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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  June 29, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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exception, as well as drinks that are at least 70% fruit juice. >> that just makes it too complicated. >> just water or diet coke, that's about it. >> water. water, safe. >> especially on a day like today. >> agreed. >> all right. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. breaking news, a warehouse collapse in prince george's county and this morning rescuers are searching for one person that is still missing after the collapse. and a wildfire continues to burn out of control in virginia. the latest on efforts to battle that fire before it could reach any homes. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm erica go. the d.c. metro area under an
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excessive heat warning for today. already under an excessive heat watch for tomorrow, as well. >> a trash pickup in a district will be early today to try and stay out of the heat. metro will once again allow you to bring water on buses and trains. be sure to take those with you this morning. >> look outside with us if you will at this hour. it is 80 degrees at 5:01 in the morning outside our studios. this is just, tom kierein, the sign of what's to come and how bad it's going to get, right? >> this is payback for the wonderful weather earlier in the week. it is in place this morning. we've got the high humidity that has returned along with the hot temperatures. yes, already off to a hot start. look at the temperatures now around the region. all the areas you see in yellow are in the mid and upper 70s. those patches of orange, they're in the 80s. it's not even dawn and it's in the 80s much of west virginia and into the ohio valley where they had extreme heat yesterday. many area exceeded 100 degrees
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and now that hot air is drifting east overnight. right now as we look at the radar, storm4 radar showing a cluster of thunderstorms rapidly dropping out of pennsylvania into northern maryland. right now we do have a severe thunderstorm warning out for carroll county, northern baltimore county. it's going to be passing well north of the metro area and heading across the bay over the next hour or so with strong gusty winds making some hail there. here is your day planner for this friday. just stay in the ac and watch nbc4 all day. this is going to be the best thing to do. we're going to be up near 100 degrees by mid and afternoon. hazy, hot, humidity weather here continuing into your evening, too. we'll have your friday evening planner ten minutes. good morning. >> tom, you give great advice, stay in and stay tuned to us. most of the road work is gone. 395 at edsall. sign repair is forcing you to
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get by in just the left lane. that looks to be b gone as well. if you're traveling from boulevard tuberculosis, travel lanes are open. northbound as well. in fact, in between father hurley boulevard as you make your way to the lane divide, things look good to you. as you connect to the beltway, i-270 as you head to i-95 driving at 62 miles per hour. you know it's hot today so metro is allow i don't guess you to bring a bottled water on metro and the metro bus. keep that in mind. back over to you both. >> thank you, danella. breaking news now in prince george's county. a search is on for a missing worker in a awar warehouse coll in cheverly. melissa is there live with the latest on this. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. a major, major rescue effort for
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the past six hours or so. at this point investigators are saying when the roof collapsed last night around 10:00, 25 workers were able to escape but they think one person might still be inside. take a look at some of this video we shot for you overnight. this is still very much a rescue operation. there's a huge mess inside this warehouse. it's used for document storage and houses tall long rows of records. seems a portion of that roof collapsed creating a domino effect on bringing down shelf after shelf. 75 firefighters and medics, also a collapse team on here, spent much of the night carefully search for this missing employee and then sending in cane nine units from prince george's county and d.c. and loud don. they have not heard any cries for help but some of the building's walls do seem to be buckling. right now they are hearing some cracking sounds which is hampering their attempts to get inside safely. firefighters are also reviewing surveillance tapes to see if they can pinpoint where the worker was when the building collapsed.
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>> when the sun rises, we can operate safely to see what needs to be done, the shoring up of the side of the building and rear wall of the building. shore it up as best as we can to avoid any additional collapse of the structure. >> just for safety, gas, elect industry, and water has been shut off so it's dark inside that building. assist i'd by any flashlights they might have. the cause of actual collapse is under investigation this morning. melissa, news4, back to you. >> thank you, melissa. several homes are now in danger as wildfire in virginia vinlg grows very quickly this morning. the fire is burning on massanutten mountain. the blaze has bloomed to more than 350 acres in just days. it is only 5% contained. it's also moving closer to private land and moved within a mile of this home and several others. if forest service is hoping to
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bring in another 20 firefighters today to help more than 100 already battling the blaze. they also have to focus on another fire in the shenandoah national park. that one has burned more than 250 acres. a fire severely damaged a silver bring barber shop. crews quickly got the flames under control but not before it caused about $100,000 in damage. investigators determined the suspect used an accelerant here. witnesses say earlier that morning somebody broke through the shop's front door. if you have any information on this fire, you can call the arson tip line. the number is on your screen. 240-777-2263. a man accused of tar getting the elderly in a series of robberies is now under arrest. police released this video earlier this week. they say 47-year-old anthony ford posed as maintenance man to get into senior citizens' homes.
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this happened twice in the past two weeks. once at delta towers as a northeast and again at senior apartments in southeast. he told the victims he was there to fix their toilets and then tied them up and robbed them. he's now charge with burglary in both crimes. this morning house republicans are already put into motion a plan to repeal president obama's health care law. republicans say they will vote july 9th to repeal the now constitution allow. it comes just a day after the supreme court's 5-4 decision to uphold the laws. most controversial tenet, individual mandate which will require all americans to have insurance. the court ruled the penalty assessed to anyone who chooses not to get insurance will get taxed. lieutenant attorney general, first prosecutor to file a lawsuit against obama care, says lawmakers misled the public. >> because they all wanted to avoid being accused of raising
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tagses. in fact, what the court said today is that's exactly what they did. even while they lied to us about what they were doing. he will hold a press conference this morning with a richmond small business owner to discuss how he thinks the law will hurt job creation. meanwhile, virginia's neighbors to the north have a very different and positive reaction to the ruling with maryland leaders praising the high court's decision. lieutenant governor anthony brown said it will help the state move forward with its plans to let individuals and small businesses buy coverage through a health care exchange. now, that exchange will rely on millions and n. federal grants to cover residents who couldn't otherwise afford health insurance. another plea for bail from george zimmerman. why his attorney says he needs the man charge with killing trayvon martin out of jail. plus, paper or plastic. why you may soon want to ditch those paper metro cards for a
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smart trip one. and triple digit temperatures could be on the horizon for today and several days. tom will detail the dangerous heat wave coming our way
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three chinese astronauts are
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back on earth this morning. they landed in innor mongolia and a crew orbited the earth for nearly two weeks in a model that's a prototype for a future permanent space station. >> making some big strides there and historic for them in that that is the first time or third time, third country to actually connect one space graft, a man's spacecraft to another one. big deal out there. >> learn something new every day. we're going to learn about this oppressive heat. come, the forecast? >> the humidity has returned, too. live view from nbc4 hd city camera, haze now covering the metro area. storm4 radar showing a cluster of thunderstorms that came out of pennsylvania now into northeastern maryland, passing well north of the metro area just north of baltimore, crossing the northern part of the bay with strong gusty winds, maybe a little bit of hail. and the big story for us is the heat and humidity. we are in the 70s. most of the region, humidity levels are high. it's in the 80s out of the mountains. here's your day planner for this
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friday. dress for extreme heat. afternoon highs near 100 degrees. in fact, we're going to near 90 by nine. by noontime, the mid 90s. hovering near 100 for a time during much of the afternoon hours. then for the evening, hot and humid. this friday night, too. going to be down in the upper 80s by midnight. a look at the weekend and toward the fourth of july holiday, your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. >> checking out 395, this time northbound as you make your way north at the pentagon. have a crash involving a box truck just blocking the right shoulder lane in this area. travel speeds on 395 northbound not bad for you at all as you make your way from the beltway and head to the 14th street bridge. you're clear at about 62 miles per hour. live look at glebe. however, southbound 395 at edsall, you can see sign repairs still taking place and forcing you to get by single file to the left. and over to the rails, i'm still checking them. no reported delays along the metro, marc, or vre.
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erica and aaron, back over to you guys. >> looks good. time issing 5:14. news of the first death in colorado. the latest on the his. >> terry: i hr tick fires when we return. while yesterday was particularly special for the wizards first round draft pick.
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we have breaking news out of alexandria where crews are trying to repair an overhead signed on 395 hit by a truck. news4's richard jordan is there live. >> reporter: it is a bump in the road for the commute this morning, but luckily crews are already on the scene. trying to get this repaired as
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soon as possible so that traffic is not really effected. once thing really start picking up, you can you see the sign right there, just off of edsall road on i-395 south. it's the overhead sign directing you to baltimore and tysons corner. it appears the dump truck did strike the bottom right corner of that sign. it did bang up the sign just a little bit, and the light that runs underneath the sign has been damaged. right now road crews are working to secure that sign. make sure it is safe for traffic to pass through underneath. now, if you are heading south on 395 you can get off on edsall road. what you cannot do is get on to 395 from edsall road. that onramp has been closed off as crews work to make this repair. there are two left lanes of traffic on 395 heading south that are open and that seems to be working pretty well at this point. traffic is light still at this hour. so it's not causing a backup on
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395 just yet. however, if crews aren't able to secure this sign, clear the area, pick things up and get out of here you could expect some delays later on this morning. so you might want to keep that in mind before you head out the door. reporting live in alexandria, richard jordan, news4. 5:19. time is rung out for congress to freeze student loan rates for another year. lawmakers have to pass that resolution tomorrow. others wise, loan rates will double on monday from 3.4% to 6.8%. the deal will save students about $1,000 but it will cost the government $6 billion. republicans and democrats have been at odds over how to pay for that. the u.s. attorney for the district must now decide whether to seek charges against attorney general eric holder. the house voted to hold hold more contempt over operation fast and furious. controversial gun trafficking program. more than 100 democrats boycotted the vote, walking out yesterday during the proceedings. holder and the obama
5:20 am
administration refused to hand over documents regarding the program which helped to hunt down mexican drug cartels. after the vote holder dismissed it as a cheap political stunt. >> today's vote is the regrettable culmination of what became a misguided and politically motivated investigation during an election year. >> holder is the first ever cabinet member to be held in contempt of congress. two prince george's police officers are accused of kidnapping and assaulting three teenagers. officer christopher perry and officer michael rowe were indicted yesterday. the charges stem from a me motor value day today. they were handcuffed, threatened and driven around in a car before they were finally released. >> prince george's county police department is committed to ethical and professional policing, both on-duty and off-duty. and we have very high expectations of our officers' conduct while they're wearing the uniform and when they're not
5:21 am
wearing a uniform. >> the officers could face prison time if convicted. they are currently suspended with pay. later today, the d.c. council will discuss how best to prevent hate crimes in the district. the hearing comes just days after a 16-year-old was the victim of an apparent hate dplim northwest. police say three men yelled anti-gay slurs at the boy, then held him down and stabbed him near the howard theater tuesday night. all three suspects will be in court today to face charges on the attack. the teen boy suffered multiple stabs and puncture wounds. he's expected to make a full recovery though. this morning george zimmerman is hoping a judge will allow him to walk free for a second time. zimmerman was forced back behind bars almost a month ago when jailhouse calls with his wife revealed that they were hiding how much money they had. prosecutors say zimmerman and his wife shelley spoke in code about donations and had access to more than $130,000.
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zimmerman's attorney says he needs the neighborhood watch captain out of jail to review documents and video for the case. very high temperatures today. it's going to feel a lot worse. how that could possibly feel, i don't know. i thought i left texas. >> no, welcome back, this is texas-like. tom kiereins has your complete forecast. >> 80 under the four and that is not a typo. i wish it was. right now, it is hot. around the area we are near 80 around the metro area. all the areas in yellow are in the mid and upper 70s. the big thing that's happened overnight, the big change, increased humidity. it is just sweltering humidity. unlike what we've seen the last several mornings. look at roanoke, 85 degrees. 77. some of the highlands out here in west virginia because the heat is very deep. it extends up into the upper levels. higher elevation, usually they're cooler, they're hotter this morning. many we locations in the
5:23 am
highlands of west virginia and the ohio valley. and this deep heat is going to be over us here throughout the day today. we have a cluster of fast moving thunderstorms now north eastern maryland passing well north of the metro area. a few clouds over us now. the rest of the day though, hazy sunshine. high heat and sweltering humidity near 100 degrees today and again tomorrow. that's near record heat. and overnight, no relief really only the 80s through the end. might get down to the mid and upper 70s by dawn tomorrow. and then as we get into sunday, maybe a few more clouds around. not quite as hot. still humid with highs mid 90s. late sunday night into early monday morning, might get some passing thunder showers. that will cool us down a little bit. but then much more comfortable weather moving in for tuesday/wd with lower humidity, highs 80s to near 90 both days. for the fourth of july, looking good. all the parades and events and festivities. maybe some storms around on thursday. i'll be back in ten minutes. danella is here now with a look
5:24 am
at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. happy friday to you if you're traveling along 295 in maryland. checking things out for you with in fact, as you head between baltimore and the capital beltway in both directions, travel lanes are open. nothing to worry yourself about just yet. 32 southbound on 295 you're at 65 miles per hour. not bad. making your way past 100 on i-95. nice and clear. as you connect to the beltway, no issues there. on the inner loop and outer loop, from the outer loop from i-95 to i-27 of you're drifing at 61 miles per hour. just ten minutes to make that trip. the rails still look good if that's what you're taking this morning. metro, marc, vre are all running on or close to schedule. back over the you. >> thank you. what were you doing when you turned 19? yeah, for a lot of us it's just another birthday. but for the newest member of the washington wizards, it's a day he will never forget. >> with the third pick in the
5:25 am
2012 nba draft, if wthe washing wizards select bradley beal from the university of florida. >> he was drafted by the wizards last night on his birthday. beal left the university of florida after only his freshman year there. he averaged 15 points a game with the gators. wizards star john wall is excited about the pick and is ready to take the court with beal. >> i think the organization owners did a great job. he's somebody that can make shots, spread the court for you. you can't say what you're going to expect from him right away but he comes with a lot. >> if my math is right, john wall was also drafted when he was 19. the head coach was also very please with the pick. he said that in addition to being a star on the court, beal is also a great person off the court. your leader after one round of at&t national, i can't see,
5:26 am
is it bo van pelt? van pelt shot a 4 under in the fours round. leesburg, virginia, native and naval academy graduate is 2 under after the first 18 holes. tiger woods is 1 over par. he is scheduled to tee off at 7:50 this morning. and without his biggest rival in the pool to challenge him, guess who, michael phelps cruised to another win at the u.s. swimming trials. phelps won the 200 meter butterfly last night, his signature event. the win keeps america's best swimmer on track to compete in eight events, eight of them, in london. same amount he competed in in 2008. clary came in second and ryan lochte didn't compete in any finals last night but will have two races tonight. >> eight events, that's like swimming a marathon. >> he's a beast. >> fun to watch.
5:27 am
5:26 is our time roit now. coming up, the latest on the breaking news, the search for one person missing after a roof collapse at a warehouse. and surprise decision? why president obama was confused for a moment after the supreme court ruled on his health care reform law. ♪
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looking at the stories making headlines. republicans say they will try to repeal president obama's health care reform law. the supreme court upheld the law yesterday. crews still looking for one person missing after a roof collapsed during a fire at a prince george's county warehouse. and wildfires continue to burn in virginia. one is approaching homes in the front royal area. >> good morning. thanks for coming back. >> eun yang has the friday off today. it is friday, june 29th. it's probably going to be the hottest day of 2012 thus far. a. >> as we look live outside this morning you don't really see the heat. but it's 80 degrees outside our studios at 5:30 in the morning. and tom kiereins is here right now. tom, you're saying that we could be pushing 90 before the morning is over. >> yeah, by 9:00. it may be near 90 degrees.
5:31 am
and then midday, 95. noontime temperature for your lurchl hour. best idea, stay in the ac unless you absolutely have to be out. stay inside. this is dangerous heat. this kind of heat can trigger heat stroke or heat exhaustion. and we have a lot of heat advisories out. all counties in orange and red are under heat advisorieadvisor. all of us is in effect for today and tomorrow. heat index, a combination of humidity and temperature, are going to feel like 110 this afternoon. again, saturday, yes, right now throughout much of the region we are in the 70s to near 80 degrees. it's even hotter in the mountains. petersburg, 89 degrees. this is deep heat. it's going to be upper levels in the atmosphere. cumberland, 88 right now. these counties highlighted in color are under a severe thunderstorm warning. there's a strong storm north of baltimore. this may have gusts to 60 miles an hour with a lot of lightning.
5:32 am
maybe even some hail. heading go queen anne in the next half hour. day planner, dress for extreme heat. yes, by noontime, mid 90s. mid afternoon, hovering near 100. that's near the record high of 101. it's going to be very humid as well along with that hey sazy sunshine. evening planner in ten minutes. danella? >> good morning. tom, as you said, it's hot and some of you are waking up and taking off to work. if you're traveling along route 50 your travel lanes are open. not seeing anything to worry yourself about. from the beltway as you connect to new york avenue all of the way in on 50, things look good. live look at new york avenue. tnchtsz nation's highest court
5:33 am
has spoken in a 5-4, 193-page decision. the fight here is far from over. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on reaction to this landmark decision. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the high court said that the penalty you get for not having health insurance by 2014 is a tax and it is constitutional. that means the other protections like free preventive care, coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, can stay even though the government cannot strip states of all of their medicaid funds if they choose not to participate in the expansion. and today, we are starting to see the fallout of all of this, the explanations and assessments of how it may affect states, the 26 states who sued, and others, states like texas that opposed it. >> this is considered to be a tax. it's going to be a have a dvs stating business impact. >> americans want it repealed. that's precisely what we intend to do. >> wasting our time.
5:34 am
should be spending it on jobs. >> but that is not what republicans in the house plan. they already have a vote scheduled for july 11th to repeal this. although it's going to be difficult to get that done in the senate controlled by democrats at least for now. republican rsz saying, like president obama, they want to focus forward, too. focus forward to november when they are urging people to use this election to let president obama know what they think about supreme court's ruling on health care. aaron? >> tracie potts on the hill. thank you, tracie. breaking news now out of cheverly. they will ramp up the search for a missing worker inside a collapsed warehouse. it happened around 10:00 at a paper company on cabin branch drive. i want to show you some live pictures now from the scene of this incident. you can see there's still fire equipment positioned to get ready to go in and do some of the search and rescue efforts.
5:35 am
a spokesperson says the wall of that building are buckling right now. at sun rise crews hope to stabilize it enough to go inside. the cause of this collapse is still under investigation. new this morning, one person died died in a massive wildfire in colorado. two people are still missing. favorable weather conditions helped firefighters gain some ground near colorado springs. right now it's about 10% contained. more than 3r5,000 people did evacuated. so far more than 18,000 acres have been scorched. almost 350 homes destroyed. >> some of these people are going to have a very hard time with this. this community is going to surround them with love and encouragement and we will move forward as a city better than we ever have.
5:36 am
>> there are still at least eight fires burning this morning. president obama will be in colorado to see the damage firsthand. it's a major disaster and will boost federal help for devastated communities. the search is on for a suspect who started a fire at a silver spring barber shop causing damage. crews responded to a fire at the especially bebony unisex barber shop. they determined the suspect used an accelerant. earlier that morning witnesses say someone broke into the front door of the barber shop. if you've got any information on this fire, please dall arson tip line at 240-777-2263. 5:36. d.c. police investigating whether someone stole money from the campaign bank account of d.c. council member michael brown. news4 learned the account's treasury sutton is at the center of that investigation. brown says he discovered the problem last week and sources tell news4 the amount of money
5:37 am
taken is, quote, substantial. a statement was released by brown's re-election campaign. it reads in part, quote, as the one who discovered the alleged theft i have decided to personally take over as the treasurer of my re-election campaign. to demonstrate my commitment to operate the campaign transparently and ethically. new this morning, the euro saw its biggest one-day jump in eight months after european leaders delivered encouraging economic news. the euro gained 1.1%. it's now worth $1.25. leaders agree to lower borrowing costs to italy and spain which are both facing huge budget shortfalls. they also agreed the region's new bailout fund could lend directly to help banks without increasing a country's budget deficit. later today the brother of bernie madoff is expected to plea guilty for his involvement in the largest ponzi scheme in history. peter madoff will plea guilty in exchange for ten years in prison
5:38 am
and forfeit all of his assets. the brothers scammed thousands of people out of billions of dollars. bernie madoff is currently serving a 150-year sentence in prison. 5:38. and they are back. occupy d.c. protesters descend mcpherson square again. what brings them back and how long they plan to stay. and the heat is on. we could be in for record-breaking temperatures today. tom will have the details when we return. [ female announcer ] irritated, itchy, summer skin?
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count on cortizone-10. with the strongest, nonprescription itch medicine for fast relief. and seven moisturizers. cortizone-10. feel the heal. thousand of panels from the aids memorial, the last time it was in its entirety was back in 1996. you are seeing pieces of it right now because it's so huge. the quilt is part of the smithsonian folk life festival. 25 years ago it was to honor those who died of aids or hiv complications. it's providing free supplies for anyone who wants to create a panel. sheila jones is making one in memory of her daughter who
5:42 am
contracted aids when she was 15 and then lived with the disease for 17 years. >> this was a family effort. i putting the finishing touches on one that my mother made. >> the entire aids memorial quilt includes 94,000 names and they've even got a digital media center on the 3458 so you can help find certain panel of the quilt. really amazing. at the folk life festival which is going on through the weekend and for the next several days after that, under dangerously hot conditions out there. >> absolutely. let's get a check of the weather with tom. what do you think, tom? >> right now, it is humid. sweltering humidity around capitol hill. live view from our nbc4 hd city camera. at dawn we have a few clouds around. temperatures around the region. just a few minutes away from sun rise, are hovering in the 70s to
5:43 am
near 80 degrees. storm4 radar showing a strong thunderstorm just now crossing the bay. just about to head right into kent county with 60-mile-an-hour winds. that's going to be moving right into queen anne's county. and as we take a look here there's a huge plume of black smoke just to the north of american university. we're check that out. looks like there could be a big fire there. by mid afternoon, climbing to near 100 degrees and we'll have hazy sunshine. friday evening, hot and steamy evening down in the upper 80s. a look at the weekend and next week for our fourth of july holiday in ten minutes. how's traskt? >> tom, 395 southbound at edsall still seeing sign repairs slowing you down. right now you are able to pass. two lanes to the left. from edsall right now you cannot get on the beltway again because of that sign repair. let's head over to i-66 this morning traveling in centerville
5:44 am
area. on 66 traveling eastbound and westbound, travel lanes are open. not seeing any delayses eastbound right now. you're about 61 miles per hour. 11 minutes to get from fairfax county parkway to the capital beltway. still checking the rails. not seeing any reported delays along the metro, marc, or vre. erica and aaron, back over to you. the time is 5:44. hitting the road for the fourth of july? you will have some company. how many people from our area is traveling for the holiday? when we return. and more on that breaking news out of alexandria. a road sign on 395 clipped by a truck. betails on the effort to get this fixed before traffic really picks up. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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police are searching for the president of a muslim organization in virginia after his car was found abandoned.
5:48 am
58-year-old mohammed mahmoud was last seen yesterday morning. his gold lexus was later found parked near the occoquan bridge. police say he was possibly suicidal though his family say he is not. he is president of the muslim association of virginia and a leader at the islamic community center. 12 before the hour. d.c. police investigating the second shooting near a southeast day care this week. two people were shot at while walking on savannah street yesterday afternoon. it's the same neighborhood where another daytime shooting led to two children and camp kouns color wounded. that was on monday. investigators are looking into whether the two shootings are connected. a man accuse of robbing the elderly is behind bars. police released this video. 47-year-old anthony ford posed as a maintenance man in order to get into their homes. it happened twice in the past two weeks. once in the delta towers in the
5:49 am
northeast and again at senior apartments in the southeast. he told the victims he was there to fix their toilets and then tied them up and robbed them. ford is now charged with burglary in both crimes. occupy d.c. protesters are back in mcpherson square. a group of demonstrators pitched tents in the park. they expect up to 200 additional people from an occupy caravan to arrive on saturday. some say they will be gone in a few days. others say they're here to stay. the this latest so-called occupation comes just two weeks after the few remaining protesters from the original movement were taken away. the national park service has begun repairing damage done by the protesters during their eight-month stay. shrinking gas prices means you may be seeing a lot more people traveling with you this holiday weekend. according to aaa a record 1 million people in the d.c. area are expected to travel 50 miles or more for the fourth of july. that's up more than 5% from last july 4th. and it's nearly 50% jump from
5:50 am
2009. aaa officials say after years of putting off vacations because of the bad economy, people are finally ready to get back out and about. it's going to cost you more to ride the metro this weekend starting sunday. rail fares are going up 5%. husband fares are going up 10 cents. parking rates with going up a quarter. using a paper card will cost riders can extra buck for each trip if good news, the peak of the peak surcharge will be eliminated. the extra money will be used to help balance the transit agency's operating budget. metro riders can also expect delays on the blue, orange, and red lines this weekend. on the orange line, buses will replace trains between stadium armory and new carrollton for track maintenance. as a result, new carrollton, landover, cheverly will all be closed. on the blue line, buses will replace trains between stadium armly and bening road and also
5:51 am
single tracking on the red line. the work will begin about 10:00 tonight. it should be finished by monday morning rush hour. coming up on 5:51 on this friday morning. we are just at the beginning of what's going to be an impressively hot, sultry, i don't know how many different really warm terms we can use to describe the weather this weekend. >> absolutely. we kind of joke about it but this is -- we're talking serious, serious conditions here, tomorrow. >> another term would be mucho cienta. >> yes. [ speaking spanish [ [. >> there you it is humid, steamy, throw in your own superlative. today and tomorrow, we've got all of these heat advisories and heat watches out for all of our region. the heat index, the combination of temperature. humidity is going to feel like 110 for a brief time between
5:52 am
3:00 and 5:00 p.m. right now it is getting uncomfortable. we are in the 70s to near 80 in washington and by the bay. and, yes, the swell terg humidity did come in overnight. what is very unusual is how high up the heat is. it's a very deep area of heat out of the midwest. petersburg, west virginia, is now 89 degrees. cumberland out in the highlands and western maryland, 86 degrees there now. and so this deep heat is going to be continuing to arrive farther to the east. and that, in addition, we have the thunderstorms now just crossing the bay and heading into queen anne counties. that's heading off to the south and east and across the delaware over the next hour. for us, just hazy, hot, and humid by noontime, mid 90s. then by mid afternoon near 100 degrees. and haze and thick humidity around.
5:53 am
and then 70s tomorrow morning, hazy, hot, and humid again saturday. not quite as hot sunday, monday, very early monday morning make it a thunderstorm. fourth of july, better. lower humidity. tuesday, again on the fourth. good morning, tom. checking things out along the beltway. this is your commute. nice and clear. travel lanes are open, giving you a live look as you make your way toward 295 on the inner loop. outer loop is nice and clear as well. no issues to report. 60 miles per hour. taking nine minutes to get from route 50 to i-95. right now let's head over to richard jordan standing by with breaking news on 395. good morning, richard. >> reporter: good morning. the traffic is starting to pick up so things are getting a little dicey here southbound on i-395 near edsall road. you can see that overhead sign, the bottom right corner has been cut off because earlier today.
5:54 am
it's going to pass underneath, apparently clip the bottom end of that sign. causing slight damage. crews are working to secure the sign. the light that runs underneath the sign has also been damaged. right now crews are just trying to make sure that it is safe for drivers to go underneath the sign. so that has caused a few problems here. the southbound lanes of 395, only two lanes are open at this point. the left two lanes. traffic is moving past. but as traffic starts picking up, it's starting to get a little slower for traffic coming southbound, northbound also has some rubberneckers taking a look. causing slight delays there as well. you can get off on edsall road if you're heading southbound on 395. what you can't do is the reverse. the on-ramp is closed as crews work to secure that signed and make sure it's safe for traffic to pass through under there.
5:55 am
we'll keep you posted. richard jordan, news4. apple's former top rival is suffering yet another setback. blackberry is delaying the release of its next generation smart phone. the blackberry 10 which was supposed to come out earlier this year now won't hit the market until early next year. research in motion, the company that makes blackberry, says development of the device has taken longer than expect ed. the company says lit now have to cut about 5,000 jobs. oh, boy, what will they think of next? google's latest invention, google glasses, could be available to consumers as early as 2014. >> yes. >> the computer invented eye wear will be developed next year for developers. the glasses can display maps, record images, and send text all without of we oh or while staying on your face. all right. we'll try it out.
5:56 am
after a long day of serious business, that included the supreme court's landmark decision, and the contempt hearing for eric holder, lawmakers took to the diamond. last night house republicans and democrats faced off for the annual congressional baseball game at nats park. the game benefits the washington literacy counsel and the boys and girls club of greater washington. final score, everybody wants to know, 18-5 with the dems winning the roll call trophy. the game was sponsored in part by comcast, the parent company of nbc4. >> looks like caffeine may boost more than your energy level. researchers at coventry university shows that it helps muscles produce more force which can be the key to boosting strength in the elderly. it's only been done on mice. it also shows caffeine had no impact on juvenile muscles which means it may not work on developing tissue. massachusetts is ready to
5:57 am
cle lar war on super sized sugary drinks. cambridge city leaders are looking into limiting the size and amount of sugar sweetened drinks sold in the city because of health concerns. the mayor can making the recommendation based on a similar proposal in new york. that plan limits the size of bottled or fountain drinks sold in eateries and movie theaters to 16 ounces. as long as the drink contains more than 25 calories for every 8 ounces. of course, the exception, water, diet coke, and fruit drinks a are at least 70% fruit juice. >> okay. it sounds like a great idea but seems like it would be so hard to enforce. >> every now and then i like a good root beer. i'm a good root beer fan. a root beer with a burger. i'm your fall. 5:57. staying on top of breaking news out of cheverly, when news4 today continues.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news right now in northwest d.c. firefighters on the scene of a building fire in spring vall


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