat watch for tomorrow. trash pickup in the district will be early today to try and stay out of the heat. metro will once again allow you to bring water on buses and trains. the dmv inspection station in the district has earlier hours today and tomorrow to try and avoid the heat. it will be open from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. so we turn right to meteorologist tom kierein. this is serious heat where people need to take this seriously. >> indeed. it's turned a lot more humid overnight. good morning, erica. >> thank you, tom. >> starting off this morning, a lot of humidity in the air. as we look at radar, we had a few passing light showers coming through. the areas you see highlighted in color. they are under a severe thunderstorm warning. there is a cluster of thunderstorms rolling in pennsylvania, just about to cross the maryland border and these are drifting off to the south with some gusty winds and a lot of lightning. farther suit, we had a few
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sprinkles around the metro area. temperatures are steamy this morning. what a change from the last couple of days. near 80 degrees now around the chesapeake bay, southern maryland, the northern neck. farther west and north, reagan national is at 79. we're in the low 70s in montgomery. in prince george's, arlington and fairfax counties. farther west, mid 70s in shan then doughia valley and the mountains. the heat is building. in fact, out in cumberland, it is 88 degrees. it is near 90 degrees out in the highlands of west virginia. just incredible heat. it is going to be building today. in fact, we'll be near 90 by 9:00. by noontime, the mid 90s. hovering around 100 degrees for several hours during the middle and the latter part of the afternoon. along with this sweltering humidity. a look at your friday especiallying planner. that will be coming up in ten minutes. now a look at your friday morning commute. danella is here. >> good morning. right now i'm watching 395
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southbound at edsall. a truck hit the overhead sign here. you can see v-dot is on the scene repairing the sign. right now it's going tos for you to get into your left lane. you will be able to pass single file on the left here. be fine in that area. head up to i-270 in maryland as you make your way southbound old georgetown road. the only right lane gets by that work zone there. erica and aaron, over to you. >> thank you, angio oh wow, i don't know where that came from. danella. thank you. montgomery county fire inspectors are on the hunt for a man who started a fire at a local barber shob at the ebony unisex barber shob. it did $100,000 in damage.
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investigators determined the suspect used an accelerant there. earlier in the morning someone broke into the basher shop. if you know anything about the fire, call the arson tip line. a man accused of robbing the elderly is,000 behind bars. police say 47-year-old anthony ford, you see him here, pose as a maintenance man in order to get into senior citizens' homes. this happened twice in the past two weeks once at the delta towers and senior apartments in the southeast. he told the victimses he was there to fix their toilets and then tie them up and robbery. just a day after the historic decision by the supreme court to uphold health care reform virginia attorney general plans to talk about how he thinks the law will hurt small business. he will hold a press conference with a richmond small business own there morning. it comes on the heels of the 5-4
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decision to uphold the law's most controversial tenet, individual mandate which will require all americans to have insurance. the court ruled that the penalty assessed to anyone who chooses not to get insurance amounts to a tax. virginia governor bob mcdonnell reacted strongly after the decision. >> the majority of the people of the united states, 60% plus, oppose it like i do. i think that president obama spent so much time and energy on this when he should have been focusing on debt reduction and on job creation. he's been a failure in that area. and now we're stuck with this unbelievable mandate on the people and the states and i think we need a new president. >> house republicans have already planned a vote to repeal the law for july 9th. the reaction though could not be more polar opposite in maryland where leaders are praising the ruling. the lieutenant governor anthony brown said it will help the state move forward to let individuals and companies buy
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coverage through an health care exchange. that exchange will rely on millions in federal grants to cover residents who couldn't otherwise afford health insurance. time is running out for congress to free student loan rates for another year. lawmakers have to pass that resolution tomorrow other wise loan rates will double on monday to 6.8%. it will save students $1,000 but it could cost the government $6 billion. republicans and democrats have been at odds over how to pay for that. for the first time in american history a cabinet member is held in contempt of congress. the republican led house voted to uphold eric holder in contempt over a controversial gun tracking program. 100 democrats boycotted the vote walking out yesterday during the proceedings. holder and the obama administration refused to hand over documents regarding operation fast and furious. risky plan to hunt down mexican drug cartels.
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republicans say this vote was necessary. after the vote, holder dismissed it as a cheap stunt. >> we were lied to. we were lied to repeatedly and over a ten-month period. >> today's vote makes good political theory in the minds of some but it is at least both a class effort and brave. >> the program was considered a failure after a border patrol agent was killed in december of 2010. two guns were found at the scene. later today, the d.c. counsel will hold a hearing about hate crimes in the district and how best to stop them from happening. hearing comes just days after a 16-year-old was the victim of apparently hate crime tuesday night. police say three men yelled anti-gay slurs at the boy and then held him down and stabbed him. this happened near the howard theater. all three suspects will be in court today to face charges in that attack. the victim suffered multiple stab and puncture wounds. he is expected to make a full
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recovery. this morning the man charged with shooting and killing trayvon martin will ask a judge to allow him to post bond and leave jail. george zimmerman was forced back behind bars a month ago when calls revealed they were hiding how money they had. zimmerman and his why spoke in code about donations and had access to more than $130,000. zimmerman's attorney says he needs the neighbor hood watch captain out of jail to review documents and video for the case. soldier is dead and two others are injured after a shooting at ft. bragg. according to the ft. bragg statement, the soldier shot a battalion commander. the soldier then shot himself. the gunman is in custody. a third soldier was reportedly injured by ricochet bullets. it is 4:37 right now. we're just getting started this morning. ahead on "news4 today," new details about the man charged with crashing his suv into a downtown dc office building.
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a high profile building police or the build that police say was his original target. the woman who was nearly killed by her friends file a $150 million lawsuit. why it isn't the chimp's owner blamed for the attack. we could be in for record high temperatures today. tom will have the details when your weekend forecast when we come back.
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heads up, it's going to cost you more to ride metro this weekend. starting sunday, rail fares are going up 5%. bus fare is going up ten cents. parking rates also going up a quarter. using a paper card will cost riders an extra dollar for each trip. the good news here, the peak of the peak surcharge will be eliminated. the extra money is being used to help balance the transit agency's operating budget. metro riders can expect delays on the blue, orange, and red lines this weekend on the orange line bus less replace trains between stadium armory and the new carrollton for track maintenance. as a result, the new carrollton landover chverly will be closed. on the blue line, buses will replace trains between stadium armory and betting road and single tracking on the red line. the work will begin at 10:00 tonight. should be finished by monday morning rush hour. 4:41 is our time right now. take a live look outside. you might normally want to encourage people to stay indoors
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the weekend this hot coming our way. so much going on in town, though. so the key is going to be figuring out how to stay cool. how not to overdo it. >> lots of sun block and staying more than hydrated will be key. >> tom? how about the forecast. >> right now we're dealing with thunderstorms rolling out of pennsylvania. storm4 radar showing the storms just now about to cross the maryland border. those areas highlighted in color under severe thunderstorm warning. that includes extreme eastern frederick county, northeastern frederick county as well as carrollton county. those are going to continue to track off to the south and east. may come in as close as howard county perhaps over the next hour or so. some soft storms have gusts of winds around 60 miles an hour. could be hail as well. and then the rest of the day, hazy, hot, and humid. mid 90 business noon. near 100 degrees by mid afternoon. that's going to be near the record high. 101. and then this evening for your friday evening it is going to be hot and humid through the rching. just into the up her 80s by
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midnight. and a steamy night coming up. we'll take a look at the weekend and into the fourth of july holiday in ten minutes. watching 395 northbound. this is actually southbound at edsa edsall. sign repairs taking away the right side of the roadway for you. you can get by but single file to the left is going to be your commute. so far your volume is light, that's good news as they work on that overhead sign. let's head over this time to route seventh and the beltway. if you're traveling 7 you cannot get on the beltway. traveling 7 east or west, what you're going to have to do is get on chain bridge and go north and connect to the beltway in that area. and along route 50, this time eastbound, outbound, as you make your way past 410 you have road work there blocking at least one of your lanes. but i want to show you this camera. you can't see the road work but you can see it's very light volume. that's good news as you make your way past that work zone. >> thank you. time right now is 4:44. they're back. occupy d.c. protesters descend
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on the square again. what brings them back and how long they plan to stay. around new this morning, there's news of the first death from those devastating wild fires in colorado. the latest on the historic fires there.
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welcome back at 4:46. d.c. police are investigating whether someone stole money from a campaign bank account of d.c. council member michael brown. news4 learn the account's treasurer is at the center of that investigation. brown says he discovered the problem last week and sources tell news4 that the amount of money taken is, quote, substantial. a statement was released by brown's re-election campaign. it reads, in part, quote, as the one who discovered the alleged theft, i have decided to personally take over as the treasurer of my re-election campaign.
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to demonstrate my commitment to operate the campaign books transparently and ethically. police are searching for the president of a muslim organization in virginia after his car was found abandon pend 58-year-old mohammed mcmoo was last seen yesterday morning. his car was later found parked near the occoquan bridge. police say he could have possibly been suicidal though his family says he is not. he is president of the muslim association of virginia and a leader at the islamic community center. the man who drove a stolen jeep into a d.c. office building apparently first tried to drive it into the state department building. that's according to a district police officer. that officer testified yesterday at the hearing of charles ball. ball drove the jeep straight into building on connecticut and l street northwest earlier this months. to one was hurt. he told officers that police weren't taking him seriously enough and he wanted to get the fbi's attention. the judge ordered ball to be
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held until his next hearing in august. remember the woman who underwent a full face transplant after being mauled by a chimpanzee? she is considering suing the state of connecticut. her lawyers accused employees of the state department of energy and environmental protection of ignoring repeated warnings that the chimp, who later attacked nash, was dangerous. if a judge decides to allow the lawsuit to go forward it could cost the state $150 million. the attorney general's office says the champ's owner is to blame for the attack that severely disfug ured and nearly killed nash in 2008. new this morning. the euro posted the biggest one-day jump in eight months today on the heels of good economic news for the region. its value gained 1.1%, now worth $1.25. european leaders agreed on emergency action to lower borrowing costs to italy and spain. they also agree that the region's new bailout fund could lend directly to help banks without increasing the country's
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budget deficit. occupy d.c. protesters are back in mcpherson square. a group of demonstrators pitched tents in the park. protesters expect up to 200 additional people from an occupy caravan to arrive on saturday. some say they will be gone in a few days. others say they're here to stay. this latest occupation comes just two weeks after the few remaining protesters from the original movement were taken away. the national park service has begun repairing damage done by those protesters during their stay. oh, boy, another setback for apple's former top rival. blackberry is delaying the release of the next generation of smart phones. blackberry 10 which was supposed to come out earlier this year now won't hit the market until 2013. research in motion, the company that makes blackberry, says development of the device has taken longer than expected. blackberry has been losing ground to apple and android devices and the company says they will now have to cut 5,000 jobs. new this morning, one person is dead and n. that massive
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wildfire burning in colorado. and two people are still missing. favorable weather conditions helped firefighters gain some ground on the waldo canyon fire near colorado springs. right now it's 10% contained. so far, more than 18,000 acres have been scorched. almost 350 homes destroyed. at least 35,000 people have been evacuated from their homes as a precaution. >> you don't want to go to sleep for fear of it coming over the mountain. thinking about that day in and day out, it's an incredible amount of stress. >> there are still at least eight fires burning this morning. president obama will be in colorado today to see the damage firsthand. colorado governor says the white house declared the fire-stricken state a major disaster. that will boost federal help for the devastated communities there. the death toll from the devastation caused by tropical storm debby is also on the rise. florida officials say the storm is now responsible for seven deaths in that state. at least one person was killed by a tornado spawned by the
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storm and several others were dragged out into the gulf by rip currents. debby dumped 10 to 26 inches of rain across that state, causing record flooding. you can see it here. several rivers have still yet to crest and more than 100 people have been forced from their homes. this is the season we see so much devastation from the weather, from flooding, storms that come through. >> we are having the exact opposite of that these next couple of days. we are talking dangerous heat, temperatures nearing the 100, if not over that, but it's going to feel a lot worse, right, tom? >> yeah, the heat index, a combination of the humidity and temperature will be like 110. we're not just waving our arms and being alarmists about this. we care about you. we want you to stay safe. this is dangerous type of heat we're talking about here during the afternoons today and tomorrow. we are going to be near 100. that heat index at 110 is potentially very life threatening heat. you get heat stroke with over
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exposure of that kind of heat. rolling out of pennsylvania into northern maryland, those areas highlighted are under severe thunderstorm warnings. this includes eastern frederick county in maryland, carroll county. a lot of these are going to be passing north of the metro area. gusts of wind around 50, 60 miles an hour. storms themselves at 50 miles an hour. near baltimore, crossing the bay. you might get close to columbia, perhaps howard county. ahead of that, it is warm and steamy. temperatures all around the region. generally in the 70s to around 80 degrees. the humidity really did come up overnight. hazy sunshine. heat and humidity. and by mid afternoon near 100 degrees. the record is 101. the heat index will be at like 110. it is going to drop back down to the mid 90s perhaps by early evening. we're going to have a hot evening. in fact, it's going to be near
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90 by midnight. by dawn tomorrow, mid and upper 70s. then saturday, another day. may go hotter than today. could get up to 101 or so tomorrow as we have the steam heat in place, too, with hazy sunshine. and then sunday, partly cloudy. highs mid 90s. still humid. might get some storms monday night. and then as we get toward the fourth of july holiday, should be cooling down and not quite as humid. could get some storms around on thursday. danella, how's traffic? >> tom, the sparks are flying on 395 southbound. as you make your way towards edsall as crews work to repair the sign damage done by a truck earlier today. right now you are able to pass, you're going to have to pass single file to the left in this area. you can imagine cars are going to slow down. volume is light on 395 right now as you head southbound, just be aware of that as you make your commute this morning. let's head over to i-95. as you make your way northbound,
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no issues to report southbound. northbound as well, nice and clear. good travel speed for prince william parkway to capital beltway, 66 miles per hour. that drive will take you 13 minutes. back in ten minutes with a look at your rail and sign repair on 395 as you head southbound at edsall. over to you. >> thank you. the newest member period of time washington piz sards got one heck of a birthday present. >> with the third pick in the 2012 nba draft, the washington wizards select bradley beall from the university of florida. >> wow. the wizards have high hopes for him who turned 19 yesterday. beal left the university of florida after only his freshman year. don't give up your day job, aaron. the averaged 16 points a game with the gators and is expected to help carry the wizards
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offense. they say beal is just as impressive off the court as on. >> a player that can play, is going to play in this league a long time. a great character person. that was another thing that stood out for me, is the person that he is and what that means and what we're trying to do here in building this thing and changing it. >> john wall was also pretty happy with the pick, saying beal will definitely help the team this upcoming season. tee time is in just about two hours for the current leader of the at&t national around congressional country club in bethesda. he shot 4 under for the first round. leesburg, virginia, native and naval academy graduate is 2 under after the first 18 holes. as for tiger, he is 1 over par after the first round, five strokes off the lead. he is scheduled to tee off about 7:50 this morning. >> 19 years old. >> 19. >> i'm still stuck on that. just turned 19 and drafted into the nb arksz. >> 19. pretty i'm pris iessive.
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he's probably thinking, lebron, i'm coming for you. >> it could happen. coming up, it will give you more than just a boost in the morning. the newest reason doctors say that cup of coffee may be good for older people. and first new york, now another city is waging a war on zu garry drinks. where you may soon be limited in how much s
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so it seems that as you get older that morning cup of joe could be even more beneficial than first thought. researchers at coventry university say a new study shows that caffeine help eed muscles produce more force which could be key in boosting strength to the elderly. so far the research has only been done in mice. it shows that caffeine had no impact on juvenile muscles which means it may not work on developing tissue. >> which is why aaron barely could put on his suit coat this morning. meanwhile, massachusetts is ready to declare war on super size sugary drinks. leaders are looking into limiting the size and amount of sweetened drinks sold in the city because of health concerns. the mayor is making the recommendation based on a similar proposal in new york city. that plan limits the size of bottled or fountain drinks sold in eateries and movie theaters to 16 ounces. now, as long as the drink contains more than 25 calories for every eight ounces.


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