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tv   Today  NBC  July 1, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, no relief. nearly half the nation's still sweltering under 100 plus degree temperatures day. while millions of homes remain without power and air conditioning. that after the brutal east coast storm, it's a dangerous situation. making progress. firefighters gain new ground against the most destructive wildfire in colorado state history. but bad weather looms and residents heading back to their devastating neighborhoods today may have little left to return
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to. and adults behaving badly. check this out. watch as they do nothing as kids as young as 5 years old duke it out on cam pera and you're not going to believe who it took to break it all up today. captions paid for by nbc-universal television welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm jena pofl. >> i'm peter alexander in for lester holt. my neighborhood is one of those still missing power today. this has been a mess. >> is there a way to get is from here to there without stepping outside, that would probably be -- it is sweltering out there. >> the nation is baking in heat today. in a lot of places, the power could be out for up to a week because of the big storm. >> at least 13 people are dead and states of emergency have been declared in ohio, virginia, west virginia and the nation's capital. >> in total, more than 2 million
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homes are still without power, all the way from indiana to maryland. >> that's not the end of it. heat advisories remain in effect for most of the southeast and the mid-atlantic states. once again, triple digit temperatures are expected across the southern third of the country. we'll have much more on all of that in just a little bit. >> also this morning, we're going to have an update on aimee copeland, the brave young woman from georgia who is battling a flesh eating bacteria. she is making remarkable progress. and tomorrow is going to be a really significant day, not just for her, but for her entire family. her father is going to join us for an exclusive interview on "today." >> a brave young woman right there. and tom cruise and katie holmes, they're the latest celebrity couple to call it quits. they join a long list, though, of famous twosomes to go their separate ways. it is a very important topic. we're going to look at why hollywood couples cannot seem to stay together. i say it sarcastically, but they don't. >> as someone said to me, they say it would never last and it didn't. so -- >> and it didn't. >> it has been nearly a year
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since casey anthony was acquitted on charges she killed her daughter. coming up this morning, we're going to look at her life since then. but we begin this morning with this record shattering heat wave. the weather channel's mike sidle is in washington, d.c. this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, peter. that giant wind storm on friday night knocked down thousands of trees and one of those is on this street in northwest washington. this is about as big as they come. a huge old oak tree. and look at the size of the root ball, about 12 feet tall, taking out the sidewalk and as the tree came down, it knocked out transformers, the power lines and the power went out to millions. emergency workers are out this morning trying to clear the roads and get the power back on to millions of homes from indiana to maryland. >> this is the largest nonhurricane power outage in virginia history. >> reporter: the relentless heat is making the aftermath of friday's storms even more dangerous and difficult. at least 13 deaths are being
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blamed on the storms, most of them from falling trees. around 2 million homes are still without power in eight midwestern and mid-atlantic states. >> the roads haven't been cleared yet. you're not going to be able to get out to get help and they won't be able to get to you. >> reporter: saturday night, 232 stranded amtrak passengers were placed on buses after spending 24 hours stranded on a train. downed trees were blocking the tracks in both directions. some of them arrived in cincinnati earlier this morning. >> they gave us announcements, and they told us that there had been a storm and some trees had fallen on the track. >> reporter: in southern new jersey, the storm caught campers by surprise with speed and power. >> believe it or not, my husband was outside in the lightning and in the wind. holding our tent down. >> reporter: lightning strikes took out power in maryland and set this house on fire.
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in washington, trees are down all around the capital. president obama has ordered the federal emergency management agency to assist kentucky, ohio, west virginia, virginia, maryland, pennsylvania as well as the district of columbia. and it is going to be another scorcher today. people in 23 states will swelter in 100 plus degree heat again, some for the fourth day in a row. temperatures will dip back into the 90s as the week goes on, but officials say people can expect their power to be out for a while. yesterday extreme heat. another all time record high set, hotlanta, 106 degrees. and in june, it has been hot in chicago. so far this season, june tied their record through the end of the month, they have had 1 17 90-degree days. we'll hit 90 in chicago for the next five to six days as the heat simmers on. back to you guys. >> mike, stay cool today. thank you very much. so how long will the heat wave last? the weather channel's stephanie abrams is upstairs with the details. >> good morning to you both.
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good morning to you at home. unfortunately we're going to see it for another several days. look at this, where we are going to see that heat index above 100 degrees. it is not just the heat, but you have to factor in that humidity. so why is it so hot? our jet stream is very far to the north. what does that mean? warm air could go as far north as that jet stream, so we are seeing those 100 degree temperatures yet again. st. louis, louisville, atlanta, all the way down to albany, and it is july 1st, and here say look at our outlook for the month. it looks like that heat is going to continue across the country, above normal temperatures for a big chunk of the nation. peter? >> all right, stephanie, thank you very much. we'll get the rest of your national forecast in just a minute. >> time for a check of this morning's other top stories. for that we go to ron mott at the news desk today. good morning. >> hey, peter. jenna, good morning to you. what else are we talking about but the weather. crews are battling most destructive wildfire in colorado
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history. forecasters say it is getting hotter and it is getting dryer. the 26 square mile waldo canyon fire is 45% contained. some evacuees are being allowed to temporarily return to their devastated neighborhoods this morning, about 350 homes have burned to the ground. fears of more fires are prompting many communities to canc this will ye cancel this year's fourth of july fireworks displays. conditions are bone dry in the midwest. drought is affecting nearly three-quarters of the country. mexicans are voting for a new president today, the outcome of that election could affect the war on drugs. we get a report today from nbc's mark potter. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, ron. as millions of mexicans go to the polls to elect a new president and other officials, they're being watched closely now by hundreds of international election monitors. leading in the polls in the presidential race is 45-year-old enrique nieto, a governor from the party known as the pre. the pre led mexico for seven straight decades until it was voted out 12 years ago amid
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allegations of widespread corruption and cronyism. he says the pre today is different and it is the party to lead mexico now toward more international investment, to create jobs, and to reduce the high level of violence here. but some in the u.s. believe that could lead to a lesser focus here on mexico's drug war, which has cost about 45,000 lives so far. ron? >> nbc's mark potter in mexico city for us this morning. mark, thank you very much. israel is mourning the death of former president yitzhak shah mere. he died saturday at the age of 96 after a long illness. he had friendly ties with the u.s., but was criticized for expanding settlements on the west bank and gaza strip, increasing tensions between israelis and palestinians. a man remains in critical condition after being mauled by chimpanzees in south africa. his parents are on their way to visit their 26-year-old son. oberly is an student at the university of texas and was
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attacked last week while giving a lecture. penny palfrey ended her bid to become the first woman to swim unassisted from cuba to the florida keys. a member of her support team says a strong current stopped the 49-year-old endurance swimmer early today, 26 miles short of completing the 100 mile challenge. palfrey had been in the water for 41 hours and had suffered numerous jellyfish stings. lovers of foie gras in california have run out of time to enjoy the delicacy. at midnight, sales were banned with a penalty of a thousand dollars to any restaurant that continues to serve it. this produced a stampede for foie gras ahead of the ban. wonder how that is going over in livermore. that's the news for now. back to peter, jenna and i think stephanie abrams is in the house now. >> thank you, ron. can you imagine being in the water for 41 hours, covered in jellyfish bites and decide whether to go on or quit. i would say quit.
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>> one time you teach your children is avoid the foie gras stampede. that's dangerous. how you are you doing this morning? >> good. good to see you guys again. let's look at what we're going how are you? >> i'm good. that's the threat for some thunderstorms yet again. along this front, anywhere from montana to the midwest. down into portions of the southeast. look at that, so cal, 73 in los angeles. here's a look at what's happening outside your door. >> good sunday morning to you. we're off to another sweltering start. temperatures already in the low and mid 80s around town. mid to upper 70s and the cooler -- cooler in quotation marks, western suburbs. 75 in hagerstown. that's your forecast for today. mostly sunny, sizzling, hot and humid. there will be a chance for thunderstorms today. best chances will be from the southern shenandoah valley down jenna, over to you. >> stephanie, thank you. now to politics. an election day just over a
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little more than four months away, both president obama and mitt romney are focused on the economy. and the fallout over the supreme court's ruling on health care. david gregory is the moderator of "meet the press." david, good morning. >> good morning, jenna. >> the supreme court's ruling on health care did little to quiet the chatter and criticism. a recent poll shows 52% of americans want either some or all of it repealed. i know you had a chance to sit down with house minority leader nanci pelosi to talk about the chance of this get tting repeal. >> do you think repeal is unrealistic? from mitt romney to republican leaders, they say we'll lead the charge on this. >> but it is -- i think that that part of it is over. do we always want to fight for more and better? we want to continue to lower costs and we built that in to the health care -- affordable care act. >> david, how realistic is it that this will get repealed? >> i think it is very difficult.
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you know, it depends on what the outcome of the election is, not only at the top, but the president, but also numbers for republicans in the house and the senate. i mean, look what a legislative grind it was to pass this in the first place. it could be that difficult to do it -- to repeal it as well. it is a question of political will. do republicans want to spend the next six months fighting this fight. what they do recognize is that, a, there may be some politics on their side. and, b, they realize if they're going to do anything, they want to do it before 2014 when a lot of this gets implemented at the state level because then it gets harder to take a new benefit away from people. >> it would also be incredibly expensive to do that as well. both obama and romney are trying to capitalize on the ruling, however, both campaigns feverishly fund-raising, looking for donations and money right now. which candidate stands to gain the most from this ruling? >> well, i think it is going to energize conservatives considerably because it did before. it had huge political results in 2010 when democrats lost the house.
8:13 am
and i think for romney, it becomes a centerpiece of where the obama administration went wrong in his view. where it took its eye off the ball of economic recovery. on other side, the president has an opportunity to tout what is certainly a signature achievement of his first term, but he also can try to connect it to a bigger message about middle class, economic security and this is a big piece of it. so i think that's how it will shape up as we move forward over the next several months. >> speaking of the obama campaign, they're trying to refocus their attention on the economy now. new job numbers come out on friday. how important is that going to be to the campaign? >> well, you know, a lot of people are away, certainly. if you look at that chart, you see that 8.2% for may and a dismal jobs report is going to have a lot of attention focused on what june looked like. and whether there is any more sign of recovery or whether it continues to be very slow. so these become big moments. we'll have after this coming friday, i believe, four more reports until the election. these become very important. not only because americans
8:14 am
understand the unemployment rate, but they're also paying attention to how many jobs have been created as a sign of whether growth is going anywhere near the right direction. >> we mentioned nancy pelosi, who else do you have on the program? >> we'll do a special hour on health care, what it means, what the politics are? governor of louisiana bobby jindal could be a vp pick. he'll join us. and he'll debate howard dean on whether this law is good for americans as it moves forward. and our political round table will break down the politics and savannah guthrie, the new co-host of "today" will join us to talk about it all as well. >> look forward to that, david gregory, david, thank you very much. and now once again, here is peter. >> jenna, thank you. two men have been ordered to appear in court, suspected of encouraging and recording a fight between two young boys. this apparently is just the latest example of adults behaving badly. the story now from nbc's ron allen. >> reporter: someone was so
8:15 am
outraged when they saw these pictures online, they reported them to police. the children are possibly 5 to 8 years old, police say, and the video was shot by an adult. >> what is most disturbing is the fact that there are adults that are nearby that aren't stopping it. >> reporter: in fact, another man appears to move some children out of the way so they don't block the camera. >> move. back up. >> move. >> my professional opinion is that this is a form of child abuse. >> reporter: these days, it is not hard to find video of parents behaving badly. like that minor league hockey coach in vancouver, canada. he says he slipped during what was supposed to be a post game show of sportsmanship, when his foot seemed to trip a 13-year-old player on an opposing team. the player broke his wrist. police are investigating whether to charge the coach. and there are cases of parents caught allegedly encouraging their kids to fight. like this mother of three from long island, new york, who
8:16 am
police say took her daughter to a schoolyard to confront several bullies. the mom has said she took action because neither school officials nor police were willing to get involved to protect her daughter. in florida, police say this father was caught on tape encouraging his son to fight another teen. >> knock him out! knock him out! >> reporter: the dad said he regrets some things he's heard saying, but said he, too, was helping his son fight back against months of harassment. >> two wrongs don't make a right. this is the worst kind of parenting there is. >> reporter: back in california, it didn't take long for an anonymous tipster to let police know where that fight had taken place. two brothers, including this man, who had posted his own picture along with a video were issued citations to appear in court to explain. a fight that ironically only stopped, police say, when a child stepped in to break things up.
8:17 am
for "today," ron allen, nbc news, los angeles. >> can't make it up. up next on "today," tom cruise and katie holmes, the latest celebrity couple to throw in the towel. why do so many of our favorite stars wind up in divorce court? we're going to take a look right after this. [ female announcer ] daily sun exposure
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requires daily sun protection. eucerin daily protection spf 15 body lotion is a long-lasting moisturizer and spf in one. it helps protect skin against everyday sun exposure. daily protection body lotion only from eucerin. this morning, tom cruise is dealing with a harsh reality, his split with his third wife, katie holmes. they're the latest couple calling it quits in hollywood.
8:19 am
nbc's michelle franzen now on why so many celebrity marriages end up in divorce court. >> reporter: tom cruise, on the move yesterday, hopping a helicopter ride from the set of his latest movie in iceland. first glimpse of the star since friday's bombshell that wife katie holmes filed for divorce. just two weeks ago, the couple appeared cozy in public, holding hands, and leading some to speculate the news came as a complete surprise to cruise. but is their split just another example of a classic hollywood ending? from liz taylor and richard burton who married and divorced twice, to kris and kim. celebrity i dos and breakups make headlines. in the past year, we have seen several high profile couples call it quits. think russell and katy, ashton and demi, j. lo and marc. it is more of a shock when a hollywood marriage does go the distance. but what is it about a celebrity that makes tying the knot seem like mission impossible?
8:20 am
>> it is much harder to stay married in the world of celebrity because of opportunity. if your relationship isn't going great, you go away, you shoot a movie for three months and then you fall in love with your co-star. >> reporter: celebrities also don't have to look far to find a sea of admirers, and bottom line, some say it just comes down to their careers. >> risk taking and impulsivity is a big part of what celebrity is about in general. so then bringing relationships, of course, they're going to be impulsive. >> reporter: while stars, maybe just like us when it comes to falling in love, breaking up is much harder to do, even with a prenup. >> it is not about the divorce between two people, it is my public relations against your public relations, it is my manager against your manager. it is all these extraneous things. >> reporter: making divorce, just like marriage, a big business in tinseltown. for "today," michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. still to come on a sunday edition of "today," a big moment for aimee copeland, the georgia
8:21 am
woman who nearly died after she contracted a rare flesh eating bacteria. her father joins us exclusively to talk about a major milestone for her. but first, these messages. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown
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still to come on "today," casey anthony, where has she been hiding since her acquittal on murder charges one year ago this week? alec baldwin ties the knot as his rock of ages co-star tom cruise plans a trip to divorce court. ld. [ female announcer ] the gold standard in anti-aging. roc® retinol. found in roc® retinol correxion deep wrinkle night cream. it's clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of skin. now for maximum results, the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum to create retinol correxion® max.
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good morning, it is 8:26 on this sunday, july 1. i'm richard jordan. here's a look at the stories making headlines this morning.
8:27 am
residents in fairfax county are waking up under a boil order. people should boil water before using it to cook or drink. water pressure in the area is low. that could allow bacteria to enter the pipes. this morning the lights are still out for 100,000 people in prince georges county. firefighters were called to a senior living facility yesterday after people got sick there. and fairfax said the 911 service has been partially restored. they're urging people to bo to the local fire or police station in case of energy. 703-691-6561 is the emergency number.
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning, everybody. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. we are off to another sultry start this morning. temperatures already in the low to mid 80s in the immediate metropolitan area and also for bayside communities. 79 in leesburg and 79 degrees in fairfax and falls church this morning. already 81 in frederick, maryland. plenty of sunshine today, hot and humid. there's a chance for a couple of showers or thunderstorms especially south and west of washington from harrison burg to richmond. highs today flirting with 100
8:30 am
again. tomorrow, a better chance for some cooling showers on your monday. sizzling hot for the fourth also. richard? >> thanks. we'll have more on the heat coming unat 9:00 and we'll look at the storm damage we are back on this sunday morning, it is july 1st, by the way. have you realized this? july 1st, 2012. our thanks to the great folks spending part of their morning with us down here on the plaza. it is going to get to be another scorcher here in new york a little later. i'm peter alexander alongside my friend and colleague today, jenna wolfe. coming up this morning, a remarkable story of courage and survival. this is something you don't want to miss. >> yeah, her name is aimee copeland, she's the georgia grad student who has been fighting that flesh eating bacteria for two months now. the aggressive disease forced doctors to amputate her left
8:31 am
leg, right foot and both hands. now she's about to reach a new milestone. her father will join us for an exclusive interview about aimee's incredible progress. >> also this morning, casey anthony, a name everyone is now familiar with, but where has she been? it has been almost a year since her surprising aquital on murder charges. we'll look at what she has been up to in the last 365 plus days. >> and then switching gears, charlie sheen's new show debuted this week, one of the highest rated cable shows to debut. you can use the word winning or whatever you want to use. we'll talk about that. and adele is now rolling deep in diapers, soon. she soon will be. we'll talk about all of those topics. >> coming up this morning, we have a great little outdoor barbecue fourth of july -- p pre fourth of july cookout going on. army versus navy. each side is preparing ribs. i'm with the navy guys today,
8:32 am
just saying. both sides preparing ribs and their best side dish. we heat things up in a moment. >> that leaves me with army. i wonder who will win that one. that will be fun. stephanie abrams is back with another check of our forecast. hey, stephanie. >> we have a little map. i know it is early. i'll help you out. terry is celebrating her 23rd anniversary of her 29th birthday. i'm not going to add that up for the viewers. you can if you want. want to help them out happy bi to you. she's from west palm beach, florida, where it will be nice and steamy today that will carry into portions of the midwest. a chance for thunderstorms where you see the red shading on the map. as we head into the day tomorrow, more storms into the south and into the upper midwest. now here's a look what's happening outside your door. >> good sunday morning, everybody. i'm chuck bell. outside it is steamy and hot already. temperatures in the low to mid 80s at only 8:30 in the morning. highs close to 100 degrees.
8:33 am
no rain in the immediate area just yet. another cluster of showers and thunderstorms out toward cincinnati, ohio, today, headed down to the south and the west. if you're traveling in the richmond area, a greater chance for thunderstorms down there. hot and humid in town today. for your birthday forecast or want your forecast 24 hours a day, go to peter, back to you. >> stephanie, thanks. it is a huge milestone for a young georgia woman, the woman who was nearly killed by that flesh eating bacteria. aimee copeland is set to leave the hospital tomorrow. we're going to speak to her father in just a moment. but first, here's the latest from nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: on a hot morning in augusta, an even warmer show of support. hundreds braved the heat to run a 5k for aimee copeland, the grad student fighting a flesh-eating bacteria is about to leave the hospital after two months and head to rehab.
8:34 am
>> our goal was to be able to help with her prosthetics. we found one of her legs was going to be $85,000. >> reporter: we got first glimpse of her recovery. >> she's acting more like aimee would. she is frustrated she's still in there. you can see her -- her patience thinning a little bit. but she's still awesome. >> reporter: now her supporters are eager for the big week ahead. >> she's a survivor. and just really wish her the best. >> she is really strong. i like her motto. let's do this. something i can relate to. >> reporter: jean law made the trip from jacksonville, florida. she said she battled a similar infection. >> within 24 hours, i was basically dying and i was in septic shock. i lost my fingers and part of my nose and both my legs. >> reporter: two years later, she's up and walking, hoping her story comforts aimee. >> she's going to do great. i just know it. i'm here for her. note no
8:35 am
♪ >> reporter: at another fund-raiser outside atlanta -- >> it is a bad thing that happened to her but we can help her out. >> reporter: volunteers picked and sold sunflowers and hung them around this peefield. >> it is symbolic how we feel in our hearts but we want to physically do something. >> reporter: at the 5k. >> this is incredible. >> reporter: aimee's father couldn't help but smile. >> at the had a miracle. it is a miracle she's alive. >> reporter: not only is his daughter alive, but she has a whole lot of new friends. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news, atlanta. andy copeland is aimee's father and is joining us exclusively this morning from augusta, georgia. good morning. >> good morning, peter. >> first of all, congratulations. we learned you guys raised more than $15,000 for aimee as she heads to rehabilitation in the months and days ahead. first of all, tomorrow is a big day for your family. aimee is going to leave the rehab -- leave for the rehabilitation center after nearly two months in the hospital. how much has your daughter been looking forward to this day?
8:36 am
>> you know, i think you could say that she's looking forward to it to the same degree that a child would look forward to leaving high school and going off to college. for her this is a major milestone. i would consider it a rite of passage for her. i think it is the opportunity that she has to actually venture out and relearn her life skills and be able to resume as normal a life as she can have. i believe her life can be extremely normal, whatever that word actually means. >> andy, i was struck by something your daughter told you. you said in a recent conversation, she said she felt really blessed, which is remarkable considering the fact that she has -- she is losing her left leg, her right foot, and both of her hands. how is she doing both physically and mentally? >> you know, i believe physically she's actually progressed rapidly. certainly far ahead of the doctor's schedule, what they
8:37 am
thought she would do. they thought she would be in the hospital for months and she's basically going to be released less than two months. so that's remarkable. i would say spiritually, mentally, psychologically, i mean, she is so strong right now. and for her, to actually be able to right now grasp the concept that she's lost her hands and feels blessed over that is an amazing thing. it is interesting, she said she came -- i learned this yesterday, she said she came to peace with all this one day when she was lying in the hospital bed, and she felt a hand grasping her hand. and basically she didn't have a hand. so that was remarkable. i didn't know then until yesterday. she said the moment that happened, she felt a sudden peace overcome her. >> i was reading your blog this morning. you said in recent weeks, she was to strong, she was trying to refuse pain killers. after rehab, she gets to head
8:38 am
home. give us a better sense of when you expect that to happen and how your family is preparing for homecoming when it does. >> well, you know, one of the things is typically rehab doesn't last that long for patients in aimee's condition. it could be as little as four weeks for some, but she still has some pain in her wound areas that we need to make sure we can get over. she is trying to meditate through a lot of those dressing changes, but as far as -- i think her rehab will probably take anywhere from six to eight weeks, which gives us some time, i hope, to be able to build an extension to our house to be able to meet her needs. we're actually -- want to make the house what we call aimee friendly. we're calling it aimaimee's win we're adding on to the house. a friend of mine, has offered his time to design this wing. so -- and we had a lot of general contractors stepping forward to try to aid us in this, but still, it is going to
8:39 am
be an expensive and potentially timely project. so getting it done in eight weeks is actually a tall order for us. >> andy, we know tomorrow is a milestone day for your family. we appreciate you coming and sharing your daughter's story with us. good luck to her, to your entire family. at some point we'll want to tour aimee's wing when she's back home. thanks a lot. >> that would be wonderful. thank you, peter. up next, casey anthony, an update on her life nearly a year after she was acquitted of murdering her daughter. that's right after these messages. us. and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said, "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht! 50% more cash is good ri... what's that. ♪ you can spell. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? ha ha. ♪
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it has been almost a year since casey anthony was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee. the high profile case sparked emotional reactions, making her an infamous woman. nbc's thanh truong looks back at the case and anthony's life since she was set free. >> reporter: the murder trial of casey anthony captivated the country. >> as to the charge of first degree murder -- >> reporter: the verdict, a televised event. >> we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: when a jury acquitted anthony of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee, her place in infamy was secured. death threats followed. many saw her as a provocative party girl who waited 31 days
8:43 am
before reporting caylee missing. >> justice for caylee! justice for caylee. >> reporter: after anthony walked out of jail, she stayed out of sight but not her parents. they soon sat down with dr. phil. cindy anthony talked about her anger when casey initially told her that she didn't know where caylee was. >> i wanted to go choke her or hit her and i just went over there and i just punched the bed as hard as i could to get my anger out. >> reporter: the prosecution, defense and jurors sounded off as well. >> do you think we'll ever know what happened to caylee anthony? >> no. we never will. >> there are no winners in this case. caylee has passed on far, far too soon. casey did not murder caylee. it is that simple. >> definitely reasonable doubt. you know, for myself. i don't think the prosecution was able to show how she died. >> reporter: as for casey anthony, she remained relatively quiet, although she did emerge
8:44 am
earlier this year in a short video diary. >> scary because i can't see her on camera. >> reporter: the virtual diary didn't offer much on the way of her location. she's reported to be somewhere in florida, but it did spark a lot of chatter about anthony's appearance. a brunette before, the video shows anthony with a short blonde bob and wearing glasses. she never mentioned caylee in the diary, but she did talk about herself more than 40 times. >> kind of nice finally being able to say i have some belongings that are mine, that i'll be able to take with me. >> reporter: anthony is scheduled to be in court again early next year. zenaida gonzalez sued anthony for defamation, after anthony misled police telling them caylee was kidnapped by a woman with a similar name. criminally, she is acquitted, but still villainized. casey anthony is under public scrutiny, even while in hiding. for "today," thanh truong, nbc news. just ahead, alec baldwin's wedding, tom cruise's divorce,
8:45 am
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celebrity news, which means another edition of "the week in buzz." to weddings, slips, to babies on the way. we have it all covered for you. >> here to break it down, is comedian chuck knight with aleash wersha corals, e corresp. we'll talk about what everybody is talking about these days, tom cruise, katie holmes, the big breakup, they said it wouldn't last and it didn't. i want to get your sense, alesha, on what happened. first, chuck, from you, i want to get a sense of how you're taking this. >> i'm a little verklempt
8:48 am
because, you know, on the one hand, i wanted to believe in this. on the other hand, you know, a lot of people said tom cruise was kind of keeping her hostage. so maybe stockholms syndrome does wear off. >> i'm really shocked by this. i just interviewed him two weeks ago he talk youed lo eded lovin kate, suri was with him. >> people say he's shocked by this. >> you never know what goes on, but it is kind of shocking. >> so they go and they get -- there is a filing for divorce. there is another couple, hilaria thomas and alec baldwin who apparently got married last night. they kept it incredibly hush-hush. i'll admit, i follow alec ba baldwin on twitter. he tweeted a picture and he had a wedding band on his hand and i thought it was kind of sweet. i heard the brothers didn't even know where the wedding was until the morning of.
8:49 am
>> the brothers are kind of full of it. everybody got invites with the location on it. we knew where the location was. woody allen attended and mariska hargitay, but they keep it hush-hush. he came out, waved at everybody. he was nice yesterday. >> fighting the paparazzi a week before his wedding. >> an hour before his wedding. like -- i do. >> i was sad i changed my phone number because i didn't get my little text message, but that's okay, alec. >> this couple, you like, though. >> this cole, yeah. they have been together for a while. they have a big age difference, she's a yoga instructor. she's making alec do yoga. >> you see what a calming effect that's had on him, the fact he's going out with a yoga instructor is really taking it down a notch. >> there is a different side. >> he might be a good candidate for the next season of anger management. this is the show with charlie sheen in it, right? give us a sense this is the most watched show in cable history.
8:50 am
what is the -- i want to make sure i get it right. among the most watched scripted comedies in cable primetime history. a lostt of adjectives to explai that. is he getting the last word? >> yes, he is. charlie sheen, you are my hero. you are my hero. he came out, and literally had a major epic meltdown in front of everyone, only to come back stronger than ever. this guy can do whatever he wants. i want to drink tiger blood. please, somebody, get me some tiger blood. >> i think it remains to be seen. yes, biggest debut you in fx's history. will people tune in going forward? critics panned the show. a lot of people probably tuned in to see what is charlie sheen all about. good for him. hopefully they order more episodes. he's a teflon don, can do no wrong. >> adele came out and said she wants to have three kids before she's 30. she went and collected something like six grammys, one of the most popular singers in the world. she's expecting her first kid. we're excited for her. >> we're excited. adele is so sweet, so talented.
8:51 am
she proves you don't have to be cookie cutter, look like britney spears. you can have talent and get ahead. she has it all right now. >> i'm a little worried. all her songs are about heart break and pain, all this happiness might ruin her career. everything is going so great for her. what is she going to write about now? >> happiness and love and babies. >> that doesn't sell. happiness and love, who wants that in their life? i need heartache and pain. >> we need some good misery. we'll say good-bye, but mary j. blige speaking out about an ad that was controversial at burger king, your take on it. she said -- >> she said that's a bad idea. a black iconic r&b singer singing about fried chicken. how can that go wrong. >> she didn't know it would be edited that way. she was in bed two days upset. give her a break. >> an ode to watermelon, the next ballad. >> alesha, chuck, as always, thank you, both, so very, very much. up next, army versus navy,
8:52 am
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8:54 am
there it is. oh, wow. that's so cool! yeah, that was awesome! [ cheering ] [ tom ] i wanna see that again. ♪ we are out here on the plaza this morning with some amazing service members representing both the army and the navy. they are cooking off for us this morning. let's call it a friendly culinary competition. >> we could have practiced that cheering section a little bit more. today we have a cook-off. as we said, we have the army and the navy. we want to introduce our competitors, and our judge this
8:55 am
morning. are you all set? >> i'm here to eat. >> you're the host of "cooking for real." and to introduce our competitors, we have keith, andre keith, and sergeant carlos kelis. you'll kick things off for us. you start tasting. >> i'm ready. >> are you ready to go? we'll start over here on our side. can i call you chef kelis. what did you decide to make? >> the theme was ribs and potatoes. i did a little asian fusion to it. >> while you're explaining it, we'll have sunny try a little bit of this. this has an international flare, right? >> i wanted to take babyback ribs and make a red pepper glaze. >> nice. >> i wanted to show that different ingredients and different techniques are just as easy to do at home. >> what was your potato side dish? >> this is based off an asian croquet and twice baked potato.
8:56 am
has asian sausage in it instead of bacon, leeks, garlic, salt and pepper, mashed together and breaded in panko bread crumbs and fried. >> this guy looks like he's really enjoying it. you have to go and try more ribs over there. >> after you fill me up. >> absolutely. thank you very much. >> what are you doing here today? and sunny, come taste this stuff at the same time. andre, walk me through what you like to make in the galley, if you will. >> for the ribs, i like to use pork spare ribs, bake them for 30 minutes. and we have sweet onions, green peppers. >> onions and green peppers. cook it or bake it for 30 minutes and the sauce after? how long do you let it coat like that? >> i take it to the grill and let it caramelize, it takes about 12 minutes, 10 to 12s to caramelization on it. >> when they hear you're making ribs what is the number one reaction? >> everybody is psyched, everybody is psyched.
8:57 am
>> everybody is a rib fan. some of the spices you put into here, want to talk to me about that? >> i do a dry teriyaki, spicy mustard, red pepper, honey, grandma's molasses. >> grandma's molasses. >> that's the secret ingredient. >> we won't tell you about the secret ingredient. just that it is grandma's molasses. >> and worcestershire sauce as well. >> sunny, doing okay? >> finger looking good. >> talk to me about the potatoes, the preparation for the potatoes. >> a warm grilled potato salad, boil the potatoes and grill them until they get good grill marks on them and a vinaigrette with bacon in it. >> a vinaigrette with bacon in it. >> sweet vinaigrette sauce. >> i'll try this stuff. >> you're too skinny. >> you got to work that off. >> i want you to come over here in the middle. are we all -- does anybody have
8:58 am
an opinion having seen the food and not tasted any of it, which side you like better? now, we're going to get an expert's take. what did you think, first, good, bad, ugly, how you did it all fare out? >> first, army brat, air force vet, thank you for your service. >> we didn't know that. >> yes. >> we didn't know the partisanship. >> yeah, yeah. but i'm very impartial. thank you for your service on the grill this morning as well. this is very difficult because they're both very good and i can't have a tie. >> no. you're going to have to make a decision and it is going to be have to be within 15 seconds. >> i would have to say it is cu culinary specialist keith. >> congratulations. there you are. >> congratulations.
8:59 am
>> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> go for it, guys. dig right in. >> they were both >> well, we want to thank everyone. we've got an army of resources here and more on their way. >> after more than 30 hours without power, that army cannot arrive soon enough for some residents of northern virginia. >> dominion power is one company working around the clock to get the lights back on to more than 700,000 in our area. day two without power for some people. good morning. >> welcome, it is sunday, july 1st of 2012. >> people are still waking up without power this morning. it's killed five peopl


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