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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> announcer: and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 at 11:00. >> tonight, flames race through an apartment complex. the heat sent the fire to four alarms.
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>> new warnings for women and a sex assault in a mall parking lot. >> the president in the midwest as his campaign kicks into high gear. we begin tonight with this oppressive heat. we are now in the midst of the hottest stretch in the d.c. area in 80 years. >> we are still above 90 degrees outside and it's 11:00. for those without air-conditioning for a week, the situation has gone from frustrating to infuriating. two firefighters were taken to the hospital by ambulance due to heat-related injuries. and as many as a hundred people may be displaced. jackie benson starts us off tonight. >> the blaze appears to have begun in a top floor apartment of the multihundred unit complex just across from the shopping center in woodbridge. the fire went to two then three and finally to four alarms. dozens of additional
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firefighters, most of them volunteers, were called to the scene. it was due to the heat. >> they'll come out of the fire. they'll take off their equipment, sit down, they'll get their hydration and someone else will go in, another crew will go in, and continue to work on the fire. >> special cooling fans were set up. the blaze consumed much of the roof of one cluster of buildings. it spread very quickly. >> my mom and dad was sleeping and we ran back to get them outside the house. >> i was at work and my sister called me and told me it was a lot of fire in the house. >> officials estimate that it was between 20 and 25 units are damaged here. moe most of them smoke and the water used to fight the fire. >> d.c. mayor finally got his power back on today after six days. the mayor returned from a trade mission trip to find his neighborhood without power. he and other elected leaders
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have been out spoken about the lack of speed in power restoration. the one thing that almost all of us want to hear is that cooler weather is on the way. but that's just not the case. doug? >> it's really flot the canot t doreen. those showers have all died out. so no storms to worry about. right now, the only thing we're worried about is this heat. still 89 degrees at 11:00. but it feels like 7. the heat index is 97 degrees. that is almost unheard of. but it is going to be even hotter over the next couple of days. matter of fact, we have an excessive heat watch out tomorrow and saturday. we continue to tell you saturday is going to be the day that we're watching out for. the heat index could approach and exceed 110 degrees in the area you see here in red. i think saturday will be the hottest day. we could have some records
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broken. i'll show you just how hot it's going to get and when we will, and, yes u it's true, we will see some relief in our forecast. >> it was anything but a day at the beach for a man trying to dig a tunnel at rehobeth beach. life guards, firefighters and eyewitnesss joined an effort to reach him. officials say he was unconscious when they got to him but he was breathing and moving his feet by the time paramedics loaded him into the ambulance. >> police in falls church are looking d ining for a man suspe what's called "up skirting" a woman. she turned around finding a man holding a device underneath her security. it was an allege attempt to take a photograph. a trip to the mall ended in a frightening fashion for a woman in arlington. police say somebody lifted her
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skirtssaulted her in the parking garage. it happened at 2:30 in the afternoon. when the woman screamed, that man ran away. nobody's been arrested. >> an unspeakable tragedy. the beating death of a two-year-old foster child. police arrested the girl's foster brother who is 12 years old. the beating happened on tuesday in ft. washington. police say the girl's father found him unconscious and trying to do cpr. but she died at the hospital. prosecutors charged the 12-year-old with second-degree murder. >> through the course of the investigation, detectives learned a 12-year-old had beaten the child repeatedly. detectives developed probable cause to charge the boy based on interviews conducted with the family. >> the boy is being charged with a juvenile. a 15-year-old and a 4-year-old were also home at the time.
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>> credit card payments, could soon be available. on tuesday, the d.c. council will vote on a pending $35 million contract with a company called verifone. if tsz approved, verifone will install new gps technology. cab drivers have protested the gps tracking, but some of them say they welcome the other features. >> because i got robbed last time, you know, because we always carry cash. like everybody else, we want a credit card system. >> if you're operating your taxi, we want to know where they are operating. >> nbc has a national contract with veri fone. the plan is for all cabs to get the upgrades by the end of the year. >> the lawyer for george zimmerman is making a personal plea tonight for people to donate money to get his client
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out of jail. the judge set bail at $1 million. zimmerman is accused of killing martin back in february. he's been in jail since the judge revoked his bond last month claiming zimmerman and his wife misled the court about their financialses. the judge said it's possible the two planned to flee the country. >> zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder. he's pleaded not guilty claiming self defense under florida's stand your ground law. >> president obama kicked off the 215 mile bus tour today in the battleground state of ohio. he kept his focus on the economy. he stopped, had a couple beers in amhearst. holding china accountable for unfair trade practices that hurt american auto makers. he also made another pledge of
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support for the middle class. >> i'm not going to balance the budget on the backs of the poor or ask to pay for a tax cut for me or mr. romney. >> the obama campaign is bracing for the latest job's report. that comes out tomorrow. republicans have decided the dismal numbers in may. >> and the attacks literally followed the president on his bus tour today. two of mitt romney's top surrogates were in town today. they stopped in the same towns saying the president's efforts to help the middle class are too little too late. and new numbers out today show romney has out paced president obama and fund raising for the second month in a row. the former massachusetts governor raised more than a hundred million in june. both romney and president obama
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are expected to raise a combined is billion by the fall. >> the smithsonian will include a tribute to d.c.'s own chuck brown. it's called "chuck brown tribute day." it will run from 11:00 in the morning until 5:30 on saturday. it will include musical performances and brown's career. also, an hour-long fitness routine. chuck brown died back in may from complications of pneumonia. that festival is free. for seven nights now, some people have been without air-conditioning in this oppressive heat. many of them are beside themselves with anger and learning today that they might have to wait another three days is not helping them out at all. >> it's sad that it's going on this long.
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>> reporter: carol minor has major problems. our camera light has a low beam giving you a sense of what it's like inside her home. >> no power. it's hot. it's sticky. >> reporter: this big oak tree crashing into the house next door smashing down power lines. it's the 7th night this chevy chase neighborhood has been out power. >> it's awful. >> reporter: you're seeing me right now because of the light on our camera. it is so hot in this house, sweat is coming down my forehead. let me wipe it. try talking to the crews working outside in the hot sun. >> working in d.c. is very tiring and very stressful. >> reporter: news 4 caught up with thomas graham looking at the destruction out here. he says patco is dealing with hundreds of sites like this one vmt. >> we had about 2,000 or so wire-down reports.
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we still have about 1400 of those to address. . >> reporter: is what ms. johnson seens sees as she walks around her house. how are you feeling right now? >> miserable. we don't have any food. all of our food is gone. we've had to stay at a hotel every night. >> reporter: carol minor hopes her lights come back on by this weekend. >> oh my heavens, yes. >> reporter: crews are going to have to come out here and clear away all of these trees and then pepco is going to have to bring in some new power lines. the only thing folks out here want is power. in chevy chase near sicamore street. >> a new virus that could affect internet service on monday. >> a lot of parents upset about a new onesi. >> well, you'll see what
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verizon is helping people without internet or phone service to get connected. tomorrow, a one e 100 foot mobile service center will be set up outside t.c. williams. people outside the trailer can access the web and make free phone calls. cable and internet providers say downed power lines are the main reasons customers are offline.
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>> tens of thousands of people could go offline monday because of a computer virus. the dns changer once infected millions of computers worldwide. it essentially directed internet users to fake servers. when the f.b.i. shut it down, they built a safety net. but, on monday rksz that site will be turned off. you can see if you have the virus and find out how to get rid of it by going to the web site, >> two great white sharks that have been spotted not far from shore. oneover those sharks measured 16 feet. so far, no beaches have been closed. but swimmers are being told to stay 300 feet away from the seals because the sharks may not be far behind. >> this is a clothing item for babies. it's sparking debate among parents tonight.
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it was seen on sale in south haven, mississippi. some parents say it's outrageous. others say it's clearly just a joke. >> i just think it's not appropriate because it gives young people the wrong idea too quickly. >> i think people just overreact about stupid stuff. i don't take offense to that at all. >> fireworks display went haywire in southern iowa last night. a spark from one of the rockets lit the rest of them all in one feld swoop. that's the result. two pyrotechnic workers were injured. he's been working with fireworks for 40 years and never seen that happen before. >> a computer glitch in san diego last night.
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this display was over in 15 seconds after all the fireworks were set off once. a company in new jersey is offering to do another show for free. fourth of july fireworks will take place on friday the 13th. last night's show was postponed. the new show will start at 9:25 next friday. and then by then, the weather is just going to be so much nicer, right? >> i predict 73 degrees, low humidity and not a cloud in the sky. >> don't go by that forecast, by the way. we go through 7 days and that takes us through next friday. we can dream. i think we just did. out there right now, incredibly hot and still on the humid side. even more humid now and that's normally what happens on a day like today. the sun comes up and helps dry out the atmosphere. once the sun goes down, that
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humidity builds right back in and we're stuck with a heat index of 97. the high today was 100. the record for today is 102. but look where we started. at 80 degrees. i think we're going to be very close to that number. high temperatures today, 97 in frederick, 99 in baltimore. look at charlottesville. 104 there. that's the kind of number we're going to be seeing in a few other cases. talk about consecutive days with hot temptures. above 95. that's eight days in a row, including today. by sunday, we could be 11, if we do get above 95 tomorrow. and we will. this is above consecutive days of 95 or getter. 89 degrees, the temperature out there right now. here's that heat index of 97. look at the dew point. it continues to rise. dew point now at 73 degrees.
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we don't want to see that over the next couple of days. that's really going to make things on the humid side. 84 right now in martinsburg and 87 right now towards pax river. we were hoping for some showers or clouds to help us with those temperatures today. no rain left. we did see a few storms a little bit earlier. making the way down from pennsylvania, they were coming dounl our way and then they just skirted our region. they did bring some severe weather and down towards portions of the eastern shore. but they've all since fizzled out, too. tomorrow, i think our storm threat is almost minimal. it's almost zero, i think, as far as storms are concerned. maybe a storm here or there. most of us, if not all of us, will remain dry. take a look at the west. 103 in chicago. 100 in at lan that and 101 in raleigh. that's what tells you this heat is here to stick around.
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tomorrow morning, mostly clear. warm and rather muggy. temperatures 75 to about 81 degrees tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, we'll see plenty of sunshine and it's going to be very hot. near-record heat. a heat index of 1050. temperature between 96 and 102. we could get close down toward the beaches, a little bit better down here. demptu temperatures in the low 90s in part on friday and saturday. upper 80s with a pretty good chance of storms late in the day on sunday. even sunday is looking like a good day down towards the beaches. 103 is the forecast for saturday. that would be a record. and then another dangerous situation with thunderstorms, maybe some severe weather, late sunday and then monday, tuesday and wednesday, a chance for some ranl. but cooler numbers, that is very good news. highs only in the mid 80s all next week. >> where he certainly look forward to that. thanks, doug. still ahead tonight, one great
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name has her work cut out for her with a litter of 17 puppies. >> a reason to celebrate.
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. brought to you by xninity. >> check is in today for the wandering dan. and we've got good news, right? >> you know what, i sound like a broken record. i don't care. he didn't make the all-star team. he's 19. he'll get over it. he's got plenty of time. meanwhile, the nats look to
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complete the sweep of san francisco. and a little parting gift for the fans. when you're having this kind of year, the nationals of good things happen. 1924 senators throwback unit. mike was a mere cover reporter then. i'm sorry, it's a parting shot. i'm never working here again, am i? the nats down 5-1. opposite-field homer. desmond's 15th of the queer. . >> four pitches later, how about a little exit. stage right center. second straight of the nats. we have a ball game. two batters later, the young fella. oh, there's a little bash brothers. bryce harper at the dish. two on, two out, a little more damage. hits one in the left. that's going to bloop in. mark derosa scores. we now have a one-run game. so bottom of the nine.
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harper up again in a big spot. two on, no outs. yeah. chops one to right field. tyler moore comes in to score and the nats come all the way back to score. two outs later, bases loaded for adam laroche. chopper to second. game going to go into extra innings except for one thing. harper scores the game winner. they lead the majors in walk-off wins with 7 this season. >> this ball club, you know, there's no quitting a ball club. there's a lot of character in this ball club. and, you know, now that everybody's kind of doing their thing, it's easy to get a little momentum going. >> i said we're going to win this game. let's be ready for it. after dezzie got that going, that's when the tide started rolling our way. >> yes, sir. orioles out west.
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it's a long title. right now, the os lead 4-3 in the fourth. meantime, at wimbledon, serena williams set the record today. gave the reminder. serena before today. first set, both holding serve through the 7 games. trading ground strokes. there's that owl again. the short ankle drop shot, serena, watch her come charging to the net. wins the first set, 6-3. serena with an ace right down the middle. 24 as today sce aces today. she'll go for a fifth title on saturday. and, of course, yes, she is. and, of course, tomorrow, the big one in the men's semis, roger federer. that's right.
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andy murray in the other semi. okay. >> thank you. we're following some breaking news in college park right now. a prince george's county police officer shot a man on lakeland road just off route 1. you are looking at live pictures from the helicopter there. it ee's not yet clear what condition that man is in. again, a police-involved shooting in college park. this
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it was a great day in north carolina. up to her ears literally, in puppies. this is bella. 17 puppies. she gave birth on june 30th. she's been doing her best to keep up with all of these little dogs. her owners say they're looking to find good homes for those pups. i'll take one. an average great dane litter is about 8. so it appears bella really did out do herself. the record puppy litter stands, still, at 23.
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announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- tom cruise, record-breaking skydivers, feliz baumgartner and


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