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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  July 16, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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sef any rollings blake. baker and rollings-blake support a plan to bring a casino to the county and table games at all casinos. leg get has implied that he would support the plan, too. o'malley will meet tomorrow with maryland senate president and house speaker michael bush. he wants to resolve the issue before the november election. maryland voters have to approve any legislation that expands gambling. a news4 exclusive this morning. we're hearing from a man attacked by two pit bulls. the attack happened yesterday afternoon along south oakland street in arlington. max says he got out of his truck and the dogs charged. he tried to scare them off his property, he says he was bitten at least a dozen times. that's when his son ran out of the house and threw a shoe at the dog toss scare them off. >> i don't know how i got the croc, actually. i managed to throw it at it. >> they really went to bite me for my neck. that's when he was here.
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from here, he probably would kill me. >> now, police shot one of the dogs when it tried to charge an officer. the other was taken into kus to gi by the arlington animal welfare league. >> scary stuff there. waking up this morning, a little humid out there. >> definitely that. 4:31. tom kierein is here to tell us what we can expect as the day moves forward. >> unmorsefully not quite as humid as yesterday. yesterday was brutal. in the morning i was out in the yard weeding. in 15 minutes i was covered in sweat. just incredible. not really even that much physical exertion. thankfully over night after the storms came through, the humidity mass dropped a little bit. there's what's been happening over the last 12 hours. scattered thunder showers with downpours yesterday. those are v. dissipated. now as we look at a view from space we have a sky beginning to clear out a bit. around our region we have just a partly cloudy sky and temperatures are generally in the areas in yellow on your
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screen are in the 70s. it's 77 at reagan national. a few pockets though, these areas north and west of washington are in the 60s. it's in the 60s out in the mountains as well in western maryland and much of west virginia on this monday morning. now, for the rest of your day today we'll have our temperatures climbing. we'll be into the mid 90s by mid afternoon. it's going to be rather humid but not really the extreme humidity that we had yesterday. we will have our temperatures then drop back a little bit by late afternoon to the upper 80s to low 90s by early evening. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. we now have a look at the traffic. >> good morning. i'm watching construction in our area. first let's just look at virginia because that's where m seeing most of the road work. taking the outer loop, the lefs blocked by the road work there. traveling past braddock and as you continue on the outer loop of the beltway, past robinson terminal, you can see the cones are up blocking the left lane.
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volume is light. let's head over to maryland. things look great along i-270. look at farther hurley boulevard. lanes are clear between germantown and the lane divide. as you connect to the beltway, no issues. in fact, on the inner loop, making your way from i-270 and i-95, 57 miles per hour. not bad. breaking news in pakistan. gunmen are holding hostages in a police building and have reportedly killed at least one officer. the attack is happening in the city outside peshawar in the northwest tribal region on the country -- in the country. the gunman attacked the intelligence wing at building using hand grenades and exchanged fire with police. it is unclear who is behind the attacks but the pakistani taliban attacked a prison in the same city in april. freed more than 400 prisoners. today president obama will return to the battleground state of ohio. he looefrs this morning for a campaign event in cincinnati.
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he'll also hold a fund-raiser before returning to washington there. this will be his second trip to ohio this month and his eighth this year. 4:34. the obama campaign isn't letting up on its attacks on mitt romney's past as head of bain capital. the president is accusing the presumptive republican presidential nominee of outsourcing jobs when he ran that private equity firm. he also continues to raise questions about romney's personal finances and his reluctance to release more of his tax returns. romney's supporters say the president is trying to draw attention away from the economy and still high unemployment rate. >> independent voters don't care about tax returns and bain capital, they care about getting the greatest country on ate out of debt and back to work. >> as mitt romney once said to his kol looking, stop wining. i give him his own advice, stop whining. >> romney has demanded an apology from president obama. the president is refusing to say that he's sorry.
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this morning police are looking for a maryland man accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend and a man where she worked. overnight police found his car abandoned on allen lane in columbia. but found no sign of him. he's accused of shooting the mother of his two kids. the shooting happened saturday night where she worked at the hair and nail care spa. officers say he also shot a friend who was there to drive her home from work. a volunteer firefighter who was there in the area took action that may have saved the victim's life. he talked to news4 but he did not want to be identified. >> what i did to try to help is i just pretty much got gloves and i just tried to find the victim. what i did pretty much is came out and once i found them, tried to stop their bleeding and check their pulse, make sure that they were alive and tried to keep them alive as best i could. >> both victims are in critical condition. she recently filed for child support.
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if you've seen him, call howard county police. funeral services will be held today for the toddler beaten to death by her 12-year-old foster brother. prince george's county police say bachelor died of blunt force trauma earlier this months. the boy is being charged as a juvenile. he's currently at a juvenile detention center. he's due back in court on august 2nd. a hearing is set today to discuss reopening a controversial nightclub in prince george's county. the owners are trying to reopen the msg nightclub in capital heights under cherry's lounge. the club shut down last august after 20-year-old jasmine banks was shot and killed approximately another man was hurt. no arrests have been made in the murder and this morning's meeting is set to begin at 11:00 a.m. if you aren't planning on heading to the london for the olympics, today may be your best opportunity to get a glimpse of this year's dream team. the usa mens and womens basketball teams are playing at the verizon center tonight. they've been in town all
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weekend. on saturday, they held an exhibition for troops and their families at the d.c. armory and yesterday the teams laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. players say it shows the olympics are much more than just a game. >> winning the championship and winning the gold medal are two completely different things. it's tough to categorize them to be one being better than the other. i will say that it's more to rhett your country because you're playing for something that's more significant in terms of the history that comes behind being an american citizen. >> the women's team kicks off the action tonight at 5:30 against brazil at the verizon center followed by the men's team at 8:00. and nbc4 is your home for the 2012 olympic games. the opening ceremony starts july 27th. and visit london 2012 -- the 2012 section of to keep track of the games and get doug calmer's preview of olympic eats to see what visitors will be
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chowing down on while in london. i bet a lot of fish-and-chips, right? >> yes, definitely that. if that's not your typical dining fair, try it anyway fa you're going to be over there. >> i eat it here. fries and mayonnaise. very good. the time right now is 4:38. >> ahead on "news4 today," the safety concern that has one automaker pulling thousands of new suvs off the road this morning. plus, a search for victims continue after a massive landslide leaves homes buried. the showers are gone. now comes the warm up.
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a wildfire threatening 200 homes in northern california. so-called robber's fire destroyed one home and three out buildings. firefighters say it's burning in an area with extremely treacherous terrain. they are using air tankers right now to try to get that fire under control. strong wind, hot temperature, not helping firefighters there. 11 of them have been injured. officials estimate that fire is about 20% contained right now. >> in our neck of the woods heat, humid looks like it's making a comeback. >> that's right. as we take a live look outside. 73 degrees right now outside our studios. in for a warm-up today. >> good morning. right now at 4:41, around the region the storms have ended. the skies cleared out a bit. it has turned a little bit less humid than it was yesterday.
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there's the view from space. we do have one little sprinkle there just near dale center and prince william county crossing the potomac in charles city. otherwise, it is drying out and temperatures are down to the mid 70s to low 70s. most of the region. and it's going to continue to hold steady here in the low to mid 70s for a couple of hours. by 9:00, low 80s. here's your day planner. by noontime, near 90 and lots of sunshine this morning. a few clouds developing this afternoon. rather humid. highs reaching the mid 90s by mid afternoon. a look at tomorrow. the rest of the week and the weekend, heat wave acoming. i'll have details on that in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >> check out i-66, if this is your commute things look good. live look heading out of the hey market area and toward the beltway pass, the rest area traveling eastbound and westbound, very little volume outside the beltway. you're looking good. from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, looking good.
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no accidents on the roadway before you pass leesburg pike. travel speed here, 64 miles per hour. 11 minutes from the beltway to gw parkway. >> thank you, danella. this is angie, this is danella. >> and it's monday. we're going to get there. it's 4:43. still to come, a number of drivers are catching a break at the gas pump, but chances are you're not one of them. plus, the race against the [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters,
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a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done... i'm going to read one of these. i'm going to read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags, swiffer 360 dusters extender gets into hard to reach places so you can get unbelievable dust pick up in less time. i love that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ emergency crews found the body of a man in a massive landslide that swept away several homes in a western canadian town. crews are still looking for the bodies of three missing women. on thursday, a wall of rock, mud, and trees cascaded down the side of a mountain destroys three homes.
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eiga lightning strike kille two men and injured another at a soccer field. they were sitting under a tree taking shelter when a thunderstorm stopped their soccer match a n. houston, texas, yesterday afternoon. the lightning hit the tree, traveled down its trunk and hit the men. witnesses say they heard what sounded like a bomb go off and saw sparks and fire go down the tree trunk. about 200 athletes were at the field at the time. 4:46. this morning a close knit neighborhood is shocked when an attempted armed robbery ended with one person dead in prince george's county. police say three masked men approached a group of people standing near a parked car in fairmont heights. the robbers ordered the group to lay down on the ground. a woman was behind the wheel of that car. she got scared, drove over one of the men on the ground and killed him. neighbors now are worried. >> close knit community, so everybody knows everybody. you know, that was just really unfortunate these people that came to rob. >> i serve the lord and i pray
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for protection but it makes me want to buy a gun. >> the robbers ran away staff victim was run over. police say they got away with nothing. in the day ahead we hope to learn more about a possible murder suicide in falls church. police found the bodies of two men at the 6700 block of wilson boulevard saturday night. police say it appears one man took his own leaf. tell investigating how the other man died. their identities have not been released. if you have any information call falls church police. pole left hanging in a precarious position is in a safer place this morning. this is how utility pole looked in tacoma park yesterday afternoon. it had been this way for two weeks, since the derecho. neighbors got their power, cable, and internet back in the days after the storm but they could not get anyone to come take down that pole. news4 made some calls, so did maryland delegate tom hucker, a democrat who represents the area. then comcast, verizon, and pepco all came out and finally got the pole down. comcast is the parent company of
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nbc4. the olympic torch arrives in london in just 11 days. and crews will be working right up to the last minute to put the finishing touches on olympic park. london's olympic committee seas all the venues were completed on time and on budget. but, they are still installing about 1,000 seats a day, putting up signs and planting flower, cutting the grass, too. tv crew krs fr around the world are starting to arrive which means miles and miles of cables and hundreds of cameras are being installed and disguised. there are fresh concerns about security in london after reports that people on a terror watch list made it into the country. british newspaper "the observer" reports that immigration staff at heathrow airport had missed several passengers that should have been reported to counter terrorism police. already europe's busiest airport, some officials are now worried potential threats could be missed at heathrow as people flock to the country for the games. the report comes as britain's military added more troops to
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guard venues after a security contractor announced it could not meet the demand for securi the nationals are picking up right where they left off before the all-star break. >> bouncing ball. through. and he can't get to it. rounding third. slides across the plate. the nationals have a 1-0 nothing. he takes third. >> they beat the marlins, 4-0. yesterday in miami, steven strauss berg got his tenth win of the season. the nationals have won two of the first three games this series and remain in first place by three games. they'll try to win the series tonight in miami. you may want to keep an eye on bryce harper's bag if you watch tonight's game. marlin's manager claimed harper had pine tarred too high up on his bat yesterday. >> last three times they ask me about him, the only thing i say is he's a great player. what we did today was unprofessional. >> ozzy complained that the pine
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tar was too high up on harper's bat. so we changed it. you know. and then he was still chirping about it. and it got on the umpire's nerves, it got on my nerves. you know, he's trying to, you knows, intimidate my player, i guess, talking about our player. >> it is illegal in baseball to have pine tar, which helps the ball travel farther, above the label of the bat. are we surprise with guillen? this guy is so vocal. he always has something to say. >> let's just move on. >> all right. >> case closed. >> case closed. but we can't say so about the weather because the heat and humidity, we talked about, is making a return to washington. >> it did. certainly move in yesterday. we got to the mid 90s and it was hot and humid. we had scattered storms around yesterday. some produced some really heavy downpours but now that's ended but some of the pavement is
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still wet in the wake of that. so watch out for that this morning. and there is what's been happening over last 12 hours. you can see all of the activity is diminished. there is one thunder shower rolling down through western pennsylvania. it's intending to collapse a bit. but it may hold together and perhaps move into north central maryland in a couple of hours. right now as we look at 27s, all this area in yellow, the 70s. and that includes the eastern shore around the bay, the district, most of maryland and virginia. a few pockets in green. those are some areas in the 60s. it's actually dipped into the upper 60 nasdaq northern montgomery county and howard and frederick county nsz maryland as well as the pan hand of west virginia. parts of the shenandoah valley in the mid and upper 60s. by 9:00, mostly sunny and rather humid. not sweltering humidity like yesterday. it's going to be hovering around 80 by mid morning. by noontime for your lunch hour, a few clouds will be building. we will have it climbing to near 90 degrees and still just rather humid. that's going to be the story through the afternoon. by mid afternoon, isolated
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thunder shower, just a slight chance of that. otherwise, just partly cloudy to mostly sunny. mid 90s. down to near 90 early evening. by dawn on tuesday, down to near 70 degrees. a pleasant start tomorrow morning. boy, it's going to get hot tomorrow. afternoon highs near 100 degrees and still not too humid. but it's going to be really incredibly hot tomorrow. and again on wednesday, both days near 100 degrees. wednesday is going to be getting more humid, it looks like. sweltering humidity yesterday into wednesday evening and likely some storms coming through as a front drifts in. and the front is going to be sort of stalled out over the region on thursday giving us a chance for more needed rain. unfortunately thunder and lightning, too, that may linger into friday morning. thankfully drying out and cooling down for next weekend. that's the way it looks right now. danella? >> good morning. if you're traveling along route 50, this time in maryland. make your way from the bowie
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area connecting to the beltway, nice and clear in both directions. nothing concern with. and traveling inside the beltway and new york avenue, live look right now you can see cars flowing nicely. no issues. and, in fact, use make your way on to new york avenue and continue through the city traveling in the drit not seeing any incidents to warn you about right now. bad back in ten minutes with a look at traffic and rails. >> thanks, danella. nationwide, gas prices dropped seven cents in the past three weeks. that's according to the lundberg survey which puts the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded at 3 hoin $41. we just checked. according to aaa it will cost you 18 cents more here in d.c. where the average is $3.59. it's cheaper in maryland at $3.39. it's even less in virginia with the average for a gallon of regular unleaded is going for $3.22. ford is recalling more than 10,000 suvs to fix a carpet padding problem. the car company says the problem
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is in the 2013 models of ford i scape's manufactured from march 8th through june 7th of this year. ford says the carpet padding could get in the way of braking. dealers will remove the padding and replace a console trim panel at no charge to you. so far no injuries have been reported. it is 4:54 right now. tracking the warning signs. coming up at 5:15, why the way you walk could determine your risk for mental problems. but first, the tacky move at the tour de france that left a number of cyclists on the side of the road. plus, a look at what was at stake for one at sweetest co
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way at the tour de france this morning. somebody threw tacks on the road. this happened about 25 miles from the finish. it forced about 30 cyclists to stop, change their tires or switch bikes. in a show of good sportsmanship the race leader bradley wiggins slowed the main pack to allow those cyclists to catch up. we have a warning for parents of young children. chick cois recalling nearly half a million of high chairs was of design flaw. the company says kids can get cuts or bruises from falling against pegs on the back legs of the chairs. the recall impacts 26 models of the chicco polly high chair. they were sold from jaun 2005
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through this month from babies are us and bye-bye baby. go to and we posted this information on our news4 today facebook page. now may be the best time to book a plight if you're looking to get out of town this fall. airlines are battling for business and offering some pretty unbelievable fairs. southwest airlines offering several flights for just $69 each way. its competitors are matching the prices. major carriers are also offering flights to europe for less than $1,000. the cheapest days to fly are tuesday, wednesday, and saturday. take note of that. there is nothing like a frozen treat to help cool down on a hot summer day. >> you can say that again. some women had their hands full taking on an ice cream eating contest near los angeles. yesterday's contest was part of national ice cream day.
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there were six different heats, six different heats for the frozen treats with the winner in each category. now, it wasn't just for fun. all the proceeds went to children's charities. i could eat to help people. >> i think that -- you could eat -- >> sign me up. >> even if you're not helping people, you can eat. >> that's right. >> i think the winner won it by like 48 seconds to down the most ice cream. >> how much, three, four, five gallons? >> a lot. a lot of ice cream. >> what would you want to eat, chocolate, vanilla? >> i'm not big on chocolate but strawberry is my thing. i will go to town. >> i like the girl scout cookie ice cream with the samoas in it. >> i haven't had that. >> you should try it. >> we should do it today. >> after the show. we know the heat and humidity is going to be here to help us out. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.


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