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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 18, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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through that affected everyone, we're seeing scattered storms, scattered strong to severe storms, so again not affecting everyone, only certain neighborhoods. right now our strongest cell has been making its way eastward out of annapolis right over the bay bridge where it's been pouring. one side of the bay bridge from what i understand is closed down right now due to some high winds and, again, just a lot of lightning taking place with this cell going right over that metal bridge. right now around chestertown. just south of chestertown some very heavy rain. some of the rainfall totals around three-quarters to just over an inch. take a look at stevensonville where it's absolutely pouring. then there's another cell we're watching down around waldorf headed east. open it up and here's why i think we could have more storms if they make it over the mountains. i'm seeing a couple more clusters just west of winchester around i-81, bridgewater. they have washed on this one cell down around rockingham county, severe thunderstorm warning there, but we're all
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getting a chance to cool down. that we're seeing with the cloud cover and even the moderate rain if you're not getting the storms. 75 in frederick, maryland. 95 grows in fredericksburg, virginia. hopefully some of that rain will make it down to the south because we sure could stand to cool down everywhere. as far as your evening goes, the storms will stay with us until 9:00. we'll talk more about what awaits us tomorrow coming up in a couple of minutes. storms have already knocked out power an knocked down some trees. shomari stone is on arcadia place in northwest. a tree fell on some power lines there and a house that left a neighborhood in the dark. we apologize, that did not work. we'll hear from him coming up
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later in the broadcast, we hope. the storm that rolled through our region this afternoon has knocked out power to thousands of us. pepco is reporting 9,000 customers without electricity, bge 4400 outages with the bulk in anne arundel county and dominion power has more than 200 customers in the dark in northern virginia. a developing story on the dulles airport access road tonight. all westbound lanes are shut down right now after a super shuttle bus lost control and crashed into another car near reston parkway. the shuttle had a driver and five passengers on board. the driver of the car was okay. the westbound dulles access road still closed. the toll road remains open. once again another ride-on bus in montgomery county has caught fire. this one early this morning in silver spring. nobody injured but it is the latest in a string of ride on bus fires over the last few
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years. today that type of bus involved in those fires has been pulled off the streets. pat collins reports. >> reporter: it's amazing no one was hurt. this ride on bus in service, on fire this morning in silver spring. fortunately, no one on board. no casualties. but there were consequences. out of service, out of service, out of service. more than 30 champion ride on buses grounded today after yet another fire in montgomery county. county executive ike leggett says removing the buses from service is the right thing to do to ensure the safety of the public and our bus drivers. now, since 2009 the bus drivers union says there have been about a dozen fires in these champion-style buses. no one seems to know the exact cause, but the union says
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putting a bus body on a truck chassis has made these style buses fire hazards. >> any time you have a public -- any vehicle that just suddenly bursts into flames and becomes engulfed in flames, i'd consider that dangerous, absolutely. >> reporter: the union says these buses are so dangerous that some drivers were scared to get behind the wheel. >> if you were a bus rider and you saw one of these buses coming up to your stop, would you get on it? >> no, i wouldn't. >> reporter: the champion-style buses represent about 10% of the 300 ride on bus fleet. they'll be replaced temporarily by some used buses from pittsburgh. now, out at the ride on bus stop, this reaction from riders. >> that seems like the sensible thing to do. instead of getting a lawsuit or something, you know what i mean. >> reporter: get these potentially dangerous buses off the street? >> absolutely. >> i think until they finding
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out the nature of the problem and address it, i feel that's probably the proper action to take. >> reporter: the feds are investigating trying to determine exactly what happened here. in montgomery county, i'm pat collins, news 4. a man who once was a school bus driver is going to jail for 55 years for producing child pornography. back in february 29-year-old scott smallwood pled guilty to making sexually explicit videos with a 7-year-old boy. he was arrested back in 2010 after he left an sd card con take the child porn on the dournt at a convenience store. the owner of the store called police after seeing what was on the card. smallwood ialso facing a lifetime of supervised release. there are some new shots fired in the presidential campaign media war. today president obama's campaign released a new web video that questions mitt romney's assertion that he had no responsibility at bain capital
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after february of 1999, even though papers filed by the company list him as the ceo as late as 2002. >> i was the owner of a -- of the general partnership but there were investors which included pension funds. >> and various entities of all kinds that owned the, if you will, the stwefts of the firm. >> but i was the owner of an entity which was a management entity. >> that entity was one which i had ownership of until the time the retirement program was put in place. >> meanwhile mitt romney's campaign is counter attacking with a new tv ad that accuses president obama of kroeny capitalism. at a town hall meeting today romney unveiled a new attack, involving president obama's jobs council. >> wow, what a turnout. in the last six months, he has held 100 fund-raisers.
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guess how many meetings he's had with his jobs council? none. zero. zero in the last six months. so it makes it very clear where his priorities are. his priority is not creating jobs for you, his priority is keeping his own job and that's why he's going to lose it. >> white house press secretary jay carney said there is no specific reason the president has not met with the jobs council other than a busy schedule. he values the council's advice and continues to solicit ideas for job creation. nbc news as learned new jersey governor chris christie will deliver the keynote address at the republican national convention in tampa next month. the speech is as high profile as it gets at a political convention without being actually on the ticket and it often serves as a launching pad to higher office. his selection would mean he is not likely to be mitt romney's running mate. okay. with all that's happening in the area, in the nation and in the world, there's really only one
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thing that is important enough for a lot of people to pay attention. that is the fact that it is now official, rg3 is a member of the skins. he has agreed to terms on a contract with the skins. everybody knew this day was coming, but now that it's official, fans are excited. >> i think it's a great improvement. it's a great improvement and gives us motivation. he's got the leadership to take us we hope to the super bowl. >> well, i think he's a good player. he's going to make a difference. he's going to make a difference for the redskins. i think so. >> i think actually maybe we'll have a chance to win some games. they have a lot of support, a lot of people around here follow the redskins. we want to see them get some wins. >> the excitement is quite over the top, isn't it. that deal ensures rg3 will be in camp when it officially dwins later this month. dan hellie is in the newsroom now. dan, he was going to be there anyhow, wasn't he? >> yeah. this is an entirely different ball game this time around.
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training camp starts a week from tomorrow so rg3 in well before the deadline. he gets a contract nearly identical to the number two overall pick last year. four years, $21.1 million with a team option for a fifth year. with the way rookie contracts are structured now, holdouts are a thing of the past. so signing the contract almost a formality for robert. but it was the final hurdle. he can now participate in rookie activities at redskins park this week. that's a new thing, having the rookies in a week before training camp starts. griffin has been in town the last few days and anxiously awaiting putting pen to paper. he sent out a tweet saying, well, people, it's time to go to work. off the unemployment line and, oh yeah, httr. that of course means hail to the redskins. so all of the rookies now signed. the offensive guard, the third round pick out of smu, got his deal done late this afternoon so the redskins appear ready to roll for camp which starts on
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the 26th. >> thanks, dan. let's get it on. back to our top story now, the severe weather we've had in our area recently. richard jordan is in northwest d.c. in the chevy chase neighborhood. it looks like we've got more trees down. richard, what's going on? >> reporter: that's right. more trees down, more power lines down as well. it's making a big mess as well as a big inconvenience for the people out here. take a look at that. now, there was some thunder and lightning coming down just after 4:30 this afternoon. not a lot of wind so it appears that lightning may have actually struck that tree. that's what brought it down. of course the power lines that were underneath it came down too. right now we're harrying from residents that they have been in contact with pepco and told they may get their power back by 7:00 tonight. that's pretty unlikely since crews have not arrived yet to repair the lines but a lot of people are saying a few weeks ago with that really nasty storm they kept their power so they
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feel their time has come and now they are dealing without power here as well. but a lot of lightning, thurnnd. it's pretty spotty because just a few blocks away, really there's no damage. then you show up here, you've got a tree down, power lines down. police have blocked that because they say they don't know if these power lines are active so everyone is waiting for pepco to get out here and see when they can restore power and clean up this mess. >> they still have 50 minutes. >> reporter: keep your fingers crossed. coming up, a security scandal hits the loolympic game days ahead of the opening ceremonies. three top officials in syria have been assassinated including the president's brother-in-law. this could trigger a turning pointing in the civil war there. metro has a new explanation after a computer glitch shut down all the trains.
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more news about the storm damage out there. there's power out and trees down all across the area. shomari stone is in northwest d.c. where there is some more trouble going on. arcadia place? >> reporter: a lot of trouble out here. we're here at arcadia place northwest and western avenue northwest. it's an active scene. $fire rescue is out here and basically residents describe seeing -- they saw lightning, they heard thunder, there was heavy wind. they say that it just swept through this area. let's roll some video to show you some of the damage. they say that heavy wind just knocked down a tree. it pulled down the power lines. now, the homeowner says that she arrived home shortly before with her daughters, ages 8 and 6.
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they were in the garage when she heard a crack, the tree came down and she immediately evacuated. now, there's a woman who lives a few houses down and she also says a tree hit the top of her roof. let's take a listen to what she has to say. >> what are you feeling right now? >> nervous, but fine. you know, i wasn't upset or anything, just running through the house making sure everything was all right in the house. and then my parent and his helper were there about me and donald was at the office so i did have at least two people in the house. >> now, the good news is that both of these homes have cosmetic damage but i must say a lot of folks here have anxious moments. they're a bit scared because they remember the derecho storm. they say they went without power for days and now they're going to be without power quite some time. there are wires behind me. we have not determined if they
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are live or not. fire rescue is here and they're making sure people stay away and basically crews are waiting for pepco to arrive. live here in northwest d.c., i'm shomari stone. >> what a mess. >> waiting for pepco to return is a familiar refrain around here. a suicide bomber appears to be the one responsible for killing syria' defense minister and two other top officials today. fighting between rebels and government troops has been raging in the capital for several days now and the assassinations today could signal a turning point in what is being called over there a civil war. we have a report from cairo. >> reporter: an explosion targeting the national security building in damascus has killed syria's minister of defense and his deputy. the explosion, which took place as senior officials including the minister of interior and others were arriving for a closed meeting on the syrian conflict is the most brazen attack against the regime in 16 months of fighting. syrian state tv said a new
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minister of defense had been appointed immediately afterwards, but the attack will likely have a psychological and tactical effect on the regime with the minister an his deputy now dead, the command and control structure of the military will be disrupted. psychologically the ability of the rebels to strike at the heart of the regime will undoubtedly raise anxiety levels among the regime's inner circle. >> we expect that this operation will affect the stability of the regime itself. >> reporter: meanwhile, a critical vote at the u.n. security council has been postponed after a request by special envoy kofi annan. he's trying to shore up support for a tougher resolution to help bring an end to the conflict despite the differences between russia and western powers. at least six israeli tourists were killed when a bus exploded outside an airport today in bulgaria. government officials say the tourists had just arrived and were getting on the bus to go to their hotel when the bomb went off. officials believe the explosive
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was planted on the bus. at least 30 people were wounded. president obama condemned the incident. he called it in his words a barbaric terrorist attack. so far no one has claimed responsibility for that bombing. today arizona senator john mccain took to the senate floor to denounce allegations against a member of president obama's administration. those allegations were made against huma aberdeen. their working relationship dates back to mrs. clinton's time as the first lady. she is married to former congressman anthony weiner. several accused her of being part of a conspiracy of the muslim brotherhood to influence the top reaches of the u.s. government. >> put simply, houma represents what is best about america, the daughter of immigrants who has risen to the highest levels of
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our government on the basis of her substantial personal merit and her abiding commitment to the american ideals that she embodies. i am proud to know her and i am proud even maybe with some presumption to call her my friend. >> congresswoman bachmann responded to senator mccain's comments but did not back down. she said her words are being distorted. today the state department described the allegations as preposterous. veronica is here with more about our weather. >> things are starting to calm down a little bit, but, you know, we're not completely out of the wood that watch for severe thunderstorms continues until 9:00 p.m. as far as damage reports, trees down in chevy chase, maryland, trees down in frederick, maryland, and three-quarter inch size hail reported from rockville, maryland. and we're hearing too because of the high winds with these storms that have been pulling eastward
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that chesapeake bay bridge closed in both directions right now. no word as to when that will open. taking a look at the radar where you can see that, yeah, for the most part the activity, there's that bay bridge where again it's closed and no word as to when it is going to open but there's been also a tremendous amount of lightning with those storms that have been rolling eastward. you can see how things are starting to quiet down right here, but then to our west, coming right over i-81, there's more clusters of storms. some more inside of west virginia and more that are just about to enter west virginia. so not completely out of the woods. tomorrow we're going to be doing this all over again. look at chestertown, down toward easton, queen anne's county, toward talbot county, a severe thunderstorm warning with this moderate rain, a lot of lightning and the potential for high wind with that storm as it rolls eastward. i'm seeing this one weaken just north of hughesville but still
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moderate rain headed towards sunderland and calvert county. more stuff stepping into our area for the evening hours. just west of winchester and down toward bridgewater area, around i-81, we've got a couple of clusters of more storms that will be making their way eastward. take a look at these rainfall amounts. the skies opened up and it's been pouring out there. crownsville, maryland, over an inch and a half of rain. folks who have come in have said the visibility just dropped in a hurry. sharpsburg, maryland, over an inch of rain. columbia, maryland, 0.63 of an inch of rain. there were some spots that didn't get as much, like jessup, just 0.11 of an inch of rain. a lot of folks saying i want the rain. look at the current wind gusts, 44 miles an hour in annapolis, maryland, gusting to 36 in d.c. we continue with this watch until 9:00 p.m. and a flash flood warning for areas of northeast d.c. and prince
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george's county. big long line of storms and one continuous area of severe thunderstorm watches from boston to new york, d.c. and back up to chicago, illinois. it's been a wild day everywhere with this high heat, but at least the heat is breaking. we hit 101 degrees yet again today. yesterday we hit 100. so far now july, six degrees above average. it's the hottest july ever and still plenty warm out there now in some spots down to our south. we hit 99 in fredericksburg, virginia, 99 the high in manassas, virginia, today. we'll see the heat come down for tomorrow but still the possibility of storms. we've cooled to the 80s right now at reagan national airport. that wind giving us a nice breeze out of the north at 10 miles per hour. but look at the dew point temperatures, still sky high at 71 degrees. so don't get a break for tomorrow morning. we're starting out in the 70s.
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right now 75 isnn frederick. here's a look at when those storms will pop tomorrow. we've got the same catalyst again tomorrow. a lot of high humidity. that weather front stepping in and still extreme heat. even for friday a chance for more showers and storms across the area. know that until 9:00 p.m. we could see nasty storms. 83 to 87 degrees for your evening temperature. tomorrow morning we're warm, we're muggy, starting out in the 70s to 81 degrees in d.c. we'll have a bit of clearing early on in the day and then clouds will fill back in. 89 to 93 degrees. some of the storms tomorrow could be heavy, just like today, so keep a watchful eye on the sky should any warnings be issued. the weekend, though, much better, in the 80s. we cool down. i think sunday will be the best day of the weekend. >> we'll need a weekend break after all this again. thanks, veronica. coming up tonight, a protest rally, if you will, in the wake
6:25 pm
of the campaign scandal involving the d.c. mayor. >> we're learning more about the driver who was in the wrong place at the wrong time when a tree crashed down onto his car. coming up in sports, unsung heroes contributing to the nationals big win last night. and fans not the only ones excited about rg3 signing his contract. what some of the players have to say as news 4 at 6:00 continues. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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some good news from metro today. the computer glitches that shut down the system over the weekend have now been fixed. >> richard jordan explains what they believe went wrong. >> reporter: metro trains are back on track. a computer glitch over the weekend forced controllers to halt train traffic. but the transit agency says the issue is fixed. a faulty module, the size of a
6:29 pm
pizza box, caused operators to lose sight of train positions. the backup system was not activated because the glitch did not pose a threat to riders' safety and was corrected quickly. >> you can continue to operate a railroad without this system because all the safety protection are still in place. but we operate in an abundance of caution. when this system went down and when controllers couldn't see on their maps where trains were, we put a stop on trains until the system rebooted itself after 30, 40 minutes. >> reporter: but metro isn't just dealing with computer problems. the extreme heat blamed for a train derailment this month that had passengers climbing out from underground to get to safety. earlier in the week, train problems closed the dupont station. even with all those issues, metro customers are still hopping on for a ride. >> you've got to take it as it goes, you know. >> i used it -- up until the end of last month, i used it every day. every day. sometimes two or three times a day. i don't have a problem with it at all.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: the new repair is expected to prevent another inconvenient glitch. >> but we have isolated the problem. we have replaced this module with a brand new one and the system is up and running with normal service today. >> reporter: again, metro wants to emphasize that the computer glitch that led them to stop the trains, that was simply done out of an abundance of caution, that there were never any riders that were actually in danger. at metro center, richard jordan, news 4. montgomery county removed about 30 of the buses from its ride on fleet today after yet another one of those buses caught fire. with fewer buses on the streets now, that system will operate on a modified holiday schedule tomorrow and on friday. the latest incident happened this morning in silver spring. nobody was injured. maryland governor martin o'malley is trying to convince leaders in baltimore that a prince george's county casino would not hurt the charm city's chances of getting a casino down
6:31 pm
the road. the group devised a plan to set some casino revenue aside for the city and anne arundel county. governor o'malley is still hoping to call a special session of the legislature to take up expanded gaming. any decision would then have to be approved by the voters. virginia congressman frank wolf wants state officials to investigate the tolls that drivers pay on the dulles greenway. he has asked virginia's attorney general to refer the toll situation to the consumer protection section of his office. congressman wolf has long been critical of the private company that operates the greenway. he believes the original state agreement that allowed the deal is flawed because it doesn't protect consumers. a bill banning abortions in d.c. after 20 weeks of pregnancy will go up for a vote on the house floor. the house judiciary committee approved the measure this afternoon. it's based on the disputed claim that fetuses begin to feel pain at the gestational age of 20
6:32 pm
weeks. nine states have similar legislation. critics say it undermines a woman's right to an abortion and steps on d.c.'s self rule. the bill is not expected to become law with a democrat controlled senate and white house. a show of support for d.c. mayor vincent gray with a rally outside the wilson building today. the mayor is under federal investigation from his 2010 campaign, but some people in the city think he's getting a raw deal before all the facts have been revealed. tom sherwood is here to tell us more about this today. >> jim, it was a simple message today. mayor gray hasn't been charged, it's unfair to call for him to resign. ♪ the mayor stood for the people ♪ we shall not be moved ♪ the mayor stood for the people ♪ >> civil rights song and prayer. >> may we stand with him as he marches to his moment of justice. >> a crowd of several dozen stood in front of the john
6:33 pm
wilson building wednesday to demand that mayor vincent gray not be hounded out of office. >> there has been a lot of drama and trauma with the resignation of two councilmembers, another councilmember. we don't need to continue to create an atmosphere of drama and trauma. we are just stifled that folks have chosen to come out and sglapd some denounced two councilmembers who are lawyers who have called on gray to resign, although no charges have been filed. >> same on you, mary jane, supposed to be a constitutional law professor. shame on you, david, with a prestigious local law firm. federal prosecutors in court have laid out a $650,000 shadow campaign that helped elect gray in 2010, but gray has not been charged despite media reports of possible charges soon. no elected leaders attended the rally in the blazing sun, but
6:34 pm
former councilmember harold brazil said he wanted to show up to show support for due process. >> there should be a counterbalance. there are a number of people in this city that say give this man a chance. >> mayor gray was not at the rally today. he told us yesterday he appreciates the support. jim, tonight the "washington post" is coming out with a new poll and early numbers say 45% of the people think the city is moving in the wrong direction. >> that's not good news. >> not good. the mayor will be answering questions about that poll tomorrow. >> thank you, tom. police identified the man killed in last night's freak accident on georgetown pike. they say 64-year-old albert roth iii died instantly when a massive 40-ton oak tree landed on top of his car. it happened right near the volunteer fire department in great falls. an arborist said the tree was rotted at the base. vdot said the tree falling had nothing to do with last month's derecho storm. we continue to follow breaking news from a storm that
6:35 pm
rolled through our region tonight. trees are down across the region causing outages for thousands of people now. right now pepco has more than 10,000 customers without power. bg & e reports about 2500 outages. richard jordan is in northwest d.c. now where there's a large tree down. where are you, richard? >> reporter: we're off of 10son and 32nd street northwest. you see the telephone pole and a industry split in half. it happens that really the storm just kicked up around 4:30, 5:00 this afternoon. they say they heard a lot of thunder, saw a lot of lightning. then they lost power. they say it came back on for a minute but then went out and hasn't come back since. they come outside and this is what all these people living in this area found. right now they are waiting for pepco to send some crews out here. they were originally told that they may possibly have their power back by 7:00. of course that's not going to happen at this point.
6:36 pm
crews have yet to arrive. they say the latest estimate they have been given is 8:00 p.m. they are hopeful and optimistic pepco can pull that off but right now they don't feel that's very likely at this point. right now they're just waiting. they say they were lucky enough during the last nasty storm that their lights stayed on the entire time so they figured their time was about to come. >> you know, i was crossing my fingers that the power wouldn't go out. >> reporter: it didn't work. >> no, it didn't work. didn't work. i mean it went out, came back on, went out, came back on, went out again and that was it. i'm totally -- totally amazed at the extent of the damage this tree caused, just totally amazed. >> reporter: a lot of people out here say this storm was pretty quick. as a matter of fact, just a few blocks away there's really no damage at all. they have got their power, there's no debris out on the streets. but you get back here into this neighborhood just off of tennyson and you find a lot of
6:37 pm
trees down, loose branches scattered across the way and what people consider to be the big problem is that they are now without power. reporting live, richard jordan, news 4. coming up tonight the security firm that's supposed to keep people safe at the olympics says it does not have enough staff. a diver got a very big surprise during a fishing tournament. veronica, how are we looking? >> our quiet weather over. we didn't have any warnings for a while and now they're back. shenandoah, hardy and grant county under a severe thunderstorm warning until 7:15. ♪
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the daunting task of keeping everybody safe at the london olympics just got a little trickier. security firm g4s was supposed to provide more than 10,000 security guards for the games, but today the firm says it will most likely have only half that number ready. british lawmakers let the company's ceo have it.
6:41 pm
>> a fiasco and a shambles. >> it's simply inexcusable. >> it's a humiliating shambles, isn't it? >> it's not where we want to be, that is certain. >> the ceo says he can't even guarantee how many guards will show up. the british military is expected to deploy more troops to fill the void left by g4s. british officials say security will not be compromised. so is there any news other than rg3 signing? >> yeah. >> that's not enough for you? >> yeah. we're going to hear from some of the players. they said something like this. he got paid today. rg3 signs his new contract. his teammates talk about it. and a scary seen in today's game between the yankees and the blue
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[ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ we're seeing some more warnings come out right now. we were quiet for a while with the storms pushing east toward maryland's eastern shore and delaware but now more warnings. these for shenandoah an rockingham county, for grant and hardy county. severe thunderstorm warning until 7:15. these will be barreling into our area. i think that they will be holding together, affecting some of the southern portions around warrenton, around quantico,
6:45 pm
maybe fredericksburg. so just some showers now in fairfax, but storms off to our west bringing with it more heavy rain. more lightning. the possibility even of some hail with these. we saw some hail earlier, three-quarter inch hail in rockville maryland, and some trees down with some of the high winds. that's what we could see with thee storms coming into the area up until 9:00 p.m. when i think the storms will end. the possibility of more high winds. we'll do it all over again tomorrow. that seven-day forecast coming up in a few. an awful lot of anticipation about this kid coming on the field and playing some ball. i hope people remember it takes a day or two for an nfl quarterback to develop. >> we want to win now! >> yeah, i know that. >> that's what more people are saying, what you're saying. >> the reality is -- did elway, you know, light 'em up his first
6:46 pm
year? >> no. marino? >> did marino? you know, it takes a minute. >> we've been waiting a lot longer than a minute. >> but redskins fans deserve a good rookie. cam newton put up great numbers last year but what did his team do? they didn't win very many games. but this was a no-brainer. robert griffin iii needed to be in training camp, the redskins had to have him there and the contract got done. it's one of the good things that came out of the last year's lockout. the new rookie wage scale has almost eliminated lengthy holdouts. robert griffin iii gets a contract nearly identical to last year's number two overall pick. four years worth $21.1 million. about $13 million of that is a signing bonus. rg3 was at the park today and took part in rookie workouts and meetings. every member of the redskins organization glad to have the rook signed, even on the defensive side of the ball where there is already a healthy
6:47 pm
respect for the heisman trophy winner. >> been looking for a leader on that side of the ball. i really feel like he does a good job with the way he carries himself, just the type of person he is. people don't understand how hard he works from what i've seen so aur off the field. it's like people look at that. people are motivated by that and that's why he has these type of deals where he brings receivers to waco or throwing offsite from the redskin park. i'm excited because i know the offense will be a big part of the season and do good. >> it's big for our team to get our quarterback into camp. he can be there the first day we get things going. get a relationship going so it's real big that rg3 signed this morning. it obviously means a lot for the team any time your quarterback, a guy like that with the strength of him and his arm and his feet and all the things he can do and him as a person, he adds a lot to your team. so we're very, very excited about it, obviously.
6:48 pm
it's time to get to work and he sees it that way too, so it will be exciting. >> special teams coach danny smith. everybody signed now, the offensive guard out of smu signed a contract later this afternoon. redskins start training camp on the 26th, so that's right around the corner. that is one week from tomorrow. now, i'm not going to be here, so i'm hoping you'll hold down the 40 while i'm gone. >> at training camp? >> wherever. >> how soon can he leave? >> hurry back. >> three and a half weeks, i'll be back. talking baseball now. mets and the nats back at it again. the man whom some are calling the nats best pitcher will be on the mound. no, not strasburg, not geo, but jordan zimmerman. he has the lowest e.r.a. of any starter on this team. last night the nationals pulled out a wild one. top nine, tyler clifford. he's in for the save with a 2-0 lead. should be money, right? or maybe not.
6:49 pm
ruh-roh. a huge home run. this one barely clears the wall. they had to take a look at it on tape but it was a three-run shot. mets take the lead. bottom nine. danny espinoza delivers right up the gut with runners on the corners. ian desmond, the pinch runner comes in to score so we're tied at three and this goes to extra innings. bottom of the 11th after a bryce harper rbi triple, we're tied at 4. bases loaded for tyler moore. and that is the game. in comes ryan zimmerman to score the game-winning run. the nationals win a thriller, 5-4 is the final. davey johnson feeling pretty good about it. >> i've said 100 times the makeup on this ball club is off the charts and there's no give up. they're all very competitive. probably not as flashy as, you know, a lot of players.
6:50 pm
but they're everyday ballplayers. they take it serious, they work hard at the trade. there's no give up and they look at every situation as an opportunity. >> scary moments in the blue jays/yankees game today. foul ball here and watch brett laurie laying out for the catch right here. the problem is, that's a camera well. that's about an eight-foot drop. take another look. he'll lose the ball, goes head over heels and there's no place to break his fall. watch the reaction from first baseman mark teixeira who was the man who hit the ball. he was slow to rise. looked like he suffered a leg injury. he did have x-rays an they're negative. said to be day-to-day. >> why do they put an eight-foot well down the line. >> every stadium has that camera well -- >> that deep? >> photographers have to get
6:51 pm
down in there and take pictures. >> need a higher rail maybe. >> then you'd break your ribs. but guys are always going for foul balls. >> that's the first time i've seen anyone fall into a camera well and not the dugout. basketball time, antawn jamison, you remember him, great dude heading to tinseltown according to yahoo! sports. he signs a one-year deal with the lakers. >> happy for him. >> i hope he can get a championship. he's going into his 15th nba season. bradley beall can only hope to play that long. going to work in the summer league as the wiz take on milwaukee. second quarter, bucks have the ball. this is john henson going to work. a little baby hook is kind of nice. henson had 20 for milwaukee. the wizards down by as many as 16. fourth quarter they're chipping away. beal gets the steal and he's going the distance. beal had 18 for washington, another solid game so they closed the gap.
6:52 pm
final minutes, beal says get that stuff out of here. praying some defense. how about joe hanson signing on with the capitals to be an assistant coach. >> good for him.
6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
a florida diver got a big surprise during a spear fishing tournament over the weekend. check this out. he came within 15 feet of a 12-foot long great white shark. their face-off happened 15 miles off the coast of ft. pierce just as the diver started looking for his catch. eros morales said the shark stared him down as it swam toward him. he said he got out of the water as fast as he got in and started taking video from the safety of the boat. oh, my goodness. >> what do you do, do you stare
6:56 pm
back or avoid eye contact? what do you do? >> i think you -- i don't think you can plan ahead for a moment like that. >> probably not. >> aren't you supposed to punch them in the nose or something? >> if you had the presence of mind that think that fast. >> if you haven't passed out. >> oh, my goodness. >> things calmed down for a little while. i think for most of the area it's going to be quiet but for that little spot there, south of warrenton around quantico and fredericksburg, busy here for a while. we've got more warnings to the west and those storms will be rolling southeastward, so until 9:00 we could see more storms. then more storms. the high 95 tomorrow. >> okay, thanks, veronica. nelson mandela is 94 years old today. he celebrated at home. but a lot of others celebrated too. more than 12 million children across south african sang happy birthday to him. ♪ happy birthday to you
6:57 pm
>> in 2009 the united nations designated july 18th as international mandela day. it's in honor of the man who helped abolish apartheid in south africa. today people around the world donated 67 minutes of their time in his honor. one minute for each of the 67 years that mandela spent in service of humanity. 27 of those years were spent in prison. he continued his work and eventually became the first black president of
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