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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  July 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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when the add in the humidity, you get a heat index over 100. tomorrow, that heat index could jump by about ten degrees. that's why the national weather service has put out an excessive height warnings for the day tomorrow. the record is 102, so not only make 103, maybe 104, but we could see a heat index, so once again, you need to take precautions. >> thank you, doug. our team coverage continues. melissa mollet has a look at how
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the weather is affecting folks across our region. hi, melissa. >> reporter: good evening. it's been dangerously hot. you either want to stay inside, and turn up the air conditions as high as you possibly can or a day you want to go in the water, perhaps. it's been a week where you don't just feel, but can actually see the heat. a week for a sundae, an umbrella without any rain, or you tote water everywhere you go. at the blare road community garden in northwest, 89-yard bill johnson is po tending his potatoes, zucchini and squash before the temperatures get too hot. >> i'm just taking my time. see, i'll be 90 in october. i drink plenty of water. >> reporter: mary wilkins has coming to her plot several times a week for 20 years. >> we have more tomatoes. >> reporter: this, sell she is,
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is about as warm as it gets. >> we really spend more time out here in early morning or late afternoon. but we got caught out here today. signs of heatstroke in a dog, which is life-threatening include severe panting lethargy and vomiting. >> if you get a dog to a veterinarian quickly, a lot can be down, but the problem happens when you wait or donnell recognize the signs. >> and the athletic club has slammed all week. >> i found that working out inside climate control is just better for me. >> reporter: and anyone without power is welcome at any of the clubs through sunday. you don't have to be a member, just over 18. >> charge up a cell phone quick or take a shower, towel off, just take a breather.
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>> reporter: it does look beautiful outside it is really, really hot, so please by careful. make sure to check on your neighbors live in campaignedia, virginia, melissa mollet. doreen, back to you. >> thank you, melissa. people are getting creative in their attempts to get cool. in neighborhoods like this one, some homes have power, others are still hot and dark. some residents are running extension cords from neighboring homes to keep places going. one resident says it's been like camping inside hi home. >> it's been 90 to 100. we've had no lights, empty two refrigerators, losing $500 worth
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of frozen food. finally to the fifth night i had to send my family to a hotel. >> we have relatives in the area, but i've stayed here with one of my kids just to humper down and do the best we can. >> pepco crews were making steady progress when news4 was out there this morning. if you're a customer and still don't have power, they're keep asking you to call them, so they know exactly where to send the crews. last week's storm took a big toll on the final resting spot for many of our heroes. arlington lost eight of their large trees, three of which were almost 250 years old. they damaged and toppled headstones. 17 smaller trees were also damaged, and need to be taken out now. cleanup crews have been working since saturday to remove the debris. utility crews are making
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progress took, but there are pockets of neighborhoods still without power. news4's richard jordan joins us in the sumner neighborhood of bethesda with more on how folks are coping. >> reporter: jim, the house out here took a bit hit. even the white pick fence was destroyed. the light's on. that means this house has power. that's not the case for everyone, including one mo home in one neighborhood that is been left for last. >> tonight will be a full week, yeah. >> reporter: they are the last in their rockville neighborhood without power, the only one that's dark and hot. their pets can't stop panting. >> we're pretty disgusted. we're worried about the health of the dogs. >> reporter: last friday, a whier outside their home was knocked out.
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now the temperature inside is just a degree off from the outside, but everybody else had the lights on three days ago. >> yesterday when we called, we had a recorded message that all but 4% of pepco's customers have had their power restored, so i guess we're in the elite. maybe after a few more days we're 1%ers. >> reporter: but pepco and other companies say most are restored. the crews working around the clock to make that happen, those with power after nearly a week without are glad. >> we had options, we could have camped out with my daughter. i wouldn't have wanted to do that, but -- but we had options. >> we all responded and called. they came today and fixed it. >> reporter: but that's little comfort to the few who remain powerless. >> it's pretty lousy. we're furious.
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>> reporter: pepco says they expect the majority of the customers restoried by 11:00 tonight and hope everyone back with full power by 11:00 sunday. there's still more than 7,300 people sweating it out. bge has about 1800 customers in our region without, and dominion crews are working to get power back for its final 700 customers. back to our -- this developing story we are covering with, some breaking news. report of a train derailment at the west hyattsville metro station. i believe we have somebody on the phone who was on the train. are you with us? >> yeah, i'm here. >> tinae. >> can you tell us where earp and what happened? >> well, i was just on the train, and it just started hitting the rail hard, then went
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off the railing. they said because of the heat. >> is everybody okayed? >> everybody's just standing up right now in the first car. we're waiting for something to push us. that's what the train director said. >> you're off that rail. is that right? >> yeah, we're off the rain. this is the green line. you were heading in which direction? >> i was going to branch avenue. >> how many other people are on the train? dozens? >> yes. it's really hot, too. >> you're on the train waiting for the metro folks to come and gets you safely off of there? >> no, they said something was going to push us. >> you and a group are still on the train? >> has there been arch announcement?
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anything over the intercom? >> he's said a few things, just like be patient, stuff like that. >> how are people holding up? >> they're just talking. fanning themselves. it's hot, dust is getting in. >> the doors are closed? >> yeah, all the doors are closed. >> no ac? >> and the lights are all off. >> how long have you been on the metro car? >> just ten minutes now. >> as far as you can tell, everybody's okay? >> yeah, everybody's just really hot. >> have you seen any other trains out the windows on the opposite -- >> yeah, a train just passed a few minutes ago. going the opposite direction, though. >> tell us exactly where you are, near the west hyattsville metro station? >> it's in the very middle of tg plaza and west hyattsville, the
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very middle. >> you were headed toward the city or out? >> toward the station. >> inbound? >> yes. >> can you give us a sense of how many cars? is it one car derailed? >> the whole train, just everybody's in the first car. >> you're above gained. you're see the car is dark, but you can see outside? >> yeah, somebody just opened the door. i think we're all getting off now. >> again about how many people, is it just one car or other cars too? >> everybody had to evacuate to the first car, probably just about 70, 60 people. >> maybe we better let you get off the phone so that you can get evacuate the railcar here. >> okay.
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>> be safe. thanks for taking time with us. >> okay. to recap, this is the green line, this happened about 10, 15 minutes ago, no ac on the car she was on. also they have no lights on there. they are getting off that car, we understand. we have a spokesperson for metro i think. >> somebody from the fire department, assistant fire chief ron bridges is on the phone with us. what can you tell us about what's happening with this metro train? >> at this point we're getting reports of obviously a train derailment between west hyattsville and plaza. the train is above ground. it does have three cars that are derailed. >> and what are you guys doing? is everybody okay? >> at this point we're not getting any records of injuries. we have units there investigating. >> dao we know if this was heat
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related? we just got off the phone with a passengers there. she was hearing that was what was being told to her. >> necessarily something that we can look into. so we're not getting any reports of accidents. >> it sounds like you have gotten out there quickly to get the people off the train. >> there are units that work on site, and -- certainly we're going to do what we're supposed to do and take care of citizens. >> how close are you to the metro station? >> well, certainly we'll try to take the folks to the closest safe location. >> and we have to imagine it's going to take a while to get this train derailment cleared up
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and get the metro trains moving through this area again. >> certainly. it's rush hour. i'm sure that our firms at metro will work quickly to make this go away. >> that is assistant fire chief ron bridges from prince georges county. again we are talking about a metro train derailment, three metro train cars between the west hyattsville and prince georges plaza stops on the metro green line. everybody as far as we can tell at this point, everybody seems to be okay, and sounds like they evacuated dwikr quickly. >> and we're hearing decreased be as many as 60, 70 people. >> if you're going somewhere or waiting for someone to arrive, it's likely to be significant delays. we'll stake on to have of the story. there are any signs of the
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struggling economy in the jobs report. the unemployed remains unchaeged. tom costello jones us with more. it's a political time and a spin from both sides, i imagine. >> absolutely. president obama is acknowledging that these numbers aren't good enough. 80,000 jobs is pretty anemic, especially when you consider that earlier in the year we were averaging around 200,000 job a career. today he is acknowledging that, and suggesting we have to continue to try to grow the economy. of course, mitt romney is casting this as something that's on the president's watch and the president is responsible for. let me give you the numbers again. you know, if you talk about how
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many people are underemployed, you take a part-time job because you just have to pay the bills, they think the real unemployment rate is probably closer to 15% in this country, double digits. we've seen retailers, transportation and the government all cut jobs. we've seen some job growth coming from professional and business service, health care, manufacturing, even crux hundred. nationwide, by the way. >> and demographically, when we factor in after kaj-americans and break it all out and latinos, the number, 11.5% for latinos, 14.4% and those without a college degree seeing an unemployment level much high.
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all right. nbc's tom costello, thank you. stay tuned for tom's reporting right after news4 at 6:00. still to come took at news4 at 5:00, boats were tossed around, as more severe weather wreaks havoc. >> who shot what? >> he was shooting at them. and. >> new tapes reveal what happened. supplements could be the key to keeping the weight
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we continue with the breaks news. a green line train three cars of a train have derailed. extra train was heading toward pg plaza, toward the -- there are between 60 and 70 people who have been told to get off the train. fire officials are on the scene. the ac was off when this happened about 20, 25 minutes ago now. these are the first aerials live from chopper4 right now. >> we understand there were three cars on this metro train that derailed we're not getting
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any records. so no reports of injuries at the scene, and so far no concerns, it sounds like they got those folks safely off of the metro train car pretty quickly. better looking at the statement. but again, heat was certainly an issue for the passengers right after it happened. >> on the green line, that would be on the inbound, we'll keep
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you posted as we get more information. for now we're going to switch over for doug with more on the hot weather. >> you see that all the time. >> it's easy for the metal to expand just a bit. maybe that's what happened. as far as weather is concerned, we are sure it's hot out there and will continue to be hot out there. we continue to set records across our region and across the eastern two thirds of the nation underneath this incredible hot string right now. 98 degrees the current temperature out there. winds out of the south at about 5 miles an hour. humidity at 29%. this has been the saving grace today. if we had our humidities in the 30% or 40%, we would be talking
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about a heat index, but we're not quite there just yet. nine days in a row three times with you by sunday. temperatures around the reason. 99 and frederick. the heat index is a problem, not for the d.c. area, but many -- coming in at 106, of course, to the north and west of washington. nothing on the radar. maybe a chance of rain for tomorrow, but there's not even any clouds to give us shade or any kind of relief out there, so just a blistering day. 86 to 93 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, this is going to be the hot one, mostly clear, warm and very muggy,
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starting off at a possible record high low temperature tomorrow. the record 1102. i'm predicting 99 to 104 with 103 in the district. we could see that heat index of 110. that's why we have the excessive heat warning then right back down into the 80s. 86 on monday, 84 on tuesday, and i think we stay in the 10s all week long next week. the only thing i'm worried about, obviously the heat tomorrow, but chance for very strong storms possibly tomorrow, but much better chance on sunday into sunday night. >> but as far as the heat goes, tomorrow leg the absolute high point. >> we saw it last friday. the derecho, we went to 104. i think we could get there again
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tomorrow. >> we're a bit tougher, a bit more weary, too. >> yeah. coming up, more on that breaking news on the train derailment. the so-called hugs saint is in town. she's giving away a life-changing experience. coming up in sports, the coming up in sports, the nats are hot right
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of course, we know other washington nats are hot these day. >> exciting times around here. amber joins us from the park, where they're coming off an impressive sweep of the giants. how are you doing? >> i'm doing well, the nats are doing berth. they're riding a four-game winning streak, sending three to the all-star game in a couple days. i guess you could say things are looking up going into the break, but first up they're taking on the rockies opening a three-game set at nats park. we welcome gm mike rizzo with us. the question, of course in the second half is about steven strassbe
5:28 pm
strassberg. >> we feel the rest of the rotation is very strong. we have great depth in the system. a ten-game winner, and 3.77 e.r.a. last year in john landon and aaa. we feel good. we've got good depth, we've got high ability guys in the rotation, and i think we'll fill the void from within. >> as you approach the trade deadline, you look at some of the players in the second half, do you stand pat at the trade deadline or entertain trade-off? >> we like the ball club we have. the construction of the club was meant to play meaningful games in september and beyond. we like the makeup and chemistry, but if there's a way to improve the ball club and do so for the long term, we're not going to make any knee-jerk, short-term decisions, but long-term stuff that can improve the club, we have no problem
5:29 pm
with that. >> how big of a boost will it be to get your closer back. >> to have our 5 hole hitter in jas ja jasyson wirth, and a hunger -- >> thank and continued success in the second half. >> thank you very much. this team 16 games abo above .500. steven strassberg will be on the mound. let's go to our breaking story. the west hyattsville metro train derailment records that three cars have derailed. we have the metro spokesperson on the phone. dan, what can you tell us about what's happening? >> hey, good evening.
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this is an inbound green line train that was on aproduct provenly 1,000 feet, reported to be aboard, with no reported injuries. right know they are evacuating those passengers. we have powered down, on both tracks. we have shuttle buses on the scene and en route with additional buses en route to bridge that gap in the green line. >> of course, it's hot for the passengers, but dan, do we know if heat was pa factor in this related to the rails or in the buckling? >> it's southeastern something we'll look at, but just too soon to know. we're less than an hour into the incident. this happened about a quarter to 5:00 this afternoon, so it's too
5:31 pm
soon to know. i can tell you as a precaution, all above-ground trains on the metro rail system are being slowed with a speed restriction of 35 miles per hour right now across the board. so customers really on any rail line traveling this evening will notice the trains are moving slower in the above-grournd territory and will experience delays on all five rail lines. >> were those speed restrictions already in place or is that as a result of what happened here? >> this is as a result of what's happened here. there were no speed restrictions in place prior to this. >> dan, it sounds like help got to those folks pretty quickly, the heat being a big concern. >> that's right. as soon as this was reported, power was brought down, so whenever you have a condition like that, and there's no power, in these types of conditions, that is a focus for us. it looks like the response from pg county fire has been
5:32 pm
incredibly fast and metro police are on the scene's well. this looks like two cars at the end of the station. take us back was this train pushed back? >> that may be a different train. the train involved is about 1,000 feet away from the platform. >> that train is staying there, and three cars are being off-loaded still right now? >> well, what's happened is the passengers who are toward the rear of that train with the derailed cars have been moved to the front train and they're working evacuation from the front of the train. >> are they still evacuating people? >> it's under way as we speak. this is an orderly evacuation. there's no immediate threat to life or safety. they're aboard the train, there's no immediate hazard the
5:33 pm
evacuation is a methodical process. we're not looking for anyone to get injured. >> dan, how is this likely to affect metro traffic on the green line for other passengers? >> i would say that, you know, certainly the green line will have delays in both directions for certainly the next couple of hours after a minimum. if you're heading to the nats' game tonight, give your self-extra time, and you will experience crowded trains. i know it is hot outside, but on the orange line, blue line, capital south might be a viable option. it's about a ten-minute walk from the park. as for longer range, you what effect this would have on the weekend service this weekend, it's just a bit too soon to know. >> dan citiesle with metro, thanks for catching us up to speed with this.
5:34 pm
and it's important to point out, that is not the actual train. this was an inbound train on the green line. traffic in both directions halted, he said. also a lot of troubles for the green line tonight, so they have buses out there to shuttle people around. also interesting to point out, as he mentioned 35 miles an hour for all the trains because of this heat. >> we'll all be moving slower for the foreseeable future. coming up on news4, the florida neighborhood watch volunteer who shot an unarmed plaque teenager is free on bond again. also ahead, there was a police chase and shootout in the shadows of the university of maryland.
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breaking news, the latest developments. >> we've been telling you the metro train has derailed and they're evacuating people. shomari stone has more. >> reporter: that's right, you guys. we're the first on the scene here. it is very active. there are a lot of firefighters trying to help evacuate from this metro train at the west hyattsville station. you can see that the firefighters are sort of like in a u-shape around that metal thing, and basically that leads underground. the folks who were on the train are walking up steps right through there, that's where they're getting assistance.
5:38 pm
what type of assistance am i talking about? well, water. first thing, they said water. it's very hot, hot undergrowth. we've been experiencing over the los seven days, a lot of the firefighters are hot. witnesses are saying they were on the train, all of a sudden it started shaking, and then it just what one woman described as crashed. they also says the metro was very organized. she said they let them right out of the train, they walked underground on the tracks action on the side of the tracks, rather and came right up here. let me move a little to the right over here. you can see there's firefighter truck right over there. the folks are walking right over there, and basically they're talking to the firefighters they're legislate them know, a lot of folk feel uneasy. that's a blessing. you get more to the right, and
5:39 pm
there's a fear ems, why is that here? you walk in there and there's air conditioning. voice are in there, cooling off. some have obviously anxious moments with this whole thing. the cause is under investigation. service is suspected between ft. to then and prince georges plaza. this is on the green line once again, 50 passengers, not injured, obviously concerned, many of them having anxious moments. one told me the crash just shake, and they're going out through the tunnel. >> shomari, from your vantage point, how far of a trek is it from these passengered to where you are right snow? represent well, i would say i'm approximately 20 john kerry. it's unclear where the train --
5:40 pm
my photographer can move on over here, i'm going to ask derrick ward some questions. you talked to some of the passengers. what types of things are they telling you? >> they were telling us, it was calm, no warning, not even sparks, but they did say there was an impact. this woman we talked to was on the last car, and passengers were trying to calm each other, and they let them out of the tunnel. and there's one of those escape hatches. we see them all over the city. she does experience in smoke in the tunnel, but nothing they could overcome, and she credited authorities with a good rescue at this point? >> reporter: i'm sure you saw folks coming out from the tunnel, they're sweating, it's hot, some of 24e78 dehydrated, drinking water. i want you to describe. >> they were obviously shaken. you can see this was no happy event.
5:41 pm
i think they were somewhat comforted. but obviously walking there you that dark tunnel. that's pretty deep. there are rail ladders that lead up through there. that's a precarious climb. they've been through something. >> reporter: thank you, derrick, my colleague. he's getting interviews for us, bringing it to you here on news4. we'll obviously update on you can also following or twitter feed avmt northbou northbound -- @nbcwashington. certain a hot situation. >> and still not exactly clear. we understand the derailment happened above ground with the heat buckling one of the rails possibly, but they seem to be coming up from the tunnel through the rescue hatch. and important to note no injuries noted, but fire/rescue
5:42 pm
are on the scene, priority to cool them off, give them some h2o, and it's on the green line, so it will be a mess for hours to come. heat could have played a big role in this, doug, but we don't know for sure. how hot is it? >> right now it's 98 degrees at the airport, but up where this happened, temperature 99, so very hot temperatures across the area. i expect numbers to go up for just about all these location about five degrees. ocean city, not bat for them. maybe the hottest day is to come. there are new details on the tray von martin case tonight. george zimmerman, the man who killed martin once again is out of jail. he posted a $1 million bail.
5:43 pm
the judge said that bail yesterday after calling him a flight risk. zimmerman is charged with second degree murder. zimmerman maintains he shot martin in -- there's trouble reacting to natural disasters, according to a study. area leaders say that could spell trouble in the case of worst events or terrorism. tom sherwood has more. >> it seems after nearly every major storm or event, leaders say they need to do more planning. whether it's snowstorms or the rare swift moving thunderstorm, or even say an earthquake. whatever the event, the national capital region seems slow to respond to any damage to power outages, or the gridlock of traffic in every local jurisdiction.
5:44 pm
on the politics how on friday, with guest analyst jim vance of nbc 4, two local leaders said the region can't keep big surprised by major threats. >> look at the quaem. that's what a terrorist attack would be. norton, a former member of a security committee said they had set up a specific liaison, but has had little contact with that person. >> do you all get to interview him? >> you haven't heard from him? >> i haven't heard from him in so long, there's probably a new one by then. >> isaiah leggett said agreed,
5:45 pm
but says mass evacuations is not the -- >> there's no adequate form of evacuation to allow that to happen in an orderly way. there's no jurisdiction in this country that could do that? >> he says he supports shelter in place. >> we need to convey the message, that you may be safer by simply staying in place for an appropriate period of time rather than to rush to the scene. >> the local leaders agreed that powers companies must react more quickly to major storm. >> thank you, tom. after the break, more on the breaking news. the train derailment. we'll continue to stay on top of it with the latest, coming up.
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this all unfolded about 4:45. heat may have been played a role in this. we are not sure. from metro we did hear there are no injuries as of yet. we are concerned, though, fire officials say, about weather-related -- whether people are thirsty, dehydrated. they are on the scene right now. they are also shuttle buses ready to take them to other stations, but traffic in both directions on the rail has been shut down. >> other news now, thousands of people gathered in alexandria today to embrace a world-renown humanitarian, literally impales her. her name is ama, and she's known as the hugging saint. erica gonzalez has her story. >> hi, doreen. people say she has this
5:49 pm
intoxicating scent about her, a scent of roses, and get this, she's so intense that the energy she transmits often gives people a headache. [ chanting ] >> reporter: she's a spiritual leader and humanitarian dubbed the hugging saint. she's in the midst of they are 26th summer tour, including stop in alexandria. people have traveled from all over. >> i have come from altoona, pennsylvania. >> reporter: the sick and elderly. the heavy-hearted. others with child-like faith. it begins with a token action and then they sit and wait, take their shoes off and prepared for their darshin, or blessing. amma will give all a sweet token. >> i am just overwhelmed with grace. i hope i can share it with others. >> people like david have come
5:50 pm
with high expectations. others unsure. >> i didn't know what to expect, because it was my first experience. >> barbara gill many was encouraged to meet her in an effort to spur her own faith. >> she just felt warm. there was something that passed through her. just a nice tight hug of love. >> reporter: amma tells me her religion is love. and that she doesn't believe in a god who sits on a throne, but rather that all living beings are her goad, and she believes in serving them. okay. so over the past 40 years, she claims to have embraced 32 million people. and before the weekend is up, an estimated 7 to 10,000 from our area will receive a hug from amma. it's incredible. she doesn't move. she stays in the same position and expected to go until 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, just
5:51 pm
giving hugs and giving love. >> how long were some of the people waiting there? >> reporter: i mean, they've been there for hours. there's no time limit. nobody says, okay, that's enough, enough life stories, get your hug and get out. >> take your time. >> and it was air conditioned. >> yes, it was. >> thanks, erica. i don't know, a lot of people are not feeling the hugging spirit in this heat, doug. >> but no time limit. i wish santa claus had no time limit. if you could get through your entire list, wouldn't that be great? >> yes. >> that's not the way it is. 98 degrees, the current temperature out there. what would we all be asking for right now if it was santa claus out there? cooler temperatures. how about north pole temperatures. south winds at 5 miles an hour bringing up our dew points a bit. currently 100 in rockville, 98 in college park, and 98 in fort belvoir. here's the heat index.
5:52 pm
coming in -- a very hot and humid afternoon, but it's nothing, nothing compared to where we will be tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be a much different day. we'll a lot of storms. we are not going to see any storms tonight. highs tomorrow, 103 in washington, that will said a record. that's why almost the entire area is under a heat warning. some strong storms are possible sunday, and then a good chance
5:53 pm
of rain monday and tuesday as highs moved back into the 80s. >> there's relief, but we have more to go through first. we continue to follow this breaking news that's happening in west hyattsville, where a metro train has derailed. >> derrick ward has a metro spokesperson. off the top, let's for our viewers, we've been talking about above-ground and below ground. where they at least cars derailed, was it above or beloaned ground? >> from what we understand, it was below ground. this, but i'm going to tornado it over to caroline. she has basic information. where did this derailment hand? >> you are correct at about 4:45 we received reports of a derailment on the green line inbound train. the fire responded to the scene and helped us evacuate
5:54 pm
approximately just shy of 60 people. they did come up through an evacuate shaft from underground. no injuries reported at this time, but we do have people being assessed. >> reporter: any idea how moo what might have caused it? >> still too earlier, but you can be sure we'll take stock in the days ahead. >> reporter: is the train still down there? >> still down there. we've just finished evacuating the last people, so we've have safety and departments go down and assess the situation, find out exactly what happened and take the train out of the tunnel. >> reporter: was your train operator evacuated? >> he certainly could have been assisting, but i would be sure that everything is done smoothly. >> reporter: as you know, i've never actually seen people coming out of these things. we see them, sometimes hear the trainings, but i've never seen them used. >> i can't say. in recent memory, i would say probably not, but they're there for that reason in the event
5:55 pm
they need to be used. >> reporter: excellent, thank you so much. i know you have a lot to do. thank you for the preliminary information. a derailment, obviously not too far from here. now they're being placed on a cooling bust. some are indeed worried about how to get to their final destinations. lots of response here, and trying to determine just where this derailment was and exactly what cause it. >> back to you, with first pictures inside. we talked to a passengers about an hour ago now, and they reported no lights, but we saw some lights on there. >> we're glad to hear matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. this message.
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a california jury acquitted a man who confessed to attacking a priest inside a retirement home. william lynch claims the priest sexually abused him and his brother when they were kids. that priest tonight the stand today in the trial and denied any abuse. nbc's arturo santiago has reaction. >> reporter: the messages on the protest signs, but it may have been the actions of william lynch that say it the loudest. >> trying to come clean and tell the truth. i wanted to bring attention to the cause, but also wanted to take response and account be
5:59 pm
accountable unlike the church and father jerry. >> reporter: he was accused to going to the retirement home and beating him. he was trying tots the priest to admit he had molested them on a camping trip. the santa clara county district attorney said lynch sought revenge outside the law. >> the why is the reason that mr. lynch bloodied and beat mr. lind anywhere but its not a defense or justification. >> the not guilty verdict is what they were praying to. their reaction was satisfies. >> terrific, a great day for the lynches. >> three very, very happy people. it's been a long time in coming, but just marvelous. >> reporter: william lynch walks away a free man, free of the judicial system and possibly


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