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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 10, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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because it's so sensitive you don't want to be trigger-happy but you don't want to get yourself killed. it's critical for them. coming up now at 6:00, breaking news on the corruption investigation surrounding the mayor's 2010 campaign. >> a cab driver is shot on the grounds of a school and the gunman is still on the loose. >> a father and son are accused of a horrible crime involving underaged girls. president obama is pushing his new tax plan. it's going to be a fight to the finish in key battleground states. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and new details in the corruption allegation surrounding vincent gray's 2010 election campaign. public relations executive eugenia jeanne harris pleaded guilty to campaign violation charges this afternoon. her business is accused of conspiring to funnel more than $650,000 into a sophisticated shadow campaign scheme to help put gray in office.
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tom sherwood is outside the court with more on this story. tom? >> reporter: doreen more than $650,000 off the books into the gray campaign. but now that scheme has unraveled. 75-year-old public relations executive jeanne harris left federal court tuesday after pleading guilty to her part in a massive scheme to funnel $650,000 into a shadow campaign to elect vincent gray mayor in 2010. prosecutors for the first time publicly detailed the scheme that included $127,000 in campaign materials, another $203,000 for field workers, and one of many other pennsylvanias harris shared as co-conspirator one. co-conspirator one is businessman jeffrey thompson who allegedly pro-vladed the shadow campaign funds and then tried to cover up the shadow payments
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when prosecutors began investigating in 2011. the guilty plea and court disclose can you're puts more legal pressure on thompson who has so far denied wrongdoing, but puts even more political pressure on gray as this scheme unfolds. in one important moment harris told the court neither she nor co-conspirator one, thompson, came up with the shadow plan. she said it was someone else. she didn't name. the guilty plea follows after the felony guilty pleas of two other gray campaign operatives. howard brooks and thomas gore both pled guilty to paying undisclosed checks to 2010 minor candidate suleiman brown to keep up his attacks on then mayor fenty. that investigation led to the shadow campaign. mayor vincent gray who initially was saying he had done nothing wrong now says on the advice of his attorney nothing, he has no
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comment. at the federal court, i'm tom sherwood, news 4. >> tom, are investigators giving any indications about where this probe is heading next? >> reporter: a lot of people surrounding the prosecutor's investigation says we can expect a few more people to be hauled here into court on these same types of charges to find out exactly who started this scheme and who helped officiate this scheme. >> all right. we still aren't sure about the mayor's role in any of this. tom sherwood reporting. >> that's correct. >> thank you, tom. a little while ago a news conference was wrapped up about the charges against harris. he's the prosecutor in charge of the shadow campaign investigation. he says harris spent more are than half a million on the 2010 vincent gray campaign buying things like t-shirts, stickers and laptops and even paying for political consultants. this kind of corruption and d.c. politics has to stop. >> in 2010 we went to the ballot box not knowing that one mayoral campaign was secretly financing another and that more than a
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half million dollars in unregulated, unreported corporate money had been used to influence the outcome of the election. >> he says harris also tried to avoid prosecution by making plans to move to brazil. she later decided not to go. >> to other news now, a certificasearch is on for a man accused of luring a cap driver to the grounds of an elementary school and then shooting him. this happened this afternoon on cooper lane in landover. jack jackie bensen live with the latest on this investigation. jackie? >> reporter: jim, right now police are searching for the man who was seen running from this area. the taxicab, a minivan with the words blue bird cab company written on the side was found sitting in the driveway of the cooper lane academy. police say the driver picked up a fare at the new carrollton metro station just after 2:00 p.m. the man instructed the driver to take him to the school, which is closed for the summer. the parking lot was empty and the driver may have sensed a robbery. >> the suspect then asked the driver to take him to the rear
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of the stool. the driver, the cab driver, refused. the suspect then pulled a handgun and shot the cab driver in his lower extremities. he has been transported to a local hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> reporter: the area is fairly isolateds and investigators believe the suspect may be familiar with it. neighbors say things have been very quiet here in recent years. >> i'm shocked, you know. i do a routine walk every day in the morning and sometimes in the evening and everything is quiet in this neighborhood. >> reporter: police say they have no reports of similar crimes in the area. >> we do have a search for a suspect, a black male, slim build, wearing tan khaki pants, black t-shirt, full beard. >> reporter: police are warning cab drivers at nearby metro stations to be on the lookout for a man fitting that description. reporting live, jackie bensen, news 4. northeast d.c. elementary school is on the verge of collapse after a two-alarm fire
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last night. crews responded to the old web he wi elementary school building about 11:00 last night. it took firefighters longer than expected to control the blaze because they had to knock down the doors. they were welded shut. the fire did serious damage to one side of the building and tonight investigators say it is no longer structurally sound. >> the building is unstable at this time. we are not going to be sending fire investigators into the building until we get dcra to shore it up and then we'll do a grid inspection, grid by grid, until we can make some sort of determination. >> nobody was hurt in the fire. witnesses say they saw people go into the building about 30 minutes before the fire started. a massachusetts man charged with plotting to blow up the pentagon and u.s. capitol pled guilty today. he planned to fly remote controlled model planes packed with explosives into the buildings. authorities arrested him last
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year after undercover agents posing as al qaeda members delivered what he thought was 24 pounds of explosives. he pled guilty to two charges. they plan to seek a 17-year prison sentence. police in the united kingdom are on high alert now for terrorist activity ahead of the olympic games. officers have arrested 14 people in the past week alone. three were in court today. they'll remain in custody. they were in a car that police stopped on june 30th. the car was impounded because the driver had no proof of insurance. investigators say a later search uncovered weapons and materials for a makeshift bomb. seven men connected with the car have now been arrested. police say the case is not related to the olympics. now to presidential politics. today president obama and mitt romney both campaigned in states that voted democratic in the last election, and both of them were talking about the same things, taxes. specifically president obama's new proposal. steve handelsman is on capitol
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hill with the latest. hi, steve. >> reporter: here on the hill tonight republicans are resisting the president's latest tax the rich proposal that he went out today to sell in a state that's near and dear to his heart. iowa is where barack obama's rise to the white house began in 2008. like they did then, iowans lined up to see him today but not as many. >> the biggest thing ret now is to get everybody back to work. >> reporter: the polls show the race a dead heat. now the president's pushing his new tax plan. >> make sure the taxes on the 98% of americans don't go up and then we should let the tax cuts expire for folks like me, for the top 2% of americans. >> reporter: taxes would go up on individuals making over $250,000, and on small businesses that pay at that rate. mitt romney was in colorado, another obama state in '08, slamming the president's plan.
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>> the very idea of raising taxes on small business and job creators at the very time we need more jobs is the sort of thing only an extreme liberal could come up with. >> reporter: romney was in the same school where the president three years ago pushed his number one accomplishment, health care reform. >> the first one i'm getting rid of is obama care. >> reporter: on capitol hill, republican lawmakers will vote again tomorrow to repeal the law. >> we are resolved to get rid of the law that will ruin the best health care delivery system the world has ever seen. it will bankrupt our country and make it impossible to grow our economy. that's why we're doing it. >> reporter: democrats say it boils down to politics. >> we're not trying to make law here. we're making political points. >> reporter: no question on health care and on taxes. however those issues affect the
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outcome, everybody's taxes in america or virtually everybody's will go up automatically unless both political parties can power through the politics and cut a deal. live from the hill, i'm steve handelsman, news 4. >> thank you, steve. strong thunderstorm knocked live power lines to the ground in north carolina this morning. this happened in the charlotte area. the power lines sparked that fire you saw. major intersection was shut down. power crews had to turn off the electricity in several neighborhoods to make repairs. >> no weather like that around here. tonight it seems pretty calm. doug is out live at the new storm center weather patio with a look at conditions. >> nicely done, doreen. nicely done. we are out here right now on our new patio. i'll tell you what, looking around outside at these clouds, they are making their way up across the area right now and you can see there are some clouds out there that do hold some rain. let's show you what's happening right now on our radar picture.
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first off temperature wise sitting at 86 degrees with the wind out of the southeast at 8 miles an hour. 77 in manassas. that is rain cooled now. 81 in frederick. seeing a little bit of a shower and 86 down to la plata. for the past couple of hours you can see just a few showers, some into montgomery and howard county. we'll continue to watch those showers as we move on through the rest of the afternoon and rest of the evening hours. a lot more down to the south. you mentioned those storms into north carolina. big-time storms there. but for us we're just going to see the garden variety of storms over the next couple of days. we'll have that complete forecast for you and show you what's new out here on the weather patio. coming up, a hostage standoff at a school outside paris comes to a dramatic end. a florida teenager who took on a ten-foot alligator made a split second decision that probably saved his life. neiman marcus and target have
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made an unexpected deal. and a rare discovery was made at a home in ohio. some matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. this message.
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a hostage crisis at a school in france just outside of paris ended without bloodshed today.
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police say a man with a gun took several hostages at the school as parents dropped their children off for summer camp. most of the hostages were released but one parent was held for several hours. eventually the gunman surrendered. his weapon turned out to be a fake. he's now undergoing a psychological evaluation. united nations peace envoy kofi annan is in iran for a second day seeking help to end the crisis in syria. >> reporter: kofi annan arrived in the iranian capital to hold high level talks with officials there on trying to shore up support for ending the conflict in seyria. now before he left damascus he met with the syrian president and told reporters briefly that he had reached an agreement with the syrian president assad but did not spell out specifically what the agreement was. >> if we do not make a real
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effort, it will spread through the region and lead to consequences that none of us could imagine. >> reporter: the opposition says they would not accept any type of political transition in syria that would allow the president to stay in power. the special envoy is trying to shore up support for his plan. russian officials say they are distancing themselves from the syrian government vowing not to sell president bashir any new equipment that could be use d against civilians. they did say, however, they will continue to sell weapons in agreed to contracts. syrian opposition says it is unlikely the plan will succeed because it is unlikely they will agree to bashir to step down from power. not only is iran unlike ly o agree that the syrian president should step down, the u.s. and other western nation have is rejected tehran's involvement in the effort to end the crisis.
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penn state's internal investigation into the alleged cover-up of sexual abuse allegations is due out on thursday. in the meantime the scandal does not appear to have hurt the school's fund-raising this year. receiving more than $208 million from donations in the fiscal year that ended june 30th, the second highest total in the university's history and reports more than 75,000 new donors contributed money. the previous two years saw declines in the number of donors. chevrolet is trying a money back guarantee to help attract more customers. the gm brand says buyers can get refunds if they return their new vehicle. the owner does not have to give a reason. the only restrictions the vehicle can't have more than 4,000 miles and it cannot have any damages. a florida teenager is recovering after battling a ten-foot alligator. 17-year-old caleb langdale was swimming with his friends yesterday when the gator suddenly attacked. officials found the alligator a short time later with caleb's
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arm still in his mouth. doctors weren't able to reattach the arm, but the teenager says he did what he had to to save himself and his friends. >> my biggest fear was losing my arm and whenever i was going down and i felt my arm was already broken so bad, all right, this arm has to go. >> that's a big sacrifice. >> yes, ma'am. but i'm glad it came after me than one of my friends because i don't know if they would have done the same thing and got out of it. >> caleb has kept his sense humor throughout the ordeal. he says he's trying to figure out when he can get back in the water. >> a brave young man. >> oh, man. i'll say. my goodness. doug is out on the new storm 4 weather patio with more details on the weather forecast. hey, doug. we're walking outside in front of our building, outside of our studios this new weather
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patio for us is something in a will be cool, so to speak from a standpoint we're going to be out in the elements just like you are out in the elements all the time. you are going to put the weather guy in the elements. let's switch over to our new camera here. this camera will be able to do a lot of things for us. obviously if we're out here in the snow, out here in the rain, you are going to see it. if it's thunderstorms, we have thunderstorms we can still be here although we definitely want to remain on the safe side, but this will give us another vantage point to help explain what the weather is across the area. let's take a look back to our camera and back here. i want to show you what this camera does right here. as a matter of fact take a look at it. this is all waterproof and 100% weather proof. so 100% weather proof camera, 100% weather proof monitor and from this we're going to be able to show you all kinds of great weather. we'll be out here all the time. the only exception would be in the extreme heat or if we predict hail. the one thing i can't wait for as we move right back here again. i cannot wait to be out here in the snow. when we're talking about maybe
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a foot or two feet of snow like the past couple of winters, i'm going to love it. have the schmoe coming down on us. really be able to show you what kind of weather we're seeing right here on our new weather patio. we're working on that. s had still a work in progress. we're working on it. from my perspective this is really going to be something great and i can't wait to come out here every day. let's take a look at the weather and how things are shaping up out here now. 86 degrees. as i look around right now, looking at a lot of dark clouds and, yes, we do have some showers. you can see those on our city cam. that wind out of the southeast at 8 miles an hour. 79 in manassas. rain cooled air there. 84 in fredericksburg. you can see those storms moving through parts of the region. some storms in northern montgomery county, loudoun county, right around the airport and also fairfax county, prince
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william county, you've all been seeing shower activity in parts of the area. a couple of zooms here. one of those right around mt. vernon right now along route 1. a pretty good shower there. now we don't have any lightning associated with these, so these aren't thunderstorms. these are your garden variety showers. you see one along 123 as you make your way up through woodbridge and southern portions of fairfax county. a few other areas we'll zoom on into. lorton and back to hampton road. it's right there along 123 we're seeing that shower, the heavier shower just off to the east around mt. vernon making its way across the river. now the big storms are down to the south and that's where they will stay over the next couple of days. the reason why, well, our boundary, our frontal boundary is now staying down to the south. warm temperatures in our area, so it's still going to be warm and humid but don't expect much in the way of rain. just some shower activity from time to time. yes, we're not going to see that real cool air but we're in the month of july so we don't expect
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to see that. temperatures in the upper 80s to around 90 degrees just about every day. you can see there on thursday the best chance of rain once again to our south and then well to our north in portions of pennsylvania. this evening partly cloudy, an isolated shower possible. temperatures 74 to 80 degrees. as we make our way through the night, partly cloudy, warm and muggy. temperatures about 67 to about 75 degrees and you'll see tom kierein out here in the morning. winds 5 to 10 miles an hour. hot and a few showers mostly to the mountains, however. temperatures 86 to about the 0 degrees. it's still on the warm side. again, that's around average for this time of year. your four-day forecast, average temperatures wednesday and thursday as well as friday. and then we start to see the heat move back into the region. temperatures on saturday around 92 degrees. we're looking at 95 on sunday. a possibility of 9 on monday. and on tuesday still around 90. a little bit of a heat wave making its way our way. the good thing is it's a quick
6:23 pm
heat wave. we have backyard weather coming up in two days. send us pictures of your backyard to a picture of our backyard. it's pretty cool. i have to mow this lawn and it took me about a day and a half. >> of course you do. >> what have you done to make your new weather patio safe from the deer we see all the time? >> i have anti-deer repeller things. >> so everything is 100% waterproof except you basically. >> yes. and then you come out with a big umbrella and a nonlightning attracting umbrella is what i'm looking for next. >> thanks, doug. coming up it's about to get a whole lot easier to explore the smithsonian. >> two charnlgs in virginia claimed they were attacked by a father and son and then others joined in on the assault. coming up in sports, d.c. united introduces its new men in black and red.
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continues. a new web ad debuted asking to legalize same sex marriage in
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november. >> some say it's against their core religious beliefs. reaction from both sides of the issue. i believe in equal rights, and i'm voting pour marriage equality. >> reporter: this new video is being release this had evening for marylanders for marriage equality. >> we have four children. >> reporter: we showed the video to some maryland voters here in prince george's county. >> i think it was a very positive video, and it actually gives several different aspects as to why it should be approved. >> i'm against it. >> reporter: seeing this videotape, does it change your mind at all? >> no. >> reporter: the maryland legislature lelized same-sex marriage this year but opponents led by members of the cler gy gathered signatures to put same sex marriage to a referendum vote. reverend derek mccoy is the chairman of the maryland marriage alliance. >> i predict just like in 32 other times it's gone to vote that the people will come out,
6:28 pm
they're going to vote strong and they're going to vote that marriage is between a man and a woman. >> reporter: with marylanders for marriage equality which posted the video on its web and will distribute it on social media and possibly in tv ads. you know that the hotbed of opposition is the clergy in prince george's county? >> correct. yes. we do some momentum in clergy coming out and say that go they understand that this is really about what happens in the public sxwar not about what happens in their church and maybe they'll never perform a same-sex wedding in their congregation, in their church but that the government should respect the rights of everybody and allow same-sex couples to marry. >> reporter: here in maryland the decision will be made by the voters on november 6. in prince george's county, chris gordon, news 4. d.c. public relations executive eugenia jeanne harris pled guilty today to charges in the shadow campaign to help put mayor vincent gray in office. her business is accused of
6:29 pm
funneling and covering up $650,000 in that campaign. she denies having orchestrated the scheme. the certificasearch is unde a man who shot a cab driver near an elementary school. police tell us the driver picked the man up at the new carrollton metro station about 2:00 this afternoon. he asked to go to cooer lane academy in landover which is closed this week. investigators say the man shot the driver when he refused to drive behind the deserted school building. the victim is expected to recover. >> your android phone could come in handy the next time you visit. google partnered to enhance their facilities on android maps. now you'll be able to trace your location room by room. the new feature includes 17 museums and the national zoo. four men are charged with sexually assaulting two underaged girls. it happened at a home in spotsylvania county. authorities say a father and son are among the suspects.
6:30 pm
pat collins has our report. >> reporter: in this house police say two underaged teenaged girls were given liquor and then sexually assaulted by four men. they say it went on for hours. this woman lives in that house. she says she's the mother of one of the suspects. do you want to say something on behalf of your son and your grandson? >> what do you want me to tell you? they're guilty? no, i will not tell you that. a conviction -- they're not convicted of anything. why don't you come back in a month or so and then ask me. >> reporter: 42-year-old adam it terry, his 19-year-old son, justin, and two friends charged with sexually assaulting the two underaged girls. police tell the story this way. thursday, june 21st, justin terry brings two girls to this house. one is 14. one is 15.
6:31 pm
once inside, they say, adam terry, the father, begins serving the girls vodka and liquor laced iced tea. >> they got drunk to the point of physical helplessness and then after that the four adult males actually took turns sexually assaulting the two juvenile females. >> reporter: police say this went on for about seven hours. around midnight, they say, ju justin terry took the girls home. two days later one of the victims told her mother. her mother called the cops. the investigation began. gary fletcher lives across the street from the terry home. >> it's crazy. i would never have known. >> reporter: a 14-year-old girl. a 15-year-old girl. >> that's sick. >> reporter: were there pictures taken? were there other crimes committed? police say the investigation continues on. in spotsylvania, pat collins,
6:32 pm
news 4. an update now on a story we've been following all day just a short while ago, police identified a man who was killed in a hit-and-run accident this morning. the driver hit 62-year-old robert shepard on route 110 near i-395 and then drove off. the driver was most likely speeding when shepard was hit. shepard was a military veteran with a history of mental illness. he was reported missing in massachusetts two weeks ago. police say they have some good leads but they haven't located the driver yet. a man accused of impersonating an fbi agent while drunk. manassas city police say they were called to a 7-eleven store where they found james. he was also allegedly intoxicated. office say he had other law enforcement related equipment. he is now being held at the detention center without bond. a local journalist was killed in a fire that investigators are calling
6:33 pm
suspicious. 48 que 48-year-old sarah reported for the winchester star newspaper in virginia an off-duty firefighter found her body inside her house when it went up in flames on monday morning. she lived alone. a homicide detectives won't comment on the autopsy results and aren't saying why this is a criminal investigation. they are reviewing some of her news articles as part of their investigation. dozens of d.c. cab drivers protested at freedom plaza outside the wilson building today asking councilmembers to stop the taxicab service improvement act of 2012 because it's too expensive for them, they say. the effort failed late this afternoon. the council voted to approve the measure to require cabs to install smart meters that accept credit cards and other upgrades. that's just one eitem on a very long list of bills to wrap up the d.c. council recesses today. won't be back in session until september. today the members approved a bill that allows d.c. police to use breath liesers again. that program ended two years ago because of problems with reliability. they also agreed to a bill that
6:34 pm
will make the owner after car responsible for any traffic camera tickets no matter who was behind the wheel. and the verizon center got approval to an stall nine new video monitors. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions.
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17 days left until the opening ceremony and doug is sharing his stories with us this week from london. well, he's not from london, he's here, but is counting down. >> you can't miss him. tonight a look at olympic park. it's a brand-new sporting complex constructed just for the summer games. it's hard to believe this was in a neglected part of london. >> a hugely neglected part of london. over 100 different can companies had to pick up and move out of the 600 acre thing and i'll tell you what, they made something extremely special for the olympics coming up in 16 days. take a look. 0 olympic park in london, site of the olympic games in the largest construction project in europe sits on beautiful grounds on the city's east side. but just six years ago that land looked much, much different. >> we built 600 acres of what essentially was very tired industrial area and railway lines running through it, old
6:38 pm
waterways. some pretty unkind photographs around of what it looked like before but it was almost a bit of a no man's land. >> reporter: sir john who was knighted by the queen just last year has been the man in charge of tearing down that old land and reconstructing something completely new and beautiful that london can be proud of for years to come. >> the intention of the site was to create something people want to come to. all these sporting facilities, the biggest park that's being built in london for 100 years, brand-new shopping mall on the doorstep going up at the same time. the new village for the athlete. so hopefully in the future lots of jobs, lots of opportunity and places to live, places to come and enjoy yourself. >> reporter: we had a fantastic time touring around the park while the last of the construction was still going on. every last detail having to be just right for the ultimate fan experience. along the main walkway here at olympic park visitors will be
6:39 pm
impressed by all the venues including the size of olympic stadium, the height of orbit tower which stands at 377 feet and the architecture here at the aquatic center but the games will not just be here at olympic park. they will be taking place all over london. mark showed us venues throughout the city. >> well, one of the great things about the games it's really mixing the new out of the olympic park with heritage london. so you have history right next to where the olympic event is taking place. >> reporter: one great location here where the sand volleyball courts will be set up. this is around the corner from big ben and buckingham palace. and just extremely, extremely cool to see how london and really a city is coming together. it was fascinating to be out there during the jubilee but 00 see all the excitement was really something special for me. i cannot wait for my colleague over there to get his chance to go out there because you are in
6:40 pm
for quite a surprise. >> i appreciate you setting the table. that was really kind. >> do you mean they're going to be out there playing beach voll volleyball in their bikinis next to buckingham palace and big n ben? >> it is almost right next door to the prime minister's office. i think he had something to do th it. the joke is he had something to do with putting the volleyball next to his residence. he'll be able to look out his window. >> that should make for interesting pictures. >> it's pretty cool. >> what are we working on in sports? >> we're not talking about the olympics just yet. it is the all-star game tonight. the nats have a couple getting ready to play in kansas city. the birds have a flock of their own representing charm city.
6:41 pm
[ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] every woman who believes decisions about our bodies and our health care should be our own is troubled mitt romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a law that outlaws all abortion -- even in cases of rape and incest. and that's not all. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. [ female announcer ] for women, planned parenthood means life-saving cancer screenings and family-planning services. but, for mitt romney... planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that.
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and welcome back, everybody. take a look at the clouds out there behind me. some dark clouds and, yes, we are dealing with shower activity across parts of the region. 86 degrees is the current number at the airport this may come down, though, as the rain is right around the airport right now. you can see where we are dealing with some showers. anne arundel, down through prince george's, arlington county, right into southeast washington. so you can see right here start to go see some of that rain right around the airport here.
6:44 pm
here is 495 and the beltway. alexandria seeing that rain, down to the south to mt. vernon is seeing rain, too. into southeast d.c. around nationals park seeing some of that rain. up to the north around crownsville and just to the north of 50, showers here along route 3. watch out if you're over there to the crofton area. there are a few showers in your regi region. not too concerned about anything strong. 81 degrees the current temperature in rockville. 83 in ft. belvoir. dulles coming in at 79. a little bit warm and on humid side but not all that bad. a nice night tonight. temperatures in the 60s in most locations. low 70s inside the city. tomorrow temperatures moving back up. upper 80s to near 9 the 0 degrees in many areas. humidity and a slight chance of showers but all in all not too much. guys, i forgot to tell you, tomorrow we work dan into our london package. wait until you see this. i took a little flat dan. it'll be cool.
6:45 pm
>> flat stan to flat dan. i can't wait to see that. a big introduction for dan. >> nothing flat about this sports cast today. >> it's alive. it's electric. >> we're ready to go. talk a little all-star game. the all-star game in history for the nationals could be the first time the nationals care about the outcome of the all-star game. not only are three participating in the game for the first time but could end up in the world series where home field advantage goes to the league that wins tonight. >> don't jinx it. >> wouldn't it be something if bryce harper actually impacted the outcome? the nats' 19-year-old outfielder and the most talked about player in kansas city right now. he should be lifeguarding at a pool somewhere getting ready for his first year of college. instead he's the lead story on the front page of the "usa today." the kid knows how to make a
6:46 pm
splash, too. check out the shoes. several all-stars had special cleats made although his have ks etched in as part of the design which may not be a good omen. as for the game and the all-star experience, harper's taken it all in stride. >> it's a blast, so much fun being around the best town in baseball and really just coming in here and try to enjoy yourself every day and take it all in with not only these guys but family, also. it's been a great experience and it's a lot of fun. home field advantage is huge in this game and it means a lot. hopefully we can get that win and i think that everybody out for the world series, whoever it is. hopefully it's us. i think it'll help out definitely. >> he's going to have some fun. as for the nats' other all stars gonzalez slated to pitch in the second inning tonight. strasburg will go in the third. and let's not forget about our
6:47 pm
friends to the north, the o's. it's the first time since 2005. closer jim johnson is a first-time all-star joined by weters and adam jones, each making their second all-star appearance. >> like a kid in a candy store. just taking it all in, i think. fortunately i'm able to share with my two teammates. that's what i think it's about. we've had a good first half. it's the first time in a while the orioles have had multiple guys in the all-star game. it's just a testament to how we're playing the game. >> that's the best part about this all-star game for me is before the last seven years orioles had representatives here with teammates. that makes it easier, too. with guys you are with all the time makes it more comfortable. >> i was drafted in 2001 so it's special to see how things have come since then. and obviously having three representatives at the all-star game kind of shows that we have some good talent here now and people probably need to start
6:48 pm
taking it a little bit more serious. >> so including desmond seven all-stars between the o's and the nationals. that is mark trumbull in the first round and this ball was a laser. looked like it was never going to come down. finally lands on the roof. big papi is loving what's going on. second round, how about prince fielder for the tigers. drops this bomb to right center field. 476 feet into the fountain. that tied the longest home run of the night. who had the other one? how about prince again. he did have the two longest homers on the evening. and this one was in the final round, 476 feet again. he had 12 in the final round to beat toronto's jose bautista. prince fielder, a two-time home run derby champ. ken griffey jr. the only other player to do that. things are changing for d.c. united, introducing their new primary investors.
6:49 pm
an indonesian media mogul and part owner of the 76ers and a former sports agent and nba executive. lef yap sounds like he's up to the challenge of getting this team the new stadium they have been itching for. >> i don't take this opportunity lightly and eric, myself and will don't take this challenge lightly at all. it's been well thought through. that's why it took eight months to get here today. and we're committed to seeing this through. we're going to join hands and fight to make this a reality in terms of the new home and in terms of growing the d.c. united brand here and globally. so, you know, i think you are going to see it more through our actions than our words and believe us more through our actions than we're ready to take that fight on. >> all right. get it done. day two wizards mini camp and this isn't just for rookies. the veterans are here. second-year guys like chris singleton and mack in attendance. all threes players saw significant minutes as rookies last year because basically the
6:50 pm
team wasn't any good. but they need to improve to keep those minutes coming. last year because of the lockout they didn't have mini camp. sheldon mack knows what he wants to accomplish this year. >> just going out there and compete, the biggest thing is to win. but fog out there and don't make the same mistakes i did last year. just try to learn from those and play hard. just control the things i can control. just make sure we get a win. >> what a brunch special late this morning at verizon center. the mistakes hosting the connecticut sun. langhorn making a nice spin move there. she had 15 points and nine rebounds. fourth quarter, the sun up by five. nice little give-and-go as she hits the floater. curry had 12 points. the miss particulars would pull within three. the sun wouldn't let up. with two to go, white hits the tough little running shot there. white had 11 in the game.
6:51 pm
the they lose 77-70. they lose their third straight game. a bunch of campers were there so they had a pretty good crowd for that. >> who can go to a basketball game on tuesday in the middle of the day? >> worked out well. >> thank you, dan. >> you're welcome. coming up, a rare find in the attic of an ohio
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
two major retailers are joining forces for the first time, target and neiman marcus, plan to release a joint collection on december 1st. the offerings will include more than 50 products from two dozen designers including birch, oscar de de la renta. the items will be sold online and in target and neiman marcus stores. the collections at the stores will not be identical.
6:55 pm
prices will range from $8 to $500. most items will be priced under $60. coming up at 11:00, a local man spent two decades behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. tonight he shares his story. plus, a newspaper reporter found dead in a suspicious fire. why police are reviewing her recent articles for possible clues in the case. plus, a silver lining from the recent round of storms. a local brewery's big surprise following the violent weather and how you go take advantage it have coming up tonight at 11:00. >> and doug is here with one more check on our forecast. a couple of showers 0 out there are just popping up a little bit everywhere right now, nothing strong. nothing severe. so don't worry about that. we need to see the rain so these showers may be welcomed out there right now. on radar those showers popping up around the district and in through portions of maryland. a zoom down to fairfax county and right around the airport you see showers around bailey's crossroads and around alexandria, down to mt. vernon and to the west of mt. vernon closer to springfield along the
6:56 pm
beltway. up to montgomery and prince george's county, the wheaton area, and we're seeing a few showers in that region and then back up to the north and east right along route 50 to crownsville seeing a few showers. and these are more than showers, a moderate downpour you are going to get, redeveloping throughout the evening. don't be surprised to see a few as you make your way out and about tonight. it's going to be staying on the warm side but really the best chance of rain will stay to our south and speaking of warm temperatures, temperatures in the upper 80s to around 90 where we should be for this time of year and then i add in the rest of the weekend. 95 on sunday. 96 on monday. temperatures dipping back down to about 90 on tuesday. we'll wait and see how hot we get but it does look like another smaller, much smaller. a guy named karl was cleaning out his late grandfather's attic in ohio. he found a dirty old box.
6:57 pm
it could be worth millions. that box contained an extremely rare series of baseball cards issued around 1910. they feature names that are still familiar today. ty cobb, wagner. experts say the cards are in nearly pristine condition most like other cards from near lay century ago. some will be sold at a sports collector's convention in baltimore. they are expected to bring in $500,000. but there are roughly 700 cards in all and total worth could be up to $3 million. karl says the haul is like finding the mona lisa in the attic. i don't know if that's a bit of an exaggeration but that's pretty exciting for a crummy old box in the attic. >> for me it's better that the mona lisa. i'm just saying. >> check your attic.
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