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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  July 4, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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today if you still have power and need to get out of the heat. they include kennedy recreation center, guy mason recreation center, and sherwood rec krreat center and bald eagle recreation center and southeast tennis and learning center on mississippi avenue southeast. all of the cooling stations open at 11:00 this morning. you can find a complete list on our website search cooling centers. even with another day of high heat, today is a chance to sort of put aside the frustrations of the past few days and celebrate the birth of our country. the area's biggest celebration capitol 4 is planning to on tonight. they are ready tort huge crowds before the mall. pbs is holding the 3nd annual capitol 4th concert on the capitol lawn. gates open at 3:00. the music begins at 8:00. features celebrities like megan hillty of "smash" and the first
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winner of "the voice" along with more than a dozen. getting around downtown could be difficult. starting at 5:00 this morning police will begin shutting down more than a dozen streets around the mall. parking restrictions start at 5:00. finding a spot could be difficult. if you decide to metro it in to avoid the traffic the transit agency says to avoid is smithsonian and federal triangle stations which are expected to be over-crowded. trains will be running at rush hour levels at 6:00 and midnight tonight to get everyone home. all information you need to navigate the events tonight available for you, plus the latest list of what celebrations are on and which ones have been canceled. go to and search fireworks. it's been so hot people have no power they might as well just head outside and find somewhere to go to watch the fireworks and enjoy themselves. >> for that, we could see a few showers and storms. but emphasis on the two.
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we're not talking about wide spread. this morning we're getting just a little bit of a helping hand. any time you get the humidity down, it's a helping hand. look at the high temperatures. not just here but throughout the nation. d.c., raleigh, atlanta, little rock, kansas city, minneapolis, minnesota. all temperatures that were very close to if not over 100 degrees. it's that bubble of heat that we are talking about for so long and it's going to stay with us for a couple more days. 77, our temperature. we've got clouds out there right now. in fact, we've got a few showers that will be moving into our area. from 72 in rockville to 77 in d.c. 77 in college park. 73 degrees currently over in sterling. take a look at that line. it's just coming over the maryland line. frederick, 70 and 270. as you zoom in you can see that it is weakening. just about how an hour and 30 minutes away from making his way into the district.
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those storms just mainly showers for the mornings. scattered storms for the afternoon. your high temperature today going up to 98 degree just like yesterday. danella? >> good morning. well, if you're traveling around our town still seeing some dark intersections, remember, treat them as a four-way stop. now, a lot of people have family coming up i-95. if they are on their way right now coming up from quantico area, travel lanes are open. not seeing any issues for them. nice and clear. in fact, in both directions a live look as you are getting the overpass to the weigh station, a clear trip. 64 miles per hour from quantico. 23 minutes to drive to the beltway. and traveling on 395 heading northbound to the 14th street bridge, nice and clear. and also southbound, as well, is 56 miles per hour as you make your way to the beltway to the 14th street bridge. that drive taking about 12 minutes. i'm back in ten with another look at your traffic. aaron, over to you. frustrations boiled over
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when about 300 metro riderses hit the tracks after a green line train lost power. the train was between prince george's plaza and college park when it went down around 6:00 last night. take a look at these photographs. a train sent to pick up those passengers also lost power. that's when some of the riders decided to jump off the train and walk down to college park station. there were emergency officials to help them. riderses we spoke to said metro should have done more to help those stuck on board. >> 45 minutes in the heat, babies, pregnant ladies, old people. >> metro says several riders were evaluated by medics. two of them had minor injuries. we are following a developing story out of pakistan where the government agreed to reopen critical nato supply lines into afghanistan. made the decision after the secretary of state hillary clinton finally apologized for the killing of 24 pakistani troops last fall. they died when u.s. helicopters accidentally fired on an army post.
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pakistan closed the border crossing into afghanistan after that, forcing the u.s. to go through central asia to bring supplies into afghanistan. reopening could save the u.s. hundreds of millions of dollars. we are starting to get a clearer picture of who mitt romney may choose as a running mate. he will spend today with new hampshire snorkelly. she is one on the short list of potential running mates romney is considering. chris christie is starting to hent hint that he would be interested in that job as well. he says he, quote, would listen at least if romney were to call. bob mcdonnell also considered a potential running mate but it may be difficult for him to accept that job because he's been announced as platform committee chairman at the republican national convention. this may be a holiday week but the candidates are not holding back on campaign commercials. this study shows the candidates
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and their supporters will spend nearly $15 million in advertising this week. president obama spending about a million dollars more than mitt romney this week. this morning an investigation is under way into claims that d.c. fire engine spent time filling a private swimming pool with water on saturday while other crews scrambled to respond to weather-related emergencies. the washington times first reported the story online monday night. news4 obtained an internal d.c. fire department document that showed the private pool was filled by a truck from engine company 30. the pool is behind a townhouse on 55th street northeast. firefighters said an engine had to make two trips to deliver 1,000 gallons of water for the pool that's big enough for at least ten adults. >> it's a highly unusual request, and highly unusual on a normal day much less given a state of emergency such as we had on saturday. >> we got to look at what happened and investigate it. i believe that our members were trying to do something good but they probably made a poor decision in this case.
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>> we attempted to contact the owner of the home but someone inside ordered us off the property. in just its first month maryland live is already hitting the jackpot. state's newest casino pulled in more than $28 million just in june. that is twice as much as maryland's two other casinos combined in the same month. casino paid $19 million in taxes to the state which much of which goes to education -- to an education trust fund. maryland live already planning to add another 1500 slot machines by the fall, making it one of the largest casinos in the country. more than a half million people visited the venue since it opened. metro will run through loudoun county after all. the board of supervisors voted yesterday to jump on board phase two of metro's silver line project. that means metro will go all of the way to ashburg. it will ease traffic. opponents claim it's so expensive. 4:37. ahead on "news4 today," new restrictions for people out west
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afterword of a cause for at least one of the massive wildfires there. plus, expect a different kind of fireworks as we gear up for another fourth of july tradition. and could rain put a damp especially on your independence day? veronica tracking a line o
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tradition that will make you proud to be an american. that's what it says in the script. today some of the fastest eaters in the world will stuff as many hot dogs as they can in ten
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minutes at the nathan's hot dog eating contest. joey chestnut looking for another win here. and to break the record he set three years ago, 68 hot dogs. alexandria native sonya thomas defending a women's hot dog after eating 40 hot dogs this year. it begins at noon. >> we wish them luck. i wouldn't necessarily say that that's the reason why we're proud to be americans, hot dog eating contest. >> it said it there. i went with it. >> i'm saying. many, many reasons for us to be proud to be americans today. 4:41. time for weather and traffic on the ones. veronica johnson in the storm center. >> hey, guys, eating those hot dogs outside, trying looking for some shade because it is going to be pretty hot later today. we're getting a little relief this morning with lower humidity. temperatures out there in the 70, 71 to 77. 72 in aspen hill right now.
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riverdale and ft. washington in prince george's county coming in at 77 degrees right now. isolated thunderstorms. hager town, that's dropping south and east. about an hour and 30 minutes, it will be here so we're talking about the showers around the area, a break and then the possibility, 50% chance of afternoon storms. i think those will be progressive storms and scattered. it will not have any affect on the fireworks. let's get a look at traffic now with danella. >> right now, we have a serious situation. 29d 5 northbound just getting this at i-95 all of your northbound lanes are blocked in that area because of an accident involving a pedestrian. if you're traveling 295 northbound in maryland at i-95, all of those northbound lanes are blocked at the beltway. so let's head up to i-270. things look a lot better in that area.
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traveling i-270 in both directions, north and south, live look as you make your way through germantown. nice and clear. hardly any cars southbound. northbound, absolutely clear. no accidents, no issues. as you connect to the beltway in this area. again, no problems on the inner loop and outer loop in montgomery county. in fact, inner loop speeds, 56 miles per hour. ten minutes to make the drive. 4:43. 74 degrees. still to come, the generous gift that's making the power outage a lot more bearable for a number of area seniors. no time for sleep. the good cause that has this local man out on the golf course at t
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yes, great. the power is on. >> here's a moment people who were left in the dark have been waiting for. when that power comes back on, norah ola celebrated when the
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lights came on in ore arlington home yesterday. look at this. so many others did. she was without power since late friday. she thanked the canadian contract crew that restored her power. norah and her little dog there camped out in the lower level of their house for the past few days. >> really bad. it's very difficult to go to a hotel when you have a pet. and we don't want to leave him alone. so that's our baby. >> still a lot of clean-up work left to do in arlington though. one neighbor there expects it will take months to repair his home after this 100-year-old tree crushed his garage and left a hole in his roof. the lights and the ac are back on this morning for one apartment building in arlington thanks to giant food. the grocery store donated a large generator to the hoot lock wood house. it's a complex where senior citizens who have been without power since friday. officials with giant say the generator will stay there until the building has its power restored. nearly five days after the
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storm there are still families and businesses without power in arlington. the torres family is part of a 10% of dominion customers without w. no power in northern virginia. they're upset dominion hasn't restored their power sooner and they're not the only ones upset. >> i'm aggravated. i'm hot. i'm tired. i'm just -- i'm very frustrated. i'm just sick of it. i'm sick of it right now. >> frustrated because i'm losing money. >> the power should have been restored. >> dan smi she'll tossed $2500 worth of food away. he owns a business at the lee harrison shopping center. dominion says it will restore power to all customers by this weekend. 4:47. some states out west are limiting outdoor shooting after there was a report that says gunfire ignited some of the wildfires. officials say target shooting and other firearms have started at least 21 wildfires in utah and nearly a dozen in idaho. done fire is cited for causing wildfires in arizona, nevada,
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new mexico and washington state. in the meantime, hundreds of people were evacuated in wyoming where at least four major fires are burning. in colorado, firefighters seem to have the upper hand on the waldo canyon fire. it is now 70% contained this morning. some of the relief is on the way there now that air force tanker planes are back in service. the c-130 planes dumped gallons of water on wildfires. the planes were temporarily grounded following the sunday crash of one of them that killed four crew members. six of the planes are back in business. a judge found a jetblue pilot who had a midair melt down not guilty by reason of insanity. captain clayton will now be sent to a federal mental health facility for observation. back in march he was piloting a plane from new york to los angeles when he started yelling things about terrorists during the flight. several passengers wrestled the captain to the floor when he began running down the aisle. the flight crew locked him out of the cockpit and made an emergency landing in amarillo. he had been charge with
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interfering with a flight crew. a culpepper county man is behind bars for assaulting a store clerk over the price of a bottle of water. police say 29-year-old steven seen here got into an argument with the clerk at the horizon food store on madison road. sayinger apparently started yelling at the clerks that he could prove how strong he was, he then ripped the face off the store's etm machine exposing wires and cut his hand in the process. he chased a clerk around the store, throwing a bottle of vitamin water at her. he faces several charges, including being drunk. police took one person in custody in connection in a deadly stabbing in montgomery county yesterday afternoon along 13th street in downtown silver spring. sources tell news4 the victim and suspect knew each other. the victim is an adult male. a strong voice always ready to passionately advocate for the
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disadvantaged. that is how virginia governor bob mcdonnell is remembering evonne miller. miller, the first african-american woman in the late legislature died yesterday in her home in norfolk. she broke the gender and racial barrier when he was elected in 1983. she won a seat in the state senate four years later. miller would have turned 78 today. it is 4:50 right now. while it seems like every week around the country there tl a golf tournament that supports charity. >> but this morning went man is about to complete a mission with the ultimate test of golfing endurance. wood is attempting to golf for 24 hours straight. glow in the dark last night at the regency at dominican valley. i like that hat, too. wood started early yesterday and should finish up about 7:00 this morning. in memory of his best friend who passed away three years ago. >> first of all, i am surprised
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how good i feel. i think the storm helped a lot. it's a a. lot cooler now. the excitement of the nighttime golf has given me more energy, has been the big thing. and also just the excitement of knowing that this is something that steve and i used to do together quite a bit growing up. so that excitement alone is giving me a little bit of a boost that i needed. >> with e help of sponsors, wood is raising money for the american cancer society. good for him. >> why can't we have something like that where all the pros get involved. wouldn't you like to see that? >> there you go. >> golfing through the night. >> glow in the dark necklace, too. got to have that, too. >> and the gaolf balls. any good weather for this kind of golfing? >> no. sorry. maybe if you're playing indoor golf. one thing, though, with the high humidity today, you know, it does affect the fireworks. so higher humidity sometimes you get kind of a dealt wa-wa-wa fireworks display. we could see that later today.
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and there will be some clouds around the area with a threat of scattered storms if big story at least for the greater part of today will be the high heat. talk about only a couple of hours here and there. scattered storms. but that heat, respect the heat today. heat is the number one weather related killer. heat index between 100 and 105 degrees. look at all the counties that are under a heat advisory. all of these counties shaded in baltimore, montgomery county, culpepper county, charles county, st. mary's county, too. everywhere the temperatures will rise quickly today. 77 dreeegrees right now. we've got clouds, clouds producing some showers, too. there will be cooling areas down from the north to the south briefly before temperatures will go back up again. here's that line that i'm watching. around hagers town. around areas just north i-83 up around baltimore. about an hour and a half again before it makes its approach. really starting to fall apart.
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really just showers for us as it comes through. your future weather showing we get that break. and then after about lunchtime today we're back with a threat of some showers and storms. there's 5:00 today. some showers, some storms around the area. 50% chance. there's 11:00 p.m. keep an eye on the sky. really know what the forecast is today. outside in the heat today, make sure you look for the shade. going up to 93 to 98 degrees. it's going to be hot, it's going to be humid. for your evening, a chance for scattered storms. until about midnight, 85 to 89 degrees even this evening. that will be around for the time tort fireworks. warm and muggy. look at the seven-day forecast, quick, folks. saturday, 101 for a high temperature after the 98 on friday. so we've got a really hot stretch coming up through at least the early part of the weekend. monday, tuesday, highs in the upper 80s. you can almost say that with a smile, right? danella? >> thanks, veronica. right now, i'm checking breaking
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news on the roadways. 295 northbound at green belt road. crash there blocks all of your northbound lanes. completely shut down right now. and if you're traveling on 295 there's another accident to be aware of. also, northbound this time at 32. you are able to get by. but you're pretty slow. the other thing that you should keep in mind, i would avoid 295 right now, get on i-95. nice and clear. not seeing any accidents there. i have another accident though. but this time it's eastbound route 100. this is on the ramp to northbound i-95. crash there, but the ramp is open. just be aware of that. again, you're vl traing 295, heading northbound at green belt road, all the northbound lanes are shut down at this time. i'm back in two minutes with another update. aaron and eun, over to you. desmond left field, see you later! it is 5-0. >> yes, sir, the nationals still one of the hottest teams in
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baseball. they blew out the giants, 9-3, last night. the nats in first place in the national league east by 3 1/2 games. they also have the best record in the national league. they will take on the giants again this morning. the game starts early. 11:05 start. nats may be in first place but rookie phenom is in third place for the all-star roster. chances of making the all-star game just improved because chipper jones is being pulled off the ballot. replaced by injured matt kemp on the all-star roster. you can vote online for harper. you have until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon to vote. aaron, you got that? you've got to vote for bryce harper. get on that. >> i will log in right now and make that vote happen. we'll do it during the commercial. >> okay. >> let's do that. 4:55. catch me if you can. coming up at 5:10, meet the dog that was going to great lengths to avoid being caught.
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dangerous discovery. the item used to smuggle a weapon through airport security. plus, you will need to make sure you have the right d.c. area airport if
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there will be one less cheap airline to choose one -- one fewer airline to choose from at reagan national airports. it will end its twice daily flights to ft. lawsuiter dale at
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the end of september. bargain hunting travelers will be able to fly it locally. spirit will move flights to dwi marshall and dallas fb. they offer more flexibility than reagan does. tsa reagans busted a woman for care i arying a weapon. she had a bright green comb tucked away inside a notebook. the handle of it latd a knife blade attached to it. the woman does not boarding a flight but was escorting her young daughter to a gate. she was allowed through but the knife was confiscated and she was cited by state police. >> that's a little odd. >> yeah. >> never seen that before. >> got to be protected i guess. general motors may be ready to refriend facebook, it seems. gm thinking of running ads again on the social networking site if automaker announced this spring it would no longer run ads on facebook. that


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