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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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gs of $500... and two free coolfit pillows! plus, free shipping through saturday. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. in a double shooting rocks a quiet fairfax county neighborhood. one person is dead and another
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clinging to life as police try to figure out what sparked the violence. the suspect in colorado sent a warning in the plal. we'll tell you why it could be an important piece of evidence in that case. plans to bring a casino to the banks of the potomac get new life. we begin with a manhunt in maryland. >> no sign of the gunman who kidnapped the mother of cal ripken jr. shomari stone has more on the search. >> reporter: tonight i talked to the ripken family and they say that she is doing well. they live in this modest neighborhood and they are relieved she is okay. 74-year-old violet ripken is resting with relatives tonight after being kidnapped at gunpoint from her maryland home on tuesday morning. police say the gunman forced her into her car, tied her up and blindfolded her. the police found her 24 hours
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away. the kidnapper is on the run. fans of cal ripken's minor league team are shocked. the iron birds played five miles from ms. ripken's house. she never left the town she loves. >> she does a lot for the community. >> reporter: fans tell me that violet ripken usually sits in this area watching the game. many of them look up here and see the empty seats and are worried about her. donna johnson says it's unfair. >> it's sad. that you know, her life was disrupted by that. >> reporter: police got a break in the case this morning. 17 miles away at a convenience store. somebody called baltimore county police saying they saw an elderly woman inside a car. the officers discovered it was cal ripken's mother. when she returned home she talked to a neighbor. >> he just wanted her car, her money and she was to go with
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him. >> 74, you never know. she could be fighting for the rest of her life. >> reporter: the suspect should be considered armed and danger. in aberdeen, maryland, i'm shomari stone, news4. police in fairfax county are investigating a double shooting in oakton. they were called at 7:00 tonight. they found one person dead and another person rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. no word yet on why that happened. the fire at the marlowe furniture in rockville is now out. we're told that fire started on the second floor and spread to the roof. this all happened at 6:00 this evening. at one point officials evacuated the store and shut down the surrounding section of rockville pike. two firefighters were taken to a hospital for heat related problems and should be okay. we do not know what started that fire. a tragedy in dale city.
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a four-year-old boy is dead the victim of a self inflected gunshot wound. police are saying it's a terrible accident but questions swirl about how he got the gun. erika gonzalez as has more. >> reporter: it happened right outside this home. a senseless tragedy that left a family nearly speechless. gripped by shock overwhelmed with grief. >> this is my nephew. >> reporter: a few words is all this woman could muster. the 911 call came in from a female family member. the small child got in an unlocked pickup truck outside this dale city house, found a handgun and then an unsurvival accident. >> a four-year-old boy was found in a vehicle with a gunshot wound to the head. >> reporter: neighbors heard the commotion and came running. >> i heard the shot.
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>> reporter: this woman just saw the boy last night. >> he had curly hair and brown eyes. so adorable. >> reporter: was the child left unsupervised outside the home? >> we are look into that. >> reporter: in dale city, erika gonzalez, news4. there may be another casino, a sixth one in maryland. the house speaker, michael bush, believes that governor o'malley will call a special session in an effort to expand gambling in the state to allow table games like blackjack and to improve a casino in prince george's county. mgm resorts international wants to build an 800 million dollars casino at national harbor. getting ready for high heat and humidity. temperatures could be in the triple digits tomorrow. is that so?
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>> that's so. if we don't hit 100 officially it will feel that way. 89 in washington today. 84 in hagerstown and with low humidity it was gorgeous out there. the heat all down to the south and west. 90s in the south and west but the heat is moving in and you will notice a difference. tomorrow morning the heat advisory extends along the i-95 corridor. most of the state of virginia except for extreme western virginia, it will still be hot for you too but the heat advisory in effect as the heat index will approach 105 tomorrow. the heat is about to be turned back on. an interesting turn in that massacre at a movie house in colorado. federal agents tell nbc news that the suspect, james holmes told them where to find what could be important evidence in the case. holmes told investigators about a package that he sent to the university of colorado's medical
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campus in aurora. police found that package unopened in the mail room on monday. inside they found handwritten notes about killing people. as the investigation continues, so does the mourning. today the first funeral was held for the oldest victim in the shooting. 51-year-old gordon cowden was shot after taking his teenaged daughters to the movie. they both survived. >> the girls told us as they were leaving theater, that he was yelling after them, i love you. >> questions continue to swirl about what will happen to the crime scene. some say it should be torn down and replaced by a memorial. that building is locked down at least until friday. as for the suspect, holmes remains in jail in solitary confinement and refusing to cooperate with the police. investigators are trying to
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figure out why a man drowned in a few feet of water. police identified the victim as a 21-year-old of district heights. rescuers found him in a pond near the mistletoe apartments in laurel at 9:00 last night. caught on tape but still on the loose. police are looking for suspects in a series of car dealership burglaries in the alexandria area. the group hit up three locations several times since february. in the most recent case the burglars stole a safe with cash in it. penn state university football program faced a multiyear death penalty if the school did not accept the punishment from the ncaa. that word during a meeting in which the board of trustees will not fight over a $60 million fine and other sanctions to which he agreed the punishment followed the report which found evidence of joe paterno and administrators covering up jerry sandusky's child sex abuse.
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president obama kicked off the national urban league conference in new orleans tonight. he is wrapping up a three day campaign and fundraising thing. >> someone shouted out where are you from? >> south side. >> he says that a new program will help every child have access to education to better compete in the job world. union station could be a hot spot for people to live, work and shop if amtrak can move forward with a $7 billion overhaul. the amtrak announced plans to redesign the train station. they want to double the service there. the proposal calls for new platforms and tracks and includes a separate $1.5 billion development of retail, offices and a hotel.
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amtrak has not said how they would pay for it. a trainer's brush with death captured on tape. the new images of the killer whale attack at sea world. nor backlash after the president of chick-fil-a makes controversial statements. how an 11-year-old snuck on a flight to rome without his parents. and
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some video just been released shows scary moments at sea world. it happened during a live performance back in twix at that place in san diego. you see one of the killer whales dragged a trainer under water. that trainer struggled for eight minutes before he was able to break free. he suffered a broken foot but it has healed. the government used this video in a course case involving the 2010 death of another trainer at sea world in orlando. more fallout over chick-fil-a's stance on gay marriage. protesters will hold a kiss in protest on august 3rd. the outrage is in response from chick-fil-a's president last week. restaurant supporters planned a chick-fil-a appreciation day for august 1st.
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usa swimming will hold an emergency disciplinary hearing for a coach in our area accused of sexual abuse. a woman in her 40s told the "washington post" that the coach began a sexual relationship with her when she was 13 years old. he was 33 at the time. she showed an agreement that her family reached with him. the family was paid $150,000 in exchange for not pressing charges or talking about the matter. the coach has not commented on this. he is taking a leave of absence from the swim club at which hundreds of local swimmers train. the countdown is on. only two more days until the opening ceremonies for the london olympics but a racist comment on twitter will keep an athlete from greece out of the games.
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she mocked african immigrants. she has been pulled from the competition. the athlete apologized and said she was ashamed. despite the controversy, the first olympic events got underway today. the fans gathered to watch new zealand take on britain in women's soccer. the tournament began early because of the long schedule. an embarrassing airport security breach played out in the united kingdom. an 11-year-old boy got on a flight to rome with no ticket or passport. the kid reportedly ran away from his mother and went to manchester airport. he mingled with passengers, went through a number of security checks and hopped on to a flight to italy. apparently nobody asked him for any documentation. >> it's quite frightening, really to think someone can get all the way through security. it could have been anybody. so close to the olympics as
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well. security needs to be a paramount of importance. >> that boy was sent back to his parents on the return flight to manchester. some airport security staff have been suspended. doug is here with more with our weather. if you liked today, well, hope you made the most of it. >> and you and i were talking about this about how many people were out and about this evening. just amazing. when the weather is this nice it really makes you want to get out and about. we have told you what it will be like tomorrow. let's talk about how today ended. look at this. the sun going down off to the west earlier today across the blue ridge and the mountains. a beautiful shot is there. you can watch this all day, couldn't you? you can watch it just after 8:00. that's when this happens. but the temperatures are going to be warmer tomorrow. the sun will do a number on us tomorrow. that is gorgeous. 89 was the high temperature. that is around the average high
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temperature this time of year. and it was just beautiful out there with the low temperature of 72 degrees. right now, 79 degrees. winds out of the south at 6 miles an hour. that is key. this right here, the southerly direction in the wind. that will bring in higher dew points. the dew points in the 50s all day. now moving into the 60s. by tomorrow morning our dew points could be in the 70s. you are going to notice a major difference when you walk out the door tomorrow morning. 68 in martens burg. and 68 in la plata. you have time to sit out on the back porch or the front porch and take it all in. it is nice out there. charlesville, 72 degrees. dew point of 65. that is where the warmer dew points are. no rain to talk about. we won't talk about rain much of the day tomorrow. but any storms that develop could be quite strong and could
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come in late tomorrow evening into the overnight. there are clear skies right now. a nice night the rest of the evening. but you notice in columbus, ohio, these clouds and thunderstorms that is the warm front making its way our way. to the west of that warm front, extremely hot air. 99 in chicago, 108 in st. louis. and this has been common place in st. louis over the past couple -- two months or so. wichita at 108. 98 in atlanta and all of that heat will move our way tomorrow. here's the warm front. we have the nice air in place but it's the hot air just down to the south and west and it will move in here very quickly tomorrow. most of the thunderstorm activity will stay to the north and west. this could be a thunderstorm outbreak in ohio and parts of pennsylvania and up in parts of new york. this front will come close enough, though, so tomorrow
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night we could see strong storms as they move through. but a better chance potentially during the day on friday. not only do we have to worry about the heat but we have to worry about the strong thunderstorms. we will keep you updated on all of those right here on news4. tomorrow morning, a warmer start 66 to 73 degrees. we will warm up quickly. by 9:00 we'll be in the low to mid-80s and then into the 90s tomorrow. the high temperatures 97 to potentially 102. the record is 103. mostly sunny, hot and humid with the heat index, 105 fairly easily in many locations. we have a heat advisory in effect for the area and most of maryland and virginia too. for the next couple days, 101 tomorrow.
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97 on friday. and it does look like we move back down to average which is about all you can ask for in the month of july with highs in the upper 80s and unsettled next week. >> back down to average eventually. up next, a talented walrus turned internet sensation. see the youtube video that has people laughing out loud. ♪
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it just occurs to me i asked carole a stupid question. >> again? >> i asked her -- >> there no dumb questions. >> are you leading with rg3? >> duh. 18 starters return for the redskins but all eyes and ears on the new guy, rg3 reports to camp and addresses the media. no one in recent memory has ever held a press conference the day before training camp started. >> before he ever threw a pass. >> i'm telling you. >> but he wanted to get it out of the way so he could focus on football. this is the first chance to hear from griffin since he signed his contract. despite coming to the capital under so much pressure, second only to the president, griffin
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says he feels more relaxed and comfortable than ever. he may be key to the turnaround but he knows it's not just about him. >> success for us is winning football games. how many that is, i have no idea. it's more than one, two, or three. we want to go that way. >> you like the idea of the face of the franchise? >> there is no true face of the franchise. if we all just had franchises we would all be dead. there has to be a heart, legs, arms, some skin. so, that's up to those guys in there. i'm just the mask, those are the ones that make up the body of the team. >> the face of the washington nationals may be playing second fiddle to rg3 right now. but stephen strasburg is one of baseball's best stories. he added to the hype today. back on the mound and back to dominating. strasburg shutting it down in a
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good way. here it is against david wright and he freezes him. strasburg one earned run allowed today. michael morris is unleashing the beast leading off the second, his seventh of the season. next batter for the nats. stepping up to the plate. espinoza, he is hot. a powerful shot lands half way into the upper deck. he is batting over .350 in july. the nats complete the sweep with a 5-2 win and face the brewers tomorrow. o's take on the rays. fans arriving late missed a lot. first pitch of the game. did you hear me? first pitch of the game. miguel gonzalez serves it up for desmond jennings. buck show walter is in for a long night. i watched the whole thing. it would never end. 5-0 in the end of the first.
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o's down 7-1. two on, say good-bye. first career homer. three-run shot. rays win 10-1. so mls all-star game playing for pride against the european club chelsea. 73rd minute. mls down 2-1. and david beckham's pass, a short pass. beats the goalie. d.c. connection at work. ties at 2. 91st minute in stoppage time. the all-stars with the ball. eddie johnson on the run deflected and in. that's the way they win. mls completes the comeback. 3-2 victory. so sorry that we did not have time to show you a close up of david beckham. >> you promised. >> he was there. right back to lon
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so when you think of the animals kids love to see at the zoo you might think of pandas, gorillas or parents. one listen and you will understand why a walrus in washington state is a crowd
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favorite. >> speak. [ belching ]. >> horn. whistle. >> this is e.t. and he is 30 years old. he was an orphan and was rescued by oil workers in alaska. he learned a few tricks along the way. e.t. is one of the most popular attractions at the point defiance zoo and aquarium in tacoma. listen in.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "total recall," jessica biel, filmmaker kevin smith,


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