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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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weather is approaching the capital. you are instructed to leave the area. >> here we go again.
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another round of storms hits the area tonight clearing the west lawn of the capital and causing power outages. >> could it happen tomorrow night during the fourth of july celebrations? metro riders start walking down the tracks. we'll tell you what led to their self evacuation. you are looking at the capital live right now. the storms have moved through washington but left something of a footprint. doug has more on that. >> some of them were quite strong. back in frederick county, virginia and the panhandle of west virginia the storms moved through the metro region and started to die out. a lot of lightning and 30, 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts right down i-95. as they moved into southern maryland they started to fizzle out. we are left with shower activity right around calavert beach and
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leonard town and back north and east of fredericksburg. look at this. a line of showers and thunderstorms coming down. strong storms but not too strong until you get back in ohio. is it expected to die out behave -- before it gets here. we are talking about early tomorrow morning and could affect your rush hour. and how hot are we going to get and when is the next chance for storms. all that coming up. even before the storms tonight customers in the dark and without air-conditioning were expressing quite a bit of frustration. some pepco customers made signs. they had yet to see a utility vehicle. in an update on twitter in the last hour, pepco wrote we have seen a slight increase in outages due to the impact of
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tonight's storms. if the weather creates unsafe conditions, pepco crews may have to delay work until conditions are safe again. the utility company has not told us how it will affect the estimates of restoration. the frustration extended to metro passengers. hundreds of people started walking down the tracks rather than waiting in a hot, stifling train that was stalled. >> reporter: it was a rough way to end what had been a long, hot workday. these images show metro riders walking down the track, hauling their belongings in temperatures that hovered near 100 degrees. a metro transit police officer shows them how to avoid the third rail. 300 passengers were on the green line train when it lost power
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200 yards short of the college park station. >> we were slowing too much. we were coasting. it was a bit hot. got stuffy. we just opened the center door to get circulation. >> reporter: the passengers estimate they sat on the train for 20 minutes before the decision to self evacuate. there were people with mobility problems aboard. once they arrived at the college park station they were met by police and metro employees who directed them to shuttle buses. >> after 45 minutes in the heat, babies, pregnant ladies, old people. >> reporter: the problem may have involved power to a third rail. a rescue train sent to push the first one to the station also had power issues. several people complained of heat related issues and checked out by paramedics at the scene.
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no one went to the hospital. after four long days without electricity, businesses are feeling the heat. spoiled food and no profits are taking their toll. sitting in the dark is not fun. shomari stone reports. >> reporter: we are in arlington, virginia where it is raining with lightning and thunder. you can see this tree just came down, knocking, pulling down the power lines. there are people on this street here who are without power tonight. >> i'm aggravated and hot and tired. >> reporter: janelle and her family spent another night in darkness. >> i'm frustrated. >> reporter: they are part of 10% of dominion customers with no power in northern virginia. >> come to find out, it's not until saturday now. >> reporter: dominion power has a lot of work to do out here before they can restore the power they have to first remove this tree, install new poles and
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new wires. many restaurant owners throw away food. dan michelle tossed $2500 worth away. >> power should have been restored. >> reporter: he owns one of 23 businesses closed at lee harrison shopping center. he lost 12 grand over four days. >> i'm frustrated because i'm losing money. >> we're ready to have lights back on. >> reporter: dominion power has brought out a new transformer and new poles. but now they have to get it installed. as for the power for everyone in this area, close to 100% of customers should have power by the weekend. in arlington, virginia, i'm v shomari stone, news4. the power is back on at this apartment because of giant food.
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they donated a generator that will remain in place until the building has power restored. >> yes! great. the power is on! >> having powered restored turned into a moment of celebration. like so many others she lived without it since last friday. a canadian contract crew restored the power and got hugs from nora for their work. she and their dog camped out in the lower level of the house for the past few days. >> yes! great! the power is on. >> there is still a lot of clean up work to go in arlington. one neighbor expects it will take months to repair his home after a 100-year-old tree crushed the garage. the region's fourth of july
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celebration is set to go on as planned tomorrow night. d.c. and capital police are ready for the huge crowds tomorrow. they say they are not affected by the storm response. before the fireworks it's the 32nd annual concert on the fourth. megan hilty from the nbc show "smash" will open the show. >> it will be a nice departure to leave everything behind for a couple hours and have a good time. >> some displays have been cancelled because of the storm. in montgomery county, germantown and kensington have cancelled their shows. in fairfax county, the show in chantilly has been called off. we have all the information. you can visit online and search d.c. fireworks. d.c.'s fire chief will look into claims that an engine spent
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time filling a private swimming pool with water on saturday while crews were scrambling to respond to weather related emergencies. the washington times reported this story online on monday night. we obtained a document that shows the pool was filled. the pool is bind a townhouse on 55th street northeast. >> it's a highly unusual request on a normal day much less given the state of emergency such as we had on saturday. >> we have to look at what happened and investigate it. i believe our members were trying to do something good but made a poor decision. >> we attempted to contact the people in that house. a massive tree fell on frank and kay gallagher's home on friday night forcing them to cancel their 50th wedding anniversary celebrations on saturday.
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>> renew our vows and also we had a party planned. all everything was cancelled. there was no power or air-conditioning. won't ever forget the 50th year. >> the tree forced them out of their home until repairs can be made. metro has the green light to extend service to dulles airport. the county's board of supervisors voted 5-4 to extend the second phase of the silver line. that means a $270 million commitment from loudoun county to pay for the extension. that will go from reston to dulles and to ashburn. supporters say it will ease traffic and boost document. the first phase should be running next year. from hollywood to the white house, we look back on the life of the man who ruled mayberry.
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and a billboard warning against hot dogs as manies of americans plan to hit the grill tomorrow.
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from the president on down, america is remembering its favorite fictional small town sheriff. andy griffith died this morning. he was 86. 44 years after his show went off
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the air he is still remembered for his character taken way of life he brought to television. two of his former co-stars on the andy griffith show are sharing their memories. president obama released a statement saying he was beloved by generations. a pioneering lawmaker in virginia is being remembered tonight for her work to promote civil rights. yvonne miller died in her home in norfolk. she was the first black woman elected to the senate. she would have turned 78 tomorrow. the pilot who threatened to intentionally crash a jetblue flight was found not guilty by reason of insanity. that happened today. the pilot is clayton osbon.
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he started screaming about terrorists during a flight in march. the passengers had to restrain him. he is now set to undergo an extensive mental health evacuation. a test is a milestone for prevention. the u.s. food and drug administration approved a home test for hiv. you can use a mouth swab, wait 20 minutes and get results in the privacy of their own homes. 1 million americans are suspected to be infected by hiv and one-third don't know it. >> this puts the power to stop the hiv epidemic in the hands of every one of us. activists are excited about the test but worry that people will get the test results without counsellors available to talk to them. a non-profit in kansas city is telling people to avoid hot
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dogs. who posted a billboard near the baseball's stadium. that stadium will host the major league all-star game next week. people eating processed meat can increase the risk for colorectal cancer. look at the dangerous road conditions created by the heat in wisconsin. a cell phone captured video of a car going airborne after a concrete buckle in the road. the concrete expands and contracts in the extreme temperatures. >> i don't think that guy was heeding the warning there. >> evidently not. that is more than a speed bump. how bad is this going to get? i'm thinking about the power
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crews who had to stop tonight and all the people still waiting and more tomorrow? >> more storms coming tomorrow and more rain overnight tonight and the temperatures get hotter for the next couple days. we're in the thick of things right now. we had the devastating storms on friday move you will and now we wait until the next storms move through. that is what is happening. we had more storms tonight. a very nice picture at the capitol where this evening we saw rain and lightning come through the area. not a lot going on right now. there is no lightning left right now. all the thunderstorms have died out as they made their way across the region. but we had severe storms in winchester, numerous reports of trees down in this area. a few trees down in loudoun county as they moved down to the south everything calmed down a bit. the rain now making its way off the coast into the chesapeake bay across the river. it will move to st. michaels and
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cambridge. parts of st. mary's county. what is not light rain is what is moving our way. that is another area of rain moving our way. strong thunderstorms here. one thing you see different only a few severe thunderstorm warnings. this is not a line of severe storms. it is not going to intensify but i would not be surprised to see it hold together somewhat. i don't expect much in the way of strong storms or lightning or thunder but we could see rain in about six and a half hours between 5:00 if you live to the north and west of washington and in through the district around 6:00 or 7:00. tune in to veronica johnson tomorrow morning at 4:30. for the record, a high of 98 degrees. the average is 88. well above average. the humidity moves back in and
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temperatures near 100 starting tomorrow. i think the temperatures will be in the upper 90s but with the humidity the heat index will be close to 100. 77 and cooled by that rain a little bit. you can see where the rain fell. no rain in baltimore. annapolis at 85 degrees. speaking of warm conditions. look at this. 101 in st. louis. 101 in raleigh. so the heat just continues all across the eastern two-thirds of the nation and we're going to be in the thick of it. chance of showers tomorrow morning. we have that and a better chance of storms tomorrow afternoon. any time you have the heat you have a little bit of moisture in the atmosphere. you get the potential for strong and severe storms tomorrow. it could affect the festivities tomorrow night. tomorrow night just a slight chance of storms. the more sunshine we get on thursday some areas could approach 100 degrees with a heat
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index of 105. partly cloudy and warm and muggy tomorrow morning. temperatures 69 to 76 degrees. tomorrow afternoon we're going to see the numbers go back up into the mid-90s. 93 to 97. it will be hot and more humid tomorrow with a better chance of thunderstorms during the day tomorrow. and those will help to make things a little bit cooler but it's they could be strong and could last until around 9:00, 9:30. if we don't see the storms, we could be talking about temperatures still close to 90 degrees at 9:30 tomorrow night. a very hot period. 99 on thursday. 97 on friday. 101 is what i'm going for on saturday and that is not even record-breaking. and things cool down as we head into early next week with temperatures in the 80s. >> cannot seem to catch a break. >> no. >> thank you, doug.
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a washington animal rescue league shelter lost power on friday night and they are asking for help to keep the animals comfortable. they are using towers and ice and fans to keep the animals cool. the shelter is accepting supply donations and can be brought to the animal rescue league in northwest d.c. >> [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals.
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i used to ask, george who won? and carl is like -- covering it up. why don't you wait and i'll tell you. >> do you tell her the news -- >> you messed up my good cross talk which is feel the power for the all-star game. first match squlup of the season for the top two teams. the nationals and the giants. the nationals won despite the offense and now they are winning because of it. teddy running out and voting for bryce harper. all the past presidents getting in on the campaigning. >> did teddy win? >> not tonight. >> espinoza books one and desmond slides in. the nats take a 1-0 lead.
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desmond at-bat. laroche on base. desmond makes this a national treasure. his 14th homer of the season. the nats with a 5-0 lead. more than enough for jordan zimmermann on the hill tonight. up 8-2 in the sixth. gets sanchez swinging. zimmermann. the tarp rolled out. an hour and a half delay. no problem. the nats win it and complete it 9-3. all-star news, bryce harper said he would vote for chipper jones. he won't get a chance. chipper's name is pulled off the ballot. jones is going to kansas city and take the spot of injured dodgers shortstop matt kemp. david frooeds was in first
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place and chipper is in second. voting ends at 4:00 p.m. on thursday. and harper might get a push now that jones is off the ballot. golf, a popular choice for those hoping to support a charity. outings all over the country raise awareness and money for a good cause. rarely do you see a man out on the course with a mission. one man and one day. golfing for 24 hours straight. he started earlier this morning. these are the images tonight. glow in the dark golfing in haymarket virginia. he has been hitting them since this morning. he is raising money for the american cancer society in memory of his best friend who passed away three years ago. >> first of all i feel great. i'm surprised how good i feel. the storm helped a lot.
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it's cooler now. and the excitement of the nighttime golf has given me energy and the excitement of knowing that this is something that we used to do together growing up. that excitement alone gives me a boost. >> if you'd like to help check out our website,
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talk about a guy with a
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