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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  July 3, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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tonight, we ask pepco what's taking so long and why some people are being told their power is back in when it isn't. good afternoon, everybody. i'm i'm landley. >> i'm pat lawson muse. at least 18 people in the local states have died as a result of the storm or the aftermaa. 11 have died in virginia, six storm-related deaths in virginia and one death in the district is linked to the storm. officials warn the death toll could climb because of the widespread use of generatorings and because of the hot weather. generators can give off deadly fumes if they are used with inadequate ventilation. >> here are the latest outage numbers. pepco has 99,000 people without power right now, dominion still has 71,000 in northern virginia, and bge has a little more than 43,000. smeco is down to 284 outages in southern maryland. novec is down to 887.
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take a look at this video from chopper 4. montgomery county firefighters say power lines and trees fell onto a car in silver spring sparking a fire that spread to at least one other vehicle. it happened this morning in the 2900 block of woodstock avenue. at one point, firefighters were concerned that the blaze would spread to the building you see there. but they are not saying if any damage was done. there are also no reports of injuries. wires and falling trees are also impacting neighborhoods across northern virginia. news 4's tracee wilkins shows us the damage in arlington. >> reporter: there are some streets in this arlington neighborhood that have not been touched at all since the storm hit friday, then there are others like this one where it appears that maybe the neighborhood hasn't been touched, but that's not the case. the power company was here and they did some work, but there's still new york work that needs to be done before these folks are going to get electricity. people love their trees in this arlington neighborhood nestled near washington boulevard and
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route 50. but this wooded nook turned on them during last friday's storm. and now on day four, much hasn't changed. one tree still rests on two crushed cars. another tree was completely uprooted and tore a hole in this roof. another tree still rests on power lines, and its weight is cracking this utility pole that has yet to come completely down. >> it's a safety issue, but at least i would have expected that would be shored up or something four days later. >> reporter: peter hogan is one of many neighbors wondering when will their homes, cars, streets and power lines be rescued from fallen trees. >> my concern is more for the conditions, the length of time that certain things like a tree on a secondary road and a pole that i think is in danger of doing further damage. >> reporter: virginia dominion power spokesmen say their utility crews are equipped to
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cut up and move trees and if the county beats them to it, that's fine, too. at the height of the storm dominion experienced 500,000 outages in northern virginia. now nearly 85% of those affected have been restored. now, dominion crews say they're going to be focusing in smaller neighborhoods like this one and doing some of the more tedious and meticulous work that's necessary to get power back up for folks. they're saying that now they're done with some of the larger-scale work they needed to do they can really start to focus on the neighborhoods. in the meantime, tens of thousands of people are still functioning in the dark and living with this record heat. some like peter are staying. >> we have a basement that's finished and it's cooler so we've all been sleeping in the basement. >> others couldn't take it anymore. >> the first couple days weren't too bad, right, but we've been making a lot of trips to 7-eleven and giant and buying ice. after the fourth night last night was just too hot so, we're staying with friends. >> reporter: virginia dominion power spokesmen are saying if
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you reported your outage at the beginning of the storm and have yet to see a crew in your neighborhood, go ahead and call back in just in case that call was missed the first time. in arlington, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. the washington animal rescue league shelter in northwest also lost power during the storm, and they need your help to keep the animals comfy. some of the older animals have been moved into foster homes, but about 150 dogs and cats are still at the shelter and it's hot there. the pets are not in danger, they say, because they're being kept cool with generator-powered fans and they're drinking ice water. shelter officials say they've already gotten some help but they could use more supplies. >> a lot of our friends and supporters to come out and they've donated, come through strong donating ice. we still need more ice. they've donated blankets and towels because we can't do laundry. we've managed to keep the animals as comfortable as possible with fans. we have some generators that are powering those fans, but at the moment we're still waiting for
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the air conditioning to come on. >> if you'd like to donate supplies to the washington animal rescue league, they're located at 71 oglethorpe street in northwest washington. they need ice, towels, and gas to keep those generators going. pepco officials say they expect to have power restored to 90% of affected customers by 11:00 friday night. this morning pepco's president joined news 4. eun yang asked him about robocalls. customers say they've gotten calls in the middle of the night and in one case a viewer was told the power was back on but it wasn't. >> if a customer receives a call saying their service is restored and it has not been restored, we encourage them to call back because that indicates there's another outage further downstream that we still need to address so, they need to call back in to address that. >> graham says service has been restored to about 75% of customers, and crews will be
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working around the clock until everyone has power again. tomorrow night the utility plans to release estimates on when the remaining customers can expect to have power restored. well, this is not the type of weather you want to endure without some a.c. and heads up, folks, it's about to get even hotter. >> yes, indeed. chief meteorologist doug camera has details. >> it is very hot out there again today. humidity still not nearly the factor it was a couple days ago, but that humidity will creep up and so are the temperatures. currently at 97 degrees out there at the airport. that's what we're going to continue to see throughout the rest of the next hour or two, maybe bump it up to 97. notice the heat index there or the humidity, only 23%. that's exactly what we're seeing and that's what we're going to continue to see with that low humidity across the region. as far as temperatures go around the rest of the area, 95 in baltimore, 95 in la plata, 91 in leesburg and 93 in culpepper wp
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we really need to see something help us bust this heat a little bit, and there are a few storms back to the west, right now morgan county, west virginia, to is south of frederick county in virginia and in the blue ridge, we are seeing storms that way and more storms up toward the north and west. and these are trying to move our way. nothing severe at the moment. there are a lot of lightning strikes with these. we had some severe storms to the south and west of charlottesvil charlottesville, but nothing severe moving our way. i'll continue to watch this closely over the next couple hours to see if any of these storms will move in across our region. one thing is for sure, the heat, it's here to stay and it's here maybe even a bigger way as we move on to the next couple days. i'll have your full forecast including your 4th of july forecast, coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. stay tuned to news 4 for continuing coverage of the storm and the aftermath. you can always visit for an updated list of power outages and the
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list of cooling centers. loudoun county's board of supervisors has given the green light to the second phase of metro's silver line project. today's 5-4 vote in favor of the project had been in doubt after several supervisors questioned the cost and the potential benefits. phase two brings rail service to dulles airport and will include two new stations in eastern loudon county. the second phase of construction will cost about $2.8 billion. it would have been in jep ar day without the county's support. on news 4 at 5:00, jim rosenfield will have reactions about how it will be paid for. ♪ >> a lot of people are whistling and mourning today. one of america's favorite tv dads has died. we remember that theme song. generations of fans knew andy griffith as sheriff andy tailor of mayberry and the father of opie. in a same today, his family says
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griffith died this morning at the age of 86. he was buried on his beloved roanoke island in north carolina. his tv son played by ron howard says griffith's love of creating was inspiring. he once said he wasn't as wise or as nice as the sheriff, but andy taylor represented the best part of him. that was his best known part, but it wasn't the only beloved character he brought to the screen. nbc's mark barter shows us his long, celebrated career. >> reporter: for many millions of tv viewers, andy griffith was the american south personifiepe. for eight seasons, griffith played the laid-back sheriff of the fictional north carolina town of mayberry and by his side barnie fife. the show's bin nation of homespun humor and wholesome storytelling created a ratings
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hit. we were a small town. we were a feeling. we were of a time gone that we'd like to hang on to for a little while. >> reporter: eventually, though, griffith moved on screen to the big city. >> and remember, you're under oath. >> reporter: the drama, "matlock," cast griffith has a folksy atlanta defense attorney. >> country people will sometimes fool you. there are an awful lot of bright people in the south. >> reporter: griffith grew up in a small north carolina town of mt. airy. his first career success came in 1958 with a hit record. >> both bunches full of them men wanted this funny little pumpkin to play with. >> reporter: what it was was football that led groift acting. >> oh, heck, no sor, i'm plo. >> what? >> permanently trained orderly. >> reporter: "no time for sergeants" was a hit on broadway, tv, and film. >> all in! >> reporter: he also received critical acclaim in drama, playing an overnight singing sensation in "a face in the
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crowd." it was a career that brought griffith the presidential medal of freedom in 2005. that same year at the age of 79 griffith was still acting. >> solve all the problems with the world that pie. >> reporter: he played a pie-loving diner owner in "waitress," but for most of us, andy griffith will always be remembered as the sheriff of mayberry and opie's. pa. >> that was a pretty good idea i came up with, wasn't it? >> it was, you little bugger. >> mark barger, nbc. >> the show went off the air while still at the top of the ratings. griffith said he wanted to end the run before the show started slipping. and it lives on and on. we can still watch it on nickelodeon. >> and reruns. had quite a range. we knew him as the friendly sheriff, though. when news 4 at 4:00 continues, talk about a great catch. the phatter who snagged a foul ball with baby in hand.
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>> whoa. >> i don't understand why we can't take the royal limo. >> is that the real deal? a different side of cate? the explanation that shows the duchess with an attitude. ♪ this is my once in a lifetime ♪ >> you know his singing, his dancing, his acting. ben is in our studio next.
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a new commercial for a chinese company pokes fun at the royal family. >> the clip features look-alikes of kate middleton, prince william and the queen waiting for a taxi when cate stars to complain about not taking the royal limo. >> we're royalty. a taxi? >> darling, granny's right. they want to see us tidying. >> rubbish. people want to see that they can be like us if they just work hard. >> like you did. >> now, granny, we all know it's i who protect. >> luckily prince william has the cab company on speed dial so in seconds a car appears
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whisking them away to a diamond jubilee. >> cate is the most realistic. i'm not buying the queen. >> you weren't supposed to look too hard. just imagine. the storm damage in this region isn't stopping d.c.'s biggest 4th of july celebration tomorrow. >> not at all. during today's rehearsal for the capitol 4th concert there's a familiar face. ♪ should auld acquaintance be forgot keep your eye on that grand old flag ♪ >> yeah, that's megan hilty from nbc's "smash." tomorrow night she'll be among the stars performing before the big fireworks display. we'll hear from her tonight coming up on news 4 at 5:00. ♪ >> ben vereen performing with his trio of world-renowned
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musicians at the washington monument tomorrow. his show is a high-energy tribute to broadway, frank sinatra and sammy davis jr. he's an actor, dancer, singer, a star of stage and screen. this gentleman does it all, and he's with us right now. what a fortunate moment this is for us, ben vereen. >> thank you. >> welcome to washington and to news 4. >> good to be back. and thank you. thank you very much for having me here. i'm going to be working with the military tomorrow. i'm excited. and thank you. we want to thank the military for what they do. that's something i want people to do. these young men and women, i'm not for war, i hate war, but as long as my young men and women have to put on their coats of war, i will support them. they're our children. i say thank you. i'm so excited i'm working with my young men and women of our country who are doing the job to allow us to stand here and pursue our dreams. >> so very important. >> yes. >> you're back from a two-week concert tour of australia. >> that's right. >> you're taking your show to new york city. club 54.
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>> 54 below. >> yes. >> we do a show there for two weeks, and after that we take a break and i come back to do a show, a bigger show called "the last of the showmen." after that i'm going to do something else. after that -- >> wait a minute. >> on and on and on. but you've always said that stage is your first love and your passion. >> yes. >> why is that? >> it's live. it's happening right there in the moment, and the spirit is right there. you know, i love my audience because they come out and see me and we have a great time. i love them. so thank you. >> we know you from prodway and of course tv. you've done a lot of popular shows in recent years, "grey"gr anatom anatomy"," "law and order." but "roots." >> people are still talking about it. >> they come up and ask you? >> hey, you're chicken george. yeah, we're thankful to alex
4:19 pm
hailey, all praise, for having the vision to go back to africa and pursue that legacy and allow us all to celebrate our legacy. and the wonderful thing we celebrate is life itself. that's what it gets down to. >> first thing we noticed, you look great and not just talking about the top hat. you're in phenomenal shape. is it the dancing and the work? what's your daily routine and your regimen? >> i wake up in the morning. >> yeah. that's -- >> the miracle happens right there. >> that's the easy part. >> that's my start for another opportunity to get it right, you know, to do something that's right for my temple and to celebrate. that's what i'm here to do, serve all those wonderful people who come in and celebrate the birth of our country. >> you've coached younger artists. >> yes. >> many younger people, usher -- >> megan hilty. >> yes. >> her debut show in "wicked." usher is my godson. >> didn't know that.
4:20 pm
>> he is. you're doing good, son. >> yes, he is, isn't he. >> doing very well. very proud of him. >> you're on the lecture circuit. >> overcoming adversities. and of course, you know, the importance of education and arts and education and also teach. you know, as a matter of fact i have a company called btb broadway theater project started by ann rankin and controlled by adele waters in tampa, florida, starting next sunday for three weeks, we do intensive things with kids, teach them about the business. my thing is just about being in the business, not just that, but life itself. it's one thing to sing and dance and play an instrument. what about life? we teach them about economics, how to live in life. so they're well rounded for the arts, because life itself is an art form. >> you're such an inspiration. we're hoping some of this is infectious. >> it can happen. >> we wish you conned success. it's been a long career. >> yes. >> i think you're officially a legend. >> yes, i'm -- well, really? >> i think you are. >> scared a little bit.
4:21 pm
legends, no. i'm still here. i'm still here. >> still here. ben vereen. >> i love it. i love you. i love my military. >> we see the hat but everybody should know your kicks are very cool. >> thank you for stopping by to see us. all right. >> such a pleasure, an honor. >> see you tomorrow night. >> see you, megan. >> ring in d.c. >> yes, sir. coming up on news 4, spider-man returns to theaters. the trend that could hinge on the success of this movie. and doug's gak to tell us about another danger
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well, doug, how are we doing out there? >> it's hot. >> and getting hotter. >> and getting hotter. some people talked today and said it's a lot hotter today than yesterday. actually, it's about three degrees warmer and the humidity is a little lower, but for some reason i was thinking the same thing. it is hot outside especially if you're in city, around the asphalt or concrete, around those buildings. it is not very comfortable at all out there. let's take a look and show you how hot it is. you can see we are dealing with a little bit of haze but not too much. that tells you humidity is fairly low. right now, that humidity is
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sitting at 23% so, even though it's 97 degrees we don't have a heat index, or heat index also 97 degrees so it's negligible. a hot afternoon with plenty of sunshine. around the rest of the region, most everybody in the low to middle 90s, 93 in culpepper, 91 in winchester, but 98 in charlottesville but only 88 in annapolis, a little bay influence there, so right on the water you're a little better. storm 4 radar, nothing along the metro area. a few showers towards the panhandle of west virginia, out towards the mountains. this is what we talked about yesterday. i don't expect these to make their way too far to the east. i don't expect much in the way around the metro area, but i'm going to watch this boundary here. there's a couple boundaries here, one right here and another right here along the mountains. we'll see if this can move off the mountains. i think it will have a hard time doing so as the atmosphere is dry as we talked about, but there are a few strong, storms to the south and west of
4:26 pm
charlottesville. but not around the metro area. take a look at the numbers. 98 in jackson, 99 st. louis, 95 in chicago. 97. and there's 99 degrees in raleigh. so everybody is on the hot side. we're going to stay on the hot side. showers just off to our west. those thunderstorms, too. i think a better chance of storms tomorrow. it's going to stay hot tomorrow, a little more humid tomorrow and that could give atmosphere the energy it needs to kick off those thunderstorms during tomorrow afternoon. they could even linger through the fireworks displays tomorrow evening so, keep a watchful eye to the sky and keep it here on nbc 4. on thursday, continued hot. i think a slight chance of storms on thursday, but i think this is way overdone in this particular computer model. not too worried about the rain and thunderstorms on thursday. i'm more worried about the heat on thursday. this evening, partly cloudy, a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm, mostly to the west. tomorrow, partly cloudy, warm and humid to start off your day, temperatures 69 to about 76 degrees, then tomorrow afternoon we're going to move up into the
4:27 pm
80s again or rather the 90s, well the 80s have to come first, don't they, then we'll see the 90s. as my clicker is not working. my clicker is not working! >> between 69 and 78, doug. >> between 69 and 78, there we go. you know what, i don't need it. here's what's going to happen. the next couple days i think we'll be at 96 tomorrow. i think we'll be at 99 on thursday. we're going to drop to 96 on friday. then i've got 101 on saturday. >> that's inched up. >> saturday is looking to be the hot one. that could be close to a record. i'll have to check on that and obviously check on this clicker. but another 100-degree coming, couple days above 100 heat index. >> going to be in the offen? >> we're already there. already there. >> and so is your clicker. it's overheated. >> oh, look. now it's working. >> of course. >> thank you, doug. >> good timing. still to come on news 4 at 4:00 -- more on the devastation after a bad storm.
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welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim hanley. new at 4:30, authorities say at least 18 people in d.c., maryland, and virginia have died as a direct result of friday' storm or its aftermath. emergency officials want to keep that number from going higher. they are warning tonight there is often a rise in carbon monoxide poisoning after a storm or fires. they want everyone using a generator to make sure there's adequate ventilation and if at all possible use battery-operated flashlights instead of candles. >> it will likely be friday before many in our region get the power back. pepco is working to restore electricity to more than 97,000 customers. dominion still has about 68,000 outages and bge has more than 40,000 customers without power. novec in northern virginia is down to about 700. potomac edison has about 800 in
4:32 pm
montgomery and frederick county, and smeco is down to fewer than 250. and as the long, hot days after the storm stretch on, patience is wearing thin for homeowners who feel as if they're big ignored. >> steve handelsman has the latest from one d.c. suburb. >> reporter: it's miserable on margaret drive in toe takoma park, maryland pap tree that tore down wires friday has not been touched. some homes got power back, then lost it. and their pets are sweltering in lynn's home. >> first of all, i'm definitely worried about my cats because, i mean, heat isn't good for any animal and lot of them are suffering right now. i'm more worried about myself. >> maggie sterner blacked out since friday got power from neighbors till theirs went off again. >> i feel outraged and totally beside myself about this. >> reporter: she's furious at the power company. >> i've called pepco every day to report my situation, the tree
4:33 pm
down around the corner, the downed wires across the street. every time i called them in the last four days they act as if it's the first time they've heard this information. >> reporter: pepco regional president thomas graham. >> we do take responsibility. we know there are things that had to be changed. we're working through it as best we can. >> reporter: power companies in the mid-atlantic had to bring in repair crews from as far away as florida. they're working 16-hour days, but the job is gigantic. this car charred by downed wires in bethesda, maryland, is a reminder -- dangers remain and first responders are overworked. 4th of july fireworks have been canceled by many municipalities. there are a pair of holiday predictions for this area, and neither of them nice. three more days to get most of the power back on. and on each of those days, temperatures near 100 degrees. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >> you know it's holt when
4:34 pm
handelsman is in short sleeves. stay with news 4 for live team coverage of the storm cleanup. we'll have reports from d.c., maryland, and virginia with the latest on the cleanup and the efforts to get everyone's power back on coming up tonight on news 4 at 5:00. the first over-the-counter hiv test will be available in stores this fall according to the fda. the test uses a mouth swab and results are available within 20 to 40 minutes. however, the fda stresses that results will not be 100% accurate. the oraquick test will be available in october at retailers like walgreens, cvs, walmart and online. the hiv epidemic has hit our area particularly hard. the d.c. area has one of the nation's highest hiv infection raitts. a casino in sin city has some big plans that would allow you to play slots and fire shots all under one roof. the pa lazo hotel wants to add
4:35 pm
two live gun ranges to its resort. high-end gunmaker baretta is behind this project. ranges would be just steps from the casino. the clark county planning commission is expected to vote next week. if the plan passes, construction would start right away. >> a priority we all have, yet entertainment is extremely important, too. this is an option, if some folks don't want to go to a show, they'll choose to shoot some guns. >> the fire ranges would be alcohol free and while guns would be for sale, ammo would not be. there is more to come on news 4 at 4:00. how a photo could help solve the mystery of amelia earhart's disappearance. just wait till you hear about the problems the new spider-man had putting on his spidey suit.
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oh! >> the guy who gives fitting into a tight spot a whole new meaning. that's han yu, a professional stunt driver, who set a record, world record, for parallel parking. can you do that? >> no. >> you manage to fit into a spot just five inches larger than his spot. he demonstrated this morning on the "today" show doing it in just a matter of seconds. by comparison, parking in that
4:39 pm
same spot took nbc's jenna wolf more than half an hour. >> not a scratch on that one. take a look at something even smaller, though. toyota's latest car is only 7'10" inches long and 3 1/2 feet wide. it can go 31 miles on a single six-hour charge. starting at 8,400 bucks, toyota hopes to sell 3,000 of these tiny cars this year. the car is already proving to be popular in major japanese convenience store chains planning to use the vehicle for its home delivery service. that i could parallel park. >> that's a toy. it's not a car. it's a toy. time to check out today's daily deals. >> first up on "living social" today, a break from the hot pavement of the city, $43 for a 2 1/2-hour tubing excurrings from river riders in harpers ferry. it comes with a cookout, lunch, and a couple beers.
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nearly 500 have picked up on this deal. >> on groupon, you pay $20 and you get $40 at tsunami sushi and lounge in logan circle. the menu here includes a wide range of sushi and a full japanese menu. you can try a rock 'n' roll layered with tuna, salmon, and avocado or find something a little more familiar like dumplings. all good for sure. >> does sound good. when we come back on news 4 at 4:00, when weddings go wrong, a bridesmaid gets a little too eager and becomes an internet sensation. and doug will be back with the forecast. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions.
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my mailbox melted may sound like an excuse for not sending or receiving your mail, but that really happened in indiana. take a look. triple-digits temperatures over the weekend took a toll, as you can see, on this plastic mailbox. it belongs to a dentist's office. the dentist explained in the case of his dental work everything is guaranteed up to 200 degrees, but as far as the mailbox goes, he says, time to buy a new one with the same temperature guarantee. sl shriveling out. >> that mail was hot, for sure. >> yeah. >> how about that. >> meanwhile, back here, we're hot. >> and we're going to get hotter. >> going to get hotter. >> then we're going to get
4:44 pm
cooler. so there you go. >> you mean next week. >> next week. it's going to take a little time for the cooler air to move on in here, but cooler, back in into the 80s. don't the 80s sound good. we've been in the 90s and 100s over the past couple days. take a look out there right now. we'll show you how things are. this is right outside our station in northwest washington. you can see the flag not blowing a whole lot in the wind so, we need to see a little bit of a breeze out there, too, to help us out every now and then. out there down towards the potomac, a nice day maybe to get out on the boat and maybe a quick dip in the potomac river if you can do that kind of thing. 97 degrees the current temperature out there. dew point of 53. it's come down during the day. that's very good news. humidity only 23%. once again, humidity very, very low, winds out of the northwest at about 7 miles per hour. around the region, 98 right now in rockville. reston coming in at 91 degrees, 96 in ft. belvoir and hunting town coming in at 93 degrees. warm just about everywhere.
4:45 pm
look at our map here. this is the warmest temperature on the map in d.c. 93 in richmond, 93 in virginia beach, 95 in roanoke. out towards ocean city, some relief, current temperature at 85. look up at pittsburgh. last hour they were 73 with some rain. now the sun's come back up and they've jumped right back up to 90 degrees. there is some rain up to our north and west. you can see some showers and some thunderstorms trying to move our way. they're going to have a tough time i think moving over the mountains and into our region. but i would be surprised to see a few to our north and west. we'll continue to watch out for those throughout the rest of the evening hour. 72 overnight in manassas, 67 back towards martinsburg, 74 fredericksburg, around 78 in the district tonight, so a warm night and it's going to get more humid. tomorrow morning will be very humid and tomorrow afternoon more humid than today for sure with a high of 96. that heat index 98, 99, maybe around 100 tomorrow. 95 the actual temperature in leesburg, 96 in culpepper.
4:46 pm
chance of a shower or storm during the day, yes, then maybe tomorrow night, too, we could see a few showers and thunderstorms out there, maybe right around the time a lot of the fireworks are supposed to go off. most of them should be fine. we will have scattered afternoon storms and we'll be warm and humid around 9:30, with a temperature of around 89 degrees. the four-day forecast. couldn't show it to you earlier, clicker was broken. 99 thursday, 97 friday, 101 for saturday, and there's the cooler weather. we'll move back down into the 80s as we make our way in towards the middle of next week. not too bad. after we get through with, you know, the next four days, not bad. >> a little more sweating. a little more -- >> you're not going to be real popular until sunday. >> until monday. >> monday. thank you. >> hang in there. thanks. superheroes have taken over the box office this summer. >> it started with "the avengers," now another marvel superhero, the amazing spider-man is jumping in.
4:47 pm
mark barger has a preview. [ church bells ] >> reporter: five years after toby maguire said farewell to the spider-man suit, andrew garfield is trying it on for size. >> it's much, much better in your imagination because it's just uncomfortable and it's spandex and itight and you're naked practically and you're itchy and you have zippers digging into your keister. >> reporter: but a small price to pay. he's imagined being the hero since he was 3. he had to sweat out the audition process. >> i convinced myself i didn't need it. i thought, you know what, if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. but then, you know, there's a 3 inside me sort of waiting by the phone. >> sure. >> reporter: emma stone plays gwen, the girlfriend of his alter ego, peter parker. their romance blossoms off screen. >> immediately acting with him felt great. i could understand the gwen and peter relationship very quickly so, it made it easy. >> reporter: and if this
4:48 pm
spider-man scores with moviegoers, it could spark a hollywood trend. >> people will feel like, oh, we don't have to wait ten years or 15 years to reboot a franchise. we can do it in three or four years. look, it worked with spider-man. >> boom, boom, boom, whack. >> reporter: and that would be a career boost for the film's director, who happens to be mark webb. it's his first blockbuster budget film. >> when your last name is webb and you're making a movie about a web slinger, it's kind of a good fit. >> reporter: and maybe more comfortable than spider-man's costume. mark barger, nbc news. >> "the amazing spider-man" arrives in just a few weeks before the final installment of the batman trilogy, "the dark knight rises." so summer of superheroes continues. >> try wearing that get-up in 101 degrees. boy, you would be frying in that suit. >> so true. >> so true, doug. but picture it. >> you don't have to. >> no, we don't. uh-uh. >> that's a good thing. coming up on news 4 at 4:00, the dad so talented he can grab
4:49 pm
a foul ball in one hand with his baby in the other. >> and a bridesmaid who's not so coordinated. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, the complaints are coming in to the i-team. price gouging after the storm. help has arrived. power crews from out of town. and this story first on 4. >> i'm tom sherwood. you may have a bigger or better pool but it probably wasn't sealed up by the fire department during the storm. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
4:50 pm
they want to know more about how they were raised, what they were fed. we spend a lot of time on the feed because a chicken is what it eats. [ jim ] this seal verifies we feed my fresh all-natural chickens an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds.
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we actually ask the usda to come check us. we have never fed steroids or hormones and never will. no blood meal, no meat and bone meal. yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from.
4:52 pm
it's the atlanta braves versus the chicago cubs. keep your eye on the ball, folks. foul ball into the stands, fans reach for it. whoa, the man holding the baby, he gets it and he does it without ever losing his grip on his child. even braves' shortstop took notice. now alfonso soriano has a baseball souvenir for his kid and a story to tell about it, too, and the video, which is, you know, a keeper. >> a good thing he didn't drop the little guy. a wed trag diggs is getting some big laughs online. this is from a wedding in niagara falls this weekend. one woman is so excited about
4:53 pm
the bouquet toss that she took a dive to try to catch it and accidentally tripped over her feet and then took a fall straight to the floor. she wasn't injured, though. she was not hurt. she's also agreed to the posting of the video. so she's taking it all in stride, so to speak. >> if she had caught it it would have made it all worth it, right? >> we suppose. coming up next on news 4 at 5:00 a mystery 75 years in the making.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
today a team of researchers set out on an expedition to try once again to solve one of this country's great mysteries -- what happened to amelia earhart. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more. >> a lady adventurer, a heroine of the sky. >> reporter: she was a pioneer of flight whose feats made imaginations soar. >> i hope it will increase women's interests in flying. >> reporter: in 1937, amelia earhart and her navigator set out to circle the globe. >> it's about 27,000 miles. >> reporter: she almost made it, an astonishing piece of flying from california to new guinea over the remote south pacific, amelia earhart disappeared, triggering a massive search and sparking one of the enduring mysteries of our time.
4:57 pm
her plane went down near a group of tiny uninhabited islands. rick gillespie, who's devoted years to search for earhart, believes she landed safely. you think she was a castaway. >> oh, yes. there's quite good evidence that she was a castaway. >> reporter: excavations on one island have turned up products that appeared to be manufactured in the u.s. in the 1930s, a woman's compact, a flight jacket zipper, and a jar that may have once held freckle cream. >> earhart had freckles and didn't like them. >> reporter: add that to a newly discovered photo taken three months after earhart's disappearance that seems to show something. >> it does appear that we have a picture of a piece of debris from her airplane on the reef of this island. >> reporter: armed with new deep-water submersibles and side-scanning sonar technology, gillespie and his team will test their theory that earhart's plane was washed off the reef where it landed into the depths
4:58 pm
below. if the they anything on sonar, this goes in the water, specially designed remote operated vehicle that could give us our first clear pictures of ear har's plane in 75 years. skeptics say she crashed into the ocean elsewhere or that 75 years in churning seas would have broken up the plane. researchers are confident. so if there's something out there -- >> we will see it. yeah, we will see. >> reporter: a new team of explorers on the hunt for one of history's greatest adventurers and the answers that could finally put a mystery and a heroine to rest. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, honolulu. now at 5:00, the storm is long gone, but the consequences linger. four days after the storm. for some, the power has finally been restored, others, not so lucky. >> transformer out, power lines down, tree across the roadways. some residents in this neighborhood say they've reported it to pepco and have
4:59 pm
been told problem fixed, power's back on. but is it? people are mourning the loss of andy griffith, the television star who remitted smalltown americana has died. and first on 4, a d.c. fire crew called in after the storm and used to fill up a private pool. and good evening on this tuesday. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. first up at 5:00, the death toll from friday night's storm in virginia now stands at 11. today governor bob mcdonald's office says death in loudoun county is a result of the storm. that's in addition to three in fairfax county. >> across our region, crews continue to work around the clock to turn the power back on for tens of thousands of people. pepco still has 97,000 customers without electricity, dominion, 66,000, bg & e 40,000 outages. folks from the sunshine state


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