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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 16, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the courting continues. voters in the swing state and voters down south being targeted to pick sides. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfeld in for jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. this happened early sunday morning along oats street in fairmount heights. pat collins is live with more on this bizarre case. pat? >> reporter: a few hours ago i spoke with george coleman. hes with not only an eyewitness but one of the victims in the strange deadly hold-up. now, what did these gunmen say when they came up to you. >> lie down, give me everything you have, lie down. >> reporter: what did you all do? >> i laid down on the beyond. they took my wallet, i.d., everybody. >> reporter: that's george coleman, he was one of four
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victims of an armed robbery. one man was run over by a woman who was trying not to get robbed herself. killed, brad mccoy, he was 30 years old. bradford mccoy worked for comcast. police tell the story this way. it was early sunday morn, just after midnight. mccoy was driving his truck down oats street in fairmount heights when he sees an old friend. he stops to get out and talk. there's four guys standing here talking when out of nowhere appear three gunmen, three gunmen with masks. they tell the four men to hit the ground and they rob them of money and valuables. then those gunmen see a woman behind the wheel over here. and they were going to rob her. >> yes. they demanded keys to her vehicle but she panicked and took off shchl e took off. and 245's when the comcast guy, he got caught up under her car or whatever. the car was right there. that's where he died at right there. >> reporter: what do you make of this? >> it could have been me.
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it could have been me. >> reporter: after you see that, the masked men jump in the comcast truck and speed away from the scene. now bradford mccoy leaves a 10-year-old son named bryce. >> he was fun and he was playful. we always played sports and we had the same things we liked like we both liked vanilla ice cream. >> reporter: you're going to miss him, aren't you? >> yeah. >> reporter: that comcast truck found abandoned in d.c. the suspects, they're still at large. live in fairmount heights, pat collins, "news 4." >> pat, thank you. and comcast is a parent company of nbc 4. more trouble today for d.c. mayor vincent gray and the developing scandal over his 2010 election. three council members have called on gray to resign. now another one is calling on gray to at least explain his
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role in the scandal. although the d.c. council is on official summer break, jim graham visited him. after the meeting he stopped shofrt calling for gray's resignation but he said the public is calling for answers. he said, today i met with the mayor. i restated my firm belief that he should provide a formal statement with an opportunity for questions. graham said he wasn't asking for gray's resignation. he said these difficult time reese choir pay slepts and i have confidence in the u.s. to ferret out the matter. more than half of the country is dealing with extreme drought conditions right now. the national climactic and data center reported that more of the united states is in drought conditions than at any time since 1956. it's so dry more than a thousand counties in 26 states have been declared disaster areas. corn crops have been especially
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hard hit with little left to harvest. it's already threatening to drive food prices to record-high levels. corn has an impact on 75% of what's sold at the supermarket. >> it's probably going to cost more in fuel athan what fuel an will end up getting out of it. >> the soybeans will recover if we get rain. the corn won't, the corn is done. >> the drought in the midwest could still get even worse, and we're dealing with a drought of our own around here, but tonight some areas are getting a little bit of rain. chuck bell is outside at the storm 4 weather patio with more on the conditions tonight. hi, chuck. >> yeah. at 4:00 i stood out here. it was 90 degrees in the blazing sun. one hour ago it was 82 degrees with the pouring rain and now it's back to 87. we might get back to 90 before
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the day is officially done. 93, bristol and manassas, 91 leesburg and ashford. there's the last of the rain showers, the one that got us wet here about an hour ago is now moving down to the southern parts of prince george's county, about ready to move over the border. you folks be on the lookout. brandywine, you're about to get a 15-minute drink from mother nature. leonard town all the way down to st. george island, a little thunderstorm there. it's about ready to go back over the open waters of the bay but it has been dry. be i this time of the year on average we'd have had 21 1/2 inches of rain. this time last year just under 18. but now this year, less than 15 inches of rain for the year to date, and most of that came on just a couple of real soaker days. so it's been a dry one and it's been a hot one. we'll talk about your seven-day forecast, which looks both hot and dry coming up in a few more minutes. back to you. >> all right, chuck. see you then. metro officials are working around the clock trying to
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figure out what triggered the computer glitch that forced them to halt train service on two occasions over the weekend. the transit agency says no passengers were in danger. this evening lawmakers are speaking out about new federal regulations aimed at keeping riders safe. "news 4's" darcy spencer live with more. darcy? >> reporter: jim, yes. several officials admitted today they had no idea there was no oversight over the system after the 2009 metro crash. that's all about to change because of this new legislation, and all this is happening as metro is still trying to figure out the cause of that computer glitch. today members of congress announced that for the first time the federal government will have oversight of the area's metro system and others across the country. >> today's quite a day for every person who's fought to reform metro. >> reporter: the legislation recently signed by the president was in response to the 2009 crash at the station that left
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nine people dead. metro will now be subjected to federal safety standards. >> to put it simply, this will mean lives saved. >> reporter: metro officials still don't know the source of the computer glitch that forced a temporary shutdown of the entire rail system two times over the weekend. >> we are concerned and like i said, we will be after this 24/7 until we get to a root cause and more importantly the solution to get implea millimetered to ensure it doesn't happen again. >> metro assistant general manager dave kubicek told reporters that the program monitors trains and is not vital to the operation of the system. still officials decided to stop all trains at the closest station while the computer system was rebooted. he said riders were never in danger sneer we felt it prudent to bring all of the rail cars to the station, halt, make sure that we ensure that everybody was safe, everybody was accounted for, and then we proceeded with our next operational plan. >> reporter: the glitch is just one of several problems metro
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has dealt with in recent weeks, including a derailment caused by a heat kink and a power outage where passengers self-evacuated in the scorching heat. what does metro say to riders who are concerned? >> we are fully doing everything we can to bring this place to a steady state of good repair and that safety is our top priority. >> reporter: riders we spoke to say the problems go beyond inconvenience. >> it's one of the things that it seems like we pay more, we pay more. the service gets worse and worse and worse. >> reporter: metro will have about one year to develop a safety plan and submit it to the federal government. metro officials i spoke to today say they welcome the your sight in this matter. reporting live from cheverly, darcy spencer, "news 4." some disturbing information,
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some treasury officials are being investigated for allegedly engaging in unethical and perhaps criminal behavior, breaking kon flift of interest rules and accepting gifts from bank executives. according to the nape, the cases were detailed on the website the names of employees were not revealed and it's unl clear if they're still employed by the treasury department. it was a weekend of democratic attack over mitt romney's tenure at bain capital and his refusal to release more tax return information. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is among the republicans rising to romney's defense. meanwhile the president was campaigning in ohio. jennifer johnson reports. >> reporter: out of washington and on the campaign trail in the key battleground state of ohio, president obama held a town hall meeting, accusing mitt romney of planning to cut taxes for the wealthy and outsource jobs. >> we don't need a president who plans to ship more jobs overseas. i want to give incentives to
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companies that are investing in you, the american people, to create american jobs, making american goods. >> reporter: romney attended a fund-raiser in louisiana. the issue of whether he'll lease more tax returns won't go away. some are encouraging romney to just do it. others are saying focus on the current economy. >> they're not concerned about romney's tax returns. they're concerned about their tax returns and the taxes that he's putting on the american people. >> reporter: romney is pushing the same achld 23 millions are struggling for work as unemployment sticks to 8.2%. the obama campaign is also not letting romney off the hook on bain capital. filings show romney was the sole owner and ceo of the private equity firm until 2002. but romney said he had nothing to do with bain's dealings that led to bankruptcies, layoffs, and outsourcing in 1999. romney says it's just another failed attempt for the president.
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>> things are not going in the right direction. no wonder he wants to change the subject. >> reporter: portman campaigned for the presidential hopeful in his home state, ohio. mitt romney will go to ohio on wednesday and president obama plans more campaigning later this week in another key swing state, florida. in washington, jennifer johnson, "news 4." joe paterno's family is speaking out tonight against last week's squakting report on the penn state sex abuse child scandal. it was found that paterno and other school officials covered up abuse by jerry sandusky. they said thigh wanted toey wan bad publicity for the university. a jury convicted sandusky last month of abusing ten boys. coming up, a news crew covering the story of a deadly landslide nearly becomes the story. >> five minutes ago, five minutes ago, we were there, we
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would have been wiped out. five minutes ago. a cruise ship captain is breaking his silence after the deadly accident that threw him [ scott ] i grew up playinghim with little toy trains
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the woman known as the queen of country music has died. the family of kitty wells said the singer died of complications from a stroke in her home in madison, tennessee. her reign started in the 1950s, continues into the '60s. she was the first female to top
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the first hit with "it wasn't god who made honorky tonk angels." kitty wells was 92. new video shows a canadian news crew lucky to be alive after a deadly landslide. the crew was on the water cov covering one land slide when another one happened. they say they were standing right there five minutes earlier. it trapped four people under all the debris. last night authorities removed one body from the rubble. three are still unaccounted for. secretary of state hillary clinton is in israel right now. she attended a dinner with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. she told them over the weekend u.s. expected them to uphold their treaty with israel and urged the leaders to resume the peace process. court proceedings are under way in a scandal that has rocked
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the air force. staff sergeant luis walker faces 28 charges that include raping female recruits at lackland air force base in san antonio. the case has highlighted the problem of sexual abuse in the military. nbc's military correspondent jim mek la shelf ski spoke to a woman who was involved in a different case. >> they have power over you. there is no room for debate. you do everything they say to do. you don't say no. there are repercussions in the military if you disobey a direct order. >> jim miklaszewski reports the latest with brian williams right after this broadcast. the captain of the cruise ship that ran the ship aground six months ago is telling his side of the story with nbc news. captain francesco schettino is accused of manslaughter and abandoning ship. he accepts some but not all the responsibility for the deadly
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disaster. >> no one can ever imagine the pain that you may experience. >> you say simply sorry. sorry is not enough. >> reporter: captain francesco s schettino now accepts responsibility. 32 didn't might off i i'm not blaming anybody. i'm clear with my conscience. >> reporter: he called it an unfortunate chain of errors. he didn't plan to pass as close to thailand as they did, pointing to possible problems. >> there was a rock on the chart but the depth of the water on the charts was more than in the reality is. >> reporter: again insisting his turning the ship closer to land
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saved lives. instead of colliding straight with the rocks, in that case they would have really died, thousands of persons. >> reporter: why didn't he sound the abandonship ship hours befo? he said he was thrown into a life boat and tried to get them to bring him back. >> at the end of the story, they want to blame somebody for the accident. the captain went insane and that's the owned testify story. i take my responsibility as a gentleman, a captain, a man, i take my responsibility. >> reporter: he said, look, the captain is always responsible an but this was an accident and all the blame should not lie with him. he was not paid for this interview. he said he want dodd it to tell the truth, not to try to justify his actions. back do you. only 11 days left now until the opening ceremonies of the
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summer olympic games. olympic athletes from 50 different countries arrive today at heathrow airport in london. the bulk of team usa and their families among them. heathrow is excepting for man more than 230,000 to pass through the airport. that could be a record. security was tight and they had over a thousand volunteers to help the athletes get around. >> you thought your summer travel plans were hectic. kind of rough. a lot of us would like to travel out of town though. >> london wouldn't be a bad place to go. it's cool 578d it's raining over there, two things with very been in short supply around here. not at that it's cool and rainy around here in the summer but it's been exceptionally hot and dry. an hour ago you wouldn't guess it was raining because right now you can warily finde barely fi
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cloud. the sun is getting ready to go down in the next little while. another sizzler today, 96 today. we were at 96 yesterday, 96 today. so far this july is 5.8 degrees warmer than average. if it holds up, this will be the hottest july and therefore the hottest month ever recorded here in washington, breaking the record of july last year. today, yesterday we had .02. we'll find out how much more. so the 2012 deficit now is nearly seven inches of rain. we really could have used a little bit more rainfall. it didn't pan out. 88 now. dew point back up to 78 degrees. the dew point's in the low 70s, that is in the very humid category. if you don't believe me, step outside and take a feel for yourself. it's very, very humid outside. a little shower rolling down into southern prince george's. a little outflow boundary right
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there along the western sides of that storm as it's headed down into charles county. we'll zoom in and show you where the raindrops are. it isn't all that impressive. it's only going to last 10 or 15 minutes. you toward piece cad a way, brandy wooirngs it will held down here where this storm is. california, maryland, getting in on it. st. george's. getting it here on the southern tip of st. mary's, about to be over the lower waters of the bay. that's it, ef about. that's fit tr rain show for next couple of days it looks like. temperatures back in the 90s across much of northern virginia right now. overnight lows tonight, not going to be all that cool at all. mid to upper 70s intown and bayside. some of the wish suburbs might get below 70 for about 15 minutes. that's going to be it. sat lied shows high pressure building in, the last of the shower chances heading on out of
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here for now. it's going to be a humid night. it kicked off our isolated showers. but tomorrow a southwesterly wind turns on the heat pump and the humidity pump. tomorrow near 100 degrees with almost no chance for rain tomorrow. that does start to change a little bit as we get into late wednesday. with all the hot weather coming back, remember your hot weather safety rules. lightweight, light colored clothes. take your break. take in water. not caffeine or alcohol. if you've got neighbors or friends who are elderly, check in on them and make sure they're okay. the last of the isolated storms gone by 8:00. overnight, mostly clear skies. a few lucky spots in the upper 60s. everyone else holding in the 70s. then tomorrow, sunny and hot. highs tomorrow, 95 to 100. heat index, 105. maybe a little better. there's the four-day forecast. 99 tomorrow. extra humid on wednesday with shower chances coming back.
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thursday, not so bad. showery weather around. that will be niechls just in time for the weekend, better weather returns, unusable weather during the week, not as much of a problem. >> that's exactly what we'll be saying. ah. >> exactly. >> all right. thank you, chuck. coming up on "news 4," actor charlie sheen is making new headlines. he'll be in washington on a very special miegs j the prince george's county police department has a backlog of 654 dna samples. that's the largest in the state of maryland. i'm chris gordon. does the dna backlog jeopardize justice? more straight ahead. the final olympic tune-up. the capitals get a
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police in falls church are investigating what appears to be a murder/suicide that left two men dead. it happened saturday night in eden center. >> it's a business and dining destination for northern vietnamese community. julie carey has the story. >> this is his guitar. >> reporter: this restaurant owner still has the bass guitar belonging to man he considered a big brother, and on his laptop, he now displays a tribute page to a musician well known to the crowds at the eden center. 51-year-old tai phan was supposed to join the live karaoke band for the gig on saturday night. but at 10:00 p.m. just as he stepped o it to go inside shots were fired at him. when shots fired, phan ran from
6:29 pm
his car and got 50 feet behind the restaurant and fell. as the police investigated they found another man dead inside the vehicle. they're now investigating the case as a possible murder/suicide but this restaurant owner knows of no motive for someone to kill his good friend. >> he's been a musician for more than 20 years. the community loves him. he played in many spots, and i haven't heard one single bad thing about him. >> reporter: the shooting incident has also jarred the vietnamese business owners already sensitive to crimes at the plaza. last year a police gang task force carried out a high-profile raid making an arrest of illegal gambling. the own ore f this store tells a trabs later the shooting frightens him and believes it's hurt business. >> he say because of the shooting, a lot of people are not coming here for eating. he's been seeing it, the degrees
6:30 pm
of customers. >> reporter: he says he hopes the latest investigation will help put this tragedy behind them. >> we're a strong community and we always stick together at the end and we will find out the culprit and we will find out a way to solve the situation. >> reporter: in falls church, julie carey, "news 4." metro officials shut down the dupont circle station twice this morning because two separate trains broke down. at one point passengers were barred from entering the station to clear out heavy congestion. this. going after a computer glitch halted train service twice over the weekend. they say passengers were never in any danger and crews are working around the clock to figure out what caused the problem. actor charlie sheen says he's donating at least a million dollars to the uso. he's givie ining at least 1%.
6:31 pm
with guarantee $1 million. lit used for seriously injured troops in bethesda. he'll donate the first installment this week. 's the largest donation from an individual. prince george's county has the biggest backlog of processing dna in maryland. as chris gordon reports it's create add challenge for prosecutors. >> reporter: prince george's county police create add new bureau of forensic sciences & intelligence in january. with a crime scene investigation division to solve crimes results in arrests but their laboratory has reached capacity and it's no longer able to keep up with the demand for dna analysis. currently there's a backlog of 654 dna cases including rapes, assaults, and other violent crimes. >> this has come to light cently through the state of maryland reporting but the solutions of this have been in place since the beginning of the year and we're making good progress on that. >> reporter: the dna evidence is
6:32 pm
the biggest in maryland at 654. compared to baltimore with 454, anne arundel county at 259 and montgomery county with 28. the prince george's county state's attorney's office prosecutes criminal cases. >> justice will not be delayed or denied in prince george's county because of a dna issue. we work hand in hand with the police department to make sure that the cases where the trial is coming up, we make sure to work with them so that we have that dna in time and there are no issues. >> reporter: prince george's county is moving its dna analysis to its new forensic evidence processing facility. it is seeking more state and federal money and will hire a director with a ph.d. in forensic sciences. this is where crime scene investigators package evidence and preserve it for future analysis and possible use at trial r the goal of prince george's county police is to have the capacity to catalog all of the dna evidence it collects and cross mach it to convict criminals who have committed
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multiple crimes. in prince george's county, chris gordon, "news 4." >> maryland lawmakers say they're making progress on bringing a sigsinget casino to the state. governor mark o'malley met with rushern baker and others. they talked about a special legislative session to vote on a new casino would which would be built at national harbor. it would also include a vote to allow table games at existing casinos. baker's ready to moveforward and move on construction right now. >> let's agree on it. six sixth site, table games, and let the gaming commission set the rates. i think that's the house alternative plan that they offer to the gaming commission and i think we should go forward with that. >> one of the big sticking points is whether to put taxes on gambling proceeds. right now maryland has a 67% tax rate. mgm says the rate would need to
6:34 pm
be around 50% in order for them to build the casino at national harbor. a local company is lobbying to bring a high-speed rail system to our area. it would take passengers from d.c. to baltimore in 15 minutes and d.c. to new york in just an hour. according to "the washington post," d.c.-based mag lever is working with the japanese company's bullet train. this rail system uses magnetic levitation technology to go at least 139 miles an hour. that's faster than the amtrak's excel la express at 148 miles an hour. a lawyer working with mag lev says it's still in its infancy. some repair work going on at the temple. they were working on the temple's spires this morning. ice one of many local landmarks
6:35 pm
that sustained damage from the earthquake that shook the region last august. >> i guess they don't have a fear of heights, those guys. >> i do, looking at that picture. >> so do i. tonight a look at the national mall. some of hit's best movies are playing during the course of the summer program. tonight's kick-off features "butch cassidy & the sundance kid" starring robert redford and paul neuman. >> that's a good movie. coming up in the battle against aids. there's a pill that can help prevent hiv infection. a d.c. row home getting a lot of attention because of an owner with a very green thumb. chuck, what's ahead with weather?
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>> if you're planning to go to national mall, rest your arms now because you're going to be doing a whole lot of [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] every woman who believes decisions about our bodies and our health care
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but, for mitt romney... still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start.
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glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here. lot of attention because of an county. a new mom from south carolina was nearly killed by a flesh-eating bacteria a few months ago but now she's in rehab, could go home as early as this week. days after giving birth to twins, lana kirkendall noticed a spot on the back of her leg. she thought it was a blood clot. but doctors noticed it was a flesh-eating bacteria. she had multiple surgeries. included removing most of the muscle tissue in her leg. despite it all, she can still walk and despite that, she said she's looking forward to her
6:40 pm
other challenge, raising her newborns, app gail and ian. >> i remembered the birth and i remembered coming home with them, and i remembered going to the hospital because i thought i had a blood clot. i don't remember much after that. >> kirkendall is a paramedic and her husband a firefighter. doctors say their training played a crucial role. they recognized early on she needed to go right to the hospital. doctors don't know how she contracted the bacteria. the food & drug administration approved the first drug that prevents hiv from spending. it's called truvada. it can be given to patients who don't have hiv or aids but who are at a high risk of contracting the disease. those who take it daily and practicing safe sex can greatly reduce the risk of acquiring hiv from an infected partner. more than 15,000 are diagnosed with hiv or aids every year.
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dan hellie live at the verizon center. >> reporter: it's team usa. hey, doreen, we here at the verizon center getting ready to take on brazil. we asks the guys if they agreed with kobe, if this team could beat the original dream team. you may be surprised how some of the players'ed that question. ozzie guillen, the fiery marlins manager goes after nationals' rookie phenom bryce
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
while. as "news 4" at 6:00 continues. welcome back. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. the rain is just about over for you. hughesville, you have 5 or 10 minutes. that's going be just about it. indian head, it looks like you're going to be missed by the little shower and the last of the drops across st. mary's county as well. this one little shower in st. charles is probably going to make its way down there. looks like one more shower. that also will drive southbound here over the next couple of hours. 70s for overnight lows tonight. highs tomorrow pushing a hundred
6:45 pm
degrees. not going to be a good day to be outside at all. it will be a perfect day for going down to the beach. great beach weather for the next couple of days. it will be hot. mid-90s tomorrow. still, better than a good day at the office. big night for sports. we've got the best basketball players in the country right here in washington tonight and dan is down at the verizon center with them. >> guys, just the best day at the office. the women are playing right now. they're taking on brazil. they're up by about 22 points in the third quarter. the men are going to tip off against brazil at 8:00, and this will be a much stiffer test than their last exhibition game against the dominican republic. they're taking on brazil, a team that's ranked 13th in the world.
6:46 pm
brand still has several nba players. leandro barbosa and nene who plays for the wizards. this is going to be a pretty big test for the guys who have been in town since friday. they've been soaking in the city. mike krzyzewski coaching them once again. this is quite a collection of talent highlighted by the three best players in the world, kobe bryant with his five nba titles is the senior member of the squad. he said recently this team could beat the original dream team. that's magic and byrd and jordan and he caught some flack from michael jordan himself. when he asked his teammates about beating the original dream team including local kechbt dura duran durant, they all had kobe's back. >> i don't know what you want me to say. i'm not going to say no. that's not me. i'm not going to say no. i'm a competitor, an ultimate
6:47 pm
competitor, you know. we never know. we'll see ten years down the line when all these guys are done playing who's the better team. >> i home not going to say we'll lose, so, yeah, i'm with kobe. >> is it going to be easisome. >> nothing is easy. >> those guys, if they said we're going to win, obviously we've got great opportunity. the competition now addais is definitely tougher, you know. i think we'll win. i know we'll win. >> reporter: pretty strong words there from james harden "fear the beard." i think we will win. i know we'll win. talking baseball, the nationals down in miami where they're trying to take three out of four games. carlos zambrano is going to be nation edwin jackson tonight. zambrano very fiery as we've seen in the past. this should be interesting after this, well, i don't know what you'd wantet to call it between bryce harper and the marlins. ozgy guillen giving bryce a little junk because he thought
6:48 pm
he had too much pine tar on the bat. harper got a new bat and then guillen called him unprofessional. there was a little back and forth-between these two guys. harper at the top. but there looks like there's a little too much pine tar, so ozzie guillen and takes exception and makes sure to point it out to the home plate umpire. later in the fourth harper comes out with a new bat, a little less pine tar, sticks it toward the dugout. ozzie is fuming, imitates harper. he has a chat with marty foster and following the game he commented further. >> i saw the bat. [ bleep ]. i could say a lot of [ bleep ] about this kid. can i be pressing this kid like -- i mean last time they asked me about him, the only thing i say was he was a great player. what he did today was
6:49 pm
unprofessional. i don't want to tell you what he did. >> ozzie complained the pine tar was too high up on harper's bat, and so we changed it, you know. and then he was still chirping about it, and it got on the umpire's nerves, it got on my nerves, you know. he was trying to intimidate my player, i guess. >> reporter: i don't think ozzie guillen has any room to call anybody in any line of work unprofessional. ozzie guillen has had so many things that have been off the radar it's been absolutely ridiculous. that's going to be a fun game tonight. all right. moving on to the capitals, so many questions entering the office season. who is going to be the head coach? we know it's going to be adam oates. is alexander semin going to be back. we don't know. probably not. is mike green going to be back with a new contract, the answer is yes. the capitals defenseman gets a
6:50 pm
three-year deal, a fat three-year deal worth $18.25 million. so this is something he was hoping to get done. capitals are hoping it would get done too. the 26-year-old defenseman had just three goals in the regular season last year because he missed 47 games due to an injury. he did have two goals and two assists as well and a five-plus rating in the playoffs. he's the only active defenseman with two 70-point seasons and since the '07/'08 season green ranked seventh among nhl goals and points. he's healthy now and ready to get back to his old self. >> i know what i'm capable of. i think it's unfortunate that the last couple of years i suffered from injuries but i believe i'm over them now. i believe i've got them all out of my system, so i think that as happy as i am that they're happy and they know i'm committed to the hockey team and doing the right things to be the best that
6:51 pm
i can. so it's a win/win for everybody. >> reporter: it is a win/win for everybody. all right. back to kobe for a minute. the last time we saw kobe bryant in washington, d.c., for an extended period of time, it wasn't on the basketball court but it was on the pitch. this was a pretty cool event that kobe bryant was involved in. a celebrity soccer game at castle stadium. kobe was on my team. we had a good time out there, but it wasn't hard to tell who was the athlete and who wasn't. check this play out. kobe here making mike wise, the columnist for "the washington post" look silly. just talked to kobe a few minutes ago, he said, if you show that over and over, it really shows like i know how to play soccer. i asked him if he was going to be more effective tonight than his last trip to washington. >> yeah, yeah. i was -- i was -- yeah, i was a little affected playing soccer. probably more effective on the sidelines. i should be more effective
6:52 pm
monday. >> you were actually one of the better non-soccer players on the steam. >> that's not saying much but i'll take sniet you're killing me. >> i'll take it. >> reporter: kobe having a good time. one final note. there was a report out of san francisco that maryland's athletic director anderson was leaving for stanford. a statement was said he's not going anywhere. that will do it from verizon. v
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neighbor. supreme justice sotomayor moved to d.c. she paid $260,000 for the new
6:56 pm
plachlts president obama pointed sotomayor to the supreme court back in 2009. >> i guess we assume she's going go eating at ben's. >> there's a lot of other great places to eat but that's a good starting point, no doubt. seven-day forecast, i don't know if you want a steaming hot bowl of chili right now. 99 tonight. 98 wednesday. cooling us down just a touch. back down to only 90 on thursday. be ready through to tomorrow. >> thank you, chuck. the white house may have dmt krmt's most famous vegetable garden but another urban gardner is making most of his property. he planted court in front of his row house. yes, that's a little cornfield. he's watered and tended the garden for the last three months. what months. now he's got plants full of ears of corn.
6:57 pm
>> 60. >> tortillas and tamales are on the menu. he says he misses the food in his native el salvador and this is how they do it at home. >> no silo needed. >> i guess not. well, thanks for joining us tonight. ♪
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