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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  July 19, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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why she was down there in the first place. >> i'm not a racist and not a murderer. >> george zimmerman speaks out. his message for trayvon martin's parents. here we go again. many neighborhood still soaked from our latest round of flooding and tonight more storms are heading our way. good afternoon, we've got a lot going on this hour again. >> those storms could hit us in a matter of hours now, veronica johnson is tracking them in storm center 4. >> barbara and jim, thanks a lot. high temperatures and stormy conditions again. our current temperature, 92 degrees and right now it's quiet with just a partly sunny sky. the wind light out of the southeast but once again our atmosphere really juiced up with high humidity. temperatures throughout the area range from 88 degrees around olney and gaithersburg to ellicott city, 92. 95 in fredericksburg, high temperatures and a lot of moisture in the area. we have 'weather front north of
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us sinking southward and that will be cooling us down, taking the temperatures down especially by tomorrow. here's a look at storm 4 radar as we go ahead and zoom in. the one cell we're watching up to the north head towards westminster. for frederick county for carol county you'll see heavy line. the scattered storms coming off of areas around western maryland and frostburg north of front royal right now. that first line will hit us around 5:00 p.m. look at the lightning and heavy rain with the second line. that's the line that's going to be moving our way between 7:00 and 11:00 p.m. that's the line that for a late evening, early night will bring heavy rain and thunder and possibility of localized flooding and low visibility. we'll talk about more we can get with more storms on the way for tomorrow. back to you. >> thanks, veronica. the cleanup continues in several
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d.c. neighborhoods following yesterday's powerful storms. >> the heavy rains lasted less than an hour but left plenty of damage behind. megan mcgrath has the day after story. >> reporter: the storm didn't last long but packed quite a punch, bringing down trees and powerlines. pepco crews were very busy trying to get everybody back online. in the wee hours of the morning, pepco crews surveyed the damage. the entire street went black when it tumbled down. also dark, traffic signals along parts of north capitol street. the intense heat that preceded the storm is the likely culprit for the outage. v-dot workers had to guide passengers through the intersections. pepco crews kra s called down i
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manholes, couldn't happen soon enough for kia blake. >> i have an aunt on oxygen, this is the fourth time this has happened. i have an infant. it's been terrible all night. >> yesterday's high topped out at 101. the storm brought relief from the heat but it came with pockets of heavy rain. for the second time in recent weeks, renee menendez's s street basement blooded. once again her wet carpets hang on the fence to dry. >> i just washed the towels and sheets and here we go again. it's like the drain doesn't drain and the water stands, i don't know what's going on. >> pepco crews did make progress overnight, but this morning, there were still 1,000 customers without electricity in prince georges county and the district of columbia. in northeast, megan mcgrath, news 4. and news 4 has exclusive video of an incident that left a lot of metro riders puzzled.
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this is surveillance footage of a woman who got herself stuck between the tracks lacht night. she realized she was on the wrong flat form so she crossed in the center of the tracks then froze. she had to be rescued from that precarious situation which could have been deadly. richard jordan will have more on what we learned about the passenger coming up at news 4 at 5:00. trayvon martin's family is speaking out, a day after george zimmerman gave his first tv interview about what happened the night he shot and killed the teenager. the neighborhood watch volunteer said he had no choice. nbc's jay gray has the reaction from martin's parents. >> reporter: it's still months before the potential murder trial for first time publicly in the hannity show, george zimmerman is making his case. >> i'm not a racist and not a murderer. >> those words are hollow for
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the parents of trayvon martin. >> he had no regards for trayvon's life and he don't regret taking trayvon's life. >> the community watch volunteer said he had no choice he shot and killed the unarmed teen. >> he started bashing night head into the concrete sidewalk. >> reporter: then allegedly threatened to kill him as he wrestled for the gun strapped to zimmerman's waist. >> knows are the words of george zimmerman. he said they were fighting over the gun. there are no witnesses that say that they were fighting over the gun. george zimmerman is here to tell his story, trayvon is dead. >> zimmerman said he was sorry for their loss and prays for martin's parents daily. when asked if he would change anything about that night, he said no. >> i feel it was all god's plan and for me to second guess it or judge it -- >> martin's mother called that response ridiculous.
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>> strong and clearly painful words for martin's parents as both sides plan for what is sure to be a controversial and emotional legal fight. jay gray, nbc news. >> there's a renewed debate over whether to allow changes to d.c.'s sky line, a congressional committee met this afternoon to discuss lifting the height restrictions that have kept nearly every building under 130 feet since 1910. no specific or dramatic height increase was on the table. city planners proposed incremental changes that would allow roof tops to be used for office space and rec rooms and restaurants. right now most rooftops are only used for mechanical purposes. >> d.c. residents have gotten sick of political scandals and focus their frustration on vincent gray. 54% believe he should resign. only about a quarter of
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residents call the mayor trust worthy and honest. 61% say he is not. looking at the big picture, 29% of citizens say he is doing a good job. 59% disapprove of his performance in office. tom sherwood talks to mayor gray for his response to these dismal poll numbers. and president obama, mitt romney and the supporters of both were in full attack mode today. the president was in florida and mitt romney was in massachusetts as they shrugged it out on the economy, health care and taxes and issues of personal trust. here's brian mooar. >> reporter: in florida, president obama was turning up the heat by reaching out to older and middle class voters in a critical battleground. >> it's wrong to ask sear yors to may more for medicaid just so billionaires can pay less in taxes. >> reporter: romney was highlighting the spike in
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unemployment claims, blaming the president. >> the job he's innocent of protecting is his own. the job that should be protected is men and women who want to get jobs and go back to work and have rising incomes again. >> reporter: as the candidates were hammering away at each other, their supporters were joining in. >> what is it in his tax returns that are so scary to mitt romney. >> democrats are pressuring romney to release more than two years of tax returns. >> were there years he paid no taxes at all? >> romney backers are blitzing with ads. >> unemployment rose about 8%, family incomes falling, barack obama can't run on that record. >> reporter: the latest "new york times" cbs poll showed the candidates locked in a statistical dead heat with the economy weighing down the president's numbers. a new poll shows voters
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believe romney should reveal his taxes. >> what is mitt romney hiding? >> if you've been near a television set but washington is not the most saturated when it comes to advertising. three cities in colorado led the way in presidential ad volume, followed by two cities in virginia. this week mitt romney's campaign is outspending the obama campaign, 2-1, in battleground states. ford is recalling more than 11,000 of its 2013 escape suvs and taking the rare step to tell people to stop driving them immediately. fuel lines can crack, leak and spill gas, what can cause the engine to catch fire. this recall only includes models built between april and july 1th that have 1.64 cylinder engine. ford says there have been three
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reports of problems but no injuries. customers should contact the local dealers for repairs. >> washington's first afternoon news just getting started. the grown-up message justin bieber has to say to his fans today. how a hangover finally got him sober. and the video that led to nationwide outrage. a man tries to snatch a young [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go? friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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a parentally some folks in new england can't keep their hands off the hoff are being stolen from convenience stores and it seems like everyone wants one. >> it's crazy. they keep offering -- they come in, probably get customers every
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night asking to buy the hasselhoff poster. >> why do you think people want the posters so bad? >> i don't know man, it's just like germany, the hasselhoff thing is really hot i guess, i don't know. >> they want that poster. the convenience store chain displaying the ads cumberland farms says they don't know how many have been stolen but keep getting calls for replacements. >> you know you want one in your room, barbara. >> honestly. >> why did katy perry split with russell brand. justin bieber has a private message for his fans? the highest actress on tv is paid. guess who? it's time for hollywood headlines. weekdays at 93.9 wkysa. >> what's up? >> i have it all. >> we have lots going on. we want to know, who is making
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how much more than we are and talk about the highest paid actress. >> this is crazy, forbes came out with the highest paid actresses on tv, three of them reality stars, number one sophia vergara, $19 million. number two, kim car dash yan. number 3, eva longoria. number 4, bethany frankel. another reality star. number five, there's a tie, khloe kardashian and tina fey. >> that is amazing. other names you might -- >> we should do a reality show based on the news, let's go ahead. you are in the wrong business, me too. let's do our own reality show and make millions. >> let's do it. >> tell us about what's going
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on, chik fillet lost a couple. ed helms is boycotting chik phila because of his tweets. you can only imagine what they do to gay chickens and he's staying out of there and miley cyrus boycotting and lindsay lohan and i'm thinking miley should boycott tattoos. would like to boycott too but i can't because i like the shake. >> and the waffle fries, forget about it. speaking of, of course he was in the movie "the hangover", it's the hangover that mike tyson also will that role he kretd its to turning his life around. >> helped him get over his ha hangover. he said he didn't know he had such a young fan base and went to rehab three times before doing the movie but his young
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fan base he obviously didn't know he had really helped him get over that happen after "the hangover", he's been sober ever since. >> a lot of good things right now. let's talk about russell brand and katy perry, do we know what caused their break-up. >> he was on howard stern and really sweet about katy perry, really nice, you could tell he was guarded, wanted to make sure he didn't say anything crazy. we were both busy with schedules, there were rumors he had fetishes and it was none of that. she's much younger than him, ten years longer, that could have been it. the odd thing is he's dating isabella brewster, she's 23. i don't think the age thing doesn't fly. he said he was really in love with her but their schedules, they couldn't get it together. >> speaking of young, justin bieber has a grown-up message for his fans. >> he's the cover boy for
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"rolling stone", he says he has advice for young adults, make sure you're in love before you do the do. which i think is great advice coming from justin bieber, maybe people will take that advice. i have a 15-year-old, you're supposed to get married first. get married first. >> to be in love. >> to be in love. >> i'm saying to my 15-year-old, be in love and be marriemarried don't want grand kids yet. >> what's up tomorrow? >> we have the bom coming and i can't tell you what it is. it's big and that's all i can tell you. >> big is the first letter -- >> wrong. loud and wrong. >> it seems so simple. >> see. got you. >> got to listen tomorrow morning we'll be tuning in. great to see you as always on thursdays. >> coming up on news 4, the emmy awards have already made history what happened during the
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nomination that never happened before. incredible video you've got to see. a couple of robbers foiled when a 71-year-old victim pulls out his own gun. veronica is tracking yet another round of storms moving into our area. her forecast is coming up next.
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is it another one of those hold on your hats? >> i don't think we'll have a lot of wind with this line that comes in later but we have the potential of seeing a lot of rain and lightning. that's how -- i always like to say that we've got to kind of quantify with every severe weather event being a little different. this one, a lot of rain and a lot of lightning, slightly different story for tomorrow. let's head outside and see what's going on. again s atmosphere starting to bubble up and temperatures throughout the area, we are reaching the low 90s in a lot of neighborhoods and it is awfully stifling out there because the wind today pretty light. right now at reagan national airport, it's out of the southeast at 3 miles per hour but this is a moist wind too for our area.
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68 degrees the current dew point temperature. again, very high humidity right now. take a look at the mid-atlantic, temperatures 82 wilkes-barry, 89 degrees in richmond. 87 in elkinz, west virginia, we are the hot spot right now right there in the city at 92 degrees. what we'll find tomorrow is more clouds across the area and we'll fall back to the upper 80s like a lot of other areas are not. on storm 4 radar, we're watching storms start to develop in pennsylvania and make their way southward all along i-95 outside of baltimore. then we've got more that are currently dropping out of pennsylvania into carroll county, these will be making their way over i-70 south eastward then. and then another line and another stronger line. this one real easy to see. for the scattered storms, that will be making their way eastward off i-81, shenandoah
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valley moving eastward, those we women have between 5:00 and 7:00 p these could bring isolated heavy rain. and there's your stronger line and this thing is holding together pretty well. we'll see what happens when it makes its way over the mountains but i do think when it does, look at the lightning with this storms, clark dz burg, down to charleston, we'll see a lot of rain between 7:00 and 11:00 p.m. stormy, 84 to 81 degrees, temperatures will drop, but as soon as they drop, we're going to see them rise a bit too by tomorrow morning. 76 to 77 degrees. it's going to be humid and tomorrow morning we still could have a few showers around our area. what's causing this rain again, the same old stationary weather system, watch this, more cooling storms for tomorrow. more coming our way even for saturday during the morning before it heads down to the south. so for the overnight period we have a risk of severe storms making their way eastward with some heavy rain and a lot of lightning. then again tomorrow afternoon, right across our area.
4:25 pm
our forecast goes like this then, stormy conditions for your evening between 7:00 and 11:00, for tomorrow morning, we're warm and we're humid and take along your umbrella because there will be some showers around. 73 to 78 degrees. your high temperature just into the 80s with heavy storms, thunder again expected to be with us and heavy rain. the weekend looking much better coming up in a couple of minutes. not only look at the radar but we'll check in with chuck bell outdoing backyard weather today. >> he better hurry up and get it in before the storms, thanks, veronica. >> still to come at news 4. the joyride that ended with a 13-year-old launching a buick on top of two other cars. >> there we go. it's freezing cold, i know. [ crying ] >> a special delivery on the side of the road. wait until you hear what one mom
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[romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, i'm barack obama and i approve this message. for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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what is the holdup with tracy, i thought you found him? >> i did, he's still crazy, thinks he can't be funny anymore. >> from the oscars to the emmys, the nominations are out today and they've already made some history. welcome back at 4:30. i'm jim handly. >> the emmys will be handed out this september, mark barger has a wrap-up of the nominees. >> including the nominee that shut out the broadcast networks. >> the emmy for tv's best drama has gone to mad men, four straight years, a company it shares with "hill street blues qutd and "l.a. law" and "the west wing".
4:30 pm
>> the nominations are -- >> reporter: after this morning's emmy nominations, they have the chance to become the first ever five-time winner of the award. "boardwalk empire qult and "breaking bad" and "game of thrones" and "homeland." for the first time the broadcast networks were shut out of the category. after back to back wins as best comedy, modern family will bid to make it three in a row. its competition includes "big bang nearry", "couple your enthusiasm". >> and john hamm has another chance for the best actor honor he's never won. brian kranston is among his competitors, you about hue laur r hugh laurie didn't.
4:31 pm
>> the nominations were announced in the wee hours. >> they roused me out of bed in the middle of the night. >> jimmy kimmel was in his pajamas. >> what do i care? >> he got to hear his show nominated as outstanding variety series, marc barger, nbc news. mad men picked up 17 nominations this morning. "the voice" earned its first nomination as best reality competition series and for first time "american idol" was left out of that category. caught on video, robbers stormed into an internet cafe gun drawn but didn't expect a 71-year-old victim to pull out a weapon of his own. surveillance cameras caught the action near orlando. two brazen teens stormed the cafe and demanded money from the pat trons, but one man wasn't having any of it. the 71-year-old whipped out his
4:32 pm
own gun and fired off several rounds wounding the robbers as they tried to run. >> after he started firing, they took off, fell on top of each other trying to get out of the cafe. >> he kept popping, didn't stop, kept popping. so i think he shot both of them. >> the suspects are expected to recover from their injuries. police followed their trail of blood nen arrested them. both are now in jail and no one in the internet cafe was injured. >> a michigan teen is probably in a lot of trouble after crashing her grandmother's car. the accident happened at a mall yesterday. the 19-year-old was joyriding. she then sent the car flying into the air and landed between two parked cars. no one was injured in the crash but the teen reportedly suffered a panic attack. charges are pending against the girl and her grandmother. >> somebody is in trouble. >> dramatic rescues after extreme weather in china. >> four hours of heavy rain this
4:33 pm
week flooded an area this video shows the quickly rising water stranded four forklift drivers working under a dam. they already moved to higher ground but it wasn't enough. a rescue team threw a rope to them and tied one into the forklift and other to the fireengine, it allowed the hikers to dry along the rope to safety. >> that's something. there's more to come. a driver speeds down the highway going the wrong way. the remarkable end to a frightening crash. >> plus, an arrest in a video that left a nation outraged. i man tries to snatch a little girl off the
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magazine that's pretty darn popular. pay $14 and get a full year's subscription to the washingtonian, more than 50% off the normal price. it provides insight on d.c.'s best places to eat and theater scene and lowdown on the real estate market too. >> and on groupon, pay $30 to get a washington castle team tennis match package. >> packages from this friday's match at castle stadium, normally priced at $66, it comes with one ticket, one washington castles towel and you'll need one out there. and one drawstring backpack. >> these guys are on fire. i think 23 in a row. the first lady was down there this week, venus williams played. it is electric tennis down there. >> right on water. >> it is, the wharve down there they call it. when news 4 at 4:00
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returned. video of a buy being pulled from the sewer, why rescuers almost didn't find him. >> do you have another one ready to come out? >> a mother gives birth by herself on the side of the road. turns out she's carrying twins. veronica is watching the storms in our direction.
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a double surprise for a state trooper in utah, he helped a mom deliver twins on the side of a highway. the ordeal was caught on his cruiser's dash cam and the new mom also deserves some praise. >> minutes after checking on duptty tuesday morning, sergeant was dispatched to a woman in labor with twins. >> i came upon and there they were by themselves, a honda
4:42 pm
accord. i walked up and she's in the front passenger seat and i had already had one baby in her arms. >> do you have another one ready to come out? >> with i healthy baby boy in her arms, he prepared for baby number two. >> i'll get my first-aid kit. >> we have a birthing kit, has a bulk and clamps and things like that. kind of got a couple of things out to prepare, told her, you know, if you feel like you want to push, go ahead. >> my water just broke on other one. oh, my goodness. >> the mother was a real -- she was a real trooper for lack of a better phrase hold gs on to this baby and getting ready to have the second one. >> [ screaming ] >> go ahead and push. >> about ten minutes after he arrived at the car, baby number two, a girl, arrived. >> something is coming out.
4:43 pm
>> it just came right out and obviously i had my gloves on and everything and got the baby and you know, cleared the air way with my pinky finger. >> put the stimulator. there we go. i know, it's freezing cold, i know. [ crying ] >> i kind of held her up facedown and a little breeze came in the door and her arms kind of went like this and she let out a good healthy cry. >> sergeant brenchly has had close callwise deliveries on i-80 before but this is first time he delivered a baby on his own. having four children of his own helped keep him calm. >> it's a different emotion when it's your own children versus somebody else's but it's still a neat experience to help bring a child into this world. >> good job, mom. >> we're told mom and both
4:44 pm
babies are doing well. wow. >> how do you top that story? another day at the office for the trooper. >> when you have teenagers, you love giving them good stories and that would be a good story for the two of them. >> that's it. >> exactly. so guys, it's going to be stormy here for the early part of the night. >> how much rain are we talking about? >> last night we got an inch and a half. that's what we could get again. with these storms, an inch to two inches maybe even more than that with the storms that come through our area tomorrow. that's right, we're going to do it all over again tomorrow. as we take a look at the maps right now, anywhere that you see the dark shading there, gaithersburg, baltimore, howard county, around columbia, elcotty and f city and that's where the higher rainfall totals are expected right now, between 1 and 2 inches of rain. you can see that little area in purple there does extend down into d.c. so once again, we're going to
4:45 pm
see these areas of heavy rain come through. we have the storms up to our north. we're watching closely, these making their way southeastward into carroll county and frederick but we have two lines to the west. one here coming off of i-81 and moving eastward and another powerful line this one from pittsburgh down to charleston, west virginia and in eastern parts of kentucky too. powerful line here where they've issued a severe thunderstorm watch. that's what i'm expecting between 7:00 and 11:00. stormy conditions. temperatures will be cooling off and we'll start tomorrow in the mid-70s but it's going to be humid and sticky again. all through the day tomorrow we're going to start with the showers and get a little bit of a break. then more thunderstorms for the afternoon and 80% chance into early saturday morning with very hot conditions expected on monday. and the early part of next week, even right now a little bit of rain coming our way, much needed
4:46 pm
rain for tuesday of next week. of course with the storms around the area, we have sent chuck bell out to cover backyard weather duties and he is in rockville, maryland today. hey, check. >> reporter: hey, there, veronica. thanks for providing us a little bit of shelter from the storms here. we're at the malloys house, we're sharing their backyard and they are enjoying a dip in the pool on this 95 degree day. we're going to take a tour of the back year, they have the gazebo and the kids and dog, it's a great looking backyard. i think you'll enjoy the tour and meeting the friendly folks. we've had to cancel it twice before. we appreciate their flexibility with all of the storms and bad weather and thousand degree days. we've had keep pushing it off. we're finally here and we'll make it count. it looks like great weather for backyard barbecuing. the odds on bet is that i will not get in the pool but we're thinking about it.
4:47 pm
i may dabble a toe in and there's even a hot tub on the deck. we'll give you a full tour. so far, blue skies and sunshine, still about 95 degrees in the backya backyard. let's try to keep the storms away for a couple more hours. >> that would be nice or else you have to get everybody out of the pool. we're excited and want to meet all of the folks there out in rockville. we want to see what's on the grill. what's cooking? >> we want to see you do your can onball? i didn't wear night cannonball outfit. >> you're in great shape, ready to put on your bathing suit, aren't you? >> i could use a cool splash, i'll give you that. >> all right, thank you, chuck. boy, he scored it big out there. >> we get the big pool on a hot day, can't get better than that
4:48 pm
looks great, doesn't it? >> coming up, a driver speeds down the wrong side of the road and smashes into another car. you've got to hear what happens after that. how a little boy wound up stuck in this sewer. . a guest room is the perfect place to have fun with color transform your space and your life you've been rescued with a little hope from quts open house", "george to the rescue" and "house smarts." [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go? friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go?
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cell phone video captured scary moments on a mississippi highway. you can see a driver going the wrong direction after doing so for several miles. his car slams into a suv knocking it completely off the road. the driver of the ford suv and her young passenger walked away from the wreck. the driver going the wrong direction suffered a broken shoulder and charged with reckless driving and could face charges. a 3-year-old boy wound up in a frighten and yucky situation, he disappeared tuesday playing with his brothers at the construction site in north columbia. after a massive search, they found him in a man hole clinging to a big stick with water swirling around him. he was moments away from being swept down a pipe where he could have drowned. rescuers searched the sewer a short time earlier in the day but didn't find him. luckily they decided to check it out again. he was pretty smart to hold on.
4:53 pm
>> look at him holding on, only 3 years old. >> now he needs a good long bath. >> for sure. coming up, a man grabs a little girl and tries to carry her away. the video shocked the nation. tonight we've learned about a break in the case. >> follow news 4 online, search nbc w
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4:56 pm
philadelphia police have made an arrest in an atelled abduction. i man tried to abduct a girl but she fought him off while her baby brother screamed at the top of his lungs. this incident shock and horrified the south philadelphia community. police wasted no time getting
4:57 pm
the word out. here's natalie morales. >> surveillance video captured the attempted abduction of say girl in her south philadelphia neighborhood in broad daylight on tuesday. >> i want this creep off our streets. immediately. >> one neighborhood surveil aengs camera shows the girl walking with her 2-year-old brother when a man started to follow them. a second surveillance camera shows him coming up from behind. >> picks her up and attempts to carry her from the highway. she falls to the ground at one point. >> the suspect ran off after he dropped the little girl. she started to run off and waited for her brother. her parents told wcau that she bit the man and struggled to free herself, something she learned watching "law and order". >> i think it's sickening what happened to her and seeing the
4:58 pm
surveillance video, it's heartbreaking. >> what is he capable of doing any other time? what is he capable of doing right now? >> police say the suspect turned himself in hours after the tape because he trapped after the video became public. the girl's mother said he picked the wrong victim. her daughter will fight tooth and nail with anyone. tracking our new round of storms tonight. >> new video shows a shocking scene at the metro station where a woman walks across the tracks. a break in the murder case of a skilled technician in the district. >> how did pepco do in the last storm? today a packed house grilled the utility company. good evening, i'm barbara hair son. >> scattered storms moving into our area but another line will move in later tonight. let's get the latest from veronica johnson and the storm
4:59 pm
center? >> we're watching a line of storms just to our west right now. and up to the north too. those storms up around westminster and around abing ton and dublin, they are making their way south eastward. spots like howard county, montgomery county, northern spots of montgomery county and north prince georges could see some of these storms that produce the heavy rain, maybe even a little bit of lightning too. right now our immediate area is quiet but also to the west, month scattered storms off i-81. just stepping into areas of west virginia down towards charleston, west virginia right now, it's packing a lot of lightning and serious heavy rain within it. that's what i think will be moving into our area between 7:00 and 11:00 p.m. here's what i'm expecting right now. the heavy rain and thunder and localized flooding and poor


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