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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you wanted a firm bed you can lie on one of those. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. oh, wow, that feels really good! take it up one notch. oh gosh, yes. once you experience it, there's no going back. now, save $500 on our p6 bed set. and hurry in for the final closeout of our 2011 flexfit adjustable base. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. more explosions in colorado, but these blasts were the work of police. they've destroyed the booby
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traps in the home of a man accused of opening fire in the movie theater. we have live team coverage on the tragedy. we begin with jay gray in aurora. >> reporter: in the wake of this tragedy, as this community struggles to fight through the pain and emotions left behind. investigators are getting a closer look inside the home of the man they say is responsible. a plume of black smokes attack tickal teams detonate the explosi explosives. those bombs adding to the pain and frustration of the massacre. >> if you think we're angry, we sure are angry. what's happened to our city, what's happened to these wonderful people who live here, and also what he threatened to do to one of our police officers. >> reporter: with the explosives gone, the fbi evidence response team is now scouring the apartment looking for any clues that could help them to understand hugh and why this
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happened. ♪ i once was lost >> reporter: answers that so many in this community are searching for as well. as they suffer through their loss and try to piece together what comes next. >> this violence has to stop. it has to stop. >> reporter: a memorial outside the theeter is growing, honoring the injured and fallen. among the dead, alex sullivan, who was celebrating his 27th birthday. tomorrow would have been his first wedding anniversary. mackkela was a college student. two servicemen were killed, air force staff sergeant jesse childress and john larimar. >> he was an outstanding ship mate, a valued member of our navy team. and an extremely dedicated sailor. >> 51-year-old cordon cowan was the oldest victim, 6-year-old
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veronica was the youngest. her mom still paralyzed with gunshot wounds to the neck and abdomen. 26 victims are still in hospitals tonight nine in critical condition. dealing with the pain of their wounds. >> i just don't understand. >> reporter: and the emotional scars which may take even longer to heal. we've learned tonight that president obama will travel to colorado on sunday to visit with family members of the victims. and there will be a citywide memorial here tomorrow night. live in aurora colorado, jay gray, now back to you. >> reporter: thank you, jay. james holmes is being held in solitary confinement for his own protection. he's awaiting his first court appearance on monday. investigators try to figure out what made the 24-year-old scholar snap. he was a ph.d. candidate at the university of colorado, but he was trying to withdraw from the program. school officials say he made a presentation back in may about the biological basis for psychiatric and neurological
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disorders. now, let's go back to more on the victims of this tragedy, some of whom gave their lives to protect their loved ones in that movie theater. darcie spencer has their stories. >> reporter: just in the last hour we got a photo of the youngest murder victim, 6-year-old veronica moser, her mom remains in critical condition. and we're learning of acts of bravery and heroism. two men who used their bodies as shields to save the women they loved. these are some of the faces of those killed in the colorado movie theater massacre. aspiring sportscaster, a community college student, a graduate student, a recent high school graduate, alex sullivan, who died celebrating his 27th birthday, and navy petty officer third class, john larimar. >> i'm deeply saddened by the loss of petty officer larimar. he was a valued shipment and
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member of our team. and an extremely dedicated sailor. >> there were at least two couples torn apart by the tragedy. matt died while shielding his girlfriend from the gunman's bullets. >> they're devoted to each other. they have the sparkle of love in their eyes when they looked at each other. >> reporter: jansen says her boyfriend shoved her under a movie seat. blanc is now counted among the dead. >> he saved me and gave me the opportunity to live. he would have done it for anyone that day, the nearest person next to him, he would have been this person needs my help now. >> then there's the youngest murder victim. just 6 years old. her mother clinging to life, paralyzed with bullets in her neck and stomach. >> a 25-year-old girl guests shot and her whole life, nobody can tell her her daughter's dead, that's all she's asking about right now. her life has changed in a flash for what. >> reporter: and there are the
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survivors still in the hospital with bullet rounds recovering from a nightmare, trying to understand why they lived while so many did not. >> he was standing above me, i could feel his presence right above me. and i stayed as still as i possibly could. and i just had my eyes closed the whole time. >> the thought crosses my mind he was going to walk up the aisles and kill everyone. and so there was definitely a moment when i felt like, wow, this may be the end. >> ashley moser's aunt says her father died just eight weeks ago, so the family was still in mourning, there had been some good news of late. ashley moser had just learned she had been accepted into nursing school. those plans are now on indefinite hold. >> people going to the movies tonight did see an added police presence at a lot of theaters. d.c., maryland and virginia police stepped up patrols after the shooting in colorado.
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despite the increased security, we still found long lines much people waiting to see the batman film. police are reminding moviegoers to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities to authorities right away. we won't have official sales numbers on the dark knight until monday morning, warner brothers decided to delay box office results out of respect for those in colorado. other theaters are doing the same as a show of solidarity. stay with news 4 for continuing coverage of the tragedy in colorado. can you also learn more about the victims on to other news now, the international aids conference gets underway in the district tomorrow. and today hundreds of activists with the aids health care foundation arrived at union station from cities around the country. they say the u.s. and other countries are retreating from
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their financial commitments. they plan to gather at the washington monument tomorrow for a rally, and a march to pressure leaders to stay engaged in the fight. meanwhile, the united nations is kicking off a new effort to educate and enlist young people in the fight against aids. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius attended the launch on 16th street. she says athletes from local universities will visit middle schools to share in information with younger students. >> we know kids pay attention to athletes, they sure pay attention to music. they love art. so the combination of art and music and athletes to bring a message to kids makes perfectly good sense. gets their attention. and also gives them some tools so they can become student leaders. >> the international aids conference begins tomorrow night at the washington convention center. a big debate at penn state, will the university get rid of its iconic statue of joe paterno? and london puts on a show just
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days ahead of the olympics. and we've had london kind of weather here. >> we sure did, cool and drizzly and wet, a lot of things we haven't seen in the month of july. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go? friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china.
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rethink how you re-energize. ♪ get a boost of natural energy with a new starbucks refreshers™, in three ways. natural energy from green coffee extract, only from starbucks. virginia senate candidate
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george allen and tim cane debated today. they accused each other of partisanship and disagreed on tax cuts and the health care reform law. >> i do want to be the deciding vote to repeal this health care tax law. tim cane thinks it's a great achievement. >> i'm going to fight to make it better with more cost saving mechanisms. bush tax cuts expire over $5,000. it will approve $600 billion over the next ten years. >> those tax cut that is we passed helped spur economic growth. raising taxes will only create more job losses. >> this race may be the tightest in the nation. >> a decision is expected soon on the future of the joe paterno statue at penn state university. calls to remove the statue escalated after an internal investigation implicated paterno in a cover-up of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal.
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there are also calls to leave the tribute right where it is. the penn state president will make the final call. ♪
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that music means the london olympics are just six days away. with a bit of dramatic flair, the british royal marines choppered the torch into central london today. thousands turned out to cheer the torch relays. organizers are putting the final touches on their $14 billion project. the venues are finished on time
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under budget, there have been last mint snags with security. >> certainly it's more because of the appearances, i think. in reality, the plan is not compromised, it's just the different people are carrying out the plan. >> transportation is another area of concerned for organizers in london, as some of the worst traffic in the world. the traffic plan has really yet to be tested. nbc 4 is your olympic station. can you watch the opening ceremonies on july 27th. and also, watch for updates on our local athletes who are competing. of course dan helie is heading across the pond. >> it was a good day from a weather perspective. >> a little better than this, sure. but it's been a very ugly spring and summertime over there for them. they sent their ugly weather back to us for the day. and i did not hear one single complaint. even on the twitter universe today reaching out to me,
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everybody appreciated the break in the heat. and more importantly, a nice slow steady soaking rain. outside right now on your saturday night, it's still cloudy and awfully wet outside. areas of light mist and drizzle still roaming about the area, it sure was a nice change of pace today. our official high temperature made it up to only 71 degrees. that is a new record for the coolest high temperature ever on july 21st. look at all the temperature records we have set just this month. morning low temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s, record high temperatures over 100. there it is, july 21st, our high temperature today, only 71 degrees. average high for april 30th, that's how nice and unusual it was, still 70 now at national airport with the clouds and mist and drizzle still lingering about, temperatures hovering around upper 60s do 70. not going to move in the overnight. 60s and low 70s, cloudy, cool
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and damp in the morning. sunny breaks occurring lunchtime or there after. if you're headed out to the baseball game tomorrow, first pitch at 1:35. about 80 degrees with some sunshine returning, it will be sunnier, the further into the game you get. here it is on radar, not much showing up. there's a lot more mist and drizzle that doesn't really show up that well on the radar. heavy thunderstorms across parts of the outer banks of north carolina, that's all below that weather front that brought us the severe weather wednesday and thursday. that front has settled down to our south, as it starts to lift back up to the north, we'll have thunderstorm chances back in the picture by monday and tuesday. so for tomorrow, clouds giving way to sunshine by later on in the day tomorrow. so on the hole, i think you'll like your sunday, quiet sunday night into monday morning. monday, during the day, hot again, temperatures around or slightly above 90 degrees, head on out to the beach, another
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cool cloudy day tomorrow, warming up and drying out as the week starts. for us, overnight, drizzle ending shortly after midnight. cloudy and cool, lows tonight 61. tomorrow, plenty of clouds and dampness first thing in the morning. clearing later on during the day. can't rule out a spotty shower south of town tomorrow. back up to the low and mid-90s, we get a chance of afternoon thunderstorms, generally speaking, most of the upcoming week, no 98s or 9s. >> coming newspaper sports, we'll have the latest on an injury to bryce harper. ♪
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i feel like one of the luckiest guys in the world. ♪
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and a familiar face, jill sorensen back here at news 4. good to see you again. >> thanks. >> nats turned things around tonight. >> let's hope it's the beginning of a turnaround for sure. the last three games have been tough. nats manager davey johnson said this week, his team is healthier now than it has been all year. then bryce harper bunted a ball into his own ankle this afternoon. he was taken out of today's matinee against the braves early, he didn't start the nightcap tonight because of the contusion on his foot. lucky for the nats, harper's replacement, roger bernadina was key in their win tonight. bryce harper started this one watching on the bench, rusting that bruise on his ankle. top of the seventh, making his first start of the season for the nats, lannan went 7 innings, he had just two earned runs. there's roger bernadina hitting one into right. sandy leone scores to put the
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nats up 3-2. 5 for 7 in the two games today. look, it's bryce harper in the bottom of the eighth, i thought he was hurt. what bruise? there's no bruise. pinch hit single looking pretty healthy there. a little bit of a lift, but he's okay. after harper steals second on the bruised ankle. danny espinosa takes this one to right. harper's moving, here comes the throw. and harper is up easy. i told you, what happened to the bruise? the nats take a 4-2 lead. got to keep it close, right? >> davey johnson was impressed with john lannan tonight. >> great effort. i'm so happy for him. such a competitor, such a great guy. and he pitched lights out. he had a rough start. but he was close to unhittable after that as you can get. i liked him last year, i mean, he had his rough times like
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everybody else, but he's one heck of a competitor, he showed that tonight. >> good for lannan. game one of the doubleheader. how about some young fans showing their attitude. this is where bryce harper got hurt. he bunts the ball right down into his left ankle and that would smart quite a built. he tried to walk it off. they pulled him out in the third. x-rays were negative. nothing broken obviously, he comes back in the nightcap, right? in the top of the ninth it's 2-0 braves. even nats fans get on their feet for chipper jones, why not? here he is a two-run shot. you're not supposed to do it against the nats, though. braves win game one four-nothing. beautiful day for baseball in cleveland, orioles taking on the indians. jack hannahan takes this to center. nick markakis comes up with a
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beautiful diving grab. see how smooth he is going out there? look at chris tell me, thanks, dude. top of the seventh now, jim tomorrow may at the dish. he gets all of that. sweet swing. number 611 for thome. ryan flaherty had a home run last night. he goes yard again tonight. a solo shot out to straightaway centerfield, and the orioles close it out, win it 3-1 over the indians, their 50th win of the season. uncommonly gorgeous weather greeted golfers at the british open this morning, and the leaders took advantage of it, in hopes of getting ahead before those brutal winds are supposed to kick up a notch for tomorrow's final round. today's round saw tiger woods struggle. adam scott holds a steady lead, and a hole in one by a british open newcomer. we start with audobon la herery. the 25-year-old native of india on number nine.
11:26 pm
paul mcginley aced this hole in '96. 16 years later, how about laheary. i can't even imagine that feeling. tiger woods in third going into round three. bogeyed two of his first three holes. look how far away he is? that's over 50 feet. tiger woods finds the bottom of the cup. he shoots an even par 70 at 6 under. he's in fourth place now. five shots back of the lead looking for his 15th major title. here's adam scott, he led after the first round, in second after yesterday. and today, on eight looking for back to back birdies and he knocks this one down. scott shoots a three under 67. at 11 under for the tournament, he's your leader. one ever away from his first victory at a major. d.c. united in columbus, looking to score in the 31st minute.
11:27 pm
tyler beats joe willis for his first goal of the year. and crew takes a 1-0 lead. it looks like united nets the equal uizer on the foot of dwayne derozario. united falls to columbus 1-0. they have three wins in their last ten. >> ooh. >> yeah. >> thanks. that's our news for tonight. "saturday night live" is coming up next. have a great night, everyone, we'll see you right back here tomorrow night. still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start.
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vice president biden's still in there? >> yes, mr. president. >> joe, it's me, barack. can i come in? >> you mean president jerk face? >> coming in, joe.


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