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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  June 30, 2012 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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seeing by sending us twitter messages as well. >> we've got extensive storm coverage. we'll be on the air until 10:30 this morning. right now at 9:00, if you haven't looked outside yet, this is probably what you'll see. as the sun comes up, you'll see more and more damage all over the area. debris is everywhere with a powerful storm with winds over 80 miles an hour. the biggest issue is the power outages. >> 1.3 million is the last number we got of people without power. no matter where you go, virginia, maryland, d.c., this is what you see today. roads blocked, large trees down.
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it's absolutely a mess outside. these are the numbers for the power outages that we have, richard. >> those are the latest numbers. again, in total about 1.3 million people are without power this morning. it is going to be another hot day here. definitely quite uncomfortable for many of those folks without air conditioning. many trying to grab breakfast. they may have to find the nearest diner that may have electrici electricity. we'll continue to follow all this storm damage. but again, good morning, everyone, i'm richard jordan. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for angie goff. we continue our coverage through the 10:30 hour, at least two people are dead in fairfax county from last night's storm. which had winds topping 70 miles per hour. a woman died after a tree fell on to her home in falls church and also a driver in west springfield died after a tree
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crushed that car. >> over in presence georges county, the storm ripped off the roof of an apartment complex over in riverdale. that displaced residents there. >> in d.c., sparked a car fire sending two to the hospital. and it all came after a day of record breaking heat across the region. i wish we could tell you go by the pool today can but it will be another scorcher. a dangerous day. >> we've got breaking news in maryland right now. the at&t national golf tournament going on in bethesda this weekend is closed to fans and volunteers. play for the day is suspended as of right now. even if golfers are able to get on the course today, spectators will not be allowed to watch, at least not there in person. because of that all tickets will be honored during tomorrow's round. you can stay here to tune in to news 4. more on the breaking news later this morning. this could not have come at a worst time for some areas.
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it is expected to be another dangerously hot day. so far there are so many people out there who are sweating it out because they simply have no air conditioning, no power at all. temperatures are expected to reach or top 100 degrees. >> not just hot. these are the conditions where we wind up seeing so many people head to the hospital, suffering heat stroke and things like that. >> right. and heat related illnesses, any folks with breathing problems, folks with asthma, that sort of thing can the very young, the very old. so this is the kind of heat where you do want to take it easy. take braebs and make sure you hydrate. we've been telling folks reach out to them, invite them over. take them to the mall and drop them off for a couple hours if you don't want them in your house. do something to care because it will be sweltering heat out there today.
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we've been talking about the storm system that came through our area all morning long. to give you an idea, we're looking at all those dots there. those are reports of hail and wind damage. again again, this storm system came in fast and came through our area hard. meteorologists jim hammer and kim martucci, they were here all evening saying that it was coming this way. we knew the storm was coming, but the one surprise out of it was how extensive the damage was and just how strong the winds were in many locations. because with derechos you can have winds that get up to 100 miles an hour. rainfall out of the system just over a half inch of rain. rainfall deficit 6 1/2 inches. we need some rain, just don't want to get it that wayp our heat indecks for today, they'll
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be over 100 degrees and 110 when you factor in humidity with the actual air temperature. all those counties shaded in pink, an excessive heat warning that's been issued. the dangerous heat for this area. it will last until 9:00 p.m. keep that in mind if you are going to be out and about this evening. 66 in winchester, 72 in leesburg, 68 in culpepper. very few weather stations that are left still reporting. but as you look at your day planner forecast, plan according accordingly. after noon time today, we're over 90. for several hours up around 100 degrees. that will be a record high probably tying the record high after yesterday's incredible 104 degree temperature. still hard to believe we hit that yesterday. >> a lot of people cleaning up out today. what's the time frame that you think it will be so hot you have to be careful? >> any time after the noon hour
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today. we're getting that heat really early. noon time to about 5:00 today in terms worst of it-hydrate as much as you can. >> i was talking to doctors yesterday, if you start feeling nauseous and faint, go get it checked out. two are dead and thousands are without power this morning after the violent storms ripped through fairfax county. julie carey is live in falls church with a look at the damage there. good morning. >> reporter: hi again. we've changed locations since we were with you last. as i've been reporting all morning long, you go every block or so in falls church and this is -- like this. eye i'm at the corner of 11th street. this tree came crashing down. unfortunately, five houses on the other side, they're not going anywhere today. to talk to me more about the storm and what they discovered this morning is mely is a and
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mead at kissen. it was probably 11:00 when this storm came through. >> we were just sort of wrapping up the night, and we started hearing the wind, the lights were flickering, we didn't know whether the power was going out. we opened the door and realized there was a lot of wind. so we started running out to gather our patio umbrella, that kind of thing. >> reporter: was it this morning that you saw the extent of the damage? >> we were ready to go to work, or my wife was, but we noticed there was no way out because of the tree. it was really exciting last night. my daughter and i basically stood by the window watching all the limbs go by. it was very exciting. >> reporter: we're hearing chain saws start, some of the first we've heard. but this really is about every other block has something like this. what are your plans for the rest of the day? >> my mother and sister are
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coming in from alabama today. they're not unfamiliar with this kind of thing with thunderstorms and such. but i think we'll be doing a lot of cleanup. >> reporter: i think you'll be walking any place you go today. >> i think we might. >> reporter: take a look across the yard here. at least two or three trees also came down as these high winds powered through this falls church neighborhood. under those branchs over there is a car. and we'll pay a visit to that neighborhood when we join you later on in the newscast. reporting live from falls church, julie carey, news 4. businesses are also trying to clean up this morning, and some severe damage to buildings in bethesda may mean they do not open today. chris gordon joins us live with more on that. what's the latest? >> reporter: the latest comes from the at&t national. greg mclaughlin who is with the
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tiger woods foundation tweets that on the 14th hole of congressional there's what appears to be an immovable object. he says there are 40 trees down. this is information tweeted by the at&t national. it is closed to spectators and volunteers. they're saying that play possible. but the head of the tiger woods foundation says there are 40 trees down. they will be cleaning up today rather than playing. that's not official. we'll update you, but that's the latest on the cleanup here at congressional. behind me is foong lin's chinese restaurant here on fairmont avenue. you see that the wind came through with such force it blew out the sign which was glass here. and i showed you earlier and we'll update you now on a surveyor who has been work ing n
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this block. and here's what he had to say. >> they're concerned about the 4909 building sh the fresh grill and the lincoln building. and i got the make sure, like i said, no horizontal or vertical shifts. >> reporter: if there is, then what? >> then we have to let the county know and it wouldn't be good news. >> reporter: they wouldn't be able to open to the public? >> no. >> reporter: so there are businesses along fairmont that you may order closed for safety reasons? >> yeah. >> reporter: all right. that's an update. three businesses that may have to remain closed on the odd side of the 4900 block of fairmont avenue, but some semblance of life returning to normal you see behind me and on the sidewalks. a farmer's market that just opened this hour and people are shopping, which is probably a
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good idea because without power people don't want to be opening their refrigerators and losing what chill they might have in there. peerm coming to look for fresh fruit. that's the latest in bethesda. back to you in the studio. >> we have an alert for washington suburban sanitary commission customers this morning. water restrictions are now in effect for all montgomery, prince george's county that's because storms knocked out power to wssc's water plants. they're asking people to stop all outside water use. don't try to water your launs or the flowers today. use water only as necessary. short showers, also limiting toilet flushing, try not to do a load of laundry today if you don't have to. also, no using the dishwasher. wssc is trying to make sure that there is enough water for fire fighting purposes until they get
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all systems back online. >> the time right now is 9:11. we're developing several swags including at dulles where passengers are reporting that tickets cannot be issued, bags can't be properly scanned. if you do have travel plans, call ahead. >> we want to remind you that if you come across a dark intersection, please remember to use it as a four-way stop. be extra cautious this morning.
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good morning, everyone. we've just heard from the airport authority delays at both
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airports, rig begeagan national dulles international, computers are down so all passenger information is being put in by hand. >> you definitely want to call ahead if you have any travel plans out of reagan or dulles because they are experiencing some computer-related delays there. the weather is clear, so taking off shouldn't be an issue, but getting you on that plane is the problem this morning. just minutes ago amtrak resumed service from d.c. to philadelphia. the company had to suspend trains early this morning because of the severe weather. officials have not splaexplaine what caused the delay have aapologized for the inconvenience. montgomery college is closed because their college does not have power this morning. montgomery school activities are closed today. all campuses of northern virginia community college is closed because of no power. the medtech institute in falls church, all classes and activities at trinity washington
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university are canceled for today but their trinity center will remain open. the patuxent research refuge is closed. you want to keep in mind that a lot of people are without power that includes these businesses and other centers. if you do have plans to head out, keep that in mind. maybe check before you head out there because they may not be open. >> to add to the list we have the college of southern maryland and la plata that have decided to cancel classes. a domino effect that has started from what we saw last night. incredible storm damage today. >> just about everyone did see a piece of the damage. a lot of people have been sending their photos here to news 4. >> you can e-mail us or twitter us. kim martucci has a look at those. >> pictures continue to come in. thank you for your input. this one comes from silver pring from kimberly miller.
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she said this is just one of the brach branches on the ground. you would see more just barely hanging by a thread. in alexandria, brianne chapman told me if this were her car she'd turn around and go back to bed. what a mess. in stafford, virginia, nikolaj torres caught this as the storm was passing overhead. in ashburn, the jackson family has this gazebo mess on their back deck. how do you hook us up with your pics? very easy. send us an e-mail we'll do our best to get them on the air. one thing i'm getting a ton of. there's one object flying through everybody's neighborhood that is kind of funny where it lands. if you have a kid and you don't have one of these and it landed in your backyard, they'd be
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doing back flips. take a guess at what the next group of pictures is going to be. odd large object flying around. >> i think i have an idea. but i'll save it. because i don't want to spoil it. >> some lighter news this morning. some people saying they were able to stand by their window and watch, but this is not to be taken lightly. because this morning we are reporting four fatalities. >> that's right. the time right now is 9:19. this is live coverage after the storm. you're looking at the cleanup that's under way. a lot of people very excited to see the big trucks moving into the neighborhood today. good morning! wow.
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our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet. you're watching news 4 today. >> we are back with all that storm damage from the big storm
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last night. a lot of people out trying to cut down the tree, get those branches out of the way, sometimes get them off of their cars, because a lot landed there. >> that's why the day planner forecast is so important. on a day like today we'll be over 100 degrees. you can get as much work as you can get done before noon time, then do what you can from about 5:00 p.m. until the sun sets. that's really the smartest way. already quite a bit of time there, several hours. excessive heat warning has sh issued for much of our area for today. that means that our heat index will be up around 110 degrees. areas to the north like around frederick, hagerstown, like around even baltimore, northern sections of baltimore, high heat for today. not in the excessive heat warning, but those heat-related illnesses that develop much
9:24 am
faster, that come on very quickly. if you are going to be outside today, the optimum amount to drink is four cups of water each hour. i know it sounds like a lot but you need to hydrate because you'll just be sweating it out. right around the noon hour, you'll be over around 92 degrees. but from 2:00 until about 5 dlk:00 we're talking about upper 90s. it will be really humid. then a chance for storms around 5:00 today and lasting up until about 11:00 p.m. today. those storms will be coming in, not one big line plowing through as was the case last night, but what we'll see is several little clusters of storms coming through our area. i'll show you where those impulses are in a bit. 97 around areas of frederick. and around 99 at olney.
9:25 am
those storms are gathering with a couple of impulses just west of our area. ohio and just west of chicago again, got one impulse here that will be making its way east and southeastward. we may see these storms staying just to the north, but like yesterday they could start developing more on the northern extent of that storm and makes its way through. take a look at the weather. those storms right on our back door. so from about 5:00 to 11:00, it plowed right through here. the main threat will be high winds. as far as the heat goes for today, 100 degrees your high. that's record temperature for this area on the date. 99 is our forecast high for sunday. so this extreme heat continues through the weekend. and then we'll start to see at least the little bit of
9:26 am
improvement. fourth of july week with highs in the low 90s. maybe a little bit more rain midweek or so. >> veronica johnson, we'll check in in a couple more minutes. >> we've got new information about the at&t golf tournament. golfers will hit the greens at 1:00 can but no spectators today. >> tiger is set to go at 2:40 today. updating you with more information as it develops. safety, downed wires, all of that coming in to play, millions of people without power. it is not going to be something that will be recovered within a matter of hours, possibly even a couple of days. let's talk this morning with a spokesman clay anderson who joins us this morning from pepco. are you there? >> good morning again. >> last time we talked you said that the numbers were fluk tuating.
9:27 am
some people who had power were experiencing an outage. >> the numbers continue to fluk tuate. we're looking at 440,000. another uptick, 440,000 customers are out. montgomery county now at 232,000. that's up a bit. and prince george's county is up to also 140,000. the reason for the fluctuation as we find wires, try to repair wires, we have to take some customers out of service to make repairs on downed wires because they are a safety hazard. until we get a firm grip on the assessment of the system, these numbers will fluke tuate from time to time. >> what's the worst case scenario here? it could be days before everyone is restored. >> the way it looks right now we continue to reach out for additional support as many
9:28 am
utilities are but with today being saturday into the weekend into next week, there's a great probability that the last of the 440,000 customers may not be restored until in to next week. with that, a safety issue, because as veronica said, the heat is dangerous. if have you friends and relatives, do not stay in your home, if your power's out. we do not have the expectation and make plans now to visit those who have power, who have air conditioning. this will be a good time to reach out to that neighbor. pepco is saying this is the time to plan. unfortunately, we do not expect the majority of our customers to be back within 24 hours, so it may take a couple more days to get this done. >> it's the same across the area with all the power companies
9:29 am
we've talked to this morning. folks, do not anticipate this to be something that's over and done with over a couple of hours. this will take a few days. >> hard work going on out there. 9:28. we've got our team all over the area, we're looking at the damage. live pictures from capitol hill. you're seeing the work in progress trying to remove the downed trees, get them out of the roadway, people are experiencing damage to cars and homes. sadly some people were killed. great! tyler here will show you everything. check out our new mobile app. now you can use your phone to scan your car's vin or take a picture of your license. it's an easy way to start a quote. watch this -- flo, can i see your license? no. well, all right.
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a rough morning for many people in our area. severe storms swept through the east coast.
9:33 am
two people are dead in fairfax county after trees fell on them. more than a million people are without power, and power companies are saying it could be not hours, folks, it could be days before everyone has electricity again. then to top it all off, it's going be another scorcher of a day with many places topping 100 degrees. good morning, i'm richard jordan. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for angie goff who is off today. if you are able to watch us this morning, consider yourself lucky. >> there are a lot of people without power. we'll go to an area we haven't visited yet. damascus. melissa mollet is there via skype. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. i got to tell you that -- heck of a mess getting up here from gaithersburg, which is where i live. lots of trees basically just on the side of the road. people had cleared them, it looked like, themselves. take a look at my uncle's house.
9:34 am
this is his driveway. this is a huge tree that has crashed across his driveway. right now they're working to chop this thing up, my father and my uncle, trying to get the chain saw working again because they're having some issues with that. i know it is a little bit difficult to see just because of skype here this morning. but as you look across the field in front of their house, you can see a lot of other limbs, a lot of other neighbors cleaning things up. a neighbor on the back side here, if we go around the back of their home, she says it looks like armageddon. lots of trees the and branches all over the place. you can hardly tell what's supposed to be there and other brush. he's been out here for several hours chopping one huge branch that crashed down on to his son's tree house. it really is a mess pretty much everywhere you go. you can see one traffic light
9:35 am
working the entire time we were driving up here. took us about 15 minutes or so. you can see a flag pole in the distance there completely bent in half. i think he'll get his chain saw or try to get this thing started again because that's what they're going to have to do today, is get things up out of the way. [ chain saw ] >> cue the chain saw, just when she called for it, there it was. melissa mollet. >> me lis is wlissa was using s morning. you saw her family taking to chain saws. >> 2 1/2 more hours to really take advantage of the lower temperatures for today. then after 5:00. now, if you're not going to do that and you know that you're going to be kind of hard headed and i got to get it done, then at least try to operate on some sort of buddy system today. if you're out there with
9:36 am
someone, nudge your partner, hey, have you had something to drink? here, drink this. that is the way to go. you need to stay hydrated. yesterday was incredible. >> i don't even know if we will feel the difference from yesterday to today. >> true. that's what i always say, geez, can it get any hotter out here. >> a difference of four degrees from yesterday to today? man. >> wow, right? so we've got the excessive heat warning for so many counties. it's one thing when you talk about the temperature, another when you add in the humidity. quite impressive. really hard to even breathe sometimes when the air is that gunky. that continues to 9:00 p.m. the air is thick with high humidity. we'll see a few cooling thunderstorms. some of those storms could be severe. the best chance of those will be after 5:00 p.m. until about 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. this evening. it won't come through as one
9:37 am
continuous line providing us with widespread wind damage, but there will be several clusters embedded. so getting way up high with a temperature of 94 degrees around noon time and then staying in the upper 90s for 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 today, 96 to 6:00 p.m. another scorcher. >> thousands of people are waking up this morning without power in fairfax county. it's been our biggest story. >> many are having a tough time getting around because of fallen trees in the roadways. julie carey is live with the damage in fairfax county. >> reporter: good morning again. but whether or not it is a good morning depends on where you live and whether like these folks, you have trees all over your yard. in this yard, it's the story of the poplar, the pine and the oak, parts of all three came down overnight. this area of falls church was hard hit right around 11:00,
9:38 am
neighbors described howling wind. they could hear leaves and branches pelting the houses. and in this house, top of three trees got sheared off. one got knocked completely over. underneath that in there, you can't see it now, there's a car in there. but because there's power lines wrapped around it sh the owner hasn't begun to venture in to see what's under that. but we're on 11th street right now. you go every four or five houses and there's another tree down. fortunately for a lot of folks here we've seen very few on top of houses. most are on cars, across roads, some people are penned in in this neighborhood. the city of falls church does have two advisories. first of all, they want them to conserve the water. they've got backup pumps operating. it's perfectly safe to drink but need to conserve if you can. secondly, too, because this is the hand of tall trees the and so many people have lost trees
9:39 am
and branches, they'll do free brush pickup through july 3rd, so once people can find a tree crew to get out and saw this stuff up, the city will come and take it away. obviously, with so many trees down, a lot of power outages here and throughout the area, we're hearing in arlington, much of the same. you are hearing older mature trees. 80 intersections in arlington county without power. if you are venturing out today, you got to be careful. back to you, guys. >> julie, thank you. >> thank you, julie. let's check out how things are looking in the district. >> derrick ward is here with how things are looking there. >> reporter: relatively quiet the last time we talked to you guys. take a look now. there's a lot of action going on here. any other morning the sound of heavy machinery and chain saws at 9:30 that would be an annoyance, but music to the ears of these folks because it means
9:40 am
that this street will soon be open. but there are other issues that are caused by this storm. usually the utility company that we all talk about is the electric company. but the water company has got some issues in this neighborhood as well. a sinkhole. take a look. a few blocks from here. early late -- or early this morning -- or late last night an eight-foot gusher pushed through the sidewalk. we're told that the temperature intransients that we have, the heat and then cooling down from the rain caused that pipe to rupture. folks in that block do not have water service. this tree that's been the focal point of this 200 block of eighth street, crews making short work of it. they've got heavy machinery, logging machinery starting to lift parts of that tree off of the porch writ landed. they still haven't gotten it off of that pickup truck, and that's going to be something to see. and then they'll take it from
9:41 am
there. but this street will soon be over. but issues all over the city that will take a little bit longer. but for the folks here on eighth street and those who plan to visit eastern market the end is in sight. sadly the end for this oak tree as well. on capitol hill, derrick ward, news 4. the time is 9:41. we'll continue our live team coverage of the day after the storm. a lot of people out there cleaning up. we've got another hot one on tap today. >> yes, we do. please be extra cautious out there again. veronica johnson telling us if you find it necessary to cut down those branchs and limbs, you've got a couple hours to do so. try and stay in, try not to be outside. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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more than 500 people are picking up the pieces in riverdale after the storms ripped the roof right off their building. people at the park tanglewood apartments say the storm tore through the seven-story building last night. so far no reports of any major injure. prince george's county says this is the worst damage they've seen so far. while many of those residents are looking for a place to stay, the red cross is providing an emergency shelter for them. our communications director cheryl kravitz joins us with more details. can you hear us? >> good morning pi c. i can hear you. we have about 70 people in a shelter in northwestern high school. we've just finished feeding them breakfa breakfast. men, women and children, some
9:46 am
were from the apartment complex and from a fire in landover. >> in order to go to your shelter, does your home have to be inhabitable or can you spend a couple hours there waiting for the power to kick back on or to pass the real heat of the day today? >> the red cross helps everyone. so what i would suggest they do, if they need some help and particularly from that apartment complex, we don't know if everybody there was able to get over here, we suggest that they do that. >> do they need to bring any type of i.d., any like that? >> i would suggest bringing i.d. because we'll have our client services people on the scene today, tomorrow and as long as we're needed, and so if they could do that, that would be really, really helpful. we encourage people at the red cross to stay hydrated in this heat and somewhere cool.
9:47 am
but we're at northwestern high school in adelphi road. and we have been housing people since early this morning. the number of them, about 70 people slept here last night. >> are there shelters that you're aware of besides northwestern and where can people get information where you're open. >> right now the only shelter that we're inhabiting is the one another northwestern and we're doing that with our community partners. >> do you have any idea how long you'll stay open? >> as long as we're needed. >> that's what we like to hear. we appreciate it. that's a shelter that's open at northwest high school. 70 people already taking advantage of that. >> it's probably going to go up. >> 76 right now. but that's going to go straight through the roof, right? >> straight through the roof. >> you're sitting in your house, you're uncomfortable, when you don't have any power, you don't have any ac, you got seek shelter somewhere to keep cool and that means maybe going to a
9:48 am
mall, going to a strip center, maybe going to a movie today. anything you can to stay out of the heat. those who are used to it, i'll open up a window, open up a window on the north side of the house. make sure you keep the blinds, the curtains pulled so your house stays cool for as long as possible today. you have two more hours before temperatures start topping out over the 90-degree mark. then after 5:00, you should be able to head outside and get a little done as well. let's talk temperatures around the area. you'll notice on that list montgomery county, fairfax county, years of prince william county. you'll notice the cool spot is mount airy, maryland. those maryland counties that border pennsylvania not in our excessive heat warning for today. they are starting out cooler and did today. gaithersburg at 88, chantillied
9:49 am
a 84 degrees. you our excessive heat warning for these counties shaded in bright pink, baltimore, howard, montgomery county, loudoun county. right through rappahannock, collier, the heat index today around 110 for several hours. keep drinking that water if you are going to be outside. make sure you that judge the person that you're with and say make sure you stay hydrated as well. 98 degrees the temperature. i think we'll max out around 100 degrees today giving us a chance to tie with our record high. we're seeing temperatures topping out at 101. down around charlottesville in virginia. yesterday's high 104. so today will feel much like yesterday. not the nature of what the storms were like yesterday. they're not good to be widespread, high winds, damaging
9:50 am
winds through that area. that cluster of storm that we were watching in indiana and ohio, that's starting to fall apart, but we'll make the ripples or waves make their way eastward. that one could gather some strength instead of one continuous line, i think we'll have a cluster of storms moving through. our best chance will be 5:00. we're looking at the future weather cast where the storms may be setting up. that will be around western maryland, the panhandle of western maryland, then we could see some clusters make their way east and eastward again. 5 clock to around 11:00 koun to areas of south-central virginia. then we start out tomorrow morning again with sunshine around the area. and tomorrow slight chance for some showers and storms. i don't thing they're going to be like the ones we get today, a partly sunny sky for tomorrow. good location would be to head to the beach. that water temperature is at 73
9:51 am
degrees. saturday, sunday, monday, 89 to 97 with a chance of storms sunday to monday. always nice when you're near the water on hot oppressive days like this. hot and humid for today. partly sunny sky. keep an eye on the sky for the thunderstorms that could start after 5:00 today. 95 to 100 but feeling like 110, then tomorrow morning, 70 to 76 degrees. sun is up at 5:47. the cleanup will continue. we've been talking about the mini power companies. it will take days for the power to be restored. even sunday excessive dangerous heat. monday and tuesday when our temperatures will drop back to the low and mid-90s. still running above average for temperatures. we could still ge rain tuesday and thursday of next week. mid to upper 70s. we've cooled down but not the
9:52 am
kind of cooldown that we want to see. >> that will make any type of difference. >> yeah. >> we also want to mention that we were talking about expect some delays this morning. if you are planning on going out of town, you're vacations, we're hearing from folks from reagan and dulles they're having problems with computers and difficulties checking in bags, so be sure to make time for that. >> we want to go to prince county george's executive who join us on the phone. we know you had an issue in riverdale. >> that's the major damage we've seen so far today in riverdale, but we had two fires that occurred. i want to make sure that the residents and citizens understand that we're discouraging them from using candles. please use a flashlight. if you need batteries, go get batteries. but the two fires we've had from
9:53 am
the storm have been from the use of candles. we have a significant amount of houses that are without electricity and power which are a great concern to us given the fact that had will be 100 plus degree heat today. in addition to the roof being blown off in riverdale we've got a that as a concern. we've opened up northwestern high school as a shelter though many of the residents who have no other options and can go there. and we are going to have cooling centers opened up so that -- so that residents can go to -- go there and get water and get cooled. >> do you know what time those cooling centers are going to be open or maybe the location of them. >> we have a few locations. and we'll be updating the media throughout the day. as of 9:00 we've identified four
9:54 am
locations. the wayne curry sports and leshing complex, prince george's plaza, suitland community center and glass manor community centers will be the first ones open between now and i think 10:30. they'll pe open, they'll be staffed by multiple agency from the county. social services, family services, multiple agencies will be there to help and provide assistance, but we want people not to be in their homes with this heat going the way it is and if they need to get out, go to these cooling centers. we'll have more that will be coming online as the day progress progresses. >> we'll check back with you as our coverage continues. >> the heat, no power, that's not a good combination. a lot of people will be pretty uncomfortable getting through this. we heard from the power
9:55 am
companies it could dedays. >> fire and ems is extremely busy responding to over 800 incidents. more than 400 were storm related and 200 were heat related incidents. today will still be a dangerous situation. we're edging toward the 100-degree mark. take precautions. >> we'll continue next at 10:00 a.m. stick around. more live pictures as the cleanup continues after the storm.
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
right now coming up on 10:00, the chain saws are out, the tree cutting crews are busy. it is the morning after a severe storm. thousands or waking up without
9:59 am
power, and it could be days before everything gets back to normal. good morning, everyone. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for angie goff. more than a half million people are waking up this morning without electricity. pepco has more than 430,000 people without power. dominion reporting about 450,000 out anls. bge has around 195,000 people without power. potomac edison they're at about 50,000. smeco close to 38,000 without electricity. >> and novec has around 26,000 outages now. if your home doesn't have power or someone down the treat is st someone is without power.
10:00 am
it looks like we may not have the numbers there, but we'll have them on our website. a lot of numbers there but we'll try to keep showing them to you and post them on our website. >> you can find them all the time just by going to we're updating information around the clock. head there for more information. >> two people are dead because of last night's storm. it had winds topping 70 miles per hour. a man in west springfield died after a tree fell on to his car and crushed it. a woman died after a tree fell on to her home in falls church. strong winds ripped off the roof of an apartment complex in riverdale. that displaced hundreds of residents there. in d.c., downed power lines
10:01 am
sparked a car fire. two people were sent to the hospital. it all came after a day of record breaking heat all across the region. and we have some breaking news also out of maryland. the at&t national golf tournament going on in bethesda will try to get a third round in today but fans and volunteers will not be able to attend. they said that play will begin at 1:00 this afternoon and they'll try to squeeze everyone in before about 3:15. tiger woods is scheduled to tee off at 2:30. if you have a ticket today, it will be honored for tomorrow's round. we'll keep you updated with the breaks news on this. the power outages couldn't come at a worse time because it is expected to be another dangerously hot day. people will be sweating it out with no air conditioning. temperatures are expected to once again reach or even top 100 degrees. veronica johnson joining us this
10:02 am
morning. when we talk about do we focus on the heat or do we focus on the storm? >> to me both seem equally high. but i get i'd have to say in this case maybe the heat but only slightly because it will be affecting everyone today. but we are talking about some storms and we could be getting more power outages with the storms later today. you don't want to hear that, but after 5:00 today, could be bringing strong winds, 50, 60 miles per hour with even 70-mile-per-hour gusts. unlike yesterday, not one continuous line but clusters of storms. that's nor latfor later today. the other story is the heat, especially if you don't have any ac to stay cool in. all those counties there, baltimore down to loudoun, leesburg, manassas that heat
10:03 am
index up 110 degrees. by noon time today by lunch time then for several hours up around 96, 97, 98 degrees. there's the storms on your day planner forecast. a chance up until about 11:00 p.m. could see some hail and can't rule out this time an isolated tornado. a little different characteristics with the storms coming in later. >> let me ask you because with so much debris should people pick up loose branches because the storm could send them into their homes, that kind of storm? >> it will be have winds up to 70 miles per hour with some of them. yeah, there will be some debris getting moved around. we say with any thunderstorms take any loose items, keep them secure. certainly the ones that you can move but do it at the cooler part of day. >> veronica johnson working
10:04 am
overtime for us. appreciate it. downed trees and power lines causing problems all across our region. >> that include maryland. chris gordon has been assessing the damage in bethesda. he joins us with more. >> reporter: hey, richard and erika, what we have behind me is the farmers market at st. elmo's. people are trying to get out of their houses, trying to find coffee. there's a long line waiting to get in a diner up the street. trying to find coffee if you can't make it at home. we took a ride. we want to show you video up old georgetown road to see a tree that got hit by lightning. the base of the tree was on fire last night. montgomery county police officers were on duty all night. they warn that a lot of the trees that were down, try not to get too close, try not to brush those trees because there are power lines intertwined.
10:05 am
most of them may be off, there may be no power. but you don't know that. so be very careful. we talked to people in montgomery county who had trees down over in the bethesda, chevy chase area. >> this morning when i went out to walk around the neighborhood, have old tree down in sleeper place, we have no trees down on linbrook, saw a squad car coming through the neighborhood at 6:30 doing the sight survey. so i know we've been reported. but who knows? last time we had something like this, we were out about three days. that's what i would expect this time. >> with the excessive heat. >> just tough it out. i'll probably go to the library and camp out or call a friend. >> we're in denial because none of us want to believe it's going to take three days, but as you see behind me, people here in
10:06 am
bethesda have come to this park just to be outside, to come with the kids if they don't have air condition, to just feel cold. there's a little breeze. all of these are trying to get out and about before it becomes humid. that's the latest from bethesda. >> thanks, chris. did you have power this morning when you woke up? >> no. i was downtown. i drove up massachusetts avenue. we had to turn around a downed tree, i knew we were coming in to work at about 4:00. we had no power. it's hard to sleep in a hot home as most of us already know. >> chris gordon, thank you for being a trooper. >> many people are without power. >> drivers in that area are having a tough time getting around the scattered trees.
10:07 am
it really is a dangerous situation. pretty scary for a lot of people. julie carey has more live. >> reporter: him on 11th street in falls church. thoos phobes are blocked for the time being. we were here with you live. from where i stand i can see six different trees that have toppled over. but there's progress being made here. this guy, he's the most popular person in town today. this is paul handly. what's he got? >> a chain saw. >> he's come to the rescue of his neighbors, but you had a little problem at your own hold. >> we had a much bigger tree come down. something we're not capable of cutting down. we thought we'd come over here with the saw and take care of
10:08 am
our friends. >> how frightening was it in your home last night? >> it was really frightening. we went downstairs right away. at first i thought it wasn't much of a storm, so we went downstairs and made the best of it. >> reporter: wake you up, ben? >> yes. >> reporter: what did you see when you looked outside? >> when we saw the big tree break, they told me to go look at it and i saw it. and i just sprinted downstairs. p i was freaking out. >> that's a little scary. so you were kind enough to come out here with the chain saw. >> what goes around comes around. >> reporter: we will not keep you from your appointed duties here. and these folks might be able to get out some time today. very nice of you to help them out. thanks for talking to us. again, in falls church, about every block this is what you see, trees down everywhere. if you pan across, we were showing you this one earlier. these guys lost three tree in a row. there's a car underneath there. the chain saws are firing up.
10:09 am
we're reporting live in falls church. julie carey. >> thanks for that report. it is a day for neighbors to help out neighbor. >> absolutely. be careful out there. it's going to be another hot one. >> the time right now is 10:09. our coverage continues the day after the storm. we'll give you the latest on power outages as well as more on what's closed, what's open, delays at the airport, so much going on. these are live pictures out of d.c. >> if you can't get in touch with loved ones, we're hearing reports of a downed cell phone tower in northern virginia. just again, domino effect after last night's storms. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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all right. it's a live look at one of our cameras this morning. 10:12. and it looks like it's a beautiful day outside, but things are going to rapidly warm up today as we approach the 100-degree mark. another scorcher of a day. so please be careful. >> we want to let you know that the folk life festival has been canceled for today. organizers will do their best to open it tomorrow. just one of many events that were planned for today because of the storms last night and the heat expected today -- >> right. and my alma mat are is here. so i'll be sad to see them go back home to south texas. good to have them here while it lasted. safety the most important thing for everybody. many of you have captured some of the most amazing pictures. we've been seeing them all over twitter @nbc washington. >> do you have any guesses as to which big object is blowing
10:14 am
around everybody's neighborhood. >> i think i know what it is. i think it's a trampoline. >> they've been winding up in the darndest places. theirs fell on to three cars underneath that. luckily the cars are okay. trampoline not so much the wedding and the cott families are neighbors. there's the fence. barbara kopp told me that their trampoline went over the fence whose kids always wanted a trampoline. this from corky's farm vineyard. yeah, trampoline ended up with the grapes in the vineyard. so i would think of i love lucy jumping up and down on the grapes, this would help. >> you are supposed to jump on the trampoline, the trampoline isn't supposed to jump. >> and germantown, this went up
10:15 am
and over her fence and up into the trees along the side of her yard. of course, you can send us your weather pictures to and follow me on twitter. i'm @weather kim. but many heartbreaking pics with trees crashing through roofs and cars. >> and we're making you work overtime. kim, she's one of those beautiful pregnant women on her feet all morning long trying to give us the best storm coverage. >> thank you. >> appreciate that. >> baby girl says thanks. >> the time right now is 10:15. we'll have more of our extensive coverage after the storm. more on the cleanup. there you see it happening live. more trees down.
10:16 am
10:17 am
10:18 am
10:19 am
an alert for washington suburban sanitary customers this morning. water restrictions are in effect for all montgomery and prince jornl's county customers and that's because the storms knocked out power to wssc's water fil water filtration plants. don't try to water the lawn today or the flower bed. use what's necessary. so don't take an hour-long shower. limit the toilet flushing. try not to run your dishwashers, save the dirty laundry for a bit. wssc is trying to make sure there's enough water for fire fighting purposes until the systems get all in line. >> those showers today will be cold showers. >> people will want them cold. >> exactly.
10:20 am
we're talking about a situation today, though, just like yesterday. we'll have extreme heat around our area. it would develop that much faster in conditions like today. what we're going to see today, the temperature getting over 90 degrees by lunchtime. as we get there, the washington monument in the distance. not much of a hazy sky yet but your day planner forecast has that for you. 89 degrees. then getting to 98 by 2:00 today. our temperatures will be holding in the upper 90s for several hours. chance of storms after 5:00 today. those storms will be fierce, but not everyone will be affected this time. clusters coming through. some of the highest temperatures will be right here down to our south and west. that pocket around culpepper, around manassas, around suddenly, warrenton, in to d.c.,
10:21 am
100 or higher. the coolest location right near the water and ocean city. the storms that we were watching in ohio now move toward pennsylvania really, really has weakened consider aenl. but there's another storm a little another little wave and we've got a chance of storms up until 11:00 p.m. the main threat with the storms that come in today, there's 5:00 on your future weather where they can be just to the north and west. the main threat will be high winds for today. they cannot rule out some hail this time and cannot rule out the possibility of an isolated tornado. so we have the possibility then seeing some stormy conditions for the afternoon and evening. 100 degrees your high temperature. record heat for today. 99 for sunday. again, power companies talking about power being out for a couple of days before they're restored in some areas.
10:22 am
it's going to come during the worst time, so make sure you stay hydrated. make sure you stay in a cool shaded area for as long as possible. we turn it down to the low to mid-90s by next week with a little bit of rain on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> d.c. fire and ems tweeted out that yesterday they responded to 200 calls for heat related events. now their 911 call center is down, so they want people to go to their nearest police department or fire station to report emergencies. definitely going to be the theme today. please be careful, folks. we have another closure to report this morning. all george mason classes will be closed today. >> we'll be right back in just a couple of minutes. stay with you.
10:23 am
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the big story for today is the cleanup efforts from those severe storms last night. >> yeah, the effort is on now to restore power to more than a million people who will be complicated -- or at least feeling uncomfortable because of the extreme heat. derrick ward is live on capitol hill this morning where people have been doing some cleanup there. >> reporter: indeed. you can take a look at the progress they've made so far. they've pretty much got most of the tree out of the way. they've got to lift it off of that car. we've got a chance to look at the damage in the house. some windows broken in one house, some of the flashing and the turret on the roof also damaged. nothing substantial that we can see here and the street will soon be open. there are other trees down and
10:27 am
power and water out other places in this neighborhood that will take a bit longer to work out. however, we do seem to be on the other end of thins now, all we have to deal with is the high temperature and these folks will have a little less shade to protect them from it. live on capitol hill, now back to you. >> thank you so much. we want to thank all our crews out in the field today doing a great job for the past 4 1/2 hours bringing us the latest. that will do it for us. >> we'll have continuing coverage of the storm damage throughout the day on and then tonight at 6:00 and 11:00. see you then.
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