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tv   Today  NBC  July 6, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody to thirstday thursday, july 5th. we hope you had a great holiday with your friends and families, and hope the fireworks across our great nation you could
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actually see them. i've been in nantucket where you can hear them but couldn't see them. some different weather was coming through. >> hope you had a great fourth of july. you may be taking the rest of the week off and hanging out with us. we hope that you are and enjoying yourself. >> we are cranky. >> everyone is heading back to work. we found some interesting statistics and information you all should know about. >> we want to make you as cranky about as we are. >> join us. traffic noise is linked to heart attacks. something to worry about if you live in the city like new york or wherever. a study says people who live with loud sounds of traffic noise near their home had a higher risk of heart attack. >> for every 10 decibel increase there was a 12% higher risk of heart attacks. if there is a gazillion decibels, you're maybe 1% closer to having a heart attack? it's exponential, i thought. >> don't confuse me with fancy words.
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i think there is probably a lot of stress where you live. i live in new york. on the corner where i am. we share the same building. >> we do. you're way up on the something floor and i'm down on the floor. >> i like living above people. >> of course you do. there is a hospital. >> not on my side. >> you hear ambulances. but i think you tune out. do you need total silences to sleep? >> no. there are sounds i love, a lake, waves. seagulls. i love to hear them and the sound of sailboats clanging as the tide changes. >> you know what i like to fall asleep to? >> yeah, i do. >> no, you don't. "law and order" reruns. >> that doesn't say much about "law and order." i love "law and order." i watch marathons.
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i feel comforted when "law and order" is on. >> you're eating something at the time. >> yeah. ♪ >> we are going to lose hoda any moment. >> oh, it feels so good. >> i grew up in another generation and another century, actually. >> era. >> and i was taught that the customer is always right. no matter what, you grin and bear it. you try to make the customer as happy as possible. but we have a situation here. >> yes, in washington, d.c., a customer walked into a coffee house and asked for an espresso on ice. that's how he likes it. >> who are we to judge how the man likes it? >> the barista, the coffee maker guy -- >> is a male guy a baristo and female a barista? >> we'll check that with our crack team. amanda, joanne. >> someone get on that, please. >> he refused to sell it because he said it would ruin the drink. >> it would ruin it for him, but it makes it for the man who is ordering who has good, hard-earned cash ready to pay
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for it. >> but some people get cringy. i've seen people order a beautiful egg omelet and ask for ketchup. >> oh, frank does every time he gets a steak. he would like ketchup with it. >> you see people cringing. the barista refused saying, "we don't do that because it will ruin it. we make the best espresso in the city and putting it over ice will shock it." >> here's the thing. that customer will never come back. so what has been gained? when the customer looked shocked, the barista said, oh, did i just ruin your day? >> that barista has other problems. >> we've not heard -- please bring that over. you do it over and over again. we can't see it. >> look, look, look. barista is latin for bartender. >> it's unisex. you don't call it a bartenda. >> in long island they do. bartenda. yes, they do in long island and
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in new jersey. >> all right. here's a question for you. when you can't find your cell phone in your purse, you had it in your pocket, how panicky do you get? >> not at all. >> you don't ever carry yours. >> i thought i left my phone at home this morning, but i asked christine to call me and i found it at the bottom of my purse. >> you weren't freaked out? >> no! >> if i don't have my phone, i freak out. >> you have it here! we are doing a national television show. >> i know. i have things on here, pictures. >> you have nude photos i told you to get rid of. >> i do not. i'm constantly checking it. i feel bad about it, but a lot of people check their phones during meals, they check it -- 40% of people check it while they're in the bathroom. >> or right after sex, which is really rude. >> that's weird. what's going on? >> well, people don't smoke anymore. they've got to reach for something, and it's their phone. >> 25% check while driving which
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is against the law everywhere or in most places? >> pretty much across the board. our crack investigators could find out that, too. >> what's that latin for? >> this doesn't surprise me. 10% check during religious services. we've got to make the religious services more exciting for people. >> yeah, yeah. >> but i do think there's a weird thing. sometimes you're with someone at a restaurant. oh, i'm sorry, let me just check this. >> we're in our post-human generation. we've talked about it. we are now officially more comfortable with a machine than an actual human being across the room from us. yeah, it's bad. >> you're right. >> think about the implications in terms of interpersonal relationships, hoda. look that one up! >> i know. you can get lost -- oh, one of these video games on your phone. i downloaded one called bejeweled. have you played that? >> i've seen it. >> you are sick. bejeweled. it is insane. you can get so addicted your
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eyes or crossing. you've never done it? >> why would i want to do that? >> i don't know! "law and order" was on, i had bejeweled, i was busy. >> well, i've discovered why i keep gaining weight even though i don't eat much and i work out every day. >> why? >> because i don't get enough sleep. now i'm going to officially sleep remedies. if you have any ideas how i can get more than four hours of sleep every night. now my children are gone, i have the empty nest thing now. before it was that you learn to listen as a mother. i don't have that anymore. >> you just can't sleep? >> now i'm like crazy to everything. >> are you thinking about things? >> i'm usually praying for you and all your problems. i think that's got to stop. >> why don't you take ambien. >> i've got a friend who is taking ambien and she's becoming loony tune. >> what about going to sleep earlier?
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>> i go to bed at 9:00. if i go to bed at 8:00, i'm up at midnight. [ snoring ♪ ♪ >> that is rude. that is frank what you're hearing right now. how competitive are you? we know how competitive you are, hoda woman. >> okay. there is a survey out by yahoo, shine and "fitness" magazine. >> people admit to being competitive. >> joanne, come over here please. show them what you're doing. she is talking like this. >> we are having technical difficulties so you don't hear me and they do. >> no, we heard you. >> the question is who would you compete with for a job? would you compete with a best friend? if there was a job opening and you and your best friend were vying for it, would you compete or would you -- i guess you have to compete. how could you not? 90% would compete for a job with their best friend. >> if you're an actress and you have two separate agents and the agents set you up and you both
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go to an audition for the very same film or commercial, something like that, i've gone through that in my early career. sometimes your friend gets it, sometimes you do. there are certain things you understand are part and parcel with the business. it's so subjective. >> right. >> you may be right for this thing, but this director over here wants you for that thing, and it all equals out. >> but what if you're in a business and there is one job that comes open? >> that recently happened around here. i was extremely happy for you when you were considered for something wonderful. i'm happy for you. if a person is a friend, you're thrilled for them. >> right, right, right, right. how did we get there? anyway, most people are competitive about weight and clothes. >> i'm competitive about sleep. how many hours do you -- >> i get eight and i love every minute of it. >> nothing wakes you up through the night? >> you usually go straight.
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i conk out. >> i got pregnant with cody 23 years ago, right? nobody wants the details. your body is hormonally changed forever. i have not slept through one night in 23 years. >> eight hours straight? >> no. >> that's not great. >> i seem to do fine. >> you do. you function on four hours. >> i'm getting crankier all the time. especially about this, the best restaurants in the u.s. my favorites are not on there. >> trip advisors came up with the top five. la petite in seattle. in chicago, the girl and the goat. le cirq in vegas is number three. gary danko in san francisco. >> that i think i went to with -- maybe not. no, i don't think so. >> the number one restaurant in the entire country according to is la bernadette in new york city. >> it's a beautiful restaurant and serves delicious food but
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it's very heavy food. >> yes. >> it is. it's very rich and so we are going to show you. >> we're going to try a couple of dishes. what makes these two dishes unique is they are each worth $1,000. >> one is a pizza, $1,000. another one is a fratatta. >> it's got creme fraiche, lobster tail, trout, radicchio and chives. >> it's the chives that really sets it off. >> the caviar is $700. >> this is the zillion-dollar fritatta. caviar, lobster, cream and chives. >> sara, give you a piece of this pizza. tell me if it's worth $1,000. >> get a good couple hundred dollar bite full. >> i feel like i should cash this in and use it for something else. >> two pair of shoes, at least.
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at christian -- >> i'd eat just the caviar. >> you like caviar? >> it's amazing. >> go for it, girl. >> here is your pizza. >> get involved. >> if you love caviar -- >> mmm. >> you taste the fish. it's amazing. >> we're going to work this off, okay, people? >> thank you. >> we want you over there dancing to work it off. >> this is a mellow song. i love this one. >> slow dance with jerry. >> this is a song by natalie merchant that will put you in a good mood and take you back. it's called "kind and generous." ♪ ♪ la-la la-la la-la
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>> so far i love the lyrics. >> they're easy to learn. here it comes. ready? ♪ you've been so kind and generous ♪ ♪ i don't know how you keep on giving ♪ >> it's just the way i roll. for your kindness i'm in debt to you ♪ >> i like it. >> yeah. it's an oldie. ♪ for your selflessness my admiration ♪ ♪ for everything you've done you know i'm bound ♪ i'm bound to thank you for it ♪ ♪ la la la la la la >> all right, i like it. is it okay or not okay?
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is it okay to fire a friend? >> kathie lee says sure. and that's it. but don't expect the friendship to remain the same. >> that's exactly right. sometimes it comes down to that in friendships. you've got to do the better good for everybody. hoda says, no, it's not okay unless they've done something horrible. take care of your nearest and dearest. >> you've got to take care of your pals. >> what if they've done something horrible? >> or broke the law. then fire them. >> then don't expect the relationship to be the same. >> exactly what i said. is your darling little angel a bully in disguise when you're not looking? we'll show you how not to raise them. time for a little pampering. we'll show you the amazing results from today's ambush makeovers. but first, these messages.
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gina, we have to talk to you. >> is butter a carb? >> yes. >> gina, you're wearing sweatpants. it's monday. >> so? >> so that's against the rules
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and you can't sit with us. >> whatever ! those rules aren't real. >> they were real the day i wore a vest. >> because that vest was disgusting. >> you can't sit with us! >> that's a scene from "mean girls," the movie that brought bullying to the big screen. but bullying isn't funny. headlines are making more and more, most recently a viral of kids bullying this sweet woman. bullying her until she was in tears. >> how do you teach your child to stand up to the tough guys or the tough girls? jennifer is a parenting and adolescent therapist and kelly wallace is the chief correspondent for ivillage. >> chief! nice. >> nice to be the chief. >> two things bothered us the first time we saw it. number one, these children were bullying this very sweet, innocent vulnerable lady that broke your heart. number two, no other children seemed to stand up to the bullies and do the right thing and make them stop. what are we to make of all of
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this? >> that's a good question. i'm a parent. i have two little girls, 6 and 4 1/2. a lot of moms have been talking about what can we do? one thing is teaching empathy. you can use this as a teachable moment. show your kids if they're old enough to see it and deal with it and ask, how would you feel if you were in that situation? >> or if that was your grandma. >> right. what would you do? if you switch the roles, it gives them more confidence to stand up. >> you wonder why some kids are bullies in the first place. sometimes they come from parents who are bullies. we've seen that. sometimes they've been bullied themselves. >> so did they learn it some place? >> those are two really important reasons. they might have it modeled for them, the people and adults in their life are bullies. they might have been bullied so they turn it around. maybe they have low self-esteem so they join in, which seemingly is what happened on this bus, to feel like they're part of the in crowd and are popular. or maybe there's something going on at home that nobody really
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knows about. >> you don't want to judge until you know details. what about the kids who don't say a word? >> there's the old bystander effect. they are waiting for someone else maybe to step in. that could be part of it. the other part we have to consider is, these are four kids bullying somebody. am i going to be the dissenter? and are they going to turn on me? how will i feel about that? there is a fear, especially 12, 13, 14 years old. >> if your kid gets bullied and comes home and say, this happened. a lot of parents say you stand up to that person. you push them back. is that a good technique? >> it's so funny because i took this book out called "the berenstain bears and the bully." . the sister bear learns to box to beat up the bully. but that's not right. >> violence is not the answer. >> it isn't. i want you to use their words. express your emotions, reach out
2:25 am
to a grown-up, talk to other people. use those resources around us. violence is not the answer. >> is it true most bullies are really cowards? that if somebody stands up to them they will actually back off? >> right. >> there's often this mask, i'm putting on a mask to show you i'm so tough. there's been research out that says the popular kids that are the bullies continue to bully to remain pop loor. there's this myth to do that. if you can't stand up, even if it's not with violence, it's being able to say i'm not going to accept you treat me this way. this is not okay to me. i think parents can accept that. >> one parent talks to the kids about the bully and what the victim feels like but also about the bully. she tries to teach her kids compassion for the bully, that there is something going on with that child. >> i taught cody that years ago. i taught him years ago about that. i heard him talking to christine's nephew one time. he goes, why do you think that kid does those bad things? and i heard cody say what i had said when cody was little, maybe
2:26 am
he doesn't have a mommy and a daddy who love him. i thought, whoa, he was listening. wow. >> thank you. >> that's the key. they're always listening. you want to give those messages that are clear. >> thanks, ladies. >> great to see you. good behavior does get rewarded. that's why these two lucky ladies got plucked off the plaza. >> and as we speak they're getting treated to an ambush makeover, lucky ladies. but first these messages. [dumbfounded] well, we... doesn't last long does it? listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. so you can get a lot done without refills. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so don't just stand there holding your lattes, boys. make your move. we'll take the 5-hour energy. smart move. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy.
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they've got new 'dos and duds. wait until you see the breathtaking results of today's ambush makeovers. >> then we take it home with housewares made only here in america. and take the carry-on. the best beauty items to breeze through security.
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♪ express yourself it's thirstday thursday, and that means it's time for today's plaza ambush makeovers where we pluck two lucky ladies out of the crowd and surprise them with
2:33 am
a new look. >> our makeover team contributor and stylist to the stars, luis licari. >> and "today" and "us weekly" contributor and author jill martin. >> hi, everybody. >> nice warm day. a lot of people? >> tons of people. today we just found two pretty women that did not have a clue how pretty they were. >> oh, they're going to find out. >> let's start out with terri, mcnamara, 40 years old from davis, california. a busy teacher, marathon finisher and mom of three boys. between her job and running her sons back and forth she doesn't have a minute for herself much less her appearance. >> we're here with the mcnamaras. everyone is very excited. why does mom deserve this? >> it's almost her 41st birthday. >> she's a very good mom because my dad's always at work and she takes care of us. >> she buys us stuff.
2:34 am
>> we love that, right? why do you think your wife deserves it? >> she's a wonderful mother and wife. >> that's nice to hear, i'm sure. are you ready to go three hours of pampering? >> yeah, absolutely. >> all right. she's here with her husband and those three boys, griffin, tanner and logan. keep your blindfolds on. just for a minute until i tell you to take them off. here is terri mcnamara before. let's see the new you. >> all right, boys. take off your blindfolds. she's over here. >> whoa! >> all right, you ready to see yourself? >> yeah. >> spin it around, terri! all the way around. >> oh, my goodness. >> beautiful! >> that's amazing. >> you can't believe it's you, right? >> terri, spin right around and if you wouldn't mind looking at camera 12 right there. >> louis, love the hair!
2:35 am
>> vanessa did the haircut today. she shaped it, layered it. she reshaped long bangs around her face which is flattering. i changed the color tone a little bit, and she just looks incredibly glamorous. >> very pretty. >> all right, boys. let's hear it. what does the boy patrol say? >> she looks nice. >> hot. >> dad, what do you think? >> she was beautiful before, but is even more beautiful now. >> that's a great dress, jill. >> i love the front. she turned around and the back is gorgeous. >> i want to show the back. look how pretty that is. >> the lace and ruching. >> it's maggie london. it's a way to change up the little black dress. it's shorter in the front and longer in the back. and she didn't have one. this is a trendier version. >> a big round of applause for terri. you can join your boys over >> our second lady is jody, 52, from las vegas. a mother of four and never had
2:36 am
the time to take care of herself. her definition of hair care consists of going to a local beauty school and have the students do her cut and color. let's hear her story. >> all right, bree, i know you want this for your mom, probably more than her. why does she deserve it? >> she is such a great mom. she brings everybody everything and does everything for us. she brought us to new york city. we're having such a great time and we can't wait for the rest of our day to be started. >> you told me you want her to look new york city hot? >> yes. we're from las vegas city. we have to have a great day here in new york, as well. >> are you ready to step it up a little bit? >> i'm ready. >> that is her daughter briana. loet's look one more time at jody before. bring jody out, everybody. >> wow! ♪ she's a lady >> brianna, you're not going to believe it. take your blindfold off, hon. >> oh, my gosh!
2:37 am
>> jody, turn around. you're not going to believe how beautiful you look. >> oh, my god! is that me? >> you look gorgeous. >> you look gorgeous. >> beautiful. >> you look gorgeous, sweetie. >> well, i wasn't a beauty school dropout so i said, go for it. that's what we did with the hair color. we made her brighter and warmer. everyone knows is one of my favorite colors. look at her eye color. the lashes, plus the hair color working together with vanessa's great haircut. >> i know. she's crying and hoda's crying and louis is. >> i love when they love it. >> jody, what -- brianna, what do you think of your mom? >> you look gorgeous. we are ready for a day out now. >> where is she going in that dress, jill? >> i know. and her anniversary. >> we had tennis shoes on before. >> this is donna morgan. she told me i want to wear something dark.
2:38 am
well, here's turquoise. and the long necklace from talbot's. >> terri, come on out. there's no place like home. >> that's right. home goods made right here in america. right after this, everybody. what if you had up to 28 days of beautiful ? you can have up to 28 days of beautiful, smooth skin, with veet wax strips. veet hair coating technology removes hair as short as 1.5 millimeters... ... and leaves your skin smooth for up to 4 weeks. try getting that with a razor. with veet you'll always be putting your best skin forward. veet. what beauty feels like. also try new veet high precision facial wax for salon-quality smoothness that lasts. starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors.
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♪ made in america as we celebrate fourth of july all week, we bring you our special series called "made in america." today we're talking home goods. >> whether you need dishes, new toys for your pets, there's no reason to look further than the good old usa. >> our chef and cookbook author is here with housewares made in our wonderful nation. happy birthday, usa. how are you? >> thanks for having me back. >> this stuff you're starting off with is beautiful. the flatware is beautiful. i mean, the plates. >> one of the most important
2:43 am
things we can do to help create and a sustained economic reco r recovery is to demand products "made in the usa." we are having an impact. we are starting off with homer loughlin china. this is a pottery in newell, west virginia. they employ 700 u.s. workers. they have 15 colors. it's got a five-year chip warranty, lead-free and great prices. >> look at this for devilled eggs. i love it. >> 75 pieces. it's excellent. place setting is about $29.95 for five pieces. >> wow, that's fantastic. >> yes. beautiful pottery made in the usa. this is the only flatware made in the united states. it's made in sheryl, new york. and america is helping to keep their doors open. >> that has a nice weight to it. >> it's stunning. this is a company that's been in business since the 1800s. they were struggling because of the outsourcing but america is putting them back to work. and they really need our support. >> where are they located? >> sheryl, new york. this is made in michigan.
2:44 am
>> love michigan! >> it's all michigan glacial hardwood. like the cherry wood, it's sustainably managed forests so they replenish the forests. this is all made by hand. their price point is also excellent. they have cutting boards, tools for your nonstick pans, for your woks. they have a nice little wine rack for you gals. >> what do you mean by that? >> we take our rack everywhere we go. >> this is art goodies, a small company, a grand rapids, michigan, studio. everything is made with 100% organic cotton and vintage fabrics. she's got these little pillows, aprons, block prints, all done by hand. >> good for her. >> wonderful. >> this is a company called preserve. and they do housewares made from 100% recycled plastic. >> oh, i love it! >> it's u.s. source recycled plastic. >> feel that, hoda. >> from our garbage. >> oh, my gosh, i love that! >> it's got a great feel.
2:45 am
>> does it come in all colors? >> it does, and it's a great price point. everything from kitchen to cutting boards. >> you twist it instead of having to snap it. >> very smart. >> these things mean a lot to us. >> for cooking and stuff. >> yeah, you cook so much. what else? >> method cleaning supplies. these were started by two guys in san francisco who wanted to put the hurt on dirt but not harm a hair on your head. to so it's all recycled, it's pet-friendly. >> i use this stuff myself. >> you can get it at target, lowes and kroger. and for pets. pampered pets, at they're doing something really unique. they have an entire section of their website called main street revolution dedicated to u.s. small businesses and minority-owned businesses so they can have access to that national marketplace. so these are little independent companies, ruff stuff is one of the companies. they have these fantastic catnip, also there's a pet
2:46 am
bakery, these beautiful little treats for your pets. then bone bons, very cute. >> are these chocolate covered? . >> you can't have it, hoda. you've had enough sugar today. >> stop it! >> these are cat and dog tested. you get all of these through this is from mosaic. handmade pet beds, they market them as dog beds, but my cats went crazy for them. they are machine washable. zip them right off. very, very good quality. then from kitty pod, this is a company in santa cruz, california. they are making very -- this is all heavy-duty, recycled industrial cardboard habitats for your cats. and furniture. so it's very good quality. again, this is all cat tested. the cats that we let loose love it, went crazy. and it's really built to last. these guys are doing neat stuff. they also make these toys. >> good for them. >> finally, stickley.
2:47 am
>> oh, they've been around for a while. >> they've been making this since the 1900s. this company was rescued by audi when the five generations were kind of done. the company is still manufacturing beautiful, beautiful -- the kind of furniture you pass down from generation to generation. >> great. >> thank you so much of. >> thanks, kathleen. you do such great stuff. >> hopefully it helps our country. coming up tomorrow, it's fun for all you girls and boys with toys made right here in america. if you're about to pack your bags, we have the best beauty products that will have you sailing right through security. >> hi, everyone. i'm meter olgorologist kelly ca with your weather for friday. a lot of heat, still setting records, chicago 103 on thursday, we'll be flirting with that again i'm afraid on friday. lots of humidity, that humidity leading to showers and storms developing across the northern plains and upper midwest with. severe storms a possibility for those of you in the twin cities.
2:48 am
also with theleting of the day, likely we'll see more showers and storms impacting travel along i-10 and i-75 in southern georgia and florida. your temperatures, once again a lot of pink on the map, indicating triple digits from chicago back toward kansas city, also louisville, sweating it out at 103 degrees. so the water parks might be a good option, if not just try to get somewhere with a/c. showers and storms firing up over the fires in colorado. we like the rain there. also watching out for showers and storms from little rock to birmingham, right on down toward panama city. there could be a stray shower or storm popping up for your beach plans. there's a look at saturday's highs, 100 degrees in new york city. while we do have a cold front moving through the midwest cooling us down in minneapolis and chicago, it's going to get worse before it gets any better along the immediate east coast. now we're into sunday. we see the showers and storms along with that cold front across the ohio valley, the tennessee valley as well. still plenty warm, though, in
2:49 am
washington, d.c., your high of 100 degrees, 91 in new york city so getting a little better for you. then monday we're much better with 84 in new york, showers and storms across the southern half of the country. nice and warm and dry across the pacific northwest. we're talking 79 degrees in seattle as that ridge of high pressure begins to build across the western states. showers and storms elsewhere, down toward the gulf coast. you can always get more of your forecast, "wake up with al," 6:00 and 10:00 eastern weekdays on the weather channel. how much coffee are you fellows going to need today? three...four cups? [dumbfounded] well, we... doesn't last long does it? listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. so you can get a lot done without refills. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so don't just stand there holding your lattes, boys. make your move. we'll take the 5-hour energy. smart move. 5-hour energy.
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it's time for "today's travel" and making packing easy, if you're one of those travelers who insists on carry-on but has a hard time fitting everything into one bag, we have something for you. >> "cosmopolitan" beauty director leah wire has the beauty products you can bring
2:52 am
onboard that comply with all the onboard restrictions but still help you look your best. i'm so excited about this segment. >> i know. we travel a lot and it's a pain when you can't take stuff on. >> this is for you guys then. we'll start with the towelette trend. facial cleansing wipes we love these at nighttime because they take off the make-up, dirt and oil and now they're being infused with anti-aging ingredients and hydrating ingredients. one pack can be your make-up remover, face wash and night cream. >> do these count as liquids? >> no. which makes it fabulous. >> you can throw those in your purse. >> sunscreen, one product you never want to leave home without, anytime of year but especially in summer. the big innovation here is they are coming in wipes. just like the facial wipes, but sunscreen. >> very smart. >> also the little sticks. >> look how cute! >> these are clarens and clinique. at the drugstore you can get them from newt regina, too. >> just like that. >> oh, it's like a push-up pop.
2:53 am
>> oh, cute. >> this brand le fresh makes everything you can imagine in towelette form like deoderant and body lotion. >> nail polish remover! >> insect repellant. >> oh, gosh. >> clever. >> so smart. le fresh. >> girl on the go. they make a kit with paper shampoo, body wash and soap. >> stop it! >> put them in water and they lather up. they'll dissolve after a little while. >> that is great. this is shampoo and rinse? >> yes. and the whole kit is $14. >> that's crazy. >> what's crazy is you have no place to wipe your hand. >> she's going to pretend it's fine but it's not. she wants to wipe her hands. there are wipes down there. >> let's get to eye makeup action. thank you. >> the rest of this table are all miniature versions of full-size stuff. >> vaselines! >> don't go past this. look what's happening with the
2:54 am
sephora bag. >> look at this. >> this is called the shopping bag palette from sephora. >> that takes the place of a lot of your make-up. >> these are so cute. stop it. >> and they are only $1. >> look at these little vaselines! stop it! >> think of how much you can do with vaseline. such a multitasker. >> what do you mean exactly? >> you can tame the brows, put it on the lips, there's a lot you can do. >> okay. >> at "cosmo" we always hear about girls having bad days on vacation. you go to the hotel and you don't like their stuff. >> and a lot don't give you stuff anymore. >> organics makes great big-size stuff for the shower, but everything now comes in small. 20 different types of shampoo and conditioner. >> what are you allowed to take on, 3 ounces? >> yes, 3 ounces. >> oh, come on, you've got to be kidding me. >> this is adorable. >> where's the other half of this? >> a lot of times we don't
2:55 am
bricbring our full-size appliances. this is from a division of con-air and a product from crush. >> what is this? >> this is a curling iron. >> but where is the part that holds your hair? >> this is a curling wand. you take your hair and wrap it around. gives you a modern, beachy wave. >> very cute. >> it would take three days to get that through my hair. >> and you're nice and tiny, too. >> yes, you are. >> little cases to put your little things in. >> that was great! thank you. ever wonder what it was like to have a life-sized game of hot wheels? >> i was just wondering that the other day. >> i was, too. >> wonder no more. we're going to show you. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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it is time for webtastic where our own sara haines scours the web looking for the next video you'll want to forward to your friends.
2:59 am
>> this week features a dream every little boy and lots of little girls wishes would come true. >> what's that? >> that's true. from the playroom floor to flooring the car, check out what these guys got to do on the "x" games. >> kids are driving that? >> yeah. it's two guys, tanner and tracy, they got to do that on the x games in los angeles. they posted that video june 30th. they have over a million hits. >> they are not professional drivers, they're kids? >> they are not actually little kids. the play is off the fact it's a kid game. it's called the double dare loop. >> i can't believe that is possible that the car doesn't flop on the top. >> well, it's centrifugal force. >> showoff! >> it's a physics thing but there is a very specific speed that they need to do. and they're not connected to that. >> oh, my gosh. >> well, tha


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