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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  July 2, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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restore power to the hundreds of thousands who are still in the heat. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse i want and i'm jim handly. day 3, here we go, hundreds of thousands in our area still don't have power. utilities companies say it could take up to a week until everybody is back on. >> pepco says it has restored power to almost half of the 440,000 customers who lost electricity in friday's storms. dominion says about 225,000 customers are still out. bge reporting 215,000 of their customers still in the dark. both novek and smeco still have thousand derrick has more. >> reporter: with this house,
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i'm going to step out of the way. that mass i have been tree came down on friday. ironically it took down some power lines, but did not shut down power to the house. when the homeowner called to try to get they see lines removed, he was told you're not a priority, because you did have power. that made for delays. they did have to find a company that would work around the power. and of course they did. they've started to literally disassemble the tree and cut it away from there, though we do have lines that may possibly be energized. some of the houses farther down the block did lose power. you can understand the irony and precarious situation that folks are in now. we did run into crews not far from here. folks were definitely glad to see them. they were some of the out-of-town crews here to assist. we're told crews will be here as far away as from canada. the canadian crews are due to be in town sometime tomorrow. as for this situation, they are
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making quick work of that tree. you can see the house was built back in the '30s. it remained remarkably intact. there is some damage to the room. they'll have to get in and see the structure damage, but they couldn't do that until they got the bulk of that tree down. this ha become sort of a neighborhood spec cal, as have situations all over the town. we visited some of those other situations and hope to bring you that later on, but for now, a bit of relief, and perhaps they have turned a corner here for these folks at the intersection of 45th and verplank. with the rasivick company comes out to get that tree down. we're live in northwest, back to you. >> that's a massive tree. just one of the hundreds of pictures that we've been sharing for the past few days. derrick ward, wee seal you at
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5:00. we found one woman in northeast eating dinner in air-conditioned cars. pepco tells us it will take until friday to get 90% of its customers restored. maryland governor martin o'malley toured the emergency operation center, and says he'll stay on pepco until everyone has their power back. >> i'm hopeful, optimistic, we will be able to beat those expectations, and nobody will have their boot further up pepco's backside than i will, to make sure we get there. >> a memorable line. pepco says more out-of-town crews are en route and they will begin working in the communities. the death toll continues to climb. ten people have died in virginia, including three in fairfax county. >> in maryland six deaths reported in the state. one death was report indeed d.c. >> there is good news, though, a
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boil-water order has lifted for tyson corners, vienna and -- >> meanwhile, there's still going on in falls church. we'll have more on that. but first tracee wilkins continues or coverage from prince georges county. >> reporter: in laurel maryland, arunle, howard and prince georges county, it looks like the storm just hit yesterday. some roads are closed, and some are too important to close, but they're the scene of amazing damage, like here on route 1 near cypress street. one pole larched on top of this preowned range rover that was for sale. >> they were down for the remainder of the night on friday, down all day on saturday, a number of sections had hot spots where there were actually flames shooting up.
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>> reporter: louis says he called bg & e to report this dangerous situation, but it took a while for someone to call. >> there's no one there, and you could clearly see flames shooting up from those power lines. >> a number -- at route 1 and the corner of conti road there's no line at the chik-fil-a, since there's no electricity. same at starbucks, where management apologized with a handwritten note. with thousands of customers still without power and in need of food, the one place that was open decrease mcdonald's this morning it's because -- >> not everything is spoiled. >> reporter: i spot with a spokesman a while ago, and to put this into perspective, when irene hit, 750,000 of their customers lost power in 22 hours. he said with this storm, 600,000 customers lost power in just two hours. so that's just how devastating
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this was for their system. again, they expect to continue restoration through the weekend. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. it's been a grueling 48 hours with hundreds of thousands still without power, at least 15 schools have been forced to close. malfunctioning traffic signals like the one on lee highway and -- but because hov restrictions on i-66 eastbound inside the beltway were lifted, some roads are moving faster than ever. then there's the neighborhoods. case in point. west great falls where a toppled tree and downed power lines have forced closures. >> i'm upset. my husband was walking the dog when the storm struck, and he
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could have been killed. >> reporter: nancy says part of the city-owned tree wrecked her two cars and home, now she is feet away from live wires and there's relief in sight. >> i've called twice -- actually three times now dominion power. they told me to call back around noon. >> reporter: others are relying on the generosity of neighbors. >> we have a generator from friends who did get power back. she and the family stayed home and stuck it out. >> we did have a good neighborhood party where we cooked ought freezer food. kids ate ice cream for a whole afternoon to clear the freezer. >> reporter: then cindy. >> we lost power friday night at 11:00. >> reporter: trying to keep a few things cool for the daughter. >> thank fled we didn't have a lot in the fridge, we loaded of the cooler with ice and tried to salvage what we could. >> reporter: the tree belongs to
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a yard on that side of the street. somehow with the forceful winds wound up on this side of the street. we've seen multiple people survey the damage, but nothing has been said as far as when they will be out here to cut it up into pieces and get it out of here. neighbors are frustrated and saying they're just going to take the rest of the week off for vacation. in falls church, erica gonzalez, news4. sounds like a plan. the big question today -- will our weather by cooperating? >> doug kammerer is in the storm center. what about it, doug? >> i think it will be cooperating. that's the good news. i don't see any widespread outbreaks of strong thunderstorms anytime soon. one thing we are going to continue to see is going been to the warmer temperatures. this is what's going on. we're talking about frifr, you heard the term derecho. all that means is straight-line winds and a lot of them.
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nfc at about 1:00 in the afternoon, and watch how it just races right on through our region. and not just our region. there were 90-mile-an-hour winds in indiana, 88-mile-an-hour winds into portions of ohio. 82-mile-an-hour winds into portions of reston, virginia. fairfax hit hard and really our entire area. it doesn't matter where you are. if you see us on our television, you know you went through a big storm on friday night. these storms making their way through quickly, with a ton of lightning, rain and a lot of wind. notice back along the 81 corridor, around winchester back into portions of west virginia and they move across the area and intensified. they were intensifying when they moved on through here. that's why we saw the 70 to 80 miles an hour. you still see just how long that line was, all across our region from baltimore all the way down, and making its way across the
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chesapeake. down towards salisbury and ocean city, all the effects from this storm. the good news is it is out of here. we do not expect to see any more anytime soon. how rare is this? well, 1 in 4, or one every four years, star derechos are concerned. one in every two years back to the west, including allegheny county, but it's back to the west he hear about this. chicago, cincinnati, places in ohio, they see about one of those a year. for us, once every four years, i don't think we even see this kind of derecho. it could be one every ten or 20 when we have this type of storm. i'll update you on the complete forecast over the next couple minutes. to help commuters who will be leaving d.c. tonight, hov restrictions have been suspended. that means drivers are free to use any lane of i-270 during the evening rush. also, there is help for xwhuter headed toward virginia
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tonight. v-dot is lifting hov restrictions for interstate 66 web inside the beltway. regular restrictions to two or more passengers per vehicle will remain in effect outside the beltway and on interstate 95 and i-395. metro is warning that major delays could be possible for travelers tonight. more than 30 bus lines are having to make detours on the usual routes because of the downed power lines and trees. all of the rail stations are opening. some are operating on backup powers systems. the fredericksburg line of the virginia railway express is under heat-related speed restrictions. passengers traveling to the end of the line may find there are ten-minute delays in their trips. looking ahead to wednesdays, thousands are expected to, and national parks service is working hard to clean up the storm debris on the national mall and surrounding national
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parks. john james has some ideas for making your day run more smoothly. >> the main nan crews and other staff have been working around the clock to make sure that everything is straightened out for the fourth of july. i want to acknowledge that today. >> the national parks service reminds people to arrive early wednesday. the agency recommends you tail public transportation. also no grills or alcoholic drinks are allowed. when "news4 at 4" continues, who pays for what when you're assessing the damage? we'll have answers. michael jordan's youngest son has a brush with the law. the dirs on the divorce. what's behind tom cruise and katy holmes'
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downed trees and damage have many folks won't irs who pays for what? it's pretty straightforward. if a tree falls on your house, your homeowners insurance will pay for the damage and may possibly pay for tree removal. if your neighbor's tree, it's your insurance that will pay. if a tree falls on your car,
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your house, basement or garage or in a camper. if you set up a generator outside your house, make sure it is far away from any windows. you can't see or smell carbon monoxide. that's why a detector is important to have in your home. police say michael majority an's younger son marcus was sbokted and uncooperative. officers claim he was arguing with two women and took several officers to restrain him. jordan is charged with disorderly conduct. he's 21-year-old and plays basketball at the university of several florida. first the divorce, now speculation. rumors are swig about what led katy holmes to file for divorce. tmz is reporting that the final straw was over their daughter suri. cruise reportedly wanted to send their 6-year-old to the c
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organization. it has reportedly been compared to a boot camp with military-like conditions. another theory is the couple split over money, but one celebrity expert shot that one down on "today." >> the popular perception this was some kind of arrangements i don't think is entirely true. very famous and wealthy people have arrangements that are made, but these are both very wealthy people. i don't think it's really about money. >> after six years of marriage, she filed her divorce. and sought sole custody of their daughter. there was lots of star power at last night's b.e.t. awards, and a there were tributes to whitney houston. ♪ troubled waters her version of "like a
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bridge over troubled water" brought people, even stars to tears but rapper kanye west was the most nominated of the night. he and jay-z won the top prize video of the year for their song "otis." jay s&p interrupted hi speech, mocks his interruption a fewiers. beyonce took home six awards. chris brown won for best male r&b. brown also performed for the first time since that nightclub brawl in new york with rapper drake. drake did not attend the awards ceremony, even though he was nominated. coming up on "news4 at 4." last week brought us record heat and incredible storms. where will this week take us? and a space case, in a nasa shows the future of exploration
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all right. he's had a chance to -- that was a marathon weekend to catch your breath. >> do you have power? >> my street, believe it or not, was the only street in the entire area with power. i had all my neighbors over. >> they knew we were depending on you. >> we had sleeping bags everywhere. it was great. we actually did have power, i live in the bethesda chevy chase area, and our power goes out all the time. suchly amazing what we saw out there. temperatures are 92 right now, so i think we're see nice weather. you still have to get out there and do it. 92 degrees right now. and our humidity not too bad,
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only about 34%, with a dew point of 60. we're not talking about a big-time heat index. as far as the heat index goes, about the same as the actual temperatures, so the humidity is really not a factor today, and i don't think it's going to be a factor probably under wednesday, maybe thursday, and then again coming up this weekend. humidity may not be all that bad. we saw some big storms last night, across the eastern shore, then ocean city saw some of those winds, upwards of 402050 miles anour, those storms have moved out. behind it, we do have fairly call weather. we will see a warm front move to our north. dew points will go up a bit. still, no, not too humid. i do expect a heat index tomorrow. could be a chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, but right now i think they'll be off
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to the wednesday, fourth of july, i think a better chance for scattered showers and a few thunderstorms out there. it is going to be warm and rather humid, but right now, i think it's looking okay. scattered variety showers and thunderstorms, nothing that's too bad out there. mostly clear and warmth evening, so by about 9:00, temperatures into the low to mid 80s. mostly clear and not too muggy. temperatures 69 to about 76. as we move through the day tomorrow, we'll see those numbers up a little bit. once again, maybe over towards the merchandise, with temperatures 90 to 96 degrees. and the next four days, 94 tomorrow, 96 on our fourth of july holiday, 94 on thursday with a pretty good chance, about 30% chance of showers and storms. friday 97. we do get human for the weekend. saturday the heat index could get back into the 100s. we'll watch out for that and hopefully the people who do shot have power will have power by
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then. once it gets too humid, it's a completely different story. >> all bets are off. >> and this is nothing you get used to. >> no. >> you do not get used to it. you move or things change. >> thanks, doug. we have an update just in from falls church. all city of falls church government offices and services will be open as usual tomorrow. employees should report to work at their normal start sometimes. when we come back, we'll update local recovery efforts and check out other storm damage. a little more good news for you, this time at the gas pump and price of oil may reve [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom. proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair... it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act
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to help ensure that women are paid the same as men for doing the exact same work. because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm jim happenedly at 4:30. i'm pat lawson hughes. recovery is inching along. hundreds of thousands of residents are still without lights or air conditioning. right now pepco is reporting nearly 230,000 outages, dominion reports 160,000 outages in northern virginia. no investment. k has about 3900. in maryland bge reports about 67,000, and first center reports 4500 people still without their electricity. utilities say it may take up to
4:30 pm
a week still to restore power to everyone. as for getting around to help driving leaving the district, hov restrictions in montgomery county are suspended. hov restrictions have also been lifted on i-66 web, but only inside the beltway. this is a mass i have been storm that left destruction not only in the washington area, but along the mid-atlantic coast. steve handlesman reports. >> reporter: day 3. it's another scorcher. still no air conditions for 2 million house holds from north carolina to new jersey. >> it's preposterous. at this point what are we left with? >> reporter: well, trees. work crews have thousands to lift off homes and cars. utility crews have to rewire a grid that is been ravaged. pepco, the utility serving
4:31 pm
washington, ha crews in from georgia, texas, even canada. >> contract line cruise, our crews, we're really starting. we're going to make a dent in it. >> but you know people are not happy. >> absolutely. and we get it. >> reporter: the neighbors are full of spoiling food. with gas stations unable to pump, and thousands of people crowding malls and cooling shelters? libraries and schools, word is power might not be back on for many until friday. >> we've put a lot into restoring or hardening the system, but this was an extreme event. >> reporter: the first storms blasted through friday night, 90-mile-per-hour winds. you could see the rain coming through, trees falling, trash. >> reporter: more storms hit yesterday. heavy rain in chicago, wind in north carolina toppled more trees. one killed a couple on a golf cart. another killed a man taking
4:32 pm
refuge in a barn. the death toll in the storms passed 22. tomorrow will be even hotter from coast to coast, and in the mid-atlantic, more potential powerful storms are forecast. in this neighborhood, american university park, where this tree came down, knocked the wires out, hit the house, and tree trimmers are hard at work. tonight it will be dark again. inside these homes, it's going to be hot. i'm steve handelsman, news4. many people found themselves stuck trying to find information. some had to use vehicles to charge their cell phones. this morning on the "today" show, home expert lieu lou man fredenni had -- >> the stores are busy, so you
4:33 pm
need -- these portable crank radios that are available, these are really nice, because you don't need batteries. many offer the ability to have a little usb port on the back, so you can actually charge your cell phone. so you can still stay in contact with your loved ones, and then of course, nonperishable foods are important. >> pretty cool. stay with us for continuing coverage of the aftermath of the storm. at the top of the hour we'll have live updates from throughout the region on power outages and how people are coping. shifting gears, there is good news for motorists. according to aaa, the national average of a gallon of regular is now $3.33, down three cents from the weekend. here in the district we're paying a bit more. maryland drivers are paying 3.32.
4:34 pm
virginia is where you'll find the cheapest gas at $3.14. on wall street, stocks trimmed most of the early gains to end on a mixed but relatively flat note today. the dow jones industrial average fell about nine points, the nasdaq gained 16. the s&p 500 gained three points. coming up on "news4 at 4," to the moon and beyond, nasa unveils its next deep-space vehicle. drug makers agrees to the largest health care fraud
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the company will pay a $3 billion fine for promoting paxil and wellbutrin for ailments they were not approved for, and for not warning patients about
4:38 pm
taking avand -- rather, warning patients for taking avandia, not warning about the additional risks associated with that drug. in addition to the final, glaxosmithkline will be closely monitored by the government for the next five years. the company sits it's already removed employees who engaged in misconduct. jay gray has a closer look at the capsule. science fiction is slowly given way. the agency unveiling its new orion capsule. >> it would travel farther into space than any spacecraft has flown in the 40 years.
4:39 pm
>> the specific destination, deep space. the orion team has an ambition goal. a trifl to martz. >> it's a -- exploration story. >> a long-range vision. >> as in aa -- to handle lower orbit and service to the international space station, giving scientists the space to focus on a trip furse into the. >> it will be a challenge. >> thankfully, the initial benefits will come more quickly. we are through this program going to be ending the outsourcing of american space jobs and bringing them right back here, a creator of high skilled, high paying jobs and force for inspiration.
4:40 pm
>> reporter: inspiration that would ultimately take us to places we have never been before. jay gray, nbc news. a whole new day. a whole frontier. "america's got talent" goes live tonight. and last week's survivors try to stay alive. later some local athletes make the olympic cut. ♪
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♪ crews at the at the time her capital's ice plex are hard at work to rebuild the ice. the practice facility didn't have power for a couple days and the rimpg melted. they're working to clear the
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surface and rebuild the ice. it usually takes a few days. >> as a former athlete playing in, than when alex ovechkin gets the call and says, oh, bother, i can't come in to practice. you get a free day. >> we've had wonderful weather today. >> even though it's in the 90s it's 92, the humidity is not a factor today, and that makes all the difference in the world. you talk about 92 with a height endetection of 99 you're thinking, but 92 with a heat index of 92, not a problem at all. out across the region, a good day for boating, there are the boats, a lot of people out and about this weekend out toward the chesapeake.
4:45 pm
temperature right now, winds out of the north at about 8 miles an hour an hour. 93 in -- and -- it's not at that bad without the humidity. just a for you clouds in here from time to time. don't expect in rain. in the cities and off towards the east it would be warmer tonight. back to the west, though, maybe in the upper 60s back here toward the west, it will be a warm start to your day on tuesday, but again not bad. low humidity it should not feel that muggy. tomorrow afternoon the humidity moves up a bit. it is going to be on the warm side. best chance will be toward our northern view area, but now if
4:46 pm
you're spedding down toward the beach, a lot of people taking off for the holiday. look at the water temperature, by the way. 81 degrees, but look, down toward the beaches, nice relief. there will be a chance of thunderstorms jush everywhere. indid not and down toward the beaches. hopefully we'll get most of the festivals off okay. on thursday still temperatures in the 90s, but moving down a bit, back to 94. then into more heat. saturday's one of those days where we could be near 100 in some days. so, you know, we're right in the middle of summer. anytime you're in july, that's the hottest month we have all year long, so you expect to see 90s. >> and you expect the humidity. >> it's coming back. >> thank you, doug. gaithersburg is cancelling
4:47 pm
its fourth of july celebration, including the big fireworks displayty montgomery county fair grounds. >> it's weather related. they want to make sure power restoration efforts are still on. "america's got talent" will be live tonight for the first time since the competition began. >> it will be live from newark where the top 48 acts will be vying for your vote. mark barringer has a preview. >> america, give it up for the top 48. >> reporter: the survivors of last week's vegas shows continue on down the road to a potential million dollar payoff. sirchlts we're here. we made it. >> reporter: the show has been taped up until now, but starting tonight, it's live. >> i've kinds of dealt with the pressure of the vegas week, so it's almost like if you can face this, there's nothing you really
4:48 pm
can't. >> reporter: it's a change of venue, moving from l.a. to newark's performing arts people. >> east coast people aren't as jaded. that excite level and electricity transforms the show into a much more fun, energetic bigger show. >> reporter: an energy the acts are ready to embrace. >> i love a crowd. that's what we're looking fraud are forward to. >> exactly. >> reporter: the challenge, as the judges often say, is contestants stepping up the game. >> we went a little bigger in veg vegas, but from this point forward it's more innovative. >> it's all aimed at earning america's vote. >> we're honored flattered, and we hope we can be amazing. >> reporter: that chance starts tonight. mark barger, nbc news. tune into news4 at 8:30 tonight. the countdown is a half hour
4:49 pm
live show you'll be able to watch the judges and nick can ton prepare for the show. the live competition starts at 9:00 tonight. when it's live, it's like no net underneath. it's going to be fun. coming up on news4, the woman recovering from flesh-eating bacteria reaches a flesh-eating bacteria reaches a milestone. homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference, and i am a phoenix. visit to find our 5 locations in your area
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firefighters are finally making progress battling the flames near colorado springs. the waldo canyon wildfire is 55% contained. most of the 30,000 people who were evacuated had been allowed to go back. 3,000 people are still waiting to go home, though. so far the fire has scorched 26 square miles and destroyed nearly 350 homes. the waldo canyon fire is officially the most destructive wildfire in colorado's history. the georgia woman fighting the flesh-eating bacteria is out of the hospital today. the father of amy copeland says she'll move to an inpatient rehabilitation clinic. the 24-year-old contracted the rare infection by cutting her leg while ziplining two months ago. doctors had to amputate both hands her left leg and right foot. still ahead on news4, special moments today during the olympic torch run.
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4:55 pm
a tie-breaking runoff to determine the third place winner of a trials track race will no longer happen. this afternoon jenoba tarmo conceded. she trained earlier this month,
4:56 pm
the two -- initially the two had planned a runoff. now felix gets the spot and tarmo will be the alternate. here in our area, all eyes will be on two other athletes for the upcoming games. katie le deck yi, and kate zeigler are heading across the pond. they took first and second in the 800-meter freestyle. >> this is unbelievable. a year ago i didn't even have the 800 for this meet yet, i don't think. so just to see how far i've come in a year how hard my coach worked with me. >> this is the first time in a long time i've had just a good time. it started out rough, but it's been so much fun, both of us are from the north virginia/d.c. area, it is just awesome. >> this is zeigler's consecutive
4:57 pm
trip to the games, ladecki's first. at 15 she is the youngest on the team. tonight is the women's 50 meter and the men's 1500-meter freestyle. the traditional journey of the olympic torch is well under way now in the united kingdom. today the torch was carried past the an zest real home and final resting place of princess diana. it was a symbolic nod to her tribute to -- >> reporter: for the first time her home hosted a piece of the olympic spirit. the torch made a proud run through the place where she grew up and where she's buried. just this weekend, a young recipient of the diana courageous citizen award carried the torch herself, exactly the kind of hero who has been bringing the flame toward the
4:58 pm
games. >> very, very emotional. just unbelievable. >> reporter: it has on horseback, zipline, bicycle. ice. >> steam train, hot air balloon and mountaintop. a war veteran's hometown chiefed him on. one handed it off for good reason. will you marry me, christine? >> reporter: this is the olympics for those who may never win medals, but go the extra mile for their neighbors, fitting that the people's games today pass by the resting place of their princess. now, diana's sons william and harry will play special roles as am bass endorse, dedicated to service, as she was. back to you. now, live updays on efforts to power back up after the storm. >> hundreds of thousands remain in the dark tonight on this hot and steamy monday. how many more nights will it
4:59 pm
take? we put that question to the utility companies. >> >> oh, it's the sound that is music to the ears these days, crews cutten down trees from power lines in virginia. >> plus just minutes ago one local area just canceled the fireworks for the fourth of july. >> still struggling. good evening, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. if you're watching us tonight, it means you have electricity. more than 230,000 pepco customers still don't. dominion power has more than 160,000 customers in the dark. folks in maryland who have bge, there are 67,000 customers waiting, and in northern virginia, novek customers are now 4500 without power. power crews action have yond -- in an effort to restore power. derrick


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