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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  July 11, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> the mayor was promoting a environmentally friendly alley. >> it really is nice to see so many of the press out here today interested in what we do with alleys. [ laughter ] >> reporter: on tuesday gray's longtime friend jeannie harris pled guilty to felony counts of helping to run a $650,000 shadow campaign to help elect gray, adding legal and political pressure to say what he did or knew about his corruption-marred campaign. >> reporter: your reputation. >> i perfectly understand that. >> reporter: do you expect to finish your term. >> i have no plans to do otherwise. >> reporter: angry or upset? surprised? shocked or worried that that happened? >> this is not the campaign we intended to run, tom. i have said to many, many people that i got into this for the right reasons. >> reporter: as the controversy swirls, even aides to the mayor
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noted his. >> i got 1r06d because i love the district of columbia. >> the u.s. attorney with flee felony convictions and more prosecutions to come, on tuesday repeated his own stern warning. >> the truth is going to come out in the end, and you're far better off if you come to us on. >> again, council member david catania, the mayor says he's not resigning. jim and wendy? >> thank you, tom. d.c. residents are flooded out and fuming tonight. they're cleaning up from last night's storms which sent water spewing into basements and into their cars. firefighters had to push some cars to safety. now some residents say the city could have done more to keep floodwaters out of their houses. richard gordon has more. >> reporter: it also created a health hazard, because the water
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that was filling these streets contained sewage. they typically clean out the drains at least once a year. when they know a storm is coming, they like to make sure they're cleaned out. however, as you can tell by the restoration crews, there was a lot of flooding. that means there was not enough warnings. d.c. residents cleaning up after a storm brought up what should have stayed down. the homes off rhode island affidavit and first street northwest flooded, left with a nasty mess behind. the homes dried up and aired out now, but what happened here was not a pretty sight. >> coming up through the toilet, through the sewage, through both the front and back, ground drains, and then the doors from the stormwater. it was all the sewage water and stormwater coming back in. >> reporter: the rain came down heart. several cars stalled out in the storm. now the focus is getting rid of
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the dirty water. >> reporter: many residents say it's time now for the city to clean up its act. >> we're really getting scares. every times it floods, the foundation gets unsettled. you know, it's one thing to say sorry, but we have to fix it. >> reporter: the affected residence are fed up with the flooding. d.c. water says the old drainage system is part of a massive multibillion overhaul project to reduce the backup and ultimately bring down the flooding, but for the families living here, the problem persists. it's just the layer of sewage coating our entire basement. >> reporter: the project to update the drainage should be cleat in 2025. the residence say they expect a lot more storms and more flooding between now and then. reporting live in northwest washington, richard jordan, news4. dozens of columbus, ohio residents were forced to
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evacuate when a freight train derailed overnight. the train carries ethanol jumped the drabs after 2:00 this morning. some of the cars burt into flames. firefighters are letting the fire burn itself out instead of trying to extinguish it. >> this is a product we would rather have burning off as opposed to it would be a bigger problem if it leaked into the storm drains. >> no one was seriously hurt. the ntsb is investigating what caused the derailment. after all that rain last night, we had a warm day today. let's check in with doug kammerer on the storm4 weather patio. >> this is probably the best day we have seen so far in the month of july. just fantastic. a bit of a breeze. and temperatures that are on the comfortable side, and the humidity has come down a bit. right now the humidity of 37%, that's not too bad.
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current temperature sitting at 88 degrees. yes, it is warm, but the average high is 89, so not all that bat at all. 88 in manassas, 88 in fred ricks bers, 90 in leesburg, but notice hagerstown at 79 degrees, and here's the reason why we have showers up there. a few rumbles of thunder, we do have franklin and fulton county both under a flood advisory up there. they have seen some pretty good storms. the storms for us have stayed well to the north and west of us. that's where they will remain. i think we can have some of similar like that tomorrow. georgetown, ross lynn and washington, this is what you can expect. tomorrow morning, plenty of sunshine, which would be the coolest of morning we have seen so far this july. >> thank actual, doug. alexandria police are looking for a plan accused of
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trying to cash counterfeit chex. checks. police hope the public can help crack this case. pat collins has the latest on this story. >> reporter: in police talk, they cause it uttering. we know it as forgery. this guy, this guy's got it down pat. take a look at the man in this surveillance video. clean quit, plat sure, not too -- that man created a fake check, from a real antique store, made out to a fake name, that he had a fake license with his pictures on it, and with all of that in his hand and a real cup of coffee, they say he went
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inside and did some funny banking business. inside he manages to cash that phony check and collect more than $1500, all the while acting like any other customer, like the money was really his. >> if you look at some of the pictures, he's sitting down, having a cup of coffee. he seems relaxed, comfortable with what he was getting away with. >> reporter: it worked so well here that an hour later, mr. fake name went to another united bank in arlington and tried the same thing. not so fast there. the teller didn't give him any money. >> something alerted her and made her deny the transaction, which then made the suspect immediately flee the bank. >> reporter: police say this guy is skilled, that he knows how to make fake checks, that he knows how to make phony i.d.s, that he knows how to make off with somebody else's money.
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the cops want to know two things, who is this guy? and has he done this before? if you know something, something to the alexandria police. the house repealed if the health care law. that vote doesn't change a thing. republicans acknowledge that, but they want to make a point in this election year. bills making our economy worse, driving up the cost of health care, and making it harder for small businesses to hire new workers. >> it's time for republicans to end their relentless obsession with taking away benefits from millions of americans. >> this is the 31st time that the house has voted on a repeal of that health care law. president obama is making a campaign blitz through virginia this week with a stop at a high school in our renals.
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he's at centreville high school saturday. tickets are required, they can be picked up thursday night at 5:30 at the obamma campaign office in fairfax. he will also campaign in roanoke, virginia beach friday and saturday. still ahead on "news4 at 5," what went wrong? the investigation into why the 911 systems failed during the awful storm. just before a report is released, we're hearing from the family of joe paterno. and a cheating scanned always rocks a high school, but it was how they were
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the captain admits a cell phone call distracted him just before the ship crashed into a reef and cap sized. 342 people aboard the "costo concordia" died. the captain claims that destiny played a role in the accident. a potential explosive report is expected to be released
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tomorrow on the penn state university scandal. this report follows an investigation that was ordered by the university board of trustees to determine whether university did anything that covered up that scandal. chris gordon reports. >> reporter: former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky was convicted last month of 45 counts in his trial for molesting and jectionually abusing young boys. tomorrow the highly anticipated release of the report led by former fbi director louis freeh, economiced by university trustees, is expected to details the actions, what they knew and rumors they heard about 68-year-old sandusky abusing young boys on campus and recommendations for policy
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changes. -- in the stayedium shower room with a young boy. paterno was fired by the board last fall. in january he died the lung cancer at the age of 85. the families of the boys who testified at the trial and filed lawsuits against penn state may dover new evidence in the report. additional plaintiffs could sue. recently an e-mail reportedly from paterno to school officials that was apparently leaked indicates the coach insisted on handleding all discipline related to the team personally. the paterno family asked that the e-mails not be taken out of context. they issued a statement say -- joe paterno did not cover up for jerry sandusky. joe paterno did not know that jerry sandusky was a pedophile. joe paterno did not act in any way to prevent a proper investigation. the freeh report will be
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released at 9:00 a.m. online. it's a big one, about 100 pages or more. louie freeh and his investigators will be holding a news conference at 10:00 a.m. in philadelphia. reaction from the penn state community is expected to follow. chris gordon, news4. chris listen joining us with the findings from that free investigation from pennsylvania tomorrow on news4. doug's here, we've got him back indoors. it's nice out there. >> on a today is probably the best day so far. if we stay there, it may just be the first day we have seen for highs in the 80s all months long. right now only ten days in, but we are looking at a pretty good
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day we are looking good just about everywhere. 87 in annapolis. right along the river there. if you look back into the panhandle of west virginia, maybe around hagerstownsh there are ra few showers here, any one of these could dump some fairly significant rainfall just because they're not moving all that much. franklin county, fulton county until a flood advisory into this area through 6:00, 7:00 tonight, because these storms just form, and they kind of sit, exactly what happened last night in washington, d.c., today storms are well to the west. a pretty good one right now. and then more back towards mineral county. so watch out for morgan county. now, warm day today, that frontal boundary that came
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through, is now well to the south. that's where it stayed. it is a stationary front. before it moves back to the north. when it moves back to the north, it will bring some heat back with it. that area of high pressure sitting around the region on friday, so i they we're going to stay dry there's friday, so we can't rule on you a few showers, as the as it does so, we will see our rain chances increase and our heat increase as we head into the weekend. this evening partly cloudy winds will be on the light side tomorrow morning, waking up to a very nice start. 64 and some of the cooler suburbs, about 73. one of the -- about the last two weeks, tomorrow afternoon mostly
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sunny, low humidity and a great afternoon. with light winds, tomorrow is going to be fantastic. what if you're thinking about heading toward the beach. tomorrow 85, 84 on friday, 88 on saturday. chance of showers on saturday, but not a washout. don't expect that. your four-day forecast 88 on friday. here comes the heat, though. 92 on saturday, 94 on succeed. we could be talking about a heat index close to 100 against on sunday. there will be a chance for showers. yeah, that's when the heat will set back in. coming up tomorrow, we will be live in somebody's backyard, cannot wait for this. we're going to ft. washington, maryland. we're going to have a good time.
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if you want us to come to your backyard, send us your pictures. we're doing it throughout the summer. >> fantastic. lucky for you. at 6:00, we have a lot coming up 8 backyard weather, and now coming up tonight. we took dan along to london with us, though dan we wouldn't afford the entire dan, so we just took flat dan with us, and we'll give you an olympics preview and talk about the good times that dan hellie and i had while we were in london together. so is he like a drinking buddy? he doesn't drink much. >> you take a flat dan in there, he's about 5'11", sit him there. it's amazing how many people come up and get pictures with him. they don't know who he is over there, but trust me -- >> he's on the phone. he's six foot. >> i'll check his listen. coming up, the virginia man
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who won a tom lottery price twice. a sport booming radio i got hooer in washington. it may be close to 90 degrees, but the caps' prospects are on the ice tonight tryin [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] every woman who believes decisions about our bodies and our health care should be our own is troubled mitt romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a law that outlaws all abortion -- even in cases of rape and incest. and that's not all. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. [ female announcer ] for women, planned parenthood means life-saving cancer screenings and family-planning services. but, for mitt romney... planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that.
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well, all six feet of dan hellie is here. >> you inspected my license, by the way. >> you can say anything you have on those licenses. i mean, we're all 20 pounds lighter. >> don't get us started. same weight as when you were 16. >> exactly. >> that's the beauty about licenses. we're going to talk a little hock. cool us off at the ice plex, but it's the young players and the draft picks that moth of us have never heard of. their goal to make an impression on adam oates, and someday maybe suiting up. >> reporter: it's day 3 of camp here you can't downplay of opportunity that the invite has. who will a merge as the next rising star has yet to be determined.
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♪ there's no time like the present for the best young prospects. team's annual week-long summer session geared toward player development kicked off on monday. the week also marks the first opportunity for new coach adam oates to take the ice with his new team, check out players who could potentially help down the road. >> it's exciting the past two weeks. to have a chance to get going is good. he came back for the scrimmage. i thought the pace was good. >> reporter: for some of the on the roster, this is as long as they'll ever get. for forsberg, this is just the beginning what they hope is a long and successful career. >> thinking that you're a part of the capitals, yeah, so it's getting -- it's soaking in more and more for every day, and hopefully i can make good plays
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out here. the staff -- and watch them probably in a few days, see things that stick out in your mind, and give them something to go home, something to work on. for them hopefully it's an exciting week to get a taste of what it's like to be a pro. >> reporter: regardless if you're under counter or still looking for a deal, they all have something to prove. good to have some fun out here, too? >> last year we went paint-balling, but this years some bowling tournament. that will be fun to get away from the hockey a bit. it's fun to hang out and meet the new people. i'm having a good time. >> zachary kiesch, news4 sports.
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fan fest coming up this saturday. chance for you to check out some of these young guys. it wasn't that long ago that nick back strom was going to these. >> and you can just go and watch? >> yeah, just hang out. it is going to be a -- >> check them out. thank you, dan. coming up, a contentious meeting as counties try to figure out why their 911 systems failed during the derecho storm. a maryland firefighters is in trouble with the law, accused of running a prostitution ring. and
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this comes after another felony guilty plea yesterday in connection with the may i don't recall campaign. jeannie harris pleaded guilty to running a mado campaign that funneled mayor gray more than $600 thousand. tom sherwood joins us on the set. you've gotten new word? >> we learned that mayor gray had a meeting with his staff, in which he told them he was
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innocent and bl not resign, and i'm quoting -- don't focus on this stuff. do your work. the mayor has called in the senior aides in his administration saying he's innocent. he has not said that publicly for months since this investigation began. for him to say, don't get distracted, he's trying to not get distracted. do you see predict more council members will come in. >> it's hard to predict what they will do, but i think what you see is a growing disquiet about the disruption, the sdrarks and the concerns that this was a major scandal with the prosecutors unveiled yesterday. i think you will see more pressure on the mayor.
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>> considering everything that's unfolding almost weekly, will they be able to focus? >> they were talking about changing dozens of allies in the city, trying to do some city work,ened every reporter was wanting to know, are you going to resigned? did you do anything wrong? what did you think of harris? this is the kind of stuff twh calling his aides in, calling his deputy mayors saying you focus on your job. tom sherwood, more on "news4 at 6" at the top of the hour. thank you, tom. the images of downed trees and damaged homes -- the massive failure of the 911 phone system.
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>> news4 jackie vincent joins us. >> wendy, it was a tense face-off. the question -- what happened to 911? >> reporter: offense a chilling and unimaginable development for public safety officials in northern virginia. hours into the june 29th store that caused report havoc, the 911 system, the way we call for help in times of desperate life or death need failed for about three days. >> 911 service is an essentially service of local government, and what we want to accomplish is a better understanding of what went wrong. ladies and gentlemen, if we can take our seats and get started, please. >> reporter: it was the subject of a special session. fair tax county's 911 director was visibly angered. >> what happened was approximately eight hours after the storm ravaged our area,
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during which time 911 worked perfectly, 911 simply failed. it dropped off our screen. >> reporter: verizon officials say the problem was complicated, and so is its solution. >> three things occurred. we lost xhempl power to a lot of our elements. we had widespread damage to many of those network elements as well. we also had some mechanical failure in some of our redundant systems. >> reporter: most of the hundreds of thousands affected were without power and were unaware if they had needed emergency help during the 911 outage, they were advised to flag down a policeman. >> i've a grandman who is by herself. and if she can't reach anybody, that's kind of a bad thing. >> it's obviously not acceptable. wendy? >> jackie, thank you.
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pepco says it'ses pepco regional president thomas graham answered callers' questions today. he says the crews got the power restored faster than expected, despite the tremendous amount of damage. >> i fully understand and can appreciate from a customer 'perspective that being out of the service for in some cases over a week is not an acceptable situation, but i would say that, you know, we responded quickly, we do a lot of drills, we work with the partners and the emergency management agencies. initially we are looking to restore service to the roost josh of our customers by friday. we were able to come in two days earlier than the initial prediction. >> at one point more than 400,000 pepco contests were without power. >> a firefighter is charged with
5:35 pm
operating an onaye prostitution ring. he as 33 years old frankly coit are accused of running it -- please raided that warehouse on monday. we found various ledgers and doubts that would suggest that an online prostitution and human trafficking operation was being conducted simmons was given probation and a fine after a similar arrest two years ago. winning the lottery has become a routine for one article ton man. jo vessel sylvester recently won he second $100,000. the second time in three months. he won the first time back on april 3rd. he did it again last week july 3rd. he used an easy pick, let the computer randomly select the numbers. some when i won his first
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$100,000, he paid bills and bought a new truck no word on what he's going to do with the second winnings. >> buy more tickets. wedding season is upon us. the cdc has an idea to keep us safe just in case. ♪ ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions.
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well, the nation's airlines are logging the best service in nearly two decades.
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a new surveys finds the nation's airlines are arriving on time, 84% of the time. the rate of canceled flights, the airlines acknowledge -- hundreds of young people from all over the country come from washington, 15 of this summer's interns hope to change the nation's foster care system. >> all of them know how it works, because all of them were once part of the foster care system. barbara harrison has more on the mission in a very special "wednesday's child." >> reporter: on capitol hill there are 15 young summer interns who hope to make a difference in foster care across the country. they knows the problems. >> we all come from similar backgrounds. >> i was in the system in and out my whole life. >> >> i think roughly i had about 20 placements.
5:40 pm
>> in the state of south dakota nearly 700 kids get pulled off the reservation and nut in non-tribal foster homes. >> reporter: they head out to work in the offices of their representatives. the program now in its tenth year was the idea. >> they spend time getting to see policymaking from the inside out. >> 13 to 15 was probably the most difficult time in my life. i was bouncing around from house to house. >> we experienced abuse and neglect. >> it was pretty rocky, but it turned out well in the end. >> what happened snirchlts i found a great foster home where i stayed. >> reporter: they come with a message to make change. >> tell our leaders here the issues they youth are facing. >> and hope they don't go through the same thing. >> reporter: you you this thinks
5:41 pm
the place to stay? >> most definitely. >> not the only placesh d. but. >> it's a start. >> 15 power of voices they hope to make changes across the nation. and always, if you have room in your home and heart for any of wednesday's children you see on our newscast call the adoption hotline, or lo onon to our web page, >> that's a very proud pictures. >> yes, it was. some dieters say they are living proof. and we're going to look at the fastest growing sport in the u.s., and it is booming right here in washington. something told me that was the zest beck sport in the world after soccer. we're talking about cricket, by the way. showing cloud cover across the region and storms to the
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matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. this message.
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cutting your food into small pieces could help us eat lest. researchers recently gave 300 college students a bagel. some got them whole, others got to cut it into four pieces. those who ate the bagel that came in pieces ate 25% lest less at their next mime. experts 3w4re6 because this tricks the brains into thinking it's getting more food. researchers saying this could be a new dieting tactic. the cdc has warnings for all types of diseases, but now it's telling people how to prepare for weddings. the agency says it's similar to disaster preparation. experts suggest a medical supply kit for the clumsy flower girl or guest who passes out, and
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they say it's important to have an evacuation plan in the event of a major storm. timely they say select a point per for guests to contact if an emergency does happen. that's why we have wedding planners. more people are turning to diet supplements to help shed pounds. some distress day they can be an essentially tool. dr. allison bricker explains. >> my muscles are bigger today than ever in my entire life. >> reporter: alan says after struggle with his weight -- >> you're -- >> at 69 he's never felt better. >> it's a lot. >> reporter: with his cholesterol and blood sugars creeping up, he knew it was time to try something new. >> it's hard enough to lose weight as it is. medical weight lost specialist charles seltzer is speaking from
5:46 pm
personal experience. he was overweight and out of shape in this 20s, now competes in body building competitions. he says an essential tool is nutritional supplements. >> the research by drinking a bit of protein after your workout, you can help with your fat loss and body transformation. >> decree ateen is also -- >> and you're being healthier. >> there are many other supplements the doctor gradually introduces. >> fish oil, for instance, in the absence of any -- can help a person burn body fat. >> reporter: when you walk into a supplements store, there are so many options out there. are they all safe? >> they can besh and they can be dangerous for certain people. before anybody starts a diet or exercise practice, they should
5:47 pm
be evaluated. >> reporter: alan's a believer. he's 45 pounds lighter, and with a lot more muscle since started a year ago. >> more energy to just do the things of life. well, the interthashl journal of obiasity finds that antioxidants in green tea can support weight loss efforts. another popular supplement is found in edible brown seaweed which this guy just can't get enough of. >> in large portions. >> yeah, you know, someone else -- >> yes, you find it in misso soup. >> you do? >> i don't. our humidity is only 37%, a very nice day, a very nice night, a great evening to maybe get outside and eat outdoors.
5:48 pm
and right now 86 at huntington. we're not looking at any rain ace cross the metro area. there are a few showers well to our north and west. this is where we expected them to have. we do have a couple showers around morgan county, some shower activity there. these showers are not moving a whole lot. so watched out if you're traveling i-70, a little later on. heads up out that way. overnight lows down to about 73 in the city. so once again, a very nice night. we're going to see a great start to the day on thursday. i think tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day, probably even a bit better than what we saw out there today, as the humidity will be even lower. 87 in gaithersburg. 91 in fredericksburg.
5:49 pm
yeah, we are going to be on the warm side. that's exactly where we should be. if you're thinking about heading toward the bay, maybe along the bay bridge, taking out the boat,le 6 degrees on your thursday, 85 on friday. saturday a pretty good chance for at least some thunderstorm activity, but it's not going to be a washout. temperatures on saturday creeping back up to around 90 degrees. saturday and sunday high temperatures in the low to mid 90s, but we could have humidity here, so sunday could see a heat index toward around 100 degrees. that's what i'm expecting for monday, tuesday, into wednesday, too. actual temperatures not nearly as warm as last week, so don't think this will be a repeat of last week. next week will just be on the hot side, but it's not going to be look like we saw a week ago.
5:50 pm
a. >> thank you, do you. did you know the second-most popular sport in the world is cricket? some say it's the father of baseball. >> and now it's dwayning popularity in the united states, there's actually good 1500 players here in the washington cricket league. we learned more about the sport and asked them "what's your workout?" >> cricket is another form of baseball. the object is to score as many runs as possible without losing too many wickets, which are called outs in baseball. it's a high-scoring game, a circular or oval field. the middle is called the pitch. >> it's a leather ball, just like a baseball. a bowler bowls, and the targets
5:51 pm
is to hit the three stumps on the other side. if you hit it, with a legal delivery, the batter is out. >> in cricket you only get one chan chance. >> sometimes seven hours, you're on your feet bakley seven hours. unless you're a bowler. >> you have to chase the ball, running for the run, so it's a very, very good workout. you have to be very, very physically fit, in order to play at a high level. it is a very, very demanding game. >> cricket is life, similar to life, you only have one chance, you know, if something happens, you pass away or whatever, you only get one good chance. cricket, when you're batting, is
5:52 pm
a similar way. well, cricket is actually really complicated, although that seemed pretty complicated to me. >> it does. >> those were just some of the highlights. go to for more. some satellite subscribers will have to go on-line for their fix of jon stewart. and. those stories are trending today. almost 20 million dreck tuf subscribesers woke up with fewer channels. "the daily show" on comedy central, spongebob, and several others are gone. the viacom contract with directv expired on union 30th. viacom says the terms would amount to a few pennies a month.
5:53 pm
directv says viacom is losing viewers. one of the most popular women on tv is now engaged to be married, according to "people," zsofia vergara got a ring from her boyfriend nick loeb it happened over the week jean while she was celebrating her 40th birthday. and newly separated tom cruise stepped out without his wedding band. his estranged wife was photographed last week without her wedding ring. e-online reports he returned to the set of husband any movie on tuesday, and while hugging a friend, cruise gave a good view of his left hand minus a ring to the paparazzi. so a big day for the paparazzi. big today. coming up on "news4 at 5," a major high-tech cheating scandal rocks a high school. coming up at can have, we continue to dig for new reaction for the first call for mayor
5:54 pm
gray to resign. also more people are questioning the leave of absence taken by jesse jackson jr. and doug took an unusual companion with him to
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a new investigation reveals that up to 70 students may have been involved in high-tech cheating on the state ease regents exams. >> reporter: the 3300 students at stuyvens high school had to pass a test, some are facing charges that they cheated last month on state exams giventy school. authorities say one student was call with a cell phone in the building, a violation of new york city school policy. checking the phones, officials found a list of text messages to dozens of students that included photos of test pages. >> people have the ability to use new technology to try to cheat. people are always thinking of new things to do things. it's not acceptable. we're not going to tolerate it. >> reporter: the 16-year-old junior who photographed the
5:58 pm
tests and others also face suspension. >> you can't defend cheating. >> 18-year-old benjamin graduated last month and is headed to brown university. he was not involved. >> it's a lot of pressure when all you have to do is do well on some test and that's the only metric used to determine whether or not you're a good opportunity or not. >> reporter: in december outside of houston, hundreds of students were suspected of cheating. several were arrested last year in an upscale long island community, charged with using fake i.d.s to take critical college entrance exams for other students in exchange for cash. experts in ethics say students have to learn hose to look beyond the pressures to cheat. >> it hurts you above all, tau it means you've gotten something for nothing.
5:59 pm
cheating is a form of stealing. now at 6:00, calls for the mayo to resign. it is waters have receded, but the damage has already been done. one neighborhood is making new demands. we're on the verge of knowing whether it was a cover-up at penn state when young boys were being sexually assaulted by one of the coaches. we begin tonight with the first calls for mayor vincent gray to resign. two d.c. council members say the mayor should step down after revelations that more than half a million was funneled into a secret shadow campaign to help put mayor gray in office. the mayor spoke out today to reaffirm he has


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