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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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drifts right of the hole. so now a formality for dan quinn. just ready to button up his fifth win and move within three of rick rhoden, and he's won it whether it was in stroke play or the modified stableford scoring. dan quinn playing beautiful golf throughout the course of the weekend and especially today. started out with a bogey, but he's played brilliant golf. >> with that not going in, this will be the lowest points total to ever win this championship in the ten years now that it's been the stableford system. 68 being the previous lowest total to ever win. >> it was rick rhoden back in 2008. >> with all the improvement that mark mulder has seen in his
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game, be surprised to see him in contention for a lot more of these titles. got some serious firepower, roger. >> he can bring it. >> mm-hmm. >> par for mulder at 18. 52 points his total. >> rypien's going to hole out here and get out of the way and let dan quinn have the stage. >> if he makes this, it puts him in sole possession of second place. and rypien does. his best finish since he won in 1990 in the inaugural event. 60 points for mark rypien. now dan quinn for his par. to make it official.
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and dan quinn with that par at 18 wins the american century championship for the fifth time. >> what a day for team els, huh? >> dan quinn caddies for ernie els part time. his man won the british open earlier today. a hug from dan's wife, and then dan finishes with his victory at the 23rd american century championship. dan quinn, a 3 under par 69, 66 points the total, as he holds off the field with a six-point victory. we want to thank american century for a wonderful week century for a wonderful week here in lake tahoe. -- captions by vitac --
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penn state tears down the statue of joe paterno the same day the ncaa say it will issue sanctions. what this means for the future of the football program. first, the healing begins. president obama heads to colorado to comfort the victims of unspeakable violence in a movie theater. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. the president touched down in
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aurora minutes ago. there will be a service to honor those lost and to pray for those who survived. we learned the shooting suspect tried to join a gun range but his application was denied because of bizarre behavior. tomorrow that man is expected in court for the first time. we begin with jay gray in aurora, colorado. he has the latest developments in the investigation. >> reporter: president obama arrives in colorado carrying the sorrow and condolences of the nation for the families of the victims of the massacre. it marks a day of memories and mourning in aurora. many turning to a higher power during sunday services as they struggled to try to understand the killing spree and 24-year-old james holmes, the man police say is responsible. >> the source of the evil that took the lives. >> reporter: memorials are grow ing across the shattered city. so many searching for some way
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to honor the injured and remember the fallen. >> can't believe that something like this could happen in my community. and we needed to pay our respects. i just feel awful. >> reporter: there is little chantel blunt can do. forced to tell her children that their dad is never coming home. >> my son has his exact blue eyes so when i look at him -- when i see her smil i see him. >> reporter: and she will never see her great niece again. veronica moesher died. >> her whole life changed in a flash. >> reporter: federal agents continue to try to figure out how and why. investigators have finished gathering and processing
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evidence inside holmes' apartment. the police chief calls that a critical success. >> it was absolutely crucial there because of the superb work of the bomb teches, we preserved every ounce of evidence in there. >> reporter: residents have not been allowed back inside because of chemical hazards from the suspect's apartment, a danger that lingers along with the anger and pain of the attack. jay gray, nbc news, aurora, colorado. also tonight a mainstay on the pen state campus now just a memory. the statue of joe paterno was taken down this morning. the decision made after a report found paterno helped cover up sex abuse claims. this is a time lapse video taken by a former coach as workers removed that statue today. penn state's president called it it a source of division and an obstacle to healing.
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also the ncaa is ready to hand down unprecedented sanctions against the school. brian moore has our report. >> reporter: once a shrine to the winningest coach in college football history, the monument of penn state's joe paterno was unceremoniously dismantled. a blue tarp blocked the public e's view as penn state history was rewritten by construction workers. a sad day in a place known as happy valley. >> they are trying to wipe it from history. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. >> i was in favor of them taking it down. i'm glad they did it quickly. >> reporter: the statue had become an unwanted remind eer of the child sex abuse scandal involving jerry sandusky. an independent investigation found paterno and other top penn state officials covered up for sandusky, who has been convicted a on 45 counts of sex abuse. penn state football faces a very different judge and jury, the
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ncaa. on monday they will announce sanctions being described as unprecedented. >> they play football come septemb september, something is wrong. >> reporter: with joe paterno's life and legacy under scrutiny, penn state is trying to wipe the slate clean for all the world to see and move forward without him. penn state's president calls the removal of the statue the right and principled decision. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> the paterno family released this statement that read in part, tearing down the statue of joe paterno does not serve the victims of jerry sandusky's horrible crimes or help heal the penn state community. we believe the only way to help the victims is to uncover the full truth. it is not the university's responsibility to defend or protect joe paterno, but they should have at least acknowledged that the record on joe paterno and other key players is far from complete. coming up, an international
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effort comes together in d.c. why organizers are optimistic about an end to the aids epidemic. plus as michael jackson's mother gone missing? the drama that has now police involved. and check this out. an 80-year-old woman fighting off robbers with help from the produce aisle. look at all that blue in our sky once again. and if you like 90-degree weather in the middle of summerings
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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tonight authorities believe michael jackson's mother katherine is safe and staying with family in arizona. a family member reported her missing last night. she's the guardian of michael's three children. paris, michael's daughter, says the physician is a friend of conrad murray. an 80-year-old woman in massachusetts tried to fight off some crooks with some fruit. this surveillance video catches the woman throwing mangos at the thieves as they try to steal from a family member's grocery store. then one of the men hits the woman on the head with a gun. the thieves got away with $500. the woman has a bruise on her
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head but she's doing okay. coming up next, big changes ahead for the workweek. chuck's forecast is still to come. and tonight a looks like a chat site for children, but it ♪
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the international aids kimpbs conference begins tonight. the wy clef john headed up the concert. it was organized by the aids health care foundation as a way to raise awareness about the disease. they are calling for universal access to testing and also want a spotlight on the high cost of drugs used to treat aids. chuck is here now. the sun came back but without the 98 degree temperatures. >> today's forecast right on the mark. no doubt about it. we woke up with full overcast, and as advertised, just after lunchtime the sun started to appear. and about 3:00, the sun even broke through here in good old washington, d.c. you can see the sky now.
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plenty of clouds still remain. the sunshine has helped temperatures today climb back above the 80-degree mark. we're now 82 at national airport. dew points have remained high close to the 70-degree mark. so it feels humid out there. but with temperatures in the 70s and 80s, a perfect night for outdoor barbecuing and enjoying this sunday evening. temperatures low 80s. mid-80s across parts of central virginia. 88 degrees in peterburg, west virginia. the warmer air to the west is inbound for monday. so be ready for an increase in temperatures tomorrow. but sunday evening looks perfect. clearing skies, warm and humid, and evening temperatures falling from 80 now to the 70s. the radar, nothing to worry about around here. a couple sprinkles across southern delaware. and a few lonely thunder showers in the valley. the heavier storms are way down
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to the south. that's where they are going to stay. the clouds getting scoured out by that sunshine. they will reform a bit overnight. cloudy and mild first thing tomorrow morning, a gray sky. then the sun will break out. that's part of the problem for tomorrow. a trough of low pressure will fire up afternoon thunderstorms and the heat returns as well. tomorrow back into the 90s. ahead of a weather front on tuesday, another opportunity for thunderstorms in the afternoon. and some of those storms tomorrow and tuesday might be able to reach severe limits. so keep a weather eye to the sky for the next couple days. what if you're going down to the beach? you have done well. a little stormy tomorrow. nice and warm. just the way you like it. ocean water temperature is 78 degrees. cloudy, mild, and humid. lows in the 60s and low 70s. and then back to work tomorrow. more sunshine than today. much warmer as well. back into the 90s. we're watching out for
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thundersto thunderstorms tomorrow and tuesday. so just keep that in the back of your mind. strong thunderstorms are a possibility. wednesday, nice and quiet. then just garden variety thunder showers towards the end of the week. unfortunately, you can see seven 90s in a row. i don't think we have the stuff to get to 100 this week, but i wouldn't be surprised to see 96s thrown in there. >> just don't ask me to do the math. thanks, chuck. coming up in sports, an epic collapse at the british open. plus ryan zimmerman and the
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hernandez, happy to be here on a sunday to tell us about the one that got away. >> i get that all the time. look. you're watching golf today, here's how it goes. adam scott can, thank you for litting me off the hook, welcome to the club. scott joins as the only man to have a four-shot lead on the open championship and go home without the jug. this one may have been more painful to watch because of the
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slow bleed that took place. tiger woods began at a five back of mr. scott. nearly impossible shot in the bunker, almost hits him. then it puts tiger on his bum literally. finally gets out of the bunker, but ends up 40 feet away. triple bogey, tiger's hopes dashed. tied for third. that's 17 straight majors without a victory. adam scott was on cruise control. 10 under with a four-shot lead, but then the wheels come off. short par putt and lips out. thi things begin to tighten up. still a two-shot cushion on ernie els. here's the approach. not good for the australian. ernie ellis was doing this on 18 for birdie. els to 7 under with a two under
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68. trying to get his first major in over a decade. it would come down to this for scott. scott found a bunker on 18. this is his third shot needs to get up and down from the fareway to force a playoff. scott within eight feet. that's money. meanwhile, ernie checking to see if i chose myself in fantasy golf this weekend. i should have. forcing a playoff and the epic fail. four up, a dom scott collapses and ernie els wins. only five other men have done that. the title of championship golfer. to baseball. the nationals announcing placed on the 15-day dl proving once again my choice not to have any sort of muscle is a wise one. they will reevaluate in two weeks. ryan zimmerman, he has
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muscles, but hotter than july batting .383. 84 miles an hour change-up from juergens. that's not good enough. nats up 2-0. then later up 3-0, ropes one to right. nats up 4-0. 8 for 11 in the last three games. bottom three, zim up again. i told you, he crushes it. this time a solo to left. his tenth career multihome run game. nats take a 5-0 lead. and in trouble in the fourth with the bases juiced, he's going to erase this quickly. fields the comebacker and that's a 1-2-3 double play. he gives up two runs and one earned. back to the offense one more time. everyone hitting today including rookie sammy laone.
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his first career double and first career rbis. nats win 8-2 splitting the series. they are still three and a half games up over the braves. the orioles also a winner. >> desmond was playing with that irritated muscle. >> they realized it's torn. >> they'd have trouble finding that out. >> missing in action. >> thanks. that's the news for now. we will be back
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...


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