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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  July 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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on i-270. this is a live look from chopper 4, just arriving on the scene. you can see this is a total mess. danella sealock with how this is impacting the morning rush. good morning. >> good morning, eun. it is a mess on i-270, very slow both directions just past 109. the accident's in the northbound lanes, and you can see just the right shoulder lane is going to get by. quite a delay for you northbound. southbound jammed out of frederick. lots to see because you can see a lot of debris on the roadway. i guess that's beer on the roadway. please be aware of this if you're traveling northbound i-270. it may be best to take 355, then make a left on 80. take 80, you can reconnect to 270 and continue northbound. quite a mess on i-270. let's continue to the beltway, had a situation there, this time traveling on the inner loop of the beltway, on the beltway at new hampshire avenue. just past it, approaching university boulevard, the situation is there is a disabled vehicle only allowing the left lane to get by in this area. and quite a delay is building in
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both directions on the beltway. i'm back in ten minutes with an update on both. aaron and eun, over to you. >> it is one of those mornings. thank you, danella. our brief summer recess is over as well. >> and we are bracing for extreme heat again today. temperatures right now tolerable, we'll call it that. the sun, though, will heat things up pretty fast, and by this afternoon, it's going to be pretty hard to bear. storm4 meteorologist tom kierein now with a look at the day ahead. tom? >> we may be getting near 100 degrees. now, the only thing that might change that, areas that could get some storms, but right now it is a pleasant morning. we're in the 60s much of northern virginia, the rural areas in maryland, right around the beltway, nearby suburbs in prince george's, montgomery, fairfax counties near 70. low to mid-70s in washington, along the tidal potomac and near the chesapeake bay, but we do have some thunderstorms with a lot of lightning rumbling across western pennsylvania, just now coming into western maryland. if these hold together and get closer to the metro area later this morning, around noontime, i
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don't think we're going to hit 100. they might, though, break up, and there is a possibility of that. and in that case, we could get to near 100 degrees. now, all these areas in yellow under a severe risk zone. there is even a higher risk here in pennsylvania. that could cause some power outages. here's the "day planner." just a possibility of some storms later this morning through noontime, then a little greater chance by midafternoon to late afternoon. the areas that do get those storms probably won't get to 100, but those that don't will get to near 100 by midafternoon. i'm back in ten minutes with another update and another look at storm4 radar. back to you. >> thank you, tom. >> 6:02 now. new from overnight, a woman was hurt trying to save children from a burning building in southwest washington. the fire broke out late last night on first street, just blocks from nationals park. firefighters say six children were inside at the time. they all got out safely.
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doctors expect the woman to be okay. investigators still don't know what caused the fire. police are calling a double shooting in fairfax a murder-suicide. the shots rang out around 7:30 last night at an apartment on trevor house drive in oakton. police say alexander rios shot his roommate, ihab qutob last night before he turned the gun on himself. investigators still trying to figure out exactly what led to that shooting. cal ripken jr.'s mother is safe at home this morning, but police are on a statewide search for the person who kidnapped her at gunpoint. 74-year-old violet ripken was taken from her home in aberdeen early tuesday. she was forced into her car, tied up and blindfolded. she was found 24 hours later and less than 20 miles from her home, still tied up in her car at a gas station. ripken, who is now resting with family, told one of her neighbors what the gunman was after. >> he just wanted her car, her money, and she was to go with him. >> you know, at 74, you never know, she could be frightened
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the rest of her life. >> police say that kidnapper should be considered armed and dangerous. yeah, you know what that music means. today is the day a lot of redskin fans have been waiting for for months, the start of training camp and the beginning of the rg3 era. robert griffin iii will be at redskins park today when camp starts. he addressed the media yesterday, though, so he could get that out of the way, focus on some football. rg3 says he knows he's expected to lead the team, but he doesn't necessarily want to be the face of the franchise. >> i mean, there's really no true face of the franchise, because if we all just had faces, you know, we'd all be dead, so there's got to be a heart, got to be some legs, some arms, some skin, so that's those guys in there. i'm just the, i guess you could say i'm just the mask. those guys are the real ones that make up the body of this team. >> all right, we know you want to see him, so get the cell phone, the still camera, the video camera, the sketch pad,
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whatever you need. today is the day. this afternoon you can head to the open practice to see rg3 and the other redskins as well. it begins at 2:55. the parking lots open at noon and the gates open at 1:00. olympic organizers are walking on egg shells this morning after a flag flap on the first day of competition. the north korean women's soccer team walked off the field when players' faces were shown next to the south korean flag on the stadium's big screens. the game was delayed for about an hour as officials tried to persuade players to return to the field, which they did, only after the flag was changed. organizers have apologized to the players and the country for the mistake. north korea went on to beat colombia 2-0. and here's a live look at london right now. looks like a beautiful day, and it's almost here, the olympic opening ceremony is just a day away and london is ready to kick off the 30th summer olympic games. nbc's tracie potts is across the pond now with a preview.
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good morning to you! >> reporter: hi, eun, good morning. good morning, everyone. live from olympic park this morning, that is the stadium behind me where the opening ceremonies will take place tomorrow. 80,000 people kicking off this xxx olympiad. here in the park, it is still closed to the public, but 6,000 colleagues of mine along with the families, coaches, others who are connected with the olympics, and of course, team usa, 530 americans who have come here hoping to win the gold. also a bit of olympic news. we have learned that the flagbearer for team usa tomorrow will be mariel zagunis, the top fencer in the world. after she was announced, she tweeted that she was speechless at being selected. and then also, some of the competition is actually already under way. a preliminary round of the u.s. women's soccer. they won 4-2 over france yesterday. the crowds not only here around the olympic park, but more so in
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london as people come in, hundreds of thousands of visitors come in. these crowds have been huge. we've been getting around by bus, but getting around by train, which is pretty common in london -- their subway is called the tube -- those tube stations are crowded. eun? >> i can only imagine. tracie potts live from london for us this morning. thank you. have fun. it is 6:07 right now. and ahead this morning, new video of panic inside another movie theater. what sent people running just days after the colorado shootings. plus, what you will be paying more for first because of the drought that is crippling corn crops. i'm storm4 meteorologist tom kierein, keeping an eye on some strong storms that are moving in out of pennsylvania into western maryland. they may get close to the metro area later this morning.
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weather and traffic on the 1s. good morning at 6:11, tom kierein in storm center 4. right now, storm4 radar showing a cluster of thunderstorms that has rapidly developed over the last half hour or so, now rolling out of pennsylvania into western maryland. if those hold together and get closer to the metro area later this morning, we could have some thunder and lightning around here, perhaps 9:00, 10:00 this morning. look at that sunrise over the potomac, live view. and we will have our temperatures by 7:00 in the mid-70s, still pleasant, but getting more humid by noontime. chance of some storms coming in later this morning, then a greater chance maybe later this afternoon. some of them could be severe. areas that don't get rain may get to near 100 degrees by midafternoon. your seven-day outlook at 6:21. danella has a look at traffic now. good morning. >> good morning. right now i'm following breaking news on the roadway in your "first 4 traffic" report. i-270, big delays at 109. chopper 4 is over the scene. a tractor-trailer, actually, a beer truck is overturned.
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right now if you're traveling northbound, only the right shoulder lane will get you by. southbound, huge delays, everyone slowing down to take a look at this situation here. your best bet is to jump on 355 heading north or south. if you're trying to go northbound 270, take 355 to 80. if you're going southbound, take 355 and then get on to father hurley boulevard and then reconnect to i-270, because further down in that area, germantown all the way to the lane divide, nice and clear. aaron and eun, over to you. >> danella, thank you. >> 6:12 now, 73 degrees. family drama. who is watching michael jackson's children this morning after a judge stripped custody from heir grandmother. and a tip for police in the colorado shooting investigation offered up by the suspect
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welcome back at 6:15. neighbors of the suspected gunman in last week's tragedy in colorado are finally home this morning. police allowed them to return to their apartments yesterday. they were forced to evacuate when officers discovered the
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suspect, james holmes, had rigged his apartment with explosives. and this morning, we are learning more about another panic triggered by the suspected gunman this week. news4's melissa mollet live in our newsroom now. and melissa, we're talking about a package he put in the mail. >> that's right. agents say holmes told them where to find what could be key evidence in this case, a package he sent to the university of colorado. monday, a hazmat team went to the school's medical campus looking for this package that holmes told them he had sent to a psychiatrist there. inside the package, investigators found handwritten notes about killing people. the university confirms it received it on monday after the shooting. holmes withdrew from a neuroscience program there in early june. police say holmes received more than 50 packages at the school and at his home that apparently contained ammunition and explosive materials. his booby-trapped apartment was evacuated for days while authorities had to render it safe. holmes' defense team visited that apartment on wednesday, the same day, as you mentioned, as
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residents were allowed back inside. now, as for the victims, one left the hospital yesterday as a funeral was held for another. more are scheduled this weekend and next week. at least three of the five hospitals treating victims say they will limit or wipe away victims' medical bills. many of them, unfortunately, have no insurance. holmes will be back in court this coming monday. live in the newsroom, melissa mollet, news4. back to you. >> melissa, thank you. and people seem to be on the edge at the movie theater. an argument over a bathroom stall sent people running for safety. take a look at this surveillance video showing a man shoving another to the ground in pennsylvania. a woman pours her drink on the man and he punched her in the face. in another incident, two women were fighting during a screening of "the dark knight rises." somebody yelled and people ran out of the theater. one person was charged with assault. the punishment penn state received for the cover-up of a sex abuse scandal could have been far worse. the ncaa says a core group of
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university presidents wanted to give the school a four-year so-called death penalty, meaning no football at all, but penn state worked with officials to take that option off the table. last night, penn state's board of trustees said they would not fight the $60 million fine handed down or the other sanctions the university agreed to. this morning, michael jackson's children are under the protection of a temporary guardian. a judge appointed tito jackson's son the temporary guardian of prince, paris and blanket, stripping katherine jackson of custody yesterday. she tells nbc news she's been on a short vacation in arizona. she says there have been a lot of lies about the family drama. katherine jackson plans to return to california to straighten out the mess. 6:18 now. virginia governor bob mcdonnell expected to call a special election to replace a delegate who designed. david englin resigned his seat. he admitted that he's been unfaithful to his wife.
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he was first elected in 2005. governor mcdonnell plans to call the special election on september 4th. today, mcdonnell and his wife will go to a wine tour. they will visit vineyards in faulkier and loudon counties as part of maureen mcdonnell's initiative focusing on virginia wine. the commonwealth is home to more than 200 wineries. your grocery bill could go up next year thanks to this year's massive drought all over the country. the u.s. department of agriculture projecting as much as a 5% jump in prices over the next nine months. the drought forces prices for feed to increase, which in turn will make prices for beef, chicken and pork products the first to rise. beef will likely cost an average of 30 cents more per pound. a gallon of milk could jump up about 25 cents. if the usda's estimates are correct, the average american family will spend about $500 more a year on your grocery bill. all right. we are going to check weather now. it has been a hot and sticky
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month, and we are returning to those dangerous high temperatures again today. >> you can see that sunshine out there right now. it's only 73 degrees outside our studios as we speak, but i'll tell you what, today that sun's going to go to work to the point where we are looking at dangerously high temperatures, right, tom? >> yeah, look at that sun, and this is going to be the most pleasant part of the day, so enjoy it while you can. it's not too humid yet, but the humidity is beginning to build. in fact, it is pushing into the ohio valley now on a southwesterly flow. it will be moving closer to us here in another couple of hours. right now, in these areas in green, we're in the 60s! that includes much of northern virginia, much of maryland, right along the tidal potomac and near the bay, we're in the mid-70s. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties now near 70. over the last half hour, we've had a cluster of thunderstorms. thankfully, they are diminishing. they have not shown any real growth or strengthening, thankfully, but they are moving into western maryland. however, they're going to be bringing in some clouds here.
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that may keep our temperatures from soaring extremely, but some areas, though, could be getting up to near 100 by mid-afternoon. those areas that don't get any rain around. we could get, though, a few passing thunder showers later this morning into the metro area. then during the afternoon, yes, that haze and humidity around, near 100 degrees those has that don't get any rain. those area tha do will have highs in the mid-to high 90s. more of the same tomorrow, although maybe not quite as hot. then cooler for the weather. could get storms saturday and lower humidity sunday and monday, highs upper 80s, near 90. could get more showers and storms tuesday and wednesday. i'll be back in ten minutes with another look at storm4 radar. and danella's here now with a look at your first 4 traffic. >> tracking breaking news on the roads. i-270 northbound in clarksburg, as you approach 109, still have the overturned tractor-trailer. serious accident in this area. it's going to take some time to clean up. for now, northbound, you are
6:22 am
pretty slow and you are only able to pass in the right shoulder lane. if you're traveling southbound i-270, lots of drivers are hitting the brakes as they pass this accident here, so you're seeing huge delays out of frederick. in fact, you are jammed as you make your way southbound on i-270. i would use 355 as an alternate route this morning. let's head over to silver spring. crash as you make your way westbound 193, university boulevard at after arcola. you are able to pass single file in the left lane. taking the beltway, university boulevard. inner loop, had an accident there. it's cleared, but you're still seeing delays on both the inner loop and outer loop as you pass university boulevard. back in ten with another look at your traffic. eun and aaron, over to you. >> see you then. thanks, danella. >> 6:22 now, 73 degrees. it looks like it's finally going to happen. when maryland lawmakers are expected to talk about gambling and a possible casino on the potomac. >> you took two questions. >> took two questions. >> you took an hour and 20 minutes. >> i took all kinds of
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questions. >> and a tense en
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today, mitt romney will raise money for his campaign overseas. he'll hold a fund-raiser tonight in london. the presumptive republican presidential candidate met yesterday with former british prime minister tony blair. romney will be at tomorrow's opening ceremony for the olympic games as well. he and his wife have a horse competing on the u.s. dressage team. a pro-obama super pac is using the olympics to go after romney. >> welcome to the olympics. there's mitt romney, who ran the salt lake city games, waving to china, home to a billion people. thousands of their jobs to mitt romney's companies. >> priorities usa just released this ad, which accused the former massachusetts governor of shipping thousands of u.s. jobs overseas. the ad is running in a number of battleground states, including virginia. it is 6:26 right now. we will have much more on the london olympics coming up, including the photos some of the
6:27 am
world's greatest athletes probably don't want you to see. and speaking of things that you probably shouldn't be seeing, our dan hellie is in london, and we'll explain his new leather look at 6:45. >> what? [ laughter ] plus, local car dealerships targeted, but the crooks aren't interested in the cars.
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summer scorcher. the entire area bracing for brutal heat today, feeling well over 100 degrees. homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief i have an opportunity
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to affect what happens in a major city. i learned early on if you want to make a difference you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i'm committed to making a difference and i am a phoenix.
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extreme heat expected today. the sun is up, and this is about as comfortable as it's going to get. take a look at this live sunshine. later this morning it will feel well over 100 degrees. good morning and welcome back to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist out here on the storm4 weather patio. we thought a great way to tell you about the weather today was to step outside and show you exactly what we're dealing with. i'll tell you, it feels pretty good out here right now, 73 degrees in upper northwest d.c. and a little breeze blowing through the patio, but things are going to change big time today. extreme heat again expected for everybody in our area today. the entire region's going to be
6:31 am
under a heat advisory. that means the heat index could push, i don't know, 110 degrees, maybe? also, you should know that means metro could be forced to slow down some trains a bit later on this morning. metro does change its policies during heat waves like this. we saw in june that was what caused the train derailment on the green line, talking about the heat there. and so, we didn't want tom kierein to have to suffer by himself out here today, but we're actually not doing too bad right now. >> no. >> but you can feel the humidity starting to sneak back into the area. >> it is, but it's right now low 70s around the metro area. we are beginning to see a breeze, though, pushing in from the south and west, bringing in the humidity. right now, though, 60s across much of northern virginia, much of maryland and west virginia, but it's going to be getting more humid as the morning progresses. in addition, there have been a cluster of thunderstorms that have been rapidly developing in pennsylvania, now moving into western maryland, garrett and allegany counties. those storms are moving east quickly, but not severe. they do have quite a bit of
6:32 am
lightning with them and some heavy downpours. and if those hold together, and they might, they'll be near the metro area by about 9:00, 10:00 this morning. all these areas in yellow under a severe risk zone. that would generally be between about 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. tonight is when we could get some stronger storms that might produce some wind damage, and unfortunately, could cause some power outages. before then, though, the areas that don't get any rain will likely climb to near 100 degrees by mid-afternoon. this is your "day planner." in fact, by noontime, might have a few lingering thunder showers coming through, near 90 by then. but most of the afternoon feeling uncomfortably hot and humid. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update, another look at storm4 radar. and danella's here now with a look at your "first 4 traffic." good morning. >> good morning. still checking out the situation along i-270. northbound lanes still blocked at 109. only the right shoulder lane gets you by, the overturned tractor-trailer in the median. 270 still jammed out of
6:33 am
frederick. best bet is 355. let's head to i-95 in lorton, heavy on the kbraekz in this area. slow out of prince william parkway. your travel speed to the beltway, 36 miles per hour, that drive taking 21 minutes. and in silver spring, good news as you travel along university boulevard at arcola. had a crash in this area. it's now clear. travel lanes are open westbound and eastbound. back in ten minutes with another look at traffic. eun, over to you. >> danella, thank you. 6:33. a family this morning is mourning the loss of a 4-year-old boy who shot and killed himself when he found a gun. prince william county police say the boy found a gun in a pickup truck outside a home on empire street in dale city yesterday afternoon. police say he died from a gunshot to the head. they say his family was inside the home at the time. neighbors heard the shot. >> to work out and i heard a shot, thought it was like a firecracker or something and probably about ten minutes later, prince william ambulance came by, which this street is
6:34 am
very quiet, it's not normal. so, we came down here. one of my neighbors said the police were down here, so we walked down here and they said there was a shooting. >> no word whether charges will be filed, but right now police are calling it a tragic accident. alexandria police are on the hunt for these men who are suspected in a series of car dealership burglaries. since february, they've robbed three different dealerships multiple times. the suspects have repeatedly robbed jack taylor toyota, landmark honda and modern motors. in the most recent case, police say the burglars stole a safe with cash in it. if you have any information on these suspects, call alexandria police. and investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire at a furniture store in rockville. chopper 4 flew over the marlo store on rockville pike yesterday afternoon. you can see the flames shooting from the side of the building there. firefighters evacuated the store. that two-alarm fire started on the second floor. it spread to the roof. two firefighters went to the hospital for heat-related injuries. they are expected to be okay. things are getting tense between d.c. mayor vincent gray
6:35 am
and the media. >> not a single one of you came to yesterday's press conference. not one of you here. not a single one of you here bothered to come out to yesterday's press conference. >> so what? >> that's press secretary pedro robe roe yelling at reporters for not covering gray's various press conferences. reporters were trying to ask the mayor if he was distracted by the federal investigation into his 2010 campaign. he wasn't answering their questions, either. gray insists he's done nothing wrong and is vowing to remain in office. 6:35 right now. maryland governor martin o'malley could call a special legislative session as soon as next week to bring table games to that state and a new casino to prince george's county. maryland house speaker michael busch told his members in a closed-door meeting yesterday to prepare for a special session next month. lawmakers also need to come up with a consensus on the tax rate. that's been a sticking point. mgm resorts international wants to build an $800 million casino at national harbor. they're asking for a lower tax
6:36 am
rate, though, than the current rate of 67%. maryland governor martin o'malley wants to find a way to cut down on power outages in his state. he's ordered a study to find ways of improving maryland's electric distribution system. his energy adviser is leading the effort. the governor wants a list of changes within 60 days that he and the rest of the executive branch can implement. it is 6:36 right now. the proposal to ease one of the worst beltway bottleneck spots. plus, the tweet that got one olympian sent home before the games even begin. also, the mother of a baseball great abducted. who police are hunting for right now. hot and sticky. some dangerous temperatures are ahead today and it could get stormy as well. your weather and traffic on the 1s. and a daredevil who turned a skydive into a space dive. [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
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roswell, new mexico, they're pretty used to incidents from outer space.
6:40 am
the latest is from an australian daredevil who jumped out of a helium balloon close to 100,000 feet in the air. felix baumgartner jumped yesterday, flying to earth at speeds up to 536 miles an hour. his trip from space only took about 3 1/2 minutes. baumgartner is planning an even bigger jump. he says pretty soon, he's going to try to break the world record of 102,000 feet. >> yikes. >> why? why? his name will appear in a book, jumped 102,000 feet, that's it. >> and he said he did it, you know? and you could tell he needed special gear and everything to be that high up in the air. crazy. >> pretty high up in the air. anyway -- >> 6:41, time for traffic and weather on the 1s. bright sunshine out there leading to a hot, hot day! tom kierein, what's going on? >> good morning, time for your weather and traffic on the 1s. right now around 6:41, we are off to a pleasant start. this is the most pleasant part of the day right now. it's getting a little more humid, we're in the upper 60s to
6:41 am
near 70. in fairfax, arlington, prince george's and montgomery counties. the district of columbia in the low to mid-70s. low to mid-70s right around the bay. we've got a bit of a blustery southwest breeze that's kicking up to around 15, 20 miles an hour. in addition, rapidly developing cluster of thunderstorms developed southeast of pittsburgh in the last hour. those are weakening, thankfully, as they're heading into the mountains right now out in western maryland, in garrett and allegany counties. they are advancing east. we're seeing the first high clouds of those passing over the metro area right now. that is going to play a role here, those areas that do get the showers this morning might get not quite as hot as it will be in the other areas that don't get the storms around this morning. so, otherwise, up near 100 degrees. but if you do get the showers coming through, not going to be as hot this afternoon. it will feel hotter, though, with the humidity factored in. we'll look at the storm4 radar up close and the severe risk zone and your seven-day outlook at 6:51. danella has a look at traffic now. good morning.
6:42 am
good morning. following breaking news on the roadway, the crash on i-270 still just has the right shoulder lane getting by as you travel northbound in clarksburg past 109. big delays in that area. let's head to i-66 right now, checking things out. slow as you make your way eastbound heading towards the beltway. here's a live look as you drive past 50. delays really continue heading to the beltway, and your travel speed is under speed from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. you're at about 36 miles per hour. inside the beltway on i-66, not bad passing spout run parkway, making your way eastbound and westbound. eastbound travel speed slow but not too slow at all, 49 miles per hour. that looks really good, just taking 12 minutes to get from the beltway to gw parkway. i'm back in ten. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. and new overnight, a woman was hurt trying to save some children from a burning building in southwest d.c. the fire broke out late last night on first street just blocks from nationals park. firefighters say six children were inside at the time. they all got out safely. doctors do expect the woman to be okay. investigators still don't know
6:43 am
what caused that fire. police are calling a double shooting in fairfax county a murder-suicide. the shots rang out around 7:30 last night at an apartment on trevor house drive in oakton. police say alexander rios shot his roommate, ihab qutob, last night before turning the gun on himself. investigators are still trying to figure out what led to the shooting. 6:43 right now, and there is a statewide search this morning for the man who kidnapped the mother of hall of fame baseball player cal ripken jr. at gunpoint. 74-year-old violet ripken was taken from her home in aberdeen early tuesday. she was forced into her car, tied up and blindfolded. she was found 24 hours later and less than 20 miles from her home, still tied up in her car at a gas station. ripken, who is now resting with family, told one of her neighbors what the gunman was after. >> he just wanted her car, her money, and she was to go with him. >> you know, at 74, you never know, she could be frightened the rest of her life.
6:44 am
>> police say that the kidnapper should be considered armed and dangerous. with the opening ceremony just a little more than 24 hours away, london is bustling with activity. here is a beautiful, live look at the host city. and despite all the rumors swirling about the theatrical kickoff to the games, much remains a secret. the ceremony, directed by oscar-winning director danny boyle, plans to feature london's past, present and future with reports of cameos from the likes of james bond, "harry potter" characters and the queen herself. tonight, brian williams will take you behind the scenes of the games in a special edition of "rock center." and stay tuned for live olympic coverage from london today during the "today" show coming up at 7:00. and for those who are looking for something off the beaten path while visiting london, there are plenty of options. news4's dan hellie joins us live from across the pond. dan, apparently, you had some fun with fashion on high street? what's this all about? >> reporter: eun, who would have thought shopping with hellie?
6:45 am
doesn't happen very often. we're usually talking about sports and buckets and touchdowns, but this time, talking a little bit about fashion. would you believe that london spent 10 billion pounds to bring the olympics here? that's about $15.5 billion u.s. so, they expect the tourist destinations to be packed. one of them that is a little bit away from downtown, off the beaten path, so to speak, is the camden town section of london, specifically the shopping district high street. >> olympics london! >> reporter: camdentown is always bustling. a shopping district chock-full of people who flock to this eclectic stretch of stores along high street. they purchase anything and everything. as we've seen the last few days, london is full of character and characters. a pope erie of hairstyles dot the sidewalks.
6:46 am
tattoo parlors and body piercing shops are aplenty. and if you are a shoe person, this is the spot, especially if you need some extra height. some at nbc 4 refused to believe the 6-footer is a legit 6 feet, so here at the leather and boots store, that can easily be rem y remedied. and for those cold, january nights in d.c., we found a solution for that as well. okay, so, i am not really scaring anybody. but for something different, we go to the light-up shirt store. enter if you dare. battery-operated, and by no means practical, these shirts are seemingly for entertainment purposes only p.m. ♪ oh, no. >> reporter: you can hear photographer chris kerwin, "oh, no." you're never going to see that again. i'm not dancing on camera. i figured it was dark enough, it wouldn't show up on camera, but it did, so we ended up having to
6:47 am
use it. and eun, i think those shoes would be perfect for you. aaron, i can bring you some boots, if you'd like. >> all right, you need to bring back the leather jacket and boots, wear it right here on the set had you come back, dan. you've got to show everyone. >> reporter: they said it's for gothic people. a lot of folks that are into goth stuff frequent these stores. >> okay. >> reporter: though i said to the store owner, i really fit the bill? he goes, "yeah." >> yeah, sure, and he added a couple more things to your basket, i'm sure. and more dancing, please, dan. that was fun. >> reporter: i know. we're not going to do that again, i promise. >> all right. thanks so much, dan. have fun in london. we'll see you soon. >> reporter: all right. 6:47 now. on the eve of the opening ceremony, there's an athlete from greece who is learning that she will not be making the trip. the 23-year-old triple jumper was told to stay home after she mocked african immigrants and expressed some support for a far right-wing party in a tweet yesterday. the head of the greek olympic committee said her comments showed no respect and they
6:48 am
pulled her from competition. she later apologized and said she was ashamed. and tensions are high for organizers after a first-day flub involving flags from two countries that don't like each other. the north korean women's soccer team walked off the field when players' faces were shown next to the south korean flag on the stadium's big screens. the game was delayed for about an hour as officials tried to persuade the players to return to the field. they did, but only after the flag was changed. organizers have apologized to the players and their country for that mistake. north korea went on to beat colombia 2-0. london's highly criticized security forces are reacting to their first test this morning. a british fighter jet had to be scrambled yesterday to intercept a commercial airliner that had entered restricted air space. the plane had failed to contact air traffic controllers, but communication was quickly restored and the fighter jet was told to stand down. the military is playing a big role in protecting the games with more than 4,500 soldiers helping to secure venues. and now just one day ahead
6:49 am
of the games, airport officials in the uk are trying to reassure olympic organizers after an embarrassing airport security breach. an 11-year-old boy managed to board a flight to rome all by himself on tuesday, no ticket, no passport. the boy reportedly ran away from his mother and went to britain's manchester airport. he mingled with passengers there, went through multiple security checks and then hopped on the first plane that he came to, a flight to italy. the boy was sent back to his parents on a return flight to manchester. some airline and airport security staff have been suspended. well, usually, we see olympic athletes as a picture of perfection. >> but the photo i.d.s that they'll be wearing around the olympic village tell a slightly less glamorous story. check these out. these are the official pictures on athletes' i.d. badges. >> oh, man. >> are they worse than driver's licenses? this is tennis player andy roddick looking a little shocked to be on camera. and how about the hairdo of jonathan pageant of new zealand,
6:50 am
who looks like he just got out of bed. >> this is much better. >> carmelo anthony, he looks good. then, this deer in the headlights look of diver kelsey bryant. and here is michael phelps. the gold goes to him. scruffy, disheveled. yeah, doesn't hold up to his olympic best. >> that's like a nick nolte. remember that nick nolte mug shot? >> i know. these poor athletes. well, they're good sports to let us put these on the air, goodness gracious. nbc is your home for the london 2012 olympic games. visit the london 2012 section of nbcwashington any time for olympic profiles and schedules of the games. to watch events online, you need to register and you can find instructions on that on our facebook page. 6:50 right now. an internet giant branching out and trying to attract a younger crowd. cnbc's kayla tausche is live with that. good morning. hi, good morning, aaron. ebay is looking to target a younger demographic. the "wall street journal" reports the auction site may let kids under the age of 18 set up accounts to buy items like
6:51 am
vintage clothing, jewelry and school supplies, but ebay will likely require parents to sign off on those accounts and will try to shield minors from buying adult content. ebay already lets teenagers use credit cards with parental supervision. we'll see if it goes through. >> kayla tausche, thank you. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. talking about dangerous high heat, tom. >> and unfortunately, some storms that might unfortunately cause power outages. don't say it! don't even think about it! >> no more! >> well, it might happen. right now, everything is tranquil and serene, no problems, and we have the humidity beginning to build, but still fairly pleasant. 60s in the suburbs and rural areas and low to mid-70s closer to washington and right near the bay waters. and we do have a large area under a heat advisory today. heat index between about 3:00, 4: 4:00, 5:00, could reach 105 or so or higher, especially areas that don't get rain. yes, we do have some showers and thunderstorms beginning to show
6:52 am
up here out in western maryland. this leading edge of these storms showing a diminishing lightning pattern, but they have a lot of lightning just about an hour ago, but now they are weakening, thankfully, just now coming into washington county, the panhandle of west virginia. these are producing some very heavy rain, getting close to winchester, martinsburg and hagerstown in about another half hour or so. if they hold together, they could be moving into loudon, frederick and montgomery counties. later today, these areas in yellow, chance for severe storms, generally from mid-afternoon into early evening. some of those storms could be severe with damaging winds. and yes, that might cause some scattered power outages. and we need the power today because of the heat building. but by 8:00, still pleasant, getting a little more humid, though, mid-to-upper 70s by then. then by noontime for your "day planner," hazy, humid, upper 80s, near 90, and a chance of a few storms coming in, perhaps 10:00, 11:00 or so this morning. then again this afternoon. before then, the areas that don't get rain near 100 degrees. more of the same tomorrow with a greater chance of storms.
6:53 am
then saturday, cooler, highs low 90s. could get some afternoon storms. still rather humid, but lower humidity for sunday and monday. your seven-day outlook into next week, maybe more storms on tuesday and wednesday. danella, good morning. how's traffic now? good morning, tom. still checking on the situation along i-270 making your way northbound towards 109. you'll be forced to get into a single-file, right lane, then only the right shoulder lane will get you by the overturned tractor-trailer in the median. southbound i-270, very slow trip for you, absolutely jammed from frederick making your way southbound to 109. passing 109, things look a lot better. you may consider jumping on 355 instead this morning. heading along 355 northbound at duke, seeing volume in this area, no accidents in the hov lanes or just traveling to the 14th street bridge. you're at about 30 miles per hour. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. 6:53 now. drivers in our area may one day be able to avoid traffic on one stretch of the beltway. leaders from montgomery county and fairfax county met yesterday to talk about how to ease
6:54 am
traffic on the american legion bridge. they talked about possibly widening the highways to make room for dedicated bus or train lanes. all of them agree that traffic in our area is a big problem that needs a quick solution. >> we want to get you out of traffic, we want to get you where you need to go, we want your quality time to be not sitting in a car. >> well, this is really about finding a regional solution to a fundamental regional problem. >> how people can get across the river from the job centers in montgomery county, the job centers in fairfax county. it's a real chill point and it's holding all of us back. >> there is also a proposal on the table to expand the express metro bus service to help relieve some of the rush hour congestion. drivers in northern virginia will have options to pay when the 495 express lanes open later this year. vdot unveiled an e-zpass flex transponder. users can switch it from hov mode when you have three or more people in your car. drivers won't be charged for
6:55 am
tolls when your tran responder is in that setting. the new transponder is a first of its kind in the entire country. more for information on that e-zpass flex, head to some time next year, union station could begin the first phase of a $7 billion overhaul that includes a high-speed rail line. construction depends on when and how amtrak will pay for the project. amtrak has a plan to redesign the century-old train station that would double its size to accommodate the high-speed rail line. it also includes a separate $1.5 billion development of retail, offices, residential towers and a hotel. union station is the second busiest train station in the u.s. ♪ going to see that #httr a whole lot in the days ahead. the offseason now over for the redskins redskins. training camp begins today and the new qb is ready to lead the team. robert griffin iii says he knows
6:56 am
he's expected to lead the team but says this year it's all about team. >> i mean, there's really no true face of the franchise, because if we all just had faces, you know, we'd all be dead. so, there's got to be a heart, got to be some legs, some arms, some skin. so, that's those guys in there. i'm just the, i guess you could say i'm just the mask. those guys are the real ones that make up the body of this team. >> looking forward to it. griffin signed his rookie contract last week. and that is "news4 today." thank you for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic and any breaking news and we're back at 4:28
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