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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  July 12, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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decade. >> our most saddening and sobering finding is the total disregard for the safety and welfare of sandusky's child victims by the most senior leaders at penn state. good afternoon, everyone. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger in for pat lawson muse. tonight jerry sandusky awaiting sentencing after being convicted. >> now we see the results of an investigation conducted at the university's request. it found penn state officials didn't take action, because they feared bad publicity, that there was too little oversight by the board of trustees, and that the university had a striking lack of concern for the abuse victims. nbc's chris palone has more from university park. >> the most powerful men in penn state failed to take any steps to protect the children who
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sandusky victimized. >> reporter: in the report louis freeh blast ed -- freeh roundly criticizes graham spanier, schultz, and hall of fame football coach joe paterno. he says that if any of them had acted, several children might not have become victims. they changed course after paterno was consulted, motivated by the desire to avoid bad publicity. >> what's significant and shocking is that the four of them, most powerful people in penn state university, made a decision to conceal this information. >> reporter: reaction to the revelations has swift and strong. this from an attorney representing one of the sandusky's victims. >> penn state needs to recognize
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that this report is a road map for the civil litigation, for the attorney general's future investigations, the department of justice, as well as the ncaa. >> reporter: in a statement paterno's family admitted the coach could have done more, but maintains he ner would knowingly cover up for a child predator. with the facts now out, his legacy is left for history to judge. the freeh report includes more than 100 steps for the board to take to try to ensure this never happens again. on the campus, chris palone, news4. chris gordon will have reports on "news4 at 5" and at 6:00. vinton gray is saying he's not going anywhere, this after three council members called for him to step down after a third guilty plea in the corruption probe of his 2010 campaign. on tuesday, longtime gray associate jeanne harris pleaded
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guilty to running the $650,000 shadow campaign to get gray elected. gray says he's busy doing the city's work, and will not resign. >> i reacted to that last night when i was interviewed. i have no intentions of resigning. the city is running extremely well. i'm not going to go a litany of things, but the city is running well. i wish we could spend time talking about that. >> sources confirm that gray met harris in january to discuss expenditures. those calls for gray's ouster says the illegal funds are proof enough he should step down, even if he didn't know about the illicit campaign. our tom sherwood will have more at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. metro's board just wrapped up a meeting where safety was on the agenda. the board members were updated on the green line derailment last from i when three cars jumped the tract outside the west hyattsville station, no one was injured, but the track was
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damaged, and metro officials have already noted that investigators believed the prolonged heat wave caused a heat kemp in the track. it should -- so the trains would have to run at slower speeds. turning to the weather, clouds rolling in tonight. will they bring rain? >> that would be nice, veronica is outside. what do you think? >> for right now, guys, for right now, we've got a lot of sun up there, and it's simply scrumptious out here. yummy conditions. even compared to yesterday, which we thought was great, today even better. the humidity is lower, temperatures are in fact cooler across the area. 87 degrees, right now clouds, there are some out there with the wind out of the east at 8 miles an hour. clouds will be on the increase, and we are talking about a bit of rain. 86 right now in manassas, 86 also? la plata. 85 to our friends up north.
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now, if you look at storm4 radar, nothing to show of in terms of any rain showers, but by tomorrow morning we could be looking at showers around the area that will be making their way eastward. for your good night/wake-up forecast, 9:0082, 79 at 11:00, and 74 at 5:00 a.m. it will be a great start with the cloud cover moving on in. humidity, though, not too bad. you're looking down to the south there's a bigger storm system down there, along with another storm in the mitt weft that all will have an impact on our weather not only for tomorrow, but especially for the upcoming weekend. that's what we're going to talk more about later. see you guys in a couple minutes. nearly half a million yahoo! e-mail addresses and passwords were stolen in a hacker attack. the e-mail giants tells cnbc that an older file containing yahoo! and other company user names and passwords were taken yesterday. yahoo! says fewer than 5% of the
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accounts have valid passwords and they're changing the passwords of the affected users. a website registered in the ukraine is claiming responsibility. in politics there's a new debt crisis looming, it's called the fiscal cliff. it involves tax hikes and spending cuts. the whole nation will be walking off the edge december 31st if congress doesn't come to the rescue and right now both parties they're posturing. here's steve handelsman. >> reporter: it's a lot of talk, but no action. since democrats pushed job bills for small business. >> if you increase your payroll, we have tax help. >> reporter: instead the senate ought to repeal obama health care, say house republicans. >> it is the monl personal issue to many mills onof americans. >> reporter: senate republicans want action to keep tax cuts in effect. >> not higher taxes. >> reporter: but democrats want higher taxes on the rich, who
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vice president biden told the naacp, enjoy a half trillion in tax breaks. >> while we cut and eviscerate all these other programs, while the debt continue toss climb. >> reporter: it's gridlock on the big issues. with automatic tax hikes, and defensive social service and spending cuts looming. >> i say it is chances are we're going over a fiscal cliff. i hate to say it, but i think that's probably right. >>ers they want tax hikes and spending cuts have to be passed now, but won't be. >> political nothing will be done between now and november 6th. >> reporter: not by this congress. >> and you're not doing anything? that's crazy. >> it's an election year. why pay -- we ought to pay them just for three yours out of four. >> reporter: oh, they're working, to take stands they think will help their guy win the white house, but buffett,
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bowles and simpson warn that will give congress less time to cut the huge deals that are needed to pull us back from the fiscal cliff. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. two chimps on the loose in vegas have been captured. police spent much of the day trying to track them down. they had been roaming northwest of the city. officers had to shoot one of the animals. it's unclear at this time if it survived. please still don't know where they came from or how they got loose. thousands of additional british troops will be called in to make sure the olympics go off without a hitch. 17,000 mill taefr staffers will be in londsen for the summer games. this isn't sitting well with some british lawmakers who are furious that a private security firm paid millions of dollars couldn't come up with the necessary manpower. they want to know who's going to pay for the stepped-up security. here in the u.s., growing controversy over the uniforms
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team usa will be wearing during the opening ceremony. it's not about how the outfits look, it's about where those uniforms were made. ralph lauren designed the apparel. it was all made in china. members of congress on both sites of the aisle say it's ridiculous that the uniforms that represent our country aren't being made by american textile workers. >> i think the olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves. i think they should be embarrassed. i think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile, burn them and start all over again. even if they have to have a single et painted by hand, that's what they should wear. >> there was a similar controversy four years ago when they were also made in china. again, ralph lauren designed those uniforms, too. the golden averaging hoping to strike gold at the olympics. mcdonnell's has an exclusive deal to sell french fries with the olympic ground vendors in
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london. there is one exception. they won't have to come from mcd's if they're part of the traditional fare known as fish and chips. and took our week-long preview continues. we look inside the beautiful aquatic center, which could see reports shattered, including michael phelps in his bid to become the most decorated olympian in history. join us at 6:00. and when "news4 at 4" continues, a code enforcement officer, walks in on a woman while sleeping, and tonight he says he didn't do anything wrong. kristin chen owits hoppized when lighting falls on her during filming. ♪ and rihanna posts a picture, at least to concerns about her well
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there are a lot of comic book heroes, collectors, fans and garden variety eccentrics flowing into san diego. they're all attending
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comic-conphysician international. more than 100,000 are expected to attend this 43rd annual convention. there are special events focusing on the latest films, video shows, and collectibles. it's also known as geek apalooza. >> hey, it's a show. the newest batman comes out next week, anne hathaway joins the cast as catwoman. >> she revealed what was it was like to be in character and come face-to-face with christian bales. >> i had a total fan moment the first time he spoke in the batman voice, i kind of giggled, and was a little unprofessional. i couldn't help it. >> this had to be a blast. >> yeah. >> what was your favorite part about making the movie? >> favorite is hard. i loved the fighting. i really did not expect to love the fighting as much as i did.
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i'm a fairly low-key person, but it turns out i really like to kick. >> when you got the part, they said get strong. >> i did. they didn't say lose weight, they said get strong. >> she has that new short haircut. >> yeah, she did. this is the final installment of chris ton nolan's batman trilogy. it opens on july 20th, just in time for our next heat wave. >> that's right. adel's september surprise, new daddy rumors put to rest. and rihanna is having a tough time getting through a recent loss. joining us georgia alfredas, co-host with russ parr on the russ parr morning show, week days at wkys. rihanna recently lost her grandmother. we all have trouble when it comes to our grandmas. >> somebody has to get her off twitter. she tweeted pictures, really
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nice special tweets, but then posted a picture of herself on her inthat gram, it appears to be a bottle of beer, and it says sorry, gran-gran, i had to, or something to that effect. she looks wasted. it's not a good look. she either has to go private with our instagram. it's sad, but people think she's spiraling out of the control again. >> it could have been worse. apparently adel may be a mom sooner than we thought? >> how dare her not clue us in. we hear a few weeks ago that she and her boyfriend are expecting a baby. we think she's, what, three months pregnant, because that's the traditional time -- turns out she's like seven months pregnant, going to give birth in september, and it makes sense, she was noticeably missing from the billboard awards.
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she she's curvy, i thought she was giving us some curvacious swagger, but it turns out she has a baby bump. >> so she's due in september. >> that's exciting. while we're speaking of babies, kim kardashian's ex-husband or soon to be ex-husband kris humphries, he and his gere friend are not having a baby. >> they're not having a baby, but he's actually married? what? >> those are with quotation marks. >> all last week we heard about him getting his girlfriend pregnant. she tweeted and said, no, no, no, i'm just curvacious, and it all started when she tweeted, i can't wait to have a baby boy. twitter went crazy. she had to come and fix that rumor. kristen wiig, "saturday
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night live" she's talking about it several years, she is was a genius on there. >> people are saying people think she's leaving, but that's not it at all. she said seven was always going to be the year. and she's 38 years old. maybe if she was 22 she might stay longer and she has a blossoming romance with the drummer from strokes, so her life is looking good. >> she's amazing. >> one of the classics on "saturday night live." >> i loved that. >> we're going to miss her. there will be a "brides maids 2." >> and she wrote it, starred in it. >> she's great. lindsay lohan, we hear she's scary lohan, but she's making a scary movie.
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>> speaking of cha-ching action those franchises made millions. she's looking at starring in it, which would be great for her. remember she was a "saturday night live" people made fun of herself. i think people like it when she doesn't take things so seriously. i think it's a good move for her. >> but privately she needs to take herself more seriously, but that's between her and her mother or whatever. >> we need more fun acting from her, less driving. >> and less drama. finally what you got coming up tomorrow? >> bri in. i is exclusively coming in, and you can only get tick tickets, so go to us -- >> and there's a connection to our home turf. >> she lives the d.c. area, and is always here. we're glad she's here. >> thursdays are always fun, especially in the makeup room. the girls all get together in
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the makeup room. >> good to see you. >> you should join us in the makeup room. >> i listen. >> you have to peel him out of the makeup room. this guy? >> i get good dirt. >> oy. coming up next on "news4 at 4," frank ocean is a singer generating some major buzz, but target has decided not to sell his new album. and veronica will tell us if we go ahead rain for the weekend.
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glue all right. veronica and doug were calling yesterday the best day of the month. they topped themselves. today is it. >> don't you love it when we top ourselves. outside -- i didn't want to come in. it's just so nice for a summer's day. >> i want to weigh in. last night i was at anne arundel having a picnic. it was delicious, an amazing breeze. it was one of the most beautiful evenings i've had all summer. >> do it again. >> i'm heading back out there. >> let's join wendy. >> yeah. we're going over to -- [ laughter ] i'm not going to say their names. >> it's always a nice sunset, too. >> meet me there. >> when you can mix in clouds with that sunset. we'll have a few clouds this evening. with us the wispy clouds. currently it's 87. east wind at 8 miles an hour.
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it's the east to southeast wind that will be cooling us down. 91 degrees right now in rockville, maryland. 86 in dulles, 90 warrenton. a good afternoon to annapolis, you're at 87 degrees. not too bad again with low humidity. by tomorrow morning, you're going to notice a bit of humidity in the air, temperatures will be starting out in the 60s 64 to about 70 degrees. and it's going to be gray to start things out tomorrow morning. we don't have any rain right now. storm4 radar dry as a bone compared to yesterday, but notice the moisture that's down to the south. notice the clouds that are across areas of southern virginia, north carolina, there's a lot of moisture that's down south. it will be continuing to stream eastward and northeastward. it all depends on how much of this gets to our area over the weekend. the way it's looking now, check
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out the futurecast. we'll take you from 7:00 p.m. right into saturday evening. that area of high pressure continues moving east, we get the southeast wind, some clouds and then by saturday, look at that cold front that's in the midwest. the cold front comes in and provides us with the tropical moisture from down south. not only showers for saturday, but showers in the morning, thunderstorms in the afternoon. high temperature tomorrow, 86 degrees. so still comfortable across the area, but humidity creeping back. for tomorrow morning, again a few showers. 66 to 74 your shower chance. and then move eastward between 7:00 and about 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. for tomorrow afternoon at 20% to 30% chance we could see a few light showers around the area, lower temperatures 80 to 87 degrees with the southeast wind. watch what happens this weekend. temperatures move into the low
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90s. with high humidity this weekend it will feel more like 95. on monday now showers and storms, humidity, heat, all back starting this weekend. >> yay! >> yay. still to come the on-set accident that landed kristin chenoweth in the hospital. oh [ bleep ]. >> what was that? >> we're going to need a bigger boat. >> it shows an unexpected twist duri
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welcome back, everybody. i'm jim handly. i'm wendy rieger in for pat lawson muse. a scathing report says penn state officials covered up jerry sandusky's child sex abuse for more than a decade. the investigation was conducted by former fbi director louis freeh. it found they did not take action because they feared bad publicity. vinton gray says he will not resigned. on tuesday jeanne harris pled
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guilty on the shadow campaign to get gray elected in 2010. metro officials judd wrapping up a board meeting where they discussed safety. last week's derailment may have been caused by a so-called heat kink that caused the metal tracks to move out of the alignment. metro is now deciding if it should set specific speed limits. nearly half a million yahoo! e-mail addresses and passwords were stolen in a hacker attack. they broke into an older file. yahoo! says fewer than 5% of the accounts have valid passwords and they're changing the passwords of the affected users. kristin chenoweth is recovers from an injury. >> this happened while she was taping a scene for "the good
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wife." she'll be debuting in a recurring role. a piece of lighting equipment fell and hit her on the head. mara schoif campo tells us the story. >> reporter: these photos showing the actress on a stretcher in a neck brace being loaded into an ambulance. according to records, the 43-year-old broadway and tv star was struck by a falling piece of lighting equipment. cbs released a statement saying she received treatment on the scene by the show's medic until a new york fire department emergency medical teem arrived and transported her to the hospital. >> she's known as being very energetic, very physical, but she's also a very, very small woman. she's not even five feet tall. so the idea of being struck by equipment and falling, you have to be concerned for her well-being. >> a petite actress known for her business voice, won a tony award for "you're a goodman,
4:33 pm
charlie brown" and emmy award for her work in "pushing daisies." ♪ there's nowhere to hide >> she also originated the popular role of glenda in "wicked." this is not the first time chenoweth has injured at work. last year she hurt her back after falling downstairs while shooting "glee." and a few years ago another fall from a stage during a broadway show rehearsal. five years ago chenoweth found out she suffers from meniere's disease, an inner ear disease, but she hasn't let the diagnosis slow her down. >> kristin has been really looking forward for joining the cast of the good wife, so to see something like this happen now is just very, very unfortunate
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s. >> reporter: in their statement, cbs went on to say all of us at the studio and show are thinking about kristin and wishing her a frank recovery. frank ocean is a singer whose new album is get a lot of bus, but it won't be sold at targets stores. the album is called channel orange. it debuted on itunes monday, weeks before the original release date. target says it refers to stock new releases that are not released digitally first. ocean's manager tweeted that the decision was interesting, because target also donated to non-equal rights organization. in 2010 target was caught in a controversy for supporting a politician who opposed gay rights. ocean recently made headlines by saying he had loved a man. target told mtv it supports diversity.
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a county worker in georgia has been fired for breaking into a woman's home, but he says he was just doing his job. this is surveillance video, serving a violation notice to a home because of the several complains about noise. val walked into the house and looked around. he later walked down the hole and into a bedroom where one of the residents was sleeping. she claims val had no right to be there. he said he was just making sure everyone was okay. >> i was concerned for the health and well-being of anybody that may have been in that residence. >> we're allowed expectations of privacy and safety. both of those just went out the window as soon as this guy showed up. >> masters says she doesn't feel safe in the house anymore. she plans to sue the county for damages. when oar fishing, you might talk about the one that got away. for one woman it didn't quite
4:36 pm
work out how you might expect. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> we had to bleep something there. sarah posted her first fishing experience. the shark that swam off with her catch appears to be a bull shark. she thinks it's four to six feet long. looks a bit bigger to us. the video has more than 1.8 million hits on youtube. that's a picture. that's the one that got away. much more ahead on "news4 at 4" this afternoon. it's not your ordinary missing pet. alternates girl is asking you to be on the lookout for her python in northern virginia. i have never encountered such a burning sensation...
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until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit
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female fans have been asking for male models. the hotel's pr team liked the idea. and launched a content to find the next marlins pool boy. here's just one of the cabana boy hopefuls. >> why should i be the pool boy? it won't be the only -- dozens of men have already submitted their photos. it seems it's pretty easy to
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find scantily clad men in south beach. that's just my opinion. five will be chosen and com beet for the title. see, i've got commitments and date conflicts that i just can't make it. they wanted me, but couldn't do it. >> i would have a conflict if they wanted you. >> uh-huh. uh-huh. time to check on the the day's deals. on living social, nice dinner for two on capitol hill. at toscana cafe. >> we love that place. almost 1,000 people have purchased this deal, which only lasts for three more days. >> you could eat all of that by yourself. meanwhile, on groupon, you pay $79 for a professionally crafted resume. it comes with a resume, a cover her, a thank-you note, a
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follow-up hletter, and you get two free revisions. in case you want them to punch it up a little bit. some spice to it. >> pump up your resume. it's just the name of it had a bunch of os and -- >> culling up, new revelations about a cruise ship disaster. why passengers say they signed away their rights by boarding this vessel. veronica is back with more
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don't you love it when a baby python is loose in your neighborhood? an arlington family is hoping for a happy ending as it searching for its missing python. the baby python vanished on tuesday. it is 6-year-old ava riggs, had the snake with her when she and her brother went on a picnic near their home. at some point happy lithered away, as they do. happy may be a baby now, pythons can grow to be four feet long and eat your animals. so they've got to find that. >> and pythons. >> stay far away. >> stay far away from fairlington. >> looking good for a chance of rain this weekend. our rainfall deficit about 6 1/2
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inches. nothing like what they're experiencing in the corn belt. there they have extreme drought conditions, but the fact is we could get some rain this weekend. we're going to get a bit of heat, too. starting out with friday, you can see washington right there, new york city, boston all tomorrow getting to a high of about 90 degrees. you can see, too, that we don't have any extreme heat we're forecasting for friday. sure, there's some triple-digit readings right here, but not widespread across the area. you'll see a lot of 90s showing up right here we'll be pushing into the low and mid 90s. that warmth, that heat will carry right into areas of the northeast. but again, we wanted to show you this so you can see we're not forecasting any extreme heat, just some higher temperatures and high ser humidity coming our way. temperature right now, woodstock, virginia, very comfortable off to the west at 83. 83 also in montgomery county.
4:46 pm
leesburg at 85. one of the our warm spots. so we have some showers sitting right now well down to our south and west, around berkeley and roanoke. this batch of rain will continue sliding to the northeast, and by tomorrow morning, i think spots like winchester, like culpepper could be seeing light showers early on. that will start shifting eastward. right now it's dry at the beaches. 78 degree for a water temperature, actual temperature that we're expecting this weekend, 80 to 83 and 85. rain for tomorrow in the forecast. showers and storms for saturday. even on sunday, a chance for showers and storms. as far as the next couple days. then 90 to 93 degrees. showers on the morning, thunderstorms in the afternoon, thunderstorms again in the afternoon on sunday, and one
4:47 pm
thing i want to stress, not only are we expecting some of that heat to come back, but humidity is going to come back in a big way. mid 90s through wednesday, so it's not going to be widespread rain, but at least some neighborhoods will be getting some rain. shortly after the" costa concordia" wrecked, the company started offering passengers some settlements. >> the crash, of course, killed 32 people. six months later, some of the survivors say they are fighting a david versus goliath battle. nbc's harry smith has more. >> reporter: you can see the stone, there's a big rock lodged in the hull. >> look at the size of that. >> reporter: six months ago we were at the scene of the wreck. the ship still lies there, as if the tragedy happened yesterday. for many who were on board, memories of that nice of chaos
4:48 pm
are just as immediate. >> we heard a big boom. we looked at here other and simultaneously said, that's not normal. >> during that time that we were being thrown around, that's the time i actually felt we could die. >> reporter: shortly after the grounding, the costa cruise lines made its offer to the inconvenienced passengers. >> it says we're prepared to offer you a check for $14,000. what was your reaction when you heard that offer? >> i thought it was grossly insulting. it almost seemed like they want to do do this very quickly and get it done so that it could all go away. >> reporter: neither family had a clue that when they bought their tickets they were agreeing the cruise line would have very limited legal liability. >> if one of my loved ones gets killed on a xhempl airliner in the united states, continuically what is a settlement? >> well, usually from $2 to $5
4:49 pm
million. >> costa concordia, according to the fine print on that ticket, what are the lives of the people who died? what are they worth? >> only $75,000. >> reporter: cruise ships are rental strd in foreign conditions which provide enormous tax advantages to the owners. it also puts the ships outside u.s. jurisdiction. >> you have entered a new nation. i call it the nation of carnival. the only people that are responsible for you is carnival. >> but we have learned it's a totally different world out there, as far as your rights are concerned. >> that was nbc's harry smith reporting. you can see the full story took on "rock center" at 10:00 right here on nbc4. a driver find herself in a tight situation. and what happened to turn this into a big game of dominos?
4:50 pm
and at 5:00, the highly anticipated report on how penn state handled the child sex abuse scandal. later on "news4 at 6" how to keep your
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glue take a look at this. it's in china. that's the lane divider in the
4:53 pm
row. this happened on tuesday about 30 seconds -- for about 30 seconds each divider collapsed for about nine-tenths of a mile. the last time this came down, police just propped it back up again. so it was just waiting to happen. the town is blaming high winds for that. >> whoa, could. a strange accident on the water in michigan. police say the driver first backed her suv into a piece of equipment in a parking lot, then drove between some trees, launch over the dock and landed on top of this boat. no one in the boat was in there, but the driver cut her head. this isn't the first time the woman has been involved in this kind of crash. in 2009 she pulled the car over because she felt dizzy and wound up driving into the grande river. he took his children, and ♪
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♪ ♪
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[ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ . a man with ties to prince george's county is now on the fbi's most wanted list. the father of two reportedly kidnapped his children during a court-approved visit last fall, and took off for tunisia. shomari stone has more on the
4:57 pm
international manhunt. 3-year-old zayed and her 6-year-old brother isla are in tunis tunisia. the fbi says their father, fasil chebi kidnapped him. >> it's a federal matter. they were taken outside the country. >> reporter: in a phone interview, the children's mother told me she knew to tunisia to search for the kids. after the divorce proceedings, he was awarded visitation rights. he picked up the children from their grandparents' house and was supposed to return them. instead they boarded a plane at adults, flew to germany, then lavined in tunisia. he allegedly told adina he's not bringing them back. a federal judge issued a warrant for his arrest. >> have you seen your children. >> i am able to see them almost daily together at their fares's
4:58 pm
parents home. >> but the tunisian government won't let me fly them home. >> i expect everybody to be in our favor. >> reporter: the fbi has launched an international manhunt. >> she says she hasn't seen him, now investigators are working with the state department and in contact with tunisian authorities. >> we will find you and bring you back to the united states. >> reporter: i'm shomari stone, news4. now at 5:00, d.c.'s mayor facing increasing pressure to step down. tonight at 5:00, d.c. mayor is fighting back and officials call for his resignation. plus a highly anticipated report is out now on penn state's handling of the child sex abuse scandal. needed-out residents are
4:59 pm
evacuated nearly two weeks after the big derecho storm. good evening, i'm in for jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. vincent gray is fighting back even as new details emerge in this widening scandal. he met secretly with one of the principal targets. richard jordan is along pennsylvania avenue, where the mayor is expected shortly, but we begin with you, tom scherr within. >> doreen, mayor gray now expects it, reporters pressing him on every new turn on the scandal. embattled with calls from three council members to resign over the campaign scandal, mayor gray insisted he would not. >> when i was interviewed by someone from channel 4. i have no intentions of resigning. >> gray especially was critical of mary cheh, a law professor and strong


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