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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  July 24, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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storms just south of winchester. there are a few more storms to our north, frederick county and the mason-dixon line, up toward pennsylvania. but that's really about it. once this boundary moves through, that will be it for it but if you're heading out tonight, make sure you have your umbrella and keep a watchful eye to the sky keep you updated here at nbc 4. coming up in a few minutes, talking about more record heat. talk about that in a minute. a nine-month investigation ends with a murder arrest for the death of baby in fairfax county a woman who was taking care of the baby at the time has been charged. pat collins, live in vienna, virginia, with more on how this tragedy unfolded. >> she was supposed to take care of that little boy, make sure he was safe, but now, now she is charged in his murder.
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20-year-old carol lutski, charged in the murder of knee maya williams, an 11-month-old baby boy left in his care. cause of death? blunt force trauma. this case goes way back to last october and this house on lakewood drive in vienna. it was here that lutski cared for that little boy. now, this was suspicious from the start. police say on the day that it happened, lutski said the boy became unresponsive but instead of calling 911, she took the little boy to his biological mother in reston. after that he was taken to an emergency medical center there, then flown to children's hospital in washington, where later, he was pronounced dead. using special protective gear, police spent some time searching the house, looking for clues. this investigation went on for
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nine months. there was a grand jury involved. lutski arrested and charged yesterday with child abuse and murder. back on lakewood drive today, reaction from neighbors. >> it's terrible. i mean, very hard to understand. i had four kids. i can't understand why somebody would treat a child like that. >> you can imagine what this has done to the williams family. when this happened, i remember talking by phone to a relative of the little boy. >> just feels like a nightmare. it feels like a bad dream i'm waiting too wake up from. he was a playful little kid. you know, very sweet young baby. >> reporter: why did this investigation take so long? >> the investigation required resources from inside and
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outside the department. so, it made the investigation more complex, took a little bit longer. >> reporter: suspect lutski is said to be a close friend of the little boy's mother, so what could the motive be here? well, if investigators know, they are not saying. live in vienna, pat collins, news4. families who lost loved ones in the colorado theater shooting last friday are now facing the somber task of planning funerals. 12 people died in the attack. the first service will take place on friday. police and federal agents returned to the theater today to look for more clues. they are also searching the suspect's apartment. the alleged gunman, 24-year-old james who willholmes, will be f charged in monday. his demeanor in court yesterday raised questions the state of his mind. some legal experts are predicting an insanity plea. >> i think that's going to be
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the only option the defense has. the question becomes mentally, did you understand what you were doing and should you be held accountable? a bittersweet day for one family. a woman whose husband was critically wounded gave birth this morning to their first child. the baby was delivered in the same hospital where her husband is in critical condition with a head wound. back here at home, a terrifying close call for a woman driving across the tracks at a railroad crossing in hyattsville this morning. her suv was slammed by a freight train that she apparently never saw coming. amazingly, she survived. it happened about 10 a.m. as the csx freight train passing through this industrial and residential part of prince georges county. the crossing at decatur street sits at a curve on the tracks, right on the border of edmondston and hyattsville r the suv could be seen flipped on its side, partially hidden in the trees beside the tracks, dragged 30 feet from the crossing.
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>> the lady was coming up this steep hill right here around the train was coming too fast. she didn't have no time to stop. >> reporter: edison deleon saw the train slam into the suv and he went to help woman, who was conscious and talking to be taken to a weight ambulance. she told him she had just left her children at day care right before the accident. >> she had just dropped her children off. she had three car seats in the back. so i'm glad they are all right and she is all right. >> reporter: the crossing warning lights and bell were on after the collision but this crossing has no gate that drops as a train approaches. this stretch of decatur was also down to one lane with a construction project under way in the area. it is not clear if that construction signage played any role in this accident. the crossing's now reopened. the woman in her 30s was hospitalized with serious injuries but she is expected to be okay. there's a developing story in the district tonight. more than a dozen aids activists have been arrested in front of the white house. they were among thousands
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marching through the city to spread the message that more needs to be done to stop the spread of hiv and aids. the group matched from the convention center down k street and over to the white house. there, they tied red ribbons and dollar bills to the white house fence. they clashed with police when they refused to keep on walking. the march coincides with the international aids conference taking place in our area this week. d.c. police have settled a lawsuit with the aclu over the rights of people to take pictures of police officers while they are on duty. this stems from an incident where a videographer got detained for taking photos. darcy spencer is here now with the rest of the story. dar? i. >> reporter: pat, do you have the right to take pictures of police at a crime scene or a traffic stop in the young man who is behind the lawsuit was detained for doing just that the lawsuit has prompted d.c. police to adopt these new policies, reinforcing the rights over people to record and photograph
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its officers. jerome vorhees filed suit against d.c. police after officers detained him for about half an hour. that's when he was snapping pictures of police at a traffic stop that did not involve him in georgetown two years ago. >> i'm still outraged that things like this are still happening. >> reporter: vorhees who is represented by the american civil liberties union, settled the suit this week, under the. under that, members of the public have a right to photograph and represent officers on duty. >> love it. so hard to get things changed in this city, so i'm really happy that i was a part of the process getting them to change the procedures. >> reporter: citizens complained about police seizing their cell phones without a warrant. this woman told news4 her cell phone was snatched from her hand by police from a crime scene in chinatown. when she got it back several days later, she said her involves a gone. >> they just took it. >> reporter: at the time, an assistant police chief said
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officer does seize a cell phone if they thought it contained evidence. >> so, they are able to take it. it is legal to seize video? >> yes. yes. >> reporter: the new orders, a copy of which obtained by news4, says police officers cannot order anyone to stop taking photos or recording, demand the person's i.d., demand to know why they are taking photos or recording, detain the person or intentionally block their view. >> we had to sue them to get their attention. >> reporter: aclu says mpd cooperated once the suit was filed and he says the new policy is a model for other departments to follow. >> if you are out in a public place on the public sidewalks or parks, you have a right to take pictures, including pictures of the police doing their job. >> it's important to know that this policy does not apply to u.s. park, u.s. capitol, secret service and the other police agencies that operate here in the district. so, what if you take a picture or have a video that police want? i will tell you what the policy says officers should do to get
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that evidence coming up on news4 at 6:00. >> thank you, darcy. we are following some breaking news tonight in arlington. >> relatives found the bodies of a man and a woman inside a home on south 31st street. news4's erika gonzalez reports live from arlington. erika? >> reporter: hi, pat. we are in the fair ling ton neighborhood about 3:00 today, police arrived and are now investigating what they are calling two suspicious deaths. this is what we know right now, little information, but 3:00, the call came in a family member went in to check on their loved ones and found two bodies, that of one man and one woman deceased. these are the share ling ton apartments, this is the 4500 block of 31st street south. again, police called out here about 3:00 this afternoon, not saying much right now. what we do know is they are calling this two suspicious death he deaths. the last time arlington county had a death was two years ago.
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now this, two bodies found at 3:00. we will have more information as the newscast progresses are. back to you. >> thanks. now to presidential politics. president obama is in portland, toer reg gone, expected to speak in about two hours. toy, republican mitt romney spoke to the veterans of foreign wars con ven eggs in reno where the president spoke yesterday. romney sharply criticized mr. obama's tense relationship with israel and implied he would take a harder line with iran and russia. romney is headed overseas, going to london for the opening of the olympic games, then set to visit israel and poland. still ahead on news4 at 5:00, a local man shot and killed by fairfax police. tonight, the parents demand answer he is. final vote this afternoon on the zoning for costco gas station in montgomery county. and forget the pharmacy, these prescriptions are getting [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go?
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the district government today announced initial results of a new effort to use the internet and social media to grade city service. the three-year, $500,000 project is soliciting complaints and compliments. tom sherwood reports. >> now serving e-542 at counter number 13. >> reporter: at the district dmv in southwest washington, modern technology and training in recent years has sharply reduced wait times and complaints. how was the service in there? >> the service good. i didn't have no problem. >> we had a little -- little hiccup but it was taken care of very, very quickly. >> if how were the employees?
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>> the employees fine. the employees fine. >> reporter: how is the city doing at other major agencies that deal with the public? mayor vincent gray tuesday announced initial results from six weeks of monitoring social media and the city's own grade d.c. website it used a private firm that normally focuses just on private business. >> obviously one of the things we are trying to do is continuously improve service. nobody has tried this before this is a new approach. >> reporter: all five city agencies involved, public works, motor vehicles, traffic, consumer affairs and recreation all showed average grades. tennessee other agencies will be added this fall. long-time director of the city's dmv says employees don't mind the system. the reports both bads and good behavior. >> well aware we had a customer survey tool but just another tool for us to get even additional feedback. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. >> to see the district's grading system, go to our website,
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washington, d.c., search the word survey. imagine a life without ever eating fruits and vegetables. it is a rate for some them our area. >> indeed it is doreen again thes letter is looking at a program making easier to eat healthier. >> buying fresh fruit and vegetables can be expensive and can be a challenge to find fresh produce, knew group of local nonprofits is working together to make healthy eating a bigger part of people's lives and doing it by giving out prescription for produce. >> well, i wouldn't eat vegetables nor fruits. if i did, it was once every month or so. >> reporter: 18-year-old janet lopez, a mother of two, says her eating habits are pretty typical for a lot of people in her columbia heights neighborhood. she says it is because produce is expensive u >> it's difficult, 'cause i make a little bit of money at work so i tend to depend on my mom at times. >> reporter: over the last couple of months, things have begun to change. that's because her doctor is now
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demanding that she and her children eat healthier, to the point that she gets a weekly prescription for vegetables from the farmers a market. >> strawberries, apples, berries, oranges, vegetable it is, i get beans, cucumbers, tomatoes. >> reporter: all part of the fruit and vegetable prescription program, a joint project between uni unity health care and community nonprofits it gives prescriptions hon herd at five different markets throughout the city the amount of money patients get spend varies depending on the size of the family. it can be as much as $60 a week. >> the economy, you know is a lot. it helps them very much. >> reporter: myrna valdez works with parents at university health care's upper cardoza center. she says getting a prescription helps patients understand how significant a healthy diet s. >> make them feel like -- they think of medicine is important for the health, but also the
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vegetables, you know, the doctors prescribe it the amount of vegetables and fruits that you have to have in your life. >> reporter: the program introduces patients to farmer's markets. lauren beale is executive director of d.c. greens, one of the program's partners. >> the patients coming, many didn't realize the markets were there. >> reporter: janet lopez says she is starting to feel the impact of eating more fruits and vegetables. >> i feel that i have more energy. i feel like now i'm doing something healthy for me and i feel more healthier 'cause i'm eating stuff that i need and i should-eating. >> hope is that she will continue. participants in the program are selected based on their risk for developing chronic diseases and obesity. they can stay in the program for six months. the hope is that it can ex-spantd to all the farmers markets in the city and the serve even more people. pat, jim? >> thanks, doreen. >> a good program. >> yeah. did you eat your vegetables?
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>> i just had a whole fruit salad. yes, i did. >> good for you. >> thank you for asking. pretty good. >> what are you going to do for us about the weather? >> going to give you a couple of storm, not many that is good. going to give you a great day tomorrow. we will talk about it in a second. thought right now, how are things doing, not too bad. very warm and muggy, again, a lot of clouds today, those clouds really, really helping us out here. because if we see plenty of sunshine today, we will be in the mid to upper 90s, we will see a good chance for severe weather. fortunately for us we did see a lot of cloud cover due to storms off to our west, that helped to keep temperatures down a little bit. still reached a high of 92. 88 degrees, the current temperature out there, dew point close to 70. the humidity is up. it is very warm and muggy across the region and going to stay that way. 79 in culpepper. rain moving your watch 73, winchester, already seen the rain, why the cool air. frederick, maryland, same deal, seen rain move through, heavy
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rain, temperatures 73. still 95 down toward the river. they were at 98 earlier. that shows you what we could have got to if we saw plenty of sunshine during the afternoon today. look at the heat index. 101, pax river, 100, cambridge. 99, annapolis. cooler back to the west, we have seen that rain come through. here's where the rain is right now. a couple of storms coming in through baltimore county, down toward baltimore. this is the storm we are watching coming right down 270, even stronger storm just to the west of warrington, north around west of culpepper. we will zoom in on this first. it has a bow, that tells me winds to deal with 40 miles an hour no severe thunderstorm warnings with this at this time you moving through washington, back to the north around the -- just to the south of front royal. culpepper to the south, so this storm coming in in toward boston and about the next ten minutes, down toward culpepper, your
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area, down about 2 to 0, 27 min. this storm continues to move to the south and east. it could intensify a little bit. don't anticipate too much out of it expect to see strong winds, lightning and brief heavy rain. the storm through frederick county now moving in toward montgomery county, right around damascus, north of gaithersburg. if you are along 270. here is frederick, here is urbana, seeing that storm move into your area now, montgomeriville, next 20 minutes for you, 30 minutes toward gainesville -- gaithersburg, rather, and rockville, maryland, the next 40 to 45 minutes. this one has been kind of pulsating, meaning strengthening and weakening. right now, in a weakening phase and really not too bad it did have a warning, now is gone. behind it, we clear out nicely and we see some fantastic weather coming in the next
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couple of days. one more day of heat on thursday, but not a heat wave. good news there. >> thanks, doug. a warning for parents, a stroller recalled after the death to of a child. >> also ahead, meet the newest residents at the national zoo. from prince georges county to london for the olympic games we catch one local hoops star kevin durant. stick around for news4 at 6:00. ♪
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got our eye on local talent. >> you can stay at home but still watch what is going on with local folk hose are competing. >> olympic fever, right? you're going to get it with all the local standouts. you are already familiar with kevin durant, he is a star in the nba. inconsistenter national basketball, he is what you call a matchup nightmare. the three-point arc is closer and with kevin's skillset, you are going to heart announcer say you cannot defend that a lot. hard to believe he almost gave the game up. dan hellie now on why his u.s. teammates are thankful he didn't. >> good ball mom. durant, draws the contact and won. >> 6'11'. 6" 11". 6' 11". can shoot a pure here is the every sense of the word. a pure shooter. handle the ball and get to the rim. >> his work ethic. his work ethic, his humbleness, he works hard and gets the job
5:27 pm
done. he wants to be great r kind of trickles down to our teammates as well. >> reporter: the trickle down effect even felt at the pleasant recreation center, where durant's love for basketball was born and even after all the accolades and achievements, dur rant has not forgot where he's from, donating $25,000, helping to refurbish the entire facility. >> from an early age, he has never been a selfish individual. he has been a person that not only give time, even as a young age, when he was learning to play basketball, him helping with the younger kids. it is something instilled with him through his family, people at the recreation center, no surprise at all. >> reporter: what might surprise you is that durant wanted to quit basketball. his mother and mentors were riding him hard. he would run this hill next to the rec center 25 times a day. 50 when mom was around. but in his mind, it wasn't
5:28 pm
paying dividend he is. between seventh and ninth grades, he was overlooked by the area's elite high school coaches and overshadowed by aau teammates. >> i was working so hard and i wasn't seeing any results. i thought it wasn't fair, you know? but it taught me patience. it taught me how to just keep persevering and things would eventually work out. and taught me what hard work really means. something i had to go through. i didn't know that at the time but i had to go through that. it was very is right a.m. to my success today and making to the nba. so all about continuing to keep pushing myself, passing my limits and hopefully, i see my future get brighter. >> dan hellie reporting. don't forget, dan is in london covering the games. look for his reports from across the pond starting this thursday, the opening ceremony is friday right here on nbc 4. usa and spain, they are going on right now, highlights of that game, the final tune-up for u.s. men's basketball.
5:29 pm
that is going to be highlights tonight at 6:00. >> okay, carol, thanks. >> thanks. coming up in our next half hour, a final decision today on where a gas station is gonna be built at the costco in wheaton. tell you what neighbors are saying about the decision. new cheetahs getting ready for visitors after battling through a difficult birth. >> look at those cuties. and the man who murdered jennifer hudson's family learns his fate. >> and a couple severe thunderstorm warnings, northern ann aroundel county until 6:15 and montgomery county along 270, over the next four months,g 270, you have a choice to make.
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not just between two political parties, or even two people. it's a choice between two very different plans for our country. governor romney's plan would cut taxes for the folks at the very top. roll back regulations on big banks. and he says that if we do, our economy will grow and everyone will benefit. but you know what? we tried that top down approach.
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it's what caused the mess in the first place. i believe the only way to create an economy built to last is to strengthen the middle class. asking the wealthy to pay a little more so we can pay down our debt in a balanced way. so that we can afford to invest in education, manufacturing, and home-grown american energy for good middle class jobs. sometimes politics can seem very small. but the choice you face, it couldn't be bigger. ♪ i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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let's take a look at those severe thunderstorm warnings. once again, everybody under a severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00. a couple thunderstorms, one baltimore, another frederick, in toward montgomery county now and
5:33 pm
more storms toward culpepper county. the severe thunderstorm warning in effect for baltimore, northern ann aroundel county and over toward montgomery, 270, includes gaithersburg, clarksburg, you folks are going to be seeing this storm move through your area very, very soon, if you live in gaithersburg, get ready, storm should be on your doorstep the next 15 to 20 minutes, move right down 270 to the rockville area coming up in the next 40 minutes, continue to keep you posted on all these storms and the heat coming up in just a minute. pat? >> all right, thank you, doug. costco has been battling it out with neighbors in the wheaton area for years over proposed gas station. today, finally, there was a decision. news4's chris gordon tells us what it was. >> costco is coming to westfield wheaton, construction is under way but will costco be allowed to build a large gas station here? almost right next door to the proposed gas pumps is the ken month swim and tennis club. >> woe love to have a costco
5:34 pm
here. they want to put the gas station here, which we are opposed to because of the fumes, the traffic, just -- this area does not need another gas station here. >> reporter: the kensington heights neighborhood has been fighting against costco gas for two and a half years. what it would it mean for your property value? >> bring it way down, bring it way down. >> reporter: costco's planning a megagas station, defined by the montgomery county council as pumping more than 3.6 million gallons a year. costco plans to sell 12 million gallons annually. the council considered requiring a 1,000-foot buffer between megagas stations and recreation areas like a pool or a school. >> how many human lives am i willing to put at risk? i don't know how many cases of cancer can be caused. i don't need to find out. >> reporter: there were only four votes in gave over the 1,000-foot setback and would have failed but the council compromised and then unanimously passed a bill requiring megagas
5:35 pm
stations to be at least 300 feet from recreation areas for children. >> the plans as we currently submitted them do not comply with zga as it has been approved. we will have to take another look at that and see how that does impact. >> will you move your gas station further away from the kensington heights neighborhood? >> if it is possible we can move it and comply that, absolutely woe do that. >> reporter: kensington heights neighborhood feels it has won a victory. >> i'm one step short of ecstatic. ecstatic would have been the 1,000 foot, but just a tiny bit short of ecstatic. >> chris gordon reporting for us there. residents in prince georges county are now able to access 311 without dialing the phone. county click is what it's called, a new app that allows residents to submit nonemergency service ". the first phase of the county's 311 call center which is slated to launch later this year. county click -- >> see blight in your neighborhood, you can use your hand-held device, you can go
5:36 pm
online, let us knee where that blight is and actually track our response. this is gonna make us more transparent, more efficient and the way government should be and the type of government i want to see us run in prince georges county. >> county click is available on itunes and google play. the field of candidates who planned to run in next year's race for attorney general in virginia is growing. mark herring, a democratic state senator from loudon, is entering the campaign. he made the announce n an e-mail to supporters today. the office is now held by republican ken cuccinelli, running for governor. iffing her wins, he would be virginia's first democratic attorney general in 20 years. you can be among the first to see this new attraction at the national zoo. this week, two cheetah cubs are making their public debut. here's news4's tracee wilkins with a sneak peek. >> reporter: members of friends of the zoo and today, they are very excited.
5:37 pm
>> it's all exciting you, just even watching them. >> reporter: they get to be the among the first to say hi to the newest additions to the national zoo family. >> yeah. they are really cute. >> reporter: they are small and at times, a little hard to spot. but with every step, the two cheetah cubs are getting acclimated to their new home. this after a rough beginning you. >> as a lot of first-time mothers will do she ended up walking away from them. >> reporter: the first cub was born april 23rd at the smithsonian conservation biology institute in front royal, virginia. after performing an x recent mother, doctors discovered three more cubs inside of her. thanks to an emergency c-section, one was rescued, so now there is one boy and one girl. >> not very big. so, very small. >> reporter: keepers say the sister likes to stay one step behind her brother. they are getting to know one another and getting to know the world. >> yesterday, when he first came out, he saw his first stick.
5:38 pm
and he went over and started playing with his stick, you know? we are going, first stick. so everything is brand new to them because they haven't been outside before. >> reporter: zoo keepers are asking the general public give them a little time to make sure that the cubs can acclimate to their new conditions here at the zoo. they are hoping that by this saturday, they will be able to be on public business display is and thinking that you will happen around 10 a.m. and maybe around 1 but they will have to wait and see if that is a possibility. you may not want to start lining up just yet. reporting from the national zoo, i'm tracy wilkenings, news4. >> i bet that will be popular. >> they are mighty cute. >> they will see their first line also. line of people. >> first stick. first line of people. still ahead on news4 at 5:00, why madonna is getting criticized for her stage performance. also, let the games begin. the dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony. aim liz crenshaw, does the cost of college have you confused? a new way to compa
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more than 1 billion people around the world are expected to watch opening ceremonies at the 30th olympiad. some lucky londoners got preview of friday night's show, they were invited to watch a dress rehearsal last night. afterward, they seem dazzle bud refused to give up any secrets. >> well, we can't say too much about it 'cause we got to keep the surprise, so we can't say too much. >> spectacular. >> it was spectacular. >> patriotic. >> absolutely. >> it was genius. sblutly brilliant. i'm not going to tell you a thing about it.absolutely brill. i'm not going to tell you a
5:43 pm
thing about it. unbelievable. make me cry watch it. >> film director danny boyle designed the ceremony, used to directing casts. he won an oscar for "slumdog millionaire." that starts friday night and you can watch it here on nbc 4. >> good at keening secrets. >> yes, inzwreechltd weather finally started to cooperate across the pond, in time for the olympic games, thousands of people can be seen right here outside in a park today near the famous tower bridge, they were eating, relaxing, playing in the sun, exploring the water fountain. forecasters expect this string of weather to last for the next few days. and coming up next on news4 at 5:00, family members demand answers after police in northern virginia shoot and kill a man. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go? friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt.
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so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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hundreds of thousands of strollers being recalled tonight after a baby was strangled. >> there is a new way to figure out the cost of college, plus hidden charges on your cell phone bill and what the government is doing about that
5:47 pm
liz crenshaw is here to explain. liz? >> nice to see you. we begin with hundreds of thousands of strollers being recalled following the death of a 6-month-old. today, the consumer product safety commission announced peg per reg go is recalling a couple of its older strollers. the recall comes after a baby in california died when his head became trapped between the seat and the tray of the stroller. the sfroerls manufactutrollers before the industry changed the way the seat was manufactured. both versions made between january 2004 and 2007. only the strollers that have the tray with the one cop holder are part of the recall. the 6-month-old's death occurred in 2004 and a 7-month-old nearly strangled the same way in 2006. okay. there's help tonight for parents and high schoolers trying to figure out the high cost of
5:48 pm
higher education. that's why today, the government introduced what's called a college financial aid shopping sheet. the u.s. department of education and the consumer financial protection bureau came one one format for colleges and universities to provide a prospective student t sin tended to help the students better understand the cost and the money available through financial aid. and using a single format from college to college, students can easily compare one school's cost against another. colleges who participate will offer the shopping sheet starting in the 2013, 2014 school clear. is there a government warning about unauthorized charges consumers are finding on their cell phone bills it is called cramming. it is something we have warned you about when it comes to your land line phone bill or cable bill. these are small recurring charges every couple of months, many times coming from a scam artist taking advantage of consumers. the federal trade commission recommended a ban or a default
5:49 pm
blocking of such third party charges from your land line phone bill last year. well now the ftc wants cell phone companies to give customers the option to block all third party charges. it wants an opt-out because banning such cell phone charges would interfere with some legitimate charity donation and mobile payments through wireless bills. some people use their wireless in that way. so, a total ban would be difficult. but do watch out for cramming on your cell phone bill. it is there. >> worth it to check. >> i found it on mine, my land line and cell bill. i'm an idiot. we all can be. >> you can stop us from being. >> thanks. >> thanks. get another check on the weather. doug? >> you know what, before we get a check on the weather, we are going to go across the pond. you guys, i was just there a couple weeks ago, spent some fantastic time there. now we are going to go over to dan hellie. dan can't exactly hear me right now but he can still see me,
5:50 pm
dan, you look fantastic, your hair is great although you said on twitter you had a bad hair day. again, he can't hear a word i'm saying, but he looks good. >> looks good. kind of frozen. doesn't he, look sort of frozen. >> is he flat dan? >> he is frozen. wait, he is coming back, kind of. dan? dan? dan we have you? >> a huge story over here in london -- weather a huge story over here, can you hear me, doug? >> thank you, dan hellly. >> and we see you. >> well, i can hear you. and weather was a huge story over here. 86 degrees. doug, in london when it's 86 degrees, it's a weather advisory. they tell everybody to go indoors because it's too hot outside. >> all right. [ no audio ] >> and dan is going to have
5:51 pm
that. of course, going to be live in london through the olympic games as we move on through the next couple of days u don't worry about dan. he will be a-okay, get all those technical issues worked out here. the olympic games don't start until friday, so we have three days to figure this out. so, today i froze two or three times. tomorrow -- >> one or two >> one or two and then you are right, he will be fine for the olympic ceremonies coming up on friday night. wait until you see what dan has to say there. didn't he look good? his hair looked good. as far as our weather is concerned, good news for us. did hit 92 today. a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings, they have been dropped. they have been dropped early by the national weather service in montgomery county and ann aroundel county. these two storms have already dropped as far as their intensity went. very good news for us, less in the way of severe weather. now, that being said, this storm is moving down 270, down toward the district, maybe northwestern, northeastern portions of d.c. and in through prince georges county. southern areas of maryland, a
5:52 pm
little more instability there, wouldn't be surprised if this pulsated again, stay tuned right here to nbc 4. latest storms move to the south. bigger storms, culpepper county, just to the rest of fredericksburg, where we are going to see those storms, west of fredericksburg. most of us will be getting out of the woods as far as the storm is concerned. here is the little storm now august tiny storm to the east of gaithersburg, zoom in a little bit more. south and east of montgomery village, sick more acres, along the inner county connector now, seeing the showers there, making its way through, a little bit of lightning and thunder, look to the north there is nothing left out of this storm system and that means we are going to see some fantastic weather overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow, highs tomorrow only around 89 degrees. tomorrow looks great but the heat returns big time and it returns very fast, 101 on thursday. close to another record. i don't think we will get a record but i do think we will get close with temperatures around 101.
5:53 pm
chance of showers and thunderstorms, thursday, friday and into saturday, as those temperatures move back down. madonna is coming under fire for her latest concert. despite a ban by scottish police you can the 53-year-old pop star waved fake guns during her weekend performance. guns similar to earlier this month. performance is similar to one earlier this month. the group mothers against guns told the morning herald it is in bad taste, especially after the colorado shootings. a madonna rep told the "huffington post," she will never censor her art, she has fought her entire career against people telling her what to do. how much money did it take to get mariah carey to join "american idol"? how about $18 million according to reports? that would make mariah the highest paid judge on any celebrity show. okay.
5:54 pm
so, there's a truck getting towed and it looks like it's coming down and my wife's asleep. we are going to see if we can scare her. babe wake up, there's a truck! [ screaming ] >> this guy in north carolina posted this video of the drive home from the airport. as you can see, his wife wasn't very amused by the prank. but the video has already gotten more than 125,000 views on youtube. and he has probably been sent to the basement. >> he should concentra
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a judge gave jennifer hudson's former brother-in-law three life sentences for murdering the singer's family members back in 2008. prosecutors sabal four did it in
5:58 pm
retaliation against hudson's sister, who wouldn't reconcile their marriage. police shot and killed nicholas kell beer two weeks ago after afired a gun at officers. investigators say he is suspected of being involved in an unrelated armed robbery last month. >> shomari stone spoke exclusively with the victim's parents and he has this report. >> we have lost our only son. >> just shouldn't have happened. went out for an evening with his friend. and just didn't come home. >> reporter: a fairfax county police officer shot and killed nicholas kell beer two weeks ago around 11:20 p.m. in the frye road area of mount vernon, virginia. investigators say two officers saw him and his friend acting suspiciously. >> you demand to know what? >> i want to know why they approached my son and what gave
5:59 pm
them the right to come to him. >> reporter: police approached them, the suspects took off running. he turned around and fired at the officers they returned fire and he was taken to the hospital, pronounced dead. would your son do something like that? >> no he was afraid of cops. >> reporter: they found him and a friend in a car with a 14-year-old missing girl on february 9th. he and a friend had pornographic cell phone videos of her. police arrested the suspects. nicholas's first court appearance would have been in five months. >> what do you say to people who sayer is was him right? >> you can't believe everything that you read. things are twisted. >> reporter: fairfax police won't comment on the shooting while the case is still under investigation. these parents wait for answers. >> it's the worst thing that could happen to a parent. >> in woodbridge, virginia, i'm shomari stone, news4. now, se


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