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tv   Today  NBC  July 13, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody. it is thirstday thursday, july 12th. we're so happy you are here with us today. >> we certainly are. >> we are really glad to hear you were with us yesterday. >> talk about a reaction to our guys show. >> it was just a bunch of guys. >> we had a bunch of guys on our show. and they apparently -- my feet look huge! >> don't they?
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>> that is terrible. oh, my gosh. no, that's aa camera angle. that's awful! >> they are size 12. come on. >> i wear 9 1/2 on a good day. those are like skis. here's the other thing. those were a big hit. >> what are they called, cozies? >> funyons made a big hit. thanks to our guys. >> everyone wanted one of these cozies. here's the news. you can't really have one. >> they were only made up for the show. but may i suggest to the geniuses over of there, in that building -- >> coors light. >> -- make them. they're great. >> and they're great for a cold beverage on a hot day. very, very nice. but you weren't into the coors light. >> i like a cold light beer when eating maryland crab. i like that, but we weren't doing that yesterday. one group of friends i want to say a very quick hello to there.
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sara and yvonne are my biggest hooer here radoheroes, perhaps. >> the kids are here. >> they started child help which battles child abuse. just use your imagination. >> the kids are here. >> the grandchildren are here. >> sweet. >> they've spent their entire life helping children who are abused. it's now up to five children a day that are killed, every of day, by neglect or abuse. >> wow. >> so god bless them for their work. >> absolutely. okay, guys, if you want exciting video, you might want to watch this. there was a woman who was fishing off a freshwater canal off of south carolina. she is pulling a fish, a big one. an even bigger one takes a bite. take a look at this thing.
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>> oh, [ bleep ]! >> let's listen to all the bleeping. >> that was scary. >> you know what, that has happened to me. >> what, a shark? >> yes. but we were in a boat in the keys. >> in a boat. >> it looked like a shark. a big, big -- >> took a chunk out of the fish you were pulling in? >> yeah, took the fish and took the line and went off with it. that's when you let it go. >> there was a lot of cursing going on there, too. >> well, you know. but sharks have to eat, too. >> yes, they do. >> okay? >> we heard some troubling news. some of you may have heard about this. kristin chenowith was on the scene of "the good wife" shooting. some people on the scene reported that a gust of wind came and hit a lightning fixture
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and it fell on to her and knocked her, according to tmz, out cold. it fell square on her head. she was rushed to a nearby new york hospital. there was a witness that told tmz -- we can't independently confirm this -- she lost consciousness and was seen bleeding and seizing. we don't really know any other details about that. >> here's what we do know, though. first of all, we love her to pieces. she is the tiniest -- she makes me daughter cassidy look full figured. she is the tiniest and this fell directly on to her head. oh, my gosh, we are praying for her complete recovery. we don't -- as we get more details, we'll tell you. >> sure. so this was a weird thing that happened. there was this woman in georgia who let her lawn grow too long. it was a foot, i guess -- >> that's more than 12 inches high. >> i guess there are code enforcement people who walk around and measure. >> apparently they are like bushes, not grass. >> an officer came to her house and saw this overgrown grass. >> wanted to give her a violation.
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>> so he knocks on her door and he zb doesn't get her. >> who is he calling? do we know? >> his people. >> he went to the back door. no entry. >> he does not know the cameras are on. >> he decides, i'll knock and then i'll go right in. oh, look, it's open. anyway, he walks into her bedroom where she is sleeping and says -- he says he claimed he yelled outside and yelled inside. it's hard to tell on this camera if he's saying anything. anyway, she was startled and told him to get out. and he did. there he goes. >> she met him later, she got dressed, met him in the living room and signed the violation. >> here's the weird thing. i guess the guy, first he told his supervisor that -- what did he say? he went in -- i don't remember are. what did he say? >> wait. >> what did he say? he didn't enter the home.
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i had one of those brain things. has that ever happened to you? you're talking and you have no idea. i didn't remember the story. >> blessedly, it rarely happens when we are on television in front of millions and millions of people. >> i literally didn't remember what we were talking about at all. >> and the worst part is you're looking at me and i didn't either. i'm thinking, am i supposed to know something that i obviously don't know? >> anyway, he lied first and -- >> so you're saying he lied. >> i think. we don't know. anyway, the bottom line is, should he have busted into her house? >> she is going to -- what is it she's going to do? she's going to press charges against him and the town. >> well, i wonder -- it was noon and she was sleeping. >> who knows what her night job is. >> she might work the night shift. >> anyway, there are reasons i suppose to enter a person's house, if somebody's -- if you've heard domestic violence or something. >> he said he smelled something that smelled like someone may
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have died. >> that's just rude. maybe she had a gastronomical problem. these things happen to real people. >> it's time. let's do this. we're on a good role right now. we don't know what we're talking about so it's a perfect time to play the ihoda song. this is by a singer named cher, not cher, but cher lloyd. she is british and she sings this song "i want you back." it's about when the girl breaks up with the guy and she's, like, good riddance. then she's like, wait a second, what did i do? ♪ i seen you hanging out with another girl in town ♪ looking like a bunch of clowns ♪ ♪ remember all the things i did for ♪ and you're doing them with her ♪ and now you're doing them with
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her ♪ remember all the things that i did first ♪ you got me ♪ now you're taking her to every restaurant ♪ and everywhere we went come on ♪ and now you're taking her to every restaurant ♪ you got me got me like this ♪ i want you back ♪ ♪ i want you back i want with you back back ♪ >> this stinks. i'll be kind to a fellow songwriter. this is written for you. here goes. here is your line right now. go! ♪ you clearly didn't think this through ♪ >> oh, now i like it. >> that's her. cher lloyd. >> oh, i wish her all the best. not my kind of thing but -- >> i'm so excited about this. >> i told you guys i went home and did a photo shoot. nobody asks me to go on a cover
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shoot and for good reasons. but you know who wanted me desperately? "life and dog." there we are, lola, bambino and louie. >> your -- what is this shot? what is going on there? >> that's utterly ridiculous. >> udderly. >> the photographer was brett and writer ryan rice and all ki great people. >> beautiful pictures in here. one of your puppies got all the air time. it wasn't lola and it wasn't louie. >> it was bambino. >> look at bambino. bambino's in like four of the five pictures and the other two are are pushed off to the side. >> you know what? if parents are honest, they would admit they do sometimes favor one of their children over others. not supposed to admit it, but it's true.
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>> yeah. >> so you love bambino more. >> it's usually the kid loving me at the most that i'm especially fond of. the thing about dogs is, they don't know what has gone on. they don't know how much money you have, they don't know if you're ugly or angelina jolie, thank god. but they love you! they love you unconditionally. you come home -- and you know the old joke. what happens if you put your wife -- i know. we're terrible. if you put your wife and your dog in the trunk and leave them there for four hours, which one is going to be happy to see you when you take them out? right? the dog! >> that's true. >> we want to wish -- we all right did, i think. kourtney had her new baby penelope. >> we did that two days ago. oh, we have pictures? >> no. hoda, what are you -- >> i don't know what's going on today. >> did you give up drinking and that's the problem? >> is it okay for stars to brag about movie sex scenes?
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>> you say if they are so comfortable with it, why am i so uncomfortable. >> hoda being the you know what she is, she said, yes, it's okay. if i don't get to make out with george clooney, i want to hear all about it from someone who has. >> i want to know if those guys are as they seem. know what i'm saying? all right, what else? >> there is something else. yesterday we went to see -- i didn't title it so don't judge us. "old jews telling jokes." it is exactly as advertised. except there are a couple of young jews, too, telling jokes. it's 80 minutes at the west side theater, downstairs little theater. although it didn't seem downstairs to me. >> huh-uh. >> no. but it's very, very funny. one joke i didn't appreciate. the rest is absolutely great. >> they said bette midler was there the night before howling. >> i know so many of these jokes and you scream anyway. it's delivered brilliantly. have fun there. sid the sloth is back in town. >> he is.
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john leguizamo is back with us. >> what is he eating? he's eating the food. >> nobody eats the food in the greenroom. it's just for show. >> and we'll have the results -- >> doesn't he know not to eat that? we'll have the results of our ambush makeovers. but first of these messages. ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so what's it going to be, partner? 5-hour energy. wise choice. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. in the newest installation of the 3-d animated film "ice age continental drift," comedian and actor john leguizamo is back as the voice of sid the loveable sloth. >> however, sid is anything but slothful of. in fact, he's much like the actor who plays him. he's energetic, silly and slobbers all over his long-lost family. >> mom! dad! >> see, he still hugs his parents! >> oh, my whole familia. i knew it, i knew it, deep down i knew i wasn't abandoned.
2:20 am
>> that's incorrect. we totally abandoned you. >> but we always missed you. right? >> yeah, yeah. >> that was the voice of joy behar. yes. >> what a dysfunctional animal family. joy behar is my mom and wanda sykes is my grand maher. >> wanda is hysterical. >> her voice is gold. she's my geriatric grandma, i have to get her teeth, pre-chew her food. >> that's why they want you back to take granny, right? >> yeah, then they re-abandon me just like my real family. >> no. because you're taking care of your bhowhole family. we know that. >> they are not going to abandon me as long as i pay the checks. that's how you keep your family around, you pay for them. >> how did you come up with the voice for this character? >> they approached me. i talk really fast and sloth doesn't make sense. so i said, how about a southern type? what if i talk like this, slow like molasses.
2:21 am
he's like no. how about something exotic from india perhaps? he said no. how about downtown new york city, you know, like this and waddup? no. so i looked at discovery channel footage and they said that sloths move so slow fungus grows on them. >> we've had them. we've had them here. >> real life ones. you smell them. >> they're stinky. >> do they have a lisp? >> they store food in their cheek pouches. they chew so slowly it ferments. it turns into alcohol and they get drunk and fall out of the trees. >> that happens in our house a lot. >> you're confessing. i'm not gossiping. i started walking around with a sandwich, how do i come up with this voice? >> you are going to spill hot coffee on your crotch any minute. >> thank you for being observant. i appreciate that. i'll hold it over here. it's a nice attractive mug, isn't it? >> thank you. yes, they're available at the nbc experience store. >> $14. >> i'll buy a couple for my family.
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>> wait, i think we need to bring out our other character, we don't have much time. >> i didn't finish the story! >> are you still talking? >> i started walking around, i've got the voice. guess who this is? >> it's sid the sloth. >> we've got to bring out -- guess what's here? >> we've got in the house, which is one of her movies, i think queen latifah with her daughter. >> guess who else we got? >> with your daughter! >> my daughter allegra. >> hey! >> you're going to teach sid the shuffle. >> show us the dance. >> hit it. >> back it up. >> hey, girls. >> jump back. ♪ >> and do the sid. >> and walk it out like this. >> and so the side and drift. and to the side and drift. jump up and wiggle your rump and walk it out like this. do the front and do the sid, do
2:23 am
the side, jump wiggle your rump and walk it out like this. >> all right. we learn something new today here. >> i like watching this move. >> queen, you don't know this step, do you? >> she knows it now. all righty. "ice age continental drift" in a theater near you. >> allegra, good job! >> we're going to battle it out to see who knows the best food choices to make on bastille day.
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here's the perfect solution. switch to a verizon fios triple play and upgrade your entertainment equipment with our 100% fiberoptic network and whole home solution, including a high-speed wireless router,
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plus a new multi room dvr and new hd set top box free for 12 months. hurry. switching has never been easier with the fios whole home solution. upgrade your home with one easy package. call 1.888.get.fios. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. welcome to life on fios. it is time for madelyn's food fight. saturday is bastille day. the french love to celebrate their culture by indulging in the most elegant treats. >> if you're planning a champagne soiree, just how healthy will your diet be? madelyn is here to challenge us. >> hello!
2:28 am
>> bon jour! >> you look beautiful. >> very french today. >> we saw the hats and hoda's fits her head. >> that's a good start. >> it's perched. >> champagne is always a good choice. is this statement true or false, all champagne is made in france? >> actually, yes. the other is called sparkling wine from california. >> yes, you're correct. >> i think i'm going to lose this one. >> stop doing that. >> on to something a very popular salad in france is a salad nicoise coming from nice. which one of these ingredients is not part of this salad. is it tuna, black olives, potatoes, green beans or chicken? >> chicken. >> mine's not working. >> oh, i think it is. >> whatever. >> let's move on to something very french. >> i was born in france. >> here is a one-ounce serving of cheese, brie, and one-ounce
2:29 am
serving of bread. does this have more or less than 200 calories? >> more, definitely. >> what? >> oh, mon dieu what a day you're having. >> which has less calories? which one is lower? is it the crepe with strawberries or the croissant with jam? pf i'm going to tell you the correct answer right now. it's the crepe. >> could she may be get the question out before you answer? >> which has more calories, that or that? >> i can't see it. it's blocked by bambino. >> this is a two-part flavored cocktail question. first, a popular drink before dinner in aperetif is called pastis. is this flavored with cherries, licorice or mint? >> licorice. >> correct. if you want to have an after-dinner cocktail, one of these is flavored with apples. is it cognac, calvados or
2:30 am
armagnac? >> the second one. >> right. >> she can't say it, but she got it right. >> the tiebreaker. >> it is not a tiebreaker. it's 4-2. >> exactly. a tiebreaker. >> look at these small shell-shaped cookies. they're not only popular but also referred to in french literature. is this an isabel or madeleine? >> madeleine. >> that's right! >> wait, who won? >> moi! >> what's the prize? >> the prize is -- >> oh! >> what do i get? oh, i love her. i love her. "french women don't get fat." >> thank you very much. i will enjoy this very, very much. i don't usually win, but today i did. coming up next, two ladies from our crowd have their own revolution. the spectacular results from today's plaza ambush makeover. plus, everyone has a story. a triathlete and mother of 8-year-old twins bravely battled pancreatic cancer and is
2:31 am
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it's instant, it's unlimited. and it's only 8 bucks a month. start your free trial today. ♪ i put my hands up it's thirstday thursday. that means it's time for "today's" plaza ambush makeovers, when we surprise two lucky ladies outside and surprise them with a brand-new look. >> now just a few hours later, our resident makeover team "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, luis licari, la, la, la, la, la, and "today" and "us weekly" contributor and author jill martin. >> hi, guys. how was it today? >> we found two ladies who said it was their dream to be on the show. >> oh, good. >> look at you, the dream makers. let's start off with claire. 40 years old from westerville, ohio. between balancing a full-time job and being a single mom to her three kids, she rarely has time to do anything for herself.
2:34 am
so she was thrilled when we approached her to come on the plaza. let's take a listen. >> all right, keira, you tell me you really want this for mommy. tell me why. >> because she helps me with my homework. >> she does? what else does she do? >> she feeds me food. >> we love that. she's a good mom. i know you really want this makeover. tell me why. >> thank you. you know, i just feel like i always look the same. my hair is always the same. my face is always the same. i would like a change, something different. >> we are going to give you that. are you ready to go? >> i am. thank you. >> she's a beautiful woman. >> she is. this will be fun to see. >> and look at her adorable daughter. keira, keep your blindfold on until i give you the green light. >> no. keep it on until your teeth come in. just teasing. >> here's claire's before picture. ♪ simply irresistible come on out, claire!
2:35 am
oh, wow. >> oh, my gosh! are you ready? >> all right. keira, take off your blindfold. wait until you see mommy. >> she's over here. >> hi, sweetie. >> are you ready to see yourself? >> yes. >> it's very new yorky. >> oh, my goodness. >> i love that haircut. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's gorgeous. >> wow! >> look at camera 12, if you wouldn't mind. >> and you'll see the difference. >> tell us about this haircut, louis. >> this is a killer haircut. i can promise you, you won't be a single mother of three for long. i made the hair color deeper. >> yes, it's beautiful. >> of course we have the great makeup. she looks fantastic. >> i love all the feathers around the ear. it's so pretty. >> really pretty. you know, the back kept it soft and of course that long, soxy bang. >> oh, my gosh. >> you're a man magnet, girl.
2:36 am
>> we're keira, you want to com your mom? what do you think? >> it's really your mommy. you can hug her. >> she whispered to me, wow, when you walked out. first of all, she was two sizes smaller and a lot of women get that wrong. that's always good to hear. this is another version. little black dress from maggie london with the sheer. let's show off your back. i love that diamond back. >> that is gorgeous. >> good job. you look beautiful. >> our second lady is carolyn conrad, 42 from woodland hills, california, where i used to live. when we asked about her daily beauty routine, she said she is lucky if she has time for a shower. so she jumped at the chance to receive a brand-new look. let's listen to her story. >> all right, this is already a win because you wanted to meet al roker and you met him. so now it's mom's turn. why is she the best mom? >> she makes me food.
2:37 am
>> that is a common theme today. what about you? >> she cares for me and helps me with my homework. >> why do you want this for your sister? >> she is a hard working stay-at-home mom and she deserves it. >> must be nice to hear. >> i'm ready to go! >> all righty, we have her sons and sister katherine. all righty, keep the blindfolds on. take one last look at carolyn before and bring out the new carolyn conrad. ♪ >> wow! >> take off your blindfolds. >> wow! you ready, carolyn? spin it around, sweetie. >> oh, my gosh! >> you look fantastic. >> you look great. >> everyone looks great today. >> aren't they great? >> don't go anywhere. don't leave us. >> look into this camera. >> let everyone see what you look like. this is it just a very simple,
2:38 am
elegant, chic, timeless haircut. >> like a bob? >> yes. this is a bob. but what gave it the fashion statement are the bangs. it's such a fashion statement and she wears them so well. >> it's darling. >> i softened the color, of course. her hair was -- she put black color on it. >> the highlights are nice. >> this is very pretty. >> once you're black and you're not quite black anymore, your hair color, you should make it a little bit softer. that's can exactly what we did. >> how is the family doing? >> they don't recognize her. do you recognize your mom? >> no! >> she looks beautiful. >> what about her dress? >> i love it. >> we had fun getting dressed. she loves black and white. we wanted to play with that theme. this is a fun, flirty dress you could wear with flats or flip-flops or you could wear it at night. >> who's it by? >> london times. >> let's bring claire out, too. >> everybody, great job. next up, everyone has a story. >> this one will inspire you. >> you won't believe this
2:39 am
gorgeous, gorgeous woman. we also have a fantastic singer here for us today. we'll be right back. so you can enjoy all this great land of ours has to offer like demolition derbies. and drive thru weddings. so if you're one of those people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day, block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. [ woman ] you know you don't have to put up with this. those annoying period symptoms. general pain relievers, like advil, only treat cramps, but midol has three active ingredients to take care of that... and fatigue and bloating. because you deserve better.
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♪ everyone has a moment that changes their life ♪ it is time for our newest "everyone has a story" contest winner. she is a mom of two from del ray, florida. her name is molli. >> before we meet her, let's listen to the letter her friend wrote us about this amazing lady. >> molli is a beautiful 38-year-old mother of 8-year-old twins. she is also a phenomenal triathlete. in 2011, molli was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. her odds were a 20% chance of making it through the first year and only a 6% chance of making it five years.
2:44 am
after her diagnosis, molli redirected her focus from ironman training to the fight for her life. on june 28, 2011, the day of the twins' 7th birthday, molli underwent a very invasive seven-hour surgical procedure which removed a large part of her pancreas, a large part of your stomach, a large part of intestines, gallbladder and rerouted numerous parts of her digestive system. the recovery was extremely difficult, but, like a true champion, molli surprised even her doctors with her threshold for pain. two weeks to the day of her surgery, she was back on her bike. let's hit this cancer with everything you've got, i can handle it was her motto. throughout the entire process, molli maintained her biking regiment. the back pockets of her jersey held her chemo pump and she often showed up for radiation in her bike kit.
2:45 am
today she is cancer-free, back to her training and stronger than ever. >> isn't that unbelievable? she is here with her sister niki and cara who wrote that letter. welcome to all of you. >> thank you. >> i literally walked bimonthy this morning thinking she was a model on one of our segments. when i was introduced i said you are the person? to look at you, we cannot believe you had this kind of a year. >> it's been a year, but you know, i've been lucky. i've been very, very blessed. >> we talk about how difficult that is to detect. pancreatic cancer. it's very fortunate yours was caught when it was. >> i was very lucky. >> tell us about your friend who you told you were having stomach pains. >> i have a friend dr. david wyss who rides bikes with me. i was having some stomach pain for quite some time. it radiated to my back at one point, but i was training for an iron man race, i'd run 20 miles. oh, maybe -- and i felt okay, though. he insisted on, you know, molli,
2:46 am
i think you should get an mri. i think you should check this out. >> sure. >> i had gone and i had pancreatitis at one point, and he just didn't think it added up correctly so he insisted i get the mri. i got the mri and they found a tumor. >> wow. nicki, your sister just seems so incredibly strong. >> she truly is. >> is this the way she was from the get-go? >> from the get-go. my mother and i said every time we saw her, we were amazed. you would think we would have to lift her up and she was the one, when we were with her, she lifted us up. >> no kidding. >> she was just so inspirational and so strong. so proud of her. >> and you wanted to write us the letter, right? >> oh, yes. i was best friends with niki in high school. molli was quite a few older than us. i had met her a few times but didn't really know her. she would send all the information on the computer, i was watching and i was like, oh, my gosh. i couldn't believe she was so
2:47 am
young and that happened. i thought, this is the most fantastic woman i've ever seen in my life. wand you are. you are. i was just spell compelled. if i look at her story and anything you think is wrong with your life or whatever is going on, you're, like, i don't have anything to complain about. she makes me want to be a better person. >> oh, all of us. you do that for all of us. >> wh>> when we come back, from the broadway stage to our studio. >> jenny powers about to have a baby. if her water breaks, ignore it. she'll sing a song written just for molli after this. the drought is intensifying and the heat is on. i'm meteorologist chris warren with your weather channel forecast for today. any of the rain is going to be like what we've been seeing the past few days in the southeast. it will be later in the day you get some of those pop-up storms and they end up being pretty strong, some of them do. not to say we won't see showers throughout the day, we can. but the most intense stuff will
2:48 am
be happening later in the day. a few showers possible throughout parts of the northern plains and then monsoonal moisture moving back into the southwest. here's that heat once again. anytime you see the pink we're talking some extreme temperatures, warmer than 100 degrees, things moderating a little bit in the west but this time of year when you moderate back to normal, it's still hot. you expect it to be hot in the southwest. that's what we're going to see. things warming up for you in new york and in boston, close to 90 degrees. in fact, that's what we expect, right at 90. more monsoonal moisture in the west, while we're still seeing storms in the southeast all the way up into the great lakes, we'll have a chance for showers. heat still right here, right in the heartland, the breadbasket there, we're going to see highs into the 90s, kansas city three degrees away from 100 on your saturday. sunday tweer going to see the chance for storms to move into some of the bigger cities in the northeast, philadelphia, new york you'll have a chance for some storms. and we're going to see highs backing off just a little bit
2:49 am
but still warm, in the mid mciff 8 -80s in new york. on the gulf coast, more showers and thunderstorms, then we get into much of the lower mississippi valley, into the ohio river valley, still a chance for some showers and still hot in the drought areas so we're still seeing some very warm and very dry conditions. bad news for those drought conditions. and, remember, weekdays here on the weather channel, you can "wake up with al." another cup of coffee? how long is this one going to last? forty-five minutes? an hour? well... listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. take one in the afternoon, and you'll feel alert and energized 'til the cows come home. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so what's it going to be, partner? 5-hour energy.
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♪ everyone has a moment we are back with "everyone has a story" honoring molli serrano for her successful battle with pancreatic cancer. molli is here with her sister niki and friend cara. >> it's time to hear the song david friedman and i wrote just
2:52 am
for you, molli. here to sing it is the wonderful broadway performer jenny powers. the song is called "you do the impossible." ♪ what do you do when you're dealt a lousy hand ♪ that's too hard to understand ♪ ♪ what do you do when the answers aren't clear ♪ do you sit around in fear ♪ ♪ well that's not what you do when it happens to you ♪ ♪ you do the impossible ♪ all your life you've trained to cross the finish line ♪ ♪ pushed the limit chased the dream ♪
2:53 am
and you were doing fine ♪ ♪ each day you grew stronger closer to the prize ♪ til one day you discover much to your surprise ♪ that you were being asked to run a different race ♪ ♪ one with different obstacles and challenges to face ♪ ♪ but this didn't stop you ♪ this was nothing new ♪ you just kept on doing what you always do ♪ ♪ you do the impossible ♪ you get up every day and you find a better way to do the impossible ♪ ♪ to give it your best shot give it everything you've got ♪ ♪ and we know that you'll pull through ♪ cause that's just what you do ♪ ♪ you do the impossible ♪ all your life you strained to
2:54 am
reach that final goal ♪ ♪ stretched each muscle to the brink in pain to gain control ♪ ♪ so we know you'll give it all you have to give ♪ ♪ to beat it defeat it ♪ to triumph and to live ♪ ♪ you'll do the impossible ♪ you'll get up every day and you'll find a better way ♪ to do the impossible ♪ ♪ to give it your best shot give it everything you've got ♪ and we know that you'll pull through ♪ cause that's just what you do ♪ ♪ you do the impossible ♪ because the impossible ♪ is possible for you
2:55 am
♪ you do the impossible >> gorgeous, jenny! oh. >> that was perfect. >> come on over and join us. >> we'll take a little break and we'll be right back to talk to general jenny after this. >> but first this is "today" on nbc.
2:56 am
2:57 am
2:58 am
we are back with "everyone has a story" honoring a very very special woman. >> yes. jenny powers just performed "you do the impossible" for molli. composer david friedman is here and dave wilde on the keyboard. and look who's joining us, matt cavanaugh is with us, also a star of broadway, allegedly the father of this unborn child. >> what did you think of your song? >> the song was unbelievable. the words, the way you performed it, you were singing to me.
2:59 am
really, it was beautiful. absolutely beautiful. >> you deserve it. after everything you've gone through, molli. >> we do want to give you a little something. we know you're training for a triathlon so visa has donated a $2,000 gift card for you. which is huge. don't worry, you don't have to take this on the plane. >> you can buy cute outfits. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> such a great, great bunch. >> i think this is the first time we've actually had someone memorize the song as well, jenny. so thank you for that. >> you inspired me. >> she had three days. >> that's right. what took you so long? all right. great to see everybody. god bless you, molli. you're in our prayers. for the everything. god bless you. tomorrow, freid pint dough joins us. also your best


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