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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  July 5, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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that heat is on across much of the country, off to chicago, the intense heat is causing the road to buckle. a major thoroughfare had to be shut down because it became hazard out. the intense heat created a buckle in the road nearly 5 inches high, as temperatures soar near the triple digits. we're not getting any relief here from the heat in the washington area. in fact it's getting downright dangerous. first word from doug, he's in the storm center. how high? >> how high are we going to go? we're at 99, and we're just getting started. we'll be going above 100 degrees, i think, maybe the next two days, possibly even three, but right now 999 current temperature out there with a dew point of 65. that puts our humidity at 33%, our heat index is sitting at 102 across the region right now. good thing for us our dew point
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is below that 70 degrees mark. 100 in fred ricks berg, and it is 102 right now down towards charlottesville, so a hot day this afternoon. that's why we have the heat advisory in effect for the entire area just about until about 9:00. you notice the red up until baltimore. baltimore in an excessive heat advisory. i do expect that to be continued through the day tomorrow. something else we'll be watching for. we a chance for strong storms and there are a few storms around pittsburgh. we're going to watch those closely to see if they could come through here just like the once lasts night. we did see parts of trees down last night. we'll continue to give you the update, coming up. thank you, doug. here's the latest details after friday's devastating storms. six days after it there are still more than 32,000 people in
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the region sweating it out without ac. crews continue to work around the clock. pepco currently has more than 16,000 outages, more than 8,100 dominion customers, and bge is down to 7600 outages. all the other companies have fewer than 500 outages. pepco says today it's ahead of schedule, and it's promised to restore power. the utility company tells us 95% of its customers are good to go, but a woman in montgomery county is among those who say she's watched utilities crews come and go, and she's still in the dark. melissa mollet has the story. >> reporter: frustration is growing. power was restored all along here yesterday, except for two houses. they did not get power back on. this house here and the one just next door.
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there are also seven homes down the street that got power back yesterday, then lost it again. it could be days before crews can get power to all these houses. lisa paul et owns this house. she says a striae that fell in her yard is what brought down lines here. the tree was taken out wednesday morning. after that, lines crews got her neighbors's power back on. still she and a neighbor to the let and others a few blocks away are in the dark. since friday shy she's are camping out. >> i've tried not to bug them constantly. i realize they know we are without power, but after this neighborhood was brought up, i've started to call like every three or four hours, and each time it's a different update. yesterday at 4:30, they told me that a truck would be here approximately around 6:00 in the evening. that was yesterday. i want pepco to come out and finish the job. >> reporter: the majority of the remaining pepco outages are in
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this area and in rockville, but also include schools and businesses. though pepco says they have restored 95% of customers who were left in the dark after friday's storm, right now they're giving paul et and a few neighbors down the block a restoration day of july 8th, sunday. for paul et and others like her, that will mark nine days without power. melissa mollett. news4, back to you. after more than a week of miserably hot work, firefighters have gotten control of two virginia wildfires, this fire burning in the george washington national forest here frontroyal, is now 80% contained. officials were worried they would have to evacuate homes. lightning started this fire june 25th. a storm is also blamed for another wildfire, in the shenandoah national park in page county. that blade is about half
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contained. two debtly shootings in less than 24 hours. the first happened last night on first street in northwest. police say a crowd was watching fireworks when a man opened fire. four people were shot. 19-year-old cravontai key died of his injuries. this morning 35-year-old jewel yes, sir barnett died and another man was injured. police are combing through store surveillance video, hoping a camera caught the crimes. we expect to learn soon the name of the police officers and victim from a confront ace. it happened at the usual is not barbecue. the victim was seen in the outdoor dining area with a gun and refused police commands to drop it. two officers opened fire. the man was taken to the hospital, but died from his injuries. both officers are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. a florida judge today set a
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$1 million bond for the neighborhood watch volunteer accused of killing tray von martin. this is the second time his bail has been set. last month the bond was revoked when prosecutors learned the 2-year-old and his wife lied about their finances. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the february shooting of an unarmed black teenager. the 28-year-old has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial in a sanford jail. exactly one year ago days a jury aquilted casey anthony. is the case attracted national attention and intention scrutiny. after deliberating for less than a day, the jury cleared anthony of all charges except for the charge of lying to police. she got out of jail last july and has been out of the public eye since then. appear thoin's daughter caylee disappeared in 2008. authorities found her body in a wooded area near the family's home. no one else has been charged in
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the case. scotland yard arrested six people in terrorism raids in london today. five men and a woman were taken into custody early this morning. the woman is 30 years old. the male suspects range from ages 18 to 29. police used smoke grenades and tasered one man while arrested him. according to scotland yard, the operation isn't related to the olympic games. however, three of the arrests took place in a house near london's olympic park. the captain of that cruise liner that wrecked off the coast of italy back in january has now been freed from house arrest, but he's been ordered to stay in his hometown near naples as he awaits trials. his name is francisco scut tino. at least 30 people were killed when the ask you tino -- pilot
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error and faulty data led to the crash of a air france jet. accident investigators released their final report on the crash today. they say frozen speed sensors on the airbus caused the pilots to make incorrect maneuvers. those mistakes led the plane to stall and crash 228 people died. several safety recommendation have been made to avoid a similar crash. one of the recommendation is to give pilots better training. illinois congress mast jesse jackson jr. is extending his leave of absence. hits spokesman released his statement today, saying jackson's medical is not is more serious than initially believed and that he's undergoing treatment at an inpatient medical facility. he's a democrat from chicago. his staff announced last week he had been on medical leave for two weeks and was being treated for exhaustion. jackson is the subject of a house ethics investigation stemming from his ties to former
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governor rod blagojevich. he denies nits wrongdoing. president obama is on a campaign swing through some key states. ohio has the potential to become the most important state in this election. the economic recovery is stronger than many other state. that could hurt mitt romney and help the president. >> reporter: >> reporter: kicking off his bus trips to the battlegrounds of ohio and pennsylvania, president obama went near toledo, ohio and detroit. it's blue-collar car-making country. he claimed he saved a million auto industry jobs. governor romney said we should just let detroit go bankrupt. i refused to turn my back on communities like this. three years later, the american auto industry is coming roaring back. >> reporter: unemployment in ohio and pennsylvania is now
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almost a point below the national average. mitt romney knows no republican has won the white house without winning ohio, as romney took time off today to go boating, two men said to be under consideration as romney running meats, tim pawlenty and bobby jindal went to ohio to counter the obama trip. >> half our gerut will be unemployed or underemployed coming out of college thanks to this president's policies. >> with obamacare he promiseded that health care costs would go down and no one would lose their health insurance. now all the credible studies say the costs are going up. >> reporter: but the president figures the popularity of the health care plan is going up since the supreme court ruled it constitutional. >> i'll work with anybody who wants to work with me to continue to improve our health care system and our laws, but the law i passed is here to stay. >> reporter: a fight over health care and jobs in a battleground
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state. it's the essence of the race for the white house with the election fewer than 19 weeks away. right now former washington senator managers ted williams is leading the race for the all-star forever stamp. he holds a slight lead over joe dimaggio. the postal service is also honor willie stargell and larry doby. they'll be available in limited quantities beginning july 21st williams not only managed the senators, but also a left fielder for the red sox. he died in 2002. ♪ sweet senorita they're adding chuck brow tribute today, from 11:00 saturday morning to 5:30 saturday evening. it will take place between 7th and 14th streets on the national
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mall. the tribute will include musical performances. there will also be storytelling about the history of go-go, and about brown's career and also an hour-long fitness session to the sounds of go-go. the festival is free. we're just getting started. one of the biggest shows turned into a 15-second bust. he may have saved a life but lost his job. katie holmes may be thinking twice about that prenup with her soon to be extom cruise. georgia alfredas
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jerry seinfeld is hitting the road with a few of hi friends. the comedian announced today he'll debut a web series july 19th, called "comedians in cars getting coffee." the interview show will features hi comedian friends as guests. actress clair danes is expecting her first child. her publicist confirmed the news
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to "people" magazine yesterday. she is 33 married to hugh dancy. they married in 2009. danes is currently filming the second series of "homeland." the rep says the pregnancy shouldn't affect the show. newlyweds, newly expecting, why katie holmes may be having second thoughts, and it's time for hollywood headlines. joining us is georgia alfredas, co-host with the russ parr show. so singer adel is expecting a baby, and her boyfriend whose name i could anow -- >> coneki. sources say he was going to pop the question and she got pregnant, so it screwed things up. but they say they'll have a small, sweet wedding. she was raised by a single mom, so they say they'll probably get
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married before the baby comes. >> we wish them well. there's baby talk for celebrity newlyweds. >> matthew mcconaughey married his longtime girlfriend action and they're on their third kid. they announced it via twitter, as all celebrities do. so good for them. >> get the name by twitter, the date -- >> who needs paper anymore? cards? notices? >> now that "forbes" is out with the list of highest paid working actor katie holmes may be having second thoughts. >> some sources say $15 to $20 million, other sourceses say nada, but "forbes" named him the highest paid working actor. of course there was "mission impossible" next year. second and third, leonardo dicaprio and adam sandler. he's made them, but he has this
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cult following who love 4i78. the rock surprisingly, 36 million and ben stiller, $33 million. i'm surprised the rock is on that list, but he's making kids' movies and we'll do anything to keep our kids occupied for an hour and a half. >> they're big, necessary for parents. there's a biolodge call movie about jimmie hendrix that's coming out, but controversy about the music in it? >> how do you make a j-- the estate will not allow the producers to use any of his music, so they'll have the performer from outkast, to perform the songs he didn't write that he made popular. you know what that does for me.
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that piques my interest. really? it makes me want to see the movie even more. >> and those songs will be good, regardless. some food for thought about nikki minaj. >> i love her s we're one of a kind. she can eat anywhere she wants. she's a superstar. what does she do? she finishes performing in manchester and goes to a chicken joint -- i shouldn't say a chicken joint,u ace cool restaurant, but orders over 500 pieces of chicken. and she order 60 cokes. i'm sure they were diet, right? >> most of us worry when we eat fried chicken, the good thick about her, she loves have been a big butt. i'm thinking, i want to eat like her. i do. can i not say "butt" on tv? and i just said it twice. my bad. >> what's up for tomorrow. well, you want to see spirit
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festival, we've got you. send us a picture of yourself in your sundress and sandals, guys just sand alternates. no dresses for you. >> no, no, no. >> thanks, georgia. >> thank you. good to see you. coming up next t. anyone wearing perfume or aftershave may be forced to keep out of the some government buildingses. the independence day celebrations turned tragic after several deadly accidents. for all your news follow us online. we're on facebook and twitter. ♪
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outside is not to be the place to be. fortunately most people have gotten their pawer back on. we're coming up on an even hotter stretch. all day, people trying to really help themselves from the heat. take a look.
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video from an town, we were out there, if you're out there in that sun, you've got to do some things to stay cool. how about this? nice cool water bottle? looks like ice in that water bottle. the umbrellas, a few out and about. that's a few ways to do it. the shade always better. the humidity has not been all that high, so you will get some relief from the shade. why not? free water. 99 degrees the current temperature out there right now, with winds out of the northwest at 15 miles an hour, so we do have a bit of a breeze, but dew point of 65, humidity only 33%, so we don't have the big-time index. i think that's coming, though, during the day tomorrow, maybe on saturday, probably better chance on saturday. 99 in manassas, 100 in fredericksburg, 102 in charlottesville, 94 in martins burg, and 91 in apnnapolis
4:25 pm
because of the water. right now 105234 leesburg, so a very hot, a very warm afternoon. it's going to stay that way right through the afternoon. we need something to come in and bust this heat up. i don't see it happening until the day on sunday. maybe a chance for more storms to develop. big-time severe weather into portions of kentucky, southwestern portions of virginia, and tennessee and north carolina. a lot of severe weather here. we are watching this area in pennsylvania and ohio, very similar to what happened last night. they could hold together and could trenten with all of the heat and energy. so we'll continue to watch out for that. take a look at temperatures around the nation. how about chicago, it's now 103 in chicago, 103 in st. louis, 100 in memphis, 99 in atlanta.
4:26 pm
we're not the only ones dealing with this heat. we'll be tuck in it. temperatures 88 to about 93 with increasing clouds, still on the hot side. yes, we do have storms possible, most likely after the 8:00, 9:00 hour. tomorrow morning, mostly clear, warm and muggy. tomorrow afternoon, sunny and hot, near record heat, 96 to about 102 across our region, another very hot day. we get even hotter, going for a high of 101 tomorrow, 103 on saturday, 99 on sunday, and then relief, temperatures into the mid 80s, and that could come with some clouds and some shower activity, maybe some rain, we could get a couple really cool days in here. that would help out a ton. >> we'll be needing a break by then. >> a big break. still to come on "news4 at 4," it's recovery day after the
4:27 pm
hot dog eating contest and our local winner is talking about how she's digesting another big win. what a mess. a mother who was supposed to be celebrating the birth of her first child had to fight just to su
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welcome back, everyone. >> i'm pat lawsing muse. six days after the storm that knocked out power, some residents of montgomery county are very frustrated. they're still in the dark. to make the situation more acinvestigating, some of storms had their power restored. pepco tells those customers they may not have it restored under sunday. president obama is on a campaign swing today. he took credit for saving 1 million jobs. mitt romney took the day off and went boating, but sent bobby jindal and former mum mum governor pawlenty to ohio. they're adding chuck brown tribute day from 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 ark between 7th and 14th streets on the mall. the tribute will include musical performances from the
4:31 pm
cold-hearted band, the no question band and the junk-yard band. the festival is free. the stock market ended on a flat note ahead of the key jobs report. the dow falling 47 points, the nasdaq no change and s&p 500 ended six points lower. it is usually a day of summer fun, about you for several families across the country, the fourth of july turned deadly. from new york to missouri, six children died in separate accidents. nbc's chris palone has details. >> this fourth of july a celebration, but the holiday turned deadly. six children killed, three in the same incident. it happened off the coast of long island, a 34-feet yacht with 27 people on board, flipped and sank in oyster bay. >> the individuals were out observing a fireworks show. >> reporter: investigators say
4:32 pm
the boat capsized near 10:00. nearby boaters helped rescue people. dive teams recovered the bodies of two young children. >> all three individuals were found in the cabin. >> reporter: it's not known whethered children were wearing life jackets. police say weather, a large wave and overcrowding could be factors. a 10-year-old died from electric roe cougs. >> we heard screaming, i ran down to see a lady and a kid in the water. >> one re accuser himself shocked as he walked into the water to save the boy. >> i went down about three, four feet and i figured i'm dead. by then i knew what it was. >> reporter: investigators are not sure where the electric shock came from. it would be a stray current from the boat, from the marina, right now we don't know. >> reporter: questions of how
4:33 pm
and why being requested in three tragedies. it was a brief but spectacular fireworks show in san diego last night. all the fireworks lawn at one, creating a huge glow in the sky that lasted about 15 seconds. stilled officials are blaming it on a premature ignition. it was supposed to be a 20-minute show. tens of thousands of americans may lose their internet service on monday unless they do a quick check of their computers for malware. the virus could have taken over your machines more than a year. internet service providers have sent notices out. users whose computers are still infected monday will lose their ability to go online. they'll have to call the providers to get some help. summer is the prime season for teens to start experimenting with smoking, drinking and drugs.
4:34 pm
a new federal report finds june and july to be the top months of the year for kids to try alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana for the first time. it may be that teens have more free time and less supervision in summer. these findings are based on surveys of more than 230,000 teenager during the past deng kay. more and more people are finding if they wear perfume or aftershave, they're not welcome. "usa today" reports some government offices and hospitals are warning visitors they must stay out if they're city workers in portland, oregon were told last year they can no longer wear fragrances. sometimes a fragrance can trigger reactions in people with allergies or asthma. joey "jaws" chestnut also won his sixth straight contest. he tied his own records and
4:35 pm
sonia "black widow" thomas is now the two-time women's champ. she broke her own reports, downing 45 in just ten minutes. they both appeared on the "today" show this morning, and they talked about how they prepare and recovered from the gut-busting event. >> i love my girlfriend or somebody who can cook close to 70 -- every time i do a practice i try to eat it and gets it down. >> before the big contest i fast about three days, be absolutely empty, make loose i'm stretched. >> what do you do after? >> you know, you have to watch your diet and then try to get more exercise, and really you have -- you can -- so what do they get for all that hot dog stuffing? $10,000 each. we have some breaking news right now out of bethesda. someone dropped off an old
4:36 pm
grenade at the montgomery county police 2nd district station. traffic at montgomery and wisconsin avenues has been completely shut down during the investigation. the police station has been evacuated. montgomery county fire officials are investigating the matter. we'll keep you updated throughout news4 at 4:00, and and 6:00. a lifeguard was fired after saving a drowning swimmer, but it wasn't the rescue that got him canned. ♪ heal your pain and the olympic games aren't just for athletes anymore.
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according to bloomberg and "wall street journal," this new tablet from apple would be released later this year with the display measuring less than 8 inches it could compete with the kindle fire. nexus 7 and microsoft's new surface. the new device would not have the hd retina display that comes on the latest ipad. a current full-size ipad starts around $500. time to check out today adaily deals. >> pay $14 and get a 16-ounces bottle that filters waters in about 20 seconds. with it you can refill, whether you're drinking from a tap or
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but this is a perfect meal. [ jim perdue ] we believe in a better chicken. all right, pat, fess up. you just said i love summertime, but in this? >> i groo you up in the desert. yeah, where it's 110. >> where it's hot, sticky and humid. >> you are not alone. i have just asked people on moot facebook page and twitter, tell me about the heat. most people say it's horrible, get it out of here. >> just like a snowstorm. >> they're saying this beats storm any day. not for me. i lufz the snow. others are saying, hey, let's talk about that snow. i would like to see a 6-inch snowstorm come on in. half of you are saying no, others are say, yeah, that's my man. to show you how things are out there for pat and everybody like
4:44 pm
her, here you go, 99 today, 101 tomorrow, 103 on saturday, and 99 on sunday. by the way, some of the estimates right now, we did hit 100 degrees at the airport. it does look like today will be 100, so when you're like pat, right now it's 99, with the heat index of 102. a bit of a breeze, gusts upwards of 25 to 30 miles an hour. that actually does help a little bit, but that wind is very hot. 97 in rockville, 99 in manassas, warrenton coming in at 101. we have a heat advisory for all of the areas, as their threshold just a bit less than ours here in washington. we have a big storm system down to the south and west of us.
4:45 pm
another few thunderstorms to the north. we're going to watch this closely. 81 degrees, the low temperature tonight in washington, a very warm low temperature. 73 in martins burg. 77 in fredericksburg. how about the numbers tomorrow? look at all these numbers. 101 manassas, maybe 104 in cull pupper, it is going to be a very hot day tomorrow. we're not quite done just yet. back a bit later on to show you how things are going to help to cool down over the next couple days. i think we will get cooler. am i supposed to sit down here? well, i didn't. i'm standing all day long. >> it's cold over here. >> it's too hot to sit down. i forgot what i was doing. i'm going to send it back to you. >> thank you, doug. prayers and encouragement are pouring in for a louisiana woman who's battling a life-threatening illness. >> amber scott was 9 months pregnant when she fell into a
4:46 pm
coma. doctors fought to save her baby. here's tamron hall. >> reporter: 29-year-old amber scott couldn't wait to become a new mom. in late may she was 9 months pregnant when her husband tommy came home to find her seriously ill. >> i walked in the door, called her name, no answer. i went to the back bedroom. i found her. she was breathing, one eye open, one eye closed, a lot of moaning. she vomited. >> reporter: he called 911. his wife -- >> it was a trip further blood vessel, which caused a blood clot in her brain. number one was to save the baby. he did an emergency c-section. >> little adeline was born healthy, but amber had a long way to go. >> the doctor said the only -- our only way right now is to remove a portion of her skull, to let her brain keep swelling. >> reporter: for week she is was in and out of the consciousness,
4:47 pm
her husband and family by the side while caring for the baby girl. in late june amber finally woke up, but she wasn't well enough to hold other even see little addle line. since day 1 we were showing pictures. she always smiles down. >> reporter: amber has been making progress. last weekend, the moment the the family had been waiting for. she met her the first time. >> she held the bottle and fed her. needed some assistance, but she knew right away. she knows what's going on. for the first time adeline smiled first. >> the fact that she's seen her and acknowledges her, that makes me feel better. >> still a tough road is ahead for amber. she'll have physical therapy every day to work on her speech and motor skills. >> she's now communicating with us. she can tells us what she needs and wants, what's bothering her. she's able to ask questions. >> reporter: she has to learn how to care for her baby date,
4:48 pm
waiting patiently at home. >> i never thought we would be this fare so soon, compared to where we were when we first started. she has the motivation to get better. i think she definitely will. >> we hope she does. coming up on news4 at 4:00, the olympic games where the people with the strongest vocal chords go for the goal. and a whale is trapped like a shark. coming up on news4 at 5:00, a 12:00-year-old has been accused of killing a toddler. police say it's only the second time prince georges has seen a murder suspect this young. plus -- pepco says power repairs are now 95% complete. this is chris gordon. the people here on thornapple street in the town of chevy chase say, really? i'll have a report ahead. i hope you join us
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. a tourist spotted the whale off maine beach this morning. however rescuers believe she got entangened overnight. >> it took crews about three hours to free the animal. strong winds and other animals in the area complicated the issue. the humpback suffered many superficial cuts, but she'll be just fine. the london games are just a
4:52 pm
few weeks ago. >> there's already a different kind of competition happening in cincinnati. for the first time ever, the world choir games are taking place here in the u.s. they include more than 15,000 people from around the globe. choir compete and vie for the gold, silver an bronx, and this competition runs through july 14th. can you sing? >> we had a tape difficulty. you don't want to hear me. trust me. >> i'll take your word for it. a lifeguard decision to save a life ended up getting him fired. >> and just search "nbc washington" on facebook and
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
a young lifeguard rushed to help when a swimmer nearly drowned at a florida beach. he helped save the man's life. you might expect a commendation or at least a pat on the back. instead he got fired. nbc's mark potter explains why. >> reporter: 21-year-old thomas lopez is a life gp guard. on monday, he says, he was fired after trying to save someone from drowning. when a stranger ran up to him asking for help, lopez jumped out his lifeguard chair.
4:56 pm
>> i was on stand, and a guess came up and said someone was drowning, people were screaming. >> reporter: he ran past the green flag marking his patrol zone to a location several hundred feet away. there a man was struggling in wear in an unguarded area. >> on the road i heard tommy saying i'm going to a rescue, but it's out of our zone. then or manager, matt williams, he said don't go, just call 911. lopes arrived at the scene, he said, beach-goers had put him out of the water. >> i put him in the recovery position, and i had a nurse help him. >> reporter: he cared for the victims, but when he got back to his chair -- >> i'm going to lose my job, aren't i? >> reporter: that's exactly what happened. the outside company used by the city of hallandale beach fired him for leaving assigned area
4:57 pm
and not following proper procedures. >> i was prepared for it. i had my morals intact over my job. >> reporter: he knew the incident wasn't in his zone, but he felt like he had to do something. nbc news spoke with the lifeguard management company where the president said -- we need to know the exact facts of what happened. once this investigation is complete, if he did something inappropriate, we will make it right. that includes offering him his employment back if he was terminated in haste. several other lifeguards have quit in protest over the incident. >> if that was my family right there, i would go for them. >>ite not going to sit there and watch someone drown. >> the city said -- we take the safety of all visitors to our beaches very seriously. we believe aid must be rendered. late this afternoon, that company did offer the lifeguard his job back, but lopez decline.
4:58 pm
now on "news4 at 4" a record-ties heat wave shows no signs of letting up. extreme heat out there, and get ready, folks, we have a lot more in store. hello, everybody. i'm jim handly. i'm doreen gentzler in tonight for -- we have team coverage of this extreme heat. we go right to doug cammer are in storm center 4 with the latest. >> guys, you talk about breaking records right and left. it's really all over the eastern two thirds of the nation, but as far as our weather is concerned, today we did tie a record with the eighth day in a row with temperatures above 95 degrees. simply amazing how hot we have been and for how long. 99 the current temperature with a heat index of 102 take a look at the numb beers.
4:59 pm
and right now 91 over towards annapolis. that heat is on, and it's going to stay on. we do have a heat advisory in effect for just about everybody here. for baltimore down through washington. baltimore under an excessive heat warning, however, as their heat index well over that 100 degree mark. this is something we're watching. no storms right now in the district, but up toward the north, we're watching a stormy boundary making its way toward ohio. this would come down into our region, give us a couple storms later tonight. we'll talk much more about that, plus just how hot it's going to get. if you think it's hot now, just wait. thank you, doug. the extreme heat takes a toll. some people grabbed hats and umbrellas to shade themselves. orders grabbed refreshments like free water being offered


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