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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  July 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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those living by candlelight. the ongoing efforts to get everyone up and running. good morning. welcome to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. doesn't look like they're doing too bad with that wine. >> whatever it takes to get you consolation during the tough times. >> we do want to give people an update. hundreds of thousands actually still in the dark in the metro d.c. area. since this time yesterday morning, pepco has refrigerator stored power to more than 119,000 people. the utility company reports over 114,000 customers still without power right now. dominion virginia power reporting more than 79,000 outages this morning. this is down more than 73,000 from this point yesterday. bge reporting more than 50,000 customers in our area without power. novec reporting outages at more than 2,000 at this point. and smeco reporting about 1300 outages. once again today, federal government offices are open but employees can opt for unscheduled leave or unscheduled
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telework. d.c. public schools are closed. so are montgomery county schools. you will find a complete list of closings on the bottom of your screen chlkt if you have to head out this morning, veronica has the weather. >> showers showing up on the radar. some folks are getting a little wet but not a big deal at all. we're seeing the humidity levels down this morning compared to yesterday. and even the morning before that. we've got a gorgeous run rise right now. there's a look on our sky cam right now. but, again, those showers just down to the south of us where it's 78 degrees. dew point temperature at 65 degrees. again, we always talk ak that dew point temperature because when it's up around 70, it gets pretty darn humid around here. at 65 degrees right now. that is just starting to feel humid. our levels are going to stay here today as opposed to where they're going to be tomorrow. 70 to 74 degrees. maybe even higher for a spell during the afternoon. the showers and storms, right there across southern maryland,
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leonard town and out over the bay. right around the warm front. for this morning at 9:00 a.m., not as muggy. then 79 to 83 degrees. by the noon hour, 88 to 92. just like yesterday, easily at 90 degrees by noontime. topping out at 95. no storms until later this evening. danella? eun? >> veronica, thank you. traffic signals in our area are still in the dark this morning including this one in silver spring. it's one of about 200 or so still out in montgomery county. police are asking drivers to be cautious when approaching dark signals and to treat them as four way stop it is other traffic isapproaching. danella is more on your xhorn r morning commute. >> as you mentioned, dark traffic signals still in our area so you have to treat them as four-way stop, use caution and be courteous to other drivers. no reported delays on the rails. update on an accident outer loop
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of the beltway. two of your right lanes still blocked at this time. just a bit of a delay as you make your way towards the accident. jump in those left lanes so you can get past the delay there's. debris also slowing you down in the roadway. this is route 193. it's closed from glendale road to belvedere road. debris is blocking all the lanes in that area. over to i-66 eastbound at -- outside the beltway, nice and clear. no delays. inside the beltways, hov restrictions are lifted so it's a smooth ride right now. several area roads remain closed because of storm damage. many of those streets are in northern virginia. news 4's tracee wilkins is live in arlington this morping with the latest on the damage there. good morning. >> good morning, eun. we're here at first street. look abehind me. most of the folks who live here at the end of first are probably gone, wait for some of the clean up to happen peer. you can't see it from your
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vantage point but there's a roof over there seriously damaged. closer in right here, we have what looks like two trees that have fallen on some power lines. bending this utility pole and causing a huge mess here. of course, the folks who live in this area are without power. now, i just spoke with dominion power officials and the good news is at the height of the storm they had 540,000 people who were without power. now they are reporting 79,615,000 customers still without power. they're saying that most of those folks are in alexandria with 37,000 folks who don't have power there. in springfield, looking at about 10,000 folks there without power. a lot of work for them to do today. what they're saying is that they're beginning to move into the phase where they're really coming into the neighborhoods and do more of the meticulous, tedious work here. they still have more assistance soming their way. they have folks coming down from canada helping out and more people coming out to help as well. 5,000 crews system wide for
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virginia dominion. and most of them are working here in northern virginia. so know that they're doing as much as they can to get to these people who don't have power. and they're saying that that's what they're doing now, they're done with the larger scale work. they're focusing in on the smaller scale work. i'm tracee wilkins reporting live in arlington, news4. metro trying to beat the heat. they sent a bus to southeast d.c. so people without power or air conditioning can cool off on that bus. those who cooled off yesterday tell news4 they really appreciated the ac. they say it's been so hot inside their homes. this morning a few people are waking up in a diner that turned into a cooling center in the district. the american city diner on connecticut avenue northwest near the chevy chase cirque is open so people can cool off. managers let people spend the night there and charged their electronics. coming up in 15 minutes, we'll talk to a montgomery county man who's had some bad luck with the storms just weeks after he finished repairing his home from hurricane irene, he has to clean up all over again
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after this weekend's storms. loudoun county's board of supervisors will finally decide today whether to give the green light to metro's silver line. the board is expected to approve joining phase two of the project which would bring metro into loudoun county. opponents have said it's too expensive but county leaders met last week to discuss a financing blan. it appears the board is poised to back the project. montgomery county investigators are looking into what caused yet another fire on a ride-on bus. this happened along new hampshire avenue near adelphi road ansd silver spring. the maryland department of transportation now investigating the cause of that fire. this is at least the sixth ride on bus fire in the past three years. wow, it's now 6:06. 74 degrees. sales over safety. that is the admission from one of the world's largest drug make
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makers. also, a hot start but it may not feel as bad as you thought or felt yesterday. and next, which july fourth celebrations are on and which ones are canceled?
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many montgomery county residents will have to go elsewhere for their fireworks this fourth of july. several displays in the county have been canceled for tomorrow night because of storm damage. that includes shows in gaithersburg, rockville, kensington and germantown. the national mall will go on as planned. capital fourth will include concert and performances by cool and the gang, country singer josh turner, and the season one winner of "the voice." >> i tend to prefer the air-conditioned fireworks, the ones that i watch on tv in my
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living room. >> but really it is not the same. it is not the same. >> it is air-conditioned, you're right, it's not the same. >> but to see it up close and personal. if you haven't done that in washington, d.c., you need to do it. i'm highly recommend that you go see fireworks live at some point in your life. >> absolutely. i'll make it happen, just not this summer. beautiful sun rides, veronica. >> that is the best invite i have ever heard, by the way. so graceful. >> all right. yeah, that's a gorgeous sun rise right now. gorgeous, gororgeous, gorgeous. the heat eased yesterday. the humidity is going to ease a little bit today . the temperature, 71 degrees. gait thursd sunshine. it's a mix. we're at 88 by noontime today. 92 by 3:00 p.m. then there will be more clouds rolling in. those clouds deliver some showers and storms during the evening hours, around 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 p.m., and going
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right into tomorrow morning. we do have that possibility. as far as radar again, showers just a few. those are moving out of the area. those have been down around st. mary's, calvert county, moving along way. high today, 94. 96 degrees on the fourth of july. shower, storms, humidity, all of it. get it all for tomorrow. we'll talk about that more in detail in a couple of minutes. detail on the roads? >> veronica, we are seeing some delays. though not terrible, if you're traveling along i-270, a slow spot for you right now southbound. slow from urbana as you head towards clarksburg. here's a live look past 109. not too bad, right? but you are seeing volume in this area. once you're past 109, nice and clear as you continue southbound toward the lane divided. hov restrictions have been lifted today. that should help your commute this morning. let's head over to the 14th street bridge. nice and clear here as you cross the bridge and head into the city. even on 395, in fact. no delays right now.
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aaron and eun, back over to you. >> all right. thanks, danella. it is coming up on 6:13 right now. and da gentlemeja vu all over a. and next, the burglars who wasted no time targeting a brand new library.
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this morning, d.c. police are asking for your help to solve a library burglary. police are searching for these five people. detectives say they broke into the francis a. gregory neighborhood library on alabama
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avenue and southeast last month. they say the suspects took several pieces of computer equipment. if you know anyone in this video you should contact d.c. police. glaxosmithkline agreed to pay a record setting fine from the justice department. the company will pay $3 billion as part of a fraud case settlement. gloks xo smith cline refused to disclose possibly dangerous side effects from the diabetes drug avandia. in addition to the record fine, the fda will closely monitor glo glaxosmithkline for the next five years. romney holds a slight lead when it comes to fund-raising in the common wealth. romney raised more than a half a million dollars in virginia in may according to a new report. the president raised less than $400,000 during that same period. romney has raised $2 million in virginia since january. and president obama has raised
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$1.9 million. mitt romney will take a break from the campaign trail in a few weeks to visit israel. the presumptive republican presidential nominee plans on meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. romney plans to go to the olympics in london and his israel visit could coincide with that trip. bob mcdonnell has been offered a prominent position from the republican party but he may want to think twice before accepting it. he's been tapped to chair the platform committee. here's the catch. mcdonnell is considered to be one of myth romney's running mates. if picked for the ticket he will not be able to serve as platform committee chairman. firefighters say they are making progress battling colorado's most destructive wildfire in history but they warn that the waldo canyon wildfire has not run its course just yet. the wildfire now sbent 70% contain and red and firefighters hope to have it fully under
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control. most of the people evacuated have been allowed to go back. so far that fire has scorched 26 square miles, destroyed more nearly 350 homes and the cause is still under instruction. the military grounded seven air tankers including planes fighting wildfires in colorado after a deadly crash battling another wildfire in south dakota. six crew members were on board the c-130 plane. one of the crew members died. the cause of the accident is under investigation. millions are still cleaning up after friday's storm. unfortunately there's one guy in montgomery county who has some very recent experience with picking up the pieces. a giant tree fell on to john euler's home this past weekend. look at this. as fate would have it, it's the exact same spot where a tree fell on to his house during hurricane irene last august. >> nobody's hurt, so i'll start over again. >> what's your reaction to the fact that you had just finished repairs, what, two weeks ago?
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>> yeah, well, it's part of life. one of the challenges. you play the hand you're dealt. >> boy, that's a really good attitude to have after this bad luck with trees. there are several homes in his neighborhood that have also had dound trees and no power. the washington annual rescue league is asking for your help this morning. the animal shelter has been without power since friday. and since they can't do laundry the shelter is in need of clean towels an blankets. if you want to drop off donations the shelter is located in northwest. if you hang around after the firework tomorrow night you might get another show. check this out. there's a huge solar flare that could put some more lights in the sky on july 4th. a cloud of charged particles expected to hit the earth's atmosphere sometime tomorrow night, which means just after the fireworks end, some brighter than normal auroras could start. that flare is part of an increased in solar activity which is expected to peak next
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year. very cool. >> yeah. if you can see it, it would be very interesting to catch that. >> we can never see it t here in the city downtown. >> city lights. veronica, you were saying maybe some clouds tomorrow. might make it harder to see. >> yeah. clouds, showers, storms, we're tracking the system that's to the north and west of us that could bring some showers and storms for fourth of july outdoor -- i know, those outdoor plans will have to be watched very closely. talking about the heat, too. a little break in the heat yesterday. we're going get a break from the humidity today. the temperature now is 78 degrees right now. 72 in new york. 74 in raleigh, north carolina. take a look, st. louis, missouri, memphis, tennessee, at 77. 76 degrees. chicago at 77. this is where some slightly higher heat will be building today and making its way eastward. as far as our temperature right now, reagan national airport, 78. winds southwest right now, very light across the area. other locations still looking at mid 70s to our north mount airy
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maryland, germantown, maryland, fairfax, virginia, at sw70 and . earlier there were showers showing up on our radar. all is quiet right now. the showers made their way down to the south and east. our forecast, again, for fourth of july. 96 degrees for a high temperature. could have some lightning, could have some downpours, could have some high winds coming through briefly for the area. 97 for friday. the weekend is looking very hot. but monday, 89 for a high temperature. >> right now, veronica, checking on accidents starting in virginia, georgetown pike, left lane is blocked by the crash in that area. taking the beltway outer loop in prince george's county. still dealing with delays because of the accident. this is is blocking two of your right lanes. you are really slow at 210. and here's a live look. you can see a lot of volume here as they make their way toward the accident. just stick to the left and it will be a lot better for you.
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right now you are pretty slow on the outer loop of the beltway. back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. coming up on 6:22. ahead, why the odds of a local casino could be improving. after the break, you know about the bouquet toss. well, we'll show you what the bouquet dive looks
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a team of researchers is hoping this picture will help finally solve the mystery of what happened to amelia area hart. today that team heads out on a one-month expedition to an island in the pacific where scientists and historians believe that earhart's plane went down 75 years ago. the picture was taken near the island a few months after the famed pilot vanished and it appears to show a piece of debris from her plane. the researchers believe earhart survived for some time after that island after her plane crashed. there is a wedding tradition getting big laughs online right now. >> dave posted this video from a wedding this weekend. check it out. the bride tosses the bouquet.
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and here we go. check it out. that woman is so excited that she dives to catch it. accidentally trips over her own feet halfway through and then crashes to the floor. she was not hurt. but he says she also agreed to post this video online which makes her really, really, really good sport. >> i wish she had caught it. he wouldn't feel as bad for her. >> i feel bad for her and i don't know what in the world made her say, post it on youtube. embarrassing. >> memorable moments. it is 6:26 right now. ahead this morning, up for sale, some big ticket items once belonging to former d.c. council member harry thomas jr. now hitting the auction block. d.c. mayor vin sent gray has had enough of the power outages. his id
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hard to believe, four days later, so many streets still look like this one. this is live.
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it is 6:29.
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here's where we stand right now. federal government offices open but employees can use unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. at least 22 people have died from friday's storms nationwide. at least five of them here in the d.c. metro area. hundreds of traffic signals in our area still dark this morning, including about 200 in montgomery county. police ask you to drive cautiously when you approach those dark signals and treat them as a four-way stop if other traffic is approaching. good morning. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. for tens of thousands still in the dark something small to cling on to this morning, it is warm out there already. temperatures in the 70 if most people. but it may not feel as bad as this time yesterday. let's check the forecast now from meteorologist veronica johnson. >> that's right. when you first step out the door this morning we're going to notice that it's a bit more comfortable. we've got a mixture of clouds and some sunshine brabing out into the sunshine. and there were a few showers
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that made their way from prince william county through charles county, st. mary's calvert county an hour ago. we're going to be quiet for today. we're move back to the possibility of showers and storms this evening. we're at 68 degrees. just up to the north around columbia, maryland, 78 in d.c. 70, leesburg. 68 degrees in culpepper. by 9:00 a.m. this morning, 79 to 83 degrees. not as muggy and not as humid as your afternoon. by noontime, 88 to 92 degrees. so this summertime heat does continue. 95 degrees is where we're going to max out today. and, in fact, over the next couple of days, i think your temperature is going to be over 90. friday right now is looking plenty hot with partly sunny skies. the weekend, 98 on saturday. then, finally, into the 80s early part of next week. danella? >> right now good news on the roads. if you're traveling the outer loop of the beltway, the crash there was blocking two of your right lanes, it's out of your
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roadway. you are seeing some delays but that should get a lot better sooner than later. let's head over to eastbound route 7 at georgetown pike. that's out of the roadway, too. not seeing delays in that area. but we're still dealing with the problem because of yesterday's water main break along seminary road. right now seminary road is closed between beauregard street. if you're taking the rails, not seeing any reported delays along metro, marc, or vre. over the you. let's talk numbers. 80 hours now after the storm. hundreds of thousands of people in the d.c. area still don't have power. since this point yesterday morning, pepco has restored power to more than 19,000 customers. right now the utility company reporting more than 13,000 in the dark. dominion virginia power reports more than 79,000 outage this morning. that's down more than 76,000 from yesterday at this point. bge reporting more than 50,000
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people in our area are without power. novec reporting outages for 2,000. and smeco reporting about 1200 power outages right now. we found one family that ate dinner by candlelight in montgomery county. it wasn't a romantic dinner. they didn't have power there. they probably weren't the only ones eating dinner in the dark using candles. there is still wide spread damage throughout the region. news 4's megan mcgrath is live in d.c. with an example of just that. right? >> reporter: absolutely. we're four days out from the storm and we still have damage that needs to be cleaned up. we're in warren street in northwest washington. look at that huge tree. it came toppling down during friday's storm. you can see it took down all kinds of power lines and it is still laying in the road. still needs to be chopped up. then they need to go about the business of fixing all of the power lines which is not going to be easy because look at this, not only dealing with downed lines, they're going to have to replace that pole.
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you can see just how close the power pole came to the side of the house and windows but apparently did not strike it. a big mess here on warren street. they have the entire street closed down. down on the next block we also have power lines just laying in the middle of the road. you can imagine people here not too happy about being without air conditioning. when the temperatures are so hot. as we've been hearing from pepco it could be a while before power is restored friday or saturday for some folks. so not a great situation. and we're not even seeing crews on the scene here working on this situation. so it could be a while the reporting live in northwest, megan mcgrath, news4. >> as i'm looking at that pole and that incredible tree, is it on a house or are people even able to -- >> reporter: no. you know, it's funny because we were talking about that just a little while ago. usually when trees fall they hit something. a tree of that size. it's wide, it's big, it's tall. normally something gets hit when they fall like this. these folks are absolutely
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lucky. it fell into the street. it's just laying across the street. did not hit any of the houses. same thing for the power pole. it just came very close but you can see the tension on those power lines kept it from falling all the way down. and it did not slam into the side of the house. could have been a whole lot worse. but obviously still a big mess. it's going to take a while to clean up. >> boy, what a sight though. megan mcgrath, live for us. thank you. >> sure. prince george's county suffered plenty of damage in friday's storm and now we're hearing some of the first 911 calls made to emergency officials as people witnessed the storm's aftermath. >> hello. >> hi, you called 911? >> yes. the tree has fell on my house and there's water coming in house. >> the gas station roof. you know, the cover over the pumps? >> yes. >> yeah. the roof is gone now. and one car is on the gas station, that i think is -- i saw it damaged. >> neert there one of the callers was hurt during the
6:36 am
storm and between friday night and sunday emergency crews received 19,000 calls. some vehicles bought with stolen money by a d.c. council member is now property of the united states government. the they plan to sell his tahoe and vickity motor psyche until an effort to recoup money thomas took from the district. he is serving a three-year prison sentence for taking more than $350,000 from the city. he admitted using some of that money to buy the suv and motorcycle. don't bet on it, but a plan to expand gambling in maryland may not be off the table just yet, according to multiple reports. house leaders met behind closed doors in annapolis yesterday. lawmakers are still trying to decide whether to add a sixth casino in prince george's county and add table games in the state. house speaker michael bush says the group did not reach any conclusion. governor martin o'malley said he could consider calling a special session on the issue later this month or in early august.
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6:36. the "today" show is coming up next at 7:00. let's check in with natalie morales to see what they're working on this morning. good to see you. >> good morning to you. coming up on this tuesday morning we're talking a lot about what you guys are, more intense heat will bake a large portion of the country today. this as city there's in the mid atlantic consider canceling fourth of july celebrations with more than a million people still without power. we'll have the latest. also ahead, the georgia woman battling a flesh-eating bacteria out of the hospital and headed to a rehab facility. we'll have new images of her relief and talk with her parents. then a former couple's legal fight over the adorable dog featured on a popular website sammy in the city . and record holder for the tightest parallel parking job ever attempts to recreate his amazing feat when he joins us live on a tuesday morning here on "today." aaron, not even in a mini cooper could i manage that. >> you only get to mess that up one dime. >> exactly.
6:38 am
mine would be like a 25-point turn. >> i'm with you. thank you, natalie. look forward to seeing you. >> living in the district, you learn how to parallel park fast. >> that's right. you hit the car behind you and hit the one in the front and you're done. there you go. 74 degrees. ahead, the surprising answer we received when we asked about price gouging targeting storm victims. plus, d.c.'s mayor among those in the dark. his idea for a, quote, game changer. we could use a big change in the forecast. it's not looking so good. weather and traffic together on the ones. next, no need to dust for prints in this case. a car break-in unlike any you've ever seen.
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two very sneaky thieves get caught red pawed in colorado. there's a woman who was no doubt shocked to see two bear cubs rooting out in her car looking for a picnic basket, would imagine. >> there's a car seat there so you know trs going to be snacks and crumbs. >> exactly. french fries. he called wildlife experts to
6:42 am
remove the cubs but not nfr she snapped this picture. both of them kind of had that look on those faces like, we got caught. you got us. >> you have to admit they're really cute. >> bears. >> yes, i know. ferocious, blah, blah, but cute cub business right there. let's go to veronica johnson. >> someone had to be watching her back making sure that mama bear wasn't going to sneak up on her. really. anyway. hey, we're going to see the heat back but not the humidity. so that's not going to sneak up on us today. 74 degrees at 8:00 a.m. here'sburg, few clouds. by noon, 89, the temperature. pretty much everyone 90 grease at noontime today. low to mid 90sthis afternoon with lower humidity. could be looking at showers and storms scattered across the area. nothing severe for the overnight period. looks as though those showers could go into tomorrow morning. 6:30 a.m., 74 in leesburg. could be looking at stronger
6:43 am
storms for tomorrow afternoon. so anywhere between 70 and 78 degrees right now through the area. your high temperature today, 95 degrees. we'll take another look at the seven-day forecast. veronica, heading out on the roads today, it is still tricky on a lot of our roads in our area. look at southbound hunter mill road, closed at tamarac drive. chopper4 is live on the scene. you can see huge tree down and power lines. you just can't pass on hunter mill road in this area. let's head over this time to howard county. traffic lights are out there and a lot of sberkintersections sti dark. when you approach them, treat them as a four-way stop. treat others courteously. in maryland, nice and clear here. no major delays. underspeed about 46 miles per hour. seven minutes to get from the
6:44 am
beltway to 295 i'm back in ten. 6:43. dominion virginia is getting help from our friends to the north, getting the lights back on in northern virginia. 200 crews from canada arrived last evening to help restore power. there are about 16,000 reports of damaged poles. and those downed trees are causing more than just power outage problems. they're also blocking several roads. news4's tracee wilkins is live in arlington now with more on damage there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. i just spoke with a neighbor who lives on the other side of this downed tree. she was saying, when are they coming to move our tree? they haven't done any work here to even cut up the tree. so that dominion can get to the power lines. so she has a great concern here. this is the same thing that we're hearing from folks across the area dealing with this kind of damage. this is the deal. dominion just told me that today will be the day you will be seeing more of their crews in neighborhoods dealing with the smaller number of outages than
6:45 am
may be a little more complicated to take care of. like this one where it's obvious they had two trees tumbled over on the power lines here and they actually caused the utility pole here to crack and bend. this is a huge mess. it's going to be very difficult, very meticulous and tedious work to get all of this cleaned up. get these folk some power back. again, this is the kind of work they're doing today. dominion virginia power have made great strides. at the beginning of the storm, at the peak, they had 540,000 people without power. now they're down to 79,615. now, that's still a lot for people dealing with no electricity, living with no air conditioning. so, of course, they want to see this fixed as soon as possible. they're saying that most of their outages are still in alexandria with more than 37,000 people without power and also a lot of folks in springfield without power. but today will be the day that they start to get into the
6:46 am
neighborhoods. you should be seeing more crews. reporting live in arlington, tracee wilkins, news4. >> thank you. the number of power outages inside the district nearly 20,000 this morning, and now d.c. mayor vincent gray is calling for a game changer. crews are out trying to remove trees from the road so utility crews can repair damaged power lines. the storm up rooted trees. some of the trees moved into homes and power lines. the mayor is one of thousands of people in the district waiting for his power to return. >> i think people are fed up with power outages. and we need a game changer. we need an approach now that is going to address how we stop this in the first place. >> the mayor suggested pepco bury power lines underground since strong winds knock out utility poles and power lines creating those power outages. metro is helping people beat the heat. they're sending metro buses to hard hit areas so people can cool off. they sent a bus to southeast d.c. area yesterday.
6:47 am
people cooled off in the bus sans their homes did not have power or air conditioning. a few people are waking up this morning in a diner that turned sb a cooling center overnight in the district. the american city diner on connecticut avenue in northwest near the chevy chase circle is open so people can cool off inside. managers let people spend the night there and charge their electronics. in addition to storm damage all over our area there are some complaints about possible price gouging. news4 reported over the weekend that one website was charging hundreds of dollars above normal value for a hotel room. maryland's attorney general says there are also some reports of higher prices and gas stations, but he hasn't seen anything to prove that. maryland does not have a law that prohibits price gouging. there haven't been in reports in d.c. or virginia. for continuing kor ram of the aftermath of the storm, stay with news4 and a former astronaut with ties to our area has been killed in a freak jet ski accident.
6:48 am
alan poindexter died sunday when the water scooter he was on collide with a scooter his son was riding. it happened in florida's panhandle where poindexter and his family were vacationing. he was born in california but considered rockville his hometown. that's according to his nasa biography. two navy pilots will not face any disciplinary action for a jet crash into a virginia beach apartment complex. navy officials say a rare dual engine malfunction caused the jet to lose power and dive into that complex. it had just taken off when it lost power and crashed. the two pilots ejected before impact. they weren't hurt. the crash and the fire destroyed almost 30 apartments, injured 7 people, but no one was killed. 6:48. tomorrow is the fourth of july. and this year americans are doing a little bit of belt tightening for the holiday. cnbc's courtney reagan is live with that. good morning to you. >> nice to see you as well.
6:49 am
more people may choose to barbecue versus buy this holiday weekend or holiday middle of the week. they say they don't plan to celebrate independence day and those who are will spend let's than yast year. americans will spend an average of $191 from food and travel and fireworks. down from last year. analysts think it's because the holiday falls, annoyingly, in the middle of the week. as millions of americans set for the road for the fourth, getting a gift at the gas pump. it's down on average from a year ago. currently $3.35 a gallon nationwide. in d.c., gas is averaging $3.52 a gallon. in maryland, it's at $3.32. in virginia, it's a bargain at $3.14. happy fourth to all. >> same to you, courtney. have a safe and lovely holiday. >> see you soon. thanks. >> i haven't seen her in a while. we're being nice.
6:50 am
do you know what nice is? >> i absolutely do. very sweet of you, eun. >> good gravy. coming up, a lot of folks in montgomery county will have to go elsewhere for the fourth of july fireworks. several displays in the county have been canceled for tomorrow night because of storm damage. that includes shows in gaithersburg, rockville, kensington and germantown. the big fourth of july celebration on the national mall that will go on as planned. a capital fourth will include a concert with performances by cool and gang, country single josh turner, and the season one winner of "the voice." we're counting on the capital fourth going on as planned but there could be a hiccup. we're a little worried about this. >> a little bit of a hiccup where if there's any storms it's certainly not going to lead to the fireworks not happening but there could be a little disruption, possibility of some storms that could go right through the evening. i know. i don't know. as far as humidity goes, it's
6:51 am
back open tomorrow. humidity busting forth again. that dew point temperature, 65. the humidity, 64%. the wind light now across the area. we've got 76 degrees for a temperature in annapolis, maryland. come doug to 00ing town, 48. cooler there. 78 right in d.c. 70 degrees in reston to leesburg. and a weather front that's laid out right through our area right now. right through here so we're seeing some slightly cooler readings just off to the east. and a little lower humidity off to the north. there's that warm front. it's going to start tracking to the north and east. the cold front will come into the area tomorrow with higher humidity, with higher temperatures, with that weather front coming in for the afternoon and evening again. chance for some showers, chance for some storms, and some of those storms, some of them could bring some high winds. a lot of lightning and some downpours.
6:52 am
here we are at 11:00 p.m., that front right on top of us. best chance to the knot and east. still a chance around the area. we're back to the higher humidity for tomorrow. that lid does not stay on the humidity jar, 89 for temperature. still plenty sticky there for fourth of july. 86 at the beach. that's what i like. ocean city,ing looking very nice with the water temperatures in the upper 70s. 97 for a high on friday. that's hot. even saturday, 98. but 89 degrees on monday. could see showers early part of next week. >> thanks. looking a t the roads. if you're heading out of the house, local roads, you have to be careful. still seeing downed trees. traffic lights still dark in some areas. i want to show you hunter mill road. it's closed at tamarac drive. look at the massive tree just laying down on the roadway. even power lines are down as well. so definitely want to avoid this. if you're traveling along hunter mill road you will be forced on
6:53 am
tamarac drive in this area. this time route 193 enterprise drive is close from the glendale drive -- glendale road to belvedere road. all the lanes are blocked there. give yourself extra time today and be cautious. taking the beltway outer loop seeing some delays from i-95 just as you approach 97 georgia avenue, here's a live look. volume's in this area but you're still moving. your average drive time though, 18 minutes to get to i-270 from i-95. aaron, back over 20 you. >> thank you, danella. today is decision day for loudoun county's board of supervisors. it's expected to vote today on whether to bring metro into the county. the board has to decide by tomorrow whether to opt in to phase two of the dulles rail project. opponents say it's too expepsive. county leaders have met to discuss the financing plan. it appears that the board is poised to back the project. montgomery county officials
6:54 am
are investigating yet another fire on a ride on bus. crew responded to a call last night. firefighters quickly knocked out the fire. there were no passengers on the bus. maryland department of transportation is now investigating the cause of the fire. this is at least the sixth ride on bus fire in the past three years. 6:54. here we are four days after the storm. uprooted trees, other debris in the district. massive clean-up still under way. news4's megan mcgrath is live in northwest d.c. with more. good morning. >> good morning. we still have folks in this area who are without power. look at the culprit here. this enormous tree that came tumbling down in friday's storm. took all kinds of power lines down with it. and they have not gotten back to this they were hood. the crews to remove it and begin the work on the power lines. it's going to be some job here. look at all the lips that are all tangled up. further down the line here, you can see the actual power pole that came up out of the ground.
6:55 am
now, fortunately the tension on those power lines looks like it prevented the pole from actually crashing into that house. but it's still quite a mess. and the next block down the other side of 43rd street, warren street, down on that block we also have power lines that are lined in the roadway here. have not seen any crews this morning to come and begin the work of cleaning up all this mess. that's not a good sign here. there's just so much damage all around the area that the crews are overwhelmed. they've got to clean up the trees and get those trees out of the way before they can even begin to work on the power lines as we've been hearing for some of the fourth quarters who are without electricity. it could be friday or even saturday before they have their power restoertd. so plot a great thing, especially with all the hot temperatures we're seeing here now and over the next couple of days. reporting live in northwest, megan mcgrath, news4. you have the all important job of telling us what is happening in the weather forecast. people without power on the fourth of july, all that stuff.
6:56 am
>> hot stretch continues. we're not going to get much in the way of wind today and tomorrow, fak in bull force with highs in the mid 90ed, upper 90s. fine nool look at traffic. a little slow at eastbound at 50. aaron and eun? >> all right. thank you, danella. and this that is "news4 today." thank you for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:28. hope you will join us then. this then, have a great day. see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye. ♪ ♪
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