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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 4, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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6:00. people across the region may be cringing tonight as a new round of storms may be threatening our region. >> frustration mounting as power outages go on. >> and some local fourth of july sell breaks canceled, but thousands still headed to the national mall for the big independence day bash. >> we begin with the weather on this fourth of july. there's some storms developing out west and they could have an impact on sol of the fime of th displays. doug has more. >> some of those storms around warrenton, manassas. another storm, strongest around shepherds town. another one just north of frederick, maryland. a few showers in our region and a few thunderstorms. a bigger mass of storms towards
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the pittsburgh area and trying to make its way down here. they will not effect everybody. these are not going to be -- this will not be a severe outbreak. don't worry about that, but keep a watchful eye to the sky. it's way hot outside. 98 degrees. heat index of 102. many areas seeing that heat index over 100 degrees. heat advisory in effect until 9:00 tonight. if you're going to be out and about, have plenty of water. once again, keep that eye to the sky as we talked about. it's been five days and there's still more than 70,000 people without air conditioning in our region. pepco has more than 37,000 customers still in the dark tonight. dominion has more than 18,000 in northern virginia. and bge has just under 18,000 left. the other utility companies in our region each have fewer than 500 outages. the majority of pepco outages
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remain in montgomery county. one community in rockville is trying to manage without ac and still enjoy the fourth. darcy spencer looks at how they're trying to beat the heat tonight. they must be miserable. >> reporter: they certainly are. pepco says they restored 90%, but what about the 10%. many of them are in montgomery county. they're hot and frustrated. they want to know when their power will come back on. they tried to make the best of the holiday. today one man says he has given up. he doesn't expect his power to be back on for another week. on the fifth day, let there be a generator. this rockville man spent his morning buying one at home depot. though a power crew is on his street, he still doesn't have electricity. you have given up on the power company? >> completely. yeah. we've been without power five days already.
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i expect another week. >> reporter: the neighborhood in rockville was hit heart. on every street you see downed power lines, toppled trees, blue tarps covering holes in roof n rooftops. >> have a 15-minute storm is bad, but to knock out power for four, five days is unacceptable. >> reporter: pepco officials say they beat their restoration goal restoring power to 90% of those who lost it two days ahead of schedule. but it's the 10% who want to know when will it be their turn. >> we're frustrated and hot. help. >> reporter: a huge tree split in front of greg smith's home. he says he has been calling pepco every day. and every day it's like starting over. there's no truck. >> the problem seems to be, from the consumer's end, the people taking the reports and doing something about them. and not giving us a global fix, which doesn't do us any good.
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really telling us your block, your neighborhood, we expect to get to it by this date. >> reporter: for many, independence day is a day of chipping away at downed trees and waiting for the lights to come back on fr. for some with no power on, the old farm pool was a great relief from the heat. today they are welcoming members of the tildon woods pool which was damaged in the storm. >> in addition to not having power, they have wires across their parking lot. we opened up our pool to their memberships so they can come up here and join us today for july 4th and the rest of the week until they get their power back. >> reporter: some of the folks here in montgomery county say they expect their power to come back on by 11:00 p.m. friday night. in the latest release by pepco, they say their restoration efforts will stretch into the weekend. darcy spencer, news 4. some d.c. neighborhoods look
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like the storms hit maybe yesterday. this is warren street in northwest. that road still blocked. people there still don't have any power. a huge tree fell, it crushed two cars, brought down the power lines. a lucky few residents with electricity are doing what they can to help neighbors. >> my neighbor on the other side of the alley just ran an extension cord, so that at least their refrigerator, you know, can stay open. >> power companies say if you have not seen trucks working in your area, they want you to give them a call. there are still thousands without power in northern virginia, but that number continues to dwindle. crews say they're working 19-hour days now to get service restored. coming up late er, erica gonzal will have a reception that one crew got. president obama and mitt romney are marking this holiday with a little work, a little
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play and lots of sweltering heat. brian moore reports. >> reporter: on this firecracker hot fourth of july, americans wished our nation a happy 236th birthday. whether grilling out or chilling out. it was a day to celebrate and also seek some shade, or at least lap up a little water. as far as parades go, this was a big deal for the little ones of arlington, virginia. no watching from the sidelines here. marching to a different drum beat in philadelphia, we're pretty sure this was ben franklin, the guy who helped give us electricity. and he could have lent a helping hand to the hundreds of thousands of people still in the dark after last friday's storms. for these utility crews this july 4th was just another workday. republican presidential
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candidate mitt romney was hard at work, winning over voters in new hampshire. >> happy fourth of july. >> reporter: at the white house, president obama hosted the swearing in of 25 new americans. all of them members of the armed services. >> what a perfect way to celebrate america's birthday. >> reporter: not far away, the members of the nationals baseball team were showing their patriotic colors. from coast to coast, a star spangled sweltering independence day. for the record, our independence day was first celebrated in philadelphia back in 1776 on july 8th. on capitol hill, brian mooar, news 4. at this hour, president obama and the first lady are hosting a fourth of july barbecue on the south lawn of the white house. guests are military members and their families. today is not just a national holiday, but it's the birthday of their oldest daughter malia.
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a lot of jurisdictions were forced to cancel their independence day celebrations. large crowds are expected down on the mall for fireworks. richard jordan is there now where a whole lot of people are braving the heat. >> reporter: the intense heat is not keeping the crowds away. many people are showing up here prepared. they got water. they've got umbrellas. even some paper fans. whatever it takes to keep cool before the fireworks take off. flashing red white and blue helped to kick off the celebration, but the anxious crowd camping out near the washington monument waiting for the big bright bursts of color, the fireworks. the wait makes some people a little weary. >> it's not as hot yet as i thought it would be. we're making do. >> reporter: the park service urging anyone who comes out to be prepared for heat. >> it's a very hot day. it will be a long day. large crowds. please bring lots of water down. >> reporter: most people are
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just glad to be part of an american tradition. >> can't think of a better place to celebrate july 4th. >> reporter: friday's storm was not about to ruin the holiday for most in the area. the fourth at the mall has become an annual affairment. >> they come, we sit and we enjoy. >> reporter: tonight the stars of nbc prime time will shine on stage. javier cologne and megan from "smash" practiced tuesday and will make up the special. a tribute to team usa just days before the olympic games will get the crowd in the american spirit. but these women are showing their patriotism with their wardrobe. >> we have invented a phrase called foj, fourth of july. these are foj outfits. >> reporter: what does a foj outfit entail? >> red, white and blue, as much sparkle and jewelry that you can
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have. >> reporter: a lot of people have their foj on out here today. if you want to make it out here, the fireworks won't be displayed until about 9:10. you still have time to get out to the national mall. police say there's a few things they don't want you to bring. don't bring your own fireworks, weapons or alcohol. police are patrolling the area, if you try to sneak that in you'll likely get busted. richard jordan, news 4. metro expected to be crowded tonight as people go to the mall. the system will close at midnight, but the trains will be running at rush hour levels between now and then. that said, riders should avoid the smithsonian and federal triangle stations. metro is continuing to investigate power problems on the green line train. it happened last night at 6:00. the train was nearing college park station when it began to
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slow down. it eventually just stopped. about 300 passengers were inside the hot train for about 20 minutes before police evacuated the riders. there you see some photographs on the tracks. they had to walk along the tracks and then were put on shuttle buss. it was no easy task to rescue a teenager whose
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. several of the coalition forces in afghanistan are in hospital tonight after somebody opened fire on them yesterday. the attack happened in wardak province in the eastern part of that country. nato says the man who shot the troops was dressed in an afghan army uniform. the growing number of these attacks has raised questions as nato tries to give full control of security over to afghanistan. in kabul, a special ceremony was held to honor those killed in the war. marines in australia celebrated
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with a barbecue in darwin. they also played a game of softball with members of australia's second cavalry and they apparently were using metal bats. we wish they would use wooden ones, because it sounds better. final touches are underway for the 2012 olympics in london. keith miller has a preview. >> reporter: 23 days to go and here in london they are even counting down the hours and the seconds. the olympic rings adorn tower bridge giving some idea how london's historic landmarks will enhance these games. the horse guard's parade which is basically the backyard to the prime minister's office will be the venue to beach volleyball. these olympics will turn the city into a giant party with big tv screens in hyde park for those who can't get tickets to the events. the only debate going on at the
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moment is security. the plan to place anti-aircraft missiles around the capital is being opposed, especially by residents of one high-rise apartment block which will get missiles placed on the roof. the operation to protect the games and athletes is massive with a security staff numbering at least 35,000 police, safety and military personnel. still, getting the venues ready is running smoothly according to the organizers, and the olympic village is already functioning, ready to accommodate 10,000 athletes from more than 200 countries. keith miller, nbc news, london. >> 23 days to go now before the opening -- who is that guy? >> i know that guy. >> news 4 will have a preview on what's going on for the london olympics, catch highlights from doug's recent trip there next week on news 4 at 6:00. >> a lot of fun over there, wasn't it? >> i had a great time. fascinating to see, an entire city so excited about the
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olympics there. most of the people in london are not even getting tickets, but everybody will be able to watch the games inside london, like at hyde park. free. it will be one big party. which is cool, because it's always chilly and wet. >> and it was when we were there. >> unlike here. >> unlike here. it's the opposite of chilly and wet. it's hot and dry. at least for most of us right now. we have a couple of thunderstorms going on. nicely done. getting me right into weather. >> i'm trying to help you out. >> i know you are. here's where we want to be. on the water. a lot of people doing boating on the potomac. a great place to watch those fireworks is from a boat. as long as the thunderstorms hold off. right now where are those storms? a few around the not a lot, but still a few. the strongest one in fauquier county, also storms up towards frederick county. here is the strongest storm. this one has been strong, it was severe earlier, then dissipated.
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now it's picking up strength again, over towards remington. this is very close to you. along 17 here. if you live around 17 and 28, this is the storm moving through your area. brief downpours, possibility of hail and brief downpours. this is really falling apart. we will continue to watch that one, could reintensify a bit. another one also falling apart around sandy hook and north of harpers ferry. this is what i'm watching. this is an area of storminess. severe thunderstorms here. these are moving our way. once they hit our unstable atmosphere, we could see a redevelopment of these, too. we will continue to watch out for these storms through the next couple of hours. hopefully you can get you're local fireworks displays on a safe note. 99 degrees the high temperature
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today. 99. low of 75. the record high, 100. we missed the record by one degree. that is the second hottest fourth of july ever. 98 degrees, that's the current temperature out there now with winds at about 13 miles per hour. dew point of 67. humidity up to 36% today. we are talking about a heat index. 95 in leesburg. 91 in manassas. when you add in the humanity, 102 in washington. 110 in -- culpeper, all of surn maryland and most of the delmarva peninsula. a potential excessive heat warning in effect maybe for saturday. saturday looks like the hottest day. partly cloudy, chance of strong storms. warm and humid.
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temperatures 85 to 91. tomorrow morning, mostly clear, warm and muggy, 70 to 78 degrees. you will notice a difference when you step out the door tomorrow morning as far as the humidity is concerned. mostly sunny, very hot and humid. heat index at or above 105. temperatures 96 to 100 degrees in our area. that's what we'll be seeing the next couple of days. for tonight, fourth of july festivities down on the mall. right now i think we're looking okay. most of these storms should stay off to the west. there is that possibility, it will be very warm, very humid. you want to keep an eye to the sky for those storms. if you see mother nature producing fireworks of her own, take precautions there. 99 tomorrow. 98 on friday. saturday, 101. 96 on sunday, a chance for showers and a frontal boundary.
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then it gets nice, temperatures actually near average for this time of year as we step into the middle of next week. >> can we speed that along? >> i'm trying. every day it will get closer. if it was 99 at the weather station on the river where people actually live in the city, easily 100 or above. >> when you have all that asphalt out there for sure. it just retains that heat all night long. >> miserable. >> thanks. coming up, we'll tell you about daisy's day out on a ledge. pepco has revised its repair schedule. this is chris gordon in montgomery county. we'll hear what some residents who have power lines and poles down and still blocking roadways have to say there about that. coming up, the nats bats go early against the giants. speaking of giants two big ones get ready for a clash at wimbledon. july 4th means matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. this message.
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the sheer misery of almost a week without power is ending for some people. in virginia crews say they're working as many as 19 hours a day in an effort to restore service. >> erica gonzalez was there as one neighborhood got its power
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back today. >> reporter: it's still hot and there's still no power in this falls church neighborhood after last friday's storm ripped through the area. >> it's frustrating but it's mother nature, we have to deal with it. >> reporter: reginald is keeping his family and house going with a friend's generator m. >> five days with nothing. i wish i could help the elderly people out. >> reporter: more than 90% of northern virginia does have electricity. but 36,000 customers, according to dominion, are still in the dark. but that's down from an initial 540,000 after the storm hit. so what has changed on this street since then? this. >> usually we work 16 hours. we extended it to 19 hours because we felt sorry for the people being without power. >> reporter: crews have finally made their way to this location. >> the cross arms are broke out here. we put grounds on the lines so
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they cannot come back energized, then the tree crews cut the trees off the lines. then we take the grounds off, energize the line and get the subdivision back on. >> reporter: excited by the sheer thought of it, neighbors have come out to watch. once the power is restored what is the first thing you're going to do? >> turn on the air conditioning. >> reporter: in falls church, erica gonzalez, news 4. a utility worker from florida helping to restore power in our area was killed last night in loudoun county, virginia. she was killed in a traffic accident at the intersection of route 7 and blue ridge mountain road. she is identified as 57-year-old jacqueline greene. they say she's from milton, florida. she was driving a bucket truck. investigators say it appears the brakes on that truck failed and the truck sailed into a tractor trailer. a passenger in greene's truck
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was injured. they were part of a contingent of worker from florida assisting power crews. a man well known in the d.c. night life scene has been killed in a crash. it happened this morning when 38-year-old gary richards was hit by a car. he stopped on the shoulder near greenbelt road, got out of the car to change places with a passenger when we assume he was hit. richards was killed. the passenger was not injured. the driver of the core car stayed on the scene. richards was local representative for cirar vodka. a woman who i died in southeast this morning has been identified. that fire broke out at about 1:30 this morning. 71-year-old mildred harrison died in her apartment. the fire forced a lot of families out of their beds and on to the street. no one else was hurt. no word on what started the fire. right now, d.c. police are looking for what they call a person of interest in connection
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with a sexual assault in georgetown. police want to talk to a man about that incident, it happene on m street on saturday night. we're told he may go by the first name jason. police say a woman was sexually assaulted about 10:30 in the 2400 block of m street. again, the police say this man is only a person of interest. if you have any information you're asked to call d.c. police. president obama is at the white house at this hour hosting an independence day barbecue for members of the military and their families. earlier today he attended a naturalization ceremony. 25 members of the armed services were sworn in as american citizens. in case you didn't know, the fourth of july will end tonight with fireworks down on the mall. they're scheduled to start at about 9:10. >> is today the fourth? >> today must be the fourth. you are encouraged to take metro. the system will close at mid night. trains, though, will run at rush
6:29 pm
hour levels between 6:00 and mid night in order to get everybody home. a lot of people across our area celebrating independence day and celebrating the return of their electricity. but lawmakers are expressing concern about residents who still don't have power in the wake of last week's storm. chris gordon reports from montgomery county. ♪ >> reporter: takoma park put on a dazzling parade this fourth of july. and will have fireworks tonight. despite power outages, pepco got most here back online last night. >> i believe the electric companies are doing everything they can to get the power back on to everyone as quickly as they possibly can. >> reporter: on lincoln avenue, this huge tree took out power lines and snapped poles, but pepco contractors have been working hard to restore power here. >> i'm glad it's on. i'm glad it's on. last night it was like a party to see power on.
6:30 pm
all things considered, when i hear what happened elsewhere, this is minor. >> reporter: but in this bethesda neighborhood this pole remains dangling dangerously low in wildwood manor. residents have seen no work done here despite pepco's statements that repairs are ahead of schedule. >> i know they say what they say, but we're not the only ones frustrated with their performance. >> reporter: this snapped pole killed power to many homes here in the wildwood manor estates. they tell me yesterday a pepco supervisor was here and said he hoped to get a crew to come by last night. it didn't. >> the county has not come to pick up the trees nor pepco has not come to pick up the lines. >> montgomery county councilman hans rimer is concerned. >> the state government has responsibility for regulating pepco. i don't think they have done a good enough job putting pepco on
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a path towards effective management. >> reporter: in some neighborhoods, crews are working in the heat this fourth of july, trying to cool tempers of people still without power. in montgomery county, chris gordon, news 4. some viewers tell us they're still in the dark despite getting robo calls from pepco that apparently tried to tell them their power was back on. earlier pepco spokeswoman myra opal spoke to news 4 about that. >> we have changed that message because of the confusion that it was creating. the call actually said that power has been restored to your area. with area not being defined. if you have no power, press number two. if people will call us, continue to call us, please continue to call us and report those outages. >> the goal is to have everyone
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back with power by friday night. for one grocery store noosc without power, the past five days have been horrible. >> we lost everything. we've lost everything that required refrigeration. anything that required any sort of electricity. >> wow. >> it's also tough for the 0 employees who work there. but they have not work the since that storm hit. the store has been in that community for 58 yoears. a 38-year-old d.c. woman is fighting for her life this evening after being severely injured during friday night's terrible storm. she was riding her motorcycle up 15th street when a pine tree came crashing down right on to
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her back. the impact severed her final cord, broke five ribs and one of her shoulders and her lungs. her father says he is touched by the fact that friends have set up a donation campaign to pay his daughter's medical expenses. just the first year of recovery could cost more than $250,000. >> every time i see these -- this help i'm receiving, we are receiving, my wife and i, constantly support from -- from everybo everybody that finds out about the tragedy involving my daughter. and i -- i don't know how to react to that. >> he also works as a mentor to young latinas. there were fourth of july prayeds on capitol hill and the northwest palisades community. in palisades the hometown celebration has played out, in fact, for 46 years. tom sherwood has been there all
6:34 pm
of them. ♪ >> reporter: in the sweltering heat of this july 4th, a stretch of macarthur boulevard in palisades was for the 46th time turned into a warm, hometown patriotic parade with a mishmash of everything from kids and bikes to bagpipes. >> i think it's a great d.c. parade for the fourth of july. >> this is our day, liberty, freedom, country. >> reporter: 30-year resident karen plunket raised her family. >> it's a nice, old-fashioned community parade with neighbors, politicians, churches. ♪ >> it's great. >> reporter: kind of a small-town feel to it. >> very much so.
6:35 pm
but it's a great community, as you can see. we've been here the last five years. it's exciting every year. >> reporter: the diversity of d.c. played out with the music and dance from bolivia. ♪ the gay and lesbian different drummers band, an annual favor. the city's political leadership took to the streets. >> we still have people without power. several thousands still out. one of them, it would be me. >> reporter: no power. >> i don't have power yet. ♪ >> reporter: do you have the air on in there? >> yes, i have the air on in here. >> reporter: how does it feel? >> feels wonderful. can't you feel a little bit of it? >> reporter: push it out there. >> there. >> reporter: in the palisades, tom sherwood, news 4. whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it's the right of the people to alter or to
6:36 pm
abolish it. this is what the holiday is really all about. a ceremonial reading of the declaration of independence today. some local lawmakers took turns reciting portions of the declaration at the town's library. it was site of one of the worst defeats for the american army in the war of 1812. it allowed british forces to enter washington and burn a lot of governmentbuildings. coming up a teen's hiking
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a connecticut teen is recovering after being trapped in a krcrevice on a glacier in alaska. 16-year-old kurt shaner fell through a know bridge when he was hiking with his younger brother on saturday. the little brother called the fire and sheriff's department for help. after five hours, crews were able to pull shaner to safety. this is a fascinating story. scientists in switzerland says they may have found the highly elusive particle called the god particle. they have been looking for it for a very long time. the scientific name is the higgs boson. it is believed to give size and shape to all matter in the
6:40 pm
universe. the existence of the boson was predicted back in 1964 as an effort to explain how everything in the universe works. now scientists at the world's largest atom smasher believe they may have found it. the particle was named after one of the scientists who came up with the theory almost 50 years ago. as you can imagine, this is a remarkable day for him. >> i would like to add my congratulations to everybody involved in this tremendous achievement. for me, it's -- it's really an incredible thing that has happened in my lifetime. it's taken -- [ applause ] >> that's peter higgs. 83 years old now. scientists are not saying for sure that what they found is, in fact, the higgs boson, however they say there's more than a 99% likelihood that it is the particle for which they have been searching all these years.
6:41 pm
and to put this in perspective, some scientists say finding or discovering the higgs boson is not unlike finding gravity. >> which makes sense. >> nothing makes sense to me, except in the world of sports. i know where to turn when i'm looking for answers. >> i'm too low on that totum poll. >> the eating world's best take >> the eating world's best take in hot dogs at
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hello, everybody. i was ready. i was ready. >> mm-hmm. >> trust me, i was here. i was ready to go. storm 4 radar, looking at some of these storms. one storm we've been watching, this storm around warrenton. some small hail, with dime-sized hail right now. this is along 17. here is 28. that storm now moving just down
6:45 pm
to the south and east. it had reintensified, there's lightning associated with this storm, too. here are the bigger storms up towards the north. these are about to make their way into western maryland. this boundary will continue down to the south. could impact some of our festivities later on tonight. right now i think the festivities around the mall will be okay. clouds have moved in towards the mall area as a result of showers and storms. that's good news, too. that will help a bit. 98 degrees is the current temperature with the heat index at 102. winds out of the west-southwest at 13 miles per hour. 91 in reston. 95 in ft. belvoir. 95 towards annapolis. that heat advisory until 9:00 tonight. we also will see another heat advisory during the day tomorrow. 100 in frederick tomorrow.
6:46 pm
100 in manassas . if you are thinking of relief, down towards the bay bridge, temperatures near the 90s if you're thinking of taking out your boat. guys? still goofing, don't i remember hearing not that long ago about the nats bats being cold? >> yeah, not anymore. when july 4th rolls around, major league teams look at where they are at. the nationals are not only looking down at the division, but the rest of the national league. you have a team that owns the best record in the nl. last night they won by nine and they did it again today. everybody getting in the holiday
6:47 pm
spirit. can't get enough red, white and blue. not sure i can wear that shirt, though. nats down 3-1, bmadison bumgarner, throws one and harper and zimmerman score. ian desmond, his hitting streak at nine strait games. bottom five, nats now up 4-3. ryan zimmerman since coming into the league leads all players in rbi on july 4th. loves a celebration and creates one here. two-run shot to center. his seventh of the year. nats up 6-3 that is zim's fourth career homer on july 4th. very next batter, four pitches later, michael morse at the plate. three, two, one, liftoff. same way. right field. back-to-back jacks for the nats. morse's fourth of the year. nats win it 9-4. they own the best record in the national league and a four and a half game lead in the east. >> we've been hitting the ball
6:48 pm
good lately. scoring a lot of runs as a team. desmond got that big two-out hit to tie it up. we've been doing good offensively. have to keep it going. >> i always put it back to the middle of the lineup. those guys are your best hitters, and, you know, when they struggle, it has an effect on everybody else. when they're doing their thing, everybody else is looking to hit hard. consequently you get better pitches to hit. >> middle of the nats lineup, 4 for 12, rbi today. os and ms. adam jones soaring high. top of the second, that is gone to left field. upper deck. his 20th of the year gives the os a 1-0 lead. os pitcher chris tillman just not getting run sport. up 3-0, he faces kawasaki.
6:49 pm
the pitch. lined to right. watch chris davis. a chase. the layout. then gets the tip of the cap from davis. the os win it 4-2. with nadal already out at wimbledon, the juice beginning to try up at the all england tennis club. in the quarterfinals went the way the tennis world wanted, we would get a federer/djokovic semifinal. they have faced off in a grand slam final five times, with djokovic winning four. djokovic taking on maher here. djokovic won the first set. the german on the run. great shot by djokovic. third set, match point for djokovic. this is how you end something. a little ace. >> go home, kid. go home.
6:50 pm
get out of my way. >> he advances to the semis. the question is would he get federer? william and kate, duke and duchess of cambridge at center court to catch roger federer. no sign of pippa, which is upsetting to me. >> you will get over it. >> i will. >> in the far court -- this is too easy, federer would win the game. goes up 3-0 in the set. he's got no tennis elbow. later, it wouldn't be wimbledon without a rain delay. all this for a delay of 21 minutes. if i had a tennis court t would take 21 minutes to get my kids off the couch to help me. third set, match point for federer near court. finishing in style. coming to the net. drop shot for the winner. roger federer the winner in straight sets. he will face djokovic in the semifinals on friday. in the other final, andy murray
6:51 pm
against wilford-tsonga. if you're eating dinner now or are squeamish, turn away. if not, the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest is for you. joey chestnut looking for the sixth straight title. just over three minutes to go he's at 50 dogs. his record is 68. he did that back in 2009. he did it again today. chestnut ties his only record downing 678 dogs. takes the title. the 28-year-old won every mustard belt since 2007. >> that's attractive. >> he also won a cool 10,000 for the victory. ladies side, virginia's own sonya "black widow" thomas looking to defend her title. this is pretty. shooting for 41 eaten, her previous record, but she was in a record-setting mood today. she knocked down 45 dogs in ten minutes.
6:52 pm
hot dogs and the buns in ten minutes.e, too, gets $10,000 fo win. i'm just saying, not a cheap date. >> i wonder if they have a date. if they ever get a date. >> at least not for the first two, three days after the contest. there is no dating. ♪
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a case of lost and found ended with a high-flying rescue in oregon. a firefighter being pulled out of this deep quarry has something in his hands, daisy. quarry workers near portland saw the 2-year-old pit bull mix stranded in a steep ledge next to a 200-foot drop. she probably slid on gravel. then she couldn't get back up to safe ground. she is now safe and home with her family. >> good for her. how are we looking? >> looking hot. it will be hot across the area. right on through the weekend. we have a couple of storms out there. one lone storm south of warrenton, south of fauquier county moving towards
6:56 pm
fredericksburg area. more storms back to the north and west. i will watch those for you throughout the rest of the night. you can always get updates on and check us out on facebook and twitter. over the next couple of days, we're talking about that heat. temperatures will be on the hot side. how hot is it going to be? 99 tomorrow. 98 on friday. 101 on saturday. the heat index could be 105 to 110. cooler weather next week, tuesday and wednesday looking very good. make your tee times now. >> everybody better have their power back by saturday. >> let's hope. saturday could be a dangerous situation. the nation's founding fathers signed the declaration of independence in philadelphia back on 1776. bells were rung, of course, to rer hald th herald that event.
6:57 pm
legend is that the liberty bell was one of them. there was a ceremony today, school children were allowed to tap the bell 13 times, carefully. one for each of the original american colonies. you probably remember from history class that the bell arrived in the u.s. from england back in 1752. legend has it the bell was cracked the very first time it was wrong. the bell was recast and that large crack redeveloped years later. that bell remains an iconic symbol of freedom. doug has been recently in philadelphia working there. i grew up in philadelphia. you know i never saw the liberty bell? >> you didn't? >> never saw it. >> now they got it out there in the open air. you can drive right by it. >> i'll have to make the trip
6:58 pm
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