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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  July 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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something, i don't know. >> i think the kids would find him anyway. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. final touch-ups are under way right now in london as the city gets ready for the world's biggest sporting event. plus, the rg3 era officially begins in just hours. >> whoo-hoo! >> as the redskins get ready to kick off training camp. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this thursday, july 26th, 2012. first, though, it is going to be another hot one in the nation's capital. a heat advisory is in effect for most of the d.c. area from noon until 8:00 tonight. the heat index is expected to reach the triple digits. charles county announced it will open up six cooling centers today. and remember to drink plenty of water, avoid the excessive heat for long periods of time, and also check on neighbors and relatives, especially the elderly. >> and you can plan ahead if you're riding metro, in case the heat forces metro to impose
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those speed restrictions on rail service. those restrictions would limit trains to just 35 miles per hour while they're above ground. metro announced possible restrictions to prevent a similar derailment like the one that happened on the green line because of the heat. so, let's go to tom kierein now and get a look at exactly what we're in for today, tom. be glad you don't have to put on pads and a helmet and do a football workout. this heat is going to be quite dangerous. you may be asking yourself, tom, what happened? why couldn't we keep yesterday going? well, we had that nice low humidity over us, but unfortunately, winds quickly shifting into the southwest, sweeping in the hazy, hot, humid conditions, moving in, and will be in place throughout the day today with this heat advisory in effect throughout the afternoon. you've got to respect the heat. you don't absolutely have to be outside. stay in the ac and stay safe. right now, it's beautiful! we're in the low to mid-70s across most of maryland and virginia and the district and west virginia. and we do have the leading edge of the humidity now just coming
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in to southern maryland to near fredericksburg and charlottesville and the southerly and southwesterly wind will sweep it right into the metro area as the day progresses. sunrise 6:04. here's your "day planner." by 7:00, you'll notice the humidity coming back in, mid-70s by then and soaring to near 90 by noon, hazy sunshine and near 100 mid-afternoon. feeling hotter than that with the humidity. then after that, the next problem may be some strong storms that could develop with damaging winds, and unfortunately, that might cause some power outages. i'll be back in ten minutes with another weather and traffic on the 1s. traffic now with danella. good morning! good morning. coming up in your "first 4 traffic" report, still tracking the situation northbound i-270. as you make your way past 109, still have a tractor-trailer in the median, overturned, causing big delays. and you can see, crews are still working to clear this accident. right now, you are able to pass, but just in the right shoulder lane. delays i-270 northbound start in clarksburg. may be best to jump on 355
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heading north and then you can connect to 80 and then reconnect to i-270, if that's what you'd like to do. let's head down to virginia, i-66 still a bit slow. and hopefully, this construction will be clearing soon. only the right lane gets you by the road work, and this is in between nutley and 50. this is the view as you make your way past 50, heavy on the brakes, and i'm hoping that's because they're picking up the cones as we speak. i'll update you in ten minutes. if you're taking the rails, no issues to report. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thank you, danella. >> 5:03 now. new this morning, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a southwest d.c. apartment building to catch fire. it broke out late last night on first street, just blocks from nationals park. firefighters say a woman suffered minor injuries trying to get six children out of the burning building. fortunately, they got out safely. police are calling a double shooting in fairfax county a murder-suicide. they say alexander rios shot his roommate, ihab qutob, before turning the gun on himself. both lived in an apartment on
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trevor house drive in oakton. police are trying to figure out what led to the shooting. police in maryland are searching for the person who abducted the mother of hall of famer cal ripken jr. at gunpoint. 73-year-old violet ripken was taken from her home in aberdeen early tuesday. she was forced into her car, tied up and blindfolded. she was found 24 hours later and less than 20 miles from her home, still tied up in her car at a gas station. ripken, who is now resting with family, told one of her neighbors what the gunman was after. >> he just wanted her car, her money, and she was to go with him. >> you know, at 74, you never know, she could be frightened the rest of her life. >> police say that kidnapper should be considered armed and dangerous. ♪ you know what that music means, the offseason is over for the redskins. training camp begins today and the skins' new qb says he's ready to lead the team. robert griffin iii addressed the media yesterday.
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he says he wanted to get it out of the way so he can focus on football. rg3 says he knows he's expected to lead the team, but he doesn't necessarily want to be the face of the franchise. >> you know, there's really no true face of the franchise, because if we all just had faces, you know, we'd all be dead. so, there's got to be a heart, got to be some legs, some arms, some skin, so that's those guys in there. i'm just the, i guess you could say i'm just the mask, you know. those guys are the real ones that make up the body of this team. >> knows how to talk to the media, too, doesn't he? >> mm-hmm. >> griffin signed his rookie contract last week, worth more than $21 million over four years. that contract also includes a $13.8 million signing bonus. on the eve of the opening ceremonies in london, organizers are receiving another round of criticism from a presidential hopeful. mitt romney expressing concern about just how ready britain is for this event. the republican candidate called
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problems with security and strike threats by airport immigration and customs officials disconcerting. he said that in an interview with nbc news last night. he also questioned whether the british people were fully behind the games. romney has his firsthand experience with the olympics. of course, he headed the 2002 winter games in salt lake city. >> nbc 4 is your home for the 2012 olympic games. dan hellie will be bringing you a live report coming up in about 30 minutes. plus, visit any time for personal profiles of the athletes and the latest on the games. it is six minutes after 5:00. a rough start for olympic organizers. the mistake that nearly canceled one of the events. also ahead, a return to normalcy for some in colorado as a key piece of evidence in the theater shooting surfaces. plus, a little payback for justin bieber after his high-speed freeway chase with the paparazzi. temperatures in store today could trigger severe weather. what t
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. welcome back. you're looking live at london this morning. now that we are a little more than a day away from the olympic opening ceremony, the athletes, the fans, and of course, all of security ready for the games to begin. nbc's tracie potts is across the pond and she joins us live from london with more. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are inside the olympic park. and as you can see here right behind me, this is the olympic stadium where the opening
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ceremonies are going to take place tomorrow. 80,000 people inside that. it's actually just 1 of 37 different venues, and those venues are ready for these games to begin. team usa is here. we have seen some of the members of team usa. in fact, some of the games are already under way, preliminary rounds of women's soccer took place yesterday. in fact, the u.s. women won 4-2. around london, it's been interesting. travel and traffic have been a bit of a challenge, probably more so after these games begin. london has warned it will be really hard to get on some of the trains. they're really crowded. we've actually been going back and forth by bus. the buses are getting around a lot easier, although there has been a taxi strike we got stuck in, threats of airport strikes as well with the airport workers, and so that could make things a bit more of a challenge. as you know, security's been a big issue here. we've seen a lot of it, though, here at the park. so far, no problems. eun? >> all right, tracie potts live in london for us this morning.
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thank you. 11 minutes now after the hour, time for weather and traffic on the 1s, as we take a live look at tom kierein in storm center 4. >> good morning. hey, this morning starting off with temperatures that are fairly pleasant. right now around the metro area, we're in the upper 60s to near 70. right on the tidal potomac at reagan national, it's at 75, and it's in the mid-70s right near the bay waters. not too humid yet, but the humidity is sweeping into central virginia now, will be moving its way toward the metro area. by 7:00, still pleasant, mid-70s with bright sun and getting a little more humid then, but hot and humid by noontime, near 90. and by mid-afternoon hitting near 100 degrees. after that, could get some strong storms with damaging winds. that would be late afternoon into early evening. i'm back at 5:21 with your seven-day outlook. danella's here now with the traffic. good morning. good morning. in your "first 4 traffic" report, traveling northbound i-95 in maryland at 100, the ramp to westbound 100 still closed because of the accident there. 66 as you make your way eastbound, nice and clear at 50.
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westbound earlier we had construction, just the right lane getting by between nutley and 50. it's now gone and hardly any volume as you make your way westbound. and still taking a look at the rails, traveling along metro, marc and vre, no issues to report. aaron and eun, back to you. >> thank you, danella. 5:13, 70 degrees. we're starting to see the impact our country's severe drought will have on your budget. also ahead, the one mistake at sleep number, individualizing your sleep is at the heart of every innovation. with the sleep number bed, it's not about soft or firm. it's about support where you find it most comfortable. the magic of this bed
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the situation that's not easing the fears of movie-goers. coming up in 60 seconds.
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welcome back at 5:14. people seem to be on edge at the movie theater. an argument over a bathroom stall sent movie-goers running for safety. check this out. surveillance video shows a man shoving another man to the ground in a movie theater in pennsylvania. a woman then pours her drink on the man and he punches her in the face. another said two women were fighting and screaming in "the
5:17 am
dark knight rised." everyone ran out of the theater. at least two people were hurt. police charged one person was assault. neighbors of the suspected gunman in last week's tragedy in colorado finally home this morning. police allowed them to return to their apartments yesterday. they were forced to evacuate when officers discovered the suspect, james holmes, had rigged his apartment with explosives. holmes created another scare earlier this week with the revelation that he made to police. news4's melissa mollet live in our newsroom with more on that. good morning. >> good morning. agents say holmes told them where to find what could be key evidence in the case, a package he sent, he said, to the university of colorado, but the school says the package arrived in their medical school mailroom on monday and they immediately turned it over to authorities. inside that package, investigators found handwritten notes about killing people. there were also reports that it contained drawings of stick figures being shot, a written description of an upcoming attack and that the package was addressed to a psychiatrist at
5:18 am
the school. holmes withdrew from a neuroscience program there in early june. now, the school denies reports that the package had been sitting in the mail room unopened since july 12th, days before the attack. police say holmes received more than 15 packages that contained ammunition, combat gear and explosive materials. now, as far as his booby-trapped apartment, it was evacuated for days while authorities rendered it safe. his defense team visited the apartment wednesday, the same day residents were allowed back inside. meantime, there are questions about what will happen to the crime scene. some say it should be torn down and replaced by a memorial, but right now, the building is alockdown until at least friday. holmes will be back in court on monday. live in the newsroom, melissa mollet, news4. back to you. >> thank you, melissa. >> many of the victims still recovering will not have to deal with overwhelming medical bills when they get out of the hospital. three of the hospitals taking care of the victims say they'll limit medical expenses or wipe them out completely. some of the victims don't have
5:19 am
insurance and would have faced six-figure bills. the tragedy in colorado is making the issue of violence a major issue on the campaign trail. president obama says he'd support additional restrictions on guns. he also says more needs to be done to prevent weapons from getting into criminals' hands. mitt romney says stricter gun control laws won't make this country any safer. this morning, michael jackson's children are under the protection of a temporary guardian. a judge appointed tito jackson's son as the temporary guardian of prince, paris and blanket. the judge took custody rights away from their grandmother, katherine jackson, yesterday. she told abc news she's been on a short vacation in arizona. she says there has been a lot -- there have been a lot of lies about the family drama. katherine jackson plans to return to california to straighten out the mess. a paparazzo photographer faces criminal charges for allegedly following singer justin bieber in a high-speed chase.
5:20 am
prosecutors say paul raef drove over 80 miles per hour while chasing the teen sensation in los angeles earlier this month. raef is charged with two counts of following a vehicle too closely. he's also charged with driving recklessly to capture pictures for commercial gain. this is the first case filed under that state's new antipaparazzi law. thanks to the massive drought covering 60% of the country, your grocery bill could see a big increase. the u.s. department of agriculture projects as much as a 5% jump in prices over the next nine months. the drought forces prices for feed to increase, which in turn makes prices for beef, pork and chicken products higher. beef will likely cost an average of 30 cents more a pound. a gallon of milk will jump about 25 cents. if the estimates are correct, the average american family will spend about $500 more a year on their grocery bills. >> it's getting tough out there for everybody, for sure. coming up on 20 minutes after the hour right now, meaning time for weather and traffic on the 1s. tom kierein's here with a look
5:21 am
at a steamy forecast. >> it will be tough for anybody having to work outside today. unless you have to be out, stay in the ac, because later it would be extremely hot. right now, pleasant, in the 60s throughout parts of northern virginia and maryland in the rural areas. closer to washington, near 70. mid-70s along the tidal potomac and the bay this morning. all these areas in orange under excessive heat advisory noon to 8:00 p.m. the heat index between 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, could be 105 to 109. that's what it will feel like with the humidity. that includes just about all of virginia, maryland and the district. afternoon highs near 100. then late afternoon, early evening, could get some severe storms that might produce some damaging winds, unfortunately. that would cause some power outages. tomorrow we have a greater chance of some scattered afternoon storms that could be severe that might produce some additional power outages. and before then, into the upper 90s and still humid on friday. still rather humid saturday, but thankfully, it looks cooler, afternoon highs low 90s, but we could get storms saturday
5:22 am
afternoon as some lower humidity begins to move in for saturday evening, and that will be in place on sunday. sunday looks like the most pleasant day of the weekend, partly cloudy, morning lows near 70, upper 80s for the afternoon. near 90 on monday. still not too humid, but getting more humid with a weak area of low pressure. could get showers and storms late tuesday, wednesday. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. well, i'm checking out in the oyer first 4 traffic" report, the situation northbound i-270. as you just pass 109, crash in the median involves an overturned tractor-trailer. crews are still working to clear it, but for now, only the right shoulder lane will get you by as you're traveling northbound. and i also want to show you, you are seeing some rubbernecking delays right now as you make your way southbound, slow from 80 southbound i-270 just past 109. let's head over to i-95 in virginia and check travel speeds. making your way northbound at lorton, flowing quite nicely, but your travel speed out of quantico, traveling from quantico to the beltway, you're driving at 63 miles per hour, that drive taking 23 minutes.
5:23 am
connecting to 395, no issues there. you're clear as you make your way from the beltway all the way to the 14th street bridge. i'm not seeing anything slowing you down. nice travel speed as well, 60 miles per hour, that drive taking 12 minutes. i'm back in ten with another look at your traffic. eun, over to you. >> danella, thanks so much. 5:23 now. we're learning that penn state may have gotten off easy compared to the punishment other university presidents wanted to hand down. the ncaa says a four-year death penalty was the suggested punishment, but penn state worked with officials to take that option off the table. last night, penn state's board of trustees said they would not fight the $60 million fine handed down or the other sanctions the university agreed to. we are just hours away now from the start of the 2012 olympic games. you are looking live right now at london, where final preparations are under way for the opening ceremonies tomorrow night. the view from across the thames there as the athletes are in town as well as all the media that will be covering the big events. and at the same time, we are
5:24 am
hearing about some controversy heading into the march into olympic stadium tomorrow night. a greek triple jumper will not be among them. the 23-year-old was told to stay home after she mocked african immigrants and expressed support for a far right party in a tweet yesterday. the head of the greek olympic committee said her comments showed no respect and pulled her from the competition. she later apologized and said she was ashamed. and a first-day flub during one of the first soccer matches of the games has organizers walking on egg shells this morning. the north korean women's soccer team walked off the field when players' faces were shown next to the south korean flag on the stadium's big screens. the game was delayed for about an hour as officials tried to persuade the players to return to the field, which they did only after the flag was changed. organizers have apologized to the players and the country for the mistake. north korea went on to beat colombia 2-0. one of the most successful
5:25 am
american olympians you might have never heard of will be leading team usa during the opening ceremony tomorrow night. fen fencer mariel zagunis has been picked to carry the american flag for the team. the two-time olympic gold medalist was picked for the honor by her fellow olympians. she was the first american in a century to win gold when she took home the top prize in athens in 2004. then, zagunis defended her gold medal in beijing and took home world titles in 2009 and 2010. congratulations. much-deserved honor for her. >> mm-hmm. we have much more on the countdown to the olympics coming up this morning. in about 20 minutes, dan hellie joins us live from london with a look at the men who will keep tourists entertained during the summer games. fastball away! and if that's how he ends his day, with 11 strikeouts, what a day it has been. >> little baseball for you. the nationals now have the best record in the national league. they beat the mets 5-2 yesterday to sweep the three-game series. stephen strasburg struck out 11
5:26 am
hitters in seven innings to pick that win up. nats lead the braves by 4 1/2 games in the n.l. east right now. they will be in milwaukee tonight to take on the brewers. >> so exciting. so much going on. nationals in first place nationally, the olympics coming up, rg3 era in training camp. >> is this a sports town? sounds like it. >> i guess so. >> 5:26 is the time right now. coming up this morning, new troubles for team usa on the eve of the olympic games. the incident that has one coach under investigation. plus, after months of anticipation, it is time for rg3 and the rest of the redskins to get to work. and extreme temperatures gripping our region yet again. just how hot it's going to get. [ female announcer ] the power of green coffee extract
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a breakthrough in natural energy. made with real fruit, starbucks refreshers™ are delicious low calorie drinks you can feel good about. ♪ rethink how you re-energize. ♪ get a boost of natural energy with a new starbucks refreshers™, in three ways. natural energy from green coffee extract, only from starbucks.
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:29. two men are dead in oakton, virginia, in what police are calling a murder-suicide. neighbors of the suspected gunman in last week's theater shooting in colorado finally being allowed back into their apartments this morning. and the search continues for a gunman who abducted the mother of hall of famer cal ripken jr. we'll have much more on those stories throughout the morning, but first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news4 today" on this thursday, july 26th. our other top story this morning is the weather, as again, we are going to be battling some extremely hot temperatures today. >> it could get dangerous, as tom's been telling us this morning. tom, how hot will it get today? >> maybe near 100, and also, we could get severe storms complicating things. in fact, as we look at what's been happening over the last several hours, look at that rapidly developing line of thunder and lightning, that area in red you see just southeast of pittsburgh. that developed just in the last few minutes and is really
5:31 am
rapidly moving to the southeast. so, western maryland, you're going to have those storms moving in. and out ahead of that, we'll have some clouds sweeping in across the metro area. now, if these hold together and get closer to washington perhaps by later in the morning, that would keep us from reaching 100 degrees, because that would cool things down, but the general trend is, generally when these hit the mountains, they tend to die out. so, i'll be monitoring this line of thunder and lightning and heavy downpours closely here this morning, because that will really dramatically affect our weather for the rest of the day. right now, it's pleasant all these areas in green are in the 60s, the areas in yellow in the 70s. 75 now at reagan national. and later today, here's how things are going to be looking. up near 100 degrees this afternoon, if those storms fall apart. if they continue to come on through, by late morning, that will cool things down. could get more storms tomorrow and again on saturday. and now, with a look at your "first 4 traffic" on this thursday morning, here's danella. good morning, tom. checking out the roads right now, let's head to route 50 in
5:32 am
maryland. if this is your commute, making your way between annapolis and the beltway, travel lanes are open. no delays or issues to report. 295 looks good as well in maryland from 100 all the way to the beltway, clear there. however, 95 northbound, the ramp to westbound 100 still is closed right now because of the accident. and if you're traveling along i-270 northbound, terrible mess as you make your way past 109, because all of your lanes, except for your right lane here shut down because of the accident involving a tractor-trailer. chopper 4 is in route to the scene right now to take a closer look. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thank you, danella. >> 5:32 now. police are calling a double shooting in fairfax county a murder-suicide. they say alexander rios shot his roommate, ihab qutob last night before turning the gun on himself. both lived in an apartment on trevor house drive in oakton. >> i wouldn't go so far to call it a domestic, but the two involved in this incident both lived in that home, and it was just them that was involved. there is no danger to anyone outside of the apartment.
5:33 am
>> police are still trying to figure out what led to the shooting. this morning, a 4-year-old boy is dead after he found a gun and accidentally shot himself. prince william county police say the boy found a gun in a pickup truck outside a home on empire street in dale city yesterday afternoon. police say he died from a gunshot wound to the head. they say his family was inside at the home at the time. no word on whether charges will be filed, but right now police are calling it a tragic accident. a statewide search this morning for the gunman who kidnapped the mother of baseball hall of famer cal ripken jr. the 74-year-old, violet ripken, was taken at gunpoint from her home in aberdeen, maryland, early tuesday. she was forced into a car, tied up and blindfolded. she was found about 24 hours later and less than 20 miles from her home, still tied up in her car at a gas station. the ripken family says violet is doing well and that she says the gunman wanted her car and some money. police say that the kidnapper should be considered armed and
5:34 am
dangerous. an elite-area swim coach has taken a leave of absence after being accused of sexually abusing a female swimmer. a woman in her 40s told "the washington post" that coach rick curl abused her in 1983 when she was 13 and he was 3. she produced documents which appear to show an agreement with curl where they received $150,000 in exchange for not pressing charges against him. usa swimming will soon hold an emergency disciplinary hearing on this issue. curl, who helps run the curl-burke swim club, has not commented on the accusations. the u.s. coast guard needs your help in finding the person who's prank called them multiple times. the guard says six times between may 1st and june 1st, a male voice coming from the middle river in baltimore has called out may day, but each time, rescuers say they have never found anyone needing help. the coast guard says the fake distress calls have cost them about $70,000 and hurt their ability to respond to real emergencies. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire at
5:35 am
a furniture store in rockville. chopper 4 flew over the marlo store on rockville pike yesterday afternoon. you can see the flames shooting out from the side of the building. firefighters evacuated the store. the two-alarm fire started on the second floor and spread to the roof. two firefighters went to the hospital for heat-related injuries. they are expected to be okay. maryland governor martin o'malley could call a special legislative session next month to bring table games and a new casino to prince george's county. that's what maryland house speaker michael busch told members in a closed meeting yesterday. lawmakers also need to come up with a consensus on a tax rate that has been a sticking point. mgm resorts international wants to build an $800 million casino at national harbor. they're asking for a lower tax rate than the current 67%. today, you can see rg3 in action! i love this song. ♪ robert griffin iii will be at redskins park for the start of training camp. he says he's ready to lead the teammate but says he needs his teammate to help return the skins to their winning ways.
5:36 am
if you'd like to see rg3 or the other skins in action this afternoon, practice is open to the public. begins at 2:55, parking lots open at noon and the gates open at 1:00. be sure to take a lot of water, some shade, an umbrella or something. it's going to be hot out there. >> i bet it will still be packed, despite the heat. if you can get a glimpse, a little closer than usual. >> redskins fans are serious fans. >> hard core, for sure. >> yes. it is 5:36, 73 degrees. dan hellie is getting used to london ahead of the olympic games. coming up, how he's seeing the sites around town from a different perspective. plus, one amazing stunt that had this daredevil reaching new heights. brace yourself for extreme heat.
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[ female announcer ] before allegra, allergies kept emma from enjoying the fun. after allegra, she's back catching fireflies. effective, long-lasting, non-drowsy relief. after children's allegra, kids have it all. an australian daredevil wants to take sky diving to new heights. felix baumgartner is back on solid ground after he jumped out of a giant helium balloon close to 100,000 feet in the air. his trip only took about 3 1/2 minutes with him traveling at speeds up to 536 miles an hour.
5:40 am
>> no. >> falling out of the sky. >> no. >> this was only a test run for baumgartner. he's planning an attempt to break the world record. that's 102,000 feet, set back in 1960. >> i'm shaking my head. these thrill-seekers, i hand it to him, because that is brave, and the fact that he wants to go after this record, more power to him. >> yes, and we will keep watching. >> yes. my feet will be on the ground. >> all right, 20 minutes before the top of the hour right now, and we are keeping an eye on the weather for you today, particularly because it's going to be so dangerously hot. >> yeah. >> tom kierein in the storm center. tom, good morning. >> good morning, eun. time for your weather and traffic on the 1s, and it is going to get quite hot later today. also, the other risk is storms. right now, though, it's pleasant, upper 60s and low 70s throughout most of the region. reagan national now at 75, but the humidity will be increasing. in fact, it's already pushed into the mountains and into western pennsylvania, where it's triggering some thunderstorms with a lot of lightning. that's about to come into western maryland. and if those storms hold together and get closer to us, that will make a big difference on whether or not we get to near 100.
5:41 am
however, i do think we have a good chance of that happening. there is a chance of some storms around, around noontime, but a greater chance late afternoon of some storms that could be severe with damaging winds. we'll keep you posted. your seven-day outlook and the severe risk zone, that's in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic now. good morning. >> good morning. coming up in your "first 4 traffic" report, checking things out in virginia along the dulles toll road. travel lanes are open. as you make your way from reston heading to the beltway, nice and clear. travel speed from hutchinson road to the beltway, about 59 miles per hour. on the beltway from the dulles toll road to the interchange, not bad, either, at about 63 miles per hour and taking about 15 minutes to make that commute. and i'm back in ten minutes. two accidents, one on i-95, one on i-270, both involving tractor-trailers and slowing you down this morning. you don't want to miss my next report. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> all right, see you in a bit. thanks. >> 5:41 now, 73 degrees. why an 11-year-old's trip from great britain to rome is raising concerns about security at the olympic games. plus, forget the tour bus,
5:42 am
dan hellie gives us a look at the sites in london from a different
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
security back in the spotlight this morning in the uk after an embarrassing security breach. an 11-year-old boy managed to board a flight to rome all by himself on tuesday, no ticket, no passport. the boy reportedly ran away from his mother and went to britain's manchester airport. he mingled with the passengers there, went through multiple security checks and then hopped on the first flight he came to, a plane to italy. >> kind of frightening, really, to think that somebody could get all the way through security. i mean, it could have been anybody. and quite frankly, so close to the olympics as well, security needs to be paramount importance. >> we're certainly not proud of
5:46 am
what's happened, and that's why we and the airline are doing an investigation. >> now, the boy was sent back to his parents on a return flight to manchester. some airline and airport security staff have been suspended. >> think he was grounded? >> some trouble for him, definitely. >> yeah. >> 5:46 is our time right now. even if you don't have tickets to any of the olympic events, travelers can still have a great time touring london. >> one of the biggest attractions is actually on the water, and news4's dan hellie is across the pond, where he toured the city by boat. hi, dan! >> reporter: hey, guys! as you know, the opening ceremony isn't until tomorrow, so we've had to find something to keep us busy, so we've been looking all over london. so much history here in this great city -- buckingham palace, big ben, westminster abbey, all staples of that double-decker red bus tour. you see these things all over lond london, but we decided to do it differently. we wanted to see the city by water, so we started on the river thames.
5:47 am
>> we call it the whibley wobbly bridge. >> reporter: city cruises is like the mcdonald's of tour boats on the river, the biggest and the most popular. for the young captains who take turns serving as tour guides, the goal is simple, to make people laugh, but it's not always easy. >> it's not easy now, especially when they don't understand you. but no, it's nice to see them interested in what you're saying. if they're laughing or sometimes if they're just nodding going, all right, oh, that's interesting. >> reporter: interesting it is. we learned that the shard is the tallest building in europe at just over 1,000 feet. how about the london bridge, the oldest bridge in the world. the london eye is only 13 years old, but for 20 pounds, you get a bird's-eye view of about 20 miles on a clear day. and of course, big ben. now, you don't see big ben, you hear big ben, because ben is actually the bell inside of the clock tower. surprisingly, we even found some
5:48 am
londoners on board. >> there is so much in london to see, and all the time, you know. kids, they love it up here! i mean, look, i mean, don't you enjoy it? i mean, it's great, isn't it? >> reporter: from one of the most famous rivers in europe to the serenity of the regents canal water bus that runs from the camden lock market to little venice. for captain chris gray, who's been working on the water for most of his adult life, this trip that he takes eight times a day never gets old. >> the boat, carradina, it's known as a 1947. part of the working year, some of the last of the working year, i've noticed that it's a lot more of a relaxed way of life. it's what i've always found with the waterways. on the canal, it's just, you just see the water, and there's something about the water that just makes everything a lot more relaxing. >> reporter: interesting to see the difference, the hustle and bustle on the river thames and
5:49 am
then the peacefulness on the regents canal. and they tell me that richard branson actually has a house boat on that canal. a lot of the houses along there running about 15 million pounds. that's some serious cash. nice residences. eun, aaron? >> dan, i have a feeling you're going to find your way out to richard branson's boat somehow. >> reporter: we're doing our best. we're having a good time here. we're going out to field hockey practice today. they're having a little exhibition match. and we're going to see you guys again in about an hour with a story on another section of london, camdentown. >> looking forward to it, dan. thanks a lot. see you in a bit. >> nbc 4 is your home for the 2012 olympic games. remember, you can visit the london 2012 section of nbcwashington any time for profiles and the latest on the games. in order to watch live video events online, however, you will need to register and you can find instructions on how to do just that on our facebook page. 5:49 is our time right now. police in alexandria need your help finding the suspects connected to a series of car
5:50 am
dealership burglaries. take a look at this video here. they believe these men have robbed three different dealerships several times. the suspects targeted jack taylor toyota, landmark honda and modern motors. in the most recent case, police say the burglars stole a safe with cash in it. if you have any information on these suspects, call alexandria police. d.c. mayor vincent gray is trying to look past the scandal surrounding his campaign, but outlining his agenda for the rest of his term. he handed out a 56-page document yesterday outlining his goals for his final two years, called the one city action plan. it calls for boosting student test scores, rebuilding playgrounds and libraries, slashing the unemployment rate and promoting development. gray refused to say whether he would seek a second term but defended his record so far and said the plan should be carried out by whomever is in office. and after a corruption scandal by former prince george's county executive jack johnson, current executive rushern baker is looking to expand the county ethics office. the proposed bill would include
5:51 am
hiring an expert to head the office, two investigators and whistle-blower tip line. former executive jack johnson and his wife are both in prison now for widespread pay-for-play scheme. the county council will have to approve the expansion of the ethics office this fall. maryland governor martin o'malley wants to find a way to cut down on power outages in his state. he's ordered a study to find ways of improving maryland's electric distribution system. his energy adviser is leading that effort. the governor wants a list of changes within 60 days that he and the rest of the executive branch can implement. washington gas customers in virginia will get a small refund because of a lower-than-expected tax hike -- a rate hike, that is. the state corporation commission approved a $20.5 million increase yesterday. washington gas requested a rate hike of $28.5 million in total. customers have been paying the higher rate on an interim basis since october. customers will see an average of about $1.20 back for each month they pay the higher rate. 5:51 now, time for weather
5:52 am
and traffic on the 1s. it is nice so far, but we are getting ready for a very hot day. >> tom kierein has the details. >> yeah, one of those days you want to pay close attention to the weather. we're going to have big changes occurring rather rapidly. right now, a scene of serenity over the potomac river. live view from our nbc 4 hd city camera. right now 75 at reagan national. the dew point, it's back up. it was in the low 50s yesterday, but that's now a fading dream. the humidity is moving back in and the heat is building in the midwest, already into the 80s ohio, indiana and parts of west virginia. that's going to be moving our way. ahead of that, still pleasant, upper 60s to low 70s throughout most of the region. now a pleasant start to the morning. however, just in the last half hour or so, there has been a cluster of thunderstorms developing here in pennsylvania, showing a trend to move into western maryland. if they hold enough together, come closer to washington, passing north of the metro area, those zones may not get as hot as it will right around the metro area. this yellow zone is the severe
5:53 am
risk zone. it covers just about all of west virginia, most of virginia, including the district and just about all of maryland, too for later this afternoon and into this evening. some of the strong storms could produce wind damage, and unfortunately, power outages. by 7:00, pleasant but more humid, low to mid-70s. then by noon, soaring to near 90 degrees, chance a few of those storms passing north of the metro area around noontime. then during the middle and perhaps late afternoon hours, that's when we could get more storms. before then, though, the metro area may get up near 100, but for any storms that do pass through, it's not going to get that hot. then tomorrow, another hazy, hot and humid day with a greater chance of scattered storms that might produce wind damage. that would be tomorrow afternoon and early evening. then over the weekend, thankfully, a break from the extreme heat. highs low 90s on saturday but still rather steamy, partly sunny. might get a few scattered storms in the afternoon and early evening. then on sunday, partly cloudy, lower humidity moving in and cooler with highs in the 80s. still not too humid on monday,
5:54 am
near 90. could get showers and storms tuesday and wednesday. i'll be back in ten minutes with another look at storm4 radar. danella's here now with a look at traffic. good morning. good morning. following breaking news in your traffic report. i've been tracking this accident all morning long. here's a live look from the chopper over i-270, northbound lanes just past 109. only the right shoulder lane gets by. you can see this tractor-trailer is overturned and has lost its load. as chopper zoomed in earlier, i can see lots of debris on the roadway. and you're seeing big delays if you're traveling i-270 making your way northbound. only, again that right shoulder lane, will get you by. heading southbound, seeing delays from frederick this morning because of rubbernecking. this is quite a sight to see. we'll be watching this all morning long. expect delays on i-270 out of frederick. i-95 northbound, ramp to westbound 100-a tractor-trailer accident there. it's clear, that ramp is open. eun, over to you. >> danella, thanks so much.
5:55 am
5:54 now. a traffic alert for drivers in the district this morning. you could hit delays near suitland parkway and first sterling avenue in northeast. most of the lanes will close most of the day. starring at 9:30, the right turn lane on northbound suitland parkway will shut down. the right lane on westbound firth sterling avenue will close down for work on the south capitol project. the lane should be open by 3:30 this afternoon. later today, metro's board of directors will discuss adding more buses late at night to cut down on overcrowded buses. d.c. council member and ramada board member muriel bowser suggested adding more buses to some routes. she says routes including along 16th street-get more crowded later at night, forcing some riders to wait a long time because some buses are too full to pick up anyone else. metra officials say while buses are scheduled to come every ten minutes or so, delays are often unpredictable because of traffic and accidents. today, all eyes will once
5:56 am
again be on facebook's financial records. the social media site releasing its first earnings report as a publicly traded company today. wall street analysts expect facebook will post 12 cents of revenue per share, totaling about $1.2 billion. the site took a financial hit when it made its public debut in may. it opened at $38 a share and has since fallen to about $29. well, looking for marriage advice, are you maybe? well, you may want to ask a friend who is divorced. a new study found that the divorcees can tell us what they learned about marriage the hard way and what they would do differently. people are saying we're also healthier and more likely to find relationships over time. nearly half of those studied found couples fought over finances. also, if you're trying to make your marriage work, try cuddling and complimenting your loved one. a good hug and, oh, you look nice today, hair's great. there you go. >> sometimes it's the simple things, you know?
5:57 am
all right, disney world is saying bah humbug, apparently, to christmas in july. >> a jolly old soul got a bit of a cold reception while visiting. tom tolbert works at a georgia senior care facility and portrays santa claus year round. during a trip to disney, he attracted crowds of children everywhere, despite trading his red suit for a christmas-themed shirt, but a theme park employee apparently got concerned about guest safety and told tolbert to change his shirt and tell kids he wasn't who they thought he was. disney denies the statement. a spokesman says they asked tolbert to be more low-key in his appearance and provided passes for him and his family to return another day. although if you tell children he's not santa claus, you could be scarring them for life. >> you could have some problems, so let's just all get on board with that and do the right thing there. ahead, how the presidential candidates are seizing on the olympics to get their messages out. and the hunt right now for the man who abducted cal ripken jr.'s mother at gunpoint. it's 5:57 on this thursday morning.
5:58 am
we have breaking traffic news right now. this accident. we'll have much more about "news4 today" continues.
5:59 am
breaking news right now on the road. a beer truck has l


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